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The Monkey Speaks Tonight
'Must See' 60 Minutes
Mary Cheney a 'hedonist?'
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Kobe Confesses to Rape
Bush caught cheating again 
The Flip-Flopper-In-Chief
The Ebert and McCain show
Spy probe and Israel ties 


Quote of the Day

"I am a Democrat because 
  we are the party of hope." 
    --Zell Miller, who left us for the Party of Fear, 


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Volume 1392 - Zellout 

 Thursday    September 2, 2004                                                                                                                   Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"Even though only a third of the country defines itself as "Republican,"
  they control the White House, Congress, Supreme Court and most state governments.
  Republicans are in charge because you never back down. Your people are up before dawn
  figuring out which minority group shouldn't be allowed to marry today.
  Our side is full of wimps who'd rather compromise than fight.  Not you guys.
   -- Michael Moore in USAToday,  Attribution

 Have you ever seen truer words than those?
 Democrats just aren't interested in fighting for what they believe.

 How did I get in a party of spineless, we-love-losing wimps?
 What will it take to change our party?

 The Monkey Speaks Tonight
  Between Iraq & the economy, I deserve four more years

  Click  Here

 The prime-time televised address by Bush, who arrived in New York last night,
 will propel the president into the final two months of a neck-and-neck race for
 another four years in the White House against the more qualified John Kerry.

 Recent polls show Bush gaining ground on Kerry, and some show him moving
 into a small lead. They also show him building his advantage over Kerry in areas
 that have moved to the top of the campaign agenda, such as national security.

 The speech will provide Bush a stage to tout his first-term failures, lay out ideas
 for another four years and draw some sharp differences with Kerry, his better.

 Rumor has it Bush "won" by 537 votes in 2000.
 If every family that lost a soldier voted against Bush, Kerry would win.

"I did everything right - the bad stuff is Clinton's fault."


 Hollywood Liberal is out of jail

 The last we heard from him in print was:

 Ok I'll report back tomorrow with all the civil disobedience action
 that is planned for today. Hopefully I dont get arrested



"My job tonight is an easy one: to present to you one of this nation's
  authentic heroes,  one of this party's best-known and
 greatest leaders  and a good friend. John has worked
  to strengthen our military,  reform public education,
  boost the economy and protect the environment.
       -- Zell Miller, January 03, praising Kerry, his hero, before he took their money    Attribution

 Ben Barnes to break silence on "60 Minutes"

  Click  Here

 The campaign battle over Vietnam War records is still raging, but Bush may soon be the one
 answering uncomfortable questions about his past service. Ben Barnes, the former lieutenant
 governor of Texas, will finally break his silence and talk to the press about what role he played
 in helping Bush get a coveted slot in the Texas Air National Guard in 1968. Sources say Barnes
 has already sat down for a "60 Minutes" interview that will air next week. A "60 Minutes"
 spokesperson declined to comment, saying the program does not discuss reports that are in progress.

"This guy is a sleep Al Qaeda cell..."


 Subject: Why do you act this way Bart?

  Click  Here



"The essence of Christianity is told us in the Garden of Eden history. The fruit that was
  forbidden was on the tree of KNOWLEDGE. The subtext is, All the suffering you have
  is because you wanted to find out what was going on. You could be in the Garden of Eden
  if you had just keep your fucking mouth shut and hadn't asked any questions."
      --The Great Frank Zappa,   Attribution

 NaziCon2004 Bonus Radio

  Dick Cheney called last night.
  He didn't talk long (and boy, does he have a dirty mouth)
  so I put together a mini-show, BCR Show 53, to go with it.
  Check the bottom of the page for the link.
  Click  Here  to listen to my phone call from Governor Musclehead

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"Time after time in our history, in the face of great danger, Democrats and Republicans
  worked together to ensure that freedom would not falter. But not today. Motivated more
  by partisan politics than by national security, today's Democratic leaders see America
  as an occupier, not a liberator."
     --Zell Miller, foaming at the mouth, at NaziCon2004,   Attribution

          Thanks for liberating us, Zell

 Subject: DNC e-mail


 I get daily emails from the DNC & Mary Beth Cahill, which I usually just delete
 (I read your site daily, plus a few others, so I keep informed).  I took today's email
 as an opportunity to respond back to Mary Beth and the DNC, with the following email (attached).

 Mary Beth,

 I have to tell you that I am not happy with seeing pictures of John Kerry windsurfing while these attacks
 by Republicans (and the Democrat Zell Miller!!!) are taking place.  It's starting to look reminiscent of 2000.
 This is not a "polite" election -- the future of our country is at stake.  I think John Kerry should forgo the
 vacations until AFTER the election.  Or else he had better get some attack dogs of his own (Howard Dean,
 Michael Moore, Wesley Clark, somebody who's not afraid to fight back PLEASE!).

 I think you guys are presenting a weak campaign against probably the most evil team ever in power.
 It's time to take of the gloves.  This is not a tea party --- you are letting us Democratic voters down by not
 fighting back forcefully, decisively, and immediately.  If John Kerry doesn't want to fight, HARD, then he shouldn't
 have sought the democratic nomination in the first place.  Democrats don't need ANOTHER lukewarm candidate.

 Lisa B.

 Lisa, a shot of Chinaco for you.
 You never know, your letter might hit her desk at just the right time.
 Too bad we don't have the power to flood Cahill with thousands of messages like yours.

 Deion's back, and he's ready to win
  An old man at 37, can he keep up with the faster kids?

  Click  Here

 Sanders will begin his career with the Ravens as a nickel back. If he shows that his body
 can stand the rigors of the NFL, he could spend some time at his familiar cornerback position
 and, as he hinted Wednesday, might even play a little offense.

 "I'm willing to do what I can to help this team win, whatever that entails," said Sanders, who
 flashed his trademark smile on several occasions but was decidedly less flamboyant than many
 have come to expect from a man who wore a gaudy burgundy suit at his introduction with the Redskins.



 Subject: BCR Show 51

 Hi Bart,

 Just got my cd burner, first thing I burned was BCR 51 which I listened to in the car.
 Great stuff, makes my day instead of the "wight wing wadio whores"



Veteran reporter and news analyst John Stanton's predictions for
a possible second term of George W. Bush are "not only shocking,
but substantiated by the facts on the ground.  The future described here
is not only imminent; it may be a fait accompli. Both stimulating and irritating,
this collection of essays paints a picture of a people, a country that lives
on myth and illusion and is at war with itself and the rest of the world.
Stanton explains how Bush has adroitly fused state, religious
(faith-based government) and business interests into one
indistinguishable tyrannical mass and his explanation of how
this has been accomplished is eye-opening."

 Dueling Quotes

"Twenty years of votes can tell you much more about a man than twenty weeks
  of campaign rhetoric. Campaign talk tells people who you want them to think you are.
  How you vote tells people who you really are deep inside."
     --Zell Miller, criticizing Kerry's voting record at NaziCon2004  Attribution

"John Kerry has fought against government waste and worked hard to bring some
  accountability to Washington He fought for balanced budgets before it was considered
  politically correct for Democrats to do so. John has worked to strengthen our military,
  reform public education, boost the economy and protect the environment."
    --Zell Miller, praising Kerry's voting record in a 2001 speech,   Attribution

 Why did Zell Miller turn whore?
 For the same reasons most whore do - for the money.

 He's got a book out that screams insult at Democrats.
 If he was just another Rethug screaming at the left, the book wouldn't do very well.
 But a Democrat fellating Bush and spewing hate at Democrats sells lots of books.

 Subject: is the nation drunk?

 Is the nation drunk?  Well, not in Oklahoma.

 My former neighbor and friend {omitted} sold her house here a few months ago,
 and moved to Tulsa to be close to her daughter and grand-daughter. She sold here
 for over 400K and bought a brand-new house in Tulsa for 189K.  She has had
 trouble with her neighbors and handimen ever since she moved there.  She is a liberal
 who marched against the war in Vietnam even while her husband was serving at the Pentagon.
 Now this.

 She has commited several no-way-you-don't, but she did.  She built an outdoor patio, she is
 fencing her property with a solid wood  fence.  Initial offenses.  Her brick layer, upon hearing
 that she listens to CNN, looked at her and said he would pray for her.   Lately, things got worse.
 She put a Kerry/Edwards sticker on her car, and stuck same into her front lawn.  Some neighbors
 came to her complaining she will drive down their property value.  The Catholic church she joined
 produced some members who protested she should not be allowed to take communion because
 of the sticker on her car.  Abortion is the issue.

 Finally, the priest approached and told her it's alright with the sticker, as long as she doesn't vote
 for Kerry.  Recently, the builder confided to her that she bought her house in the most conservative
 part of Tulsa.  The woman got  herself into deep trouble.

 These folks are not drunk, they are insane, no, worse.
 They have no brain.

 sent by Donna W.

 Yep, that's Oklahoma.


  Click  Here

 September 2, 1944

 George H.W. Bush loses his second plane. According to the citation for his Distinguished Flying Cross,
 after receiving a hit from Japanese flak, his plane on fire, he pressed home the attack, bravely delivering the
 bombs to the target and coaxed the crippled bird out to sea where he and his crew could bail out safely.
 Bush bailed out and was fished out of the Pacific Ocean by the crew of the USS Finback. He was later
 informed that his crew did not survive.

 Editor's Note: It's just a good thing that GHW Bush was a Republican and Karl Rove wasn't around then,
 otherwise it would have been reported that his plane was never hit by flak, never on fire, and he panicked,
 abandoning his crew to their fate as he bailed out of the plane.

 Alan Keyes calls Mary Cheney a 'selfish hedonist'

  Click  Here

 Republican Alan Keyes has labeled homosexuality "selfish hedonism" and said Cheney's
 lesbian daughter, Mary, is a sinner. Keyes made the comments Monday night in an interview
 with a radio station aimed at gays and lesbians. After saying homosexuality is "selfish hedonism,"
 Keyes was asked if that makes Mary Cheney "a selfish hedonist." "Of course she is," Keyes replied.
 "That goes by definition."

 The GOP is trapped in their own hate - again.
 At least Keyes had the balls to state what the GOP believes.

 It's like calling pro-choicers "baby killers," the honest Republicans (I guess that's only Keyes)
 have to admit Bush is the son of two baby killers and he married a baby killer and his two kids
 are baby killers - but only Keyes is honest enough to state the facts.

 I heard this whackjob on MSGOP saying that "when two lesbians rub their organs together,"
 it's a sin because there's no chance of reproduction.   Sounds like Keyes isn't getting any.

 Bryant case dismissed with accuser unable to go forward

  Click  Here

"Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she
 did not and does not view this incident the same way I did," Bryant said. "I now understand
 how she feels that she did not consent to this encounter."

 Damn, that looks like a confession to me.
 Kobe, you rat bastard - you raped that woman.

 Since that's the way you feel, why bother with a civil trial?
 Just write her a check for $40M and spare her having to testify.

 Subject: your website


 Steven P

 Subject: Kerry is running a terrible campaign

 Kerry is running a terrible campaign:

 Repubs define *ALL* the talking points.because Dems refuse to hurl the accusations grounded in VOLUMES of facts....

 NO mention of AWOL bush
 NO mention of CIA outing FEDERAL CRIME...
 NO mention of the August 6 PDB
 NO mention that ASHCROFT was WARNED "terror threat assessment"
 NO mention of the Anthrax attacks directed against Democrats
 NO mention of Iraq WMD lies
 NO mention of Cheney's CONNECTIONS to Saddam
 NO mention of Rumsfeld's WET KISS to saddam re Poison gas attacks on Civilians 1987
 NO mention of John Negroponte's connections to Death Squads - past & present
 NO mention of Rumsfeld's connection to Abu Ghraib TORTURE
   (well, kerry HAS "mentioned" his call for Rumsfeld's resignation... but he ALLOWS the media to IGNORE him here...)
 NO mention of the GI's on trial for Abu Ghraib, LEFT TO TWIST IN WIND by kerry & co...
 NO mention of US GI's in Iraq with NO body armor, NO Humvee armor, so bush can give TAX CUTS to BILLIONAIRES
 NO mention of the 2000 STOLEN ELECTION
 NO mention of festering Diebold/ES&S/Sequoia massive e-vote FRAUD
 NO mention of DISENFRANCHISED minorities
 NO mention of Enron Extortion of California rate-payers
 NO mention of bush connections to Enron/Ken Lay    (Kerry prefers to let Martha Stewart TWIST in THE WIND)
 NO mention of Mercury and arsenic in water
 NO mention of Snowmobiles in Yellowstone

     oh, and the Great- Grandaddy of them all:

 BOTH  Rumsfeld and Cheney APPROVED of the TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER to Saddam of WMD-precursor technologies...
 including anthrax spores and access to nuclear physics data libraries.

 Having been bombarded with "Clinton-China-Satellite-Spy" 'scandal' for half-a-dozen years, IT SURE WOULD BE NICE
 IF SOMEONE **MENTIONED** cheney's love-fest with Saddam!


 Kerry seems content to make Vietnam the centerpiece of this race and that's a fight (unbelievably) he's already lost.
 Kerry could win this fight if he fought, but so far, he has decided not to.

 That makes me sick.

 If we lose this race, our first move should be to get a different state than Iowa for the first primary.
 Iowa took Dean out of the picture and elevated Kerry who seems to not want the job.

 (If you don't like reading that,
      instead of screaming names at me,
           send me a list of things Kerry is doing right.)


 Subject: article in Billings, MT newspaper

 Good morning Bartcop,

 It looks like the Swift Boat Vets for Truth have been caught lying again.
 The headline article from the 9/01/04 Billings Gazette reads, "Columbus swift boat vet angry over letter".

 It seems that this Columbus, MT. vet's name was on the letter used to try to discredit John Kerry.
 Only problem, he never OK'd it, nor did he know anything about it.
 How many more of these names are bogus?
 I think it's time these fools changed their name to Liars for Bush.
 The entire article can be found at http:www.billingsgazette.com

 Keep the hammer swinging,
 Mike in Montana

 Mike, I shoulda seen this a long time ago...
 Politics is just another game of poker.

 Kerry has aces, Bush has a 2 and a 3.
 Bush's team has no hand but they keep winning by bluffing.
 All we need is a Democrat to call them on it.

 Abandon all hope, ye who enter here
  Phish plays its final concert in the ninth circle of hell
    by Palm Beach Pokerfester Dan Sweeney


  Click  Here

 The literally tens of people who regularly read my column likely noticed, with much wailing
 and gnashing of teeth, that it was strangely absent two weeks ago. The simple explanation is
 that I was on a working vacation, traveling to Vermont to catch famed jam band Phish play
 its final concert. The more complex explanation will take up the rest of this column.

 Subject: Comments

 As for Kerry, settle down, he's a good closer.
 Remember back before Iowa when he was losing to Dean and getting outraised 5 to 1?
 He bet his house that he'd win.  He sealed the deal.
 Hell, he's even (at worst) with Bush now and he hasn't even started campaigning.
 There are two months before the election.
 He's doing a rope-a-dope and will come out punching hard in the 7th round.
 Believe it or not, the Democrats have a few people smarter than you or I on this.

 Tim H

 Tim, I understand, but Dean wasn't a play-dirty, savage bastard who would kill for the job.
 As far as the smart Democrats, if you take away Clinton, FDR was the last guy to win twice.

 ...but let's hope you're right.

 Bush: Flip-Flopper-In-Chief
  If Kerry would fight back, more people would know

  Click  Here

 Osama Bin Laden
"I want justice. And there's an old poster out West, I recall, that says,
 'Wanted: Dead or Alive.'" [09/17/01]

"I don't know where he is.You know, I just don't spend that much time on him...
 I truly am not that concerned about him."[3/13/02]



  Florida Calls for Hurricane Evacuations
   Let's hope the weather dudes do a better job this time

  Click  Here

  Fatty Acid in Fish May Arrest Alzheimer's
   This could be a trick to slow stem cell research

  Click  Here

 Bengal tiger spotted on Louisiana Army base
  Witnesses say the animal is wearing a collar

  Click  Here

 Republican ketchup
 They just can't eat that awful Heinz ketchup

  Click  Here

 Subject: democrat strategy


 I'm getting mighty tired of our Democratic candidates being gutless.
 Bush and the gang smear Kerry and what happens?
 Nada.  No reply.
 Lies are told in the Bush ads, and still, no reply.

 I've had to search for the truth behind Kerry's votes on the 87 billion bucks
 because he seems to be unable to respond himself.

 Do we need Gov. Dean to give Kerry a lesson in how to be a man and fight back?
 How does it look to Joe and Betty Undecided when there is no strong reply to the lies of the Swift Boat Idiots?
 I'll tell you how it looks.  It makes Kerry look timid and unsure, just the qualities we don't want in a President.

 Will someone in charge please grow some balls and fight back?

 Larry in Iowa


  Worth a repeat
 Bush photographed wearing Air Force award he never earned


  Click  Here

 The above photograph had to have been taken some time between his qualifying as a pilot,
 since he is wearing his pilots' wings, on November 26, 1969 and his promotion to First Lieutenant
 on November 7, 1970, since he is listed as a Second Lieutenant.

 Bush earned his pilots' wings on Nov. 29, 1969, according to his White House military biography.

 American media, having focused for more than three weeks on Swift Boat lies, has yet to report the story.
 It has, however, appeared in the The Telegraph, which carried a brief piece on the charges Aug. 29.
 Walt Starr, a researcher, first reported the story in Democratic Underground, on Aug. 23.

 Punishment for wearing an award one hasn't earned is punishable by bad-conduct discharge, forfeiture
 of all pay and allowances, and/or confinement for 6 months under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

 Subject: Zell Miller


 I keep hearing from idiots like Zell Miller that John Kerry voted against
 appropriating the money needed to give our troops the armor they need in Iraq.

 Why didn't they have that armor BEFORE they went into harm's way?

 Durant, Oklahoma

 Good point - too bad the Kerry camp doesn't point that out.

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 The Ebert and McCain show
   by Michael Moore

  Click  Here

 I felt really bad for McCain standing there on the stage. The man wanted to be president.
 That dream was snuffed out during the 2000 primaries, when Bush's supporters spread nasty
 rumors about what five and a half years in a POW camp might have done to McCain's sanity.

 Then there were the calls to potential white voters in South Carolina to inform them that McCain
 had a "black baby." (He and his wife adopted a child from Bangladesh.) The Bush supporters also
 spread other rumors that questioned McCain's patriotism, even though the man was a decorated
 war hero while W. chose to oh, let's not get into that again.

 Still, McCain has offered to soldier on for Bush.


 Subject: Cup o' confidence


 Let me add my encouragement to Daniel's and Randi's.  I haven't had a chance to listen to Randi lately,
 but I have been reading a lot of Steve Gilliard.  Steve has written several anyalyses of the campaign which
 make a logical, compelling, case that Kerry is laying low and setting a trap for Bush.  One point Steve makes
 is that the SwiftBoat BuddyFuckers for Bu$h have been COMPLETELY discredited, and the ads are now
 routinely referred to as being connected to the Bu$h campaign.

 Dude, only the smart people know that.
 The other 95 percent see the ads and wonder if they're true.

 The ads may have damaged Kerry, but they will not have legs, and will fade away.
 If Steve is right, the trap will spring fairly soon after NaziCon'04 (aka, Nuremberg on the Hudson), within the
 next week or two.  There are some potentially devastating beatdowns on the Giggling Murderer available.

 That's the understatement of the year, but will Kerry choose to use them?

 Whatever you may think of Kerry's strategy, he's got balls.
 If he decides to pick up the barstool, and I think he will, C+ Agustus is going to be one fucked monkey.

 Kerry was declared dead during the primaries, and fooled the predictions.  I'm willing to give it a little more time.
 The next two weeks will tell all, I think.  Gilliard has called almost every turn of events in Iraq, well before they happened.
 Let's hope he's right again.


 Dittoes* to "Let's hope he's right again."

 Spy probe scans neo-cons' Israel ties
  Look, the Asian Times stole our WWN graphic


  Click  Here

 The FBI has been intensively reviewing a series of past counter-intelligence probes that
 were started against several high-profile neo-cons, but which were never followed up with
 prosecutions, to the great frustration of counter-intelligence officers, in some cases.

 Some of these past investigations involve top current officials, including Paul Wolfowitz;
 Douglas Feith, and Richard Perle, who resigned as Defense Policy Board (DPB) chairman last year.

 Subject: Kerry vacationing

 Dear Bart:

 I have to disagree with your assertion that Kerry looks "super-stupid" and "VERY unpresidential" wind surfing.

 I think he looks very fit, and apparently he's good at it.
 Wind surfing certainly must be harder to do than keeping your balance on a mountain bike (and we all know that W can't do even that.)


 Julia, I am a poor communicator.
 I didn't mean to suggest Kerry wasn't a good windsurfer.
 What I meant was America is looking for a President, not a surfer.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 My Experience at the Republican Convention

  Click  Here

 I'll give them this much, though: Republican women are *VERY* well put-together. Every single one of them
 looked they were fresh out of the beauty salon. Perfect makeup, stylish and freshly-cut hair, smart professional outfits.
 I have to admit, it was kinda hot being surrounded by attractive, well-dressed women of every age, shape and size.
 I was considering getting a "W: Four More Years" pin and trying to hook up, when I saw I was headed toward the Garden.
 Did I have a shot at getting in? Did I have the guts to enter the belly of the beast? They were checking IDs very closely,
 and I didn't have any credentials. Everyone was wearing their ID cards around their necks, in plain sight. I didn't have any,
 so I got out of line and walked away. A cop finally noticed I wasn't wearing a pass, so he asked me how I got back here.
 I played dumb and said, "Got back where? I'm just trying to cross the street here!" A couple more cops surrounded me,
 then escorted me back to the security barriers.

 Subject: Letter to John Kerry

  Full Letter

 How has your vacation been? We saw you windsurfing in Nantucket. Fabulous.
 We wish you were here. Let me tell you what's happened since you were away.

 Many hands are wringing in Democratic circles. Panic is setting in. You've slipped in the polls.
 You lost the "bounce." Momentum has shifted to George Bush, and many are saying it looks like another four years.
 You, Senator Kerry, are on track to lose.

 I didn't want to be the one to tell you this, but someone needed to light a little fire under your ass.
 ...you need to feel the heat. Our nation depends on it. It depends on you.

  is different.

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Bonus - mention BCR Show 35 - the Bush Beatdown and get it FREE!

Could the lesson be ...nice guys finish last?

 Put a fork in Monsieur Kerry. He's done
  I believe men call those "fighting words"

  Click  Here

 Here it is two months before the election and there's not much to look forward to.  That's because
 Kerry's campaign is collapsing faster than the Cubs do every year.  Absent a colossal Bush blunder,
 it's all over except for the finger pointing.

 The controversy generated by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has had significant impact.
 Questions about Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia, and whether one of his Purple Heart wounds
 was self-inflicted didn't boost his electability.

 Look back, however, and we can see how Frere Jacques' rendezvous with failure has been developing.
 There have been and continue to be signs of the imminent disaster.

 For starters, he had the backing of people like Michael Moore and Whoopi Goldberg.

 These false words were written by a whore.
 He goes by, ...Master Bates, some call him 'Mike.'

 He says Kerry can't win this.
 His message is Kerry's not up to the job.
 He wants you to think Kerry wants to be "sensitive" with bin Laden, while at the same time
 smearing him as a mad dog killer to every running Vietnamese child in a loin cloth.

 Don't believe whores who are paid to voice their rich, fat, white bosses who hate blacks and gays.
 Their intent is to deceive you.

 Kerry could easily win this.
 All he needs is some motivation ...and more plain talkers at his side.
 Kerry's in a band with no Toby Ziegler and no Josh Lymon. (Did Lincoln write his own speeches?)

 America is being asked to gamble on John Kerry.
 We have Bush - should we gamble on Kerry?
 If you're in a cab with Jack the Ripper, should you gamble on a different cab?

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 966, 971, 973, 976, 978  dead American soldiers.

Forgive me for counting Bush's victims.

"I know what I'm doing when it comes to winning this war."
 --The Butcher of Baghdad,      Attribution


 Subject: Kerry - fire an advisor

 Be mean. Hit hard. Slap them down. Stop being so nice. I want blood.
 Stomp em til they bleed. Bush blood.Rush blood. RNC blood

 I want revenge for the $110,000,00 spent trying to ruin Clinton.
 I want revenge for Gore.
 I want revenge for 1,0000 soldiers killed and 6,000 wounded. No Legs. No arms.

 I want revenge for the killing of over 9,000 Iraqis who were innocent and most hated Saddam.
 How many have no legs, no arms, etc. I want revenge for them.
 How man Afghans are dead or wounded.

 Clarence Swinney,
 Burlington, NC

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If so, make the call.
Do you have an opinion?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Today in History has been cancelled.


 Subject: bartcrap

 You are actually complaining that Bush is conducting a smear campaign against Kerry
 when there are 10 times as many websites and organizations doing the same thing to Bush.

 Are you saying Democrats are flooding the airwaves with ads calling Bush a liar?
 Tell me where I can see these ads because I have yet to see one.

 Many of these organizations are funded by the DNC and other big time liberals like Soros.
 You are a total fraud.

 Tell me where I can see these ads because I have yet to see one.

 I don't believe the swift boat ads but I support them since your party does the same shit.

 Tell me where I can see these ads because I have yet to see one.


 Daren Phillips

 Daren, when we leave Iraq, how many soldiers will Bush have killed for no reason?

 Cancelled subscriptions

 As a Democrat, I tried and tried to pin the blame on someone else, but in the end - I failed.
 As you know, I have an IQ of 64, but even *I* should be able to remember Bart's Law #1.

> Bart's Law #1
> Don't EVER tell the truth in a political campaign.
> People want to be lied to.

 I'm so stupid, I forgot the Prime Directive of politics, so allow me set the record straight:

 Kerry is running a fantastic campaign.
 He's chopping Bush into little pieces with his quiet, reserved behavior.
 We couldn't lose this election if Kerry was caught with a dead woman and a live boy.
 The last thing Kerry needs to do is meddle with a proven formula for success.
 "Dance with the one who brung ya," is how Carville might put it.

 The NASA suit, riding the bike, throwing a football and windsurfing is exactly what voters
 are looking for in a presidential candidate to protect us from bin Laden and Al Qaeda
 Who wants to see a dignified statesman when there's a surfboard to be ridden?

 That talk of bringing in new advisors? Poppycock!
 Telling Kerry to change tactics is like telling Halle Berry she needs plastic surgery.
 Asking Kerry to get tough makes as much sense as telling Birtney to wear more clothes.

 The last thing voters want to see from their candidate is a bunch of fighting.
 Quiet self-assuredness is what the voters want this year.

 Carville's Complaint

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 It was surprising to hear him declare that the Kerry-Edwards message is muddled.
 That there's no bark, no bite to what the candidates are saying. That the Democratic
 campaign is too timid when it comes to attacking the Bush-Cheney team. That too many
 people are in charge, so no one's in charge.

"They're a perpetual committee listening to a perpetual focus group, and it's got to change," he says.
"What the Kerry operation sorely lacks is someone who can drive a communications message."
 This has created a "vacuum" at the heart of the campaign.

"I know that what they're doing now ain't gonna stand."

 Carville must've been drunk on Makers Mark when he said those things.
 Kerry's running the best campaign in history.
 It couldn't be run any better.

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