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Powell: Iran's Nukes
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Kerry wants to run again 
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Quote of the Day

"Wars teach us not to love our enemies,
   but to hate our allies."
      --  W. L. George 

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Volume 1444 - World Hates Bush

  Thursday    Nov 18,  2004                    Clinton Library Day                                                         Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"I think this whole Willie Horton thing is a slur on the American people. The argument
  has been made by Democrats and liberals that the Bush campaign in '88 supposedly showed
  pictures of this man. It did not. There was an independent expenditure ad that did. But they did not."
    --Michael Barone, the whore who labeled Kerry the most liberal person in history, lying again by failing to admit
        that the BFEE always has "independent" groups like the Swift Boat bastards to slur Bush opponents    Attribution

 Clinton Library Opens in Little Rock
  Bono, The Edge, Jimmy Carter, The Monkey and Herbert Herbert

  Click  Here

 Big Dog is hosting a party befitting his role as a political rock star - complete
 with actual rock stars, Hollywood luminaries and an Air Force flyover.

 An estimated 30,000 guests were expected to pack downtown Little Rock on Thursday
 for the opening of the Clinton Presidential Center, the $165 million glass-and-steel home
 of artifacts and documents gathered during Clinton's eight years in the White House.

 The Giggling Murderer, former presidents Herbert Herbert and Jimmy Carter, Hillary
 and daughter Chelsea headline the event along with U2's Bono and The Edge.

 But the true star is Clinton, America's last successful president, whose library collection consists
 of more than 80 million presidential items. Clinton has promised to give scholars early access to
 previously private policy advice and other documents he isn't required to release until 2006.

 Unlike the BFEE, which has to hide evidence of their crimes, Clinton is an honest ex-president.



"The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands,
   whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective,
   may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny."
     --James Madison, who saw the Bush bastards coming 220 years ago,    Attribution


 Subject: You blame Bush for Hassan's death?

 Your a total ass to blame Bush for the slaying of Margaret Hassan.

 Can you blame the radical Muslim extremists?
 They are the people who shot her in the head.

 Daren the Monkey

 Daren, how many CARE workers were executed before's Bush's bungled invasion?



Used by permission - please visit

 Big Media, Some Nerve!
   by hotter-than-fire Robert Parry (D-On Fire) at

  Click  Here

 The entire article is superb - you really must read it.

 Note: is the most important site on the internet.


 House Changes Rules to Protect Crooked Tom DeLay
  Delay's coming indictment would mean a loss of power for their shortest bully

  Click  Here

 The current party rule in this area requires House Republican leaders and the heads of the various
 committees to relinquish their positions if indicted for a crime that could bring a prison term of at
 least two years. It makes no distinction between a federal and state indictment. Three of DeLay's
 political associates already have been indicted by that Texas grand jury.

 By a voice vote, and with a handful of lawmakers voicing opposition, the House Republican Conference
 decided that a party committee of several dozen members would review any felony indictment of a
 crook like Delay to see if they'd be better served by the crook staying at his post.

 What did you expect from a party of crooks?
 Lucky for them the gelding Democrats are too scared to object.

  "We do as we're told because we're obedient Bush boys."

 Subject: Scott Peterson

 First off, I am against the death penalty, period.
 But I don't believe the state made a beyond a reasonable doubt case for first degree murder.

 I don't think he's innocent --- I do think he killed her, but I don't believe there was the necessary premeditation.
 I was surprised that it didn't come back second degree.  My theory is that they had a fight, it went too far,
 & he killed her, then panicked & decided to dump the body, etc.

 It may arguably have been a manslaughter case (no intent to kill) initially. I don't think he killed his wife for
 Amber Frey or because he didn't want to be burdened by a baby, etc.  I think it was a tragic heat-of-the-moment
 action which Peterson only made worse by trying to cover up.

 M. Millington

 Good point, but the facts didn't fit the DA's theory.
 They claimed he bought the boat specifically for the purpose of dumping her body.

 The pundits (who shaped public opinion) said, "I guarantee he's guilty because he
 bought a boat and didn't tell his father - and that's proof of murder in my book."

 Subject: Scott Peterson


 Is not enough to unanimously convict on a Murder One death penalty case.
 Petersen's defense "theories" were just as plausible as the states "theories".

 They proved he was worth more with her ALIVE than dead.
 This guy was convicted BEFORE the trial.

 Guy D

 Dude, you have some very unpopular opinions.

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    Tulsa, OK  74155

 Subject: Fallujah debacle

 Everyone in the world knew a big push was coming in Fallujah.

 Of course Bush and his co-conspirators waited until after the election thus giving
 the Iraq Resistance time to prepare themselves and make plans for the battle.
 Once again their intent wasn't to win outright but to inflict casualties and damage.

 If the battle was of such strategic importance to the occupation then it would not have
 waited for the election.  That it did wait suggests that its importance was as an act of
 propaganda, thus rendering the lives of the troops in there meaningless.

 The real enemies of America are not the Iraqi resistance they are the Republicans,
 the McJesus christians, the corrupt business elite, and the stupid stupid rednecks of
 America who swallow this crap and call it ice-cream.

 Maybe it will end when enough people wake up.

 Paul B

 Dude, sorry I had to pull your Mussolini phrase out of your e-mail.
 The SS would love to arrest me for threatening the president.

The Last Liberal Outlaw,
by former prisoner Mike Palecek

Published by New Leaf Books of Chicago

Note from Mike to Robin in Melvin, Iowa:
Lost your email.   Please send again.


"Every war has atrocities. Now, there's a new one in Iraq. But it's too icky
  to show on TV.  Too bad.  This war will end when Americans get to see every night
  at dinner what their sons and daughters are becoming.  What the true cost is of those SUVs.
  If it's too icky to show, maybe it's too icky for us to be doing it"
      --Atrios, "War Crimes Are Not an American Value",   Attribution

 Iran Is Pursuing Bomb, says known liar Powell
  Powell will tell any lie The Monkey tells him to say

  Click  Here

 The same lying bastards who guaranteed Saddam had WMDs and now giving a
 similar guarantee that Iran is working to adapt missiles to deliver a nuclear weapon.
 Since Iran has almost as much oil as Iraq, Bush is expected to invade them and steal that oil,
 knowing the world will hate us for it, but the press will back him and the Dems will lay down..


 Subject: Wes Clark

 Unfortunately I was correct in my gut feeling that Kerry would not win in the South.
 Although I would rather see Kerry as president than see Clark as president, I was fully on
 the Clark bandwagon, as his campaign was popular here in Arkansas.  Clark04 fizzled,
 but it is now painfully obvious that the way to beat the worst president in history came down to:
 Not who from a blue state can win a red state, but who from a red state can win a blue state.
 Had this dawned on the DNC, or had they decided to ask anybody from the red state what was
 going on (what do we know, all we did was give the world the Big Dog??), they could have told them
 that Clark was the only one who could win Arkansas or Missouri or South Carolina or the goddamn election.
 The Democrats decided to play electoral college games against the mafia.  Smart choice.

 Blake, the ignorant rednecks in the South still look at Northerns as "Yankees"
 who burned Atlanta and thus cannot be worthy of their vote.

 The GOP is smart enough to play to those cave people, but the DNC can't figure it out.
 That's why we keep running "elitists" from New England - and losing.


 A Plague of Toadies
    by Herr Dragoness MoDo

  Click  Here

 Condi Rice and Stephen Hadley did not do their jobs before 9/11 in coordinating the fight against Al Qaeda,
 and they did not do their jobs after 9/11 in preventing the debacle in Iraq. They not only suppressed evidence
 Americans needed to know that would have debunked the neocons' hyped-up case for invading Iraq;
 they helped shovel hooey into the president's speeches.

 Dr. Rice pitched in to help Dr. No whip up that imaginary mushroom cloud. Condi's life story may be inspirational.
 But the way she got the State Department job is not. Not only are the Bush officials who failed to protect the
 country and misled us into war not losing their jobs. They're getting promoted. "

 Mail I missed from September

 Subject: Your dislike of Maureen Dowd


 What is it with you and Dowd?
 I can't believe that while you bitch about the generally lazy-ass, usurper-loving press,
 you then criticize Dowd as someone who is "nobody's friend."

 Bart, THAT'S THE IDEA.  Objective journalism.  Heard of it?

 I heard that phrase as a youngster, but not in the last 20 years or so.

 Look at it this way--She's ONE person who isn't concerned with losing friends over her reporting.
 She doesn't care that everyone on the right despises her right now--and five bucks says that if Kerry
 takes office in November, it'll take her about seven minutes for to start hammering him for every misstep.

 Because she knows what her job is, and brooks no fealty to anyone's tender heart.
 Try getting that out of Wolf Blitzer.
 Ryan in Tampa

 Everybody looks great compared to Wolf the Whore.
 Having no soul and no core beliefs doesn't make a good journalist.
 Hating everyone and everything doesn't make a reporter good.

 Maureen Dowd is a talented liar.  She makes shit up.
 She lets her hatred for everyone color her "facts."
 I enjoy her hammering of The Monkey and his fascist friends,
 but you always have to look hard to see if she's telling the truth.

Why did you do this, Mister Bush?


"Since Bush is a religious conservative I think his choices will be guided by those ideals.
  I'm mystified as to why these people choose to tout the morals of the 50's and reject the
  advances of the 60's. 50's society in the US was a very sick one indeed. The African
  American population was being horribly repressed, McCarthyism was at its peek, and
  sexism was rampant. In the 60's these problems began to be remedied. I guess the
  religious right doesn't remember that middle class white people weren't the only ones
  around in the 50's. Leave it To Beaver was a fictional show, not a documentary."
    -- a Dude heard on the BBC

 Subject: I'm 46 too, worst than it's been on my lifetime

 I'm 46 too and this has got to the worst it's ever been.  Before the election they
 would just hiss the word "liberal" like it was equivalent to saying "axe-murderer".

 Since the election it's been a constant hissing of "liberal elite".  WTF?
 Since when is Social Security elitist?  Since when is being fiscally responsible elitist?
 This is bullshit - there's more polarizing than ever!

 I wish I could just blame the administration but the media is eating it up with a spoon as well.
 Nothing sells like a culture war!


 Liberals have failed to defend themselves since 1980, so the stigma sticks.


"The rain isn't helping."
    -- Judy Woodruff, the smartest woman at CNN, covering the Clinton Library opening.

"Some call it the world's biggest double-wide."
    --Candy Crowley (R-Butterqueen) describing Clinton's library

 Subject: Nader

 Hi Bart...

 So, "Nader Fights For Recount...
 Weird, since you called him an "Asshole" a few months ago... just for running.

 Why is Nader fighting for a recount?
 Does he hope to win?

 Why would such a "Loser" fight for our rights, while the guy you supported - Kerry - still ignores us?

 I can't explain the motives of either man.

 I asked you this back then, and it still stands;
 Why do you support Kerry, who is a PUPPET for the New World Order?

 Kerry had a chance to win and he's not Bush.
 Also, what is "the new world order?"
 Who is their leader - where are its headquarters?

 Isn't it NOW clear, even to Oklahomans, (ha ha) that the Democrats & Republicans have BOTH
 sold out to the New World Order and what we have going in REALITY is the United States of Israel ????

 I don't want any part of your fight with Israel.

 Bart this IS Treason, what will it take for you to acknowledge this?

 Who are you wanting to string up?

 Dude, we might not have the comfort of another stolen election next time, they might actually get serious!
 Ha Ha (this really is some serious shit bart dude!) Ha Ha

 Well I guess this is ALL Naders fault!
 Sure, Right...

 Rob Mahon

 Rob, I didn't say Nader was responsible for 2004.
 As far as I know - nobody did..


"Get over it. The issue is not whether the decision should have been decided in the Florida
  or U.S. supreme courts, but that the Constitution had been violated...The only decision was
  to put an end to it after three weeks and looking like fools to the rest of the world."
      --Antonin Scalia, asked why the whore court appointed Bush when Gore won the vote   Attribution

"Unka Tony is a friend of Unka Dick's..."

 Subject:  Contract on America


 Remember when the repiglicans made such a stink about their "contract with/on America"?
 Well heres a thought, I'm not totally sure but I think it included a promise of term limits and
 a balanced budget if memory serves.

 That said, how about we get some really hot shot legal shark and SUE the bastards?

 Its not legally binding, you say? Well maybe NOT, but imagine the publicity for somethign like that.

 Mike, that's a great oidea, but the Dems would never go for something easy and cheap
 that would cause a firestorm of controvery that would make the GOP look silly.

 The Democrats have taken a loyalty oath to Dubya..


 Kerry Says He Might Try Again in 2008
  Allow me to help you, Senator - No, no, no, no, no!

  Click  Here

 John Kerry, who has $45 million left from his record-breaking campaign,
 hinted on Tuesday that he may try again for the presidency.

 Hey John, why didn't you spend that money?
 In the final days, your team was begging us for more cash, and now we find out
 you didn't spend that money in October when it may have changed some minds?

 You had your chance and you refused to fight like you promised.
 We want better in 2008.
 We deserve better.


 Subject:  BCR Show 59

 Bartster, I enjoyed Show 59 immensely!

 At first I didn't like your voice because it didn't fit with my image
 of what I thought you might have looked like, eh.  However, it grew on me.

 You kicked some Repuke ass on that show.
 I will have to contribute some money to you for that entertainment.

 Keep Hammering,
 Bruce T

 Bruce, thanks.
 It's been suggested that I "get" a new voice.
 I thought about it, but I'm not a big fan of vocal cord surgery.

 Actor Vincent D'Onofrio Back in Hospital
   He has these crazy fainting spells - maybe they'll find a cure?

  Click  Here

 New Wendy's Ads Will Feature Dave
  He didn't die from clogged arteries like everybody thinks

  Click  Here

 Bill Gates Gets 4 Million E-Mails a Day, Mostly Spam
  That's one e-mail from everyone whose Windows computer locked up

  Click  Here

'Monday Night Football' Rankles FCC
  A woman's back is ugly, disgraceful and indecent, Michael Powell says

  Click  Here

The best books by the best authors

 Subject: Life in these united not divided states

 Bart ~
 I'm with Lynn on this.  I remember Eisenhower and McCarthy and the red baiting and the red scare
 and the cold war at its worst and "duck and cover" -- like that would ever have saved us from an atomic bomb!
 And I remember the Bay of Pigs and how close we came to nuclear war.  And I remember Vietnam and the
 protests and the "love America or leave it" crowd, and the civil rights marches and the riots and Ohio and Nixon
 and Watergate and Ford pardoning the felon.  And I remember Reagan and Bush I and Iran-contra and the hostage
 crisis that they prolonged to get Reagan elected.  And I remember the nine year campaign of hatred against Clinton.
 And NONE of it compares to where we are now.
 We are on the edge of 1984 Big Brother.
 None of us will be able to speak our minds in the next 4 years.

 This is the most evil, vile regime since Hitler and Stalin -- killing 100,000 innocent Iraqis in the name of FREEDOM??
 Purging the CIA??  Making his love slave Secretary of State after she has bungled everything she has touched?

 It is so frightening, and we have the knuckle-dragging evangelicals and white fear and homophobes and sexist pigs
 to thank for this.  Moral values my ass.  Hatred is the word of the day.
 This is the worst of times for one reason and one reason only.  Mankind has always been a brutal lot.
 But in this country we have always had a free press to let us know what is going on, to curb the excesses.
 We no longer have that.  Look for the purges to continue ...........  it is truly frightening.
 It can't happen here?  Watch and learn.
 Thank you for being a bright spot in my life.
 Without you and a few other sites I'd truly lose my tiny little mind.
 You have my continued support now and always.
 Suzanne R

"Among the most pessimistic conjectures made when Bush gained re-election was that
  with a mandate, he'd keep Rumsfeld at the Pentagon and nominate Rice to replace Powell.
  The second of those has now come true. ... It is bad news for European leaders."
    --French newspaper Le Monde, speaking for the rest of the world,   Attribution

 Clinton Library Officials Defensive on Impeachment

   Click  Here

 Clinton library officials are on the defensive about an impeachment exhibit that some (which means
 the rabid sons of bitches on the right)  have described as tilted in favor of the former president.

 Oh Jesus, the bastards want Clinton to lie about himself in his own goddamn library?

 Does the George Herbert Herbert Bush Library list all the major, global crimes that bastard committed?
 Does the Reagan library mention his ill-timed naps and the crimes his cabinet needed pardons to escape?
 Will the Monkey library mention the 1,000 soldiers and the 100,000 civilians he killed for oil profit?

 Whoever complained about this needs to blow me, before they go straight to to hell.


THIS is how the world sees Bush.

 Subject:  Hassan NOT killed by Muslims

  Click  Here

 Or maybe she was.  Who knows?
 The truth is the first casualty of war ( said Will Rogers, I think)

 Let's not "Nancy Grace" Margaret Hassan's death until we get the facts.
 So far, no one has come forward with her body or to take "credit" for her murder.


 Stickart, you could be right - my Baghdad correspondent is not returning my calls.
 I have a feeling the negative reports we're hearing are true.

 This handjob has Dick Morris's fingerprints all over it.


Marty's Entertainment Page

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 Subject: Green party?

 Bart, I agree with you.
 It's an old tired and spineless horse, but the Democratic party may be the only horse we have to ride.
 Breaking in a youngster and making him a reliable mount takes many years and this country does not have that luxury.

 I remember when the green party in Germany was born.
 They are now part of the multi-party system in the German parliament but it took them many years to get there.

 We have two years to turn this ship around.
 Let's make it happen, I so want to get that blue passport.
 Your German fan from Tennessee,

 Sonja, ...we have 40 months to get a message to the Demo 'date for '08.

 I'm not going to suggest the Road to Victory in 2008 runs thru,
  ...but would it hurt for that candidate's staff to assign some newby, junior intern
 to monitor for combat ideas?



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Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

   1188, 1195, 1210, 1215,  dead American soldiers.

They got 5 more  since yesterday, for no damn reason.

Saw it on


"I love oil, I breathe oil..."

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: subscription question

 I know I've enjoyed my member services for at least a year.
 Will you be sending out renewal notices?

 Patty, thanks for being honest.
 When putting someone into the system, the computer gives them 9999 days
 unless another number is entered in that space.  When we first got going,
 I gave everyone 9999 days because the subscriptions renew.

 Those who sent a check or PayPal for 6 months or a year also got 9999 days,
 so I'd like to remind people to renew if your original subscription has expired.

 And if you're not sure, we set up the system 551 days ago.


"Condoleezza Rice brings an impressive resume to her new job. The granddaughter
  of a cotton farmer, the former provost of Stanford University, she is fluent in four
  languages, an accomplished classical pianist, and even an expert figure skater.
  Wow, it seems like the only thing she can't do is make peace with other nations."
    --Jon Stewart,

 Subject: Oil

 Bart, you wrote:

> "I blame Bush for starting a war for no damn reason other than oil greed."

 I'm still waiting on ANYTHING to back up that statement,
 a charge you toss around more than you curse Republicans, if that's possible.

 If you and yours continue to rely on emotion as a substitute for fact,
 you'll be upset over elections for a long time to come.

 John H

 John, lucky for you we're not in the chat room.
 Can you name the reason Bush invaded?
 You can't, because no legitimate reason exists.
 That's why Bush has changed the reason again and again.

 There are 100 million reasons, every day, why Bush invaded.
 Iraq can pump 2 million barrels of oil per day and it sells for $50 a barrel.
 That's $100 million dollars a day that Bush will not account for.

 Would an oil man commit murder for $100 million a day?
 Would a crooked president send soldiers to their deaths for $100 million a day?

 They wanted to steal that oil and since it's a war zone, there can be no accounting
 of the oil they are pumping. Since the country had been in choas for 20 months,
 there can be no accounting for Iraq's assests that Bush legally claimed for himself.

 There was never any legitimate reason for Bush to invade - besides oil greed.


 Subject: you need to stop sniffing glue

 Or whatever drug you are into that causes you to say "You think All types of guns are OK for anybody in all cases"
 and then "If you woke up to the sound of sombody kicking in your front door, what would you do without a gun?"

 That's right.
 I own guns and I'm never without one.
 That doesn't mean every handjob in America should have a bazooka, Dumbass.
 What's wrong with your brain that you can't figure out what "enough" means?

 Either you support our 2nd Amendment, or you don't.

 That is an idiotic statement from a mind that can't function properly.

 This "hunters don't need machine guns" shit is a goddamn cop-out.
 The 2nd Amendment doesn't have shit to do with hunting and anyone who has passed
 a freshman-level Political Science course knows that. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment
 is to insure that the populace is equipped to overthrow the government should it complete
 that historically inevitable slide into tyranny. Bolt action deer-guns won't make the nut in that instance.

 No individual can out-gun today's federal government.
 What was true in 1776 isn't true today.

 As for taggants in dynamite, I don't know how you got there from "keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
 Sounds like a straw-man argument to me, Rush.

 Intrepid Journalist

 Being against taggants in dynamite so the police can't trace bombers is an example of gun monkeyism.
 You can pretend you're not able to grasp that concept if you feel it helps your argument.

 What world do you live in where every issue is black and white?
 You think all people, even children, drunks and the mentally ill should own every kind of gun?
 That's what "Either you support our 2nd Amendment, or you don't"  means.

 You need to re-think your unexplainable position.

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 You can call the Bart-Phone at 918-748-1714
 That would be really cool, and we'll catch you in Vegas at The Joint on your next American tour.  and BartCop are trademarks of attempts at humor.

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