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 Tonight - where is the best place to go to watch the election returns and to possibly celebrate?

 No, not CNN,   not FOX Whore News,    not the lying, pro-Bush networks,    notthe pro-Bush cable Nazis.

 The BEST place for live election coverage and celebration is

 This is an experiment.
 In the coming days we'll asess and re-assess and see how it went, but be there tonight.

 Note: Right now there's not much there, because I'm spending today learning how to blog.

 See you there tonight - and even if you're agnostic - pray.

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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Voters in Heavy Turnout
An Election Spoiled Rotten
Bush Forces Star Wars 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Why Kerry will beat Bush
George W. Bush - the Failure
Canada to Legalize Pot?
Mac, Linux Get Viruses
Video of Hostage Released 


Quote of the Day

"A great many people enjoy a war, 
  provided it's not in their neighborhood."
   -- Bertrand Russell


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Volume 1434 - VOTE TWICE

 Election Day    Nov 2,  2004                                                                                                                                Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"Tony Blair has privately admitted that he wants Kerry to win.  Her has told at least
  two confidantes that a Kerry win would be a 'lifeline' for his own political future."
       --Daily Record, "Blair 'Backs Kerry'"     Attribution

 Hey Tony, your political lust killed 1200 American soldiers and 100,000 Iraqi civilians.
 Fuck you, Tony Blair, for giving America's mad murderer political cover.

 Did he pay you in silver, Tony?
 Did you get a kiss on the cheek?

 Voters Showing Heavy Turnout

  Click  Here

 As many as 125 million Americans were voting to choose a president to set the country's course
 on Bush's bloody and illegal war, the fight against terrorism, the economy and foreign relations.

 Polls showed the race was extraordinarily close, with surveys showing a dead heat nationally and
 contradictory polls indicating most of the 10 hardest fought battleground states could tip either way.

 Subject: the youth vote


 Since various orgs including MTV, VHI, PDiddy, etc., have been on the campaign trail
 for over a year now only urging YOUNG people to vote--no matter what their political beliefs
 --I am hoping the youth of America will pull this one out for Kerry.

 I honestly believe the 18 + crowd will be Kerry voters, and Resident Rove/Cheney/Dumbya
 will be surprised by the voting block they "left behind."

 keepin my fingers crossed,

 It's too bad we didn't have a candidate that would look the samera in the eye and say,
"I want you younger people to listen to me. Bush has a plan for you - he's going to draft you
 at gunpoint in the prime of your life and send you to die in Iraq to make more billions for Halliburton.
 I have no such plan, and I need your vote on November 2."

 Maybe the kids are smart enough to get that - maybe not.



"What are you supposed to do when somebody brings a lawsuit? You hear people say the
  Supreme Court jumped into the last election. I find it very ironic that the very people saying
  judges are interfering are bringing lawsuits. What do you think? Donald Duck is going to decide it?
  I think you really have to have a big ego to think that what you have to say is so important that
  something that is so critically important to the operation of the court can be violated. I have lots
  of stuff I could tell you about Bush v. Gore, but I'm not going to tell you."
     --Clarence 'Slappy' Thomas,  driven insane by the ravages of tertiary syphilis  Attribution


 Subject: V day

 Dear Brother Bart :
 Here's a toast to Kerry winning. May Freedom and Truth begin again to grow in our great land .

 In the mean time, boy am I nervous about the outcome.
 I feel good about victory but scared the monkey may steal it.

 I'll have another toast or 3 and try to be paitent .
 Your friend


 All we need is a little democracy and a party to insist on it.

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 An Election Spoiled Rotten
    by Greg Palast   November 1

  Click  Here

 It's not even Election Day yet, and the Kerry-Edwards campaign is already down by a almost a million votes.
 That's because, in important states like Ohio, Florida and New Mexico, voter names have been systematically
 removed from the rolls and absentee ballots have been overlooked - overwhelmingly in minority areas, like
 Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, where Hispanic voters have a 500 percent greater chance of their vote
 being "spoiled." Investigative journalist Greg Palast reports on the trashing of the election.

 John Kerry is down by several thousand votes in New Mexico, though not one ballot has yet been counted.
 He's also losing big time in Colorado and Ohio; and he's way down in Florida, though the votes won't be
 totaled until Tuesday night.

 Through a combination of sophisticated vote rustling - ethnic cleansing of voter rolls, absentee ballots gone
 AWOL, machines that "spoil" votes - Kerry begins with a nationwide deficit that could easily exceed one million votes.


 Bush Forces Reagan's Idiotic Star Wars Shield
  More hundreds of millions for the BFEE to steal

  Click  Here

 The Pentagon is set to declare operational soon a multibillion dollar system intended to
 defend America from attack by ballistic missiles, but which critics say will not work.

"We say to those tyrants who believe they can blackmail America and the free world
 -- you fire, we're going to shoot it down," the Bush criminal said in August. The Pentagon
 said the system would be deemed operational by year's end.

 No doubt, the BFEE owns the companies that Bush is giving these contracts to.
 They know this silly idea doesn't work, but it's another excuse to drain the Treasury.

 Too bad the Democrats refuse to join this fight.



 Around noon today, CNN did a feature on how to tell a president that he's lost the election.

 They mentioned that presidents were used to winning and didn't take bad news very well.
 They said in 1992, when it was obvious that George Herbert Herbert Bush was going to lose,
 they asked Smirky McWarhardon to go in and tell his Daddy that his crooked as had been fired.

 If we get lucky and justice is done, and the never-elected-in-the-first-place Giggling Murderer
 goes down in flames, who will they have go in and tell him that he's going back to Crawford?

 My vote is Kinda Sleazy Rice

 Subject: that new Florida rule about photographers

 Was enacted Friday by Theresa LaPore

"Assistant Palm Beach County Attorney Leon St. John said Cinque was enforcing new rules,
 enacted Friday by elections chief Theresa LePore, that prohibit reporters from talking with
 or photographing voters waiting  outside polling stations."

  Click  Here


 Tab, if I remember correctly, Theresa LaPore was the "independent" who designed the
 Florida ballots that caused elderly Jews to vote for Buchanan by the thousands.
 After the election, she dropped her "independent" veneer and went to work for Jeb.

 Now she's back to screw democracy again.


 Global Warming Worsens, Icecaps Melting Faster
   Bush's anti-science superstitions are cooking this planet and nobody cares

  Click  Here

 A thaw of the Arctic icecap is accelerating because of global warming but the United States is
 leading the efforts to ignore the warnings for corporate greed.  The Arctic is warming almost twice
 as fast as the rest of the planet due to a buildup of heat-trapping gases and the trend is set to continue.

 The Arctic icecap has shrunk by 15-20 percent in the past 30 years and the contraction is likely to accelerate
 The Arctic Ocean could be almost ice-free in summer by the end of the century.  Inuit hunters are falling through ice,
 permafrost is thawing and destabilizing foundations of buildings and vital winter roads while the habitat of creatures
 from polar bears to seals is literally melting away.

 But Bush wants his oil buddies to steal even more multi-millions ss he ignores the science and logic.
 Meanwhile, the sissified, pink tutu Democrats are too scared to voice their opinion, so the Earth cooks.


Click  Here

Get involved, write your thoughts down
and send them to  Alan Sports
Getting into sports beats O'Reilly's hobby.

 Why Kerry will beat Bush
    by Jimmy Breslin

  Click  Here

"One day last May, I assigned the election to John Kerry. I said it early, and often. As I looked more,
 I saw that it shouldn't even be close. I said that in this space more than once. Now I am so sure that
 I am not even going to bother to watch the results tonight. I am going to bed early, for I must rise in
 the darkness and pursue immediately an exciting, overdue project. Besides, if I was up, so many people,
 upon seeing every word I said of this election coming true on television in front of them, would be kissing
 my hands and embarrassing me with outlandish praise. So I go to bed with total confidence."


 Subject: Candy Crowley remark

 hi bart-

 last week, crowley began her coverage of kerry (and the looted bunker story) by saying-
 the facts are unclear but Kerry "flogged" it  (the missing ammo story)

 then, talking about getting the crowd worked up, she said that was-
 a job kerry was oh so happy "to outsource" for a while

 i sent an email to CNN to point out crowley's "reporting" skills
 maybe she'll quit when President Kerry is sworn in :)

 keep hammerin'
 c phillips

 The Butterqueen has always hated Democrats and she loves Bush with all her heart.
 It just shows what whores CNN are to have a Demo-hater cover John kerry,
 which enables her to put her little snide comments in every smart-ass report.

 Can you believe that cow chided Kerry for eating in too-small bites?

 Hey Butterqueen, we don't all use a trough and a shovel, OK?


"Oh, yeah, he's going to win. It's guaranteed. I don't have to vote now.
  Don't even have to go to the polls. Saved me a trip."
     --Green Bay Packers idiot Darren Sharper, a John Kerry supporter,
       after the Packers defeated the Washington Redskins 28-14 on Sunday.
       The Redskins' final home game has always correctly predicted the winner
       of a Presidential race: If the Redskins lose, the challenger is elected.,  Attribution


 Subject: where are you?

 Surprised to not see you posting something yet (What are you voting?!)
 Come on Bart call it a BLOG today and post your thoughts with us through out the day.
 I would assume the chat room will be open.

 It is a huge day Bart, thanks for keeping us sane through these tough times.
 Hopefully the hard work pays off and Kerry is the victor or as they say here in
 Arvada (the bible belt of the Denver metro area) "God help us all".


 Denver Dude

 It's my good/bad luck to have the server overload.
 The Bart Blog should be working tonight - see you there.


"When I turned my boat in Vietnam into an ambush and I went straight into
  the ambush and overran it, I didn't see George Bush or Dick Cheney at my side.
  So I'm not going to take a second seat to anybody in my willingness to be tough
  to defend America. I did it when it mattered."
    --John Kerry, on "The Early Show", telling Bush's chickenhawks to suck on it   Attribution

"Is This Heaven?"
The view from Iowa

A weekly column by Mike Palecek,
former federal prisoner for peace,
county prisoner, Iowa Democratic Party candidate,
small-town newspaper reporter.

 More fear and loathing on the campaign trail
  Did Hunter S Thompson witness Bush selling cocaine?

  Click  Here

 The first time I noticed George W Bush," Hunter Thompson tells me, "was when he passed out
 in my bathtub at the Hyatt Regency in Houston. He was with a guy who had come to sell...

 Look, I'm not going to put this next sentence on the record. Let's just say that 'a friend of mine'
 was buying cocaine.   I have friends in Houston from all walks of life. Lawyers. Professional men.
 Bush was hanging around with this crowd of what you might call gilded coke dilettantes."

 Of course, this story comes fr4om overseas, because the Bush-owned American whore media
 will not print a negative story about Bush, but they'll print lies and rumors about Bill Clinton.


 Subject: Why move to a safe place when you can watch your kids blow up on a school bus?

 The concern I think you're missing is that Jews are not likely to consider anywhere as safe a place as their own country.

 If that's the case, if Israelis feel they're safest where they are, then everybody's happy, right?

 I am as secular and assimilated as a Jew can be here in the buckle of the bible belt, but I'm halfway thinking that Bush
 will have another epiphany and start a pogrom. He'll say he's been mislead by the neo-con Jews  (Wolfowitz, Perl, Kristol, Feith...)
 and the Israeli lobby into fighting our real friends the Saudi's and Wahabi Islam. I believe that the knuckledraggers would buy it.

 I don't know that I'd be safer in OK than in Tel-Aviv. Crazy huh?

 For Bush, Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

  Click  Here

 They don't believe in democracy, anymore than a tiger believes in vegetarianism. In fact, they have
 contempt for the American public. They are elitists who believe that they know better than the rabble
 of the voters -- and that if you are not in on the big money corporate welfare deals, then you are a natural born loser.

 George W. Bush is their puppet. Dick Cheney is their Wizard of Oz. And Karl Rove is their Goebbels.

 They might be excused many things, but their unrelenting efforts to dismantle the institutions of democracy
 created in 1776 are, in essence, treason.   They might be excused many things, but they are inept, bumbling fanatics,
 who can't even get the job done right.

 The emergence of the Osama bin Laden tape only underscores the fact that the man in the White House who
 promised Osama dead or alive was outfoxed by the world's most infamous terrorist. Bush is a loser, not a leader.



"I think the stoned slackers'll go for Kerry. I think he'll carry that vote..
  The stoned-slacker vote. Ummm -- but I don't know if they're gonna go.
  You know, look, Puff Daddy and his crew -- they're running around, "Vote or Die!" and all that.
  Yeah, it's good publicity to get on TV. Are they gonna get out? Are they gonna leave the bong
  and stand in line for an hour? I don't know."
      --Bill O'Reilly, with a buzzing, penis-shaped vibrator in his butt,   Attribution

 Canada Renews Bill to Decriminalize Pot
   Could be a Pokerfest in our future

  Click  Here

 Canada's Liberal government reintroduced legislation on Monday to decriminalize the possession
 of small amounts of marijuana, drawing criticism that this could prompt a clampdown at the U.S. border.
 The bill would replace criminal sanctions with fines for a half an ounce, with youths getting smaller fines than adults.

 Old Maid Vic Toews voiced fears that the legislation could end up jeopardizing the world's richest trading relationship,
 valued at more than $1 billion a day.   "We know that the Americans are very opposed to this bill," he told reporters
"How does this government guarantee us that there won't be retaliatory action by the Americans?"

 Hey, nobody can guarantee what nutty action is insane Monkey might take.
 If you guys are looking to grow in population, legalize pot and if Bush steals this slection,
 you might see your tax base increase along your border towns. they play hockey in short pants?


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 Subject: Timmy the whore

 Hey Bartcop,
 I've missed seeing the Russert "Clinton's cock" loop!
 I think of it every time I see Timmy the groveling whore.

 Please do something creative with Bob Novak -- that man is the whore's whore!
 Thanks for being the voice of sanity during America's worst presidency!


 Marie, I have no graphic making skills.
 That Russert graphic was made by Dr Dave Gonzo from APJ.US

 Whatever happened to Dave - anybody know?

 Mac and Linux Not Immune to Viruses

  Click  Here

 It's easy for administrators and computing professionals to get frustrated with users
 for all kinds of reasons, but security has to be one of the biggest reasons these days.

 Let's consider the recent release of a malicious script for Mac OS X. This script itself
 is not really much of a threat because it has no means of propagation, but as a Mac admin
 I'd take that as small comfort. The script is a tool for building genuine worms with social
 engineering as the front door.

 So what if the script requires admin/root access? Even if the Mac user is running as a
 less-privileged user, all the attack has to do is to ask for the root password.

 Subject:  85 year old Mary's (last issue) got it going on

 Bart, I've been doing a ton of phonebanking over the last few weeks with ACT and America Votes.
 They use voter registration lists that for some reason include a ton of older people, 80 years old and up.

 I talked to dozens of extreme seniors over the weekend, and lots of our oldest citizens are not only voting for Kerry,
 but they are PISSED OFF. They can't wait to vote, they're talking it up to each other and they are tuned in.

 If we win this thing, the older voter is going to deserve as much credit as the first time, cell phone voters.
 Proud to be a subscriber, Bart.
 Tonight, I hope to do a celebratory Brooklyn shot of Chinaco in your honor.

 Dave R

 How Bush Was Offered Bin Laden and Blew It

  Click  Here

 On November 23, 2000, Mohabbat got a call from the NSC saying they wanted to put him officially
 on the payroll as the US government's contact man for the Taliban. He agreed. A few weeks later an
 official from the newly installed Bush NSC asked him to continue in the same role and shortly thereafter
 he was given a letter from the administration (Mohabbat tells us he has a copy), apologizing to the Taliban
 for not having dealt with bin Laden, explaining that the new government was still setting in, and asking for
 a meeting in February 2001.

 The Bush administration sent Mohabbat back, carrying kindred tidings of delay and regret to the Taliban
 three more times in 2001, the last in September after the 9/11 attack. Each time he was asked to communicate
 similar regrets about the failure to act on the plan agreed to in Frankfurt. This procrastination became a standing
 joke with the Taliban, Mohabbat tells CounterPunch "They made an offer to me that if the US didn't have fuel for
 the Cruise missiles to attack Osama in Daronta, where he was under house arrest, they would pay for it."

  Will return tomorrow

The best books by the best authors

 New Video of CARE Hostage Released
  Will this woman become another victim of Bush's greed?

  Click  Here

 A newly released videotape of Margaret Hassan warning of "dangerous and serious" deadlines
 before she fainted on camera.  Al-Jazeera refused to air the tape, saying it was "too graphic."


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"The key lesson to me of Vietnam is that you cannot outlast insurgents in
  their own country. This idea that when Bush says, 'Well, we can't say we're
  going to pull out in six months because they'll only have to wait six months
  and a day.' They'll wait a hundred friggin' years if they have to!"
     --Bill Maher, on HBO   Attribution

 Subject: tight polls


 I'm writing to you on the evening of 1 November.  I've always been a pessimist.
 (If you're a pessimist, you're never disappointed!)

 But I've got to say that I can't really believe that it will be all that close.   I truly believe that,
 despite GOP vote-suppression techniques, the intermittent and first-time voters will carry the day for Kerry.

* Clearly the Koresh-forsaken Central Time Zone will go solidly red, present company excluded.
   Besides, the new voters in those states would be red anyway. So there should be no unexpected loss.

* Keep an eye on pink and powder-blue states though.  Since we don't have to contend with an electoral college
   at the county level, watch for young and urban voters to show up in force.  I predict the Illinois Effect (the large
   municipality overwhelms the voting state wide) will take hold around the Great Lakes and Ohio River Valley.

* MoveOn, ACT and the rest of the progressive groups plotting to win (despite the Democratic) have a masterful ground game.

* Conservatives are much more likely to sit out the Presidential ballot and vote down ticket than will Liberals.

 I just think we have it .

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1105, 1111, 1120, 1123,  dead American soldiers.

"The U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq
will be studied for years for their brilliance."
    -- VP Snarl, bragging about their great success  Attribution

Polls tell us America wants more war,
and more soldiers killed.

Are the polls right?

 VCR Alert

 Tonight, Jon Stewart is going live at 10PM EST, an hour earlier.

 But you need to be checking

 Subject: Florida photog lawsuit

 As an attorney, let me say without a hint of doubt in my mind that this photographer has grounds
 to file a federal civil rights suit. The statute to which I refer is Title 42 United States Code Section 1983.

 This photographer enjoyed a First Amendment right to photograph these scenes which were part of a public event.
 A "new county rule" is not a law; trust me on this. Arbitrary and capricious enforcement of meretricious "rules" which
 are not state laws only serves to accentuate the outrageousness of this action and increases the potential liability.

 Your advice is great: Every voter should bring a camcorder, camera cell phone, etc. to the polls.
 Oh, and by the way -- guess who's sending 1200 photographers to videotape everything in Ohio and Florida?
 None other than the sainted Michael Moore.

 This ought to make for an interesting documentary, and shall provide invaluable evidence for court proceedings
 if the Republicans try to swipe this election.

 Donald P
 Attorney at Law


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