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Former G.I.'s Drafted 
WaHoPo's Sloppy Analysis
Down With Education 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Margaret Hassan slain?
Hillary vs Rudy in 2008?
Iraq is Blair's Vietnam 
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Quote of the Day

"I could have become a soldier if I had waited
  I knew more about retreating than the man
  who invented retreating."
   -- Mark Twain 

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Volume 1443 - Hawkish Rice

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  Wednesday         Nov 17,  2004                                                                                                                             Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"Wave the flag
  Wave it often
  But never show it
  On a coffin.
    --GOP Patriotism, by Tony Peyser,    Attribution

 Former G.I.'s, Ordered to War, Fight Not to Go
  Bush lied about the draft - why didn't Kerry hammer that lie?

  Click  Here

"The Army has encountered resistance from more than 2,000 former soldiers it has ordered back to military work,
 complicating its efforts to fill gaps in the regular troops. Many of these former soldiers - some of whom say they
 have not trained, held a gun, worn a uniform or even gone for a jog in years - object to being sent to Iraq and
 Afghanistan now, after they thought they were through with life on active duty.

 They are seeking exemptions, filing court cases or simply failing to report for duty, moves that will be watched
 closely by approximately 110,000 other members of the Individual Ready Reserve, a corps of soldiers who are
 no longer on active duty but still are eligible for call-up. In the last few months, the Army has sent notices to
 more than 4,000 former soldiers informing them that they must return to active duty, but more than 1,800 of
 them have already requested exemptions or delays, many of which are still being considered."

 Bush will force hit dirty war on as many people as he wants.
 This is tantamount to kidnapping.

 If those men fail to report, Bush will send armed MPs to their homes
 and those MPs will phyically drag them by the hair to a jail cell or Iraq.

 Is this the wake up call the Democrats can hear?
 Nahhh, it'll have to get a LOT worse before they wake up.



"The first two weeks of November have already proven costly for the US military.
  American soldiers are dying at the rate of five per day - a figure higher than any other
  period than the first 10 days of the invasion itself. So far this month, 72 US troops
  have been killed. At least 39 have been killed in Fallujah, and more than 300 wounded."
     --James Cogan, on the endless, bloody war America purchased Nov 2,    Attribution


 Subject: Fallujah fighters armed and willing

 Bart, you published:

> "(Insurgents) were ready to fight to the death," said Lance Cpl. Travis Schafer,
> who was being treated for a shrapnel wound in his right hand."

> "Army Spc. Kris Clinkscales, his arm with shrapnel wounds."

 Think the GOP supporters plan on making fun of these guys shrapnel wounds?
 Do they plan on passing out bandaid with purple hearts on them when these guys come back to the USA?


 M, only if they become Democrats.



Used by permission - please visit

 Washington Post's Sloppy Analysis
   by hotter-than-fire Robert Parry (D-On Fire) at

  Click  Here

 The Washington Post and the big media have spoken: Questions about Nov. 2 voting irregularities
 and George W. Bush's unusual vote tallies are just the ravings of Internet conspiracy theorists.

 In a Nov. 11 story on A2, the Post gave the back of its hand to our story about Bush's statistically
 improbable vote totals in Florida and elsewhere. While agreeing with our analysis that Bush pulled off
 the difficult task of winning more votes in Florida than the number of registered Republicans, the Post
 accuses us of overlooking the obvious explanation that many independents, "Dixiecrats" and other
 Democrats voted for Bush.

 Mocking us as "spreadsheet-wielding conspiracy theorists," Post reporters Manuel Roig-Franzia and
 Dan Keating signaled their determination to put questions about Bush's victory outside the bounds of
 responsible debate. Yet, if they hadn't been so set in this agenda, they might have avoided sloppy
 mistakes and untrue assertions.

 In an example of their slipshod reporting, Roig-Franzia and Keating state that we focused our data
 analysis on rural counties in Florida. They suggest that Bush's gains in these rural counties might be
 explained by the greater appeal of son-of-the-South Al Gore in 2000 than Bostonian John Kerry in 2004.

 But we didn't focus on rural counties in Florida. Rather we looked at the vote tallies statewide and
 zeroed in on Bush's performance in the larger, more metropolitan counties of southern and central Florida,
 where Bush got the vast majority of his new votes over his state totals in 2000.

 I'm so old, I remember when the WaHoPo was a respected newspaper.

 Note: is the most important site on the internet. You should read their stuff.


 Down With Fancy Book Learnin'
  Big cities and college towns voted blue - why?

  Click  Here

 There remains this astonishing and yet ever present fact: all the major cities of America, the great cultural centers
 and the places with the most concentrated populations and the most extraordinary restaurants and the highest percentage
 of college graduates and the most progressive laws and the truest sense of the arts and food and sex and music and dance
 and money and technology and lubricant and drugs and porn and love and fashion and spirituality - they all voted blue.

 The stats bear it out. Check this astounding 3-D map

 Geography is also involved. It's not an accident that the coasts voted liberal, because those people have
 seen "foreigners" of all kinds (even queer people) and they have decided they are not the enemy.
 Bush says they are, and we should fear them and he will protect us from them.

 Subject: Scott Peterson

 Bart, you published this:

> "Instead Scotty-boy is knocking the boots with some massage therapist who looks like a horse.
>  (To Amber Frey's credit, though, she dumped the son of a bitch when she found out that he was married!)

 Then replied:

>  To Frey's discredit, she should keep her pants on until she knows if her boyfriend is married.

 THAT is SO fucking sexist.  "Blame the woman......."
 I expected SO much BETTER from YOU.

 You're wrong - that's not even one percent sexist.
 We'd already established that Peterson was a bad man, there was no need to repeat it again and again.
 Giving "credit" to a woman who drops her pants without knowing her partner was wrong.

 That kind of thinking sounds like something we'd hear from Rush the Junkie.

 I'm in a fun mood and that's good news for you - you got to take a free cheap shot.
 If YOU said something that I misunderstood, how would you like it if I called you Ann Coulter?

 Then you said:

> " women seem to like the rogues, the bad boys, the troublemakers.
>  From Jesse James to James Dean to Motley Crue, the bad boys always get the Playmates."

 Bullshit - not all women are fucking masochistic idiots - and who ever accused "playmates"
 of being on a par with rocket scientists?

 Sometimes you come off like a real redneck, Bart.

 Terry C

 More personal insults...

 You're blaming me because girls go for scoundrels?
 I'll bet you're really yelling at some other man besides Ol' Bart.

 You can pretend that what I said was false, but it won't change the facts.
 You can pretend that Tom Hanks gets all the girls, while Colin Farrell sleeps alone.

 If you want to be lied to, there are plenty of web sites that do that.

 Christmas is coming

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    Tulsa, OK  74155

 Subject: S Peterson, Forgo fishing, eat the Bait

 Who gives a shit about this cowardly, murdererous, guilty little creep?
 A jury found him guilty of an unthinkable crime against a defenseless mother and her unborn child.
 May he rot in prison, and may he find new meaning for life while his prison buddies ............

 Don't complain about media consolidation and corporate poisoning of the airwaves while you
 lap up their servings an average of 5 hours every day of your empty fearful lives.

 Is this "Attack the host" day?
 My life isn't empty or fearful, I have a good time every day.

 You want to know why we're fighting such a massive battle against media consolidation?
 It's no mystery, just one word: Profit.

 Trust me, I knew that before you wrote.

 Besides, that's why I moved it off the front page so people wouldn't have a cow.
 I'm in the position now that if I say, "Good morning," someone will tell me to
 shove my cheery, everything-is-wonderful, myopic view up my redneck, Okie ass.

 Which NBC, CBS, ABC, Disney, FOX, ad nauseam,
 make in great steaming piles everytime one of these stupid stories launches.

 Invading Iraq was the mother of all profit opportunities for the media.  Next comes Korea.
 Move on people.
 We've got some pretty big fish to catch in this country, but we're too busy eating the bait.

 Steve in LA

 If the big media story was Tanya Harding and Nancy Carrigan, I'd agree.
 But if Steve in LA's wife went missing, and some hungry-for-publicity California DA figured he could
 ride your misery into politics or a fat & juicy book deal, you might be looking at life in prison wondering,
"Where's the outrage?  Why doesn't anybody care?"

 Funny, there we 58 subjects mentioned on yesterday's
 but this is the one you chose to write in about.

The Last Liberal Outlaw,
by former prisoner Mike Palecek

Published by New Leaf Books of Chicago

Note from Mike to Robin in Melvin, Iowa:
Lost your email.   Please send again.

 Margaret Hassan slain in video?
   Another victim of Bush's insatiable oil greed


  Click  Here

 Margaret Hassan, an aid worker kidnapped after decades of helping Iraqis, was believed murdered.
 Al-Jazeera TV received a video showing a hooded man shooting a blindfolded woman in the head.

 Hassan was believed to be the first foreign female hostage killed in Iraq's wave of kidnappings.
 More than 170 foreigners have been abducted this year, and at least 34 killed - all victim's of Bush greed.

 In only Colin Powell had some balls...


 Subject: I'm 46 - worse than it's been in my lifetime

 I rememember Vietnam, Nixon, duck-and-cover drills,
 watching struggle for racial and gender civil rights...

 It's worse now - America was never meant to be a theocracy.


 Hillary, Rudy early favorites for 2008
  Bankrupt GOP runs pro-choice, anti-gun, pro-gay Rudy?

  Click  Here

 Asked to choose between Clinton or Edwards, 55 percent went Clinton, 39 percent went Edwards.
 On the Republican side, 10 percent went Giuliani, and 10 percent went McCain, who hates Bush's f-ing guts.

 The Champ would welcome a rematch with the Chump.
 Remember this graphic?


 Reward if anyone knows how I can contact the artist.


"He had an opportunity to change the world, and he didn't take it.
  Now we are hated by people all over the world."
      --Rev. Bruce Rivera, Colin Powell's pastor, recalling
        what might have been if Powell had shown some integrity,    Attribution

Domain name for sale:
are available for purchase.

 If interested, please email:

 Subject: Powell's resignation

 Colin Powell is 2 years too late.
 He should have resigned before hauling in that load of manure to the U.N.
 He knew he had nothing and so did the other members of the international community.
 He squandered any integrity he might have possessed at that time.


 Greg, it's much worse than that.
 Powell could've stood up in February of 2003 and said, "I love my country and my president but he's
 about to launch abloddy and unnecessary war for no damn reason and I can't just sit here when I know
 tens of thousands of civilians will be killed for no damn reason - I hereby resign as Secretary of State."

 That might've given Blair the courage and the political strength to say, "Maybe we should wait..."
 This could'be been Bush's "Cuban Missle Crisis," where millions of lives were saved when cooler heads
 thought twice abnout starting something that they couldn't finish - but Powell pussied out.

 Powell has the blood of a thousand soldiers and 100,000 civilians on his hands.
 How in the world can he sleep at night?

 Before his speech at the UN, it was reported that Powell threw his prepared speech in the air and screamed,
"I'm not reading this - it's bullshit!" ...but then - the good soldier followed orders and read it to the UN.

 Powell held the ladder while Bush, Cheney and Rummy climbed up and went in that window
 and stole 100,000 lives from their beds at night - and he's able to live with himself?

 I thought Powell had a conscience.
 I was wrong - and Powell was the sanest man in that whole Strangelove Gang.

 Embattled faith needs enemies for focus
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

  Excerpt: me anything you like, but I see no evidence that God ordains the winners of elections any
 more than football games. (I've yet to see a quarterback point heavenward after throwing an interception.)
 But having lived in the Bible Belt for many years, I've learned a few things worth keeping in mind as
 we stumble toward the second term of God's own president.

 First, fundamentalist Christianity is an embattled faith, requiring an ever evolving enemies list to keep
 its focus. One year it's Satan worshippers, "secular humanists" the next. Panic over supermarket bar
 codes allegedly harboring the Mark of the Beast yields to worry that Harry Potter novels may seduce
 America's youth into witchcraft. This year's enemy is Democrats. Even secular pundits have taken up
 the cry. The soulless pseudo-sophisticates of Boston and Seattle, we're told, must henceforth take moral
 instruction from backwoods Mississippi.

"God wants me to invade helpless countries and steal their oil..."

 Subject:  Scott Peterson

 I REALLY hate to come off as defending Nancy Grace, but she had this one right all the time.

 Circumstantial evidence is good evidence, and Geragos did nothing to refute it, and did his client no favors.
 I believe that Geragos is better than he appeared, and that's IMHO because he had a guilty client, and he knew it.

 Larry the Pillar, we both think Scott Peterson probably did this crime,
 but wouldn't it have been better if the state had been able to prove it?

 I think he did it.  Her body turns up where he went fishing (ninety miles away) on Christmas Eve.
 What a coincidence.

 It would be inconceivable to me that someone would just happen to dump her body in the exact same area he was fishing in.
 I don't know what his motive was, but people kill for all kinds of reasons.

 Dan RE

 Dan, suppose Peterson is innocent, just for a moment.
 If the real killer dumped her body under a bridge, wouldn't it
 have been a good idea to re-dump her where Scott said he'd been fishing?

 The more guilty he was, the easier the state's job was of proving it.


 Iraq is not Bush's Vietnam. But it is becoming Blair's

  Click  Here

"There is a long-standing British belief that we are more robust about war, and its human cost,
 than are Americans. Yet compare and contrast current national attitudes to what is happening in Iraq.
 A reverse image is apparent. The British people are very unhappy. Many Americans think everything is going fine."

 If America had a free press, Bush would be in trouble, too.
 But the Bush-owned media only broadcasts news that props him up.

 Politics Prevails Again In Rice's Appointment
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Historians will someday ask how Ms. Rice escaped accountability for neglecting urgent warnings
 about Al Qaeda by former counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke, former C.I.A. director George Tenet
 and others during the summer of 2001. They will wonder why she endorsed a decision to wage war
 based on patently false "intelligence" about Iraq's nonexistent nuclear capacity. Did she know that the
 aluminum tubes supposedly intended for uranium enrichment were not suited to that purpose, as the
 government's experts explained? Did she ignore evidence that the Niger uranium tale had been
 concocted from a forgery? She has never given convincing answers, leaving her integrity and
 competence in doubt.

 Like her boss, Ms. Rice wishes to be seen as strong and decisive. No matter how wrong she may be,
 she is never in doubt. Doubt surrounds her nevertheless, due to her inability to manage the policymaking
 process in the National Security Council.  The result has been confusion in dealing with the most serious
 challenges we face in stopping nuclear proliferation in North Korea and Iran. As The Washington Post
 recently noted, officials on both sides of such policy conflicts have "faulted Rice for failing to fashion a
 coherent approach." Such shortcomings didn't matter so long as she cultivated her strong personal
 relationship with the President - and told him whatever he wanted to hear.


 Is Interstate 69 a Nasty Highway?
   Teens snicker at the name, so GOP fundies call it evil

  Click  Here

 Man stabbed, Dre Punched at Vibe Awards
  When you punch a brotha, his bodyguards go medieval on your ass

  Click  Here

 Kmart, Sears to Merge in $11 Billion Deal
  New company to be called, "Crap you can return"

  Click  Here

 Movie industry sues first-time file sharers
  Their greed is surpassed only by the BFEE

  Click  Here

The best books by the best authors

 American Music Awards

 Still no answer to the Dick Clark quiz - who was the surprise superstar,
 the "hottest star in show business today," that Clark promised?

 Or was he just lying for better ratings?



"Lucky for me,Colin Powell and William Safire decided to announce their respective
  retirements on the same day; it saves me the trouble of having to write the same thing twice:

 'It is more in sorrow than in anger that I note the retirement of this once much-admired
  conservative who, unfortunately, sacrificed the respect of liberals and centrists alike with
  a fealty to right-wing plots and machinations under the Bush administration - including but
  not limited to - the Iraq war that destroyed a career's worth of credibility and honest achievement.'"
       --Eric Alterman, Altercation,    Attribution

 Clinton Library Unveils Displays
   by the slimy whores at the Associated Press

   Click  Here

 In a pre-opening tour of the library, media got a look at the 14 alcoves detailing different aspects
 of Clinton's years in the White House. His peace efforts receive twice as much space as the scandals.

"His supporters will say, 'Oh, why did you give this so much space?'" library director David Alsobrook
 said Wednesday. "But his detractors will come up and say, 'Dave, where is the blue dress?'"

 Will history also be a whore?
 Will Clinton's eight years of peace and prosperity - perhaps America's last - be sidelined so
 Republican historians can findle themselves as they go over Monica details, again and again?
 Will the GOP ever get enough of Clinton's cock?



 Subject:  Thanks man

 Thanks to you guys, it's my oxygen in an otherwise stagnate,
 dying lake under the polluted, littered, iron-fist of the Bush regime.

 Bad phish, but not,


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Anti-Bush Party in DC on Inauguration day

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  We'll send some how-to-get-together emails out shortly.

 Subject: Comment

 Well, I'm no longer a member of the Demo-roids party nor will I vote for the Repukes...

 Seems like the Greens will speak for me until big changes occur.

 John, they can't speak for you because they have no voice.
 These days, Nader is slightly bigger than
 You deserve better than that.

 I understand your reluctance to vote for very timid Democratic politicians,
 but they are just one BartCop-slapping away from re-joining the fight of our lives.

 There's no time to gestate a new political party.
 The revolution can't wait.



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 Subject: Hanan Ashrarwi

 Hanan Ashrarwi was right on when she asked,
"How do you deal with a people who have God for a real estate salesman?"

 She is a gifted professor, and a person whose view of humanity extends far beyond the middle east.
 Barbara Victor's book, "A Voice of Reason - Hanan Ashrawi and Peace in the Middle East" is really good stuff.

 JB. Ochoa,
 El Paso

 JB, to be Koresh's honest truthful with you...  I don't know much at all about Hanan Ashrarwi,
 but I was told by someone I trust that she has the respect of both sides, and that's good enough for me.
 If she was willing to hold a  sticker, I'm willing to give her double the benefit of the doubt.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1148, 1188, 1195, 1210,  dead American soldiers.

They got 15 more  since yesterday, for no damn reason.

Saw it on


"Lives mean nothing - give me oil"

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: Monkey mail, debate

 Bart, couple of things...
 In the Monkey Mail, regarding the Wellstone death/"murder" conspiracy, you wrote:

> "If county sheriffs all over America can stop a car with an energy beam (I forget the name)
>  certainly former CIA-types at the BFEE can stop a plane engine with a more powerful beam."

 An "energy" beam?  WTF???  Could you possibly come up with a little source on that one??
 Or do you actually think that maybe Dubya used his "Hurricaine Creator Button" that he
 employed in Florida this year??  You are plain wacky..

 Dude, nobody blames you for being late to the party.
 Nobody can know all the facts, there's just too much to keep up with.

 County sheriffs have a beam Click  Here

 Also, you write:

> "I enjoy giving monkey's the red-ass.
>  Do you know anyone on the entire internet who could win a friendly debate with me?"

 I've inquired about this a few times, yet never hear back.  When?  Where?  How??
 I would really enjoy debating with you on a friendly level.
 But, the red-ass will be all yours, I'm afraid, if you adhere to intellectual honesty.
 Well, actually, it wouldn't matter.
 Tell me when, I'm your Huckleberry....


 Don, that's not an idle boast.
 You're nobody's Monkey, I'd enjoy a friendly debate.
 Koresh as my witness, I'm a much nicer guy in debate than I am on the page.

 If "Bad Weather Gone Bad" wasn't on CBS tonight, we'd be right there.
 But how 'bout Thursday, 9 PM CST?

 I trust you.
"You have me for the full hour!" as Larry (Eight-Wives) King might say.

 The only thing, for a debate to take place, you have to disagree with me.
 That means, by definition, you must argue the losing side.

 Good luck!


"My colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources.
 These are not assertions. What we're giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence."
    --Colin Powell, Feb. 5, 2003, lying his ass off to the UN because Massa told him to   Attribution

 Powell knew he was lying, but just wanted to please his Monkey.
 His lies killed 1150 brave American soldiers and 100,000 Iraqi civilians.

 Subject: Google whoring for Bush


 I quit using google after I learned they collect information on people who use their site.
 I quit buying ready made computers after it became almost impossible to buy a puter
 with 2000 on it and gates turned XP into nothing but one gigantic spyware os.

 It's good to be paranoid in this day and time you know.



 Subject: you hate jesus because...

 you hate Jesus because you are scared of him.

 ha ha

 that is why you say you do not believe in God, becuase
 deep down in side you know you are going to go to Hell.

 ha ha
 Note: I did not fake this letter

 God is using Bush to punish the evildoers in the world.

 He missed.
 He's punishing everybody.
 His aim is very poor.

 Even the not-atheist muslims...

 ha ha
 Can you say that again?
 Some people in the back weren't paying attention, and everyone needs to hear that...

 Even the not-atheist muslims...

 ha ha
 I'm really old, and I've never heard that phrase before.
 Can you repeat that one last time?

 Even the not atheist muslims are scared now, after they saw what
 God is capable of using our Commander in Chief's military in Fallujah.

 Dude, everyone knows God can waste the Earth, with or without a Texas Monkey Puppet.
 Christ, are you saying your God is so powerless that he can't function without his Texas Monkey Puppet?

 How can you place your faith in a God who is so weak?
 If *I* believed in a God, he wouldn't need a Texas Monkey Puppet.

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