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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush, Kerry Talk Tough
Osama No Longer Top Target 
Gas Prices Help BIG OIL
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
There must be two Iraqs
Violence takes toll on Iraq
Bush/Cheney campaign lies
Teen rescued after vision
U.S. Steps Up Attacks


Quote of the Day

"I wasn't happy when we found out 
  there wasn't weapons. But Saddam  
  Hussein was a unique threat.." 
     --President Monkey, in the last debate

 How was Saddam unique?
 Because he had a gazllion barrels of oil available
 for stealing and he made your dad look wimpy?


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Volume 1421 - Perfectly Legal

 Tuesday    Oct  12,  2004                                                                                                                       Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"It is embarrassing to see George Bush pretending to be president."
      --Retired Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy, the highest-ranking woman in U.S. Army history,
         who says Dubya had no clue about Iraq and has no idea how to get out,   Attribution

  Why doesn't Bush have to pay a price for killing 1075 soldiers?
  Why have the media, the voters and the Democrats given him a free ride
  on killing 1075 after we crucified Clinton for having a girlfriend?

 Bush, Kerry Talk Tough on Oil, Terror
  I love that headline, usually it's 'Bush talks tough'

  Click  Here

 Bush's in Colorado is an effort to counter Kerry's surprising bid to win a state that has
 voted GOP in nine of the past 11 presidential elections. One poll shows Bush ahead in
 Colorado; another shows the two men in a close race.

"Kerry is here to try to make up electoral votes he can't get in the South," said a guy.
"John Kerry is setting a tall order for himself by making a play for Colorado."

 On Monday, Kerry lashed out at a president who has taken to calling the Democrat a
 tax-and-spend liberal with a 20-year Senate record of voting in favor of tax increases.

 The record price of oil "means a lot more profit for this president's friends in the oil industry.
 The Bush tax increase is a tax increase most middle class Americans can't afford," Kerry said.

 We're at war, the oil companies are gouging us to death, Bush is giving the super-rich
 another $136 billion of our tax money that they'll put into savings while the economy
 continues to crumble and Kerry's not ahead by 25 points?

 If only the Democrats would consider coming to work...



"It's not the American way for powerful corporations to strong-arm local broadcasters
  to air lies promoting a political agenda. It's beyond yellow journalism; it's a smear
  bankrolled by Republican money, and I don't think Americans will stand for it."
      -- David Wade, a Kerry spokesman, on the Sinclair Broadcast Group, who ordered
          its stations to preempt regular programming to air a pack of lies about Kerry   Attribution

 I have an idea: Kerry could beg them not ro run it...

 Bin Laden 'No Longer Top Target'
  Bush decides to forgive former partner, "bygones..."

  Click  Here

 Coalition commanders in Afghanistan have begun playing down the importance of Osama
 - in sharp contrast to the statements made earlier this year that he would be caught by the end of 2004.

"From the Afghan point of view we don't want to focus too much on Bin Laden," said Major-General
 John Cooper, deputy commander of the American-led coalition forces.

"He is not necessarily the major player. He will be caught one day but his whereabouts today won't have a huge effect."

 Cooper, the most senior British officer in Afghanistan, admitted that after three years of searching the hills
 and valleys of Afghanistan, the coalition forces had no idea where their other main target, the Taliban leader
 Mullah Omar, is hiding. "We don't even know which country he's in," he said.

 Cooper refused to reveal whether the coalition had any idea where Bin Laden was. "Saddam was caught
 as a result of circumstances and good intelligence and I'm sure one day the same will happen with Bin Laden," he said.

 Once again, the America voters are going to let Bush off the hook?
 After getting light-years of mileage out of that phony bullhorn photo op in New York,

 (Thank you, John, for giving Bush the
  gift that voters remember so warmly.)

 Bush now gets to skate on that sacred vow, too?
 Will he never be held accountable for any promise he breaks?


 Subject: BCR Show 56 feedback

 Great show, as always.

 Part 2 stands out.  You have exposed the total arrogance of this president.
 I think he's as arrogant as the vulgar pigboy; I never thought I'd say that about anyone.
 He has absolutely no respect for people.

 Every soundbite you played was him scolding citizens for daring to believe anything
 other than the Big Lie, which is: "Bush will keep us free and safe."
 How dare we question if he knows Osama bin Laden attacked us?

 He is upset that he has someone challenging his power.
 Like all bullies, (O'Reilly for one) he turns nasty, preachy, and arrogant.
 Hammer on!

 Tom Go

Now with working link!


"You keep reading and hearing about "undecided voters."
  Anybody who is undecided at this time doesn't have much of a mind to make up."
     --Jimmy Breslin, "Insane reality spins the head",   Attribution

 We're watching 50,000,000 people vote for higher taxes.
 We're watching 50,000,000 people vote for more phony wars.
 We're watching 50,000,000 people vote for dirtier air and water.
 We're watching 50,000,000 people vote for bigger government.
 We're watching 50,000,000 people vote for a very stupid president.
 We're watching 50,000,000 people vote for more terrorists.
 We're watching 50,000,000 people vote for American isolation in the world.
 We're watching 50,000,000 people vote for a madman out of control.
 We're watching 50,000,000 people vote for Bush's worldwide takeover.

 Subject: 'We can still hope for victory'

 Bart, you wrote:

> Sobering Reminder:  No matter how well we think Kerry did in the debates, the stupid voters
> thought Bush did a superb job. We haven't won anything yet - but we can still hope for victory.

 Look what happened in the Australian elections, where our version of Bush - John Howard - even after all
 the WMDs facts came out, even after he had been shown to have misled the country on Iraq and the Tampa
 refugees incident, deliberately suppressing critical information, even after dozens of former military chiefs and
 diplomats publicly stated that he had engaged in an illegal war - despite all this, Howard was re-elected with a
 hugely increased majority. He has more power than ever. The voters simply did not care about the lies and the illegal war.

 I predict that this will happen with Bush and Blair - they will be easily re-elected too. That is what the agenda requires.
 Paul Stevens

 Paul, we certainly don't want that to happen here, but we have to steel ourselves to that possibility.
 Lots of people are talking "Kerry landslide," which is what we all want, but if Bush sneaks/steals a win,
 I'm afraid a lot of demoralized people will give up on politics and we'll need them more than ever
 to fight the illegal thugs for another four years.


How much of your personal information is available to anyone searching the internet?
Would you like to know?
Find out now - Click Here for a FREE trial

 Violence has taken it's toll on Iraq

  Click  Here

"I would prefer that the new leader will be Saddam Hussein because I would
 rather vote for Saddam Hussein than any else. He was one of the most hated
 people in the history of Iraq. And I was against him more than anyone else.
 But if he runs for election, I'm going to vote for him."

 That's how bad Bush has bungled Iraq.
"Give us back the mass graves and rape rooms.
  Anything is better than Bush's Iraq."

 ...yet he could still win this election?


 Subject: BCR Show 56

 Loved the show.
 A quick story...
 My fiance and an old friend both listen to the pigboy.
 Supposedly because nothing else is on the radio in Louisville. And they're right.
  I refuse to, simply because he is saying the same crap he's said for years, recycled but the same.
 It finally dawned on me over the weekend that I can download and burn your radio shows to cd
 (I'm a dumbass). Then listen to them while I drive about 40 minutes each way to work.
 Thank the Invisible Cloud Being.   I'm enjoying the hell out of this.
 I then share them with these two and we all enjoy BC radio.
 I'll either get them to sign up or pay more while I can for the privilege. 
 And it is a privilege.

 BartCop - come to Vegas!!
 BartCop - come to Vegas!!
 Maybe, as more Republicans hear BartCop Radio, one will get angry enough to debate...?

 Kerry Says Gas Prices Help Bush's Friends
  Exxon-Mobile is now bigger than Wal-Mart - that's pretty damn big

  Click  Here

 Kerry said Monday that President Oil Slick has done more to help BIG OIL
 boost their profits than to help consumers with soaring energy costs.

"The money that you're paying at the pump is going directly from your wallets
 straight into the hands of the oil companies and the oil producers."

 Because the Democrats have refused to fight back, America has bought into the lie
 that "liberal regulations" have skyrocketed oil prices. But that fails to explain why oil
 companies are having their most profitable era ever. If they were simply passing on
 the costs of regulations, their profits wouldn't soar like a F-16 on steroids.

 Because the Democrats have refused to fight back, California thinks their energy crisis
 was due to "liberal regulations" and the Democrats stood mute while Gray Davis was
 blamed for Enron's rape, and most people don't know the truth to this day.

 What will it take for the Democrats to join the political process?



"Don't ask when you're going home. We'll tell you when you're going home."
     --instructions given to the 1500 Marines when Rumsfeld asked for questions in Iraq,   Attribution

 Subject: Bush did great in the debates?

 His followers are just as nuts as he is, and you know how misery loves company!
 He sounded and acted as if he went off his rocker when he scooted across the floor to get in Gibson's face.

 As far as liberal goes, it flatters me to be called a liberal.
 I'm not mean-spirited, I'm decent, been married to the same man for 54 years,
 and I try to help people worse off than I am. This is what a liberal does, nothing to be ashamed of.
 What I would hate to be is a despicable right-wing conservative.
 They are repulsive and lie like a rug.

 Marian in Missouri

"War begins with Dubya" Chinaco Cup in the BartCop Store

Get one for the office.
It's a conversation starter.

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 Teen rescued after 'religious vision'

  Click  Here

 A teenager spent eight days in her wrecked car that landed in a wooded ravine before being rescued
 by a member of her church who said a vision led her to the girl, a newspaper reported on Monday.

"Because her daughter was upset about Laura's disappearance, she asked her mother to pray to find her.
 Nohr told the newspaper that that night, she had vivid dreams of a wooded area and felt an urge the next morning
 to drive to where she found Laura, whose crumpled car had fallen 45m down an embankment and was hidden in trees.

 If you believe this happened, would you care to buy some stock in a stable Iraq?
 BartCop - come to Vegas!!
 BartCop - come to Vegas!!


"But no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat to the security of our people
  and the stability of the world than the regime in Iraq. His regime has amassed large clandestine
  stocks of biological weapons, including anthrax and botulism toxin and possibly smallpox.  He has
  amassed large clandestine stockpiles of chemical weapons, including VX and sarin and mustard gas."
        --Donald Rumsfeld, under oath before the House Armed Services Committee 9/18/02,   Attribution

 Let me get this straight:
 It's illegal to lie about a blow job.
 It's illegal to lie about selling ImClone stock.
 but it's perfectly legal to lie America into a fake war to make Bush rich and get 1075 soldiers killed?

 Remember, the Democrats didn't even insist Bush testify under oath.
 (after the GOP forced Clinton under oath about Monica)
 Remember, the Democrats didn't even insist Bush testify in public.
 (after the GOP forced Clinton to testify on videotape so they could release it)
 Remember, the Democrats didn't even insist Bush testify without Cheney holding his hand.
 (after the GOP denied Clinton the right to counsel)

 When will the Democrats join the political process?

 Subject: please send reporters to America

 As you all know, we in America are holding elections on November 2.
 I would ask all the world to send reporters to cover it.

 We used to be a free nation with a free press and fair and honest elections.
 We are not that country anymore. Our press is controlled by President Bush's party.
 The electronic voting machines are supplied by another Bush supporter and it is widely
 known that these machines are easily altered.

 Our president stole the election in 2000 and then lied to the world and initiated an
 unprovoked war in Iraq in defiance of international law and putting all the people of
 the world in a more dangerous place. The stakes in this election are high for every
 person on the planet. This is the point where people of good conscience must speak out
 and tell it like it is. We have a duty to prevent a madman from starting more wars.

 I therefore ask the world news media to come to America and pay close attention
 to an event that will shape our future for generations to come.

 I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA

as seen on

Greg Palast has a new DVD

Click  to  Order

 Greg Palast is on the trail of the Bush family, from Florida election finagling,
to the Saudi connection, to Bush spiking the FBI investigation of  bin Laden.
Greg's hard-hitting reports were in Fahrenheit 9/11, on BBC Newsnight television,
and in Palast's bestseller The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.

You can trust Greg Palast


"There's no evidence whatsoever that stem cell research is going to cure anything."
       --Rush, explaining why Bush let Reagan die    Attribution

 Subject: Stupid voters

 Bart, My 82-year-old Dad and I have been marveling for months as to just how stupid and ill-informed
 today's average American voter must be. They'd rather believe sound bites and mostly made up and
 exaggerated propaganda than pay attention to the actual facts!!!!

 People need to expend a moment or two of their scarce and precious time and do their own research,
 whether they do so online, or actually physically go and delve into a candidates record is entirely up to them,
 but they need to do this before casting the most important vote  of their lifetime. I've already told my Mom and Dad
 that I'm packing them up and we're all going to Ireland (tons of family there) should the unthinkable actually occur.

 Here, in Florida, there are already all sorts of tricks in the works to try and steal this election. It's downright disenheartening.
 My elderly parents should be able to enjoy the golden years they've respectively lived through. serving in WW11 and
 raising and educating seven children, rather than suffering through them as a direct result of the Monkey's greed and lies!

 Guess you can tell I'm annoyed, huh? People, all I'm trying to say is please do a little research before we are all forced
 and lied into continuing the downward spiral our proud and brave country is actively engaged in.

 Kat in Lake Worth(less)

 Kat, you're right about Bush's sound bites.

 The Monkey says, "Freedom's on the march in Iraq," and people f-ing buy that like it means something,
 even though we've lost almost 1100 soldiers and every day is another dozen truck bombs.

 He says, "We're going to help small businesses with tax cuts," then he gives trillions to the super-rich.
 Last time I got my haircut, the owner of the shop started ragging me (she knows I do BartCop) and she was
 going on about how great Bush was and I asked her how big her tax cut was, since she owns a small business.
 She said she didn't get a tax cut last year, she just likes Bush.

 Did any business get a tax cut last year?
 It's like a friend saying, "If you need help moving, call me," but they're never home.
 Bush says he's going to do "X" and "Y," but he never does - and they forgive him.

 People refuse to vote their own intreests.
 Anybody making less than $200K who is voting for Bush is voting to screw themselves.

 Bush and Cheney's campaign lies
    by Carla Binion

  Click  Here

 Cheney had a fever to go into Iraq and preemptively strike and oust Saddam Hussein well before
 September 11, 200l.  Nichols writes that Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were circulating memos with
 such titles as "Plan for Post-Saddam Iraq," and "Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts" in early 2001.
 A few months later, nineteen hijackers, none of whom were connected with Saddam Hussein, attacked the
 World Trade Center and Pentagon.  Almost immediately after the attacks, Cheney and others in the Bush
 administration started working to link Iraq with 9/11.  Nichols says that when the CIA wouldn't report Iraq
 was involved in 9/11, Cheney fell back on information from an independent intelligence unit set up by Rumsfeld.
 Nichols adds that Cheney "became known for peddling outlandish claims," including the idea that Iraq was,
 in Cheney's words, "the geographic base of the terrorists who have had us under assault for many years,
 but most especially on 9/11."  Rather than listen to respected, objective intelligence analysts, Cheney went
 trolling for information from the likes of Ahmad Chalabi, whom Nichols describes as a "con man."

 Will Cheney have to pay a price for his lies?
 Or will he be rewarded with another four years to

 rape and pillage whatever countries he lies about?

 If only we could get some Democrats to come to work...


 There must be two Iraqs

  Click  Here

 Evidently, there are two Iraqs. One exists here on our Earth. The other occupies a parallel
 space-time continuum perceivable only by a select few individuals, one of whom is the president.
 If you've got a better theory, I'm open to it. All I know is that in recent weeks, we've seen that nation
 go from awful to whatever comes after awful. Yet, to hear the president talk, the situation is actually
 a lot better, more hunky and/or dory than anybody really knows. We're moving forward, he says.
 We're getting the job done. Two Iraqs. That's got to be it. That must be why the Iraq Bush describes
 bears so little resemblance to the one described by, well... just about everybody else in the world."

 Subject: Mistakes and questions

 One of the questions presented to bush in the last debate was to name three mistakes
 he has made while in office and again like in the news conference where he was asked
 a similar question he named none.

 I was always taught that I was responsible for my decisions and actions.
 How is it that bush is free of responsibility for the decisions he makes and the actions he takes?
 Whatever happened to personal responsibility?


 BS, that's the kind of question that keeps Republicans out of live chat rooms.

 They can't defend him, so they refuse to discuss it.
 About the best answer you can get from a Republican on that question is,
 "Well, Clinton lied about Monica so nobody is perfect."

 But it's all part of the same theme that if the Democrats would ever consider fighting back,
 the GOP wouldn't be able to lie to blatantly all the damn time about everything.
 Every day we hear,
"Kerry is the most liberal man in history."
"Kerry is a tax-and-spend liberal."
"Kerry is a flip-flopper who's afraid to fight terrorism."
"Kerry can't make up his mind on abortion..."

 ...and on and on because the liberals are afraid to stand up and say, "That's not true!"

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If Bush wins, you'll need  to stay sane.

If Kerry wins, the media will do their very best destroy him.

  Why not subscribe, and we'll go thru this together?
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 U.S. Steps Up Attacks on Iraq Insurgents

  Click  Here

 U.S. forces stepped up operations across a wide swath of the Sunni insurgent
 strongholds northwest of the capital, pounding targets in two cities from the air
 and supporting Iraqi troops in raids on mosques suspected of harboring insurgents.

 U.S. warplanes struck twice in insurgent-held Fallujah, destroying a restaurant and
 a house used by members of Iraq's most feared terrorist organization.

 So, after 19 months of war with Iraq, we're starting to get serious about winning?
 Why have we waited 19 months?
 Why did we take 1075 deaths before we decided to get tough?
 Could Bush be a bigger moron if he tried?


"It's hard work fighting terrorists in Iraq - everybody knows that..."


The hottest babes are for Kerry-Edwards


"Since 9/11 you look at all of the opportunities Al-Qaeda and anybody else
  has had to repeat 9/11 in this country. We've had World Series, Super Bowls,
  parades, conventions, elections, abundant opportunities for Al-Qaeda to show
  they're still strong and on the march and not one attack on our soil.
  Somebody must be doing something right."
    --the vulgar Pigboy, praising the Monkey who let 9-11 happen...

 Cursing Teen May Go to Jail
  In Bush's Amerikkka, speaking is a jailable offense

  Click  Here

 Helicopter With Afghan Ballots Crashes
   Bush tactics are the same all over the world

  Click  Here

 Presidential winner faces 'twin deficits' battle
  If Bush wins/steals another term, think of the mess Hillary will have in 2009...

  Click  Here

 Monkey Shortage Threatens Vaccine Testing
  I know where you canm find a whole capitol full of monkeys

  Click  Here

 In '92, Cheney said Saddam not worth U.S. casualties
  ...saw it on

  Click  Here

Jon Stewart,
Kitty Kelley,
Chain of Command
Fahrenheit 9-11
Bush family Fortunes

Order yours from the BartCop Bookstore

"I am not a monkey! I am a monkey in a man suit!"

 CNN's "Undecided" Voter is a GOP Operative

  Click  Here

 Yesterday, CNN's Bill Hemmer interviewed "undecided" voter, Edward Martos. Martos is actually
 a GOP operative who is involved heavily with the University of Miami College Republicans' and who
 has served as the Assistant Editor in Chief of the College Republicans' newsletter. He is such an
 undecided voter that he actually helped draft the constitution of the University Of Miami College Republicans.
 Martos, of course, by all measure, is not an undecided voter, but CNN refuses to report that they were duped.
 BartCop - come to Vegas!!
 BartCop - come to Vegas!!
  CNN will do anything to help the governor get elected.


Swear to God, Michael Newdow knows where to find the truth

Get your bartcop stickers!
Then send in your digital pictures.

Send a stamped envelope to
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

But if you send a token donation
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Marty's Entertainment Page

  Subject: Rodney

 When I was a kid my old man said to me,
"Never take candy from a stranger, unless he offers you a ride first."



 Subject: Cheney lied

 Cheney first remarked that he was not familiar with Edwards past legal cases,
 using that as an excuse not to remark on what are exceptionally honorable and good cases,
 AND THEN he attacked Edwards with highly specific knowledge of Edwards past tax deductions.

 Does anybody believe that the GOP would fail to look for dirt on a lawyer in his past legal cases,
 especially considering the fact that they closely examined his past TAX returns looking for dirt??
 Tim W

 Tim, that never could've happened.
 The Democrats would've hammered Cheney into resigning if he did that.


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 Subject: Superman - what a cruel joke

 I've taken care of several quadraplegics.  The subject of Christopher Reeve came up yesterday.
 The person I was speaking with stated in true southern christian style that he brought it on himself
 because he turned away from God.  This is a native Carolinian currently employed in the field.

 And, in case you didn't know, mental illness is caused by SIN!
 This from a psych nurse about a year ago.
 Don't get sick in the South!


 Shirley Manson's Diary

  Click  Here

 Flew back from LA yesterday and upon arriving at the airport in Madison there was an entire
 family standing at Arrivals with big signs to welcome a marine coming off active service in Iraq.

 After the marine had been greeted and kissed and cuddled and kissed and cuddled again and
 again the family group began to move towards the luggage carousel.  The young marine (he must
 have been all of nineteen years old) with his father lagged behind the rest and when they were alone,
 the father grabbed his son to his chest and without saying a word - just held him there like that
 without saying a word.

 They were just standing in the middle of Dane County Airport clinging to one another as if
 their life depended on it and I can't begin to describe how moving a scene it was to observe.

 And then I started to think about the other thousands of soldiers who have come home with limbs
 blown off or their minds in tatters.   And then I thought about the Bush administration trying to cut
 combat pay and veterans benefits and I felt like weeping.

 It makes me furious.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1054, 1059, 1071, 1075  dead American soldiers.

 The number of amputees, wounded, injured or mentally ill
is a staggering 28,150


 Friends, we need to talk...

 ha ha
(That's my Doctor Laura impression...)

 We're going thru a schedule interruption.
 Pokerfest Northwest was going to be this weekend, but then I got the news that one of
 my Catholic nephews was getting married back home in St Louis. I mention "Catholic"
 because trust me, you haven't been to a wedding until you've been to a St Louis Catholic
 wedding with all the fixings.

 Longtime readers might remember the story that, when my brother was ordained a priest,
 they asked what I wanted to mix my whiskey with at the after party ...that started at noon.
 Isn't that wild?

 To celebrate my brother's marriage to Jesus, they start drinking at noon?
 Now you know why Jesus's first miracle was creating Chinaco Anejo.

 St Louis Catholic weddings are similar to the wedding you saw in The Godfather.
 Girls start saving when they're kids, and by the time they finally say "I do,"
 they've got enough money saved up to throw a Blazing Saddles Number Six! 

 Woo Hoo!  Paulie!   More wine!

 The pre-party is Thursday, so I'm driving up Wednesday.
 Expect a full report.

 Then there is next week.

 A while back, I mentioned a Los Angeles thing coming up.  Here's what's up:
 We've been invited to a "week of luxury" in Los Angeles with a stopover in Las Vegas.
 My attorney ( you know him ) rented a castle on the ocean with a lot of rooms.
 When you combine free luxury with SWA frequent flyer miles, that's hard to resist.

 Of course, the timing could be better.
 This would've been easier after Kerry branded the red-hot "K" onto Bush's ass,
 but as my doctor might say, "The offer I have is the offer I have."

 My wealthy host also fancies himself a poker player, so expect some stories..
 I'll have the laptop, so progress will occur.

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BCR Show 56

Tommy Mack is in the house!
So is Tally, so you'll like this show.

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36 minutes of Bart's expertiary debate comment

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Click  Here  to download Part 2 of  Show 56
33 minutes of Smirky McHardon debate beatdown

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Click  Here  to download Part 3 of  Show 56
28 minutes of misc political comedy

Click  Here  to listen to Part 4 of  Show 56
Click  Here  to download Part 4 of  Show 56
26 minutes of SNL, Jon Stewart and misc political comedy

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                       Shirley Manson of Garbage says, "Another Bush term would drive me f-ing crazy!"

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