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  In Today's Treehouse...
Edwards to leave race 
New Molly: Bush cheats
Is liberal radio here?
Gays marry in Oregon
Cheney - a 'risk factor'
Not so gay times
McDonalds slims down
Why no action on war?
Poker Season starts tonite


Quote of the Day

"I wish to God that the Labour Party had the guts
  to get rid of Blair, because it could survive another 
  election without him. I think it's too important for 
  world affairs that he's gone. I think globally he is 
  a dangerous man. He is an altruist who thinks he's 
  doing everything for the best, but he cannot face 
  up to his own ego." 
   --Singer George Michael,  Attribution

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Volume 1266 -  Thug president

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  Wednesday      March 3, 2004


"I'd vote for my cat if he could beat Bush. The guy's just destroying our country."
      --Robert Madden, of Los Angeles   Attribution

 Edwards expected to drop out 

  Click  Here

 Aides said Edwards will withdraw from the race Wednesday. He will make the announcement
 in a speech at a school his children attended in Raleigh, N.C., a campaign spokesman.

 On Tuesday night in Atlanta, Edwards stopped short of quitting in a speech at his campaign HQ.
 But he thanked his supporters and suggested his campaign was drawing to a close.

 I like Edwards, but a Kerry/Clark ticket would work better against a clueless pinhead and a crook.

 Left On Your Dial

  Click  Here

"The long talked-about liberal talk radio network has finally found an affiliate in New York - WLIB-AM, The Post has learned.
 Air America, as the network will be known, is also expected to announce that outspoken comedian Janeane Garofalo will join
 pit-bull humorist Al Franken in its line-up.

 The left-leaning network is backed mainly by well-heeled Democrats who want a counter-balance to conservative powerhouses
 like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage."

 Are they really going to stop talking about it and actually do it?
 Hell, I think this is where we got the idea to do BartCop Radio,
 and with no money and a year of tech troubles, I'm still 29 shows ahead of them.

 I wonder if, ...Nah - I'm not ready yet, but Mike Malloy is.

 Subject: Greenspan

 Folks ought to be reminded that in the early '80s Greenspan sat on a commission to figure out how to save
 Social Security.  The conclusion of the commission was that payroll taxes needed to be significantly raised on
 the poor to middle class workers.  That lead to one of Reagan's many tax raises on Americans who could
 least afford it - but it was supposed to save Social Security.  Now Greenspan says that the only way to save
 Social Security is to cut the benefits for the people who's taxes were raised, so that we can make permanent
 significant tax decreases for the wealthiest 1% of Americans (who, by the way, don't need Social Security at all).
 So the history of Greenspan's contributions to our economy is that we must take from the poor to give to the rich.
 Why do we allow his FAT ASS on the government payroll?

 Jim H

 Jim, the part I don't get is why Republicans making $30K a year are so eager and willing to co-sign loans
 for the super-rich. Each time a ditto-monkey writes and says Bush does great with the economy, I remind
 them that if they have time to write to me, they probably aren't in the richest one percent, so why are they
 fighting to give Bill Gates more money out of their pocket?

 I think what happens is they see the millionaires like Russert and Novak saying a tax cut will cure all the
 ails of Bush's broken economy - and it'll cure your asthma, too. So the unthinking monkeys see Russert
 say it and they parrot his rhetoric not realizing Russert says it because he's super-rich.

 Unless you're super-rich, voting for Bush is like a chicken voting for Colonol Sanders.


"This is politics at its nastiest. It's a shame that the White House is orchestrating hearings
  to discuss whether gay families should have basic human rights protections."
     --Cheryl Jacques, president of the Human Rights Campaign,   Attribution

 Bush is going to "Willie Horton" every gay person in America.

 Subject: BartCop Radio Show 29


 Show 29 was awesome.
 Ya really gave the hammer a workout.
 Keep swingin'.


Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!

 Subject: Voting for war

 Bart, you wrote:

> As critical as I am with those who voted for this war, IF the CIA briefer came to you
> when you were a senator and told the whopping lie that Saddam was capable of hitting the
> East Coast with WMD in the next 15 minutes - how do you not vote to take him out?

 This briefer also went to Kucinich and McDermott and neither of them swallowed the horseshit
 They knew better.

 All Kerry had to do was talk to Scott Ritter or Greg Palast to get at least a fuller picture.
 He and his staff were just being lazy or scared of being called non patriotic.

 Paul, I'm not buying any of that.

 First, the CIA breifer talked to the Senate, not current or former House members.
 Second, if Kucinich had PROOF, not just a gut feeling but PROOF, then he should have,
 at every debate, waved a paper and said, "I have the incontrovertible proof in my hand
 that this war was phony and the other men on this stage have seen this PROOF and
 they still voted to bomb a defenseless country that had no chance to threaten us."

 But he didn't do that because he has no such proof.

 Plus, as good as Ritter and Palast are, they don't have the sources the CIA has.

 Subject:  Monday's special issue

 Mr. Cop

 I thought the remarkable thing about Monday's issue was the lack of a photo of Shirley.

 Good luck.
 Will in Olympia

 Will, thanks, ...probably.

 Subject: Attribution

 Dear Bartcop:

 You could make the page better by indicting with more regularity who you are quoting.

 For example in yesterday's marvelous page, you give us a paragraph of David Korn from The Nation.
 You'd look smarter and give your readers more context by saying on the page who you are quoting
 and from where, if it is a new article and what his subject is. The flow would be a lot better.
 Still keep the link.

 Keep up the good work.


 EL, your suggestion has befuddled me.

 Posting the attributions is probably the biggest pain in the ass doing this page.
 Except for Jay and Dave I always print the attributions.
 There was one for the Corn article, but it didn't say "Attribution," it said   read David Corn's article HERE.

 ...but I admit, I need every tip I can get on looking smarter :)

 Gays start marrying in Oregon

  Click  Here

 Gay and lesbian couples started tying the knot in Portland on Wednesday after the county issued them
 marriage licenses, joining the rapidly spreading national movement from San Francisco and upstate New York.

 In Washington, "less government" lawmakers debated the issue, with Nazi's such as Bill Frist asking Congress
 to embrace a constitutional amendment banning them.  "Same sex marriage is likely to spread through all 50 states
 in the coming years," Frist said. "It is becoming increasingly clear that Congress must act."

 ha ha

 It is not.
 What's clear is that this country is run by the religiously insane who hate gays because they think God said so.
 There's no reason in the world, besides the GOP being the party of hate, to get the government involved.
 Why the hell don't you mind your own business and do something useful like go chase some terrorists.

Click  Here


"There are many more voters in the country who feel marriage should remain
  between a man and a woman who are likely to vote for him (W) than there are
  gay activists who are going to vote against him."
    --Gary Bauer, punk-ass loser who heads the group "American Values"  Attribution

 So, Gary Bauer took a poll to see which side God would be on.
 Hey Gary, what if more voters thought lynching blacks would be OK?

 Whoops, wrong question to ask this racist punk.

 Not So Gay Times

  Click  Here

 Republican lawmakers in nine of the thirty-seven states that have "Defense of Marriage" acts are not satisfied
 with their existing laws.  Vigorously and voraciously the neocons and paleocons are campaigning to their Christian
 constituents that any union of same sex partners is an abomination and as such, new, more stringent laws need to
 be enacted. After all, Gay couples in marriage are a threat to God-fearing Christians everywhere. Every one knows that!

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Halliburton: Cheney - A 'Risk Factor'

  Click  Here

 Halliburton is now warning investors that its Cheney connection is what Wall Street calls a "risk factor."
 The Cheney connection has caused "intense scrutiny" of its operations. "Since Cheney's nomination as VP,"
 the company said in a recent SEC filing, "Halliburton has been and continues to be the focus of allegations,
 some of which appear to be made for political reasons by political adversaries of the VP and Bush. We expect
 that this focus and these allegations will continue and possibly intensify as the 2004 elections draw nearer."

 Only if the Democrats find the will to fight.
 They had no interest in winning in 2000,
 and they had no interest in winning in 2002

 If they're up for a fight, Halliburton might be a risk factor,
 but history tells us they will lay down and bend over for Bush.

 Subject: radio feedback

 Please no more reading from the tv guide.
 28 is really good, you improve every show.

 I'll let you know what i think of 29, i have a long commute this week

 James, other people wrote to say seven hours of reading the TV Guide was too much.
 I doubt that'll happen again.

 McDonald's shamed into dumping Supersize portions

  Click  Here

 In a sign of the times, McDonald's is getting rid of the extra-large portions that had become one of its
 signatures. The burger giant said it has begun phasing out Supersize fries and drinks in its more than
 13,000 U.S. restaurants and will stop selling them altogether by year's end, except in promotions.

 The company lied, and said they just needed to trim a menu that has expanded in recent years and
 said eliminating super-sizing is only part of that effort.  "The driving force here was menu simplification,"
 spokesman Walt Riker lied after McDonald's disclosed the change in strategy in a brief statement Tuesday.
"The fact of the matter is not very many Supersize fries are sold."

 No, the fact is whenever they say, "America and America's kids are too fat," the name "McDonald's,"
 is always in the next sentence and they needed to move away from that.  I'm not a big fan of the food police,
 but if you supersize a meal and break 3,000 calories it wouldn't hurt to disclose that fact.  IF McDonald's is
 selling food in portions that are outright unhealthy to their customers, they should have a right to know.

 However, unlike BIG tobacco, McDonald's is not adding ammonia and formaldahyde to their products to
 make their addictive ingredients hit you faster and harder. It's a damn shame that our elected leaders (and Bush)
 take million dollar bribes from the BIG cancer lobby that enables them to keep on hooking and killing our children.

 Let me ask: Is it even possible for a conservative Republican to get into Heaven?
 After all, Jesus is the most famous liberal of all time.

 Subject: keep up the good work

 Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your site.  I found it about 6 months ago
 when I was looking for facts to combat a really annoying conservative who was
 coming to work each day with a new, "Democrats are evil because of..."

 Ever since I've been able to fight back with facts and figures, he's stopped and the
 office is a little bit nicer as a result.  My day begins by checking your site.
 Keep up the good work.

 Oh yeah, just wanted to say I'm fiercely proud to have as my senator the one man
 who's spine is greater than the entire Democratic Party:  Robert C. Byrd.
 He is the man!


 Joel, thanks for that.
 Up until recently, I considered Byrd a bad guy for screaming so hard at Clinton
 during impeachment, but yes, he's the only senator who's willing to stand up to Bush.

 Subject: I'm a district delegate

 And you are responsible for giving me the balls to go in to the DFL and kick some donkey ass!

 Next step, state district delegate!
 Thanks for inspiring me!


 Note: Cathy is the former owner of Northern Air Lodge


"Millions of Americans who support the traditional institution of marriage should
  not be slandered as intolerant. The institution of marriage was not created to
  discriminate or oppress, it was established to protect and nurture children."
     --Sen. John Cornyn, (R-Gay Basher)   Attribution

 Hey Butt wipe, how do you know why marriage was invented?
 How old can you be?

 ...and can old people marry?
 Can infertile people marry?
 How about plain-speaking Okies who aren't too fond of kids?

 Put down your "God hates fags" sign and join us in the 21st century.

 A family friendly excerpt from Show 29

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 Did Anna Kournikova break Penthouse?

  No answers yet.

  Click  Here  is you have a link for that settlement story

 War on terror - why no action?
  by Jim Miklaszewski, who's not a whore even tho he works for NBC

  Click  Here

 Cheney repeatedly cited the menace of suspected terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi, who he says is currently
 orchestrating terrorist attacks in Iraq. But he did not explain a new report showing that "long before the war
 the Bush administration had several chances to wipe out his terrorist operation and perhaps kill Zarqawi himself
  - but never pulled the trigger." Specifically, the Pentagon drew up three separate plans to attack Zarqawi after
 it was revealed he was "producing deadly ricin and cyanide," among other things. But in each separate instance,
 the "White House killed" the proposal because "the administration had set its course for war with Iraq."

 As one former National Security Council member said, "People were more obsessed with developing the coalition
 to overthrow Saddam than to execute the president's policy of preemption against terrorists." This is consistent with
 the comments of Jeffery Record, professor at the U.S. Army War college, who said "the invasion of Iraq was a
 diversion from the more narrower focus on defeating al Qaeda."

 All during impeachment, the media pounded on anyone who supported Clinton.
 "Where the outrage? How can you possibly support a man who cheated on his wife?"

 Six years later, Bush chooses not to chase down the bastards who hit us on 9-11.
 Instead, he invaded Iraq for no reason other than the spolied little boy saw something shiny
 and he's gotten whatever he's wanted his entire life, so he chose to steal it.

 Meanwhile, Republicans nationwide forgive Bush for saying, "Osama who?" and they
 back him totally even after the facts came out that he lied about the need for this war.

 550 dead soldiers, for no reason other than BFEE greed,
 and the Republicans feel like they can't give Bush enough money or support.

 It all boils down - once again - to the Janet Jackson syndrome.
 Having a girlfriend is super-bad but lying to get 550 soldiers killed is OK
 because it has nothing to do with sex and America loves their fraudulent president.

Dave sent me a CD.
It's good stuff.

 Subject: The agony of Mel's movie

 Wow, my wife dragged me to see "The Passion of the Christ," directed and written by Mel Gibson.

 This movie dashed what little faith I had going into the movie. The best short answer to describe the movie
 is extreme overkill. There is more bloodletting in this show than in all 5 of the Rocky movies put together.
 It is more believable that Rocky actually beat Apollo Creed than it is that Christ could have endured all that torture.

 I'm no doctor but I believe that if Gibson's rendition is true, Christ would have bled to death approximately
 30 minutes after the beating by the Roman soldiers began. Then Christ wouldn't have lived long enough to be
 crucified, and the Christian faith would never have been born. Maybe that's how it should have happened?

 Anyway, I didn't see any anti-Semitism in the show. The Jews led by Caiphus, demanded that Christ be crucified,
 and they were not presented in a favorable light, but it is not believable that so many people would have stood
 idly by while the most inhumane treatment to another human being took place for what; for claiming to be the
 Son of God? Naw it's just not believable. This movie robbed me of 2 hours of my life. You can get the same
 effect of actually seeing it if you could torture 50 lovable puppies to death in a two hour period.

 Greg W


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 Subject: Greenspan

 I have yet to find where anyone has written just how great it was that Greenspan made his statement
 on social security now before the elections. This is just the kind of news that the bushies want to hide,
 at least until after nov. They are trying to call dishwashers "industrial workers" so their dismal job record
 won't look so bad, they hide the dead bodies returning from Iraq, and intimidate soldiers in an attempt to
 keep them from speaking the truth. I cannot believe they wanted their top money man spilling the beans
 about the extent of the damage these clowns are causing us now and for all of our tomorrows.

 He may actually show himself to be a true hero in this class-war of ours. I certainly can't imagine the repugs
 thinking this would be a good time to attack social security by pointing out it's long term problems, so I'm
 left to believe that greenspan has decided not to no longer play along.
 Tim W

 Click for a great short movie

 VCR Alert - World Poker Tour Season Premier - Tonight on Travel Channel

 Plus, Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital and a new West Wing.

 Four wars and a cloud of dust
    by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

"The cost of the war isn't in Bush's budget, even though Bush is blaming
 his budget deficit on the cost of the war. Honest: War cost is not in there.
 Bush will ask for another supplemental budget after the election to cover it."

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 550  American lives lost - and counting.


 Subject: ask Nader voters


 I think you should ask Nader 2000 voters who they plan on voting for this time around and why.
 I think having a knowledge of how past nader voters feel now will give a much better picture of
 the threat imposed by nader.

 James D

 James, I think that's a good idea.

 Click  Here  if you're a 2000 Nader voter and put "Nader" in the subject line

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 Call the
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"It was only when Poppy Bush fell behind Michael Dukakis in the summer of '88 that he made
  an issue of Willie Horton and the Pledge of Allegiance. It was only when George W. fell behind
  John McCain in the winter of 2000 that he went to Bob Jones University to align himself with the
  old white South. And now the president has fallen behind John Kerry. Abruptly, it is the season of
  doctored photos showing Kerry alongside Jane Fonda, of Internet and Murdoch-media rumor
  campaigns about affairs that never were. Like father, like son; like Atwater, like Rove; no one
  spreads sewage quite like the Bushes."
  --Harold Meyerson, who just might read bartcop.com   Attribution

 I've said it for years - the Bush bastards play dirty - even for politics.
 Clinton showed everyone how to beat them, but did Gore watch and learn?

 Will Kerry surrender?
 Or will he use the Clinton model to stomp Bush?

 Subject: Republicans destroy Social Security

 Allan Greenspan has just confirmed what many people have already known for years - that the Republicans
 are out to destroy Social Security. We can't touch the big tax breaks for the super rich - says Greenspan.
 So the next generation of Americans should be preparing to eat dog food when they turn 65.

 There is no doubt now that 4 more years of Bush and Republicans will end Social Security.
 America is a nation in decline and denial. It may be already too late to stop the bleeding.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

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