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Dems Need a Corleone 
Arafat: Tragedy & Hope
The South has Won the War
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Too Much the Good Soldier
A Speech we Didn't Hear
31 Iraqi Cops Kidnapped
Defining Liberal Values
Was America Hacked?


Quote of the Day

"There is no flag large enough to cover 
  the shame of killing innocent people for 
  a purpose which is unattainable." 
        -- Howard Zinn, 

 Mr. Zinn, you're wrong.
 That oil has been obtained. 

Support PO Box 54466 , Tulsa, OK 74155PayPal to

Volume 1445 - Blood everywhere

  Fri-Sat    Nov 19-20,  2004                                                                                                                           Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"I'm watching the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor opening, and it's just a rush of emotions.
  The first thing that hit me was: They're back in the past again celebrating a time that never will be again,
  and they are living in a dream world about what that time was in the first place."
     --Rush the vulgar Pigboy, pretending life under Clinton was bad and life under Bush is great   Attribution

 Hey Pigboy, when you build your monument to yourself, will there be an Oxycontin room?
 Will you have videotape of you calling Chelsea, "The White House dog?"
 Will there be a loop of you telling America that Hillary murdered Vince Foster in her "secert apartment?"
 Will you hide the fact that you did so much illegal narcotics that it made you go deaf?

 A Call to Arms

  Click  Here

"Yesterday Republicans went behind closed doors and changed the rules to allow Tom DeLay
  to continue holding his leadership position if indicted for a crime. Just like that batta bing, batta bang.
  The GOP Mob family now rules unchallenged. The Election Day Massacre has left the other family in
  hiding and disarray. What will happen now? Do the Dems even have among them the political equivalent
  of Michael Corleone - someone who can rally this moribund family? Someone who can both unite that
  factitious family and begin making inroads into the GOP's turf as well?"

 Yes, but he's broke and powerless in Oklahoma.



 Subject: Kerry in '08?

 No way - no how - never - never - never - uh - uh -uh

 Kerry had the benefit of a united party behind him going up against a President who had some
 of the worst negatives since Hoover. If he had been a campaigner of the FDR or Clinton mold,
 this would have been a rout fro the Democrats. Instead he allowed the Repugnantcans to frame the debate.

 He allowed the Swift Boat Bastards for Lies and Deceit to plant a kernel of doubt about his military service.
 He failed to take the issues to Bush and make him answer for the ineptitude of his administration.

 Americans went to the polls more concerned about a gay takeover of the country than about the failures
 of this administration on every single issue. In so toally bungling the campaign, he also made it impossible
 for the best qualified man, Governor Dean, to be President, because he is from a "liberal" blue state.

 I was afraid this would happen during the primaries. I dared to hope that we had a chance to oust the
 criminal war monger, but alas, the messenger did not know how to carry the message. Do us a  favor John,
 hold the money and donate it to someone who has the balls to really take it to the people.

 G Wilson


Used by permission - please visit

 Arafat: Tragedy & Hope
   by Morgan Strong at

  Click  Here

 I asked Arafat about Clinton's assertion that Arafat's rejection of a settlement offer from
 Barak at Camp David in 1999 had sunk the last best hope for the Palestinian people. As his face
 contorted in anger, Arafat waved his index finger at me, which was his custom when displeased by a question.

 Arafat called Clinton's assertion a lie and he said he didn't know why Clinton would say such a thing.
 The sticking point, Arafat said, was the holy city of Jerusalem, which Arafat said didn't belong to Israel, but to God.

 The Palestinian leader was upset, too, about accusations that he didn't really try to stop terrorism against Israel.
 When I asked that question, as I always did, he responded with frustration and bewilderment. Leaning toward me
 in his chair, his eyes bulging slightly, his brows arched, he insisted that stopping terrorist attacks on Israel was
 beyond his power, especially after he was confined to his headquarters in Ramallah.

 Note: is the most important site on the internet.


 Rebel Yell
    by David Podvin, saw it on

  Click  Here

 The malignant core ideals of the Confederacy - feudalism disguised as capitalism and bigotry
 masquerading as religion - not only survived the Civil War, but also increasingly infected the rest
 of American society throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Over the decades, the
 American political landscape has been steadily morphing into Dixieland, and the Sons of the South
 now control virtually everything of significance that there is to control.

 The Confederate electoral strategy consists of manipulating working class Americans to become
 accomplices to their own demise. This cynical goal is accomplished by economically depriving
 blue-collar voters and then producing scapegoats that are identified with the Democratic Party.
 The whipping boys keep changing - the targets have included gays, feminists, immigrants, and the
 perennial favorite, blacks - yet the sleight of hand remains as effective as it is ancient. While people
 are being robbed of their freedom and treasure, they must be distracted, no longer with bread and
 circuses, but instead with fairies and darkies.


 Subject: Kerry's extra $45 million

 I agree we need someone better in 2008.

 About the 45 million I seem to recall that was money left over when kerry accepted the federal campaign funds.
 So he couldn't spend it. Or maybe it was money to help fight legal issues on Nov. 2.

 Not sure if this is right.
 Love your site keep fighting the good fight!!

 jim - loyal non-monkey

 Jim, since Kerry refused to fight, there was no need for recount money.
 I got a form letter from Kerry today, "We fought hard, but we lost."
 I'll be reading that in BCR Show 60.

 Too Much the Good Soldier

  Click  Here

 Caution became capitulation. The good soldier told a bad lie. That will always stain Colin Powell.

 He was the Walter Cronkite of politics, was so popular and so trusted across party lines that his job
 approval ratings as secretary of state were between 80 and 90 percent. He cashed in on that popularity
 on Feb. 5, 2003, when he carried the Bush administration's case against Iraq to the U.N. Security Council.

 Powell, the least likely Bush official to engage in bluster, calmly told the UN that "every statement I make today
 is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we are giving you are facts and conclusions
 based on solid evidence."

 Since the GOP controls all media except the Internet, Powell will likely go down is history
 as a great and decisive military leader and statesman, but that will all be lies to cover his cowardice.

 Colin, what's it like to have 100,000 murders on your conscience?
 Do you throw up when you see yourself in a mirror?
 When you see spaghetti sauce, do you think of the rivers of blood you caused in Baghdad?

 Tell me, Colin, who killed more Iraqis - you or Saddam?
 And if the answer is Saddam, could he have done it without the WMDs he purchased from the BFEE?

 Subject: they love Gonzales (R-pro-torture)

 "I like him," Senator Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, the leading Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee,
 said today after a closed meeting with Mr. Gonzales, whom he has known as White House counsel.

 The Dems will never fight back.
 They should ALL go fuck themselves.

 Chris McF

 All the "We love Dubya and anyone he nominates" Democrats should resign.
 They are stealing their paychecks by refusing to come to work. They should let statesmen and patriots
 take their place so we can have two parties again.  They've been kissing Bush's ass since he stole the
 2000 election and hired the Iran-Contra Gang and the impeachment team to overlord us.

saw it on

The Last Liberal Outlaw,
by former prisoner Mike Palecek

Published by New Leaf Books of Chicago

Note from Mike to Robin in Melvin, Iowa:
Lost your email.   Please send again.


"Republicans have reached a new low. It is absolutely mind-boggling
  that as their first order of business following the elections, House
  Republicans have lowered the ethical standards for their leaders."
     --Nancy Pelosi on the Delay fiasco   Attribution

 Hey Nancy, talking about it is a good first step.
 Now why don't you do something about it?

 Some "Bush stole 2004" data that's over my head

  Click  Here

 It's in PDF form, so I can't swipe an excerpt.


 Subject: Harry Reid

 Hey Bart,

 Am still depressed.   Even more depressed after what I read in the News and Observer
 (Raleigh's rw rag) about the new minority leader.  Senator Harry Reid is quoted as saying
"I always would rather dance than fight, but I know how to fight"?!?

 He sounds like a pissant, even more milquetoast than Daschle, if that was possible.
 No one is fighting for the poor, the sick, the disenfranchised in this country.
 It took the Greens and Libertarian party to get the recount in Ohio.
 Kerry and his lawyers should have been all over that.
 I have absolutely no optimism regarding the future.

 Dr. R

 Dr. R, I think the Democrats need their own 9-11.
 Something will happen - hopefully soon - that will shake them into consciousness.


 Or maybe we're going about this the wrong way.
 Since the Democrats refuse to fight when attacked, let's roll over them.
 Yeah, let's just take over the Democratic party - who could stop us?

 Hang in there, we're going to win.


One day, we'll see Bush in prison.

 Police say 31 Iraqi police kidnapped in western Iraq
  Will you see this story on Bush-owned media?

  Click  Here

 Iraq Police say more than 30 Iraqi policemen have been kidnapped in western Iraq.
 A police spokesman says the 31 police officers were ambushed Sunday while returning from training in Jordan.

 Insurgents have repeatedly targeted new members of the Iraqi security forces.
 Last month, gunmen ambushed a group of Iraqi soldiers returning home from a training course
 on a road east of Baghdad. Around 50 of the unarmed soldiers were killed execution-style.

 Subject: Daren the Monkey

 Kudos to you Bart for blaming Bush for Margaret Hassan's death.
 I guess that asshole, Daren, can't comprehend the fact that if there was no war she would be alive today.


 DS, same with the soldiers.
 It's easy to say, "the terrorists killed them," but each and every one of them
 would be alive with their familes today if Bush wasn't such a greedy, lying son of a bitch.

Click to visit

 Subject: Herbert Herbert


 I've been reading for a couple years now and I've yet to figure out
 why you refer to George H W Bush as Herbert Herbert.

 Or am I just confused?

 Thanks for clarifying.
 Russ from WY

 Russ, it's a Star Trek reference.
 In The Way to Eden, the hippies jammed with Mr Spock on the Vulcan harp before they
 took over the Enterprize. Captain Kirk got pissed when the hippies called him "Herbert,"
 who was a minor official notorious for his rigid and limited patterns of thought.  It was funny, they all
 started chanting "Herbert, Herbert, Herbert, Herbert, Herbert, Herbert, Herbert, Herbert..."

 Both Bushes are "Walkers," (wankers?) but there's just one "Herbert."

 Subject: had to let you know

 I work on a military base in San Antonio. I look in on your site pretty regularly.
 They monitor all the action on all the PCs in the building I work in.
 I can now no longer get to your site on my PC.

 I haven't tried it on anyone else's yet, but I know the BUllSHit paradigm has control there, of course.
 You might be surprised how many idiots in the military support Bush despite the threat to their lives
 or those of loved ones. Talk about sheep.

 You are being censored, at least where the military is concerned. First amendment aside, watch your back.
 The liar doesn't care what it takes to shut up his opponents.

 However...keep up the good work. Truth shall make this country whole again someday.
 And thanks for supporting Del Castillo. Amazing, aren't they?


 Jazz, funny the most powerful fighting force on Earth is afraid of a little Tequila Treehouse.

 And yes, Del Castillo is so damn impressive.   When we saw them in Memphis,
 whenever Rick and Mark would blaze into those impossible twin leads,
 we'd bust out laughing because we just could not believe what we'd just heard.

  Click  Here  to be damn impressed - especially if you're a musician.


 Subject:  Our situation

 Americans, we have been duped.  We first recognized we had been (past tense) duped in 2000.
 Evidence indicates it started even earlier.  Now it is a never ending process.  For we now been infected with "dupitis".
 Beginning with 2000, the "dupitis virus" spread.  All that the administration needed to do was give us an explanation
 that makes no sense and then everything fades into the background.

 The 911 attack on the World Trade Center was the next dupe.  Now even (3 years later) there has been no investigation?
 The administration story line and news media spin is all we really have to go on.  HUH?

 We are in a war currently because of another dupe.  A lie.
 They have even admitted that one and say it's okay because Saddam was a bad man.
 What about the other 10,000 people killed in the process, including our own?

 Remember the "bulge" on Bush's back?  After weeks of questions, denials, explanations and fabrications
 the secret service finally said it was a bullet proof vest, only to retract that statement on the back page 2 weeks later.
 Gone, evidence be damned. Including NASA.

 Let us move on to the 2004 election.  There is no rhyme nor reason to the numbers and calculations in the recent election.
 Not to mention disenfranchisement of voters. Are we are to believe the impossible because "they" say so?
"They" meaning the administration and the media spin? Or are we supposed to believe it was a miracle,
 because Christians prayed and changed all those votes to George? You know, like the Jesus water and wine story.

 The plot thickens.  What about Kerry, everyone is asking?
 Was he a straw man that would easily topple over to the will of the Republicans?  Was Kerry a super duper?
 Would he concede even if he won?  If everything fades into the background as in " voter fraud 2000, the bugle,
 911 investigation, the reason for the war in Iraq, and voter fraud  2004", I will be forced to believe that he was part of the plan.
 I will hang on to every element of hope until it becomes obvious.

 The old adage says "Fool me once, shame on you.  "Fool me twice shame on me" for allowing it to happen.
 When a person has show you who they are .believe them.  George has shown us who he was a long time ago.
 If nothing changes, nothing changes.  The duping continues.

 Bart, I am a 72 year old single grandmother of 4 draft age grandchildren.
 I am in North (RED) Carolina.  To say I am upset is a misnomer.
 Love your site.  It saves the day.

 Betty M


 The (Un)Concession Speech That Could Have Been
   Just once, I want a leader to get up and tell us this is all bullshit.

  Click  Here

 Do not accept Bush or anyone as your president until every vote has been counted.
 This was my pledge to you, and I will stand by it.

 I will not lie to you. This is a catastrophe. The future of our country lies in the balance.
 For this reason, I need your continued support, and I need your help. This is my call to action:
 Get in the streets. Leave your houses and get in the streets. Stand up. Start marching and dont stop.

 Don't go to work. Strike. Bring business as usual to a halt. Shut down the airports, the seaports,
 the subways, the toll booths, the banks, the factories, the super centers and the drive-thrus.
 Dont give in.

 No, Kerry didn't say anything like that.
 He said "We're all winners, now let's get behind the Murdering Monkey."


 Subject:  Re: House Changes Rules to Protect Crooked Tom DeLay


 Sometimes you piss me off when you put the tu-tu picture up, sometimes its absolutely appropriate.
 Last issue you pissed me off.

 The story was about the House of Reps.
 All the people pictured in the tu-tu pic are Senators.
 You can make good if you use a similar pic of reps.


 Pat, Gephardt's in the House, but that's not really the point.

 Kerry considers himself the Dem leader - so why the hell doesn't he object to the GOP
 changing the rules so crooks like Delay can operate without being hampered by ethics laws?

"I'm nuts about rule changes
  that help me screw Democrats"

 Howard Stern Promotes Switch to Satellite
  "Down with the FCC. They have ruined commercial broadcasting."

  Click  Here

 Passengers Stop Bus From Falling Off Bridge
  Passengers steer, stop bus after driver has heart attack

  Click  Here

 6 NATO Allies Refuse to Help U.S. in Iraq
  They have "other priorities" than helping Bush murder a defenseless nation

  Click  Here

 Blast targets Iraqi police; troops raid mosque
  Just another day is Bush's quagmire of Paradise

  Click  Here

The best books by the best authors

 Subject: Kerry and OUR $45 million

 I'm not gonna candy-coat it, Bart.
 How dare that sonofabitch leave all that dough on the table when the rest of us were ALL IN???
 The bastard!

 What a crapass candidate.
 Not even a  challenge to the corrupt voting bullshit after PROMISING that every vote would be counted.

 I sent many hundreds of dollars to Kerry and the Dems and leaving money unspent losing the "election of a lifetime"
 is just fucking unacceptable. Dukakis, Modale, do we keep coming up with these stiffs?
 General Clark would have kicked some Bush ass at least.

 Now our girly-men congress Democrats are going to sit on their balls and let Asshole appoint Gonzales AG.
 This is the guy who green-lighted torture at Abu Graib. Just fucking beautiful.

 I can hardly lift the hammer anymore, Bart.
 I hope you can.


 Jim, I still can't believe Kerry didn't spend that last $45 million.
 They pulled out of Missouri 3 weeks before the election.
 That $45M could've made the difference there.

 Also, if you're angry now, wait till the Dems confirm Ashcroft to the Supreme Court.

 Lastly, maybe one reason Clark is a fighter?
 He was once a Republican.


"We should adopt the rule that once indicted - you step down."
     --Newt Gingrich, 1993,  Attribution

 The Enlightenment vs. Bush's America: Defining liberal values
     by Carla Binion

   Click  Here

 Today we're returning to religious dogmatism, absolutism and anti-scientific thought among some members
 of the religious right, including certain George W. Bush supporters such as Jerry Falwell.  Though America
 was founded on the basis of rational thought and tolerance for religious diversity, we now find we're
 revisiting pre-Enlightenment era thinking.

 Bush has resisted scientific study involving stem cell research, professed belief that his decision to make war
 with Iraq is a divinely sanctioned crusade and embraced religious leaders who encourage intolerance,
 dogmatism and absolutism.  Many Bush supporters on the religious right seem to think morals and values are
 almost entirely about sexual behavior and interpret the Bible in a way that justifies their prejudices against homosexuality.


 I didn't know U2 was offering their
 not-yet-released CD for free on their website.

 You can't download it, but you can hear every song.

  Click  Here

 Thanks to Rude Rich - he looooooves U2.

 They're on SNL this weekend, the CD comes out Tuesday, tour starts March 1.

 Subject:  DC rally donation

 Hey Bart,

 Thanx for the fantastic radio shows!
 I enjoyed them immensely, and believe that you could go toe-to-toe
 with Franken anyday on Air America! (Not that I don't enjoy Al)

 Here's a small amount for the DC protest...
 I wish I could be there with them.

 All the best, your friend,
 Mike D.

 Mike, thanks for that.


Marty's Entertainment Page

Visit for your deck today!

 Subject: Re: casualty count

 I want to make a comment on something.
 I can't tell you how many times I've clicked on the website, only to see
 that the total you have isn't even current with what's reported on their website.

 Most sickeningly is when I go back to your page, then jump back to that one
 to check some statistic out, and I see that the body count has changed from
 the last time that I viewed it that same day.

 Nov. 10th was the Marine Corps Birthday, Uh-Rah!!
 Happy Birthday to all my fellow Marines.

 And I want to raise a toast, a shot of Chinaco for all my brothers in the Corps who have
 fallen in this war, starting with Major Jay Aubin, who died on the very first day of the war,
 and whom I knew for five years when we were in the same unit together as NCOs
 (Non-Commissioned Officers).

 Saepius Exertus, (Often Tested)
 Semper Fidelis, (Always Faithful)
 Frater Infinitas, (Brothers Forever)
 Regan D. Copple
 USMC 1986-1992
 Veteran of Operations Earnest Will, Desert Shield, & Desert Storm

 Regan, sorry about your friend.
 Being a friend, you know any lateness of my updates is not a sign of disrespect.

 I only update once a day, they might update whenever there's news, I'm not sure.
 So if I get my figure at noon and you read them at 6 PM, sadly, that number could change.

 Plus, and you know I don't joke about fallen soldiers, but that html in the number count?
 It has some bug in it - there's no way I know of to explain it.

 Sometimes I'll type a number, ...and it won't accept it and it will type another number, instead.
 Sometimes I type a "6" and a "7" will appear.
 Sometimes it just locks up the computer, and I have to reboot.

 Clarification: I'm not suggesting this is some weird, Twilight Zone thing, it's just a bug in the software.
 Maybe it's related to a non-compatible size/font/color scheme, but the numbers can act strange.

 Also, I get the heartache of checking those numbers - I've done that here.
 I'll go to the page and it will say 1120, but before I change it on the page, the phone rings
 or I go to change a CD and when I get back, that number has changed to 1122.

 Logically, we all know that just means the update was made in that period, but to us
 it seems like another soldier died when we went to the frig to grab a Coke.

 Sad reality: Our people will die in Iraq, a handful each week, until Bush leaves office or admits he was wrong.
 No other country will commit troops to help us as long as the Giggling Invader is president, so we'll continue to
 lose people for no damn reason until Jan 20, 2009.   That's a long damn time.

 Shot of Chinaco for you, Dude, and all who wear/wore the uniform. 



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BCR 57
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BCR 59

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 Was it hacked?

  Click  Here

 The Bush administration's "fix" of the 2000 election debacle (the Help America Vote Act)
 made crooked elections considerably easier, by foisting paperless electronic voting on states
 before the bugs had been worked out or meaningful safeguards could be installed.

 Crying foul this time around isn't just the province of whiny Democrats. Consider that
 The Wall Street Journal recently revealed that "Verified Voting, a group formed by a
 Stanford University professor to assess electronic voting, has collected 31,000 reports
 of election fraud and other problems."


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1188, 1195, 1215, 1217,  dead American soldiers.

They only got 2 since yesterday, should we feel grateful?

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: Shirley Manson and Garbage


 After two years of looking at her pictures on your site I decided to
 download a few of their songs to check them out..........THEY ARE GREAT!

 I'm going to buy one of their CD'S.any suggestions?
 ( see, whos says this free download crap doesn't work! )

 Thanks for turning me on to such a great band.
 Mario M

 Mario, I think Garbage 2.0   is their best, but all 3 are damn good.
                                               Click  to  Order


"It has to be said that Bill Clinton was one of the most gifted American
  political figures in modern times. Believe me - I learned that the hard way.
  He made it look too easy, and oh, how I hated him for that."
   -- George Herbert Herbert Bush, at the Library opening   Attribution

 Thank you for not having him murdered, Mr Bush.

 The New Deal
   sent by Tally Briggs
   Click  Here  Now with working link!

 Here is the plan:

 Let Bush govern the red states, and Kerry rule the  blue.
 Since the deficit is a Republican creation and by nature is in the red, they get to keep that, too.

 We (the blue states) will revert to the Clinton-era budget surplus, and will be happy to retain the UN
 [which they don't want anyway] and protect the coasts and re-open the dialogue with the rest of the world.

 Cheney can go back home to Wyoming and the Republican capitol can be in Topeka.

 Conservatives will be required to migrate to Montana, Wyoming, and  the other red states where they can
 thrash around to their hearts' content and defend themselves against Canada and Mexico. They will all be
 in the National Guard, which will be run by the experts in Swift Boat Veterans, and will continue to
 be paid less than enlisted troops for the same work.


 I meant to get some radio done today, but my stack of stuff got so high it fell over
 onto the mixing board and now the mic doesn't work. It's not a big problem,
 I just have to go thru the stack before I can get to the knob that was hit.


 Subject: you are dead wrong


 You could not be more wrong about the position you own politically.

 I would enjoy seeing you prove that - you'd be the first.

 Other than being a gun owner and "saying" you support the military (nobody believes you do),

 The lefties who attack me for being a "vicious and gleeful killer of babies" disagree with you.

 you are a fanatical and violent ultra-leftwing Liberal bordering on communism.

 You are a smallish turd that someone forgot to flush - see how insults prove nothing?
 I'll bet, compared to you, all Americans are "fanatical and violent ultra-leftwing Liberals."
 You read this page everyday, how can you not know any of my positions?

 Kerry is next to you politically.

 I don't know if that's true or not.
 Since you don't know my positions, how can you state that as if it were true?

 He owns guns. The only difference between the two of you is that Kerry is a traitor
 who received a dishonorable discharge in the 1970s.
 Bill Foster

 Are you a gambler?

 I'll bet you are, so let's gamble on that - how is $500 - good for you?

 Since you made the idiotic and untrue charge, it's up to you to prove that.
 But you can't.
 This proves you are a goofy fuck Monkey.
 You heard Rush the vulgar Pigboy or someone like him tell that lie, and you took it as fact.

 How can you be so stupid and gullible?

 I'll give you seven days - if you can't come up with proof, in the form of a government website
 or some other acceptable proof, then you'll be admitting you're just a goofy fuck Monkey.

 Hint: FOX News. Worldnetdaily,, freerepublic. Newsmax  etc will not do.
 They are whores who spread the same lies you do - your source must be official.

 You have seven days to prove Kerry got a dishonorable discharge whioch is impossible.

 How can you be so stupid and gullible?

 Christmas Shopping online?

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 Use this portal
and they'll send
four cents from each dollar.

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BCR Show #59
There's Got to Be a Morning After

Click  Here  to listen to Part 1 of  Show 59
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35 minutes of reflections on what might have been, 2004

Click  Here  to listen to Part 2 of  Show 59
Click  Here  to download Part 2 of  Show 59
21 minutes on the big winners and big losers on Nov 2

Click  Here  to listen to Part 3 of  Show 59
Click  Here  to download Part 3 of  Show 59
28 minutes of Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes and Bart on the McLaughlin Group

Click  Here  to listen to Part 4 of  Show 59
Click  Here  to download Part 4 of  Show 59
21 minutes of Sliders (no, not White Castle burgers)

Click  Here  to listen to Part 5 of  Show 59
Click  Here  to download Part 5 of  Show 59
19 minutes on Catholic Math, Bart's Law #3 and Stupid People

Click  Here  to listen to Part 6 of  Show 59
Click  Here  to download Part 6 of  Show 59
37 minutes Tommy & Bart digesting the election with a look towards the future

Click  Here  to listen to Part 7 of  Show 59
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32 minutes of Tally, Clean Air, The Fruitcake Lady and Bill Maher

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