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Focus on Fallujah
Bush Victory's Lesson 
Boom Echoes Off Big Dog Lib
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Scott Peterson Feedback 
Santorum Caught Stealing?
The Swiss Alps are Melting
CIA hates Bush, too 
Google Censors for Bush


Quote of the Day

"As democracy is perfected, the office of 
  president represents, more and more closely, 
  the inner soul of the people. On some great and 
  glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach 
  their heart's desire at last and the White House 
  will be adorned by a  downright moron." 
    -- H.L. Mencken (1880-1956) 

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Volume 1442 - How Could this happen in America?

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  Tuesday         Nov 16,  2004                                                                                                                             Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"America was betrayed and murdered on Nov. 2, 2004. Also killed during this time of madness
  were the following virtues: truth, justice, integrity, freedom, compassion, brotherhood, tolerance,
  faith, hope, charity, peace, and respect for other cultures and nations."
    -- Pravda, Russia's top newspaper, feeling sorry for the loss of freedom in America   Attribution

 Isn't that sad?
 America has fallen so far under the Failed Fuhrer, the Russians feel sorry for us...


 Fallujah fighters armed and willing
  Wounded soldiers tell of well organized enemy

  Click  Here

 Fallujah's masked fighters have been fighting with a seemingly unending supply
 of firepower, wounded U.S. servicemen said Monday,

"They were ready to fight to the death," said Lance Cpl. Travis Schafer, who was being treated
 for a shrapnel wound in his right hand. "It's house-to-house fighting," he said. "Rooftop-to-rooftop."

 About 70 wounded soldiers have been arriving daily since the week-old offensive in Fallujah began.
 The troops said the insurgents appeared well-organized and heavily armed.   "They had their own plan,
 a set idea of where they were going to fight," said Army Spc. Kris Clinkscales, his arm with shrapnel wounds.
 Schafer, of Puyallup, Wash., was surprised by the fighters' firepower.  "It seemed like they have an unlimited
 amount of RPGs and mortars. They seemed to fling those about wildly," he said.

"They were locking on us with RPGs and mortars from buildings all around us," the 20-year-old said.

 Apparently the soldiers don't mind that Bush gave the enemy months to stock up and prepare
 to kill our soldiers because politically, he couldn't have these massive casualties before the election.

 They don't mind dying for Bush and Halliburton.
 They forgive Bush for using their lives as campaign fodder.



"The next time you see a right wing Christian talk about how Bush's re-election
  was part of God's plan?  Remember how and why Ground Zero became Ground Zero.
  Remember the 100,000 innocent Iraqi citizens dead.  Remember the troops, both dead
  and alive, sent off to a war on a whim. And remember: sometimes politics as usual produces
  tragic results. And there's nothing moral about that."
     --Ed Naha, "Moral B.S."      Attribution

 ...and remember Bush has failed to explain the missing $100M per day in Iraqi oil funds.


 Subject: Donation

 Dear Bart, enclosed is a check.
 Please send me some stickers.

 I would send you more money, but it's all I have left after sending money to
 the Dems and to try to get the Evil Empire out of the White House.

 I was going to apply for my US citizenship if Kerry won the election.
 Instead, I had my German passport renewed. I want to be sure to have
 a place to go for when my son gets drafted. At least he has the choice
 to do Civil Service in Germany.

 Thanks for all you do.
 Please "keep putting the hammer down."

 Damn, that's sad.
 People around the world are giving up on Bush's crooked and evil Amerikkka.
 The Beacon of Hope has changed into a warning:  Bush is coming to invade!!




"What I really like about the President is his wonderfully uncluttered mind."
     --Tony Blair, and he's not kidding,     Attribution


Use by permission - please visit

 Bush Victory's Lesson to the World
   by hotter-than-fire Robert Parry (D-On Fire) at

  Click  Here

 One Albanian told me that she had struggled for democracy for much of her life and suffered beatings
 by state security forces for speaking out for freedom. During those dark days, the United States had
 been the brightest beacon of hope, inspiring activists to keep fighting, she said.

 But now, in the United States, she was learning about voter intimidation and other irregularities
 during a briefing at the national call center of the Election Protection Coalition in Arlington, Virginia.

 Her voice shook as she recounted reports of black voters being challenged by Republican lawyers
 at polling places, of minorities asked for two forms of identification when only one was needed,
 of polling places moved to police stations in minority precincts, of hundreds of electronic voting
 malfunctions, and of polling stations lacking enough provisional ballots.

 The Albanian parliamentarian, flipping through page after page of her notes, was stunned by the bigger
 picture of disenfranchisement aimed at minority voters. "How could this happen here?" she asked me.
 "How could this happen in America?"

 It happened because the Democrats refuse to do their jobs.

 Note: is the most important site on the internet. You should read their stuff.


 Boom Echoes Off the Clinton Library
  Bringing new hope to those who stabbed him in the back

  Click  Here

 More than 30,000 people are expected Thursday when The Big Dog opens his $165-million presidential library,
 and civic leaders say the campus is already functioning as a catalyst for a renaissance here, helping to spur a building boom.

 The presidential library - the nation's 12th, and the largest private development in Little Rock history - has been built
 on a 30-acre site that had housed abandoned warehouses and trash for as long as anyone can remember. Since Clinton
 announced in 1997 that he would build there, just east of downtown Little Rock, developers and corporations have
 launched $1 billion in construction and renovation projects, officials said.

 City officials believe the library will have a lasting effect and become a major tourist draw, unlike most presidential libraries,
 which function more as scholarly centers or to hide the evidence of the crimes of the president and his crooked father.

Click  Here

 Subject: Payday for Bev Harris?

 Bart --

 Thought you should know that as per a post from Bev on Democratic Underground last night,
 she and Jim Adler have refused to be a part of the California AG's settlement with Diebold,
 even after being informed that if they didn't go along, they would not receive any of the whistle blower
 money due them. She said it was because the AG was treating the whole issue as some sort of
 temporary certification violation, and was not addressing any of the underlying issues like the
 second set of books, remote access, and invisible audit trail editing capabilities built into the software.

 She said they were continuing with the lawsuit and are taking Diebold into the discovery process.
 You might want to update.

 Gordon M

 Gordon, thanks.
 I want to be as accurate as possible.

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 Subject: My 80 year old Dad discovered you

 I gave my Dad my old laptop -- hadn't changed the IE menu bar though.
 But he clicked on

 He is now a big fan.  You should hear how he talks about you!
 He gets the jokes, and he also gets your pure honesty and deeply appreciates and honors it.
 He's a WWII vet -- one of those guys who went toe to toe with Hitler -- and has the good sense
 to know we're fighting fascism yet again and loves seeing you swing the hammer against it, still.

 Bart -- thanks.

 Marty,      this is for you!

 Thanks for fighting the big one for us.

The Last Liberal Outlaw,
by former prisoner Mike Palecek  

Published by New Leaf Books of Chicago

Note from Mike to Robin in Melvin, Iowa:
Lost your email.   Please send again.

 CIA Tumult Causes Worry in Congress
   They hate the illegitimate president as much as we do

  Click  Here

 Members of Congress said Sunday that they were concerned about turmoil within the CIA,
 following last week's retirement of the agency's deputy director and reports of more resignations to come.

 Bush has blamed the CIA for Iraq, but they told him not to go in.
 They don't like to be "jacked around" by some idiot Monkey who didn't earn the job.

 Porter Goss, who tried the cut intelligence fundsing more than Kerry, (why didn't Kerry bring that up?)
 is at the CIA to cover for Bush and take the blame (and pardon) the next time they get caught.

 Why did the Democrats confirm a Bush toady to run the CIA?
 So Bush can invade again, then blame the CIA and the Director will take the fall?



 Subject: Wes Clark

 I am so with you on Wes Clark, he was the only one that could have done it.

 And when asked 'what if they try to Mc Cain you' what will you do ?
 Did he not say he'd "kick the shit out of 'em"?
 Or was that an urban legend?

 Keep hammerin' Babe,
 Jersey Girl

 He really said that - I heard it myself.
 That's the attitude a fightin' man has.

 I wonder what Rove had that he was going to use if Wes Clark got the nomination.

 I know of three possibles:
He was involved in the "School of the Americas" that "taught torture."
    But bringing that up might've opened the CIA box that Bush needed closed.
He loaned Reno a tank so she could "burn the children at Waco," but when
    your Commander in Chief says, "We need a tank," it's hard to say "No."
He voted GOP in the past, so that would make him a "flip flopper."


 Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House
   Now that's what I call a protest

  Click  Here

 A man set himself afire Monday just outside a White House gate and repeatedly yelled
 "Bush is a Monkey!" as a Secret Service officer held him facedown on the sidewalk.

 Lorie Lewis, a Secret Service spokeswoman, said the man "set himself on fire on
 Pennsylvania Avenue on the north side of the White House complex."

 Etter said the incident occurred about 2 p.m. next to a guard post beside a section of
 Pennsylvania Avenue recently reopened to pedestrians.  Witnesses reported hearing screams
 of "Christ, that's hot!," and seeing a man in flames. The man's right trouser leg was burned. .

Domain name for sale:
are available for purchase.

 If interested, please email:

 Subject: Your comments on Scott Peterson

  Click  Here

 Melting Swiss Glaciers Threaten Alps

  Click  Here

 Switzerland's glaciers are melting faster than expected, shrinking by as much as 1/5 of
 their size over the 1985-2000 period alone, scientists at Zurich University said on Monday.

"It is amazing what huge masses of ice have been lost," he told Reuters in a telephone interview.
"Every hiker in the Alps knows about it: the changes in recent years have been dramatic."

 While Swiss glaciers shrank a meager one percent in the 12 years to 1985, they lost some
 18 percent of their area in the 1985-2000 period, the research showed.

 But America's oil companies have paid Bush to pretend none of this exists.
 Like Reagan, once Bush makes up his mind, no amount of facts or logic will change it.


"We have experts that say the melted ice is lying..."

 Subject:  Donation

 Just a nickel to say hello.

 As a fierce independent, I want you to know that a part of me is more angry at the anemic Dems - ALL of us
 knew this election would be stolen. Why didn't they fight HARD and EARLY when we were on our knees begging them?
 If a real war hero like John Kerry can't beat the worst criminal we've had as chief executive, we have no one to fight for
 the America we love and have lost.

 I'm disgusted even when I hear Air America talking (just more talk) about counting the votes in Ohio. DUH.
 There are so many statistical irregularities favoring bush the only way Kerry could win now would be for a
 whistle blower to come forward and say they tampered with the votes.

 I want to hear from older Americans (I'm 38) that we have survived worse. This near perfect consolidation of power in
 religiously insane hands feels like we're moving toward a very frightening precipice. I hope some fair-minded Repubs stop them.
 They seem to be the only ones fighting them.


 Powell Leaves BFEE Cabinet
  House negro has had his fill of Whitey's lies

  Click  Here

 Colin Powell, who staked his reputation on IRaq having WMDs to a skeptical U.N.,
 told aides Monday he will resign from the BFEE when Bush finds a negro replacement.

 Most of the speculation on a successor has centered on U.N. Ambassador Ralston Purina,
 a Republican and the lady who scoffed at bin Laden's ability to attack us, Kinda Sleazy Rice.
 Both would sail right thru the warm butter Democrats on the Rubber Stamp Committee.

 ...and yes, I'm talking to Pat (GFY) Leahy and Joe (He's my president) Biden.


     "It's raining men at Powell's YMCA..."

 Bush Chooses Rice to Replace Powell
  Democrats certain to confirm unqualified bumgler

  Click  Here

 Bush picked "Killa" Kinda Sleazy Rice, the Bungler of 9-11, to replace Colin Powell at State,
 officials said Monday, in a major shakeup of the president's national security team. 

 Wouldn't this be a good time to send the signal to the Monkey that we won't roll over anymore?
 Rice isn't qualified to be Secretary of Dirty Laundry, much less Secretary of State. She's too bitchy,
 too rigid and totally incapable of displaying even the minimally acceptable diplomatic behavior.
 She got that same John Wayne, exaggerated swagger that the Monkey has.  If she's confirmed,
 how long before she straps on a codpiece and struts across the flight deck of an aircraft carrier?

 Google Censors Vote Fraud Stories
   Bush's billionaire friends come through for him again

  Click  Here

 Search engine Google is ignoring thousands of news stories about the alleged theft of the U.S. presidential election.

 Google's news coverage is driven by a sophisticated search engine, which scans news stories and groups them by content.
 You can test this system manually by typing search terms into Google News.

 For example, the keywords "Arafat" and "coma" currently yield just over 7,000 news stories. And the search term
 "Sunni+election+boycott" shows almost 1,900 stories.   The sheer volume of stories on those topics is why the
 related stories are grouped together on the front page of Google News --right now.

 However, searching Google News for "presidential+election+fraud" gives over over 10,000 stories! Try it yourself.
 Then check the Google U.S. News page -where some of the story groupings have a mere 40 or 50 stories

 Note: The Google dudes are (as of October) multi-billionaires and they're tired of paying taxes.


 Beavers Make Dam Out of Stolen Money
   Has Drudge been hospitalized for dehydration?

  Click  Here

 Oil Falls Below $47 to 8-Week Low
  Hooray, Bush brings lower oil prices just like he promised

  Click  Here

 Teens With Same-Sex Parents Well-Adjusted
  Not really, it's just a plot to turn your kids into homoes*

  Click  Here

 Low-fat diets better for keeping weight off
  They studied 2700 people to find that out

  Click  Here

The best books by the best authors

 Sunday on the radio I heard Dick Clark, producer of the American Music Awards,
 promise a surprise performance by "the hottest performer in all of show business."

 We watched part of the show, then we switched to that cheap-ass weather disaster movie, (which was great!
 Nothing's better than Cheapnis in a cheap-ass weather disaster movie.) so we never got to see
 Dick Clark's  surprise performance by "the hottest performer is all show business."

 Was Dick Clark telling the truth?
 Or was I the victim of yet another handjob?

 Rick Santorum (R-Pious Ass) Stealing Tuition Money?
  Click  Here

 The Penn Hills School District, which is paying about $38,000 a year for five of  Santorum's kids
 to attend a cyber charter school, is looking into whether the chisler resides in the district.

 School board member Erin Vecchio, who is chair of the Democratic party in Penn Hills and lives
 near a two-bedroom house owned by the Santorums, said, "I live right down the street from the man.
 He's never there. ... He doesn't live here."

 Stealing in Christ's name?


My good friends...

Eddie Van Halen?
I guess he could be a guitar tech for Mark and Rick...

Click to order "Vida"

Did Rolling Stone say Del Castillo was a good Chinaco band?

"We're committing genocide in Iraq"
   This guy can never run for president - since he's telling the truth

   Click  Here

"We're thinking everyone is a terrorist," Massey recalled. "Here we are on no sleep, and there are
 intelligence reports coming in right and left about suicide attacks and the Republican Guard and so on
  - attacks being mounted against American forces. So cars come driving through our checkpoints,
 and our orders are to light them up. The amazing thing about it is that we were telling the Iraqis the
 exact opposite. We were telling them to keep their schools open, keep the hospitals open, to go
 about their normal routine - 'we're not here to hurt you, we're just here to overthrow Saddam.'
 So these people were just doing their normal routines, and they were getting frickin' blasted for it."

 Can you imagine what it's like to be in a "kill or be killed" situation for 18 months?
 If you make it home (we won't get into the sanity issue) that probably means you killed
 a lot of people, thinking that they wanted to kill you first. I don't blame the soldiers, they're
 doing their duty - I blame Bush for starting a war for no damn reason other than oil greed.



"The right-wing thrives on fear -- fear of homosexuals, liberals and anyone who doesn't fit
  into their white, elitist view of America. They preach moral values while bedding the spouses
  of others, talk about ethics while milking the system they are supposed to protect and spout
  patriotic pabulum while undermining the country. These zealots are a greater threat to our
  freedoms than any olive-skinned terrorist. They support the constant attacks on the Constitution
  by their leaders and excuse the excesses of their administration while condemning similar actions
  by their opponents. Thanks to them, America is no longer the land of the free or home of the brave.
  Thanks to them, we have become the land of the moronic and home of the oppressed. They are a
  greater enemy to freedom than any Farsi-spouting Muslim cleric ever can be."
     --Doug Thompson, "Dawn of the Brain-Dead"      Attribution

 Random Monkey outburst

 From: Mark Nichols


 Yes. Kiss my ass. You are not helping.

 It's odd that so many people introduce themselves with a non-sequitor personal insult.
 Mark seems to be answering a question nobody asked.


This Just In...

Bad Devil kills Good Devil

 Subject: Ms. Ashrawi

 Bart, that lady palestinian (who magically disappears whenever Arafat is around)
 doesn't really read bartcop? LOL


 I can't swear she does, but that picture is real. See the e-mail below yours.

 Anyway on the Arafat funeral, I hate to say this because it sounds so snobbish
 and judgmental, but muslems are, well, fucking nuts. Here they shot each other up
 at Yasser's funeral, and generally rioted and trashed about. Now there will be infighting.

 Wild behavior at a state funeral seems crazy to me, but what to they think when
 Americans riot after their team wins the NBA championship?   I'm not sure Arabs
 own the patent on illogical behavior.

  By the way did you know, Palestinians already *have* a state? It's called "Jordan."

 Of all places, I heard this on a Law & Order repeat on TNT.
"Before 1947, The Gaza Strip wasn't Palestine - it was called Egypt and
  The West Bank wasn't Palestine, it was called Jordon. But as soon as we
  showed up, they accused us of stealing the Palestinian's land."
 It's the kind of thing we'd get into if I was the type to fall for traps.

 Bart mate
 When I took the photo, Ms. Ashwari said "We must have a sense of humour".

 This was shortly after her speech at the National Press Club, where she described being shelled by tanks.
 Thanks for your inspirational site which, like Ms. Ashrawi, keeps trying in the face of adversity.



Marty's Entertainment Page

 Anti-Bush Party in DC on Inauguration day

  Click  Here  if you're in DC and want to help.

 Subject: How to avoid arrest at a demostration

 I saw that you were looking for guidelines for staying out of trouble during the inauguration.
 Here's a couple of tips from someone with experience.
 1. Most important: If you are walking, and you see cops on 2 or more sides of you
     (ex. on the side, and behind you.) Get the hell out of there.
 2. If you see a line of cops on any side of you,  get behind them.
     Don't give them the opportunity to "move in" on you.
3. If the cops try to give the crowd instructions about what they should do,
    or where they should march. Get the hell out of there.
4. Eat a nice big meal right before you go. (if you do get arrested that jail food really sucks)
5. Make sure people know where you will be, arrange to call by a certain time, so the people
    know that if you didn't call by that time, that they should come try to get you out.
6. Definitely bring a cell phone, in case you need to make some last minute calls.
   For more info and tips read my Complete Convention Coverage
   and the story H.L. Does Time


 Thanks, Dude.
 We'll send some how-to-get-together emails out shortly.

 Subject: Thank you

     1st time writing.  I have been viewing your site for over two years now and want to say THANK YOU
 for being a sane voice in the middle of the new fourth reich. You sir are one of the true patriots!!
 With that said, my comments.

 Every one is saying what kerrry should have done or should not have done (as in your radio show also).
 But here's a thought: since the primaries were started, its like this was the candidate that was going to win
 for the democrats. Every one pushed for him including the major networks!

 Kucinich, Dean, Clark and the others who were more qualified, were attacked at every opportunity by the
 right wing controlled networks, kerry was not. kerry is a yale graduate just like bush, kerry belongs to the
 skull and bones group just like bush.     kerry, instead of fighting against vote scandal, conceded as soon as
 possible the next day when most of America was ready for a week or month long battle for the vote.

 Instead we got another long winded, say nothing, bought and paid for speech from kerry saying maybe next time.
 Let's support the monkey for four more!!   Here george, I'm doing what our pledge said for me to do..roll over!!
 I hate to say this, but the only one who is fighting for recount is Nader.
 Final thought: karl the nazi stated on face the nation that he had a plan for the next 30 years..
 Bart, did we lose the rest of democracy on November 2, 2004?

 Democracy is asleep.
 There's always a chance the Democrats will wake up - but when?
 Gore refused to fight.
 Kerry refused to fight.
 Will we fight in 2008?


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That pays postage for 2 Priority packages
and cuts out the personal visit to the sleepy Post Office

BCR 57
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 BCR 59

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 CIA plans to purge its agency
   Only BFEE sympathizers are allowed to stay

  Click  Here

"The White House has ordered the new CIA director, Porter Goss, to purge the agency of officers believed
  to have been disloyal to President George W. Bush or of leaking damaging information to the media about
  the conduct of the Iraq war and the hunt for Osama bin Laden, according to knowledgeable sources.
"The agency is being purged on instructions from the White House," said a former senior CIA official who
 maintains close ties to both the agency and to the White House. 'Goss was given instructions ... to get rid
 of those soft leakers and liberal Democrats. The CIA is looked on by the White House as a hotbed of
 liberals and people who have been obstructing the president's agenda.'"

 THIS is why you don't let a murdering madman appoint a beholden employee to the top CIA spot.
 All intelligence will now have the pro-Bush spin on it, and we'll have no chance to ever get at the truth.


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1128, 1148, 1188, 1195,  dead American soldiers.

They got 7 more  since yesterday, for no damn reason.

Saw it on

7 more!

Do these Bush voters think they're having a reunion in Heaven?

Cheney: "I want it all..."

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: Letter from Avedon

  Click  Here

 The thing is, what I know with a certainty is that I don't know how well the Dems really did in this election.
 There are just too many problems, too many verified stories of something screwing up somewhere, like that
 one precinct where whenever someone voted a straight Democratic ticket, the machine gave their votes to the
 Libertarians.  And the fact that all of these stories show Dem votes being the ones that get lost, and none of
 them are about Reptilian votes getting lost, does raise a few suspicions, don't you think?

 I agree, and I wish I was the right guy to ferret out the details of this story.
 Alas, I have but one Treehouse to give to my country.



 Subject: come up with something better

 When I need comic relief I go to your site.
 You guys have more conspiracies than a year of Art Bell's shows.

 Your hate is pathetic and sad. Wellstone assasinated? come on!
 The real question is "where were all the young voters?"
 No, that's a different question, not the "real" question.
 I never said Wellstone was murdered because I can't prove it.
 What we know:

People who knew Wellstone said he was the type of guy who might've done anything,
    maybe even something drastic to stop Bush's insane march towards war, death and beheadings.
If county sheriffs all over America can stop a car with an energy beam (I forget the name)
    certainly former CIA-types at the BFEE can stop a plane engine with a more powerful beam.
From what I gather, it's an accepted fact that the DOT/FAA boys got to the crash site too soon.
   They drove (guesses) 100 miles in 1 hour in the snow to get to the crash site, making some people
   think they started that drive before the plane was reported missing.

 Plus, you can never forget this: Would evil men commit murder to make $100M a day?

 2006, more republicans in Congress.  too bad so sad.
 The sad part is our side refuses to fight.
 I can take losing, but I can't stand throwing a fixed fight.

 Is this your job? Why not get something more fulfilling?

 I enjoy giving monkey's the red-ass.
 Do you know anyone on the entire internet who could win a friendly debate with me?

 see you in a couple of weeks I have midterms and exams and a life.

 Aha, you are a young grasshopper, still learning whom to trust in life?
 You're a wet dream to a man like Karl Rove.  In no time, he'll have you
 believing that the "Clear Skies Initiative" actually makes the skies cleaner.

 Christmas Shopping online?

 Use this portal
and they'll send
four cents from each dollar.

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BCR Show #59
There's Got to Be a Morning After

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35 minutes of reflections on what might have been, 2004

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21 minutes on the big winners and big losers on Nov 2

Click  Here  to listen to Part 3 of  Show 59
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28 minutes of Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes and Bart on the McLaughlin Group

Click  Here  to listen to Part 4 of  Show 59
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21 minutes of Sliders (no, not White Castle burgers)

Click  Here  to listen to Part 5 of  Show 59
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19 minutes on Catholic Math, Bart's Law #3 and Stupid People

Click  Here  to listen to Part 6 of  Show 59
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37 minutes Tommy & Bart digesting the election with a look towards the future

Click  Here  to listen to Part 7 of  Show 59
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32 minutes of Tally, Clean Air, The Fruitcake Lady and Bill Maher

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