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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
VP: Report Justifies War  ?
Alert inside Green Zone
Hwood Lib Charges Dropped
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Kerry takes slight lead 
Demo concert on Oct 11
Bush's AQ Khan outrage
Cheney Stays the Course
New reason for invasion


Quote of the Day

"Sometimes, I get the feeling the whole 
  country is being run by Paris Hilton."  
      --Molly Ivins, "Our petulant president", 

  How unfair to Paris Hilton!
  She'd never send 1067 men to die for no reason.
  She's much smarter than that..


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Volume 1418 - Unfettered

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 Friday    Oct 8,  2004                                                                                                                       Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"I can't bring my son back. I can't go back to April 3rd and bring Casey home.
  I can't stand on the side while other mothers and families will have to go through
  what we're going through. I have to speak out, and I have to help try to bring the
  troops home. No matter who wins November 2, we have to hold them accountable.
  We have to start putting pressure on our elected officials to bring our troops home
  from the most unjust and mess of a war that our selected president has got us into."
     --Cindy Sheehan, in a Buzzflash interview, Attribution

 Cheney: Weapons Report Justifies Iraq War
  We knew he was insane, but we had no idea he was this insane

  Click  Here

 Dick Cheney (R-Halliburton) asserted on Thursday that a report by the chief U.S.
 weapons inspector in Iraq, who found no evidence that Iraq produced WMDs after 1991,
 justifies rather than undermines Bush's insatiable hardon for war.

 The report shows that "delay, defer, wasn't an option," Cheney said with a crooked snarl.
"As soon as the sanctions were lifted he had every intention of going back" to his weapons program."

 So don't lift the sanctions, Numbnuts.
 Why is killing 1060 soldiers a good idea?
 What mission did their senseless sacrifice accomplish?

 Why is causing 28,150 US casualties a good idea?
 Why is killing 20,000 Iraqi civilians a good idea?

 I hope Smirk brings salt & pepper to tonight's debate,
 because Kerry's going to make him eat the bloody lies they tell.


 Subject: Rodney

 I'm sure Jesus met Rodney at the Pearly Gates and said something like "I totally respect you!"
 What a great moment for Rodney.


"They are willing to say left is right and up is down.
  The vice president and the president need to recognize that
  the Earth is actually round and that the sun is rising in the east."
      --John Edwards, on the "Up is down" administration Attribution

 U.S. Raises Alert inside Baghdad's Green Zone

  Click  Here

 U.S. authorities raised the security alert in the heavily guarded Green Zone
 after an improvised bomb was found in front of a restaurant there.

 A loud explosion shook the Green Zone on Thursday afternoon and smoke was
 seen rising from inside the compound. The U.S. military had no immediate information
 on the incident. Insurgents regularly fire at the compound.

 No information?
 It happened inside the Green Zone.

 Two American soldiers were killed and two others were wounded in
 separate attacks involving roadside bombs.

 One U.S. soldier from the 13th Corps Support Command died when a bomb
 exploded near his convoy outside Fallujah. Two other soldiers were wounded.

 A 1st ID soldier was killed when insurgents attacked a patrol north of Baghdad, the command said.

 Four U.S. Marines were injured this week in an operation to crush insurgents south of Baghdad.

 Kerry should be ahead 75-25.
 Bush & Cheney have created the biggest mess at least since Vietnam, and if we don't reverse
 the criminal decisions the Giggling Murderer has made, this could end up worse than Vietnam.

 Is there room for another War Memorial Wall in Washington DC?


 Prosecutors Won't Pursue Cases of 227 in Disputed Protest
  New York City drops charges against The Hollywood Liberal

  Click  Here

[The protesters] held discussions with local police commanders, who allowed the march after
 protesters agreed to obey all traffic laws. But they were arrested almost immediately when,
 the police said, they violated the agreement by blocking the sidewalk.

 Civil liberties advocates hailed yesterday's decision and said the dismissals proved the arrests were illegal.
"It's so important that they did that," said Donna Lieberman of the New York Civil Liberties Union.
 "When people are arrested for lawful activity, it has a lasting chill. When the activity is protest,
 then the harm is all the greater."

 From The Hollywood Liberal:
 I woke up extra early this morning, just couldn't sleep. I checked my email, which includes a list I am on
 called RNC Defense. It is a email list for everyone who was arrested at the convention to keep in touch.
 There were a couple of emails saying that the charges against everyone arrested on August 31, 2004,
 at the World Trade Center. (One of whom was your humble narrator.) would be dropped. I looked a
 little further and found this story in the paper. Now this newspaper that I have quoted (The NY Times)
 has been known to be wrong before, so I will have to talk to my lawyer later this morning and get
 confirmation on this. If it is true, there will be some partying going on in Hollywood tonight,
 (as well as New York). And oh yeah, let the lawsuits begin. Whooo Hooooo!

 To read all about it H.L.s trip to New York and the arrest click on these Complete Convention
 Coverage and H.L.Does Time at


 Subject: Show 56 was great!

 Dear bart,

 The comedy was excellent. I miss most of these shows because I work long hours and don't have HBO, etc.
 Tally was right on target. The cult of Bush, EGAD! I have been telling this to any intelligent soul who would listen.
 They meet all the criteria.

 I couldn't tolerate the Bush debate because I can't stand to hear the sound of his ignorant voice.
 He really did show his spots,eh?  Hard work, my ass. He hasn't ever worked hard in his pampered life.
 Now, my colleagues (health professionals) are starting to wake up...slowly, painfully...and they are admitting
 that this is a rudderless ship of fools. The evil VP is running the show and his minions are stealing billions.
 I talked with one that I thought was a conservative, but really is a closet liberal.
 I say let's all come out of that closet! It's the only way to keep America free.
 Hammer on,


 Kerry takes 50-46 lead over Monkey

  Click Here

 The Hero has taken a slim lead over The Monkey according to an AP poll.
 Monkey's support is tumbling on personal qualities, the war and national security

 ha ha
 Let's hope he's a one-term loser like his felon Daddy!



 Subject: You'll like this...

 Cheney: Bart, I have a joke for you...

 Bart:  You have a joke for me?

 Cheney: Knock, knock!

 Bart:  Knock, knock?  ...I'm getting "Knock knock" from Dick Cheney?

 Cheney: C'mon, it's a joke - Knock, knock!

 Bart:  OK, I'll play - Who's there?

 Cheney:  Go fuck yourself!

 Bart:  Go fuck yourself who?

 Cheney:  No, dumbass, that's the joke.

 Bart:   What's the joke?

 Cheney:  Go fuck yourself!

 Bart: No, you go fuck yourself!

 Cheney: We got him, Johnny! He's all yours now!

"Put your hands behind your back. You're under arrest, Comedy Boy.
 You just threatened to overthrow the government of the United States."

(Bart thrown to the ground by four men with dark glasses)

  Bart: Get me Mark Geragos!

Mount St. Helens Live Web Cam

"Please Master, can we listen to
BartCop Radio Show 56 again?"
Click  Here  to listen to a sample from BCR Show 56.
It's a mini-beatdown of Rudy the Liar.

 Subject: Rodney, I met him once

 Hey Bart,

 I met Rodney Dangerfield when I went to his NY club "Dangerfield's" many moons ago .
( late 1970's, I think - I'm pretty old and it's all starting to blend together)

 He was at the door, greeting his guests in a bathrobe and stocking feet.
 Welcomed each of us, shook our hands, and said a few kind words.

 Later, when he took the stage, I was blown away by how much better his jokes were
 than what I had seen on TV.  REAL dirty - and in those days TV wouldn't allow that.
(back before cable - and the breakdown of our *christian*  values - haha)

 We all laughed til we thought we would die.
 What a great comic. What a  fine gentleman.
 I'll never forget him.


 Bush Blisters Kerry on Iraq, Spending

  Click  Here

"Kerry says he's the one to win a war he calls a mistake, an error, and a diversion"
 Bush said in a speech designed to calm the rebellious outrage in his fascist, all-white army.

"But you can't win a war if you don't believe in fighting," said the AWOL cowardly deserter
  about the multi-decorated Vietnam war hero who f-ing still carries f-ing shrapnel in his f-ing body.

"We must not waver," Bush repeated, because it's a phrase that his small brain can remember.

 This is the mantra of the BFEE's re-election strategery.
"We will never change our course, no matter how much the facts change."

 I've never been in the military, ...and besides poker I don't know Bush about battlefield tactics,
 and I don't know much about football tactics or, ...honestly not too much about any damn thing.

 ...but I'll guess War Rule Number One is "Get ready to adapt to whatever conditions we find."
 But Bush & Cheney say, "Steady as we go, be resolute and stay the course," no matter what happens.

 If there's a God, the Reagan Question will screw the Criminals into retirement:
"Are you better off now, ...than you were four years ago?"


By popular request...

"War begins with Dubya" line in the BartCop Store

Click  to  Order

 Subject: Stern buys Rush chair, hates it


  Click  Here  it was the 10-8 issue

 Howard said the EIB chair he ordered off of Rush Limbaugh's web site arrived and it was horrible.
 It was too small for him to sit in, let alone Rush. Robin said that the chair actually looked dangerous.

 Howard didn't believe that it was real leather. Artie decided to see if he could fit in the chair and said
 it almost collapsed when he sat in it. Scott DePace came in to try it and at first said it was kind of
 comfortable, then later admitted that it felt pretty flimsy. Howard said that when Scott was sitting in it,
 it looked like it was going to tip over. Robin said the special "EIB" insignia looked really ugly on it.
 Howard couldn't believe that Rush was saying this is plush leather when it looked like neither.
 Howard told Scott to take the chair and put it next to his Bill O'Reilly bath mat.

 Vice President Liar

 In the VP debate, Cheney very famously said, "I never met you until tonight."

 Leave it to Jon Stewart to prove him wrong.

                 February 1, 2001

 I wonder why Edwards didn't remember meeting the sitting VP?

 Stern kisses BFEE/FCC goodbye in $500M deal

  Click  Here

 "Satellite radio became a business today," Stern says.
 "When radio's biggest star voluntarily takes himself off terrestrial radio and an empire,
 you know it's the real deal. I'm saying to the medium, I'm saying to the industry,
 I'm saying to my fellow broadcasters, 'We do have a choice.' "

 In 2006, Stern will leave the air and head to pay radio in a five-year deal that Sirius values
 at $100 million a year. Then, he'll be immune from FCC regulators and their fines -
 as unfettered on the subscription-only service as artists and executives are at cable's HBO.

 Do you realize Stern is making almost four times more money than the vulgar Pigboy?
 The hate-spewing Nazi gets $28M a year and Stern will get $100M a year.

 Not only that, but Stern can tell Bush to go fuck himself, which will be great to hear.
 I'm with XM Radio now, but I'd switch to hear Stern every day.  In dusty Jokelahoma,
 Stern is "much too dangerous" to be heard. We only get to hear him when we're out of town.

 Can you imagine that first show?
 Can you imagine what it'll be like to have the muzzle taken off for the first time?


               Turns out they also met in World War II

 'Vote for Change' Concert Oct 11 on Sundance Channel

  Click  Here

 Not many reasons to watch - they only have:
 Pearl Jam
 Bruce Springsteen
 Dave Matthews Band
 Jurassic 5
 Dixie Chicks
 James Taylor
 Jackson Browne
 Bonnie Raitt
 John Fogerty
 Keb' Mo'
 John Mellencamp
 "Babyface" Edmonds

 What's on Bush's back?


  Click  Here

 The president is not known to wear a back brace, and it's safe to say he wasn't packing.
 So was the bulge under his well-tailored jacket a hidden receiver, picking up transmissions
 from someone offstage feeding the president answers through a hidden earpiece?  Did the device
 explain why the normally ramrod-straight president seemed hunched over during much of the debate?

 Before somebody says, "That's the battery pack for the microphone," those are usually
 clipped onto a belt - we assume he's wearing a belt, so what's it for?

 Could it be a Star Trek 'plastic vomit' creature from Operation Annihilate?


 Ethics Panel Rebukes DeLay Twice in a Week

  Click  Here

 The House ethics committee Wednesday criticized  Tom DeLay (R-Squirrel) for conduct
 that appeared to link political donations to legislation and for improperly contacting U.S.
 aviation authorities for political purposes, House sources said Wednesday.

 The committee's findings - a report admonishing his conduct - nonetheless spared him
 a lengthy investigation by the ethics panel. By concluding the case with no more than a report
 on DeLay's conduct, the investigation is unlikely to affect his ability to push the Republican
 agenda through the House if the GOP retains its majority.

"Spared him a lengthy investigation?"
 Was Lee Hamilton in charge of this, too?

 Subject: Rodney

 My own personal favorite Rodney joke:

 I went to my doctor to get a vasectomy.
 He looked at me and said,
'With a face like that, you don't need one.'"

 Al W

 Al, good one.
 Rodney wasn't Richard Pryor, but he was a GIANT.

 They say when Richard hit the stage, he didn't do,
"My wife's cooking is so bad that..."  jokes.
 but Rodney did those jokes and he made them work.

Vegas Dave is back with a bigger, badder Vegas Report!


"There are no charges pending against Tom DeLay anywhere by anybody.
  There is no special counsel going to be appointed, there is no investigative
  subcommittee to be appointed. There is no further action to be taken. There are no sanctions."
     -- Tom DeLay's attorney,  Attribution

"I beat the charges!"

 ...because he's a Republican and in Washington DC, they only investigate Democrats.

 Bush-Cheney's AQ Khan outrage
  Debate quotes to ponder...               by Faun Otter

 Cheney:  This was one of the biggest sources of proliferation in the world today
                in terms of the threat that was represented by that.    The suppliers network
                that provided that, headed by Mr. A.Q. Khan, has been shut down.

 Bush:     The A.Q. Khan network has been brought to justice

  And later, after repeating his code word plea for help to the earpiece transmitter boys:

 Bush:     Hard work, I said hard work. We have static.
                Repeat, hard work.  We busted the A.Q. Khan network.

 So who is Abdul Qadeer Khan?

 AQK was the 'Father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb' and was arrested for providing
 nuclear secrets to Iran, North Korea and Libya. Those are just the nations we know about.
 Early in 2004, George Tenet warned that these transfers had been, "shaving years off"
 the time these nations needed to produce their own nukes.

 AQ was one really bad guy.

 At least Bush's bosom buddy President Pervez Musharraf was on the case.
 Here's a world leader right out of  the Bush family mold. Perv, as GWB calls him,
 knew exactly what to do with this evil man...

 He issued a presidential pardon.

 If you find that mind boggling, let me share the Bush-Cheney regime's official statement upon being
 informed that Professor Proliferation was off the hook and heading for a comfy retirement of tea and cricket:

"President Pervez Musharraf's decision to pardon Khan was an internal Pakistani matter."
  CNN February 5 2004

  One must wonder what these Bush-Cheney people will say when Perv pardons Osama.....


 This Faun Otter guy knows too much - he's a problem.
 Check and see if he flies in small planes...
 Damn, lose ends make my eye twitch.

 This Otter guy hasn't been wrong yet.
 That's the first sign that we're going to be exposed..."


The hottest babes are for Kerry-Edwards


"New Rule: Florida has to sit this election out. You know, you'd think 2000,
  Florida would have made sure to get it right this time. But, no, even Jimmy Carter
  says Florida is not ready for an election. So, sorry, Florida, you're going to have to
  take that Tuesday off and just treat yourself to an extra hurricane. "
      --Bill Maher,      Attribution


 If you have subscribed, temp or permanent, we want you in the members area.
 If you can't hear the radio show, contact us and mention if you're getting other audio.
 That will tell us if the problem's on your end or ours

 If I owe you something or if I've forgotten to do something, contact Sam.

 Subject: best Rodney one liner...

"I get no respect. My kids put crazy glue in my Preparation H."

 Rest in peace Rodney.

 Nothing is sadder than a comic's funeral.
 Carson, Williams, Carlin, Letterman, Pryor(?) Rock, Maher, Stewart, Chappelle, ...the rest,
 they should all take off work, call in drunk, go into f-ing reruns, to be at Rodney's funeral.

 Not all of Rodney's jokes were funny.
 Many of Rodney's jokes were "old,"
 but Rodney helped write the book.

 Vegas should go dark for a minute - Rodney was that big.


 Judge: Kobe Bryant Accuser Must Be Identified
   In a civil suit, they come before the court as equals

  Click  Here

 Stephen Hawking beats Beckham as British role model
   ...yet Tony Blair is still allowed to lead?

  Click  Here

 Study: Extinct giant deer survived Ice Age
   Forty ton deer used to kick dino ass in Jurassic America

  Click  Here

 Bank of America to Cut 4,500 Jobs
  The economy continues to crumble under President Duncil

  Click  Here

 AT&T to Cut About 7,000 Jobs
  The economy continues to crumble under President Duncil

  Click  Here

Jon Stewart,
Kitty Kelley,
Chain of Command

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11 is for sale

Order yours from the BartCop Bookstore

 Mount St. Helens' Crater Floor Rising
   "I feel the Earth. move, under my feet..."


  Click  Here

 MOUNT ST. HELENS, Wash. - Part of Mount St. Helens' crater floor has risen
 50 to 100 feet since Tuesday while earthquake rates have been low, signs that magma
 is moving upward without much resistance, scientists said Thursday.

 "The skids are greased," is how the scientist described the volcano.

 Geologists continued to emphasize that there is little chance of anything similar to
 the blast that blew 1,300 feet off the top of the peak in May 1980, killing 57 people
 and paralyzing much of the inland Pacific Northwest with gritty volcanic ash.

 ...wait, isn't 25 years ago like two seconds in volcano years?

 I mean, ...the magma is moving because Earth's crust has yet to finish cooling

 ...from the Big Bang,

 ...which was like a hundred gazillion years ago.

 But there's no need to worry about the giant, smoldering-with-liquid-rock state of Washington.
 Mother Nature would never harm us.


 Subject: Rich the Torturer from last issue

 A. You are a shitbag for posting my address.
      Just for that I am going to vote for Bush. Fuck you.

 When people write, with very, very, very, very strong opinions, and then beg,
 "Please let me hide behind your skirt, please?" it strikes me as cowardice.

 You're either up for an e-mail fight or you're a bunny that can't be bothered.
 Make up your mind and get back to me, Bunny.

 B. Tell your faggot friends that I live in LA and if any one of them is man enough
      to tell me jack shit to my face, let me know and we'll arrange a meeting.
      Otherwise you can all go fuck yourselves.

 ha ha
 Yes, all my friends are gay.
 I have a "gay test," like Kerry's "Global test," that all friends must pass.

 BTW, when you suggested we f-ing torture everyone who John Ashcroft deems suspicious,
 you told us all we need to know about your sense of fairness and judgment.

 Way to bring them into the fold, shit for brains.
  Fuck you.
  Rich the Torturer

 Rich, you are a man of words.
"Shitbag, fuck, faggot, shit, fuck, shit, fuck."

 Here's what I''m gonna do...
 I'm gonna do a shot of Chinaco, ...


 ...Ahhhh, that was so fine!

 Dude, I feel sad for you.
 ...but I wish you the best, despite your "Let's torture everyone" mentality.


Kurt Vonnegut knows where to find the truth

Get your bartcop stickers!
Then send in your digital pictures.

Send a stamped envelope to
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

But if you send a token donation
we will not be offended.

 Cheney Stays the Course
  VP Follow Bush Down the Road to Bitch-Slappy-Ville

   Click  Here

 Subject: Rodney

 My favorite Rodney joke:

"I got into a cab and told the driver to take me where I could get some action.
  He took me to my house!"



 Bush: Deceptive or Delusional?
  by Robert Parry at,

  Click  Here


 Bush said: "Saddam Hussein had no intention of disarming. Why should he? He had 16 other resolutions
 and nothing took place. As a matter of fact, my opponent talks about inspectors. The facts are that he [Hussein]
 was systematically deceiving the inspectors. That wasn't going to work. That's kind of a pre-Sept. 10 mentality,
 the hope that somehow resolutions and failed inspections would make this world a more peaceful place."

 Wrong, Wrong

 Virtually every point in this war justification from Bush is wrong. Whether or not Hussein had an "intention"
 to disarm, the reality was that he had disarmed. Rather than the U.N. resolutions having no consequence,
 they apparently achieved their goal of a WMD-free Iraq. Rather than clueless U.N. inspectors duped by
 Hussein, the inspectors were not finding WMDs because the stockpiles weren't there. Bush's post-invasion
 inspection team didn't find WMDs either.

(Bart stands and applauds.)

 A shot of Chinaco for 

 Note:  is the most important site on the internet
  Not only that, their style of writing is smooth and it flows and follows perfectly.
  It takes talent to write columns that make people want to read more.


Marty's Entertainment Page

 See you in the live chat room tonight?
 It's possible tonight will be the most fun we've ever had together.
 Some people had trouble getting into the chat room last time.

 On the MIRC, when you get in, it might say, "expired," but just hit "continue"
 and if it asks, "Do you want to change servers to join?" click "Yes."


"I hope my eye doesn't start twitching.
 It does that when I'm about to lose a debate..."

 So ashamed of Oklahoma...

 Each year, when the rainy season starts, Tulsa has their State Fair.
 It's a big deal here, I think 1.5M visitors in nine days

 The billboards around town say "Pig out at the Oinklahoma State Fair."
 Swear to Koresh - their multi-million dollar slogan is "Pig out at the Oinklahoma State Fair."
 The TV commercials are similar, but at the end, the Oinklahoma Pig burps real loud, then says, "Sorry."

 Oklahoma recalls cow manure tourist brochures
  Pamphlets filled with spelling, grammatical and factual mistakes

  Click  Here

"We discovered the material in the event guide was culturally insensitive and contained errors,"
 said state tourism director Rob Gray.  One item that may not have helped was a photo of an event
 in which lumps of cow manure are thrown as a part of a contest in the town of Beaver, Oklahoma.

 Another photo tourism officials found potentially objectionable showed Civil War re-enactors
 in Confederate uniforms firing cannons underneath a Confederate battle flag.

 Oklahoma - it's Texas without the class!



 Voter registration up in three swing states

  Click  Here

 Bush is assured of at least 210 electoral votes, mostly in backwards southern and central states.
 Kerry had 186 electoral votes virtually guaranteed, from coastal states where the smart people live.

 The geographical situation is not a coincidence.
 People in large cities are more sophisticated and have met "foreigners" before.
 People in Boston, New York, Seattle, San Fran and Los Angeles know the world.

 But people in Oklahoma, Wyoming, Alabama, Carolina and Dakota are ignorant.
 They've lived on the farm all their lives and don't trust anyone that doesn't look like them.
 They are uneducated, God-fearing, FOX-watching, knuckle-dragging, simple and ignorant
 so they're going to vote for the candidate most like them and that can hurt America.

 Subject: Dangerfield

 Mr. Dangerfield was in a class reserved for the greatest, which includes
 Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton, Red Buttons, and very few more.
 He lived his life well, and was loved by all, including me.

 I pray the Lord take great care of him, and blesses him for all the laughter
 he has brought to all of us.  He will be missed by all.



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 Sorry that there was no page yesterday, but the strangest thing happened.
 I start every morning with 100 sit ups, (cough) then I drink my Green Tea and
 then I reach outside and get my USA Today newspaper so I can check old news.

 The mail was already here, which is odd, I guessing I didn't get yesterday's mail.
 So I rifled thru the stack and I found an envelope from Capital One VISA.
 I opened it and the strangest thing, ...a whoosh of sand shot out like a fire hose.

 I couldn't believe how much sand there was and it kept coming and coming.
 In a matter of seconds, it filled up the house and burst thru the front door,
 almost injuring the poor UPS dude - so I feel lucky it was just a one day ordeal.


 Unlike a lot of websites, we don't check our stats here that often.
 I mean, ...we have to keep half an eye on it, ...for the advertisers,
 but Friday, ...the day after Kerry explained the real world to Bubble Boy?  got a lot of hits, and by a lot, I mean almost six dozen unique hits.

 Hey, I remember when I couldn't fill a jury box.
 We've been at it so long, we're so successful at it now, it would take three busses
 to get every  reader to the BartCop Country Picnic.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1054, 1059, 1064, 1067   dead American soldiers.

 The number of amputees, wounded, injured or mentally ill
is a staggering 28,150

 Bush, Cheney fabricate new reason for Iraq invasion
  The evil dictator cheated on the UN food program, that's why 1065 soldiers are dead?

  Click  Here

 Bush & Cheney conceded Thursday in the clearest terms yet that Saddam had no WMDs,
 even as they tried to shift the Iraq debate to a new issue - whether the invasion was justified
 because Saddam was abusing a U.N. oil-for-food program.

"Saddam was systematically gaming the system, using the U.N. oil-for-food program to try to
 influence countries and companies in an effort to undermine sanctions," Bush lied in Wisconsin.
"He was doing so with the intent of restarting his weapons program once the world looked away."

"...once the world looked away?"
 So don't look away, asshole.

 You don't kill 1500-2000 soldiers to save the trouble of keeping an eye
 on Iraqi sanctions that have worked perfectlky for over a decade..

 Folks, we have extremely dangerous people here.
 They are insane, they are angry and they are desperate.
 They're starting to feel power slipping away from them.

 And they're not going to let that happen.

 There are still so many hundreds of billions of dolars left to steal.
 I hope Kerry's people have half an eye on that possibility.

 Let's hope Cheney's October Surprise isn't measured in megatons.

 Subject: Bremer

 This is a note to Bremer. Stick by the asswipe, cause you are going down when all is said and done.
 You can share a cage with all these dipshits, and I pray that you are all dropped off in the middle of Bagdad.

 For what you have done to my country, my economy, my envoirment, and most of all the families that have
 lost love one's, so you bastards could get richer. When is enough enough?

 All I know is that after Sen. Kerry become's president, I want him to take you all before the war tribunal,
 and try you all for murder, treason, and just for pissing me off.


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 To the Vets who still support Bush

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 The government (Bush and Cheney) lied to us again about going to war. Plain and simple.
 The government lied to us time after time. Our thirst for revenge has clouded our sensibilities
 on what is right and what is wrong. I believe that's why the Vietnam Vets still support Bush.
 They don't want to be wrong again. It stirs up to much pain about our war. I think every Vietnam Vet
 that was in combat has P.T.S.D. to a certain extent just enough to cling to another lie. The outrage
 from 9/11 has distorted or morphed into this "kill'em all, it's okay to torture, hide the facts, don't let
 anyone see our dead, use of deadly depleted uranium shells, stockpiling the sick and wounded in
 Germany and Fort Stewart" it's all wrong. It does not matter how hard we cling to a lie or how
 much we wish it was true it's still a lie.

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