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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Oil Prices Break $50 
DA Won't Prosecute Bishop
Transformational Democracy
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Do Gallup polls Lie?
NBC Fires Jay Leno 
Phil Spector (W) Charged 
Thursday's debate...
 Is CIA at war with Bush?


Quote of the Day

"Bush bragged that more Iraqis say their 
  country is on the right track than Americans 
  say our country is on the right track. 
  Boy, there's a campaign slogan for you -- 
 'America: More fucked up than Fallujah!'" 
     --Bill Maher, from his HBO show


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Volume 1411 -  Even his cows know he's lying 


As heard on BartCop Radio!

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 Tuesday    September 28  2004                                                                                                                  Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"If we in this country have become the kind of people that we don't want to know
  anything more than some simplistic answer or non-answer to questions, then God help us.
  If we want to elect people to public office whose whole purpose and goal is to avoid controversy
 and avoid answering the tough questions about government, then we're in terrible shape."
    --Ann Richards, who was victim to thre BFEE's "lesbian" slurs in 1994,   Attribution

  This is why Bush was installed over the wishes of the voters

  Click  Here

 Crude oil topped the psychological milestone of $50 per barrel Tuesday for the first time,
 The price of oil is up roughly 75 percent from a year ago and some analysts predict the latest surge
  - which is already hurting airlines and other big consumers - could lead to a global recession.

 ...that they'll blame on Bill Clinton.
 If Gore was president, oil would be $30 a barrel.
 I filled up Mrs. Bart's car yesterday, it was $42 instead of $26, and this is Oklahoma!.
 That other $16 went to the BFEE and Bush's election campaign.
 That's right - you and I are being forced to elect Bush against our will.
 What are you SUV owners in blue states paying to fill up, $100?

 $16 multiplied by 200,000,000 cars each week adds up to real money.
 Remember the BFEE's motto: "Never steal anything small."

 The Bush excuse  is that the hurricanes and unrest in Nigeria (Oh please!) caused this.

 Remember  Bart's Law #2
 Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money (or power) in their pocket,
 expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again.  That's why refineries have fires now and then,
 because a fire allows them to scream "unexpected shortage" so they can gouge us on the price of gas.
 So expect a lot more unrest in Niger, in Iraq, in Venezuela - any place there is oil there will be trouble so Bush
 can eventually get $60 a barrel for his oil, then $80 a barrel for his oil, then $100 a barrel for his oil
 This is why Cheney quit a cushy job to work 80 hour weeks with 5 heart attacks.
 They're stealing billions and billions and the Democrats don't care.

 The BFEE is now making $120M per day - just in Iraq - and we're just taking it?
  It would be nice if this angered our elected Democrats, but they agree with Bush.

         "We love out Dubya - he'd never lie to us!"

 Note: If you're going to write and say, "How dare you!" please include a list of
 the steps Kerry and the Democrats are taking to stop this ongoing, endless oil rape.



"Never allow the enemy to block you. Get around them, run over the top of them,
  destroy them -- whatever you need to do (He means cheat) so that God's word is
  the word that is being practiced in Congress, town halls and state legislatures."
     --Bill Thomson, firing up Christian Coalition activists, Attribution

 DA Won't Prosecute Bishop Accused of Rape
  In Mass., a priest can do anything and get away with it - even child rape

  Click  Here

 A district attorney said Monday that he would not prosecute Bishop Thomas Dupre
 on child rape charges because the statute of limitations has expired in the case.

 Dupre, 70, cited health reasons when he resigned in February after nine years as head
 of the Springfield Diocese. But his departure came one day after a newspaper confronted
 him with allegations he abused two boys while he was a parish priest .

 This is probably just typically abhorrent reproter's writing - saying the DA
 would not prosecute instead of the more correct could not prosecute.

 ...but either way, he apparently raped those kids and won't be punished for it.

 I continue to get mail asking why I'm so tough on the Catholics, but tell me:
 Are you still giving these scheming, organized rapists money every week?
 How can you do that - knowing they refuse to sign the "no rape" pledge?


Tons and tons of info

 Subject: windsurfing

 I live in Hawaii and windsurfing is big here. It takes strength and skill to do it.
 I've talked to people about the big ass deal made about Kerry taking a break
 to windsurf and we dont see what is wrong with Kerry chilling for a bit in the ocean.

 No matter what he does the winger hatas are going to slam him, it's when the Demos
 join in on the chorus that it get depressing. I have seen Kerry on his appearances on Letterman
 and the Daily Show and he was great. When the media do cover him speaking, he is great.
 It is all the disparaging blah blah blah and the lack of defense from Democrats including you Bart.
 You seem to expect Kerry to be Supercandidate by getting the issues out and fighting the right wing
 smear machine single handed. The effectiveness of the Republicans is that they stick by their boys NO MATTER WHAT.
 I truly believe that Kerry will be a better president and will bring back to the table countries that
 shun us now because of Bush. I also believe the top military personnel  who were left of the Iraq
 decision making process would combine with Kerry because he is old school military.
 The desperate vilifications of the wingers are moot to what is going on now in Iraq.

 Mayra, besides sleeping thru the summer, the windsurfing photo op was Kerry's biggest mistake.
 In the election of 2012, when the cable Nazis reflect on campaigns of the past, whenever they
 talk about 2004 they will mention "swift boats" and "windsurfing."

 They will not mention those because of something they read on  They will mention those two
 because Kerry allowed Bush to define him as a traitor who, lied about his medals.  That was Mistake #1
 Playing surfer dude in the ocean while Bush ran up a 12 point lead was Mistake #2.
 Making "be nice" his top priority at DemoCon2004 was Mistake #3.
 You can disagree and say Kerry has run a great campaign, but please don't hold me responsible
 for Bush's lead because all my suggestions for the Kerry campaign were rejected in droves.
 Important: Kerry can still win. We know the polls are skewed, we just don't know how much.


 Bush's 'Transformational' Democracy
   by Robert Parry as seen at

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush's advisers call him "a transformational president," meaning that they
 believe his election to a second term on Nov. 2 will cement Republican political control
 for the foreseeable future. Some outsiders might consider the boast hyperbole, but this
 prediction of conservative hegemony should not be underestimated.

 The conservatives have been building toward this objective for at least the past 30 years.

 Combined with the rise of Bush family dynasty, this historical development suggests that
 the United States may be moving toward a significantly different form of government,
 far less open to disagreement and debate, a process where even mainstream Democrats,
 such as Al Gore and John Kerry, can expect to be turned into caricatures of themselves
 and made effectively unelectable.

 One thing I can guarantee.
 Until the Democrats act like they want it, they'll never win again.
 Will there ever again be an issue that a Democrat will fight for? is the most important site on the www



"Prime Minister Allawi is a tough guy. He is a strong leader. He believes the
  future of Iraq is the future of freedom, and he tells me that, you know that these
  places where they go bomb the recruits, the people trying to sign up to serve in
  the army or the police, the next day, more recruits come."
     --Dubya, exploiting the human nature quirk of people wanting to get closer to the explosives  Attribution

"Unka Dick says Iraqis love the stench of death..."

 Subject: windsurfing

 My wife and I are proud subscribers.
 I'm going to PA over the next 2 weekends to work for Kerry and I'm trying to get some
 campaign materail to pass out as my group holds signs etc. and we can't get any from Kerry HQ.
 The Dems are playing to lose again.

 So I'll download some stuff print it myself it will look like shit but it's better than nothing and yup
 here it is - our candidate windsurfing:

 My volunteers don't think it's a big deal.
 I hope they're right but holy shit what is wrong with these guys?
 Kind Regards,
 Dave R


New book by a  reader...

Click for more info / to order

 Does That Gallup Likely Voter Model Really Work
   Thanks to Babs for the link

  Click  Here

 Let's see just how accurate these data have been recently.  Here are the last 4
 presidential elections and the track records of the Gallup LVs (likely voters) and
 RVs (registered voters) in terms of predicting the final margin of the election:

 2000: RVs, +1D; LVs, +2R; actual result, +.5D
 1996: RVs, +16D; LVs, +11D; actual result, +8.3D
 1992: RVs, +8D; LVs, +12D; actual result, +5.5D
 1988: RVs, +8R; LVs, +12R; actual result, +7.7R

 Bottom line?
 If they say Smirk is ahead by 5, it's dead even.

 Remember 2000?
 Smirk was waaaaay ahead of Gore a week before the election
 then lost the popular vote by over a half-million.


 Subject: Kerry and the debate


 In the midst of the Kerry/Weld debates the two were arguing  the death penalty.
 Weld spoke in favor and then it was Kerry's turn.

 His opening statement  "I know something about killing."
 The camera pans over to Weld and the guy is just blown out of his socks. It was a stunner.

"How can you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" 

"I know something about killing."
 Double Pow!

 I know Kerry can do this. He comes up with lines that are remembered years later.
 He will come up with the '04 version of   "...and you sir, are no Jack Kennedy."

 a MA fan

 MA fan, I hope you're exactly right.

 BTW, we're going to be in the live chat room during Thursday's debate.
 If you'd like to join us  Click  Here   then click on "BartCop Chat" in the upper right corner.

 It takes some configgerin' so try it ahead of time to make things easier.
 If you've never been in the chat room for a live event, it's fun as hell and it's FREE.


"To me, Bush comes off like a person reading a script. I thought his response to 9-11
  was very insincere. The entire time, he seemed disconnected, like he didn't experience
  the same thing the rest of us experienced. He rushed into the war in Iraq abruptly, like a
  boy playing with a truck: "This is my truck! You stepped on it, so I'm throwing your truck
  out the window!" It wasn't handled the way a real adult would handle a situation."
      --Alicia Keys,  Attribution


 To this day...

 ...has anybody heard Kerry refute the stupid lie that's he's the most liberal member of the senate?

 I haven't heard him deny that - have you?

 In the extra-nasty Oklahoma senate race, Tom Coburn is accusing democrat Brad Carson of being
"more liberal than Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton."   He doesn't mention Kerry's name,
 but since Bush successfully tarred Kerry with the "most liberal" tag, maybe he didn't need to.

 NBC Fires Jay Leno 
  Five year goodbye started last night

  Click  Here

 Lied Leno:  "In 2009, I'll be 59 years-old and will have had this dream job for 17 years.
 When I signed my new contract, I felt that the timing was right to plan for my successor
 and there is no one more qualified than Conan."

 Who quits a dream job?  I mean, besides the pill-popping, nasty-ass, drug-abusing
 vulgar Pigboy Limbaugh who was fired-for-life from football for being a racist, Nazi pig.

"'The Tonight Show' is one of the great franchises in television and I am thrilled that NBC
 is backing me up as I kick Leno down the steps of irrelevance," said O'Brien.
"I am thankful to everyone at NBC - my home for the last eleven years - and I am
 grateful to Jay for pretending this is something he's OK with, the tired old geezer."


 We'll have this clip in BCR 56.  Leno was a sad, broken man last night.
 He did everything NBC asked, made them #1 and made them tons of money, but he's
 getting fired and he can't say, "Leaving is the right move for me," with a straight face.

 Campaigns Leave Arizona Behind
  Bush so far ahead, Kerry gives him the state

  Click  Here

 Mount St. Helens about to Blow?
  Contractions are every 30 seconds

  Click  Here

 Lebanon's Top al-Qaida Operative Dies in Custody
  Get this: He had a "heart attack"

  Click  Here

 Jordan's King: Iraq Elections Impossible
  Everybody sees the obvious but our Commander of Big Lies

  Click  Here

Jon Stewart,
Kitty Kelley,
Chain of Command

Order yours from the BartCop Bookstore

 Phil Spector Charged With Murder
  Second charge of 'felony bad hair' added


  Click  Here

 Phil Spector was charged with murder in an indictment unsealed Monday
 in the shooting death of Lana Clarkson at his mansion last year. Spector was
 quiet in court, but outside, railed against the "Hitler" tactics of the DA..

 Spector suggested in an interview with Esquire magazine that Clarkson shot herself.
 If he had been allowed a preliminary hearing, Spector said, his attorneys would have
 called to the witness stand three of the foremost forensic scientists and coroners in the
 world and each would have testified that Clarkson shot herself.

 When you're rich & white, cops take forever to file charges.
 When you're rich & black, the cops arrest you before the charges are spelled out.

 Subject: the debates

 Bart, you wrote,

> " If it's a tie or Bush barely loses, they call it for Bush"

 Are you serious Bart? Did you miss the last debates?
 Bush got slaughtered during each one, and after each one, he was declared the winner!

 I agree.
 That's why Kerry needs a knockout - so the judges don't get to vote.
 If we go to the scorecards, they'll say Bush won, no matter what.

 No matter how ridiculous his answers are, he'll be treated like a brilliant, seasoned statesman,
 who, on top of everything else, is the kind of guy you'd love to have a beer with!

 The number of people I know who still listen to the post-debate comments of the political
 talking heads has dropped to near zero. What's scary about it is how bold these clowns have
 gotten about shilling for Bush and how obvious their lies are.

 It's nothing more than an open secret now, like when Bush casually comments during a
 "press conference' that it's SCRIPTED. Face it bro, there isn't going to be any question
 about how well Kerry does, this match is bought and sold and newspapers have already
 printed their "Bush Wins" headlines.

 Man, I sure do miss the Clinton years....
 Jim K.

 Jim, I agree.
 I heard a guy from Team Bush saying, "Kerry is a the greatest debater ever.
 If our guy shows up and knows his name, he might win these debates."

 That's why Kerry should've demanded the right to ask Bush direct questions,
 and if they refused, Kerry should've broken off negotiations and declared,
"Bush is afraid to answer to the voters for his screwups and mistakes."

 It was so damn easy, but Kerry chose to be nice...

How stupid and clueless can a Monkey be?

Click  Here  turn your speakers on (G-Rated)

 I have an advance copy of Thursday's debate...

 Question: Mr. President, when the Saudis from Afghanistan attacked us on 9-11, you made
                  the decision, over the objection of our allies, to invade Iraq, which had nothing to do
                  with 9-11, and now we're in a quagmire with men dying in the sand over there every day.
                  Can you explain yourself?

 Pres. Fraud: If you're asking if I took necessary measures to protect America before the
                      evil doers could launch another attack, ...the answer is yes, and if you're asking
                      if I'll wait for permission from the French to protect America, the answer is no.

 The GOP-leaning crowd bursts into wild applause,
 Kerry rolls his eyes, and all the networks that signed loyalty oaths to Bush
 will call this "another slam dunk" for the never-elected Pinhead.

 This is what Kerry agreed to when he caved in on the debate format.
 Now we need a miracle.

Greg Palast - honest journalism

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 Is CIA at war with Bush?
   by the Dean of Douchebaggery, Bob Novak

  Click  Here

"A few hours after George W. Bush dismissed a pessimistic CIA report on Iraq as ''just guessing,''
 the analyst who identified himself as its author told a private dinner last week of secret, unheeded
 warnings years ago about going to war in Iraq. This exchange leads to the unavoidable conclusion
 that the president of the United States and the Central Intelligence Agency are at war with each other...
 Modern history is filled with intelligence bureaus turning against their own governments, for good or ill.
 In the final days of World War II, the German Abwehr conspired against Hitler. More recently,
 Pakistani intelligence was plotting with Muslim terrorists. The CIA is a long way from those extremes,
 but it is supposed to be a resource -- not a critic -- for the president."

 Subject: Nader

 Naderites should take into account that it is REPUBLICAN diehards who are providing
 critical funding to them and petitioning and litigating to get Nader on various state ballots.

 If not because Republican diehards think it will help GWB, then WHY?

 Nader and his supporters are being used, IMHO,
 by people who will oppose everything I understand Greens to believe in.


 Nader told them Kerry and the Giggling Murderer are twins - same for Gore.
 Naderites are scared and they want to believe in something.

 Subject: slogan

 How about this for a short, precise mantra for the Democrats.....

 'Mission Mismanaged'


Marty's Entertainment Page

Now with Survivor Updates


"The front page is filled with Iraq, terrorism, the deficit, all these giant threats. It's like we've
  got a bad CEO. Nothing personal, Mr. Bush, but I don't think you're running this country well.
  I think you're running it into the ground, and it's my personal opinion that we need a regime change.
  You're fired. That's all. Nothing personal, man. Maybe we'll go out and have a glass of wine sometime
  and talk about it after the election. He might be a charming guy. But, boy, is he a fucked CEO."
     --Mickey Hart, The Dead, "Voices for Change"  Attribution

"Bring him to me, pants him,
  get the dogs and send his wife
 to my office and hold her there."

"Can do, Mr. President.
  Anyone else you want pantsed?"

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Special Bonus mention it, and you'll get
Kerry's 1971 testimony before congress FREE!

Don't let the lying scumbags tell you what he said,
listen to it yourself, then correct them.


"Donald Rumsfeld said they are going to have elections even if only three quarters
  of the country votes. He said life isn't perfect. He said sometimes when you have elections,
  you have to exclude parts of the country. You know, like we did with the blacks in Florida."
      --Bill Maher,   Attribution

 George "WMD" Bush takes on John "Frenchy" Kerry
  Showdown at the University if Miami

  Click  Here

 To some people, he's a duplicitous, warmongering dope who thinks accountability is that department
 at the bank you call when you need a new checkbook. His opponent, meanwhile, is widely considered
 to be a seesawing, ribbon-tossing, liberal wussy who will tell you he wants tax cuts for the rich while
 wiping his ass with $100 bills. One of these men will lead our country for the next four years, and we're
 left with the globally unenviable task of choosing the better-qualified of these arguably unqualified men.


"Florida is my lucky state!"


 Subject: I marched against the Vietnam slaughter.Darn proud of it.

 I will stand on rubble of twin towers and at Vietnam Wall and yell----
 My Marching. My yelling. My screaming assisted John Kerry and many thousands
 plus the 70% of americans who polled against the war-
We kept the Vietnam Wall from having 68,000 perhaps 108,000 names of young healthy american youths.
 I am proud to have objected to Bush and PNAC gang's Iraq slaughterhouse.
 Remove Saddam. PNAC war cry in 1998 to Clinton and Congress and were turned down by both.
 Bush was a TOOL they found and used.
 These are NIXON carryovers.
 These are ISRAEL tools.
 These are members of the party of the ANTI-CHRIST--- "cheney" ticked off.
 clarence swinney-political historian
 p.s .I do not lie. Never..

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1038, 1043, 1052   dead American soldiers.

  Bush destroys more families every day of his pResidency.

"On the march to endless arms and legs blown off...."
--words Bush is unable to say

 Protesters not welcome at campaign events
   by Helen Thomas, the last honest reporter in Washington

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush is supposed to be president of all the people - but apparently not
 on the campaign trail. At Bush-Cheney campaign rallies around the nation, the only people
 welcome to attend are Bush supporters, volunteers and undecided voters who lean toward Bush politically...

"The goal of the campaign is to strengthen its recruiting...and to sign up supporters," he said.
"We don't want people at these events who will disrupt. They are not coming to hear the president."

 When I asked Stanzel to cite the laws and regulations that bar freedom of speech
 or shouting at political rallies, he couldn't name any."

 Subject: civil war here

 Hi Bart,
 Ever since first posted a U.S. map in 2000 depicting the red vs the blue states,
 I've come to the realization that our government is setting us up for another civil war.........HERE.
 Rush Limbaugh was put in a position of power to launch the dirty deed.  Us vs. THEM.
 It's no longer the North vs the South.  Waging war in other countries will be discontinued because
 the war at home is easier.  No one has to go overseas.  No one has to be away from loved ones.
 We can pit loved ones against neighbors.  We don't even need uniforms.
 The formula is in place.
 Flag wavers are good, non-flag wavers are bad. This country has lost its mind.
 I've never been more scared for my children's future.
 I have four children. In my mind I dreamed of living long enough to see my kids have kids.
 I also dreamed that I'd live long enough and stay healthy enough to dance at their weddings.
 My just-turned 18 year old received his Selective Service registration form in the mail yesterday.
 A dark, dark day.
 His future is not his anymore.
 And neither is mine.
 2 soldiers were just killed while I wrote this.
 Sadder than sad,

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  Subject: Kerry

 My comments won't see the light of day on your egocentric  web-site.
 I think it is past time that you quit going on and on about the Democrats' un-willingness
 to confront the crud and crap that Republican scum-bags have smeared over the American public.
 What does that mean?
 Are you saying I'm wrong?
 Or are you tired of reading the truth?


 I would like to see you concentrate on the similarities between the Nazi philosophy
 and political methods of the '30's and those of Bush-Cheney and associates in today's America.
 How about you write that and I'll publish it.

 I would like to see you CONSTANTLY remind the public of the braggadocio displayed by a
 craven coward of a Commander-in-Chief who, when it was his turn to sacrifice life and limb
 for this country, ran and hid in the National Guard dodge.
 Most issues have that reminder.
 Yesterday's issue had a double shot ofn Bunnypants.

 I would like to see you CONSTANTLY remind your readers about the 'legal' maneuvering and search
 for ways to contravene the Geneva laws of warfare by Bush operatives, and point out the resultant hatred
 generated all around the world for a once-proud nation by the crap in Abu Gharib (and elsewhere)..
 Again, I don't have much time for research, but I can print sombody' else's findings.

 And for those who doubt the retribution of God on this cabal of phony 'christians' who invoke God's
 blessings when it is convenient for POLITICAL purposes, I would point their attention to the havoc wreaked
 on the State of Florida (beginning with the Florida connection in the Space-program disaster) by the Lord's
 displeasure with the crooked pols who stole the FLORIDA vote for the Smirking Jerk in 2000.
*I* doubt the "retribution of God."
 That sounds so Jerry Falwell after 9-11...

 Enough already of criticising the Kerry campaign's 'lack of bitter challenges, denials, charges
 and counter-charges...that just plays into the theme of Republican strategists.

 Fighting back plays into their hands?
 Are you on Kerry's staff?

 Bob Shrum, is that you?

 Get behind Kerry...Support Kerry...
 If you must criticise the Democrats, go after those 'Zell Miller' types...they stink to high-heaven...
 Craig D

 I should praise the Democrats who just stand there and watch Bush ruin America?


 Subject: Monkey Mail?


 Who cares about your website now.

 Is that a question?
 I'm so critical, I think Monkey's should use punctuation.

 So you aren't getting any mail from Bush backers.
 We don't have to.  Bush is going to win.

 How did you come to that conclusion?
 Did you spin your banana and it stopped pointed at Crawford?

 Maybe that means that's Bush's home next year.

 Kerry is finished because he got caught committing a criminal act.


 Dan Rather is going to prison.

 ha ha
 For what?

 Kerry contacted Dan Rather and they collaberated on a
 smear campaign against George Bush and got caught!

 Was that the headline in The Monkey Gazette?

 It is a very serious matter telling lies and faking documents to bring down a president.

 So the House Impeachment Managers belong in prison, right?
 How about the oil slick who lied us into this needless war?

 John Ashcroft is hungering to get this case and nail Rather first and Kerry later.

 That's the first true statement you have written.

 Jail time for those two crooks.  I was right.
 They are members of the "Criminal Party" aka Democrat Party.

 ha ha
 Do you do private parties?
 Would you be the entertainment at the next Pokerfest?
 Would you wear Bush's Bunny suit?

   ha ha

 Are you happy Kerry just got the endorsement of the Communist Party USA?
 CPUSA.  When it rains it pours.

 I haven't heard that, but I know the KKK supports Bush.
 Every year, the whites-only power freaks endorse the party that hates blacks.

 Kerry is getting dumped on now and will get dumped on every day
 until the election is over and Bush wins easily.

 If you're talking about the American whore press, I agree.
 They always help the Republicans win against the majority.

 I don't need to hear from your snotheads with their viruses.
 Next time I turn them in to the FBI to have fun with with.

 Ken Wright

 Subscription Drive

 We're trying to reach the one percent goal.

If Bush wins and continues his never-ending March of Death, you're going to need the sarcasm
    and outrage and ridicule and snippy attitude that you've come to reply on right here at

If Kerry wins and tries to reverse Bush's never-ending March of Death, FOX News and the networks
    and talk radio and every Nazi on cable TV will do to Kerry what they did to Clinton  -  but much worse.
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BCR Show 55

This is the first non-Tommy show in over six months.
All of it was mixed and edited by Ol' Bart,
so it wouldn't hurt to do a few shots up front.

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30 minutes of Bart's expert news and comment

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Click  Here  to download Part 2 of  Show 55
33 minutes Bart, with lots of praise for John Kerry

Click  Here  to listen to Part 3 of  Show 55
Click  Here  to download Part 3 of  Show 55
34 minutes Bart's beatdown of the lying Bush/Allawi press conference

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Click  Here  to download Part 4 of  Show 55
30 minutes of Dave, Jay, Wanda, the Fruitcake Lady and more

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