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  In Today's Treehouse...
Rosie the back-stabber
Clear Channel fires Stern
Billy Jack: Smirk's a deserter
Dallas: 'No' to Bush Patriot Act
Richard Perle quits Adv Board
Nader the Saddest Man
Unborn Victims Legislation
Blair caught spying on UN
Top Ten McDonald's tie-ins


Quote of the Day

"I think the actions of the president are, in my 
  opinion, the most vile and hateful words ever 
  spoken by a sitting president. I am stunned 
  and I'm horrified." 
 --Rosie O'Donnell, the Bush-loving prostitute, finally 
   waking up to the fact that Bill Clinton is her friend 
   and gay-hating Bush is the enemy.  Attribution

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Volume 1262 - Will war for votes

  Friday      Feb 27, 2004


"I think the actions of the president are, in my opinion, the most vile and
  hateful words ever spoken by a sitting president. I am stunned and I'm horrified."
 --Rosie O'Donnell, the Bush-loving prostitute, finally waking up to the fact that Bill Clinton
    is her friend and the evil, gay-hating Bush criminal is the enemy.  Attribution

 Let's go back in time a year or so.

 Rosie the back-stabber

  Click  Here

 Fifth, the reason Clinton is the most investigated man in history is because the old, white men
 who think YOU are a sexual deviate who shouldn't be allowed to mother children spent
 hundreds of millions of dollars (including the press) to dig deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
 into his sex life, threatening everyone they found with death in prison unless they gave up
 some dirt on the best president you and I have ever known.

 Sixth, the reason these old, white homophobic misogynists hated Clinton because he treated
 blacks and gays with respect and he treated them as equals.  The GOP will spend ANY
 amount of money to prevent blacks and gays from becoming "normal" members of society.

 Think about it, Rosie.
 You say nice things about the homophobic moron who stole the White House, but you
 call Bill Clinton "disgusting" because he was injured FIGHTING YOUR WAR!

 Clear Channel fires Howard Stern
  The Janet Effect continues to ripple all over America

  Click  Here

 Clear Channel fired Stern Tuesday, then announced the next day it would suspend
 any personality accused of airing indecent programming and would ask its DJs to share
 in any financial penalties. Also Wednesday, it suspended broadcasts of the Howard Stern
 show on its six stations that carry it, citing sexually graphic content from Tuesday's broadcast.

 We don't get Stern in the Godforsaken Christian Hellhole that is Oklahoma,
 but as far as I know, he played by the rules. No "F" word, that kind of thing.

 I guess Clear Channel and Freedom of Speech are a mismatch.
 Who have they gotten to replace Stern?

 Rosie O'Donnell?  No, she's gay.
 Danny Bonaduce?  No, he's been seen with a prostitute.
 I'll bet Rude Rich has the scoop on this.

 Stern Blames Janet, GOP
  Howard finally figured out the GOP and he aren't a match

  Click  Here

"They (Clear Channel) are being forced to say that I did something wrong," he said on Thursday's broadcast.

"I'm under attack. They've been after me since 1992, and they're having their way with me," he said referring
 to repeated troubles he has had with regulators. "Then Janet Jackson whipped out her boob and it's all over."

 Clear Channel complained that Stern asked [Paris Hilton sex co-star] Salomon about anal sex and the size
 of his penis. On Thursday, Stern thumbed his nose at that complaint by replaying that segment on the air.

 The GOP is always about less freedom.
 With Howard Stern or Janet Jackson, people aren't free to enjoy their work.
 In San Francisco, people aren't free to be married if they want to be.
 With flowers growing out of the ground, people aren't free to smoke them.
 With family planning decisions, the GOP is muzzling your doctor so he can't give you options.
 In Bush's Amerikkka, you have to "watch what you say."
 If John Ashcroft thinks you look like a terrorist, you'll never see the sun again.
 With Bush's tax cuts for the super-rich, you're not free to get a job.

 The list is endless.

 The GOP wants bigger government on your back forever.


 "The Holy Spirit was working through me as I made this movie."
    -- Mel Gibson,   tool of the Holy Spirit?   Attribution

 Subject: Geronimo's skull

 Have you ever run anything on that wacky -- but apparently completely true -- story
 about Bush's grandfather Prescott coming to Oklahoma back in the day to grave-rob
 Geronimo's skull to use as a trophy in the S&B clubhouse at Yale?

 Jerry the LA DJ

 Jerry, no, but that sounds like something a Bush would do.

Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!

 Billy Jack calls Smirk 'a deserter.' 
   as seen on  billyjack.com

 When I think about
 deserters, I go berzerk!

  Click  Here

 Every journalist worthy of the name, instead of attacking Michael Moore and Clark should be outraged
 at the fact that Bush, an AWOL Deserter has become Commander in Chief and is using his power to
 recklessly send beautiful trusting and believing heroic men and women to be maimed and slaughtered in
 Iraq for no reason other than The Bush Doctrine and Halliburton Oil.

 Isn't it a thousand times more important for the future of America that the press vigorously investigate
 whether or not the President really was an AWOL Deserter than to irresponsibly make charges against
 Clark and Moore for simply telling the truth?  Here is the definitive proof Bush was a Deserter.

 Go Billy Jack - who knew?

 Dallas denounces Bush's Patriot Act
 Dallas joins three states and 225 local governments against Bush's Patriot Act

  Click  Here

 The measure states that city officials will uphold citizens' constitutional rights and monitor the
 implementation of the act. It has been criticized by some civil-rights organizations, including the
 Bill of Rights Defense Committee, which was represented at the council meeting by dozens of
 people dressed in blue shirts and waving small American flags

 How embarrassing for the never-elected, self-proclaimed King from Texas.

 Subject: Debate fun

 Bartcop, wanna have some fun?
 Challenge Vince Vaughn to a debate.
 Yes, the guy from "Swingers".

 He is a HARDCORE Rethug Bush apologist,
 I am told he actively looks to debate liberals
 and has been known to scream at people in elevators.

 Give him the red ass, Bart.

 LibGuy who knows Vince

 Libguy, I'd be happy to straighten him out.
 Hell, I'd give $100 to his favorite charity (but not the NRA)
 if he'd step forward and take his punishment.

 Vince, if you're willing to BET on BUSH, let's me and you do some gamblin'.
 To be fair, let's put a $10,000 limit on your losses.

 ha ha

 Trust me, Vince Vaughn.
 If you take this dare, you'll have to write around me in your memoirs.

 Trust me, Vince Vaughn, make the smart move and stay far, far away.
 The last thing you want to hear is my bugling with your ass wrapped 'round my boot.

 Click for a great short movie


"Mel Gibson is a real nut case. What in the world was I thinking
  when I created him? Listen, we all make mistakes."
     -- God, speaking through Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes  Attribution

 Richard Perle Quits Pentagon Advisory Board
  Uber-hawk too embarrassing for Bush campaign

  Click  Here

 Noted hawk Richard Perle has quit the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board after 17 years,
 saying he wants to press his views without becoming an election-year burden for the Bush administration.

 Widely considered a driving force behind the Bush invasion of Iraq against world opinion, Perle faced questions
 about conflicts of interest for his representation of companies with business before the Dept of Defense.

 Perle became known as the "Prince of Darkness" for his hardline views on the old Soviet Union during a stint
 as an assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs in the 1980s under Ronald Reagan.

 Perle leaving with the blood of 550 soldiers on his hands - all for no reason other than greed.

 Subject: Democrats

 Democrat candidates rarely project into the future specifics about what they would do and how they would handle matters.
 Not one of them has said how differently they would handle the terrorism problem.

 Sure they have - Clark said he would go after bin Laden, not invade Iraq.
 There was no reason to invade Iraq, but we have almsot 3,000 reasons to get bin Laden.
 Why don't you want him caught?
 Do you feel better now that Bush had almost murdered Baghdad?

 The only economic change they have suggested is raising taxes on people.

 When Clinton raised taxes on the richest 1.5 percent, we had the biggest boom in history.
 When Bush cut taxes for the richest 1.5 percent, we got this job-killing recession.
 Can you read a chart?

 The crazy part is, those 3,000,000 people with no jobs?
 Some of them will vote for Bush because, like you, they don't care how much of a disaster he is.
 But probably 2.5 million of them will vote against Bush so they can get their jobs back.

 They are devoid of futuristic views.  That is why Bush will likely get a second term.
 Bob Blooger

 I know Rush said that yesterday - do you have any thoughts of your own?
 Unless you are in the top 1.5 percent, you are paying back the money that Bush gave to the super-rich.
 Why are you happy to give the super-rich your money?

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Subject: No WMD?


 Everyone is getting tired of you and your Democrat buddies saying
 Iraqi WMDs do not exist because our inspectors have not found any.

 We also have not found Osama bin Laden.
 Does that mean he doesn't exist either?
 Ken Wright, monkey in training

 No, it means Bush is an bloodthirsty fool who got 550 brave soldiers killed on
 a hunch that turned out to be as wrong as France and other allies said it would be.

 Tell me, how many hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of men and women
 should we sacrifice to "free" Iraq from Saddam's grip?

 Put another way, assuming 500 names per link, how many links do you think
 the Iraq Senseless War Memorial in Washington DC should have?


 Subject: Tiger Woods

 As for the Tiger issue, perhaps you don't understand the similarities, or more importantly, the vast differences
 in Professional Golf compared with other sports.  Very rarely in golf do you have a truely dominant player that
 not only consistantly wins regular tournaments, but also shows a consistant winning percentage in the Majors.

 The likes of Hogan, Snead, Jones, Palmer, Nicklaus, Player, Travino, Watson and the like were all at one time
 such players.  The greatest of them all is still clearly Jack.  And until someone wins at least 18 Majors, he will
 still be considered the greatest player to pick up a club.  However, until the early 90s, golf wasn't very "cool",
 and the talent pool didn't go very deep year in and year out.  Now, however, you have at least 100 guys that can
 win each week.  As this concerns Tiger, his winning percentage is unsurpassed by any of his peers, and he is the
 only modern player to have a realistic shot at overtaking Jack's Major winning total.  Yet, in golf, the nature of the
 game dictates that it is virtually impossible to win every time out.  The game is far too fickle.

 So, perhaps cutting him some slack would be well advised, if only to not show any ignorance of the subject on your part...


 Don, great point - that makes my point better than I have so far.
 In high stakes poker, for example, there are maybe 30 great, great players.
 Due to the nature of poker, one can't be expected to win every time, so nobody
 has earned the title of "greatest in the world" because any player can easily
 lose the next twenty tournaments in a row, even if he's one of the greats.

 In poker, you can be known as "one of the greats," but nobody is considered "the greatest,"
 so maybe the golf world, Nike, Buick, CBS and the Madison Avenue hype machine need to dial it
 back on Tiger since we both agree it's unrealistic to expect him to win with any kind of regularity.

 Nader: The saddest man in the world

  Click  Here

 The saddest man in the world is also the most persistently, if impossibly, idealistic.
 Who else in politics, when asked about the plight of migrant workers, can cite one
 of his own articles on the very subject from 1950? To fully appreciate Nader, one need
 only imagine the world without him.

 The linchpin of his platform today is that America's biggest problem is the two political
 parties, which, he says, are equally indentured to corporations. At age 70, Nader offers
 himself as the other necessary voice, the one indebted only to humans.

 Subject: The 9-11 commission

 Dear Elected Representatives, Leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives,
 and Members of the 9/11 Investigation Commission:

 The refusal of the leaders of the House and Senate to allow the 9/11 Investigation Commission
 an extension of their time to complete their report is inexcusable.  The dead, their families and friends,
 and indeed all of America, deserve the best that can be done. The Commission has stated that in order
 to do the best and most complete job on this investigation, they need more time. To refuse, for whatever
 reason, to provide that time is immoral, unethical and monumentally disrespectful to all Americans.

 I urge you to do whatever is in your power to ensure that the 9/11 Commission is given full cooperation
 by all levels of government, and whatever time and resources are necessary to complete their work.
 The timing of the reports and the timing of elections should not be connected, and this arbitrary and
 punitive denial of adequate time is clearly politically motivated.

 I vote.
 The families of the dead vote.

 Do the right thing, regardless of your party affiliation or re-election status, because it is the right thing to do.


 Holly Cochran, M.S.

 From: carson

 Subject: ready to debate

 If you tell me to go to a chatroom I will do it.
 Frankly I don't know how to go to a chat room so I would need monkey instructions.

 Not a problem.
 I needed help getting in, too.

 Whereupon I arrive I will only throw hardballs and fruit.
 I may even ask questions you could never answer, such as Who did Reagan supposedly rape?

 Please don't throw fruit.
 The claimant's name is Selene Walters, from the Kitty Kelly book on Nancy Reagan.

  Click  Here

"He pushed his way inside and said he just had to see me. He forced me on the couch . . . and said,
 'Let's just get to know each other.' It was the most pitched battle I've ever had, and suddenly in a
 matter of seconds I lost. . . . They call it date rape today. . . ."

 Now, unlike the hundred of talk radio Nazis who were in the room with Bill & Monica, I can't swear Reagan raped
 that poor woman who needed a job from her president. But if I bring up Walter's no-proof accusation 100,000 times,
 it wouldn't even equal one percent of the horrific lies your side told about Clinton for over a decade.

 You dirty accusing baboon!

 ha ha
 Oh, it will comfort you to know I'm very polite in the debates.
 I even let the victim opponent get a shot or two in for free, because due to the danger present,
 I feel an obligation to be extra-civil and polite. If the other guy can't meet that standard,
 and that's happened a time or two, we just call off the debate and print the results.

 But seriously, I'm very calm and mannerly in the debates.  I'm sure every debate we've ever had
 was archived the next day on the page, but dumbass that I am, the file was named something like
 032202deb.htm for a March 22 debate so finding them is a real Rosie O'Donnell..

 When this great debate takes place is up in the air.  If you would like, I will go to others
 on the net whom I have familiarity and then they can get an eyefull as well.

 ha ha
 Dude, ...you sure you want friends to see this?

 It might be a little like the ending of "The Passion of the Christ"
 You got your own cut man?

 Just kidding!

 Do you have the heart for it?
 More importantly, will you do it?

 Dude, that ringing you hear is my bells.
 As much as we've corresponded, this should be pretty good.

 Two rules:
You have to admit Bush the Smarter pardoned 6 Iran-Contra guys after he lost in 1992.
You bring the fight to me.

 Put my ideas on trial, bring your case before the jury of dozens.
 Lots of my people are pulling for you. They want to see me get slapped around.
 Let's not get there and you ask, "So, what'cha wanna talk about?"

 My writings have caused you to write perhaps 40 challenge e-mails.
 Spend a few minutes, put your thoughts together and make complaint 41 your most coherent work ever!

 From yesterday's page:

> The chat room is still there.

> Start at The Forum
> Once you get in, click on "Chat" in the lower left of the masthead. Once there,
> Click on "BartCop Chat" in the upper right corner and agree when it asks you questions.

 How about Monday night - 9 PM CST.
 If not, maybe Thursday night 9 PM CST.
 If not, pick a time.

 I promise it will be friendly until after you go crazy.

 My boot hasn't tasted any good monkey in over a week.
(That's just some sizzle to get people invested in this cyner-bloodbath)

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 House Passes Unborn Victims Legislation
  Religious insanity is sweeping America like a tidal wave

   Click  Here

 The House voted Thursday to treat attacks on a pregnant woman as separate crimes
 against both her and the fetus she is carrying. Critics say it would undermine abortion
 rights by giving fetuses new federal legal status.

"There are two victims in these kinds of attacks," said Rep. Melissa Hart, (R-Insane),
 chief sponsor of the legislation. "That is so clear from the Laci and Conner Peterson case."

 This is such a terribly bad idea.
 Here's what this could mean if it actually becomes a law:

 A pregnant woman falls on a patch of ice walking to her car and miscarries her seven month fetus.
 Then Crazy Ashcroft orders the Justice Department to put her on trial for manslaughter because,
 in his opinion, she should have known about the ice. Therefore, her negligence killed the "baby."

 This is what you get when the fetus has rights.

 You can say, "Ashcroft would never do that," which is crazy - trusting Ashcroft to be sane.
 You can say, "That would hardly ever happen," but that doesn't help the young mother who
  just got eleven years for suffering a miscarriage.

 Blair caught spying on UN
  Criminal PM is out of control like America's king

  Click  Here

 The United Nations said Thursday that alleged British spying on Secretary-General Kofi Annan's office,
 if true, is illegal and must be stopped.

 It was the world body's first official reaction to the charge by Clare Short, a former member of Blair's Cabinet,
 that Britain spied on Annan in the run-up to last year's Iraq war, when Bush and Blair tried unsuccessfully to get
 U.N. authorization to attack Saddam Hussein.  Short said she had read transcripts of Annan's conversations.

 Me and my Poodle don't have to obey no damn laws.

 Subject: McCrucifixion


 As both a former Catholic and a former fast food employee (i coulda been a manufacturer!)
 here is my humble gift to you for your recent birthday:

 Top Ten McDonald's tie-ins for Mel's The Passion:

#10-McDonald Land characters Passion re-creation set, the Hamburglar as Pontius Pilate, Ronald as Jesus, etc...
  #9-Collectable glasses featuring different Biblical torture devices
  #8-Miniature Biblical torture devices inside Happy Meals
  #7-Monopoly-inspired/ticket collection game based on the stations of the cross
  #6-A free meal for anyone carrying a cross thru the drive-thru
  #5-Free feet washing with purchase of a salad
  #4-"Body of Christ" Egg McMuffins
  #3-"Blood of Christ" flavored milk shakes (colored red of course)
  #2-Ronald McDonald statues will now be mounted on crosses

 ...and the Number One McDonald's tie-in for The Passion movie:

 Free Happy Meal for any child under 5 with the stigmata

 Enjoy and congratulations on keeping the hammer going all these years.


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 Whose Ass I Want To Kick Next
  This Week: That Beeyotch Condi Rice  by  The Donald Rumsfeld

  Click  Here

 After all these years of service I've given to this damn country. After all the wrongs I've had to right.
 All the knuckleheads I've had to smarten up and clocks I've had to clean. All the desk jockeys I've had
 to ride to get this nation running smooth again. It's finally come to this.

 People are ignoring Donald Rumsfeld.
 Like I don't even friggin exist. They're all acting like I'm on some kind of pay-no-mind list.

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 Study: 4,392 Priests accused of sex abuse 

  Click  Here

  Study: 10,667 Children Report Abuse by Priests

  Click  Here

 How many tens of thousands of victims have so far refused to come forward?
 I know very little about this awful crime, but I do know that a pedophile doesn't stop at 2.2 children.
 IF 4,392 priests are guilty, I imagine 25 victims per priest is more practical than 2.2

 ...and to this day, they fight the zero-tolerance rule.

 Subject: 100 kinds of tequila


 At Café Iguana in Singapore, one can sample over 100 different kinds of tequila.
 They have a separate tequila menu, broken down into three sections: Blanco, Reposado and Anejo.
 Each section has two areas, highland tequilas and lowland tequilas.  There is even a short glossary
 at the beginning of the menu to orient the neophytes.  Each menu entry is followed by a short review
 reminiscent of those found in your finer wine menus.  Very nice.

 I'm proud to say that I've visited this fine establishment on several occasions and I have tasted at least 40% of their stock.
 The next time you're in Singapore, you'll have to visit them.


 PS: They carry both Chinaco Reposado and Anejo.

 Rob, thanks for that.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 549  American lives lost - and counting.

Feel like a cold slap in the face?

Click  Here

I went there and started shaking so I got out.

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Maine Guardsmen ship out
  The brother of a pillar prepares to join Bush's war

  Click  Here

 The deployment is scheduled to last 18 months.


"President Bush announced he would support a Constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage.
  Bush said it's wrong for two men to publicly express their love, unless they're trying to get into a fraternity."
     --Conan O'Brien,   Attribution

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.


"The president launched a war today against the civil rights of gay citizens and their families.
  And just as importantly, he launched a war to defile the most sacred document in the land."
     --Andrew Sullivan, who worked, lied and whored himself to help elect this madman, Attribution

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 Martha Stewart Judge Drops Fraud Charge

  Click  Here

 The judge threw out securities fraud charges against Martha, saying prosecutors
 had failed to present sufficient evidence to allow the jury to decide the matter.

 Stewart still faces charges that she lied to investigators looking into her stock sale.
 Stewart also still faces charges of obstruction of justice and making false statements.

 At this point, I could win this trial for Martha.
 The obstruction of justice charge was filed because she said, "I'm innocent."
 Stewart's team can ignore the making false statements charge, because they
 charged her with lying about a different question than the notes reflect.

 They asked Martha if she remembered what time her broker called. She said no,
 so they charged her with lying about what he told her - not the time he called.

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