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The GOP's Jedi Mind Tricks
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Quote of the Day

"We all have to recognize that no matter how 
  great our strength we must deny ourselves 
  the license to do always as we please." 
    --Harry Truman, who knew Smirk's Hitler-loving
       Grampa, but never met The Giggling Murderer 



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 Monday    September 27  2004                                                                                                                  Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"Under George W. Bush, the United States has become a government
  of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation...
    -- Wayne Williams, professor emeritus at the University of Washington, Attribution

 Bush's New Ads Slam Kerry's Iraq Comments
   Team Bush in a panic, it seems

  Click  Here

 Team Bush rolled out a new television ad Monday highlighting Kerry's statements on Iraq.
"How can John Kerry protect us when he doesn't even know where he stands," the ad asks.

 It shows quick snippets of the Democrat's comments on the war, including "the winning of
 the war was brilliant," and "It's the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time."
 Bush is trying to portray Kerry as indecisive.

 Team Bush gets upset if you agree with them.
 Winning the war was brilliant - so brilliant and easy that our soldiers outran their
 supply lines and that got people like those in Jessica Lynch's group killed.

 Will Kerry answer the ads, or let it remain unchallenged?



"I will never be a president who just says mission accomplished.
  I will get the mission accomplished. That's the difference."
     --John Kerry, on Smirk saying he'd strut his "Mission Accomplished" cockwalk again, Attribution

  "Worship me - I'm a war hero!"

 Rise in GOP Numbers May Impact Elections
   It's been a twelve point swing since early August

  Click  Here

 Voters in recent surveys are more frequently describing themselves as Republicans,
 a shift that could affect November elections up and down the ticket if it continues.

 In some measure, it's a reflection of the great success of the Republican campaign in
 late August and early September," said Andrew Kohut, a director of the Pew Research
 Center for the People & the Press. "Many of the people who considered themselves
 independents may be feeling better about the Republican Party."

 If I was still down on Kerry, it would still upset me that he took the last two months off.
 Did Bob Schrum tell Kerry that nothing energizes a tight campaign like a two month snoozefest?

 Have you seen the latest GOP "Windsurfing" ad on TV?
 Kerry, windsurfing to the left on Iraq,  Kerry, windsurfing to the right on Iraq...
 Kerry, windsurfing to the left on tac cuts,  Kerry, windsurfing to the right on tac cuts...
 How could they have been so blind and deaf?
 Who didn't see that coming?

 Scary to think - whoever OK'd the windsurfing photo op is still with Kerry's campaign.
 That scares me a lot.


Tons and tons of info

 Subject: what!?

 Bart, you wrote:

> "What Redstone has failed to mention is that every network has signed a loyalty pledge to Bush."

 Are you SURE?
 I find this UNBELIEVABLE!!
 Exactly where does, "Freedom of the Press" come into this?

 I did read in Kitty Kelley's book that George W is prone to fits of rage at any reporter who writes
 negatively about him or his family, and he often strikes out (even in public) at them -- which I thought
 explained why the press kisses the Bush Ass...

 Well, we liberals had become lazy and the "Christian" nazi have seized upon our indolence.

 Your increasingly depressed friend,

 SPSt, I didn't mean that literally, but their fear of printing anything negative about Bush
 certainly makes one think they've all pledged their loyalty to the Giggling Murderer..


 Campaign 2004's Jedi Mind Tricks
   by Sam Parry as seen at

  Click  Here

 Perhaps the best way to understand Campaign 2004 is to think of the Jedi Mind Trick from the
 Star War movies, a wave of the hand and a hypnotically suggestive phrase make the feeble-minded
 miss the obvious. "These aren't the droids you're looking for," Obi-Wan Kenobe tells storm troopers
 who are looking for precisely those droids.

 In Campaign 2004, it's as if George W. Bush's campaign has mastered the same trick, applying it to
 much of the national news media and to many voters: "John Kerry is not the candidate you're looking for."

 So, Kerry, the decorated Vietnam War hero who undertook hazardous missions in the Mekong Delta,
 is a coward and a fraud, according to a pro-Bush veterans group and Bush delegates at the Republican
 National Convention who taped on band-aids adorned with purple hearts to mock Kerry's war wounds.

 Meanwhile, the Bush advocates say their man served honorably in the Texas Air National Guard,
 waving off evidence to the contrary. Anyone - who suggests that influential friends of his dad pulled
 strings to keep Bush safely stateside, that he skipped a required physical leading to his suspension from
 flying or that he then ducked out on his duty obligations in Alabama - is a liar or someone who's been hoaxed. is the most important site on the www



"Apparently when Bush said Mission Accomplished 15 months ago he meant his mission was
  to pretend to train lots of Iraqi troops, lie to the American public about it, then do as little as
  he could to spend already-appropriated reconstruction and election-related funds for Iraq,
  and then again lie about it. In all fairness, that mission was accomplished, and quite well at that."
       --John in DC, "Internal Pentagon document says Bush is a big fat liar on Iraq",   Attribution

 Subject: subscribe


 I will subscribe as soon as you dump your "Ms. Manson, please call the Bart-phone" schtick.
 I think now that she is not ever going to call.
 Besides, she would have to take the needle out of her arm to pick up the phone.

 P. S. Just kidding, I just really hate their music.
 Thanks for

 Chris B

 First, I don't do blackmail.
 Second, the Shirley thing has been widely misunderstood.
 It's not like I hang around staring at the BartPhone all day, wishing she'd call.
 Matter of fact, all I'd want out of this "relationship" would be a 30 second call that said,
"Bart, you have great politics and thanks for listening to our music."

 A while back, I stopped doing the pics and got a bunch of mail asking, "Where's Shirley?"
 Now it's kinda evolved into a contest to see if I can post a new picture every day.

 Besides, you have to intentionally scroll down to see the picture, so doing that belies your
 claim that you don't care for that feature. Love and hate are similar. The opposite of love
 is indifference and you're certainly not indifferent about seeing her photo each day.

 Third, I may be the most naive eskimoe* to ever live in the Dust Bowl, but as far as I know
 her drug of choice is beer. You can slander her name all day, but I'm not aware of any hard
 drug abuse on her part and trust me, she'll say anything in an interview. She makes Cher,
 Madonna and Pink seem shy and withdrawn when it comes to frank talk.

 Fourth, I always think it's odd when people don't like her music.
 It's pop music with clever hooks - who dislikes that?
 I can understand people not liking twangy country or speed metal or dirge music, but to me,
 disliking Garbage is like disliking the early Beatles or those catchy-tune girl groups.


 Subject: Do we have four more years left in us?

  ... to swing your hammer higher?

 I don't know, bart.
 What I see of this country after 4 more yrs of the unelected chimp is.... bleak..

 What the HELL are we gonna do?
 Not giving up yet.. but damn, sam...

 Kansas City

 Gmw, I can't speak for everyone, but I'm going to be fine.
 I get to pound out my frustrations right here on my keyboard.

 When things get tough, I pour myself a shot of Chinaco and put on some Shirley
 and 10-15 minutes later I'm back in fighting mode, ready to take on anybody and anything.

 Sure, if Smirk wins, we'll have to live with that - and do what we can to preserve what's left of
 the Constitution, but maybe our biggest problem is finding elected Democrats who care enough
 to actually wake up and come to work. Right now, the GOP is taking whatever they want because
 our actions tell them and the ignorant voters that we have no interest at all in governing.

 Besides, there's always a chance something crazy could happen and Kerry will win.
 Maybe voters will decide they don't love this never-ending bloodbath war as much as Bush does.


New book by a  reader...

Click for more info / to order

 Do your duty: question authority
  The Thinking American, Part 1

  Click  Here

 Bill Clinton worked to create a more transparent government, in which the term "freedom of information"
 actually meant something, George W. Bush has gone out of his way to obscure the details of his governorship
 in Texas, suppressed the presidential papers of his father and Ronald Reagan, and given John Ashcroft
 carte blanche to deny most any request made through the Freedom of Information Act.

 Bush rarely participates in off-the-cuff Q&A sessions with the press, preferring to hide behind the blank wall
 of non-answers and ad nauseam repetition that is Ari Fleischer.  Dick Cheney drafted the administration's
 energy policy in secret meetings with the heads of numerous giant energy companies; when ordered to turn over
 the paperwork, his response was to remain in contempt of federal court until a suitably friendly judge (a Bush
 appointee, coincidentally) could be found to dismiss the suit.

 What do these guys have to hide? Why aren't they expected to be held accountable for the decisions they make,
 which affect the life of every American and, to some degree, every person on earth?


 Subject: U R not funny

 First of all, you are not as funny as you think you are.  Our great nation is being hijacked
 by a spoiled dry-drunk imbecile and his group of the most vile, corrupt degenerates this
 world has ever known, (including the Third Reich), and you make light of it. I have 2 young kids,
 possibly damned to a future established by this evil gang.  This is a tragedy, not a comedy.
 Laugh now Funnyboy, we will all witness the end results of this administration in Hell.

 I live 2 hours outside of NYC, the media capital of the world, and I am forced to get my news
 from a backwater Okie with an IQ of 64, and a FAKE news show on Comedy Central.
 Granted, the locals make me feel like I'm living in Nuremburg in 1933, but WTF?

 Also, what's with the Shirley Manson stalking?  She is certainly a very talented Mega-Babe,
 but your perverted obsession is just a bit disturbing.  Does Mrs. Bart approve of your twisted little fetish?
 Does she make you keep both hands in plain sight at all times?

 Lastly, tequila was invented only to Get Drunk.  You must have made millions in your tax cut
 to be paying 50 bucks a bottle for skank-ass shit that has to be chased with a funnel of beer
 to cover that awful petroleum taste!!!

 I'm not drinking Cuervo, and a bottle of the good stuff lasts me many months.
 I still have some Casa Noble Extra Aged from the car lot days.

 Unfortunately, this crooked administration makes me slam shots of this shit
 and chug funnels (like Jenna Bush) to try to escape the nightmare...

 Thanks for letting me vent.
 Keep The Hammer swingin'...

 John R


"Any allegation that my dad asked for special favors is simply not true."
     --Dubya, in 1999, lying his ass off, pretending to be his own man,   Attribution


 Next President Will Pick Scores of Judges
  Will they be Slappys or will they be Marshalls?

  Click  Here

 The next president's most enduring legacy may be in an area little mentioned in the campaign so far:
 the federal courts, where rulings on such hot-button issues as abortion, gay marriage and the death penalty could have lasting impact.
 With an aging Supreme Court, it's likely that over the next four years either Bush  Kerry will choose
 one or more new justices, along with scores or even hundreds of federal appeals court and trial judges.

"As a campaign issue I think it's been almost invisible," said Supreme Court historian David Garrow.

 If we could only get Kerry to....

 ...oh, nevermind.

 To: Bush's lawless monkeys

 Subject: campaign tactics

 My car window was smashed open this evening, within 7 hours of putting up
 a Kerry/Edwards lawnsign next to my vehicle. There was nothing to steal,
 and no one bothered to rifle through the glove compartment.

 I would appreciate if ya'll would keep your campaign tactics
 limited to vandalizing lawnsigns, please.

 My car did nothing wrong. Honest!
 Erik S


"He admitted to me that to avoid Vietnam, his Dad's friends skipped him through the long
  waiting list to get him into the Texas National Guard. He thought that was a smart thing to do.
 What I couldn't stand - and I told him - he was all for the U.S. to continue with the Vietnam War.
 That means he was all for other people, Americans, to keep on fighting and dying."
   --Yoshi Tsurumi, who taught W at Harvard,     Attribution

 Subject: subscription

 Bartcop, you hit the nail on the head.
 I've been thinking about subscribing ever since May 2003,
 but you refuse to get a Visa Merchant account, which can be
 set up with as little as a circa 1990 computer and a dial-up modem.

 Christ Dude, do yourself a friggin favor and pander to
 Paypal-less folks' desire for instant gratification.


 A year ago, I tried to do that and it didn't work.
 Tha bank wanted $660 for the equipment, and they sent 40 pages of paperwork
 that was too confusing on the first read, so I put it down.  They also are a stickler
 for their clients to sell "something."  True, we sell CDs of the radio shows, but
 there are more subscribers than CD buyers and they may not like that.

 Maybe after the election, I'll have more time to get into things like that.

Sgt. 1st Class Larry Daniels, with wife Cheryl,
recovers at Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany
after his arms were shattered by a suicide bomber
who rammed his car into Daniels' platoon.


"It breaks your heart. There's nothing more rewarding than
  to take care of these guys. Not money, not anything."
    --Lt.-Col. Ronald Place, chief surgeon at Landstuhl in Germany,
       practicing that "socialistic medicine" the GOP hates so much   Attribution

 Bush and Kerry Agree on Debates

  Click  Here

 The Bush campaign wanted foreign policy to be the topic of the first - and typically
 the most-watched - debate, instead of the economy, as the Commission proposed.
 Kerry had accepted the commission's original plan over the summer. The final
 agreement gave the White House what it wanted on that score, officials said.

 Smart move - Team Bush is going for an early knockout.  Kerry's going to have to go "all in"
 on this first debate. If it's a tie or Bush barely loses, they call it for Bush, so Kerry needs a knockout.
 Kerry has to play Goldilocks and be "not to harsh" but "not to sweet" and beat Bush's brains in.

 Kerry needs to have a dozen snappy comebacks memorized that are pre-written or he'll
 spend 40 mionutes explaining the nuances on what he really, actually meant to say.
 When Monkey says, "First you voted for it and then you voted against it,"
 Kerry needs to be locked and loaded with BIG-time zingers and then fire both barrels.

 If Kerry doesn't win the first debate big, nobody will watch debates 2 and 3, so this is it.

 Please don't let Bob Schrum "prepare" Kerry for this debate.
 He'll have Kerry apologizing for the medals he was awarded for Vietnam

 The Bush campaign was concerned about the original proposal that candidates would
 take questions from undecided voters in the Oct. 8 debate, in a town hall format in St. Louis.
 The final deal called for the questions to come from "soft" Bush and Kerry supporters.

 That's not all.
 The White House insisted on no follow up questions, such as,
"Yeah, that's all real cute, Smirk, but how about you answering my damn question?"

 Kerry agreed to that.
 Kerry agreed that all Bush has to do is answer, "The world is safer without Saddam,"
 to every question asked of him and without follow up questions he gets away with it.

 Senator, Bush is guilty!
 He's gotten a thousand soldiers killed for no reason, and you lert him slip away?
 Why allow him to hide from tough questions under the hot lights with everyone watching?
 Why grant him the biggest of all favors?
 Why did you give him that gift?

 It goes without saying that Kerry did not  insist on the right to ask each other questions.
 No, that would've been the road to victory - no sense in taking that route.


 Volcanic Unrest in Mount St. Helens Crater
  Are we going to have another big one?

  Click  Here

 Major cities rectify 9/11 radio issue
  After 3 years, they figured they needed to talk to each other

  Click  Here

 U.S. Soldiers Charged in Death of Iraqi
  They shouldn't even be in Iraq...

  Click  Here

 Dan Rather's Future a Complicated Question
  Dan, your bungle gave Bush a pass on deserting during wartime

  Click  Here

Jon Stewart,
Kitty Kelley,
Chain of Command

Order yours from the BartCop Bookstore


 I saw a headline on Yahoo News Sunday morning; Soldier blogs life in Iraq
 and I think, "Damn, that could be interesting, I'd better give that a look."

 When I got there, I found a Celebrityfest.

 Moby, Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, Drudge, NPR and The Onion. I was so turned off,
 I didn't read any of the stories. The last thing I want to read is how impressed this soldier is
 with his new celebrity friends. I was hoping for something close to what was advertised.

 And while I'm at it, let me say something else about Blogs.
 Andrew Sullivan is not a Blogger.

 Andrew Sullivan is a confused multi-millionaire and best selling Clinton hater who happens
 to have a bunch of Bush-loving, Kerry-bashing on his web site. Once you've written for
 the NY Whore Times, The New Republic, and TIME Magazine, you can't
 pretend to be a blogger "fighting the tyranny of the man," because you are the man.

 Bloggers are unknowns who found a way around whitey's right-wing media monolopy with
 their $50 site on the Internet. If multi-millionaire Sam Donaldson has his staff create a blog,
 that doesn't make him a blogger any more than buying a steak makes me a chef.

 Note:  is not a blog.
 We were here long before the blogs

 Subject: Alan Keyes's daughter is a lesbian

 Saw it on Atrios today.

 Another way to spell "hypocrisy" is GOP.
 Terry C

 Give Kerry a chance  reader Mark Barringer gets published

  Click  Here

 Before the swift boats, Kerry had served one tour already on a frigate, which was at one point
 off the shore from Vietnam. Under Navy guidelines, that would have fulfilled his commitment.
 Yet he requested to serve on swift boats. His service rightfully earned him medals; and those
 shipmates that served with him have stood with him, despite the attacks from a veterans group
 that gets their funding from Texas oilmen.

 I think Mr. McFarland's real anger, and the reason he is so willing to believe all these different
 claims against Kerry, comes out when he discusses the Senator's anti-war activities. The claim
 that Kerry "called all of us who served with him 'war criminals,'" is simply dishonest. Kerry never
 said that. What he said was that free fire zones were wrong, burning villages were wrong; defoliation
 was wrong; and that individual war crimes (killing civilians, rapes, etc.) were committed almost
 every day, often with the knowledge of military officers. All those things are documented.

Larry Flynt forced the GOP to nominate Hastert
because everyone else had a sex scandal but him

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 Subject: Bart for Pope

 What Fr Mushroom said was true.
 The College of Cardinals can elect any Catholic man they please.
 He can even be a practicing atheist, several Popes were.

 As long as he was baptised Catholic, and never excommunicated, he can be pope.
 The Pope doesn't have to be celibate, ordained or even straight.


 If I was Pope, first thing I'd do is make every deacon, every priest, every monsignore,
 every cardinal and every bishop sign a pledge that said, "I will not rape any children
 and I will report any rapists I know about."

 ...but they would all quit on me.

Marty's Entertainment Page

Now with Survivor Updates


"People need to vote for the right people to be in office
  and they need to be empowered to influence change."
   --Maj. Cathy Martin, the nurse at Landstuhl in Germany, who sounds like
      she's sick and fucking tired of seeing young men come in with parts missing  Attribution

"Those soldiers just need to be tougher..."

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Special Bonus mention it, and you'll get
Kerry's 1971 testimony before congress FREE!

Don't let the lying scumbags tell you what he said,
listen to it yourself, then correct them.


"Business is booming at the Baghdad morgue."
     --Alex Berenson, "Doctors See a Procession of Misery",   Attribution

    "That's OK, I need the money"

 Bush: Would do Lincoln Strut Again
  Arrogant bastard has never made a mistake, no matter how many die


  Click  Here

 Bush said he had no regrets about donning a flight suit to give his "Mission Accomplished"
 speech on Iraq in May 2003 and would do it all over again if he had the chance, according
 to excerpts from an television interview released on Sunday.

 When asked by Fox Whore News if he still would have put on a flight suit to declare
 major combat operations in Iraq over, Bush sniffed and arogantly replied, "Absolutely."

 When Bush gave his May 1 speech fewer than 150 Americans had died in the war.
 Since then more than 900 have died.  The interview is to air on O'Reilly on Monday,
 Tuesday and Wednesday, just before Bush and Kerry debate on Thursday.

 Y'know, boorish arrogance is one thing,
 and extreme stupidity is another thing,
 and getting 1,000 brave soldiers killed is still another thing,
 and dragging America into a never-ending religious quagmire is yet another thing,
 so how does America stand this swaggering, giggling murder-without-a-conscience?


"Bring 'em on

 Subject: BCR Show 55 feedback

 Yes, seeing and hearing Kerry turn into a Bush-bashing beast has made me optimistic.
 Hearing Kerry on Letterman was good.
 He is wise to attack the chimps handling of Iraq, as you displayed in radio show 55.

 I thought radio show 55 was excellent.
 It measured up to the high standards in terms of content and ideas.
 It's amazing that we have a rhetorical 'political bedfellow' in Pat Buchanan.
 Thank you for pointing that out.

 Radio show 55 is positive.  It's a nice lead-in to the debate season.
 All of your readers contemplating a subscription should take the $10 plunge and get the BC Radio shows.
 Bartcop and Air America are the charging bulls that can gorge the Bush monkey presidency.

 On a technical note, some of the levels were pretty high on the mp3s.
 My speakers were vibrating off the shelf.  (No, I don't crank it that loud.)
 I had to normalize the files with cooledit.

 Tom, the bad levels are a result of an idiot working the sound board - me.

 If I could convince the wealthiest one percent of readers to subscribe, I could
 afford to hire an in-house producer and the best sound would be more consistent.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1038, 1043, 1048, 1050   dead American soldiers.

  Bush destroys more families every day of his pResidency.

"On the march to endless arms and legs blown off...."
--words Bush is unable to say

 Ten toughest things to do in presidential politics

  Click  Here

 No. 10: 'What I meant to say'
 No. 9: Turning your problem into a plus
 No. 8: Turning a foe's plus into his problem (What they did to Kerry's war record as he slept.)
 No. 7: Changing the subject, successfully
 No. 6: Raising the second round of money
 No. 5: Getting non-voters to the polls
 No. 4: Participating in a presidential debate
 No. 3: Surviving a firestorm
 No. 2: Making a second impression
 No. 1: Handling an October surprise

 Subject: Ode to Cat Stevens

 Singer Cat Stevens was "being followed by a Moonshadow" when his life became a "Wild World"
 - his plane was diverted to Maine and was denied entry into the United States for being on a government no-fly list.

 Mr. Stevens will not be "Sitting" on the "Peace Train" once "Morning Has Broken". The government, acting "Crazy"
 like a "Hard Headed Woman" has detained Mr. Stevens in the "Foriegner Suite" because he "Can't keep it in" when
 it comes to his religious and political choices. He will be deported to some place like "Sweet Jamaica" before he
 spends "Another Saturday Night" in this country.

 With the Patriot Act in place people like Stevens will no longer sing out if they want to sing out - and they will no longer
 be free if they want to be free. He will not find a new way and he definitely will not do it today. He might have got away
 with that when he was "Oh Very Young" but America is a different place today. We live in a world where we have
 surrendered our freedom for the illusion of security and concepts like peace, and freedom, and liberty and singing out,
 and speaking out, are no longer considered patriotic.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA

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 Car Wash Owner Buys Koresh's Camaro
  It's gotta be good luck - look what it did for him

  Click  Here

 The black, V-8 Camaro was captured in news footage during the 1993 siege
 being pushed out of the way by a tank. Sgt. Timothy Folmar, 21, of Sonora, Texas.

 Koresh drove the Camaro routinely and had stamped "David's 427 go God" on the engine block.

 Are the ash trays clean?
 We know Koresh was a smoker (snicker)


 Subject: I love Bush

 What Clinton did to get impeached happened just before or during his presidency, not 30 years ago.

 This is true - he was sworn in Jan 20, 1993.

 Bush has proved he was not AWOL.
 He has an Honorable Discharge to prove it.

 ha ha
 Who do you think awarded Kerry his Purple Hearts?
 The Knights of Columbus?
 Bush wouldn't recognize an honorable discharge if it ran down his leg.

 I think you are the guy who is incapable of conceding anything accurate about Bush 43.
 I guess that makes you mentally ill.  Get some help you nutball.

 Bob Booger

 Bob, if Bush ever does anything that's not totally FUBAR, I'll mention it.

 Subscription Drive

 We're trying to reach the one percent goal.
 But is there a reason to subscribe to

If Bush wins and continues his never-ending March of Death, you're going to need the sarcasm
    and outrage and ridicule and snippy attitude that you've come to reply on right here at

If Kerry wins and tries to reverse Bush's never-ending March of Death, FOX News and the networks
    and talk radio and every Nazi on cable TV will do to Kerry what they did to Clinton  -  but much worse.

    (Students, military and AARP only pay $5)

    And don't think a subscription is like a lifelong marriage commitment.
    (If you're non-Catholic,  you can get a divorce any time you want.)

    And you'll get more out of  with a subscription.
    With 30 cents invested, you'll find yourself clicking on more links and reading more articles..

    BartCop Forums  over 300,000 posts in just the main section
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                                Bush-bashing can be achieved 24/7 in the live chat room

    Then there's 

    So consider subscribing.
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BCR Show 55

This is the first non-Tommy show in over six months.
All of it was mixed and edited by Ol' Bart,
so it wouldn't hurt to do a few shots up front.

Click  Here  to listen to Part 1 of  Show 55
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30 minutes of Bart's expert news and comment

Click  Here  to listen to Part 2 of  Show 55
Click  Here  to download Part 2 of  Show 55
33 minutes Bart, with lots of praise for John Kerry

Click  Here  to listen to Part 3 of  Show 55
Click  Here  to download Part 3 of  Show 55
34 minutes Bart's beatdown of the lying Bush/Allawi press conference

Click  Here  to listen to Part 4 of  Show 55
Click  Here  to download Part 4 of  Show 55
30 minutes of Dave, Jay, Wanda, the Fruitcake Lady and more

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