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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Powell: Iraqi Worsening
Reader Mail
Bush's Bloody Flip-Flop
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Americans dumb all over
The CEO of CBS is pro-Bush
Ridge vs. Folk Musicians
Life in Japan
Bin Laden's candidate


Quote of the Day

"Kitty Kelley is No. 1. "The Family," her book 
  about the BFEE, will debut atop the NYWT
  best-seller list, replacing that Swift boat crap
  that stunk it up the last four weeks." 
     --a fella I heard on the subway



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Volume 1409 -  Evening in Peoria 

As heard on BartCop Radio!

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 Weekend    September 25-26  2004                                                                                                                  Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"Andrea Mitchell just said that the Kerry campaign knows that if they take the fight to the
  president they have to be respectful because he is extremely well-liked and very popular.
  And Kerry talks in long sentences and is boring but there's not much they can do about it.
  Gosh, I think she's being much too generous.John Kerry is not only long winded and boring,
  he is also known to hold forth on aboriginal history in town meetings and sing Andrew Lloyd
  Webber songs for hours on end on the stump.  It will be a miracle if he manages to even stay
  in the race after debating our very sharp, entertaining president who I understand usually
  hands out hundred dollar bills and tells hilarious jokes while laying out a cogent, simple plan
  for all Americans to become millionaires by 2008. I sure hope he doesn't do that in the
  debates or old boring Kerry will definitely lose."
       --digby, "Shivering In Our Boots",    Attribution

 Powell Says Iraqi Security Situation Worsening
  Mr. Rove doesn't like loose cannons, especially uppity loose cannons

  Click  Here

"We have seen an increase in anti-Americanism in the Muslim world ... I'm not denying this,"
 Powell said on ABC's "This Week" program.

"But I think that that will be overcome in due course because what the Muslim world will see
 as well as the rest of the world is that in Afghanistan 10 million people who have registered to vote
 will vote on the ninth of October and bring in place a freely elected president, and I think we're
 going to do the same thing in Iraq if we stay the course, if we defeat this insurgency," Powell said.

 Gee Colin, how many thousands of soldiers will die testing your little gamble?
 You guys have bungled everything you've ever touched.
 How man families will be destroyed while you try to end your losing streak?

 Besides, what makes you think Muslims want the vote?
 Would they rather be killed by Saddam or tortured by us?

 As as far as the vote - could we have one, here in America?
 I mean, ...as long as you're doling out the concept in principle?



"We had something like 200 or 300 or 400 people killed in many of the major cities
  of America last year. Is it perfectly peaceful? No. What's the difference? We just didn't
  see each homicide in every major city in the United States on television every night.
  It happens here in this city, in every major city in the world. Across Europe, across the
  Middle East, people are being killed. People do bad things to each other."
      --Donald Rumsfeld, who thinks Baghdad is as safe as Peoria,   Attribution

 Hey Rummy, if Baghdad is like an average America city, what are you ewaiting for?
 Why don't you attack and win and bring the boys back home?

 What are you waiting for, Nancy Reagan's astrologer to line up the stars?

Tons and tons of info

 Subject: Your Popeness

 St. Bartholomew,

 Fr. Mushroom here...according to Canon Law, any Roman Catholic male can be elected Pope.

 He need not be a priest. As long as you are Catholic and not excommunicated, feel free to throw your
 little red hat in the ring. I believe you would make a fine Pope: you're tough, forgiving, and you like to drink.

 And Mrs. Bart will love the papal apartments.
 I look forward sending the white smoke up the chimney when you are elected.

 Fr. Mushroom

 Fr. Mushroom, long time no hear!
 Thanks, and don't be a stranger, Dude.


 Bush's Bloody Flip-Flop
   by Robert Parry as seen on consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 A flip-flop by George W. Bush worsened the military-political debacle in Fallujah last April when the Bush
 administration overruled the Marine commanding general twice, first ordering him to undertake a retaliatory
 assault against the rebellious Iraqi city and then abruptly reversing direction three days later.

 Marine Lt. Gen. James T. Conway, who commanded U.S. forces in western Iraq, told reporters that he
 opposed the decision to attack Fallujah in April and then - after committing Marines to the battle - he objected
 to the follow-up order to cease offensive operations and pull back, a decision that effectively ceded the city
 to insurgents as a "no-go" zone for American troops.

"We follow our orders," Conway said in the interview on Sept. 12 after relinquishing his command.

 This is really disgusting.
 We put those men in harm's way, then Bush and Rove sit behind guarded walls and decide
 which way to best spin the war to get ther never-elected Governor another term in office.

"Attack" screams the White House.
"Stop the attack" they scream three days later.

 Remember when Reagan's White House overruled the Marine Commanders in Beirut?

        This was spun as, "...but Reagan knows what he's doing."

 Remember when Reagan's White House told NASA, "The President wants Challenger up  t-o-d-a-y,"
 so Reagan could tell America about his great vision of the future was while the orbiter flew over their head?
  This was spun as, "...we never pressured NASA, not even a little bit,"
  and the Democrats said, "Your word is good enough for us, Mr. President!"

 Remember when Poppy Bush worried about his legacy of hate and greed and sent
 our marines into Somalia without the armor they'd need to fight the local gangsters?

 They talk about this today like Clinton sent them there.

 Now, in late 2004, Rove and his Monkey play "Risk" on the big stage

  and we're stuck in an endless loop of "We're winning for sure!"

  Meanwhile, Clinton had a girlfriend so he's the "scandal president."



"Last night when one of our supervisors told a customer over the phone that we're
  sold out of Unfit For Command, the customer apparently heard either "don't have"
  or "don't carry". He said, "It figures you wouldn't have it, you're a liberal bookstore,"
  then hung up. Later in the evening, another customer claimed to have heard on the radio
  that we wouldn't be re-stocking the title for the same reason. Leave aside that we bow to
  the almighty dollar like any good corporation and would sell How To Tap Dance Naked in
 Public While Engaging in Oral Congress with Rodents if it was a bestseller, does anyone know
  where customer #2 got this idea (I actually heard the same thing later from another customer)?"
    --Arabicon, Borders Union,    Attribution

 Subject: What will Bush do if he loses?

 BC --

 Here's a hypothetical question: What if Bush loses?
 What if during the debates John Kerry makes Georgie Peorgie cry, or makes him so angry
 he foams at the mouth, and the face behind the mask is revealed to all at long last?

 Or what if Karl Rove isn't able to disenfranchise enough African-Americans or
 switch around enough electronic voting machines to steal the election?
 Will the Bushies go gentle into that good night? I think not.

 I submit that pResident Evil (actually Cheney and Rumsfeld) will manufacture
 a "crisis" the likes of which will make 9/11 feel like a slap from a 9-year-old girl.

 (In fact, I'm sure it's all set to go, just in case.) It will be so devastating that everyone
 (including John Kerry and the rest of the Dem tutus) will plead for Bush to stay on
 and "lead" the nation with his "steady hand" and "resoluteness in the face of Evil."

 And if that doesn't work, Bush owns all the tanks.
 Saul in Silver City

"What's it like to fall so far,  from so high?"

"I was going to ask you the same question..."


 The CEO of CBS endorses Bush
   This is a surprise to who?

  Click  Here

 With the scandal at CBS still festering, questions are being raised about whether a felony was
 committed when the network broadcast apparently forged memos in an attempt to discredit Bush.
 The chairman of CBS dropped a bomb. Sumner Redstone said he's supporting President Bush.

 His reason was simple: Republican values are what U.S. companies need. Redstone declared:
"I look at the election from what's good for Viacom. I vote for what's good for Viacom. I vote, today, Viacom.

"I don't want to denigrate Kerry," he went on, "but from a Viacom standpoint, the election of a GOP
 administration is a better deal. They stand for many things we believe in, deregulation and so on.
 The Democrats are not bad, we believe that Bush is better for our company."

 What Redstone has failed to mention is that every network has signed a loyalty pledge to Bush.


 Subject: Story you'll like


 I met my newest hero today at lunch.
 He was a relatively young (30-35) year old black man who looked like an ex college athlete.

 He was picking up lunch at the deli where my wife ordered lunch and was wearing
 the "Asses of Evil" T-Shirt with the pictures of W, Rummy and dick.

 The manager started telling him about the funny "flush the Johns" T-shirt he saw on the web
 and slowly realized that the guy with the "A of E" shirt wasn't laughing.

 He ran down like an old pickup with bad valves with water in the gas.
 Would love to have had a video.

 ha ha

 I talked a little to the guy and he said he visits your site and wanted me to tell you that he liked what he read.
 For no reason that makes sense, I didn't get his name.
 Hopefully I'll run into him again since he is obviously smart and has guts.

 Thought you would enjoy the story.
 Texas Bill

 Texas Bill, (D-Pillar) thanks for that.
 Always great to hear from you.

"Darn good liar" long sleeves
since the leaves are starting to turn...

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Tell the world the truth.

"I would say that it has ended up bringing more trouble to the world."
     --Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, on Dubya's war,   Attribution


 Ridge: Folk Musicians Who 'Look Like bin Laden'


  Click  Here

"If it ain't country, western, or gospel," laughed Ridge, "it aint music.
 Music ought to talk about God, the military, or booze.
 At least that's the way the new Patriot Act defines it."

If the FCC went after other boobs besides Janet's


"I  never thought I'd say this, but anyone who opposes George W. Bush might want to
  go out and legally purchase a firearm for self-defense purposes, and to protect your
  families from probable attacks by fascist, Bush-supporting thugs. I wish I were kidding."
     --Hesiod, Counterspin Central,    Attribution


 Subject: subscription

 Hey Bart,

 Your link to the Church of Reality was the tipping point for me to go ahead
 and make the plunge...or maybe it was your nudies of Laura the Fake doctor.
 Oh, well, my IQ is only about 64, so what do I care.

 Your fan in Austin,



ð Ohio Education Association
ð Ohio Federation of Teachers
ð Lake and Geauga Area Association of Realtors
ð Ohio AFSCME United
ð United Automobile Workers  (UAW)
ð The Cleveland Fire Fighters Union, Local 93
ð The Butler - Warren - Clinton AFL-CIO Labor Council
ð Northern Ohio Administrative District Council of Bricklayers & Allied Craft Workers
ð United Food & Commercial Workers Union
ð National Education Association
ð American Federation of Teachers
ð League of Conservation Voters
ð Communication Workers of America
ð Machinists
ð Teamsters
ð Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #219
ð  Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees


"In a debate, when you are vulnerable to your opponent on a big issue,
  you want to prevent him from asking you any direct questions in a debate."
   -- Bill Safire (R-Gongenital Liar) stating what everybody in the world knows  Meet the Whore, no transcript yet

 Americans are dumber than posts

  Click  Here

"Our eyes were both directed at the headline on one of those incredible news magazines that adorn the
 checkout stand begging for our attention. You know, the ones with headlines like 'Bush Abducted By Aliens,
 and 'Theresa Heinz-Kerry Slimed By Aliens With Ketchup.' Really, the latter was an actual headline in one
 of these papers. This particular one, complete with photos of Bush and Kerry, screamed 'November Elections Canceled!'

 The man rolled his eyes and looked at me as if to say, 'God give me strength.' I inquired of him as to who
 he thought actually read such drivel. Here is his full response. 'You'd be surprised. We have so many
 ignoramuses in this country. Americans are dumber than posts. You know, I would like the job of being
 a writer for a newspaper like this. I could get to use my imagination to convince them of anything.'"

  ...or writing scripts for FOX News shows


 Sheen Stumps for Real-Life Politicians
  Beth Troutman runs, former assistant to the executive producer of West Wing

  Click  Here

 Israel kills Khalil, Hamas leader, in Syria
  Israel has a long history of settling old accounts

  Click  Here

 Dr. Laura's boyfriend-with-a-camera dies
  "The fact is she told so many lies about our relationship..."

  Click  Here

 Same old song -- Singh leads again
  Singh is running out of firsts to take away from Eldrick Woods

  Click  Here

Jon Stewart,
Kitty Kelley,
Chain of Command

Order yours from the BartCop Bookstore

 Kidnappers Seize 6 Egyptians, 4 Iraqis
  One night in Baghdad makes a hard man crumble...

  Click  Here

 U.S. warplanes, tanks and artillery repeatedly hit at Zarqawi's compound in Fallujah on Saturday.
 In other violence, an American soldier was reported killed by a bomb Saturday, and the U.S. military
 said four Marines died in separate incidents Friday.  In Baghdad, gunmen fired on a vehicle carrying
 Iraqi National Guard applicants, killing six people, police said.

 The National Guard also clashed with unidentified gunmen in Haswa, injuring four, hospital officials said.
 Meanwhile, five mortar shells struck the Iraqi Oil Ministry in Baghdad, ,

 In Fallujah, explosions lit up the night sky for hours before and two buildings in the city center were wrecked.
 Doctors said eight people were killed and 15 wounded.  Explosions rocked the city again after dark Saturday.
 Eight people were killed and 22 injured in the blasts,

 But our always-honest Sec of Defense says this happens, "in every major city in the world."
 so there's no reason to takje it seriously. It's just another evening in Peoria.


 Life in Japan
  by Joe, ...in Japan

  Click  Here

 Basically, the Buddhist context of Shinto means that the culture isn't as close to nature as Japanophiles and some Japanese
 would like to believe.  Although it's more abstract than the Judeo-Christian concept, Buddha the 'cloud being' is held as being
 separate from the world in much the same way.  As such the soul exists on another plane and people don't think of themselves
 as being an integral part of the world around them.  Rather than the Christian world as a 'testing ground of the soul' you have a
 Buddhist world as a place contaminating the soul with 'shadows of distraction' feeding the 'arrogance of selfdom'.  Shinto is no
 more an impediment to environmental holocaust than Catholicism.  ( ha ha )

 Thanks, and who else has an opinion or a story about your daily life vs "normal" American life?



"The first part of the question was, ...how come we haven't found Zarqawi?
  We're looking for him. ...he hides.
  He is -- he is -- he's got a effective weapon, and that is terror."
     --excerpt of the Dubya Monkey from BCR Show 55,    Attribution

 He can't be this stupid - can he?
 He can't find Zarqawi because,  "...he hides?"

 Hey Monkey, why can't you find your old partner Osama?

 Bush: "...he hides."

 ha ha

 It's like talking to weezil in the chat room

 Hey Smirk, why does fire burn?

  Bush: "...it's hot."

 ha ha

bartcop.com  reader Brad with Bill Press in Boston

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 ...you spoke the words I could not say about how I feel at this time in our history.

 So, you used words....well....under the circumstances,
 ....it is altogether fitting and proper you should do this.

 There is a time and place for expression and NOW is the time.

 Thank you,

 Gmshr, I just found this, from February this year.
 Thanks, that was nice of you to say, ... I think.

 I inherited an attitude that, "You don't pull that shit on me!"

 ha ha

 In The BartCop Biography, I tell the tale of how a young altarboy developed a smart mouth,
 and about how a sweet, little Cathoid can be raised, (but not reared) and still find a way to be happy.

 ha ha

 I grew up so much more privileged than our Monkey president.

Marty's Entertainment Page

Now with Survivor Updates


"One bad situation has been replaced with another bad situation.
  Eighteen months of occupation and nothing's changed that much."
     --Halid Fahad, in Baghdad, to Aaron Brown,     Attribution

 We're out $200B and we've lost 1048 soldiers,
 and what do we have to show for that besides Bush's high poll numbers?

"I'm gonna win, I always win.
 I'm smart, ...like Unka Dick says..."

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"You can embolden an enemy by sending a mixed message.
  You can dispirit the Iraqi people by sending mixed messages.
  You can send the wrong message to our troops by sending mixed messages."
   --Dubya, explaining the differences between Rummy's madness and the Powell Doctrine,   Attribution



 Suiciders Detonate Car Bombs in Baghdad
  Now there are only 9,999,998 suiciders left in Iraq

  Click  Here

 Suicide attackers exploded a pair of car bombs outside an Iraqi National Guard compound,
 wounding American and Iraqi forces, and a senior Iraqi commander was arrested.

 In Baghdad on Sunday, a rocket slammed into a busy neighborhood, killing at least one person
 and wounding eight, hospital officials and witnesses said.  Hours later, another loud blast shook
 the area near the Green Zone, site of the U.S. Embassy and the interim Iraqi government.
 Smoke rose above the zone and alert sirens sounded. It was not clear if anything had been hit.

 American troops have staged repeated attacks in Fallujah on sites that the U.S. military says are
 being used by followers Al-Zarqawi. But U.S. troops have not entered Fallujah since the end
 of a three-week siege in April that killed hundreds.

 Once Bush gets past this election, the bloodbath will begin.  He's going to order our battered troops
 to take Fallujah and Najaf and the other 28 cities we can't take now.  The resulting carnage will make
 people say, "Damn, if I'd voted for Kerry, those 1,500 soldiers might still be alive."
 It's so damn obvious, and so certain to happen, and the consequences are so clear and deadly,
 but Bush's American press won't talk about the coming Hellfest because Bush needs this next election
 and the American media will do everything they can to deliver for their boy.

"Bring 'em on - we're not afraid of you!"


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1035, 1038, 1043, 1048   dead American soldiers.

5 more  families destroyed since Friday.

"On the march to freedom...."
--Dubya, lying to America and th world


 Bin Laden's candidate
  Bush is al-Qaida's best recruitment tool
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Hastert said, "I think that the terrorists, the al-Qaida, would like to influence this election.
 They would like to influence this election just like they influenced the election in Spain,
 but the American people aren't going to let that happen." The terrorists, said Hastert,
 would operate with "more comfort" if Kerry wins.

 Expecting intelligence and decency from the Speaker may be pointless by now.
 But what about other more reputable figures who echoed his slur against the Democratic nominee?
 The very next day, CNN's William Schneider endorsed Hastert's remarks about terrorists:
 To put it bluntly, the CNN analyst was talking out of his ass.

 ha ha
 Joe really said that.

 I'm so old, I remember when Bill Schneider was seen as a serious journalist.
 No really, I'm not kidding.

 I remember a time when you could believe what Schneider said about both sides, but like most of
 the American media, he saw that pile of money that flowed into Rush's Limbaugh bank account each day
 and and Schneider must've wondered how he could get himself some of that easy cash.

 My all-time favorite dumb-ass Schneider quote, recalling how Kuwait kids were named 'George'
 after Poppy Bush so bravely sent our soldiers to fight a war he personally set into motion in 1991,
"Because of impeachment, nobody is going to want to name their child, 'Bill Clinton.' "

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 How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power
  How the actions of Prescott Bush are still being felt by today's president

  Click  Here

  ...new documents, many of which were only declassified last year, show that even after America
 had entered the war and when there was already significant information about the Nazis' plans and policies,
 Prescott Bush worked for and profited from companies closely involved with the very German businesses
 that financed Hitler's rise to power. It has also been suggested that the money he made from these dealings
 helped to establish the Bush family fortune and set up its political dynasty.

 Remarkably, little of Bush's dealings with Germany has received public scrutiny. But now the multibillion dollar
 legal action for damages by two Holocaust survivors against the Bush family, and the imminent publication of
 three books on the subject are threatening to make Prescott Bush's business history an uncomfortable issue
 for his grandson, George W, as he seeks re-election.

 Be sure to wait until after the BFEE cements their hold on global domination on November 2 before you
 publish your books and file your lawsuits that reveal how the bastards got their start - getting rich with Hitler
 using  the "free labor" provided by Hitler's "guests" at Auscwitz and other concentration camps.


 Remember, each war makes the BFEE richer, and who started our last two wars?

Bush I had April Gillaspie tell Saddam in 1990 that America wouldn't interfere if he took Kuwait.

Bush II insisted we invade Iraq "to defend America" when he should've been looking for Osama.

 I know what you're thinking...

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