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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Slaughter on the street 
Bush, Kerry the same?
Military Boots 770 Gays
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Clinton Rages at BBC - Not
Pickles Bush - The Killer
Rummy Held 9/11 Jets?
Return of Anti-Semitism
Chappaquiddick  ...or not?


Quote of the Day

"The Americans have lied about everything
   - about helping Iraq. We know now that
  Americans are not people who tell the truth. 
  Tell me, why should Iraqis believe anything 
  the Americans say?" 
    --Jaleel Atwan, fruit market owner in Baghdad,
      speaking for most of the world   Attribution

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Volume 1340 - Sonny on the Causeway

  Tuesday    June 22, 2004


"We need to defend the law, and the law says that homosexuality is incompatible with military service.
  There is no shortage of people in the military, and we do not need people who identify themselves as homosexual."
    --Elaine Donnelly of a conservative advocacy group that opposes gays in the military,   Attribution

 Dear Nazi bitch:
 Do you "need" people who identify themselves as Jews?
 Do you "need" people who identify themselves as black?
 Do you "need" people who identify themselves as Muslim?
 Do you "need" people who identify themselves as racemongering ditto-monkeys?

 Slaughter on the street
  Four more dead so Whistle-Ass can play "war president"


  Click  Here

 This is the latest picture to shock America and pile even greater pressure on George Bush over Iraq.
 Sprawled on the floor with their kit strewn around them, these four US Army soldiers were killed in
 an ambush in the Sunni Muslim city of Ramadi, west of Baghdad.

 They come just two days after Paul Johnson was decapitated in Saudi Arabia by an al Qaeda group
 and after another American hostage, Nicholas Berg, was beheaded in Iraq last month.

 Images of a US civilian worker strung up from a bridge and of physical and sexual abuse of Iraqi
 prisoners at the now notorious Abu Ghraib prison have also haunted the American public conscience. .

 It's like a sick Ground Hog day, but instead of the same, it gets worse every day.
 Are some people really going to vote for four more years of this?

"What? You gonna try to blame this on me?"

  Care to comment?


"We declared war on terror. We declared war on terror-it's not even a noun, so, good luck.
  After we defeat it, I'm sure we'll take on that bastard ennui."
      --Jon Stewart, giving a commencement address,http://www.stupidgit.com/politics/index.htm

 Bush-Kerry: Meaning the Same Thing?
    by Sam Perry of  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 It has become a staple of the national press corps' "conventional wisdom" that George W. Bush
 and John Kerry really aren't very different on many issues, if one looks past the rhetorical tone to
 their actual policies. But this supposedly tough-minded analysis may be just one more example of
 the news media's sophomoric political thinking.


 Military Boots 770 Gays From Its Ranks

  Click  Here

"Even with concerns growing about military troop strength, 770 people were discharged for
 homosexuality last year under the military's 'don't ask, don't tell' policy, a new study shows...
 Hundreds of those discharged held high-level job specialties that required years of training and
 expertise, including 90 nuclear power engineers, 150 rocket and missile specialists and 49 nuclear,
 chemical, and biological warfare specialists. Eighty-eight linguists were discharged, including at
 least seven Arab language specialists."

"Don't need no queers in my he-man army..."

 Subject: Frog-blasting?

 Hey Bart,
 Did I miss something?

 I have not heard about frog-blasting
 Would you please tell us about it.

 Thank you,

 Frank, sure, but it's not pretty
 All this is true, swear to Koresh, take it to the bank.

 W's childhood friends have told stories that in the hot summer days of West Texas,
 things got boring and boys will be boys but around 4th of July, Little Georgie and his
 Hitler Youth buddies had this game they'd play woth frogs in the creek out back.

 What they did was catch a frog, then stuff a firecracker up his butt, then they'd light it.
 When the fuse got close they'd throw the frog into the air and Boom!...a crimson cloud appears.
 I think the Murdering Monster has a brain defect that makes him think of Iraqis as frogs.

 I don't think anyone will deny that this story is true (maybe not the Hitler Youth,)
 it's as least as documeted as that giant cyst on Pigboy's butt, Laura the Unloved's vagi-pics,
 Bill Bennett's gambling problem and the devotion and loyalty the Bush Family has with the Moonies.

 Dare to comment?


"I spent several years in a North Vietnamese prison camp, in the dark, fed with scraps.
  Do you think I want to do that all over again as vice president of the United States?"
       --Sen. John McCain,    Attribution

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Marty's Entertainment Page

 Kofi Annan Sees 'Alarming Resurgence' of Anti-Semitism

  Click  Here

"When we seek justice for the Palestinians -- as we must-- let us firmly disavow anyone who tries to
  use that cause to incite hatred against Jews, in Israel or elsewhere," Annan told the gathering, which
 included a wide spectrum of American Jewish groups and representatives of other religions.

 Annan said it was hard to believe that 60 years after the Holocaust that anti-Semitism was rearing its head.

"But it is clear that we are witnessing an alarming resurgence of this phenomenon in new forms and manifestations,"
 he said. "This time the world must not, cannot be silent.


"I'm reminded of the true story of my parents' worst argument. The toilet broke,
  and there was water going everywhere. My mother sent my father to the hardware store.
  He came back with a new lawnmower. That's really what's happened to us in this country.
  We were chasing bin Laden, and they gave it up."
     -- Carol Moseley Braun,   Attribution

 When the Rain Comes

 It rained cats and dogs in K-Drag yesterday.

 Getting past the small talk, ...the USA Today in my driveway was wetter than Ann Coulter
 watching her Slo-Mo TIVO of Numbnuts strutting his Godly manliness on the USS Lincoln.

 So I stopped by the 7-11 and ran into ...a very familiar face.
 I knew it was him right away - I'm great with faces.

 Instinctively, I gave him the Hard Rock Island Handshake, but he pulled away.
 Turns out I knew him from the car lot :)

 He asked if I was still a screwed-up, dumbshit liberal weenie.

 I asked him how business was.

 ha ha

 Chappaquiddick and Pickles Bush!!!
  Wanna talk old car crashes or let the subject go?

 How do we end up losing every argument when we're always ahead?

 The Nazi right wants to make Demo-Con 2004 all about Chappaquiddick.
 Of course, the Democrats quake and beg the GOP, "Please don't hurt us!"

 We could make Nazi-Con 2004 about the alledged murderess, Pickles Bush.


 Is that the remains of the car Pickles was driving when she killed her first fiance?
 What was Pickle's relationship to her fiance's father?
 Are we sure Pickles is totally straight - after all, she's a "Baby-killer."

 Did you know Pickles Bush spelled sdrawkcab is Scott Peterson?

 So here's the deal:
 From now until the election, anytime you hear the word "Chappaquiddick,"
 whoever said that needs to be directed to  http://www.bartcop.com/pickles-killer.htm

 They want to fight dirty?
 I say "Bring 'em on."

Some people can't read, like the Monkey president.
But if you can read, you'll find the right books here
and it's all just a click away.

 Race Issue Surfaces in Kobe Bryant Rape Case
  Team Kobe wants to know jury's feelings on interracial "dating"

  Click  Here

 Ben Affleck wins $356K in L.A. Poker Tourney
  Unlucky in love, lucky at the Poker table

  Click  Here

 Reagan dime idea dead, odds better for $10 bill
  Fine, put Clinton on the 20 and you have a deal

  Click  Here

 P&G: Floating Ivory soap not an accident
  All these years we thought it was magic

  Click  Here

 AAR Ads Housekeeping

 This is very important  -  thousands of dollars are at stake
 and we won't get a "do over,"  so let's be sure we're clear up-front.

 Click  Here   for the extra-important, time-is-now update.

 I owe the subscribers an apology.

 Each time I upload a new radio show, I've been sending out this newsletter notifying
 the subscribers that the new issue is up, and thanking them for keeping the page going
 and the radio show pumping, but now I find out the newsletter hasn't worked since Show 38.
 No wonder I wasn't getting any feedback.

 So many of you haven't seen a "Thank You" in a month or so, and I feel bad about that.
 We're working on some kid of list thing that may help me notify you when things happen.

 ...but I want you to know I do appreciate your donations.

 Subject: Oklahoma OK

 Hi Bart:

 I thought you might like to know that you have shattered a myth for me.
 I never thought of Oklahoma as a bastion of liberal thought. I live in the NYC area,
 and I apologize for assuming that the Midwest is just one long strip of Bush country.

 It's nice to know that free thought prospers in the heartland.


 Nancy D
 Rockaway, Rockaway

 Nancy, actually you're right.
 I have an IQ of 64 and I'm just about the smartest person in Oklahoma.

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"People give Clinton credit for the economy, but what happened in the White House
  was so morally reprehensible that people hold his personal behavior against him."
       --Robert Shapiro, a political science professor at Columbia University  Attribution

 I hate it when people lie to themselves.   I remember when Queen Bitch (Is Dr. Laura still in radio?)
 was screaming,  "What good is a great economy if the president is having sex?" I suggested
 that anyone who agreed with her should quit their jobs the very next day - but that didn't happen.

 If you had your choice between being out of work and having a eunuch president OR
 a great job and a president who had an eye for the ladies, which would you prefer?

 Republicans lie to themselves and say, "I'd rather have the eunuch and no job."

 Subject: BCR Show 43

 Hey, Bart!
 Great show, that 43.
 Loved the pig noises, (when Rush speaks) your drug over-dose story and the rants.
 I particularly liked that you mentioned Schenectady and Troy.

 As for your singing, don't quit your day job for that one.

 Mickelson wins over golf fans

  Click  Here

 From the first hole on, when the crowd on one side of the fairway chanted ``Let's go, Phil''
 only to be joined by fans on the other side, they begged for him to win.

``Everybody's with you, Phil. Everybody's with you, baby,'' one shouted.
``He's a great guy. He really is,'' another said.

 Tiger Woods got cheers like this when he was winning major after major, but not for the same reasons.
 Woods rarely signs autographs and almost never interacts with anyone in the crowd,

 Mr. Perfect is too important to give back to the fans.
 Mr. Perfect doesn't have time to mess with the little people.
 Mr. Perfect has hundreds of millions of dollars, he doesn't need to bother.

 Now, nobody wants his autograph.
 I watched golf Sunday, preparing some great live audio for BCR Show 44
 but they cut away from Eldrick to show what the winners were doing - ha ha.

 Poor Eldrick, it's gotta be killing him to hear those cheers for Mickelson,
 knowing he was once the guy they were cheering for.

 I got this e-mail:

 Michael Delgorno was one of the ringleaders who put together the so-called "patriot" rally
 here in Tulsa a couple of weeks ago.  It was really a rah-rah rally for the Republicans to
 support Bush because not a single Democrat was asked to speak.

 About 6,000 people attended, and Delgorno said in the pre-event publicity said that this was
 a war between Christians and Muslims, that Muslims were the enemy.  He is not only a very
 dumb man and a bigot, he is irresponsible.  Please read this and take action.  We need him off the air.
 Barbara Santee

  Click  Here  to listen to Ol' Bart deflate this gasbag via fax in 1998

 Are you familiar with AM 1170 KFAQ in Tulsa?

 More specifically---are you offended by morning show host Michael Delgorno and his right-wing reign of terror?

  Don't get mad. Get even.

 Here's how: KFAQ is owned by Milwaukee-based Journal Broadcast Group. Michael's already managed to
 offend many key advertisers and most city, county, and state officials, as well as many listeners.
 Suppose those listeners were heard from?   Might that force Michael's keepers to take action?


 E-mail Doug Kiel, CEO   and   Carl Gardner, President, Radio Division
 Journal Broadcast Group in Milwaukee, WI    (414) 332-9611


 The Michael Delgorno morning show on 1170 AM KFAQ in Tulsa

 Tell them Nazi Radio must stop!

 Today's issue got a little big, so we have a 

  Click  Here

 Bush's credibility gap widens ...
    by Helen Thomas

  Click  Here

"Bush is clinging to a rapidly shrinking fig leaf, loudly repeating his contention about Saddam and al-Qaida
 as if mere repetition were proof. It's an old propaganda adage: Repeat it enough and they'll believe it. In the
 latest chapter in the administration's constantly shifting rationale for war, McClellan, speaking for the White
 House Thursday, said Saddam had the "intention" of attacking the United States and it would be foolhardy
 to wait for that to happen.

 The facts that are tumbling out should arouse public anger about the flaky basis for the U.S. invasion.
 However, few Americans appear willing to challenge the administration while U.S. troops are still in harm's
 way in Iraq. One has to wonder what it takes for Americans to demand an accounting from the president
 when faced with the fact that they were deluded into going to war."

 Subject: donation

 Keep the Hammer high!

 That $25 would have gone to the Catholic Church; however,
 after their comments about denying Kerry communion I am disgusted!

 Another fallen-away Catholic

 TJB, thanks for that.
 I wish the Catholics could earn back your respect and pass the "No more rapes," resolution,
 buy they have their unaddressed moral imperatives  ... these sexually frustrated human beings.

 These poor bastards - they're convinced GOD gave them these feelings.
 What if priests think, "Some men love women, some men love men, some men love boys."

 If you "heard the calling" of Jesus Christ, AND you feel some "calling" for some young boys,
 could they not extrapolate that "everybody's wired different," and the gene that called them to religion
 could be the gene that made them like young boys?

 They try to pretend, "Every group has bad apples," but have you evere heard of 20 plumbers
 or 20 bricklayers in one town being investigated in a child sex crackdown?

 Why do bishops refuse to go with zero tolerance?

Up to twenty views per penny.
Nobody  gives you a better deal that that.


Show 43 Sample 

 In this snippet, I'm reading a letter from Ed Gillespie,
 top fascist at the Republican National Committee.

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 Chicago Pokerfest is mostly sold out


  Here is a list of people who are officially "in" Pokerfest Chicago.
 If your name's not on the list, you're not in yet.

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 Subject: Your vote to ban the photos of GI coffins


 below is the email I sent to Senators Miller, Breux, Biden, Bayh, Levin, Lincoln, Nelson, Pryor.

 Those are the 7 Democratic senators that joined the Repubs on voting for the Ban on Photos of GI Coffins.
 Can you freakin believe it?  2 republicans, Snowe and McCain actually voted against the ban,
 but the measure lost, thanks to our wonderful Democrtas!




 I am saddened to learn that you were one of the Democratic Senators who voted to continue the Ban on Photos
 of coffins of dead GIs.  I can't begin to see your reasoning for this, your rationale why this is a good thing.

 Putting aside problems with reasons as to why this war was started, what we, the American people were and
 were not told, these men did their duty, and it's our duty to show them respect and honor them in their death.
 Sneaking them into the country in the middle of the night, without anyone noticing, is NOT honoring them!

 I was forced to see the casket of a former President paraded around the country for a week straight,
 and our current President found time to honor him.  Why can't we do just a little then to honor kids
 who lost their life in this war?

 Thank you,
 Alex M

 Anyone who votes the same as Zell Miller should leave the party.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

845  no, .... 848 dead American soldiers.

Damn, five in one day?

Drip, drip, drip - the lives go down the drain - all for Bush's illegal war.

Soon it will be 900, and then 1000.


 VCR Alert

 Clinton on Air America Radio's O'Franken Factor Thursday,
 Clinton on Larry King's Wives Thursday

"Dat's right! Clinton takes
  your calls for a full hour."

 Subject: the myth of the liberal media

 Dear Sir:

 I asked my wife who is 100% Colombian down to the bone, why she only likes to watch spanish language
 news media and her response was that the American news media is totally brain-dead, it is still stuck on
 President Bill Clinton, and Monica and her cigar. She said, in the 15 years we have been living together,
 she has not seen any difference in the reporting of news between any of the American televised news networks.

 They all repeat the same content over and over and over, again and again, time after time.
 It's like autogenic conditioning. It's truly frightening.

 Thanks for the enlightening and the breath of fresh air.

 Joe T

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.

 U.S. Manages Iraqi Oil Money Sloppily - UN Watchdog
  This is "make nice" talk for "Bush is stealing $100M a day"

  Click  Here

 The U.S. is sloppily managing billions of dollars of Iraqi oil money and moving at a glacial pace
 to guard against corruption, an international watchdog agency charged on Tuesday.

 The Coalition Provisional Authority has yet to award contracts for equipment to meter Iraq's
 oil production, leaving a door open to smuggling, despite earlier saying it had awarded the contracts,
 the International Advisory and Monitoring Board said.

 The U.S.-led administration also has delayed completing audits of the State Oil Marketing Organization,
 the state-owned firm that markets Iraqi oil, the U.N.-mandated agency said.

 In addition, authorities in Baghdad have put off for three months a request by the board that it turn over
 U.S. audits of sole-source contracts funded with Iraqi oil money and awarded to Halliburton last year
 without competitive bidding, the watchdog agency said. .

 Oh please - the BFEE is stealing every barrel they can pump.
 "Sloppy auditing" and "stealing the country blind" aren't the same.

 What if Fahrenheit 9/11 makes, ...like, $20 million  opening weekend?

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