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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Iraqi Slaughter on Tape 
Russia: Bush Team Lying
Rudy Blames the Troops 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Bush Caught Faking Ad 
How to outwit the BFEE
Up to 100,000 Dead in Iraq
Boss & 80,000 cheer Kerry
FBI on Crooked Halliburton


Quote of the Day

"There are no warlike peoples,
   ...just warlike leaders."
     -- Ralph Bunche


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Volume 1431 -  Murder One

 Friday   Oct  29,  2004                                           Download Moore's   F 9/11   Here                                          Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"Will we see a repeat of the debacle of 2000?
   Will we see a repeat of the fiasco of 2000?"
     -- Wolf the Whore, CNN Thursday, forgetting THEY screwed up and called the Gore win for Bush,
         and the monkey-see, monkey-do networks all fell into line behind Bush's cousin at FOX

         They are not journalists - they are whores.
         They don't want to get it right - they want to get it first.

 Militants Slaughter 11 Iraqi Soldiers on Tape
  Click  Here

 Insurgents slaughtered 11 Iraqi soldiers, beheading one, then shooting the others execution-style,
 and declared on an Islamic militant Web site Thursday that Iraqi fighters will avenge "the blood"
 of women and children killed in U.S. strikes on the guerrilla stronghold of Fallujah.

 The killing of the 11 Iraqi National Guardsmen was claimed by the Ansar al-Sunnah Army,
 which posted a videotape of their brutal deaths on its Web site Thursday along with a warning
 for all Iraqi police and soldiers to desert or face death. The militants said earlier the soldiers
 were abducted this week on the road between Baghdad and Hillah, 60 miles to the south.

 I don't know much about how the internet works, but why can't we find the base for this web site?
 Don't they have to use phone lines or microwaves or satellites?  Doesn't each site have a unique address?
 Don't they have to register with Symantec or Network Solutions or someone to get an IP address?

 Since America is no longer bound by any laws or treaties or protocols, why can't we find their servers
 and blow them up?  Servers have assigned addresses, right? Surely we know what region the servers
 are in, so why can't we take them out?   Are they using OUR servers to broadcast the beheadings?

 You can bet Ashcroft could find Tommy Chong if he was selling plastic pipes,
 but we're helpless when these Zarqawi types are beheading people?



"According to Boing Boing, Mark Perkel has invested $2000 in bandwidth to distribute Fahrenheit 9/11
  as a download from his web site. I know a few better areas in which that money could be better spent.
  A lot of people have already seen it, and those who haven't won't be downloading it. There has already
  been copies available as downloads from different places and through different protocols (DC, Bittorrent etc)
  with much higher quality.  But, hey...if he wants to waste $2000, it's his problemo.
     --Sour-ass snippiness from  "Strang's blog"  

 Does it figure?

 Perkel takes $2,000 out of his own pocket to help spread some truth to those who didn't/couldn't see F 9/11
 and this Strang guy takes a shot at him for being "wasteful?"
 The Strang dude didn't mention how much he had invested in democracy, but maybe, living in Sweden,
 Strang hasn't felt the effects of Bush's global crime spree - yet.

 Hang in there, Strang.
 If Sweden has any oil, you could win an all-expenses paid vacation to Cuba.



Cathy with Barack Obama

Cathy wins a free year of BCR!

Get your bartcop stickers!
Then send in your digital pictures.

Send a stamped envelope to
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

But if you send a small tithe...
we will not be offended.

 Russia Denies Involvement in Iraq Weapons
  Our allies must get tired of Bush blaming them for his failures

  Click  Here

 Russia angrily denied allegations Thursday that Russian forces had smuggled a cache of
 high explosives out of Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion in March 2003.  Defense Ministry
 spokesman Vyacheslav Sedov dismissed the allegations as "absurd" and "ridiculous."

 I can state officially that the Russian Defense Ministry and its structures couldn't have been
 involved in the disappearance of the explosives, because all Russian military experts left Iraq
 when the international sanctions were introduced during the 1991 Gulf War ," he told the AP.

 The denial followed a story in The Washington Times on Thursday that quoted a high-ranking
 U.S. defense official alleging that Russian special forces had "almost certainly" helped spirit out
 the hundreds of tons of high explosives that went missing. The newspaper based its report on an
 interview with John Shaw, the deputy U.S. undersecretary of defense for international technology security.

 You know they looked and looked for a way to blame Bill Clinton, but when they couldn't find that,
 they decided to blame our friends the Russias - you'd think Russia would get pissed about that.

 Why can't the never-elected, miserable failure ever admit a mistake?
 because God is controlling Bush's actions, and God can't make a mistake?


*Thousands of Comics in Mint to Near Mint condition
* Hundreds of Complete Non-Sport Card sets
* Thousands of single cards
* Imported Japanese Non-Sport Cards
* Fantasy and Horror Magazines

Click  to  Visit

 Rudy blames US troops for explosives fiasco

"I blame the stupid troops!"

  Click  Here

 Rudy Giuliani stepped all over Bush's message of the day when he suggested that
 U.S. troops and not the White House were responsible for the missing explosives in Iraq.
"The actual responsibility for it really would be for the troops that were there," Giuliani said.
"Did they search carefully enough? Didn't they search carefully enough?"

 Kerry's campaign quickly noted that commanders say the soldiers who stopped at the
 arms depot during the push to Baghdad were not ordered to search or secure the place.

"If George Bush is going to have his friends out there blaming the troops, then he needs to
 back up his claims with evidence. Mr. President, show America the order that you issued
 for our troops to secure these dangerous explosives," said John Edwards. "Our men and
 women in uniform did their jobs. It's our commander-in-chief, George Bush, who didn't do his."

 Our side on the offensive - it's a beautiful thing to see.
 Rudy - you're an idiot.
 Even when it is the troops' fault, you don't blame them publicly.


 Bush Campaign caught faking TV ad
  Can't they ever tell the truth about anything?

  Click  Here

 Bush's campaign admitted they had doctored a photo used in a TV ad and said it will be re-edited
 to reflect more truthfulness and reshipped to TV stations.  The photo of Bush addressing a group of
 soldiers showd repeated images of the same men, again and again, giving the impression more soldiers
 backed Bush than the true number. The soldiers' images were electronically copied and used to fill
 where a podium had been, claimed the just-caught liars.

"We didn't even know it was done," a Bush spokesman lied. The truth was revealed on an Internet site.
"There was no intention on anybody's part to try to represent anything that wasn't true," he lied again.
 They claim Bush was addressing a large group of troops in both the original and edited version.
"Bush is talking to the troops, the troops are real," said Bush spokesman Steve Schmidt said.

 What an idiot!
 Nobody said the troops were fake - they said you duplicated faces to make more of them.

 Why couldn't use guys just use a real photo?
 Everyone knows the majority of military love the alcoholic deserter and Halliburton.
 There was no need to fake this, but they just can't help it - it's in their blood to lie and cheat.



  Click  Here

 My mind has officially been blown.
 I have always respected Eminem for his musically abilities and the genre he has been classified.
 However, the Mosh video is the single most amazing piece of political dissent and awareness
 the pop culture has created since Bob Dylan's Masters of War.
 Good God, this video should be required in schools!!!!

 I saw this clip a couple of days ago and am glad to see it on your (our) site.
 I'm no Eminem fan but I give the guy high fives from Iowa for his honesty and guts.
 Let's hope his fans get out there and vote!

 You are right.  I thought he was completely annoying, until I read his lyric about
 how he doesn't rap for dead presidents. Then I saw the Mosh video.
 Now I am his biggest fan, and I'm 38 years old.

 OMG you were so right, I had no idea he put this out.
 Tight, strong, and to the point, please use your right to vote...
 While we still have it!
 Billy U

 Hello Bartcop,
 Thanks for posting the link to that video. I clicked it but I also saw it yesterday via Kos file.
 It's intense, it's right on, it's going to turn some heads around. It's going to help our cause.
 Dymamic stuff I'm a fan of Emimem from here on out.

 I have so much more respect for him now.  We know now he really does have substance.
 I am passing this on to a bunch of people.   Thanks for turning us on to this video.
 I bet they don't play it on TV.

 I just became an Eminem fan.
 That was an awsome video.

 Michael M

 I am no hip-hop fan but you're 100% on the money re "Mosh" 
 I watched this at least 10 times last night, it's absolutely brilliant.
 Great music, art, framing - above all, an inspiring message from a most unexpected source.
 Eminem and Howard Stern - I still have issues with both, but I'm starting to think
 they may be responsible for tens of thousands of Kerry voters, so hats off to 'em.
 Sean O

 I'm a forty-two-year-old white mom who was appalled that her children were listening to Em.
 Then I listened.  I missed the 60's, but I equate Em to be the Bob Dylan of his generation.
 'White America' is genius.
 The American public- white bread, Fox News-blinded, pseudo-religous- are mistaken when
 they dismiss him or try to marginalize what he has to say as inane, uneducated rantings.
 He has a message and it has never been stronger than 'Mosh.'
 Louise M.M

 So totally awesome!!!
 This is a great and powerful statement and I hope it's the kind of thing
 to mobilize the young people in our country to vote.
 Beth W

 I've never really been an Eminem fan although I do like some of his more comedic efforts, i.e. Without Me.
 Mosh just blew me away.
 The song itself is extremely powerful, combined with the video the impact is increased 10 fold.
 I tell all my friends and co-workers about it.  I thought, as I first watched the video, that Em might be going
 in the wrong direction with the message but the ending scenes were superb, the message... perfect.
 I applaud it.
 I also wanted to let you know I love the site, I check it every day.
 Keep Hammerin'

 Hey Bart,
 Yeah, Eminem knows how to work it.
 As mush as I dislike his homophobia, he knows the importance of this election.
 This video played where? MTV?
 I hope that this video had the desired effect and made young folks think about voting.
 Thanks for the heads up.
 Rick A

 I have never been a fan of rap.  But you're right.
 I listened to this yesterday and I became an instant Eminem fan.
 It is energizing to think about how many young minds and future voters he'll influence with this.
 It is empowering and inspirational.  We clearly have the momentum on our side, and even if
 Bush steals it again, the American people will not take it lying down like they did in 2000.
 This time we'll be ready.


 Shirley Manson's Diary

  Click  Here

 Talking of about all the provisional and absentee ballots
 being screwed up in some of the battleground states already?

 I mean ........this is truly outrageous. We're not talking about a third world country here.
 We're talking about the richest nation in the whole wide world and it's not as though the
 current administration haven't had four years to fix the problems during the last electorial debacle.

 Oh wait a I get it.
 They didn't WANT to fix it.'s like I have a twin!

 Subject: Cruella almost run over
 So Kat Hairass froze?

 Probably didn't want to frighten the children...


 Up to 100,000 Dead in Iraq
  Bush wanted that oil and 100,000 dead means nothing to him

  Click  Here

 A survey of deaths in Iraqi households estimates that as many as 100,000 more people
 may have died in the 18 months since Bush's invasion than would be expected based on
 the death rate before the war.    The survey indicated violence accounted for most of the
 extra deaths seen since the invasion, and airstrikes from coalition forces caused most of
 the violent deaths, the researchers wrote in the British-based journal.

"Most individuals reportedly killed by coalition forces were women and children," they said.



Click  Here

Note: Doing a regular internet thing is hard work, ...everybody knows that.
The burnbout factor is enormous and the benefits are few,
so contact Alan Sports if you want to help.

Got a favorite team?
Got a favorite sports?
You a big Tiger Woods fan?
Get involved, write your thoughts down
and send them to  Alan Sports
Getting into sports beats O'Reilly's hobby.

It's hard work, ...everybody knows that.

 How to outwit the BFEE before the problem exists

 One thing the Democrats like to do is to wait until after they've jumped from the plane,
 and then ask around if anyone knows where they can borrow a parachute.
 I think it's easier to locate a parachute before the jump, so here's my suggestion:

 You get on a national TV show like Russert's Meet the Whore this weekend, October 31.
 You ask the GOP why they are putting people in every precinct house to monitor votes.
 They will say something like, "We only want eligible people to vote, that's the only reason."

 So we pin them down and say, "So you agree, that only legal and valid votes should count?"
 Since they're on TV and have been "put in a box," the only way they can answer that is:
"Yes, the GOP says only legal and timely votes should be counted, of course."

 So, if this election turns out to be a replay of 2000, the GOP will be scrambling to locate additional votes,
 and they'll use the military because the military love AWOL Bush and they don't mind dying for Halliburton.

 But when the GOP comes up with an additional 10,000 overseas votes on Nov 18, Democrats say,
"We stand behind the military just like you, but on October 31, you said,"   "The GOP says only
 legal and timely votes should be counted."  Then ask them why they're trying to cast 10,00 illegal votes.

 Gore fell for this trap in 2000.  When overseas military votes kept coming and kept coming and kept coming
 and kept coming, the Dems tried to object to these illegal votes only to be met with, "These men are risking
 their lives for us but you don't think their votes should count?"  but that's when we play the tape and say,
"No, YOU said only legal and timely votes should be counted."

 Bottom line: It's not that hard to anticipate what could occur, but somehow, every time, the Democrats
 act so bewildered and befuddled and they can't figure out what to say or do so they give in - again.

 I'm tired of the never-ending surrender act the Democrats put on.
 Can we fight back in 2004?

 Just this one time - can we fight back?


 Subject: Are we better off?

 Every election year we have to ask the question, "Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?"
 Is America better off than it was 4 years ago?
 Will we be better off 4 years from now with Bush or Kerry?

 Results matter. Reality matters. Vote wisely.

 I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

"Is This Heaven?"
The view from Iowa

A weekly column by Mike Palecek,
former federal prisoner for peace,
county prisoner, Iowa Democratic Party candidate,
small-town newspaper reporter.

 Subject:  polarization


 I keep hearing about how the country is polarized, especially in politics.
 People keep saying that there is no center, only extremes.

 But the "extremes" I see on the left side are pretty much where the center
 was 10 years ago.   So the polarization is really just the loud right wing on
 one side, and anyone with at least some sense on the other.

 Why are there so many on the loud right wing?

 Russ, maybe it's because the Democrats refuse to speak up?


 FBI Investigating Crooked Halliburton Contracts
   Will they find that their bosses/owners committed crimes?

  Click  Here

 The FBI has begun investigating whether the Pentagon improperly awarded no-bid
 contracts to Halliburton, seeking an interview with a top Army contracting officer and
 collecting documents from several government offices. The line of inquiry expands an
 earlier FBI investigation into whether Halliburton overcharged taxpayers for fuel in Iraq,
 and it elevates to a criminal matter the election-year question of whether Bush showed
 favoritism to Cheney's former (?) company.

 FBI agents also recently began collecting documents from Army offices in Texas and
 elsewhere to examine how and why Halliburton got the no-bid work.  Among the evidence
 cited in the complaint was an internal 2003 Pentagon e-mail that says the Iraq contract
"has been coordinated" with Cheney's White House office.

 Cheney, who continues to receive money from Halliburton, said he played "no role"
 in the selection of his former company to make billions of dollars in no-bid business.

 Now that the bank is empty and the soldiers are dead, the Democrats wonder what's up?


 Boss brings out 80,000 to cheer Kerry
    but FOX News said it looked more like 1500...


  Click  Here

 Bruce Springsteen sent megastar wattage surging through the Kerry campaign, whipping up a crowd
 at a rocking rally in swing state Wisconsin.  Thousands of spectators packed balconies on neat wooden houses
 along a mile-long stretch of road climbing up the state's white Capitol, packed with at least 80,000 people.

 Springsteen said his songs were about "who we are, what we stand for, what we fight for now,
 I believe these essential ideas about America are what is at stake on November 2."

"I believe Senator Kerry honours these ideas, he has lived our history for the last 50 years. He has formed
 an adult view of America and its people.  The future is now, and it's time to let our passions loose,".

"This is for you John," Springsteen said, as he launched into his hit "No Surrender" which Kerry
 has adopted as his political anthem.

 Damn, that would've been something to see.
 Did anybody go?
 I'd like to read/print a first-hand report.


 Subscription Drive

If Bush wins, you'll need  to stay sane.

If Kerry wins, the media will do their very best destroy him.

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 Consumer Sentiment Fades with Bush's downfall

  Click  Here

 U.S. consumer sentiment deteriorated in October as rising energy costs and persistent
 job worries made Americans less optimistic about the future, according to a survey released on Friday.

 The University of Michigan's said its consumer confidence index dropped to 91.7 in October,
 down from 94.2 in September while the expectations component slid to 83.8 from 88.0.

 This country couldn't be in worse shape.
 We gotta get rid of this Monkey to save America


 If you can vote early, DO IT!

 The Bush bastards will say, "You can't vote here," if you're of color,
 so voting early gives you a chance to kick them in their little Nazi nuts.

 ABC: Explosives Went Missing After US Control
  More proof that Bush lied, but do the facts matter these days?

  Click  Here

 ABC said the video was shot by an affiliate TV station embedded with the 101st Airborne Division
 when members of the division passed through the facility on April 18, nine days after the fall of Baghdad.

 ABC said experts who have studied the images say the barrels seen in the video contain the high explosive
 HMX, and U.N. markings on the sealed containers were clear.  The barrels were found inside locked bunkers
 that had been sealed by inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency just before the war began.


 Jobless Claims Up More Than Expected
  More than who expected?  Bush's good puppy press?  Bush's employees?

  Click  Here

 Hacking's Husband Urged to Plead Guilty
   In prison, they'll pass him around like Ann Slanders

  Click  Here

 Nude Kate Moss Portrait May Fetch $6.4M
  But it's cheaper to go to

  Click  Here

 Kerry Campaign Seizes on Halliburton Probe
  You got him on the ropes, John - knock his ass out!

  Click  Here


Do you have a friend who's undecided about this election?

Click  Here  to order   Fahrenheit 9-11
...and then watch it with them.

When you're done, say, "Are you still considering voting for Bush?

 Going on O'Reilly?  Don't Shake his hand!
   Best Sex Scandals of Republican Hypocrites, Part I

  Click  Here

  From the O'Reilly affadavits:
 During the course of O'Reilly's telephone monologue on August 2, 2004, he suggested that Plaintiff ANDREA MACKRIS
 purchase a vibrator and name it, and that he had one "shaped like a cock wit a little battery in it" that a woman had given him.
 It became apparent that Defendant was masturbating as he spoke.  After he climaxed, Defendant O'Reilly said to Plaintiff,
 "I appreciate the fun phone call.  You can have fun tonight.  I'll appreciate it.  I mean it."

 Let's analyze his technique.  Well, it is good to let a woman know that you appreciate her, so we have to give him a point
 there.  Masturbating during the conversation, well, I don't know about you, but it's sure never worked for me.  Here's some
 advice: if you're that turned on by a girl, rather than turning her off and possibly facing a really expensive and embarrassing
 lawsuit, why not have a wank before you call her.  That way you'll be able to relax and act cool.  Oh, and immediately saying
 goodbye after you climax?  Well, in this case the plaintiff was probably relieved, but in general it's poor policy.  Here's an even
 better idea.  If you made your career attacking Bill Clinton's infidelity, you probably shouldn't go and get caught trying to cheat on
 your own wife.  Then again, maybe after you upgrade to the trophy wife you can it doesn't matter so much- its not like she
 married you because she actually wants to be with you.  Hope you've got a pre-nup, because if Andrea Mackris has got tapes,
 your trophy wife has dibbs on whatever Ms. Mackriss and her lawyers let you keep.

 ha ha



 Send images/sound/movie files to

 Send important news to

 Send advertising inquiries to

 Send requests to have your column or editorial/news articles to




"Proverbs 6:
  16 There are six things which the LORD hates, seven which are an abomination to him:
  17 haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
  18 a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil,
  19 a false witness who breathes out lies, and a man who sows discord among brothers."
      --why God is sending Bush to Hell,      Attribution

Marty's Entertainment Page

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 BCR 55
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 O'Reilly's Penis-Shaped Vibrator Case Settled Out of Court

  Click  Here

 Bill O'Reilly, the Fox News Channel commentator with a buzzing sound coming from his butt,
 wrote a big, fat check to his victim to drop all allegations, lawyers for Fox said on Thursday.

 Andrea Mackris, an O'Reilly producer, sued the pervert, claiming he had pressured her to engage
 in sexually explicit conversations over the phone, talking about vibrators, masturbation and
 pleasuring himself with his nasty-ass hands at times as he listened to her speak on the phone.

 In a statement, both parties said, "All cases and claims have been withdrawn and all parties have
 agreed that there was no wrongdoing by O'Reilly or Mackris."

 But wait - both Mackris and Buzz Boy signed sworn affadavits that crimes were committed.
 Both of them said under oath that the law was broken, ...and now they admit they were lying?
 Isn't that an abuse of the court system?   Swearing to that which isn't true?

 How does cashing a check change O'Reilly's illegal and perverted behavior into legal behavior?



Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly, and whenever I need a release,
I use the Anal Invader made by Cal Exotic.

It comes in three sizes:
the 1.5 inch Larry Klayman model
the 4.5 inch  Rob Lowe model
and the  8.5 inch  Jimi Hendrix model.

Click  to Order

"I use the Rob Lowe" O'Reilly confesses.

Get yours today!
Tell 'em Buzzboy Bill sent you.

 Blindfolded by the Flag

  Click  Here

 After 9/11, the Bush team became a quick study in using these attacks to elevate Bush's presidency
 to almost mythic status. In the process, they were fast to exploit the American people's fear of terrorism
 as well as their lack of comfort with cognitive dissonance. In the hands of the GOP spin-meisters, even
 minor dissent against Bush was quickly labeled as potentially anti-American. This argument boiled down
 to the classic "America, Love It or Leave It" argument. If anyone dared to question Bush's motives or plans,
 they were warned that dissent against the president in times of war was tantamount to treason.

 In the 2002 mid-term elections, Republicans were swept to increased power based on the perception that
 some Democrats opposed Bush's war plans with Iraq and were obstructionists in the formation of the Office
 of Homeland Security. When it became clear that the U.S. would invade Iraq, all protesters were labeled as anti-American.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1086, 1103, 1105, 1111,  dead American soldiers.

The polls tell us America wants more war,
and more soldiers killed.

Are the polls right?


 Subject: first Pigboy, then O'Reilly, now Hannity?

 I think Hannity will be next.

 I predict he'll be caught performing that love that dare not speak its name with Rick Santorum.
 Such repression leads to self-loathing which always results in pointing the finger away from oneself.

 Who knows, like Carville and Matalin he might reach across (around) the aisle for Barney Frank.

 Kerry in a landslide
 Bush and Cheney in handcuffs

 Pat M

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: Shirley on TV last night

 Got to Eyeball the young Lady/Doll/Fox/Hottie....
 I've always enjoyed the pics of her on your site.

 Now I'll probably be as obsessed as you are by her most gorgeous self.
 She wasn't the slutty Shirl-don't matter..
 She's Tall-Red Haired-Good lookin'...

 Frank F

 I thought she looked great, sounded great
 and she steals the stage whenever she's on it.

 Complaint: Blondie got 4 songs, Kelly Clarkson got 4 songs,
 En Vogue got 3 and those people I never heard of got a song or two...

 ...but the most exciting female performer in show business got a half a song?

 I read something in USA Today that pissed me off.
 It said the St Louis Cardinals chose not to bunt on Boston's Curt Shilling
 because he had a bad foot and they wanted to beat the Red Sox without taking advantage.

 I did not know the Cardinals were Democrats.

 According to this story, they didn't want to win, "like that,"
 but isn't physical fitness what separates "sports" from games like Poker?

 What's next, pitching a guy low because he can't hit the high, fast ball?
 Holding the ball instead of throwing out a slow, white guy at the plate?

 Don't the Cardinals owe it to their fans to try to win?

 I did not know the Cardinals were Democrats.
 You Red Sox fans are lucky - they let you win.


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BCR Show 57

I haven't heard this 'road' show.
Let's hope it's a good one.

Click  Here  to listen to Part 1 of  Show 57
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36 minutes of Bart's expertiary debate comment

Click  Here  to listen to Part 2 of  Show 57
Click  Here  to download Part 2 of  Show 57
33 minutes of Smirky McHardon debate beatdown

Click  Here  to listen to Part 3 of  Show 57
Click  Here  to download Part 3 of  Show 57
28 minutes of misc political comedy

Click  Here  to listen to Part 4 of  Show 57
Click  Here  to download Part 4 of  Show 57
26 minutes of SNL, Jon Stewart and misc political comedy

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