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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
New Iraqi Abuse Charges
Bush's Unlimited Power
How To Get Your Vote Lost
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Court Rejects Bob Barr 
Saudi's Al-Qaida Problem
Clinton-bashing Returns
NYWT gets caught AGAIN!
Some sweet Monkey Mail


Quote of the Day

"Saddam had ties to terrorist organizations. 
  In other words, he was affiliated with terrorism
  - Abu Nidal, the paying of families of suiciders 
  to go kill innocent people." 
    --Dubya,      Attribution

  Hey Monkey!
  Did Nidal hold a terrorist telethon on Saudi TV? 
  Or was that King Faud?

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Volume 1339 - Maiz

  Monday    June 21, 2004


"It's a big thing, this war . . . It's a fight between right and wrong, good and evil.
  Bush is leading America against a depraved, malevolent force."
     --John McCain, who forgot that's what Bush called him in South Carolina in 2000  Attribution

 New Iraqi Abuse Charges
  Could the abuse have gone beyond actions already alleged?

  Click  Here

 Taguba said he had received reports "that there were members of  intelligence came for a late-night
 interrogation of two female detainees" last October. According to a statement three interrogators were
 later cited for violations of military law in their handling of the two females, ages 17 and 18.

 Neisef claims he was taken from his home and sent to Abu Ghraib, Americans made him disrobe and
 attached electrical wires to his genitals. He claims he was shocked three times. Although a vein in his
 penis ruptured and he had blood in his urine, he says, he was refused medical attention. In another session,
 Neisef claims he was held down by two men while a uniformed woman forced him to have sex with her.
"I was crying," said Neisef, 28. "I felt like my whole manhood was gone."

 Something tells me this was a cunning crime.

"Bad soldiers!!   Fish rot from the tail up..."

  Care to comment?


"The"Bill Clinton claims that he warned Bush before he took office that the biggest threat
  to national security was bin Laden, in a sensational passage from his memoirs revealed for
  the first time yesterday. In the passage on his al-Qaeda warning, when Mr Bush was president-elect,
  Clinton claims Bush said little in response, and then switched subjects."
     --Foreign Staff, The Scotsman,  Attribution

 All Bush had on his mind after stealing his way into power was Iraq's oil fields,
 and which ones he would sell to Kennyboy and his other enablers.

 bin Laden was (and still is) a lost detail in the mind of the Confused Frog-blaster.

 Bush's 'Apex' of Unlimited Power
    by Nat Perry of  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 Bush is claiming that no law can infringe on his inherent power to do whatever he wishes
 as commander in chief. It is a declaration of personal authority unprecedented in scope
 and contemptuous of American constitutional checks and balances. Ultimately, this Bush
 Doctrine of Presidential Power is what's at stake in the Nov. 2 elections.

 ...the concept of "presidential power at its absolute apex" isn't really about law; it's about
 lawlessness. It's about all power invested in the hands of one man with the law made
 irrelevant in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. Essentially Bush is saying that
 the murderous attacks have required the de facto partial suspension of the U.S. Constitution
 and the abrogation of international law.


 It's not too hard to get your vote lost
   -- if some politicians want it to be lost     by Greg Palast

  Click  Here

 While investigating the 2000 ballot count in Florida for BBC Television, I saw firsthand
 how the spoilage game was played -- with black voters the predetermined losers.

 Florida's Gadsden County has the highest percentage of black voters in the state -- and the
 highest spoilage rate. One in 8 votes cast there in 2000 was never counted. Many voters
 wrote in "Al Gore." Optical reading machines rejected these because "Al" is a "stray mark."

 By contrast, in neighboring Tallahassee, the capital, vote spoilage was nearly zip; every vote counted.
 The difference? In Tallahassee's white-majority county, voters placed their ballots directly into optical
 scanners. If they added a stray mark, they received another ballot with instructions to correct it.

 In other words, in the white county, make a mistake and get another ballot;
 in the black county, make a mistake, your ballot is tossed.

"Unka Dick says darkies are too stupid to vote for me..."

 Subject: Bradbury sued by Shakespeare for "Something Wicked This Way Comes"

 ...and by William Butler Yeats for "Golden Apples of the Sun."
 Or so he would be, if they were alive and his bitter-old-fart logic prevailed.

 What a stupid old prick he's become. He should be grateful that,
 like Bradbury, Moore only steals from the best.

 K. Hyde

 Care to comment?

 Court Rejects Barr's Suit of Clinton, Pals
  Baby-killer Bob Barr ruled to be "wholly without merit"

 "I'm passing for white."

  Click  Here

 Former representative Robert L. Barr Jr. cannot bring a $30 million defamation suit
 Bill Clinton, James Carville and  Larry Flynt, a federal appeals court ruled yesterday.

 Barr (R-Passes for white) alleged that the three conspired to smear him by publishing
 information about his private life barr paying for his baby daughter's abortion as
 retaliation for his never-ending jungle safaris inside Clinton's zipper.

 A three-judge panel said Barr failed to make his conspiracy claim against Bill Clinton
 and James Carville within the three years permitted by law.

 Subject: BCR Show 43 feedback

 (cricket sounds go here...)

 It was our best show ever - heard by dozens - and no feedback?
 I'm not looking for praise, I'm looking for, "liked this part, didn't like that part."

 A comedy boy with no live audience can only rely on feedback.
 Help an old altar boy out, and listen to Show 43 and offer some feedback.

 I though my singing alone would flood the mailbox.


"The Clinton book promotion is totally media driven, whereas what we saw
  during the week of the Reagan memorial was totally genuine, brought about
  by the love and adoration and respect of the American people."
     --Rush Limbaugh, lying to his easily-led sheep   Attribution

 Hail to the Moon king


  Click  Here

"The deeply weird coronation of Rev. Sun Myung Moon in a Senate office building
 -- crown, robes, the works -- is no longer one of Washington's best-kept secrets...

 You probably imagine your congressman hard at work in the Capitol debating legislation,
 making laws -- you know, governing. But your newspaper probably didn't tell you that one
 night last March, [Republican] members of Congress hosted a crowning ritual for an ex-convict
 multi-billionaire [BFEE Partner] dressed up in maroon robes and declared himself the Second Coming."

 See YOUR GOP congressman place a crown on Moonie's head and then bow in obedience before him.
 He owns the Washington Moonie Times, so Bush Republicans all suck his toes on command.

 Note: We had this story over a month ago - and Salon is just now catching up?

 Al-Qaida: Saudis Aided American Abduction

  Click  Here

 The group responsible for beheading an American engineer said sympathizers in the Saudi
 security forces provided police uniforms and cars used during the victim's kidnapping.

 According to the account, militants wearing police uniforms and using police cars set up a fake
 roadside checkpoint. When Johnson's car approached, the militants stopped it, detained him,
 anesthetized him and carried him to another car, the article said.

 On Sunday, police continued their search for Johnson's body and the militants involved in his death.

"We are still combing through neighborhoods. And we hope that eventually we'll find the body and
 restore it to his family," Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi foreign affairs adviser told Wolf the Whore on CNN.

al-Jubeir, a slick talker for sure, said their claim isn't true because if they had men inside security,
   why bother grabbing one unknown American?  Why not grab somebody important?

Did the Saudi's get caught lying?
   They killed four guys that they claim dumped Paul Johnson's body, because a "good citizen"
   witnessed the dump and called in the license number on their car, then they were tracked down.

   But now they don't have the body, so what makes them think they got the right guys?
   Did they just "arrest and execute" men off the street so they could say "We got them?"

   That's the same trick they used to execute the Khobar Towers suspects before American
   intelligence agents could interview them.  Dead men tell no tales, right King Faud?
   I wonder if the Saudis got a chuckle when the widow Johnson thanked them for helping?

Is Israel an Al Qaeda ally?  Blizter asked why some Saudis are saying that, and al-Jubeir said
   since both Israel and Osama want the Saudi family destroyed, could they not be allies?

   Think it can't happen?
   Didn't Israel supply Iran with weapons and spare parts in 1980 when they were sworn enemies?
   It's my understanding that we re-supplied Israel after they supplied the Iranians.
   I suspect Adnon Khashoggi (and Poppy Bush) each made a tidy profit off of that.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Clinton-bashing Returns
    by the APJ.US  Pundit Pap Team

  Click  Here

 Every one of the Sunday shows decided to split their time between two topics: the infuriating findings
 of the independent 9/11 Commission and Bill Clinton's autobiography, due out on Tuesday. Naturally,
 the sloppy, lazy celebrity press corps fell back on the bad habits they showed during the Clinton
 Administration and especially the Lewinsky flap, namely character assassination and adherence to a
 narrative that sounded as if it were written by Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay. How dare Clinton
 criticize Starr! How dare he say that he apologized and sought forgiveness for a personal lapse that
 should have had him ejected from the White House!


"I started crying during the speech and wept for a good while after Dr. King finished.
  More than anything I ever experienced, except perhaps the power of my grandfather's
  example,  that speech steeled my determination to do whatever I could for the rest of
  my life, to make Martin Luther King's dream come true."
    --Bill Clinton, after hearing Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963    Attribution

 THIS is why Bill Clinton was impeached.
 Because he's a "nigger lover," and the Arkansas Project hates "niggers" and "nigger-lovers,"
 so they fed the GOP lie after lie and the fascist, whites-only bastards kept investigating him, over and over

Some people can't read, like the Monkey president.
But if you can read, you'll find the right books here
and it's all just a click away.

 Archbishop of Canterbury to be on 'Simpsons'
  This story is so crazy you just know it's true

  Click  Here

 NBC Hunts for Experts to Fill Olympics Air
   Call Bob Costas - he can speak at length about everything

  Click  Here

 Eldrick  stung by mentor's comments
  "For him to go off and say things like that..."

  Click  Here

 Cheney in firing line over Nigerian bribery claims
  How long can their unarrested asses hold out?

  Click  Here

 AAR Ads Housekeeping

 This is very important  -  thousands of dollars are at stake
 and we won't get a "do over,"  so let's be sure we're clear up-front.

 Click  Here   for the extra-important, time-is-now update.

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"I don't think Clinton is capable of being honest. Any man that tells you that he
  and his family went to counseling for a full day every week for a year is lying to you.
  I don't know what counseling facility offers that kind of intensive treatment.

  (She uses her own ignorance to prove that such a place can't possibly exist?
   Hey Bat, ...you play any high-stakes poker?)

  When did he do this? When he was in the White House? Why wasn't he chasing al Qaeda?"
       --Luci the Bat, forgetting that Osama struck us under Bush, not Clinton  Attribution


'NY Times' 9/11 Reporter Fact-checks F 9/11
   saw this story on  proudliberals.com

  Click  Here

 The author of the piece, reporter Philip Shenon (who has covered the federal 9/11 commission for the past year)
 predicts that Moore "may face an onslaught of fact-checking" unlike any a documentary film-maker has faced before.
 Shenon's verdict: "It seems safe to say that central assertions of fact in 'Fahrenherit 9/11' are supported by the public record ."

 Shenon says Moore "is on firm ground" in arguing that the Bushes have profited handsomely from their relationships with
 the Saudis, including the bin Laden family and the Saudi rulers. He also notes that Moore is safe in charging that Bush paid
 too little attention to terrorism before 9/11, and suggests he is accurate when he claims that during Bush's first eight months
 in office he spent 42% of his time on vacation (the source being The Washington Post.

 We choose to whore ourselves for George W. Bush
    by the staff of the New York Whore Times  thanks to Richard Alex

  Click  Here   then click on Part 2

 ...the Sept. 11 commission said in a report this April that there was "no credible evidence
 that any chartered flights of Saudi Arabian nationals departed the United States
 before the reopening of national airspace" and that the F.B.I. had concluded that no one aboard
 the flights was involved in Sept. 11.

 Look at the NYW Times hide behind the word chartered to suggest there were no flights.

 Funny, in the same damn sentence the FBI confirms there were flights, but that, with less than
 24 hours of panic-fueled investigations, determined every bin Laden on those flights was totally
 innocent and thus allowed to flee the country free of charge on government jets, not chartered.

 What made all bin Ladens completely and totally innocent?

The President vouched for them!

 How can the NYW Times publish after being caught in a blatant lie this hueueuege?

 More proof:

 Tampa Airport verifies flight of Saudis


  Click  Here

 Two days after the Sept. 11 attacks, with most of the nation's air traffic still grounded, a small jet
 landed at Tampa International Airport, picked up three young Saudi men and left.

 The men, one of them thought to be a member of the Saudi royal family, were accompanied by a
 former FBI agent and a former Tampa police officer on the flight to Lexington, Ky.

 The Saudis then took another flight out of the country. The two ex-officers returned to TIA
 a few hours later on the same plane.

 For nearly three years, White House, aviation and law enforcement officials have insisted the flight
 never took place and have denied published reports and widespread Internet speculation about its purpose.

 But now, at the request of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks, TIA officials have confirmed
 that the flight did take place and have supplied details.

 ...but the New York Whore Times continues to blow smoke to protect the Illegal Monkey!

 They love Dubya and they hate Michael Moore's film.
 They love Dubya and they hate Clinton's book.
 They hated Hillary's book, they hated Susan McDougal's book,
 they hated Sid Blumenthal's book, they hated  Hunting of the President
 and they hate everything that tells the truth, while they continue to lie about
 important matters such as war and treason and the BFEE's Treasury rape of America.!

 Funny that tequila boy in Oklahoma knows these flights happened, you know they happened,
 funny that Michael Moore knows these flights happened,
 funny that the Tampa Airport and the St Petersburg Times knows these flights happened,
 but the New York Whore Times keeps lying for Bush, promising you those flights did not occur.

 The Old Gray Whore - she ain't what she used to be...

Up to twenty views per penny.
Nobody  gives you a better deal that that.


Show 43 Sample 

 In this snippet, I'm reading a letter from Ed Gillespie,
 top fascist at the Republican National Committee.

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 Subject: tell the truth about Al Kaydee

 Dear Mr. Bartcop:

 Al Kaydee had offices in downtown Baghdad. Saddam Hussein played arabic poker with Ohsama Ben Ladden.
 Dick Cheney has told me so and, that is good enough for me. This should also be good enough for you.
 Aren't you not a good American? My staff tells me that you aren't not a good American.
 What could possibly be the matter with you? I gave you a good tax cut, wasn't that not good enough for you?

 My good friend Karl Rove, and that would be Mr. Karl Rove for you, informs me that we have "friends" in Oklahoma.
 My good friend Karl Rove informs me that, we will be sending some of our good friends over to your house for a visit.

 For your information, Irak had weapons of mass destruction and they sent them over to Syria or Lebananon or some
 damn rag-head country. So there! I was right all along. My mom says that I will win the election in November and that
 is good enough for me and that should also be good enough for you.

 Until then, most sincerely yours,
 George W. Bush
 The White House
 Washington D.C.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

840  no, .... 845 dead American soldiers.

Damn, five in one day?

Drip, drip, drip - the lives go down the drain - all for Bush's illegal war.

Soon it will be 900, and then 1000.


 VCR Alert

 NBC is all reality shows, CBS is all reruns, ABC is all reruns.
 FOX has all-new junk on tonight, starting with North Shore, which USA Today called
"Las Vegas with better scenery and lesser actors."

 Last week, they spent a lot of time showing us the cutest teenager you ever saw repeatedly taking off
 her bikini top to tease the men at the pool - then we find out she's 15.  Isn't there a law against that?
 Then "Casino," a reality show, featured a bragging lothario, walking thru the casino waving
 cash around, asking every girl he ran into for sex.

 He said he got laid 2-3 a day after approaching about 40 women. The cameras showed him breaking up
 a couple at a blackjack table when she accepted his offer to "go upstairs." After she gave him oral sex,
 (slightly off camera) they rejoined the group at the table to find out his date was a man.
 The cameras zoomed in on his face when he found out - it was half funny.

 If you're into poker, (and who isn't?) Celebrity Poker on Bravo repeats where the girl wins again.
 Why do the women always win at Celebrity Poker?


"Bill Clinton's administration was absolutely certain that Saddam was in cahoots with al-Qa'eda.
  It was a given.  That is surely why, after September 11, Pentagon officials were obsessed with Iraq.
  But this has been obliterated from the collective memory in order to place the most malign
  interpretation possible on the motives of the Bush administration."
     --Melanie Phillips,  Attribution

 I don't believe that's true.
 From all reports I've seen, the Pentagon has been arguing with Rummy and the "civilian military advisores)
 which means millionaire lobbyists, who didn't want to be a part of this madness have resigned. The Pentagon
 was never obsessed with Saddam because he was tightly contained. They were after bin Laden and fumed
 when Rummy called off the hunt in Afghanistan to turn our power on Saddam.

 From: lesbianiwant

 Subject: your crazy man

 I whent to your website and I got the impression you dont like the president verry much.

 Nothing gets past you...

 Just take a moment and think about what you would have done if a major terrorist attack happen
 while you were president. What would you have done if you thought another one was gona happen?

 I would instruct the secret service to get me and my cabinet and Joint Chiefs to secure locations,
 then I'd ask my staff to form a battle plan more pro-active than finish reading the stupid goat book
 Too bad the "president" in unable to think with the brain God gave him.

 I dont always agree with Bush but at least he is honest and dont try to ride both sides of the fence like Jhon Kerry.

 ha ha
 I think you really mean that, and that's ...so sweet,
 but you're dead  f-ing  wrong about the Illegal Monkey and this is life and death so get outta here.

 Like on the Gay marrage issue he knew if he said he was against  it he would
 get alot of people pissed but yet he said he was and same with abortion.

 I confess - I cannot argue with that.
 Are you, perhaps, speaking a Cajun offshoot of English?

 And I'm sure you had no problem taking the incom tax refund he gave us
 all his first year in office in the middle of the summer.

 Again, not sure what you mean, but in Bush's first year he loaned us $600
 but we had to pay it back about eight months later.   Is that the tax cut you mean?

 Why dont you send that money back if Bush is so bad.

 Bush and his gang of thugs have stole trillions, and you want me to send him more?

 I know who all the terrorist people in the U.S.A. are gona vote for and it aint Bush.

 How do you know, "who all the terrorist people in the U.S.A. are gona vote for?"
 Are you a terrorist - is that what you're saying?
 If so, you can probably get weapons from Bush and the BFEE

 If Kerry gets in office im afraid to see what America will be like.
 He would tell us one thing and everyone else something different.

 So, you dislike a two-faced, double-talking sidewinding, piddle-pomper,
 and you like the never-elected Monkey?

 So dont forget to Vote Bush or anyone other then Kerry in 2004 :)
 And unless you have better solutions for the problems in America you
 shouldnt knock the people who try there solutions.

 have a nice day

 I think your letter was sincere, ...and I hope you find your lesbian.

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: Is Rush gay?

 Given Rush's third wife leaving him you hypothesized that the reason for this was Rush is a homosexual.
 I chuckled to myself and thought nothing more of it. Until yesterday....

 This week's Bonus Issue contained a Rush quote stating he is, "your epitome of morality and virtue,
 a man you could totally trust with your wife, your daughter, and even your son in a Motel 6 overnight."

 (I've heard him say that a hundred times, myself.)

 The phrasing seemed, to me, a little odd. I think the fact that Rush added the "even" in front of "your son"
 gives us great insight to Rush's true feelings.

 Example: I HATE coconut candy and I LOVE anything with peanut butter. If you had a bag of candy
 and I wanted you to trust me to watch it without me eating any of it I would say, "Bart, you can totally
 trust me with your candy. I promise I won't touch the cocunut, the caramel, or *even* the peanut butter."

 Knowing I hate coconut, it's a given I won't touch it, right? If I would have said "even the coconut"
 it would seem out of place in this instance, right? So, why would Rush say, "even your son"?
 Shouldn't that be a given if Rush is a heterosexual?

 Just wondering,
 Damon in Motown

 I think St Louis Post Dispatch ran a story by a guy who claims he was Rush's lover in college.
 Of course, the right-winf media won't put that in their echo chamber, and Koresh knows if
 his sheep will forgive him for being a heroin junkie, they'd probably "forgive" his being gay.

 But then there are also the rumors of Slappy, Bob Dornan and the cucumber...

 What if Fahrenheit 9/11 makes, ...like, $20 million  opening weekend?

 Sorry this issue was late.
 I had to drive to Bixby, OK to get some corn.

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