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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush vs. his Temper
Kerry Wins Round One
Kerry won round the world 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Mr. Tall and Mr. Small
Early Poll Numbers = Kerry
Nazis agree on a Bush Lie
20 Qs on Debate Spin 
Your debate e-mails 


Quote of the Day

"Tonight he seemed to find his voice 
  for the Democratic view of the world." 
    --Tim Russert, choking on the words he
       can barely bring himself to say because 
        it's the truth.  Will Russert get his check
        this week from the BFEE?


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Volume 1414 -  Fidgetboy loses his cool 

 Friday-Saturday    Oct 1-2,  2004                                                                                                                  Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"This is the President's turf, this is the place that the President is supposed
  to dominate, terror and the war in Iraq. I don't think he really dominated tonight.
  I think Kerry looked like a commander-in-chief."
   -- Morton Kondracke    Attribution

 Bush vs. His Temper
  The Monkey can dish it out, but he can't take it

  Click  Here

 Bush has thrown Kerry's words back on him during nearly every speech,
 but he rocked back in irritation last night when Kerry did the same thing to him.

 Bush's aides knew that his temper was a potential vulnerability, and his debate coaching
 sessions included practice in not getting rattled. But the camera shutters started snapping
 as the president shot a look into crowd when Kerry seized on Bush's refrain that
 "the enemy hit us" and to point out that was not Saddam Hussein.

 "They" said a Bush victory would end the race, and Bush came out swinging.
 Trouble is, he should've sized up his opponent before he swung wildly and missed.
 Kerry caught him with several uppercuts, crashing him to the canvas.

 They told Bush a quick knockout would give him four more years, but Kerry was calm
 and resolute while the spoiled little Bush Monkey was shocked to discover that the judges
 weren't going to give him this one like they have done all of his gold-plated life.



"I thought the President was repetitive and reactive."
   -- Kato Burn    Attribution

 Kerry the Winner of Round One

  Click  Here

 Under pressure, the guy delivered.

 You knew Kerry got the better of Bush in the first debate when that right wing Brooks'
 columnist from the New York Times declared the match-up a tie on a PBS post-debate show.
 If that smarmy George Will wannabe says it came out even, you know Bush took a shellacking.


Your mean I lost?

 Subject: stock market likes Kerry

 The stock market is up 100 points today.

 Bush will try to claim responsibility, but anyone who knows anything about the stock market
 knows that people are rushing to buy today in hopes of what will/may happen tomorrow.

 The entire stock market is based on anticipation for the future.
 Bob in Oklahoma City.



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 Kerry Seen As Debate Winner Around World
   Of course - the world hates a Giggling Murderer

  Click  Here

 Whatever the early verdicts were, one thing was clear: the debate attracted a lot of viewers overseas.
 In Europe, many people had to stay up past 4 a.m. to see the whole debate, and it was not even shown
 in some Asian countries until Friday morning.   In France and Germany, which opposed the Iraq war,
 Kerry's promise of a multilateral U.S. foreign policy was welcomed.

 Germans could not help noticing that Kerry's stand on the Iraq war and his opposition to unilateral attacks
 is closer to Berlin's stance, Gernot Erler, a senior lawmaker with Schroeder's Social Democrats, told n-tv television.

 In France, results of a pre-debate poll said nearly 90 percent of French favor Kerry, and one analyst
 said the reasons why are obvious.  "We are in a logic of 'Anything but Bush,'" Andre Kaspi, an expert
 on the United States at Paris' Sorbonne University, told the daily newspaper La Croix.

"There is no doubt that international support for the United States has fallen a lot in the last four years..."

 ...and this is how Kerry can get our allies to help with Bush's quagmire where Bush can't.
 The arrogant little boy told the world to "F off," and now he needs them and they don't like him.


Winner smiles, loser scowls

 Subject: the debate

"It was like watching Garry Kasparov play chess with Gary Busey."
   -- sent by Jerry D.

 Mr. Tall and Mr. Small
   Greg Palast has a take on the debate

  Click  Here

 Our President told the debate audience, "You cannot lead if you send mexxed missiges." I certainly hope not.
 But that's exactly what we got. You watch our President, the nervous hand-hiding, the compulsive water-glass-fondling,
 the panicked I-wish-I-had-a-whiskey look, and you think, "My god, this is the guy who's supposed to save us from al Qaeda?"

 And how are we going to win the War on Terror, Mr. President?
 "First of all, of course I know Osama bin Laden attacked us. I know that," he said.

 Well, that's a start, I suppose.
 But it doesn't have to stay this way.


Ten US soliders wounded when car blows up in Iraq

 Subject: no, thank YOU!

 Thank you John Kerry for giving me hope last night.

 Because of your decision to confront this current administration with the issues
 that are important to us, you showed that there is indeed help on the way.
 The current administration is out of touch with the concerns of middle America,
 and you showed that with eloquence during the debate.

 That is why I decided to contribute to your campaign.
 Please continue to confront Bush, be relentless.
 My children's future is on the line.

 Thank you,

 Best Regards,
 Tamera V


"The Bush campaign miscalculated on having the first night be foreign policy night."
   --Jonah Goldberg,  A.K.A.  LBJ  Jr.     Attribution


 Early Poll Numbers

  Click  Here  MSGOP had it Kerry 70, Smirk 30

  Click  Here  USA Today had it Kerry 53, Smirk 37

  Click  Here  ABC News had it Kerry 45, Smirk 36

  Click  Here  CBS News had it Kerry 44, Bush 26

  Houston Chronicle poll is 87% Kerry 12 % Bush

  Newsday: 80-83% on all issues polled kerry wins

 More than just the numbers, last night turned Kerry from "Who is he?" to
"I wouldn't mind if that guy was president.  I could vote for him"

 This was supposed to be Bush's best night - and he lost - BIG time.
 Will Kerry be this good on domestic affairs?
 He could be better, and Bush is weaker there.

 Why is Bush weaker on domestic affairs?
 Because we can see the damage he's done, we don't have to take
 his word for that (or Bush's personal whore press's word)
 that everything is ducky right here in America when we know it's not.

 Debate Number Two - let's get it on.


For days political scientists have
seen it coming; many doubted it was true.

But last night, as predicted, Dick Cheney
experienced an eruption immediately
following the presidential debate in Miami


"I had that feeling that Kerry had the questions beforehand.
  He seemed to have his answers right on target.
  Bush seemed like he was surprised by the questions.
  I wish they could investigate to see if the DNC got a hold of the questions beforehand."
     -- Freeperrs, finally realizing that their boy has no brains

 Christian Right use religion for personal gain
   by James A. Baker

  Click  Here

 3 Polls Show Kerry Won Debate Over Bush
  Against all odds, brains won out over lifeless lies and rhetoric

  Click  Here

 Did the White House write Allawi's speech
  Anyone who thinks they didn't must be on Bush's payroll

  Click  Here

 Barnes, Hume, and Limbaugh agree on a lie
  "Bush said there was no imminent threat"

  Click  Here

 Kerry draws blood in first debate
  Kerry left Bush scowling and at a loss for words.

  Click  Here

 Have police found Lori hacking's remains?
  There's an extra special Hell waiting for this bastard

  Click  Here

Jon Stewart,
Kitty Kelley,
Chain of Command

Order yours from the BartCop Bookstore

"May I please have my banana now?"


 You know how people say, "You have to go to the dentist if you have a bad tooth
 so after a short period of pain, your tooth feels better for years afterward?

 I thought about Bush and Iraq...

 Iraq had a pain called Saddam, so Bush told them that we could fix the problem,
 in effect,  "Call Dubya the Dentist," but there's a problem with that bad analogy:

 Iraq and America have been in that f-inf dentist's chair for 20 months and we see
 no chance of getting out of Bush's dentist chair for years.   It's never-ending pain.

 America and Iraq, knowing what we know now, would MUCH rather have
 the original pain instead of Bush's 20-months-and-counting "quick cure."


 Subject: seen this?

 Before the debate, 52% of voters supported Bush, while 44% supported Kerry. (Related link: Gallup Organization)
 Regardless of which candidate you happen to support, who do you think did the better job in the debate: John Kerry or George W. Bush?

 Kerry   53
 Bush     37

 Bart mate
 Could anyone, given the circumstances,  have done better?

 Wal Cooper

 Wal Cooper, from Australia, has been Kerry's biggest fan.
 He and I have clashed in recent months, but he looks smarter today :)

 Even FOX News and the Freepers admit Kerry kicked Monkey butt.
 I didn't see it coming because Gore kicked his ass, too, and they all lied,
 so what made them tell the truth this time?

 Shot if Chinaco for Wal, for guaranteeing Kerry's comeback
 ...and being right.



tennis superstar Martina Navratolova and  reader Tim W

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 The Bush-Kerry Debate

 The chat party worked out real well.
 They (the people who know these things) said we had a peak of 141 people.

 I'd say about 60 people were typing comments, but more were lurking,
 watching TV, co-surfing and enjoying coolants of various types and legalities.

 I hoped ( and still hope for) to make available some kind of transcript,
 but imagine 60 people typing two messages a minute (each) for 2 hours.

 Complete transcripts exist, but an edited-down version would be better.

 In boxing, when the underdog kicks the incumbent, a second fight is set up right away.

 We won't have to wait long.
 A week from tonight is the Monkey's next ass kicking.

 Subject: your debate comments

  Click  Here


"I think Kerry did pretty well tonight, he was forceful and articulate."
   -- Bill Kristol, Weakly Standard  Attribution

 Subject: BCR Show 55

 Howdy Bart!

 Your comments in Show 55 on the mental health of the returning soldiers strikes a chord with me.

 I have a daughter who is 18 and a son who is 15. An impending draft (possible impending draft?
 The BFEE denies all of  it, of course) worries me--obviously because of the actual and direct war
 situation but it also worries me about the afteraffects. How can you be involved with daily death,
 destruction, wounding, constant stress, uncertainty, and not be affected?

 Not only would I be worried about my kids being in harm's way during combat operations, but I'd
 also worry about their emotional well-being for the rest of their lives after "the mission is accomplished."
 I keep imagining my kids being there in the future, and I experience physical panic and revulsion.
 A terrible situation. I really feel for all those soldiers, contractors, NGOs and their families who are
 in the middle of it right now--with no end in sight.

 And something we myopic Americans rarely think of--imagine having to live there full-time!
 Americans can eventually bug out and go home. But the Iraqis are in the middle of it, and will be
 left to clean up the mess. I saw a statistic that said 41% of Iraqi citizens are under the age of 15.
 How are all those kids going to consider the US when/if they become adults? This won't end as
 soon as the troops are withdrawn. It won't end for generations.

 A HORRIBLE situation, all the way around.

 The "Death of Democracy" Shrub rap is great. Sad and scary, but great.
 Chaos is necessary. Killing to achieve our goals. Yikes.

 I'm listening to this the day after the first debate, and it's great that
 Kerry brought up the issue of the Kevlar vests and lack of proper equipment!
 Rock 'em, sock 'em!

 "It's hard work in Iraq" over and over again.... Yeesh.
 Bush was using that chestnut over and over in comments in the Rose Garden,
 days before the debate. The man cannot think. Repulsive.

 Keep hammerin',
 Sharon B


Marty's Entertainment Page

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New book by  reader

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"It was John Kerry's best performance ever a very clear win on points for John Kerry."
    -- Joe Scarborough,  (R -Killed that girl)  of  MSGOP  Attribution

"Screw them all!"

 20 Questions about Post-Debate Spin

  Click  Here


  Click  Here  for the latest installment of Project 60, a four years-long
                       educational project from David Friedrichs and

                       Shot of Chinaco for you, Dave.


 September 29-30, 1944

 Soviet forces land on Muhu Island as German forces withdraw from the nearby island of Saaremaa.
 Canadian forces give the Germans a 24-hour truce to allow civilians to be evacuated from Calais.
 The German garrison at Calais surrenders. Canadian attacks continue north and west of Antwerp.
 To the south, German forces launch localized attacks against the US 3rd Army.
 The last cross-channel gun was silenced, ending nearly four years of harassment of the area around Dover.


"If Kerry wins, there's no telling what that crazy SOB will do when he
  gets in the White House because nobody knows what he stands for."
   -- the vulgar Pigboy, in a panic, realizing for the first time that his boy could lose.

 Subject: How do you like Kerry now?

 Was that a good enough contrast for you, or do you still need him
 to address every little penny-ante charge the thugs bring against him?

 Darryl, USAF, Qatar

 Darryl, I've never been the enemy.
 Kerry has always had my vote, and it's not me he needs to make happy.

 As far as I'm concerned, he can windsurf every goddamn day of his life and he'll still get my vote,
 but he has to get more than 50 million votes to win and that's always been my point.

 A guy in the chat room last night said, "Bart - that fucker's never happy."
 Let me tell you when I'll be happy - when Kerry takes the oath and he goes inside the White House
 on January 20th, and they lock the door behind him - then I'll be happy.
 Until then, I'm going to be nervous, cautious, suspicious and wide-eyed/looking for trouble.

 We all knew Kerry would win the debate, but Gore won, too, and the whore press lied to get Bush elected.
 In 2000, Bush was an idiot who couldn't answer one damn question and they said, "He's a genius!"
 Who knew Bush's whore press would actually tell the truth this time?
 Kerry did great last night, and he clearly knocked the Bush Monkey plum out of his tree.

 And sure, one reason tensions have been high is because I refused to say what people wanted to hear
 just so I could make more money.   There's a word for that, y'know.

 ...and a shot of Chinaco for your service...



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"This is the toughest we've ever seen John Kerry.
  He attacked the very core of the President's popularity.
  He's basically saying, who do you believe?"
    -- Alan Greenspan's wifeAttribution

 What's Hillary doing in Florida?
   Betty Bowers's letter to Florida's Katherine Harris

  Click  Here

 Dearest Katherine:
 How lovely to hear from you, dear.

 I have prayed over your latest request for money.  Just as I was about to sign a check
 for $1,450.00, the Lord Jesus appeared (without calling first) and told me that you are a ....



"Kerry did very well and we will have
  a Presidential race from here on out."
  -- Fred Barnes, FOX News,  Attribution

 Blogged down in Web fantasy

  Click  Here

"The traditional media have faltered badly, from the run-up to Iraq to the Rather-CBS fiasco over forged memos.
 The media are being ripped by everyone from Springsteen to Cheney, which covers a lot of ground. We are rattled,
 and in danger of losing our way. Even David Broder, the Washington Post's dean of media, is worried. He says,
 "News organizations on which people should be able to depend have been diverted into chasing sham events."

 Yes, David. But one of the shams we're chasing is the supposed threat of the blogs, who are to journalism what ticks
 are to elephants. Ticks may make the elephants nuts, but that doesn't mean they will replace them. You can't ride a tick."


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1043, 1054, 1059   dead American soldiers.

  They got  more yesterday.
Thanks, Monkey

"I'm sorry I got us into this quagmire...."
--words Bush is unable to say


"When Kerry leveled some of his charges, Bush appeared irritated and scowled
  at times and, at other moments, glanced away in apparent disgust. Kerry often
  took notes when the president spoke.  The television networks offered a split screen
  to viewers so they could see both men at the same time and watch their reactions."
   -- Terence Hunt, AP    Attribution

 Subject: BCR Show 55

 Hey Bart,

 I really enjoyed BCR Show 55.
 The music was great and the press conference commentary was terrific.
 It's hard to believe people listen the GWB and think he is a "straight shooter"
 when he cannot answer a direct question!

 You could hear the exasperation of the reporter asking the question about why we
 went to war with Iraq when the  evidence shows Bin Laden was in an entirely different country!

 I'm with you when asking, why has it taken the press so long to figure this out?
 Better yet who are these "rogue reporters"?

 They're not on the networks.
 Lauren R


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 VCR Alert

 Bill Maher is tonight, and he'll have plenty to say about the debate.
 One guest is George Carlin, and George Carlin on HBO is dangerous!

 The 30th season on SNL begins with my good friend Ben Affleck.
 Sorry about last week's false alarm - the NBC bastards did that on purpose.
 Look for the political comedy to be front and center.

 Who will be Tina's new co-host for the news?

 They say Desperate Housewives (premiers Sunday on ABC) is a great, great show.

 Robert Bianco (we can trust him) says, "Refreshingly original, bracingly adult and thoroughly delightful,
 Desperate Housewives is the like answer to a TV prayer you didn't know you'd made. As involving as
 any new drama and funnier than any new sitcom, Housewives matches high visual style with witty sensibility.
 Well-observed tiny details share space with bigger-than-life set pieces."

 Having Teri Hatcher and Nicole Sheridan in the cast can't hurt.
 I hope the first review for BartCop TV is as good.

 Right after that is another one, Boston Legal, starring Emmy winners William Shatner and James Spader.
 Shatner could win a comedy Emmy every year he's on this show.

 I want to see the new season of Tru Calling, but first my Cardinals have to kick Yankee ass.

 Subject: I think Kerry read your page before the debates

 Finally, he did say that the war in Iraq was a big mistake
 and that he could do a better job there than Bush.

 He also got in a line about how the only building in Bagdad
 that had any protection is the oil ministry.

 I think he did well in the debate, and Bush did poorly.
 Keep up the great web site!

 Susanne M


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BCR Show 55

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