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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster...

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Did Bush kidnap Aristide?
China lashes back at US
The Blame Game
Anna Kournikova - nothing
The Port Tack
Musings from the Heartland
"Passion" tickets marked 666
Kerry's "war crimes"
Miller's show getting "fixed"


Quote of the Day

"If there's one thing that actors know - other than 
  there weren't any WMDs  -- it's that there there's 
  no such thing as best in acting." 
    --Sean Penn, winning his Oscar Attribution

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Volume 1265 - Riding the tide

The net's best advertising bargain

  Tuesday      March 2, 2004


"40 years ago this country went down the rabbit hole in Vietnam and thousands died.
  I fear we're going down a rabbit hole once again."
     --Errol Morris who won the Oscar for "The Fog of War"   Attribution

 White House denies kidnapping Aristide 
  He refused to play ball, so Bush let democracy fall

  Click  Here

 The Bush administration insisted on Monday that Haiti's exiled president was not
 kidnapped or strong-armed into fleeing, and said that as many as 2,000 U.S. troops
 could help to curb violence in the Caribbean nation.

 Aristide's supporters in the United States said the one-time U.S. ally told them American
 forces made him leave Haiti and that he was being held against his will in the Central African
 Republic, a charge that country's foreign affairs minister rejected.

 White House officials said Jean-Bertrand Aristide left willingly and that the United States
 aided his safe departure Sunday.

 Yeah, they "aided his departure by putting a gun to his head, I'd imagine.
 Venezuela, Iraq, Haiti and probably more we don't know about.
 Play ball with Bush or you'll lose power or become dead.

 China lashes back at U.S. criticism of rights 
  Beijing report targets U.S. war in Iraq, racial inequity

  Click  Here

 China scolded the United States on Monday over everything from the war in Iraq to racial clashes
 in Cincinnati, in a report that highlighted the ideological rift dividing two powers that have increasingly friendly ties.

"As in previous years, the United States is again playing the part of the world's 'human rights police,' "
 the Chinese report began. "And as in previous years, the U.S. report again leaves out the United States'
 age-old malpractices and problems with human rights."

 Because of Florida Rape 2000, we no longer have the high road with other countries.
 We can't even ask other nations to stop murdering innocent people for no reason.

 Subject: Great job

 I just signed up for 6 months, and have just downloaded your last 5 shows. Great Job!
 As soon as I can mass the funds another check will be on the way.
 Show 29 looks BIG.



 The Blame Game
  Bush and the MIA WMDs

  Click  Here

 Not everybody was mistaken on the question of Iraq's WMDs. Not UN inspectors, including Hans Blix,
 who worried about Saddam Hussein's WMD capabilities but questioned whether discrepancies in Iraq's
 accounting meant stockpiles existed. Not US intelligence analysts who argued that critical pieces of evidence
 were not solid. And there were many nongovernment experts who disputed the Bush Administration's WMD
 allegations. It was Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and other aides who missed the mark. Bush, in response
 to mounting pressure, has created a commission to study the prewar intelligence, but there is already a record
 supporting the serious charge that he and his colleagues made assertions before the invasion that were not
 supported by the intelligence they possessed.

 If some Democrat would just let it slip that they were looking into impeachment, that in itself would be a
 monster headline every network would rush onto the air, further putting Bush on the defensive but no, they'd
 never do that, because it "wouldn't be right" to impeach their felon because they impeached our misdemeanor.

 No, if we can't win this election fair and square by Queensbury rules,
 we'd rather lose with our dignity and let Bush steal ever damn dollar left in the Treasury.

 From: markjackson@freedom.usa.com

 Subject: Monday's issue

 Your issue today is the cheesiest I have ever seen on a website.

 Cheesy? ...in what way?
 That I lied up front and took two weeks to come clean?
 I've already pleaded guilty to that.

 You lost some fans today.

 I lose "fans" every day.
 Some days, I even have a net gain of "fans."

 It is disgraceful.

 What is disgraceful?
 Why can't you say something?
 Have you been listening to Rush again?
 He's a lot like you - his gums flap ...but he never says anything.
 I hate it when a monkey fails to get to the point.

 Were you spending too much time with your radio show?

 What does that mean?
 You think doing radio causes cancer?
 Christ, that's dumb - even for a monkey.

 I find it striking that I have an IQ of 64 and I need to find somebody
 more stupid than me to translate whatever it is you're trying to say.
 The good news?
 I'm in Oklahoma - I can probably find dozens of people more stupid than me.

 Monkey Tip of the Day:
 Don't refrigerate your bananas because they'll turn black.


"Nothing wrong with a son trying to follow in a father's footsteps."
   --Dubya,   Attribution

 I agree - unless the father was a murdering thug who stole his way into power, then had to
 pardon half of Reagan's cabinet to hide his global crime spree from the eyes of the voters.

 Subject: Sean Penn and Chinaco

 Just heard on The Early Show that Sean Penn requested shots of Chinaco at the after parties.

 Another reason to love him!

Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!

 The Port Tack
    by James Higdon

  Click  Here

 Allow me to say at this moment that I do not believe that because Kerry went to Yale, and was a member of Skull & Bones, that this
 proves he is implicated with George W. Bush in a conspiracy to enslave Americans.  Yes, it is true that Kerry grew up among the rich
 and powerful.  But so did Robert F. Kennedy.  So did Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Both could see beyond their circumstances, just as
 Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King could see beyond theirs.  For a taste of Kerry's character read David Corn's article HERE.

 Corn is not a fan of Kerry, but he gives him a fair review.  For a taste of what kind of lies will be perpetrated against Kerry in the
 national campaign, read Ion Mihai Pacepa's February 26, 2004 column at www.nationalreview.com, entitled "Kerry's Soviet Rhetoric."
 You may feel that Kerry might be too conservative for you, but the emotionally and intellectually challenged neocons will attempt to
 paint him as a Communist and a terrorist sympathizer.  They will attempt to do to John Kerry exactly what they did to Max Cleland.

 Subject: Screaming liberal

 I read your (Bart's Big Lie) article today and all I have to say is the only good view
 you have is of your colon because of location of your head.

 You think you are alive, but you need to get a life.

 Richard, I'll bet you're the guy who could take me down a peg or two in a live chat room.
 I'll bet you're the guy who could reduce me to tears in just a short while.
 I'll bet you're the guy who can do what hasn't been done yet.

 You up for a little rhetorical rumble?
 Or are you like every conservative on the entire Internet - afraid to defend his views in a live chat room?

 ha ha

 It's fun to taunt the monkeys.
 They're all afraid of the truth, every damn one.


 Passion tickets bear 'mark of the beast'

  Click  Here

 The number 666, which many Christians recognize as the "mark of the beast," is appearing on
 movie tickets for Gibson's film at a Georgia theater, drawing complaints from some moviegoers.

 The machine that prints tickets assigned the number 666 as a prefix on all the tickets for the film,
 said Gary Smith, owner of the Movies at Berry Square in northwest Georgia. The 666 begins a
 series of numbers that are listed below the name of the movie, the date, time and price.

"It's from our computer and it's absolutely a coincidence," Smith said. "It has nothing to do
 with the film company or any vendor. It's completely in our computer."

 Subject:  Issue 1262

 Hey Bart,

 I know a lot of people have written you and said that certain issues were your best work yet,
 but when I look back at them they're just as good as the rest of your work around that time period.

 But after reading Volume 1262 - Will War for Votes, I have to say that that's the best issue ever.

 You had everything there.  Bush-whoring celebrities, Clear Channel/Okie bashing (I've lived here for
 4 months, and it's as bad as advertised.  It wasn't even this bad in Omaha, one of the reddest of America's
 red cities), calling out monkeys and hitting them with slam-dunk rebuttals, saying Nader's an egomaniac who's
 helping the Thugs more than left-wingers, showing the evidence of Reagan's rape charges (take it as you will),
 and dissecting the Martha Stewart hate crime.

 This is the most complete issue I've seen you do yet.  Keep up the good work, and take a few breaks
 when you need to.  If anyone was expected to work a job that required hours of research 6 days a week,
 they'd surely be out of their mind within a few months.  A lot of the people who fret about you not updating
 probably haven't tried to run a site of this magnitude before with no staff.

 Nathan in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

 Dude, thanks for that.

 Radio Update

 Tommy gets his cable modem installed Thursday or so.
 We hope to have Show 30 up this weekend.

 Also, even tho Show 29 had a big bomb in it, the first six segments were funny stuff and mini-beatdowns.
 It was 84 percent comedy and politics. It's going to be a long time before we hit you with another downer.

 Subject: Is Malloy out of work forever?


 Is it not ironic that back in October, when Rush Limbaugh went into rehab,
 Mike Malloy confidently announced that Rush's career was over?

 I think "tragic" would better explain why the vulgar junkie gets a pass on drug felonies because
 he's a friend of the anti-drug president who stands for maximum sentences for druggies, while
 a law-abiding citizen like Mike Malloy loses his job even tho he's Number One in his market.

 Phil Donahue was Number One on MSGOP when his show was cancelled because he wasn't
 gung-ho about murdering Baghdad. The American networks couldn't afford to be associated
 with some lefty-dove-fag who wasn't into the Illegal Thug's Dirty Oil Snatch.

 Now, less than 6 months later, Rush's star shines more brightly than ever and Malloy can't
 find a job in broadcasting...not even at a 1,000 watt AM station in Podunk, WY.

 ha ha
 Do you gamble at all?
 Do you play Nine ball or Hold 'em poker?

 Your facts are uncoordinated, but I will admit that Nazi gasbags
 make more money on the radio than someone telling the truth.

 Maybe he can get a job using a microphone to talk to customers at a McDonald's or Burger King
 drive-through pickup lane.  They would listen about as closely to him as they did on radio.

 Bob Booger,
 Name calling because he never has a point.

 Booger, you've had your chances to take me on in the chat room - but you're afraid.
 Name-calling is all you have - that's how Rush taught you to debate.

 If you ever ball-up, you know how to reach me.

 John Kerry and War Crimes in Vietnam
   as seen on Veterans Against Iraq War  www.vaiw.org

  Click  Here

 The fact is that the testimony on war crimes presented by Vietnam Veterans Against the War in Detroit,
 was read into the Congressional Record, spurred Congressional hearings into the conduct of the war in Vietnam,
 and echoed the conclusions of Brigadier General Telford Taylor, who prosecuted Nazi war criminals after World
 War II, that in Vietnam "we failed ourselves to learn the lessons we undertook to teach at Nuremberg, and that
 failure is today's American tragedy" (Nuremberg and Vietnam, 1970).

 The hearings in Detroit, called the Winter Soldier Investigation, were designed to counter what many veterans saw
 as government officials scapegoating GIs for the widespread death and destruction of civilians and villages in Vietnam.
"This group's efforts to document such testimony followed the well-known 1968 massacre of Vietnamese civilians at
 My Lai.   By the 1971 VVAW hearings, the trial of Lt. William L. Calley by the Army was planned. The 1968
 My Lai incident clearly resulted in more antiwar sentiment here in the United States, including these efforts of
 Vietnam veterans to describe vividly their personal experiences," University of Richmond history professor
 Ernest Bolt stated in a 1999 essay on the war crimes hearings.

Click  Here


"We let people keep more of their own money."
    --Dubya, (R-Lying serial murderer)   Attribution

 Mr. Serial Murderer, that's not true.
 You're not "letting" anybody "keep" anything.

 You're borrowing money to bribe billionaires who support your campaign.
 You're $2.75 TRILLION over budget and you continue to borrow
 more money to give to the super rich who are NOT hiring anybody.

 You're doing to the economy what you did to Baghdad.

 Pro-Tiger heckler ends long drought

  Click  Here

 Davis Love was rattled by a heckler during his showdown with Tiger Woods at the Match Play Championship.
 Love had a 1-up lead over Woods halfway through the 36-hole final at La Costa when a man started riding him hard.
 Love didn't win another hole after that.

 A man wearing a Tiger Woods logo cap was identified as the heckler and tossed out.  But Love, ranked No. 3 in the world,
 was already unnerved.  "I wasn't going to play anymore until somebody got kicked out, because he had already cost me a hole,''
 Love said after the round.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Miller on haitus while they try to fix his train wreck of a show

  Click  Here  then scroll down - you can do it!

"Dennis Miller is taking a two-week hiatus from his new CNBC talk show - which is being remade while he's gone.

"The main thing we're going to do differently is to have a studio audience," producer Steve Friedman told The Post.
"We're not doing the 'Tonight Show' - we want it more like a nightclub, and we're looking at an audience of around
 100 people a day." Miller has, thus far, worked without a studio audience - relying only on laughs from his crew...

 I didn't think it could get any worse for former comedian Dennis Miller.
 Since he's no longer funny, they're going to stock the audience with ditto-monkeys.
 That way, when Miller says, "Clinton got a blow job," ...the monkeys will howl like crazy!

 It's almost as bad as the vulgar Pigboy using canned applause when Johnny Donovan says,
"Heeeeeeeeeeeeere's the vulgar Pigboy!"

 Dennis, I'm so old, I remember when you were funny.

 Subject: Tiger Woods

 Mr. Cop,
 Another example this weekend as to why Tiger's the best on the planet...

 Perhaps some kudos are in order...

 I'll admit he won something Sunday - was it a real tournament?
 They called it "match play" or something, which made me think it wasn't real.

 Oh and did you see the writers gushing with schoolgirl praise?

 They've been waiting for a year for Tiger to win something.
"Tiger showed why he's the greatest of all time!!!!!!" and all that,
 after going thru a drought that, admittedly, was shorter than John Daly's.


 Subject: Oscars - is America wising up?

 Documentary director Errol Morris ("The Fog That Is War") criticizes DUMBya's war...and NO boos!

 Sean Penn wins Best Actor, Tim Robbins wins Best Supporting Actor - the neo-fascists in our land must be tearing their hair out.

 An Indian reporter asked Tim afterwards if he's "afraid Bush will try to steal another election with more dirty tricks" and was applauded!

 Is the veil finally lifting from America's eyes?

 Terry C

 Terry, let's hope so - they're four years late.

 Remember Cafe Iguana?
  A reader mentioned this bar in Singapore

  Click  Here

 Chinaco Anejo:
 Made in the northern state of Tamaulipas (not Jalisco as are most tequilas), the aromas are intense,
 dominated by earthy agave with a strong presence of pepper, citrus, chamomile, caramel, smoke and
 butterscotch. The tequila is oily, yet dry, an amazing accomplishment. Huge agave and caramel flavors
 are balanced by fruit, floral, oak and butterscotch with a bit of white pepper. The aftertaste is low on
 bitterness and moderate on sweetness. The duration of flavors is long on agave and caramel.
 750 ml Bottle 416.99,
 BIG SHOT 24.99,
 Shot 19.99

 I'll have the big shot, please


 Subject: Social Security cuts

 Greenspan says we need to cut Social Security so that rich republicans can keep their tax cuts.
 I remember 4 years ago when Clinton was president that Social Security was in good shape
 - we had a surplus - and everyone was making lots of money. I say - getting rid of Bush is the
 best solution to fixing Social Security. Lets go back to taxing the rich rather than throwing
 old people out on the street.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

 Subject: Nader

 What's with the negative attitude toward Nader?

 You mean besides the fact that he made Bush president and is trying his best to do it again?
 You mean besides that?

 First you support Dean instead of Kucinich, now you dis the only other anti corporate candidate!

 I like Kucinich but I'm more electable than he is.
 We're not going to win this year with happy thoughts and "what ifs."

 I like the cartoons Bart, but you just have no mind at all!

 John, if you want four more years of Bush - vote Nader.
 He knows exactly what he's doing.  Do you?

 A family friendly excerpt from Show 29

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 Did Anna Kournikova break Penthouse?

 No answers yet.

 Funny, years ago, when I said Pasteur invented pennicillin, I got over a hundred replies saying
"You idiot, that was Fleming."

 But when I ask about sport's sexiest female, nobody knows a thing?

 Musings from the Heartland
   by Richard L. Fricker

  Click  Here

  Just because there is a candidate, just because the cause is just and there have been some victories,
 do not think the fight to liberate the republic from the clutches of evil has been won. The liars and thieves
 now in possession of the White House have as yet untapped millions of dollars to bring into play. These
 minions of darkness have unbridled access to media such as Foxnazi News which makes no pretense at truth.

Dave sent me a CD.
It's good stuff.

 Subject: Bush not AWOL

 Of course Trudeau wouldn't pay off because he'd do what all leftists do.
 Simply smear, lie and attack anyone and everyone who came forward.
 It's the "bimbo attacks" policies of Bill Clinton, attack the people he molested.

 No, he's offering $10K to anyone who can prove Bush wasn't a filthy deserter.
 How is that smearing somebody?

 There have already been several eyewitnesses who have come forward to say
 they were with George Bush in Alabama bases.  All people who care about the
 TRUTH need to do is look it up on google.

 Gee, thanks for sending the URL that proves you're right.
 I'm sure the Bush family can pay people to come forward, but where's the proof?
 If you took a year off, would your boss notice?

 Those who do not care about the truth will continue to smear.

 But where are your facts?
 You say, "the proof is there" but you're too busy to say where?

 In America, what makes our democracy work is a modicum of good will between
 the sides and a certain degree of integrity.

 That's why you guys gave Clinton a pass on having a girlfriend, right?

 Sadly the left has become like their parent newspaper, Pravda,
 one that simply lies at every turn to advance their agenda.

 There wasn't one fact in all this hooey you sent, just name calling and childish insults.
 You'd better find the kiddie pool, partner.
 This water is too deep for you.


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 Click for a great short movie

 When I recently mentioned the good things happening in March,
 (new World Poker Tour, new The Shield, new The Sopranos)
 I forgot to mention what will probably be the funniest hour of 2004,
 which is Chris Rock's Black Ambition stand up on HBO.

 You want to hear an insult?  The San Fransisco Chronicle said,
"Chris Rock is the best stand-up comedian to hit a stage since Sinbad."

 Holy Mother of Koresh - that's not a compliment.
 That's like telling Teresa Heinz she looks like a million dollars.

 Plus, there's another really big thing happening in march, but my IQ betrays me again.
 Maybe I'll think of it before I publish today...

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 549  American lives lost - and counting.


 Subject: BCR Show 29


 Thanks for the member access.
 My donation was for your new hardware only,
 so your extending member benefits to me was very kind.

 Before I comment on your radio show, I have to confess that I
 had fairly low expectations for it, based on some of the 'critical reviews'
 you published on your page.  I anticipated a truly 'home-grown' product
 with not much production value.

 However, your radio show is great!!!!!!!  I don't know understand the
 criticism about your language.  Maybe you let loose with a few more f-bombs
 in earlier shows, but I didn't find anything offensive.  In fact, I have sought out
 a variety of liberal talk show hosts on the internet (Mark Malloy, RIP, Randi
 Rhodes, Gene Lyons, Ed Schultz).  Your show compares very favorably to them.

 As for people who are easily offended, you need to steal HBO's slogan

 I'll be setting up a recurring payment shortly.
 Best of luck to you.


 Des, we started out so bad, that people are seeing better work show-by-show.
 Shows 28 and 29 were our best yet, and both were written after the lightning bolt
 knocked me off of my ass.  By the way, does that mean my name is now PartCop?

 ...and does Gene Lyons really have an internet radio show?

Something on your mind?
 Call the
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"It was only when Poppy Bush fell behind Michael Dukakis in the summer of '88 that he made
  an issue of Willie Horton and the Pledge of Allegiance. It was only when George W. fell behind
  John McCain in the winter of 2000 that he went to Bob Jones University to align himself with the
  old white South. And now the president has fallen behind John Kerry. Abruptly, it is the season of
  doctored photos showing Kerry alongside Jane Fonda, of Internet and Murdoch-media rumor
  campaigns about affairs that never were. Like father, like son; like Atwater, like Rove; no one
  spreads sewage quite like the Bushes."
  --Harold Meyerson, who just might read bartcop.com  Attribution

 I've said it for years - the Bush bastards play dirty - even for politics.
 Clinton showed everyone how to beat them, but did Gore watch and learn?
 Will Kerry have the brains to use the Clinton model to stomp Bush?

 As we step up the pace of ...
 We put $3687 on the credit card for a new Mac G5 and monitor so Tommy can edit radio shows,
 (Hey - I finally bought a Mac! :)

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  Show 29 is up.

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 Your contributions allow us to continue beating up the Bush monkey and his Nazi gangsters.

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

Click for reward details

 Subject: Your deal

 Though, I get what you're saying--and, frankly, with a ten or twelve year estimate,
 well, hell, you've got a prognosis as good as anyone and better than a lot, even though they don't know it.

 The great line from Fight Club, "On a long enough time line, everyone's chance of survival becomes zero."
 Or something to that effect.

 I basically like to remind everyone that their life expectancy isn't any farther than their next footstep.
 It makes me popular at parties.

 ha ha

 Still, I wanted to say I think that's crappy news.  But, as you know, it's only crappy news if it means anything.
 You might get hit by a bus tomorrow.  You might outlive your doctor.  Ah, hell, you already know all this.

 Keep swinging the Big Hammer, day by day.
 Just wanted to drop a line and let you know there are a lot--more than dozens that love hearing the ring of that big hammer every day.

 Ricky Zee

 Ricky, thanks.

 They told me there'd be side effects.
 The first one I've noticed is my absolute fearlessness.

 What/who is going to scare me now?

 I genuinely pity the next fool who pisses me off.
 I have a newfound boldness that borders on "Somebody slap him."

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