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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush Turning More Aggressive 
The CIA is at War with Bush 
Christopher Reeve Dead at 52
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Fear is ravaging Baghdad
Edwards Disputes Rice 
Trump tries a Vegas Dump
Webs of Illusion 
Iraq: Quicksand & Blood


Quote of the Day

"Every day you read the articles in the 
  States where it's like, 'Oh, it's getting 
  better and better. But when you're here, 
  you know it's worse every day." 
    -- Cpl. Jonathan Snyder, 22, of Gettysburg


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Volume 1420 - Freedom thru Decapitation

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 Monday    Oct  11,  2004                                                                                                                       Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"Right now we have a lot of people who are desperate to justify Bush's decision to go to war.
  They will focus on issues such as intent.  Look, Saddam was delusional. He had a lot of intent.
  He didn't have capabilities. Intent without capabilities is not an imminent threat."
       --David Kay,  who needs to stay out of small planes,    Attribution

 Bush Rhetoric Becoming More Aggressive
  A cornered animal is a very dangerous thing

  Click  Here

"There's a lot more in Kerry's record that the American people are going to hear
 and know about by the time it's all over," said Karl Rove, Bush's brains.

 Campaigning Saturday, Bush mocked Kerry's debate promise never to raise taxes on those
 earning less than $200,000 as unbelievable and ridiculed his rival's plan to increase the number
 of people with health insurance as a federal takeover of health care, a characterization Kerry says
 is false since his plan does not call for nationalized health care. Many of Kerry's statements, Bush
 now likes to say, "don't pass the credibility test."

 Bush then warns ÷ his audience often chanting along with him ÷ that Kerry "can run but he cannot hide"
 from a record that the president criticizes as both unimpressive and unabashedly liberal.

 In chats with reporters, two Bush's closest advisers ÷ Rove and Karen Hughes ÷ together used
 the word "liberal" nearly a dozen times to describe Kerry.

 Sobering Reminder:  No matter how well we think Kerry did in the debates, the stupid
  voters thought Bush did a superb job. We haven't won anything yet - but we can still hope for victory.



 Subject: Rodney joke

 "I went on a blind date.  I stood on the corner for thirty minutes,
  and this girl walks by.  I say "Are you Carol?"

 "Are you Rodney?"


 "I'm not Carol!"

 J Long


"Sometimes I see no reason why we're here. First of all, you cannot engage as many times
  as we want to. Second of all, we're looking for an enemy that's not there. The only way to do it
  is go house to house until we get out of here...every time you go out, people give you bad looks
  and it just seems like everybody wants to shoot you."
     --Cpl. Carlos Perez, U.S. Marine stuck in Bush's Iraq quagmire,  Attribution

 Subject: don't mess with Oklahoma so much

 Seriously, dude - it can't be easy living there, but
 Won't you cut OK sdome slack if they give the Democrats the senate this year?

 Just askin'...

 BTW we have Chinaco Reposado, Fina Estampa, and Patron Anejo here,
 (Fina is an Oregon deal), but no Chinaco Anejo. I had the Reposado.
 Which of C. Reposado and P. Anejo is better to you?


 MDel, I don't dislike Carson, the Democrat, but he's Zell Miller Jr.
 His commercials say, Bush loves me and I vote against the Democrats all the time."
 I got a recorded call from Barry Switzer saying, "Brad Carson is a conservative - vote for him."

 Don't get me wrong, he's miles better than Tom (I sterilize bitches against their will - got any?) Coburn,
 but that's not saying much. I assume the DNC is smart enough to put money into close races where
 the Democrat might actually vote our way, but trusting a Dem to be smart is always a gamble.

 As far as tequila, that Fina stuff? We put that in our gas tanks.
 Always go with the Anejo over the Reposado.
 Patron Anejo is damn good stuff, Chinaco Reposado is for sterilizing wounds.


 The CIA goes to war with Bush
  'Old guard' spooks don't like Bush blaming them

  Click  Here

 Jim Pavitt, a 31-year CIA veteran who retired as a departmental chief in August,
 said that he cannot recall a time of such "viciousness and vindictiveness" in a battle
 between the White House and the agency.  John Roberts, a conservative security analyst:
"When the President cannot trust his own CIA, the nation faces dire consequences."

 Bill Harlow, former CIA spokesman: "The intelligence community has been made the
 scapegoat for all the failings over Iraq," he said. "It deserves some of the blame, but not all of it.
 People are chafing at that, and that's the background to these leaks.""

 The CIA is standing up to Bush.
 Several GOP senators are standing up to Bush. (McCain, Hagel, Lugar, Hutchison, others)
 Air America radio and dozens of web sites are standing up to Bush.
 Greg Palast is speaking out against Bush, and so is consortiumnews.com and moveon.org.
 Michael Moore isn't afraid of George Bush - Kitty Kelley's not afraid of Bush.

 If only our elected Democrats the people being paid to represent the people
 against Bush, would remove the pink tutu and join the fight, but no, they can't be bothered with a fight.
 They're still hiding under the table, begging to be rescued from the big, bad Bush wolf.
 Like Cheney 35 years ago, Democrats have "other priorities" than doing their duty by fighting Bush.

 What's wrong with them?
 Is this why 6 in 10 want a Republican to fight terrorism?
 Because the Democrats are nearly 100 percent doves now?

 Besides Hillary, I blame every Democratic senator personally
 and I am ashamed and disappointed with their cowardice.



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text removal 8-12-06 -->

 'Superman' Christopher Reeve Dies at 52

  Click  Here

 Christopher Reeve, who turned personal tragedy into a public crusade and from his wheelchair
 became the nation's most recognizable spokesman for spinal cord research, has died at 52.

 Reeve went into cardiac arrest Saturday at home, then fell into a coma and died Sunday at a hospital
 surrounded by his family, his publicist said.  His advocacy for stem cell research helped it emerge as a
 major campaign issue between Bush and Kerry. He was mentioned in the debate Friday evening.

 In the last week Reeve had developed a serious systemic infection from a pressure wound,
 a common complication for people living with paralysis. He entered the hospital Saturday.

 Dr. John McDonald treated Reeve as director of the Spinal Cord Injury Program in St. Louis.
 He called Reeve "one of the most intense individuals I've ever met in my life."

"Before him there was really no hope," McDonald said. "If you had a spinal cord injury like his
 there was not much that could be done, but he's changed all that. He's demonstrated that there
 is hope and that there are things that can be done



"I do my best writing while listening to  BartCop Radio!"

Click  Here  to listen to a sample from BCR Show 56.
It's a mini-beatdown of Rudy the Liar.

 Fear is ravaging Baghdad

  Click  Here

 A simple trip to the supermarket turns disastrous when a gunfight erupts. A well-to-do doctor drives
 a beat-up jalopy while keeping his two Mercedes on cinder blocks, worried that he will be car-jacked.
 Commercial streets that once bustled with cars and consumers often seem like ghost towns. Traffic on
 once free-flowing highways is choked by roadblocks, checkpoints and military operations.

 Car bombs explode daily now, and mortar fire shakes the day and night alike. Explosions have become
 so commonplace that some people don't even break stride or interrupt conversations when something
 blows up, much as New Yorkers might dismiss the sound of car alarms

 ...and Bush is getting away with running on his successs as a war president?
 Besides making Bush super-rich, what has been accomplished by invading Iraq?
 What's the good news, I mean besides the $106M Bush is stealing every day?



"Hitler does better among Jewish voters than Zell Miller does among Democrats."
     --Pollster Frank Luntz,   Attribution

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 Edwards Disputes Rice on Iraq Invasion

  Click  Here

"There are lots of threats waiting to happen all over the world," Edwards said.
"That doesn't mean that that justifies invading a country."

 Edwards was responding to Kinda Sleazy Rice, who told "Fox Whore Sunday" that Bush
 was "absolutely" correct to invade Iraq even if they had known there were no WMDs.

 There's a reason why the Bush Gang is sticking with their "We never make mistakes" mantra.
 It's because the scared-bunny Democrats have literally let them get away with murder for years.

 If this wasn't an election year, Kerry and Edwards would be as silent and Bush-fawning as ever.
 If this wasn't an election year, they would be "Rah, rah, Bush is MY President" and that sickens me.
 There are paying the price for letting the GOP run all over them for over a decade.

 The bullies have bulldozed their way thru the hopeless Democrats for so long, they've disgarded
 the truth as something no longer necessary to get elected - and it's working for them today.


 Subject: France bashing


 My wife and I were in France this spring, for the 60th anniversary of the D-Day invasion
 (my father in law landed at Utah Beach). I  found out that the French people (at least the
 ones we met) love us Americans, we couldn't pay for food or drinks, they put on several
 ceremonies to present medals to the veterans.

 Iin short, I've never met nicer people in my life. They do seem to despise Dubya,
 so I had something in common with them right off the bat. I don't let anyone I talk to here
 at home bash them without getting an earful from me.

Greg Palast has a new DVD out.

Click  to  Order

This hour long documentary follows the award-winning reporter-sleuth Greg Palast
on the trail of the Bush family, from Florida election finagling, to the Saudi connection,
to the Bush team's spiking the FBI investigation of the bin Laden family and the
secret State Department plans for post-war Iraq. These are the hard-hitting reports
that have been seen in films like Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, broadcast internationally
on BBC Newsnight television, and are found in Palast's international bestselling book
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.

You can trust Greg Palast

"I will bury you. I will make your radio stations worthless." 
     --Howard Stern, railing at the Clear Channel bastards,  Attribution

 Somebody, maybe USAToday, said, "Stern calls himself 'radio's biggest star' ."

 Well yeah, making $100M a year beats the vulgar Pigboy by 360 percent...

 Webs of Illusion

  Click  Here

 Bush turned the findings of the Duelfer report upside down and inside out, telling crowds at rallies
 that it proved Saddam had been "a gathering threat." It didn't matter that the report, ordered by Bush,
 showed just the opposite. The truth would not have been helpful to the president. So with a brazenness
 and sleight of hand usually associated with three-card-monte players, he pulled a fast one on his cheering listeners.

 The Democrats' refusal to fight back created this and it keeps getting worse.
 The bullies have bulldozed their way thru the hopeless Democrats for so long, they've disgarded
 the truth as something no longer necessary to get elected - and it's working for them today.


text removal 8-12-06 -->

 Trump threatens to build $300M dump on Vegas Strip
   ...saw it on Dave's ChicagotoVegas page

  Click  Here

 The Donald may be ready to throw down roots in Las Vegas.

 Clark County officials have given the go-ahead to Donald Trump and his plans
 for what could be the tallest hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

 The 300 million-dollar project would be 64 stories and have more than
 one-thousand hotel rooms and fifty residential units.

 Hey Tang Hair, do you think this is 1970?
 What can be done to prevent this eyesore from going up?

 Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, The Venetian and Wynn Las Vegas all cost more than $1billion each.
 Now you're going to the flashiest city in America to build a $300 million Red Roof Inn?
 Please stay on the East Coast and build your architectural atrocities there.



 I'll bet some newer readers have never been to the   JFK Conspiracy Page

 Two Big "October Surprises" For Bush

  Click  Here

 On the very day before Donald Rumsfeld paid a surprise visit wearing Paul Bremer's trendy Timberland
 bootees because they have the same size feet (and brain) to Baghdad to stand before a group of ramrod-stiff
 soldiers ÷ordered in advance not to ask "What the fuck are we (and you) doing here?"÷and conned them into
 believing they could probably be going home before the Iraqi election but probably won't until well after the Iraqi
 election which will be postponed anyway, if then, a group of Marines spilled a can of beans to the Washington Post.

 Irrespective of the disturbing fact they actually want to cause more death, destruction, havoc and misery than they
 already have÷because that's what Marines are trained blindly, unquestioningly and obediently to do÷they are openly
 second-guessing their superiors. (Or in the case of their Commander in Chief, one of their many obvious superior inferiors.)


 Subject: Bush's lump


 Jurors were told in the Rodney King case that the video they were watching
 didn't show a black man being pulverized by a bunch of racist cops

 They believed it, therefore it proves that what the camera shows is really not true.


 Bush's debate handicap: He simply knew too much
   Great comedy from toe-sucker Dick Morris

  Click  Here

 Bush is blinded by knowing everything. When Kerry mentions Korea, for example,
 Bush probably recalls a thousand details that have been raised at a hundred meetings
 about how to deal with the reclusive and sullen regime.

 ha ha
 The illiterate Monkey can't recall what he had for lunch!

 Just stop lying so blatantly, would you? 
 Say, "He has strong convictions," if you want.
 Say, "He cares about America," if you want.
 Say, "He loves his dogs," if you must,

 But stop saying that the Monkey has a brain
 ...because that insults my intelligence,
 ...and it makes me very angry.

 (My Michael Corleone impression...)

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 Stop pretending Bush is macho
   by Bill Maher

  Click  Here

 Excuse me, this president isn't resolute: He's on the rag.

 He stopped having press conferences, which is basically saying, "I'm not talking to you."
 He couldn't testify before the 9/11 commission without having a man by his side.
 I'll bet when they have lunch, Cheney orders for him. And then he just eats the salad.

 They say Kerry is too sensitive, but they're the ones who turn everything into a big baby mama drama.
 Bush is the one who looked all crampy and pouty last week: "It's hard work" -- I kept waiting for him
 to say, 'If you don't like how I do your shirts, then iron them yourself.'"

 He even ran for president like a girl in 2000. Promising to "restore dignity to the Oval Office."
 What man gives a rat's ass about restoring an office? A real man thinks the Oval Office lost all
 its integrity the day Monica Lewinsky stopped coming in there to blow the president..


"call Johnny Ashcroft and make Maher a terrorist.
  As long as we don't get caught, my eye won't twitch..."


The hottest babes are for Kerry-Edwards


"On the tax cut, it's a big decision. I did the right decision."
   -  the Monkey, trying to explain how he destroyed Clinton's economy,      Attribution

 Subject: your radio CDs


 I listened to a clip from show 56, now if you can send your DVD
 of that show to any soldier or company that is in IRAQ from Oklahoma,
 you will get a check from me for $25.00 .Await your answer.

 John the Wis.vet

 I'm willing to do that - anybody know an Okie soldier in Iraq?


text removal 8-12-06 -->

 3 Western States to Vote on Pot Proposals
  Religion is outraged that common sense is on the ballot in November

  Click  Here

 'merica Expects Arab Help Against Oil Prices
   Yeah, Bush is 'getting tough' with the Saudis, ...sure he is

  Click  Here

 Report: Nazis Planned to Rebuild Auschwitz
   Prescott Bush & Halliburton got the no-bid contract

  Click  Here

 Study: Few Americans Buy Drugs Online
  I sure don't - I like to try before I buy

  Click  Here

 Weak Jobs Growth Drags Down Dollar
  Bush tax giveaway to the super-rich is killing America

  Click  Here

Jon Stewart,
Kitty Kelley,
Chain of Command
Fahrenheit 9-11
Bush family Fortunes

Order yours from the BartCop Bookstore

 Subject: Christopher Reeve

 As far as I'm concerned, Chris Reeve is another casualty of the Bush Administration's callous policies.
 It makes me sick that medical science in this county is being held hostage by a pack of superstitious yahoos
 who believe that embryos should take precedence over living, breathing human beings.

 It makes me even sicker that the leader of these yahoos is a moron who can't even pronounce "nuclear" correctly.
 Another reason why these people have to go!

 Terry C

 Those same yahoos let Saint Reagan die rather than give him life-saving treatment.
 In this case, lying to themselves was deadly.


Scouts Honor, you get the truth at  bartcop.com
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 Iraq: Quicksand & Blood
   by Robert Parry - who is on fire over at   consortiumnews.com,

  Click  Here

 Note: In the vice presidential debate on Oct. 5, 2004, Dick Cheney cited El Salvador as a precedent
 for the U.S. policies in Iraq and Afghanistan. In an article almost a year ago, Robert Parry noted the
 dangers of the Bush-Cheney administration transferring to the Middle East lessons supposedly learned
 from the Reagan-Bush intervention in Central America two decades ago. That article is reprinted below.

 The body dumps that have been unearthed across Central America are thus little different from the mass graves
 blamed on Saddam Hussein in Iraq, except in Central America they represented the dark side of U.S. foreign
 policy and received far less U.S. press scrutiny. Another lesson learned from the 1980s was the importance of
 shielding the American people from the ugly realities of a U.S.-backed "dirty war" by using P.R. techniques,
 which became known inside the Reagan administration as "perception management."

 The temptation to recycle these counterinsurgency strategies from Central America to Iraq is explained by the
 number of Reagan-era officials now back in prominent roles in George W. Bush's administration.

 They include Elliot Abrams, who served as assistant secretary of state for Latin America in the 1980s and is
 a National Security Council adviser to Bush on the Middle East; John Negroponte, U.S. ambassador to
 Honduras in the 1980s and now Bush's U.N. Ambassador; Paul Bremer a counter-terrorism specialist in
 the 1980s and Iraq's civilian administrator today; Bush's Secretary of State Colin Powell, who was the
 senior military adviser to Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger in the 1980s; and Vice President Dick Cheney,
 who was a Republican foreign-policy stalwart in Congress two decades ago.

 Note: consortiumnews.com is the most important site on the internet


"I hope my eye doesn't start twitching.
  It does that when I lie to myself and my gullible sheep..."


Marty's Entertainment Page

 George Bush and Presenile Dementia

  Click  Here

 This is the footage that started the story that first appeared in the Atlantic - George Bush
 from ten years ago - dramatically different than the Bush you're used to.

 The big story -

"a striking decline in his sentence-by-sentence speaking skills."

 The reason? One doctor says "presenile dementia" a catch-all term for earlier-than-normal
 cognitive declines (probably "dry-drunk syndrome").


text removal 8-12-06 -->

 Subject: Bush's hump

 I laughed my ass off at the piece regarding the "lump" on Bush's back during the Florida debate.
 It was straight out of "Young Frankenstein" when Gene Wilder said to Igor, the hunchback (Marty Feldman),
 "I can do something about that hump on your back."

 And Feldman says "What hump?".
 Steve G


 The administrations response to the mysterious bulge under the presidents jacket
 reminds me of Marty Feldmans, "What hump?, routine in Young Frankenstein.
 Keep Swinging,
 Richard C.G


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 Subject: MSGOP voting twice

 Hi Bart,

 Your alert readers and listeners may have already pointed out that the online voting uses cookies
 to track whether you've voted or not. If you go to your internet options and delete all your cookies
 (or use a cookie management program), you can then vote again. I think this is one reason why
 they have the non-scientific disclaimer.

 That said, the emotional power of a 64-36 lead is great and what both sides hope for.
 I agree with the premise that there are those that don't want to vote for a looser, among other reasons.
 Some vote with their emotions and not their brain which I find to be a real problem. The "marketing"
 of the electorate has taken over from the truly informed voter. People sit back and wait to be talked to
 (TV) rather than doing their own research, which is getting harder with all the factual problems with
 what had traditionally been less-biased news sources.


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1054, 1059, 1071, 1075  dead American soldiers.

 The number of amputees, wounded, injured or mentally ill
is a staggering 28,150


 Sports Weekend Roundup

 The Arkansas Razorbacks didn't play, so that's like a win.
 Oklahoma chopped Texas into little spicy beef balls.
 Get this - Oklahoma State is undefeated and is ranked #15.
 Eldrick has stopped playing golf, no doubt to escape the ridicule.
 Not sure it's a sport, but last night's replay of World Poker Tour?
 Mel Judah was down to $32K in chips (out of a million and a half!!) and came back
 with six successful "all ins" to win the whole shebang!   All praise to Mel Judah!

 There's a lesson for the children there, but no telling what it is.

 The St Louis Rams won by scoring 40 points in the last 4 minutes.
 The baseball Cardinals turned the Dodgers into Codgers, but the coup ge grace was the
 Dallas Cowgirls getting their lights punched out by Kurt Warner - that made it a great weekend.

 Not quite

 Subject: Affected or Effective?

  Click  Here

 Smart ass, derogatory, belittling and insulting "humor" doesn't really sell, it alienates.
 To those who aren't hard core left, it really isn't all that funny - it's kind of pathetic.

 You're supposed to read it drunk and high.
 Like a not-so-good club band, we seem better if you're wasted.

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