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World War II veterans know how to vote.

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Election Hurting Stocks
Bush Stuck if he Wins 
50 of Iraq's Best Murdered 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Bush: Beyond Reason 
Bush Literally Cries 'Wolf'
BIG Dog Campaigns for Kerry
Jon Stewart's Fake Journalism
Monkey Mail entertainment 


Quote of the Day

"Being Republican is a form of deviant 
  behavior, so when we're in power, we'll 
  let them marry each other." 
       --Michael Moore   Attribution


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Volume 1428 -  Hated Globally

 Sun-Mon    Oct  24-25,  2004                             Download F 9/11 Here                                                   Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"I am telling anybody who wants to work with Americans to not work with them.
  I found out that the mujahadeen have very accurate information (and) strong
  intelligence about everything. They are stronger than I thought."
   -- Seif Adnan Kanaan, seconds before he was beheaded in Iraq,
       another victim of Bush's insatiable stupidity and greed for stolen oil  Attribution

 Election Uncertainty Weighing on Stocks
  Wall Street knows Bush is likely to pull something, like last time

  Click  Here

 Add election chaos to the list of worries plaguing Wall Street. With just over a week to go,
 all the major stock indexes are in negative range for the year, and pricey oil may not be entirely to blame.

 Has anyone heard Kerry mention the devastation Bush has caused on Wall Street?
 I wish he had the ability to speak in plain terms and short sentences.

 Bush is killing America but nobody knows it because it remains a secret.



"If a CEO took his company from record revenues to record debts, then bogged down his employees
  in a messy, costly project with no easy way out, shareholders would have no choice but to fire him.
  Given that, America's shareholders -- voters -- need to hire a new CEO on Nov. 2."
    --Iowa City Press-Citizen, endorsing John Kerry,  Attribution

 Re-Election May Not Bear Bush Promises
  Even if Bush wins, he's stuck in a hellhole he created

  Click  Here

 On the campaign trail, belting out promises for the next four years, Bush exudes confidence and optimism.
 Yet the reality of a second term is that Bush would be boxed in by many of the momentous decisions he made in the first.

 He ordered the murder Iraq, so Bush now faces the task of finding a way out of the war ÷ and living up to
 his promise to leave the nation as a model democracy in the Arab world.

 He's restrained by two realities. The reluctance of U.S. allies to send more soldiers to Iraq makes it tough for Bush
 to bring American troops home any time soon. On the flip side, persistent questions about the rationale for the war
 make it harder for Bush to let the U.S. death toll ÷ now more than 1,100 ÷ continue to climb.

 The Supreme Court may offer another legacy opportunity. In all likelihood the next president will fill several high-court
 vacancies and, for conservatives, the crowning glory of Bush's administration would be to install justices who would
 overturn a woman's right to control her reproductive options.

 Too bad Kerry doesn't mention that - or doesn't mention it enough.
 I haven't seen him make anything more than a passing refernce to women's rights, have you?

 Is Kerry so far ahead that he doesn't need to remind women that Bush wants top strip them of their rights?
 Or is he just too polite to cause a problem?



"Americans have gone from a generally happy time in the 1990s to disappointment.
  We pose the same question Reagan asked: Are you better off now than you were four years ago?
  Relatively few, we think, would answer that with "yes."   It's definitely time for a fresh start."
   --PittsburgH Post Gazette Editorial, endorsing John Kerry,  Attribution

 50 Iraq Soldiers Ambushed, Murdered

  Click  Here

 The bodies of about 50 unarmed Iraqi soldiers ÷ many killed execution style with
 gunshots to the back of the head ÷ were found on a remote road in eastern Iraq,
 victims of an ambush as they were heading home on leave after basic training, authorities said.

 The Iraqi soldiers, who had recently finished a training course, were on their way home when
 they were ambushed and killed about sundown near the Iranian border. The nature of that attack
 suggested an increased boldness and organization by insurgents, who, until now, have mainly used
 roadside bombs and suicide car bombs in their attacks on the Iraqi military and police.
 Diyala's deputy governor told Al-Arabiya TV he believed the ambush was an inside job.

          "We were happy to die for Halliburton profits."

 This is Iraq's new defense force?

If they just finished their training, why were they unarmed?
Why did they sheepishly agree to lie in the dirt to be slaughtered - were they Democrats?
If we can't protect them now, who will protyect them when we leave?

 The message is clearer than Lake Concha - Bush won't/can't protect you, so if you join the
 invading army you will be murdered by your fellow Iraqis who are resisting the occupation.

 How can Bush ask soldiers to join his invading force only to die?
 Did Halliburton stock take a dip when the news came in?

 Our only way out is with troops from other countries and no country will agree to help as long
 as the never-elected, thieving murderer has control of America and is stealing Iraq's assets.


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 Subject: Hey, easy now...

 Bart, you posted, re Greg Palast:

> One might have expected Florida's government to fix these problems during the intervening four years.
> (Yes, but we're Democrats and we have no desire to win - we are content to let Bush steal it.)

 Take it easy on the Dems in Florida, okay?  They've been filing lawsuit after lawsuit since January of 2001;
 it isn't like they've been sitting around with the thumbs up their asses.  I feel that your blame the victim mentality
 has gone a little over the top on this.  yes, the dems do sometimes find themselves flatfooted, but honestly,
 the republicans are disgusting, and it isn't right to blame the litigants when the courts are fixed.

 Chris C

 I believe that was in response to something I heard on the radio in St Louis - that the Democrats, 3 weeks
 before the election, filed a lawsuits asking a judge to require a printer on every voting machine in Florida.

 Me and my miserable IQ of 64 would've thought of that long before 99 percent of the time had passed.
 They knew when Bush stole 2000 that he'd try again in 2004, but they waited until mid-October 2004
 to ask a judge to force Diebold to rewrite the software for a gazillion crooked voting machines?

 If someone else was urging the Democrats to wake the hell up and fight, I wouldn't have to.


 Beyond Reason: Bush Channels God 
   by on-fire  Robert Parry  at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 Suskind, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, quotes other Republicans who have concluded that Bush
 believes - or at least gives the impression he believes - that his judgments are directed by God.

"I think a light has gone off for people who've spent time up close to Bush: that this instinct he's always
 talking about is this sort of weird, Messianic idea of what he thinks God has told him to do," said Bruce Bartlett,
 a domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan and a Treasury official in the first Bush administration. "He truly believes
 he's on a mission from God. Absolute faith like that overwhelms a need for analysis. The whole thing about faith is
 to believe things for which there is no empirical evidence."

 Because Bush is convinced of his rightness, he often snaps and snarls at aides who question his "gut" judgments,
 according to Republicans who have watched Bush in action. "This is why he dispenses with people who confront him
 with inconvenient facts," Bartlett told Suskind.

 In an earlier book, The Price of Loyalty, Suskind recounted the internal battles that led to the forced resignation
 of Paul O'Neill, who then became one of the first Bush insiders to sound the alarm about Bush's hostility toward reality.

 O'Neill described a host of administration policies - from Bush's "preemptive wars" to the budget deficit - that
"were impenetrable by facts." O'Neill, who served in the Nixon and Ford administrations and later ran Alcoa,
 was startled by the contrast in Bush's administration where major decisions were made with little deliberation
 beyond Bush's tendency to embrace ideological certainties.

 Note: consortiumnews.com is the most important site on the internet. You should read their stuff.


"Is This Heaven?"
The view from Iowa

A weekly column by Mike Palecek,
former federal prisoner for peace,
county prisoner, Iowa Democratic Party candidate,
small-town newspaper reporter.



"Living is easy with eyes closed, ...misunderstanding all you see"
   -- John Lennon, ...talking to don't-get-reality Bush voters 24 years after his death?

 Subject: about this election

 Bart, anything can happen, and anything short of a major landslide... who knows?
 It could be a short 24 hrs, or a long many months.

 Also, hammer home on your site - it's not enough to put Kerry in office.
 We have to get at least one house of Congress as well.

 Otherwise it's going to be hell on Kerry even if he does get in.
 Vote straight ticket - D throughout.
 That should help eliminate those pesky "alignment" problems on the voting form.


 Remember: A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush, no matter what state you're in.


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 Iraq Blasts Kill 22; Ambush Wounds 6 GIs
  I'm so goddamn tired of headlines like this

  Click  Here

 Suicide bombers struck Iraqi security targets in baghdad Saturday, killing 22 Iraqis.
 Six U.S. soldiers were wounded in an ambush on the road to Baghdad airport.

 Six soldiers wounded - what does that mean?

 Did they get cuts that required stitches?
 Did they lose arms and legs?
 Did they lose their ability to cope, and are now vegetables?
 Did they suffer skeletal damage like Christopher Reeve?

 How many more thousands of young men and women will we sacrifice?
 It's like America has tiurned snake handler, and everyone knows when you handle rattlesnakes
 there WILL be casualties, but the quesrtion is 'Why are we willing to accept this insanity?"

 If you would give a rattlesnake to your child or grandchild, vote for Bush.
 If you think massive deaths and maimings and disfigurements are just fine, vote for Bush.

 But if you think it's time to end the expensive Bush crime spree, vote the other guy.


 Subject:  Seeking asylum


 When the election is stolen in 10 days, I hope you will start a regular feature with resources
 and contacts for those of us wanting to seek political asylum out of country.

 No, really, I'm serious.

 Early voting rocks, except when the machines are rigged   Click  Here

 Absentee voting rocks, except when scammers  try to pick up your ballot  Click  Here

 Holly in Albuquerque


 Jon Stewart's Fake Journalism
   by Howard Kurtz, (R-Bush Tool) a lying whore who is serious

  Click  Here

 (His) sharp-edged skewering has turned the Comedy Central funnyman into a cultural phenomenon who,
 despite his protestations, seems to be having some undefined, irony-drenched influence on how the campaign
 is perceived. He's been on the cover of Newsweek and now graces the cover of Rolling Stone.
 His "America (The Book)" is the nation's top seller. He has analyzed the media as Ted Koppel's guest,
 dissected the party conventions as Tom Brokaw's expert and ripped into his hosts on "Crossfire" for
 presiding over "theater" and "partisan hackery."


 FBI probes leads on election terror plot
  They think Bush is going to pull something, too

  Click  Here

 FBI investigators have made new arrests and developed leads that reinforce concerns that
 terrorists plan to strike around the election, even though the CIA has discredited a person
 who told its agents of such a plot involving al-Qaida.

"I think they're probably less concerned with affecting the outcome of the election, but it would
 be more prestigious to do something before the election and undermine U.S. confidence," he said.

 Top government officials have warned since the spring about al-Qaida's desire to attack during the
 election with the hope of orchestrating something similar to the March commuter train bombings in Madrid.
 The bombings, which killed more than 190 people, were a factor in the ouster of Spain's former ruling party.

 The weather was a factor, too. So were the issues and the candidadtes' stands on the issues.
 You can't decide for the reader why Spain voted the way they did.  Like every other country on earth,
 Spaniards didn't see the need to murder Iraq, so they voted out the Bush-complicit bastards.


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Also, is this review positive or fair?
It's certainly not negative...


 Bush Campaign Literally Cries 'Wolf'
  GOP Assures Nation's Stupid Voters Will Vote for Bush


  Click  Here

 By creating an ad ironically reminiscent of Aesop's most germane fable,
 the Bush team ensures America remains fearfully optimistic about its future.




Thanks to my man Julius in PittsburgH.

 The Man who got Baghdad Hussein

  Click  Here

 KERRY:   Ladies and Gentlemen·.

 BUSH:  Now hold on there, Kerry!  Which is it, ladies or gentlemen?  You folks ain't gonna vote
              for a sheriff who can't decide if you're ladies or if you're gentlemen, are you?

 KERRY:  As I was saying, I'm running for sheriff because I believe the West is becoming civilized,
                 and civilized times call for a civilized sheriff.

 BUSH: Sounds like a lot of Massachusetts doubletalk to me.

 KERRY: Will you stop interrupting me, you petulant little troglodyte?

 Did you know you can vote early in 30 states?

 Let's not let the bastards steal another one.

 Kerry Ridicules Bush on Terrorism Remark
  What?  Kerry is on the offensive?

  Click  Here

 Bush and Kerry stayed on the offensive Sunday as the race entered its final ten days.
 Bush said it is "up in the air" whether the nation can ever be fully safe from terror and
 suggested terrorists may still be contemplating ways to disrupt the election.

"You make me president of the United States, we're going to win the war on terror,"  Kerry said
 at a rally in Florida. "It's not going to be up in the air whether or not we make America safe."


 Mantle family rips 'Ted Williams' Restaurant in New York
  Handjob keeps stealing the names of famous ballplayers

  Click  Here

 Eminem Changes 'Jacko' to 'Bush' On New Track 'Mosh'
  Check it out - Enimem's on our team, too?

  Click  Here

 Rehnquist Hospitalized With Cancer
  God reminds voters that Chief Justice Scalia is next

  Click  Here

 Karzai Assured of Victory in Afghan Vote
  Sure he is, the election was fixedby the BFEE

  Click  Here


Do you have a friend who's undecided about this election?

Click  Here  to order   Fahrenheit 9-11
...and then watch it with them.

When you're done, say, "Are you still considering voting for Bush?

 Ashlee Simpson Caught Lip-Synching on Saturday Night LIVE
  Is there anyone who thinks these pre-fab tartlettes can actually sing?

  Click  Here

 Simpson did "Pieces of Me" earlier in the show. When she came back a second time,
 her band started playing and the first lines of her singing "Pieces of Me" could be heard again.

 She was holding her microphone at her waist at the time. Simpson looked momentarily confused
 as the band plowed ahead with the song and the vocal was quickly silenced.

 Simpson made some exaggerated hopping dance moves, then walked off the stage 35 seconds
 into the performance. NBC quickly cut to a commercial.

 Simpson said. "I feel so bad. My band started playing the wrong song.
 I didn't know what to do so I thought I'd do a hoe-down."

 Wait, how did your band play the wrong song of you signing?
 They should make it illegal for a performer to fake a performance.
 Hell, she could be another Milli Vanilli who has never been in a studio.

 Subject: God kills a kitten?

 That graphic may be counterproductive.


 From my experience, the average Bush voter would leap at the chance to stomp on something innocent.
 Better to tell them that each time someone votes GOP, two pseudo-lesbians won't masturbate on video.
 That'll hit 'em where they live.


 ha ha


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"If Kerry's the biggest flip-flopper how has he
  maintained his No. 1 liberal ranking in the Senate?"
   --Michael Moore, catching the Bush bastards in another lie,   Attribution

 Recovering BIG Dog Campaigns for Kerry
  Clinton roars back to help democracy flurish

  Click  Here

 A smiling, energetic BIG Dog campaigned for Kerry on Monday just seven weeks after heart surgery,
 telling a crowd of thousands that Bush is trying to "scare the undecided voters" away from Kerry.

 Isn't it great to have Bill Clinton back on the trail?" Kerry said, drawing thunderous applause.

 Kerry drew cheers of delight when he said that he had asked Clinton "if there's anything you have
 in common with George W. Bush? He thought for a moment and he said, 'In eight days and 12 hours,
 we will both be former presidents.'"

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Betty Bowers answers for Team Bush

 Note: At  whitehouse.org  they get a lot of mail intended for the Bush Monster

 Dear Team Bush:: As an independent voter, I watched all the debates and read several
 newspapers to be informed.  Recently, though,  your own team has turned me off to the point
 where I would never vote for you again.  Other people I know feel the same way.

 Each day my answering machine has a new and anonymous attacking message from Bush Cheney 04.
 Every day my maiilbox has one too.  the democrats have not littered my my phone like this.  It interferes.
 Your team has been relentless and this has backfired.  I want you to know how this turns off many voters.

 The  American people do not like this constant negativeity and it is unwarranted.
 BushCheney04 does it to the max.  Please change.
 You actually would get more votes if you did.

 Former Bush voter

 Subject: Teresa Heinz Kerry is a HARLOT

 Dear Former Bush voter

 President Bush has asked me to write to you because he needs your vote in Ohio.  He wants you to be aware
 of something that concerned voters everywhere need to know.  Did you know that Teresa Heinz Kerry is an
 octoroon who uses New Zealand sheep semen as leave-in conditioner in her hair?

 Do you really want a First Lady in the White House who is in favor of putting hot sauce on the mouths
 of infants if their pronunciation of the strange African dialect she uses is incorrect?

 As a Christian, it concerns me that Teresa Heinz Kerry hates Jesus and mocks Him at private dinner parties
 attended by liberal elites and pornographic film stars.   Do you want a First Lady who uses the Map Room
 at the White House to throw spouse-swapping parties that wind up in the liquor bottle littered Lincoln Bedroom?
 I didn't think so!

 And President Bush, Jesus and I are counting on YOUR vote!
 Please pass this e-mail on to your friends so they will know this harlot's sad little secrets before it is too late.

 In Christ,

 You can get more of Betty at  bettybowers.com

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  Why it's frustrating watching Kerry

 A dozen times, maybe a hundred times, I've talked about how frustrating it is in movies when, if somebody
 would just say or do, "X" then the mystery would be solved  - but - on behalf of the scripwriters, the actors say
 everything EXCEPT the words that would help them or solve the problem, thus creating the suspense.

 Example: In Jaws, if the mayor lost his argument and they never went back in the water, there'd be no movie, right?

 Kerry keeps doing the wrong things like Jodie Foster in "Panic Room."
 Kerry has dropped his cell phone 100 times since March, and it has driven me quite mad.

 If Kerry would just read some of the lines I've written for him, if he would speak the plain truth, this movie would be over.
 But, like a bad Joe Eszterhas script, Kerry keeps doing and saying all the wrong things just to keep this race close.

 THAT's why I'm so frustrated.  Like Gore, Kerry should be 20 points ahead.
 There's no movie here, but John (Jodie Foster) Kerry drops his cell phone every 2 minutes.  If he could just hold onto
 his cell phone for a full 60 seconds, he could call the cops and thus movie would be over, but noooooooooooooooo.

 Bush, the craziest, murdering moron in history is still in this race because Kerry won't let him get behind.
 I've written 100 commen sense lines such as, "I guarantee women will lose Roe V Wade if Bush wins,"
 but he refuses to speak the plain truth in short sentences that the stupid voters can digest and understand.

 Note: this isn't meant to be an attack on Kerry, it's just that I've figured out why this race drives me nuts.

 John, use the lines I've written and please - stop dropping your damn cell phone once every minute.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1086, 1092, 1103, 1105,  dead American soldiers.

The polls tell us America wants more war,

more beheadings,

more countries invaded,

more obscene profits for BIG OIL,

more pollution in the air and water,

and more soldiers killed.

Are the polls right?


 World Series Notes

Anyone who didn't like Steven Tyler's rendition of the National Anthem can blow me.
    You want a stick in the mud to sing the song - invite Andy Williams.

Friday's USA Today said the Yankees have 26 World Series rings, the Cards are second with 9.
     But since the Yankees purchased their rings, wouldn't that mean the Cardinals are, in fact, the best
     baseball team of all time?  I mean, the Cardinals earn their rings on the field, not at the payroll department.
Let's hope the Cardinal's bats warm up in the St Louis weather.

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Voting Machines Fail, Incorrect Choices Appear on Screens
  The BFEE has rigged this election - Doesn't anybody care that America is dying?

   Click  Here

 Kim Griffith voted on Thursday÷ over and over and over.

 She's among the people in Bernalillo and Sandoval counties who say they have had trouble with
 early voting equipment. When they have tried to vote for a particular candidate, the touch-screen
 system has said they voted for somebody else.

 It's a problem that can be fixed by the voters themselves÷ people can alter the selections on their ballots,
 up to the point when they indicate they are finished and officially cast the ballot.
 For Griffith, it took a lot of altering.

 She went to Valle Del Norte Community Center in Albuquerque, planning to vote for John Kerry.
 "I pushed his name, but a green check mark appeared before President Bush's name," she said.

 Griffith erased the vote by touching the check mark at Bush's name.
 That's how a voter can alter a touch-screen ballot.
 She again tried to vote for Kerry, but the screen again said she had voted for Bush.

 Michael Cadigan, president of the Albuquerque City Council, had a similar experience.
"I cast my vote for president. I voted for Kerry and a check mark for Bush appeared," he said.

 America is f-ing dying, and we can't get the Democrats to do their damn jobs.
 The Democrats will just sit there and let Bush steal this like he stole the last one.
 They are willing to remain silent while Bush destroys the greatest country on the planet

 Am I the only one who doesn't like this?
 Isn't anybody else pissed off?

 Why can't we get a Democrat to come to work?

 The goddamn BFEE is going to steal this election in broad daylight.
 Until we can get some Democrats to stand up, we are helpless.

  Why can't we get a Democrat to come to work?
  Why can't we get a Democrat to do their damn job?



 Subject: Holy Haysooos!

 Damnit Bart, you did it this time.

 Now you done went and made me convert from a wimpy, liberal, birkenstock-wearing,
 long-haired hippy goddamn democrat, to a Ragin' Republican!

 You, Sir, are a liar.

 Every time you come up with that "conspiracy" shit, I just get goosebumps all over.
 How in the name of all that is holey, can you keep on trying to attach blame for the
 assassination of a damn Kennedy to Bush?

 I didn't say Bush did it.
 Bush can't tie his f-ing shoes without Condi's finger on the laces.
 I said people who want liberals and democrats to lose murdered them - and who would they be?

 What's wrong with you boy? Is that ChachaHo tequila paint thinner making you dizzy again?

 I make more sense than any 10 monkeys you can cage.

 Anyway - Bush ain't had nothin whatever to do with the Kennedys.

 OK, so that means Democrats or non-political typoes keep murdering our side.
 As always, Monkey logic fails to hold up.

 And another thing. It was Charlie Rangel that (he means who) came up with the draft crap.
 Why don't you tell your readers the real truth about that?

 Fairly decent question from a knuckledragger - it deserves an answer.
 I think most people know that Rangle is pushing that idea, just as they know
 he's pushing that to call attention to Bush's lie that, "No draft is coming."

 Why won't you tell 'em about how it was brought to a vote and got trounced and the two sponsors,
 Rangel and McDermott wouldn't even vote for their own stinking legislation and even got pissed at
 the fact that it was forced to a vote?

 Asked and answered

 Why won't you tell the truth, Bart?

 If you could point to a lie I've told you would've done so.

 Why won't you quit picking and choosing bits and pieces of what actually happened and then presenting
 them as the gospel? Don't you realize how gullible a liberal democrat is?

 ha ha
 Gullible as in "I'm not taxing the poor and middle class?"
 Gullible as in "There's no draft coming?"
 Gullible as in "Things are getting better in Iraq all the time?"
 Gullible as in "Freedom is on the march?"
 Gullible as in "Iraq has WMDs and we have to take them out before Saddam launches?"

 Keep up the good work, son. You've kept more Republicans Republican, than anything Kerry could ever have done.
 Thanks from a true friend liar.


 Monkey, thanks for making my hit meter spin.
 I know you read every day - might as well face it - you're addicted to  bartcop.com

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