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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Scott Peterson "Guilty" 
Skewed Questions & Polls 
Bush Poised to Bungle M. East
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Gene Lyons and Joe Conason
Americans too dumb to vote?
Payday for Bev Harris 
Fahrenheit 9-11, The Sequel 
Monkey Mail


Quote of the Day

"Military justice is to justice what
   military music is to music."
   -- Groucho Marx

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Volume 1441 - Rear Window

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  Fri-Monday    Nov 12-15,  2004                                                                                                                             Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"The men American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars;
   the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth."
     - H. L. Mencken

  Hmmm, that sounds a lot like...

 Bart's Law #1
 Don't EVER tell the truth in a political campaign.
 People want to be lied to.

 If you doubt me, ask President Mondale about telling the truth.


 Scott Peterson "Guilty" on both counts
  Former fertilizer salesman could face death penalty

  Click  Here

 Scott Peterson was convicted Friday of murdering his pregnant wife and dumping her body
 in San Francisco Bay in what prosecutors called a cold-blooded plot to escape marriage and
 fatherhood for the bachelor life with Amber Frey and her young daughter.

 All I can say is I hope he really did it.
 I think everyone should fear a government that announce\s their intention to murder a man
 before they conduct or finish an investigation. If the Constitution means anything, (does it?)
 the guilty need to be proven guilty, as opposed to "We all know he did it."

 Sherlock Holmes is credited with the quote,
"When you eliminate the impossible, what's left must be true."

 The state of California said it wasn't possible that someone besides Scott killed his wife,
 and since nobody else could have, Scott must have.  You gotta love American justice.
 Legally, Peterson did it, just like O.J. was innocent, legally.

 The worst part?
 Hearing that cackling, every-suspect-is obviously-guilty Nancy Grace. Of all the asses on TV,
 (and that covers a lot of asses) Nancy Grace will handle "victory" with the least amount of class.

 And Geragos?
 He started this trial saying he would prove Scott could not have done the deed.  Was he blowing
 smoke or did the circumstances change during the trial?   The story goes, he took one look at the
 police report, then talked to Scott, and decided to take the case.

 Will the verdict be appealed?
 Will Peterson get a second trial?
 Why were two jurors removed by the judge this week?  Because they voted to acquit?
 Were they deemed "disruptive" because they agree with the majority?

 Is it justice to put a jury thru a long-ass, five month trial, thereby increasing the odds
 that they'll do anything to end their isolation and get back to their lives and their loved ones?

 Peterson was a walking dead man the first time he set eyes on Geragos.  I'd like to think Geragos
 at least evened the odds and gave him a chance at a fair trial after the state with limitless resources
 announced their intention to execute him on a lazy-ass hunch.

"Statistically, the husband is most likely guilty, so let's arrest him."



"I've been doing this for 11 years and I've never seen
  a security situation as dangerous as the one in Iraq."
    --Mark Bartolini, Middle East director of the International
       Rescue Committee which has decided to leave Iraq,    Attribution

 There are those who say maybe it's fitting that Bush won, since he'll have to
 clean up his own messes now, but that's hardly a consolation we can endure.
 Has anybody ever seen as big a mess as Bush has created in Iraq and the world?


 Subject: Ashcroft


 I keep hearing a persistent rumor that he resigned so that, when the time comes,
 Bush will make Ashcroft the nominee for the first Supreme Court vacancy.

 Have you heard anything like that? What an outrage if it's true!

 Keep it up Bart my man. We need you now more than ever.

 Smothering in red in Salt Lake City.

 I never say those radical things like, "If Bush wins, I'm leaving this country," but I promise
 I will turn on the Democrats if they confirm that Ashcroft Monster for the Supreme Court.

 You have never seen me that angry.


 Survey: Skewed Questions Influenced Poll Answers
  This election was about Iraq, not values, which just makes it more stupid

  Click  Here

 When "moral values" was included in poll questions, it was named more often than any other issue.
 But when voters were just asked to name the issue most important in their vote for president - without
 being given a list of answers - moral values trailed the war in Iraq and the economy, according to Pew.

"The advantage of the open-ended question is it tells you what's at the top of mind for voters - what they're thinking,"
 said Cliff Zukin of Rutgers University. "Much too much has been made of the moral values answer."

 So, we're not a nation of self-important, pious, religious hypocrits, after all.
 We're a nation that loves sacrificing our youth to invade helpless countries for no damn reason.


Pulp Politicians

Your mouth should be milk-free when you watch this.

My good friend Barry Crimmins has a book out

Click  to  Order

What Publishers Weekly said about Barry's book:
While Crimmins has recently gained wider recognition through his stand-up performances
and his writings for Air America Radio, this book could increase his audience even more.
Crimmins takes a scalpel to Kissinger , Dennis Miller and the Bush administration."


"Bush increased his vote in 2004 over 2000 by an average of 3.1 percent nationwide. In Ohio the increase
  was 1 percent -- less than a third of the national average. In the 11 states in which the gay marriage
  referendums were held, Bush increased his vote by less than he did in the 39 states that did not have
  the referendum. The great anti-gay surge was pure fiction. This does not deter the myth of the Bigoted
  Christian Redneck from dominating the thinking of liberals and infecting the blue-state media. They need
  their moral superiority like oxygen, and they cannot have it cut off by mere facts. Once again they angrily
  claim the moral high ground, while standing in the ruins of yet another humiliating electoral defeat."
        --Charles Krauthammer, "'Moral Values' Myth" Attribution

 Subject: Chicago's Tequila Roadhouse lost the election! Voted Dry

 We have a law that voters can vote their precinct dry...
 Tequila Roadhouse lost their business 194 to 147.

 I don't think it's a fair law because it denies someone their economic livelihood.

 Hmmm, that does seem odd.
 They had more than 194 people there the night of Pokerfest Chicago.



"I really didn't come here to hold office just to say, 'Gosh, it was fun to serve.'"
    --President Bush, who came to office to steal hundreds of billions of dollars,
       as has suceeded because the gelding Democrats refuse to say, "Stop, theif!"   Attribution

 Explaining Ourselves
   by hotter-than-fire Robert Parry (D-On Fire) at

  Click  Here

 Since Election Day, we have written four articles - two focused on the vote count and two on the need
 to address the rightward tilt of the American news media. These stories have drawn more than the usual
 level of praise and criticism, perhaps not unexpectedly given the depth of passions surrounding Nov. 2.

 So I would like to explain our outlook in a little more detail and why we see the two questions - an investigation
 of the presidential vote count and the need for a stronger media infrastructure - as interrelated.

 First, we - like many other Americans - believe that questions about the legitimacy of the vote count should
 be resolved honestly and openly, not just swept under the rug.

 Well before the election, citizens were complaining about the security of their ballots, especially when using paperless
 voting machines. The fact that election officials around the country failed to act, or put off fixes until 2006, is troubling.

 That failure has invited the current skepticism expressed by millions who wonder why exit polls in six swing states
 and nationwide showed John Kerry winning while the "actual" tallies gave those states to George W. Bush.
 Even Republican pollster Dick Morris is having trouble reconciling these exit poll discrepancies.

"To screw up one exit poll is unheard of," Morris wrote. "To miss six of them is incredible. It boggles the imagination
 how pollsters could be that incompetent and invites speculation that more than honest error was at play here."

 Note: is the most important site on the internet. You should read their stuff.


 Are Americans too dumb to vote?


  Click  Here

 How else can we explain the reelection of George W. Bush, whose administration was asleep at the switch on 9/11;
 who not only failed to create any new jobs for the millions of new workers entering the job market in each of the last
 four years, but actually suffered a net loss in US employment; whose tax cuts for the rich resulted in the largest deficits
 in US history; whose environmental policies resulted in increases in air and water pollution; and who willfully
 misrepresented the facts in order to invade and occupy Iraq -- with over 8,000 US soldiers maimed, more than 1,100
 US dead, and the deaths of an estimated 100,000 innocent Iraqis. This presidency has been a disaster on all fronts
 -- except, of course, in its skill at demagoguery and political deception

 Put another way: How was it possible for Kerry to lose?

Click  Here

 Subject: Did Bush win cleanly?

 There is a lot of evidence of massive voter fraud in the last election. But people seem to think
 that Bush won by a margin bigger that the amount of fraud that he might have committed.

 To me - if someone has to cheat to win, and then they win - they can't come back at the end
 and claim they won fairly because they would have won anyway if they hadn't cheated.

 To me the cheating always taints the results and undermines the legitimacy of the cheater.
 But that's my moral values - and other people have different moral values than I do.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

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    Tulsa, OK  74155


 Subject: Tanks in the streets of LA

 What you showed on your site is clearly a tank, not an APC (and clearly "Westwood").


 Two vehicles, at first two tanks, then two APC's, were in actuality probably one tank, one APC.
 Some people said they saw a tank (and the picture is a tank), and others said they saw something
 with 8 tires (which is an APC). One of each means USMC in the APC, and Nat'l Guard in the (Sherman?) tank.

 The VA, about two blocks away, had such vehicles on display for Vet Day, so probably some wingers
 took them out to go scare the West LA hippies.

 West LA protester

 Paul, thanks for that.
 I didn't think an armored personnel carrier had a giant gun barrel on top, but as you know,
 we don't print anything at  unless we're absolutely certain about it.

The Last Liberal Outlaw,
by former prisoner Mike Palecek

Published by New Leaf Books of Chicago

"We haven't had a writer like this since
Kurt Vonnegut was at his peak."
- Chuck Gregory,

 Payday for Bev Harris
    blackboxvoting  hits the jackpot

  Click  Here

 The original lawsuit was filed a year ago by Bev Harris and Jim March,
 who characterized the $2.6 million settlement as "peanuts."

 March, a whistle blower who filed suit on behalf of California taxpayers,
 could receive as much as $75,000 because of the settlement.  But he said
 the terms don't require Diebold to overhaul its election servers
 to guard them from hackers, software bugs or other failures.


 They accepted a settlement that allows Diebold to keep using their pro-Bush machines?
 If the purpose of filing that suit wasn't to stop Diebold's voting crimes, what was it?

 Also: It is said that Ms Harris sold "Billy C Cigars"  Click  Here  during impeachment.


 Subject: Show 59 feedback

 Bart, been reading for free 2 years,

 I took your Marc Perkel's free offer, show 59.
 now that I listened , I wondered, pink tutu's for Damocratic's.
 No mention of the vote Fraud , Reality?

 The church  of Our Reality .   Are you out for the cash?
 A blue Ohioan , I.Q. Debatable .

 Hmmm, should I consider that an attack?
 The evidence that Democrats are not willing to fight is abundant and has been for years.
 Voter fraud in thousands of precincts will have to be proven by someone smarter than me.

 As far as the Church of Reality, it makes more sense than any church I've ever seen.
 It's real, they're not selling Heaven and you'll never be lied to there.

 ...and if I was out for the cash, I'd be a very wealthy Dubya sicko-fant.


 Bush Poised to Bungle Middle East Opportunity
  With Afarat gone, there's a new opening for Bush to screw up

  Click  Here

 Yasser Arafat, as President Bush once noted, was a major obstacle to peace in the Mideast.
 And now that he's gone to hell, Arafat's death marks what some are calling a good opportunity
 for Bush to nurture the peace process between Israel and her evil neighbors.

 But we all know nurturing is for women and fags, the first of which should never be in a position
 of leadership, and the second of which should be exterminated from God's Great Earth

Domain name for sale:   is available for purchase.

 If interested, please email:

 Subject: Show 59 feedback

 Hi Bart, great show.

 Just one thing.
 You're looking for the explanation of why Kerry closed up shop in the Summer until the Repug covention?
 It's my understanding that they did that in an attempt to even out the campaign spending inequity created
 by the RNC being nearly a month after the DNC. As you know, spending limits kick in after the party convention,
 so the Kerry plan (or the Shrum plan, or the Cahill plan) was to "go dark" until after the RNC to save money.

 The Repugs knew Kerry'd be forced to do that - that is specifically why they fired up the swift boat attacks
 during that period. They knew they'd be poorly refuted. Please note this is not a  defense of Kerry, just the
 explanation you were looking for.


 Matt, I appreciate the gesture, but I disagree.
 It costs nothing to go on Meet the Whore or Face the Whore or This Whore or Larry King and blast Bush.
 It costs nothing to give a speech to a loacl VFW, knowing every network will varry it is it's newsworthy.

 When I say Kerry took the summer off, I'm saying he made the decision to relax or regroup or have strategy
 sessions, but he chose not to do any campaigning. Hell, I could've given him a rented car and enough gas to
 drive around and attack Bush, but he choose to lay low and that, among other things, gave Bush a huge lead.

 I hope we can depend on our 2008 nominee to fight all the time, not some of the time.


 Michael Moore Set to Shoot 'Fahrenheit' Sequel

  Click  Here

 Moore said he hopes to have "Fahrenheit 9/11 1/2" ready in two to three years.

"Fifty-one percent of the American people lacked information in this election and we
 want to educate and enlighten them.  They weren't told the truth. We're communicators
 and it's up to us to start doing it now.  The official mourning period is over today and there
 is a silver lining: George W. Bush is prohibited by law from running again," Moore said.

"You mean I can't run again?"

 Subject:  Robert Parry and Florida  (see last issue)

 Bart --

 What I have not seen so far in the discussions about Bush votes running way ahead of
 Republican registration in Florida is this -- how many non-partisan (independent) voters
 are there in those districts?

 If there are 30% Dems, and 30%  Repigs, and 40% independents, and bush got all the Rs
 and 3/4 of the Is, then he'd have gotten 60%, or double the R registration.

 Don't get me wrong, I'm convinced the election was stolen. I'm not yet convinced that the
 statistics quoted above tend in any way to prove it, because they're not complete.

 Salem, Oregon

 Jack, good point.
 Also, I heard on AAR Friday that many Florida Dems are "Dixiecrats" who often vote GOP.
 That's why I can't lead the charge on voter fraud - I know so little and I have no time for someone
 to bring me up to speed - but I will report others' findings if they seem credible.

 Sidebar: If you're going to vote for Bush, drop the Demo label and become one of them


 Rush Limbaugh Sued for Stealing Art
  300 times a millionaire and he's too cheap to pay the artist?

  Click  Here

 Doug Henry said Limbaugh stopped paying to use his illustrations of his Nazi butt
 after Henry suggested last year that the two publish a coffee-table book of the works.

 Henry's depictions of Limbaugh have graced 67 covers of "Limbaugh Letter," a rehash
 of lies spewed during the previous 30 days and sold to his sheep as "wisdom.".
 Henry has worked for Limbaugh for nearly four years as the commentator's cover artist.

 In his lawsuit filed in federal court this week, Henry is asking a judge to confirm his ownership
 of the artwork he did for Limbaugh and to order His Pigness to stop using it unless he pays first.
 Henry is also seeking unspecified damages from Limbaugh.

                "It's not fair!"


 The Election - My Two Cents
  by John Cory

  Click  Here

 This campaign season brought all of us "liberals" new technology and new organizations for getting our
 standards and philosophy out to the masses: Howard Dean, the wonderfully invigorating blogosphere of
 Atrios and Talkingpoints Memo, Air America Radio, Media Matters, Truthout, Buzzflash, Bartcop,
 and so many more outlets of hope. We cannot afford to languish in morose depression over our loss,
 but must embrace our new tools of democracy and faith and move forward.

 The Democratic Party leadership needs to re-evaluate its position and priorities, no question.
 But we need to force them to support us, not the other way around.


 Hugh Grant Signals End to Acting Career
   He got the second most famous blow job in history

  Click  Here

 Bill Maher Sued by Ex-Girlfriend
  Only Clooney is more a confirmed bachelor

  Click  Here

 Old Dirty Bastard Collapses, Dies in Studio
  Crazy lifestyle, bad rhymes finally do him in

  Click  Here

"Seinfeld" Curse Cracked?
   Jason Alexander's show not cancelled yet

  Click  Here

The best books by the best authors

 Arafat buried amid chaotic Ramallah scene

  Click  Here

 Police firing in the air failed to restore order as the tens of thousands of mourners rushed toward the coffin,
 struggling to be close to their leader - hailed as a Nobel Peace laureate and branded a terrorist - for one final time.

"President Arafat would have wanted it this way, with exhilaration, feelings of loyalty, pain, sadness and love all at once,"
 Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi said. "The people reclaimed him. They wanted to say goodbye without distance."



 Echoing Bush's Line Won't Help Democrats
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The President won about 3.5 million more votes than his challenger, and as his supporters point out,
 set a new record for the most votes won by any Presidential candidate. He deserves congratulations,
 but then so does Senator John Kerry, who now holds second place on that same scale. As Joshua
 Micah Marshall notes, Mr. Bush's impressive numbers represent an artifact of population growth
 and turnout, not an expression of overwhelming public approval. More Americans voted against
 Mr. Bush than any other Presidential candidate in the nation's history


 Arianna said it
   saw it on the BartCop Forum

   Click  Here

 Though I'll say it too: to hell with the DLC and Mary Beth, Carville too, and Clintonistas:

 "We kept coming back from the road," said James Boyce, a Kerry family friend who traveled across the country
 with Cam Kerry, "and telling the Washington team that the questions we kept getting were more about safety and
 Iraq than healthcare. But they just didn't want to hear it. Their minds were made up." Boyce was instrumental in
 bringing to the campaign four of the more outspoken 9/11 widows, including Kristin Breitweiser. "We told the campaign,"
 Breitweiser told me, "that we would not come out and endorse Kerry unless he spoke out against the war in Iraq. It was
 quite a battle. In fact, I got into a fight with Mary Beth Cahill on the phone for not getting it. I actually said to her:
 'You're not getting it. This election is about national security.' I told her this in August. She didn't want to hear it."

 It seemed obvious that this election would be about terrorism, which I why I wanted Wes Clark.
 He was a fighter with impeccable military credentials minus the baggage of a 20 year voting record.
 Also, I doubt Clark would've taken the summer off for a vacation.


Get your bartcop stickers!
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Send a stamped envelope to
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

But if you send a small tithe...
we will not be offended.


"Freedom means to me, to work in free, no one bother you,
  no one beat you, no one shoot you, no one insult you."
    -slain Palestinian cameraman Mazen Dana

Need a jazz trio in the Tampa Bay area?

 Subject: BCR Show 59

 You sound like a damn redneck!

 And I mean that in the best possible way.  I grew up in New Mexico, folx from Oklahoma...
 and I swear, it's so much easier to speak the simple truth in Oklahoman than it is in New Yorker.

 Here's the thing.  The guys on Air America are all clever, energetic...strident people.
 They all *sound* like "Massachusetts Liberals."  And are we really going to sway Rush
 Limbaugh listeners with Chuck D, no matter how cool he is?

 You've got the same charm going for you that suits Ann Richards and Molly Ivins so well.
 Having never listened before, I was struck by how...respectful you are.   Air America is doing
 themselves a real disservice every day they don't hire you.

 technically?  Near top notch.  Almost unassailable.  Only things I noticed were a little too much
 dead air on the fade-outs at the ends of the sections, and every now and then I heard Windows
 make that "ding-dunk!" synchronization burp (and I listened in my car on an iPod).  What was that?


 Seth, I'm a liberal - I have an excuse for evrything.
 With some MP3 players, it cuts off the file before it's totally finished,
 so we add some dead air at the end to fool that program.

 The "ding dunk" is that piece of hardware that connects two computers to one monitor.
 It's a "prevent" to prvent the radio show computer from catching a virus.   Of course, the makers
 of that hardware figured I'd want a giant "ding dunk" now & then to remind me that two computers
 are hooked up to the same monitor, which just goes to prove two things:

 Bart's Law #4
 Nothing is easy


 Bart's Law #5
 Nothing ever works


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Anti-Bush Party in DC on Inauguration day

 We have quite a few volunteers/protestors, coming from Missouri, Florida,
 New York, Chicago, and semi-local places like Virginia and Maryland, but we need
 at least one local guy.  We need the main anchor right in town in case gridlock
 takes over. It won't help for the signs and the people to be in different area codes..

 This might work best as a pyramid, with the local anchor being top capo de capo,
 with maybe six underbosses with crews of six people each, but first we need a DC boss.

 If all else fails, we can have the six underbosses run their own crews.

 In the next few days, we'll get things straight and I'll e-mail each volunteer
 with the address of their capo.

 Also, Priority One is Nobody Gets Hurt - don't taint the cops, especially with a bartcop sign :)
 Priority Two is Nobody gets Arrested. Sure, it'll make a fun story to tell the grandkids,
 but that vengeful, maybe-elected bastard would love to hang a felony on each and every protestor.

 Click  Here  if you're in DC and want to help.

 We'll send some emails out shortly.

 Subject: Careful protesting in DC

 Hey, Bart

 Press is already describing 'unprecedented' security for inauguration
 - a 'free speech' Konzentrationslager in Alexandria?  Many thanks for the subscription.

 I'm starting a twice-monthly column for bushwatch this week.
 I will send you links.

 All the best,

 Chuck, I'm aware of the extra security.
 Using reverse engineering, I'd like to post Guidelines to Avoiding Trouble.

 Any ideas?


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BCR 57
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 Color most of America purple
    by  Gene Lyons           November 10, 2004

  Click  Here

 Roughly a year ago, when Washington pundits were assuring us that Vermont Gov. Howard Dean
 had a lock on the nomination, I asked my wife if there was any chance a liberal New Englander
 could win her native Arkansas, a state with five Democrats among its six person congressional
 delegation, with gay marriage on the ballot.  She thought a minute and said, alas, no.

 After Kerry got nominated, we talked ourselves halfway out of it, partly because we imagined his
 Vietnam War record would insulate him against being seen as a figurative "girly man. "

 Then came the Swift Boat smeara classic Bush family dirty tricks campaign - and the Kerry
 campaign's bewildering failure to fight back. There followed the so-called liberal media's
 (particularly cable TV's) unwillingness to call a liar a liar. Kerry's seeming strength was
 effectively neutralized.

 We still have no idea why Kerry refused to fight back.
 Doesn't he owe us an explanation?

 I'm hearing rumors Kerry wants to run in 2008.
 Wouldn't that be a case of "Won't get fooled again?"

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1128, 1137, 1148, 1188,  dead American soldiers.

They got 40 more  since last issue, for no damn reason.

Saw it on

40 more!

Is that what America voted for on 11-2?

Who do our military families love that crazy warmonger so much?

Cheney: "I want it all..."

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: Ashcroft's resignation


 There is still one thing bothering me about Ashcroft's resignation.

 Yes, I know all the standard stuff, he claims the goal of pacifying the nation is complete,
 we're all secure, but he hand-wrote the resignation letter to ensure security.
 But Ashcroft wrote his resignation letter on November 2, while people were still voting.
 How did he know Bush would be reelected?



 Subject: Please stop the whining

 Dear Bart,

 You have followed the pattern exactly.
 I actually thought you might have some balls and break out of the whiny-whiny ass pattern
 that your fellow liberals have locked themselves into. But no, you gotta whine, whine, whine.

 Jesus God, Almighty Christ, will you people stop and look at yourselves!
 You goddamn idiots are actually apologizing to the rest of the world!
 Do you know how fucking hilarious that is?
 Do you know how stupid you look? lying?

 The Bohannon stalker

 YOUR president has been told by his lawyer, Alberto Gonzalez, that he has
 the legal right to bomb, murder, rape and maim any person or country that he sees fit.

 Can you imagine giving a 22 caliber rifle to a ten year old and telling him he has
 the legal right to shoot any bird, person, window, car or old lady he wants to?

 That's what America's ten year old is doing, and he's having the time of his life.

 Why, blowing up Iraq and raping and murdering the survivors is more fun than
 blowing up frogs with firecrackers. Plus, America's Bush-owned press yells "Horray!"
 each time Bush commits another war crime against humanity.

 Of course we owe the world an apology.
 Bush has killed 100,000 Iraqi civilians - so far - and his blood lusts for more.
 Like a dirty crack whore looking for another fix, Bush needs more countries to invade
 because each kill has a slightly smaller thrill than the last, so he has to ramp up the violence.

 Meanwhile, Catholic bishops are condemning John Kerry as an evil man.

 ...and America's new Attorney General is telling Bush, "It's all legal and proper."

 We're sorry, world.
 Our Democrats have surrendered their balls and we're powerless to stop this Monster.

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BCR Show #59
There's Got to Be a Morning After

Click  Here  to listen to Part 1 of  Show 59
Click  Here  to download Part 1 of  Show 59
35 minutes of reflections on what might have been, 2004

Click  Here  to listen to Part 2 of  Show 59
Click  Here  to download Part 2 of  Show 59
21 minutes on the big winners and big losers on Nov 2

Click  Here  to listen to Part 3 of  Show 59
Click  Here  to download Part 3 of  Show 59
28 minutes of Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes and Bart on the McLaughlin Group

Click  Here  to listen to Part 4 of  Show 59
Click  Here  to download Part 4 of  Show 59
21 minutes of Sliders (no, not White Castle burgers)

Click  Here  to listen to Part 5 of  Show 59
Click  Here  to download Part 5 of  Show 59
19 minutes on Catholic Math, Bart's Law #3 and Stupid People

Click  Here  to listen to Part 6 of  Show 59
Click  Here  to download Part 6 of  Show 59
37 minutes Tommy & Bart digesting the election with a look towards the future

Click  Here  to listen to Part 7 of  Show 59
Click  Here  to download Part 7 of  Show 59
32 minutes of Tally, Clean Air, The Fruitcake Lady and Bill Maher

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