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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Violence All Over Baghdad 
'Perception Management'
Thousands Protest Bush 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Brownback's Wanker Wars 
Conason: Bill Frist exposed
GOP Derails 9/11 Reform 
Bush: Let's Invade Iran 
The MNFootball Nudity Fuss 


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"Warlords in shining armor, the apostles of the 
  martial virtues, tend not to die fighting when 
  the time comes. History is full of ignominious 
  getaways by the great & famous."
    -- George Orwell

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Volume 1446 - Monkey with a mandate

  Sun-Monday    Nov 21-22,  2004                                                                                                                           Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"It is worse than in Saddam's time. I preferred life then. We had a normal life and we had security.
  My family have never been Saddam loyalists or supporters. When he was here we did not know we
  did not have freedom. This is what we were told by other countries. What we did know was we had
  safety and security. Now there are only dangers and uncertainty."
     --  Thuraya el-Kaissi, 17-year-old Iraqi girl   Attribution

 Violence Breaks Out All Over Baghdad
  How many lives we will spend to realize this is not working?

  Click  Here

 Baghdad exploded in violence Saturday, as insurgents attacked a U.S. patrol and a police station,
 assassinated four government employees and detonated several bombs. One American soldier was
 killed and nine were wounded during clashes that also left three Iraqi troops and a police officer dead.

 Some of the heaviest violence came in Baghdad where a day earlier U.S. troops raided the capital's main
 Sunni mosque. Shops were in flames, and a U.S. Humvee burned, with the body of  its driver inside.

 In northern Iraq (news - web sites), U.S. and Iraqi forces uncovered four decapitated bodies as they
 continued a campaign to crush militants who rose up last week. American and Iraqi forces detained
 30 suspected guerrillas overnight in Mosul, the U.S. military said Saturday.


 Subject: to Betty (see last issue)


 Living in a red state myself (Texas), we can only hope that somewhere,
 someone is saying, "This has got to stop."

 I believe somewhat that those who support the Admin. would do so
 no matter what atrocities they commit as long as they are not "Liberal".

 Our country has been blinded by partisan attacks from the left and the right and
 those of us in the middle do the suffering so we must do the little things that will protect us.

 Take every opportunity to save those grandchildren of yours from the fate of the
 1200+ young men and women who have already died in vain.

 Bill Mac

 Bill, it'll stop when the moderate Republicans have had enough.
 The Democrats are too scared to act and the fascists will never police themselves.


 Bush's 'Perception Management' Plan
   by Robert Parry   at

  Click  Here

 Bush is moving to ensure that his administration can keep much of the U.S. population seeing a
 near-empty cup as almost entirely full, a concept known in the intelligence world as "perception management."

 On a personal level, Bush appears to have found in his electoral victory a validation of his public-relations strategy
 of casting his foreign policy as a black-and-white war between good and evil. In this tough-talking approach, Bush
 has been helped immeasurably by the powerful conservative news media, ranging from AM talk radio to Fox News,
 from right-wing newspaper columnists to Internet bloggers.

 Indeed, it is impossible to understand why Americans have grown so detached from reality without appreciating the
 combined impact of this conservative media - built over the past quarter century - and Bush's personal insistence
 on loyalty over almost all other values.

 Note: is the most important site on the internet.


 Thousands Protest Bush Before Chile Summit
  If Bush's media says 20,000, it was probably 50,000 plus

  Click  Here

 Riot police used water cannons and tear gas Friday to break up a demonstration by
 rock-throwing protesters before more than 20,000 people marched to vent their anger
 at America's murdering Monkey.

 Marchers held up posters saying: "Bush, you stink," and "Terrorist Bush."
 Some chanted: "Bush, listen: Chile is not for sale!" and "Bush, fascist, thief, murderer!"

 Some also expressed sympathy with the Iraqi insurgents in Fallujah.
 One banner read: "Sorry Fallujah! Stupid Americans, Your Turn Will Come."

 The whole world hates Bush's Amerikkka.
 We were once respected, now we are feared and hated because of that Monster.

 When Clinton traveled abroad, tens of thousands came out to cheer him.
 But Bush can't go anywhere without the rage of the planet boiling over his Nazi ass.


 Subject: what to do next

 The Democrats are feckless, spineless, visionless and directionless.
 They're also our best hope.

 To put it in perspective, I'm a Baylor student.
 I support the Bears, wear the sweatshirts, buy tickets and attend all Baylor's home games.
 I talk about the Bears bright spots on offense, how well they're defense could perform if
 everybody were on the same page... and damn, can they punt!

 However, I'm not about to bet the mortgage on Baylor when they play the Sooners.


 The Democrats are scared little children.
 If an adult says, "Follow me, I know the way," they just might follow.

 We could test my theory if we could just find one Democrat with a pair.

 Senator Brownback's Wanker Wars

  Click  Here

"Pornography really does, unlike other addictions, biologically cause direct release of the most
 perfect addictive substance," Satinover said. "That is, it causes masturbation, which causes release
 of the naturally occurring opioids. It does what heroin can't do, in effect."


 Subject: Dems refuse to fight

 Hope this finds you and Mrs Bart well.
 Sorry have not responded to you since the election.

 One thing I can say about you Bart, you are consistant.
 I have been reading your comments for years and you have held steadfast to your belief,
 the Democrats in Congress do not fight back even when attacked and even on issues that
 have defined what a Democrat is. Hell, I agree with you.

 You have been insighful in many areas and I have made it a point to add your comments to
 my discussions with others. So, Bart, I suggest to all your readers when there is an issue,
 especially one considered a Democrat issue before the Congress and we see Democrats
 being complacent that we write when we can and if one happens to appear on C-Span that
 we call and if we have too embarass them because of their in-action. I'll do all I can.

 So Bart, you and Mrs Bart have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
 The Last Liberal In Mississppi....

 Y'know, if the Democrats were fat cats, guaranteed of constant re-election, it might
 make some sense that they didn't want to rock the boat - didn't want trouble.

 But the GOP is picking therm off one-by-one, and they seem to not have thr brains to realize
 they'll soon be extinct if they don't take the first step of the long journey back to relevance.

The Last Liberal Outlaw,
by former prisoner Mike Palecek

Published by New Leaf Books of Chicago


"An armed force that keeps beating down on a weaker opponent will be seen as committing
  a series of crimes; therefore it will end up by losing the support of its allies, its own people,
  and its own troops.  As Vietnam and countless other cases prove, no armed force however
  powerful, is immune to this dilemma. The end result is always disintegration and defeat;
  That is why (Iraq) will end as (Vietnam) did, with the last US troops fleeing the country
  while hanging on to their helicopters' skids."
    --  Martin van Creveld, who sees the future more clearly than Bush   Attribution

 Bill Frist exposed
  Memo vindicates Richard Clarke from the slander of Bill Frist
     by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Last March, Frist rose on the Senate floor to demonstrate his fealty to the White House by attacking Richard Clarke
 in the ugliest and most personal terms. Seeking to discredit the former counter-terrorism chief after his stunning appearance
 before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, Frist essentially accused the former
 counter-terrorism chief of committing perjury.

 But now we know who was telling the truth and who wasn't, thanks to the release of a newly declassified document.
 That document is the transcript of Clarke's testimony before a closed, joint congressional hearing in June 2002, when he
 discussed "the evolution of the terrorist threat" leading up to 9/11 with members of the Senate and House Intelligence
 Committees. While the declassified text contains lengthy redactions, it also shows conclusively that Frist slandered Clarke last spring.


 Subject:  Is the Democratic party dead?

 Tens of thousands of opposition supporters massed in central Kiev to protest alleged ballot fraud
 after preliminary results showed Ukraine's pro-Russian prime minister leading the crucial presidential election.

  Click  Here

 Ukrainians show how it's done.

 It's a pity Democrats don't have the balls or the outrage to protest their stolen election.
 They just bend over for another dose, and then go back to the TV airchairs to whine.
 Get a new party, people. The Dems are dead forever.


 Mark, you may have a point.
 Is the Democratic party dead forever?

 Can we come back from two dives in a row?
 What happened to our will to win?


 Rebellious Republicans Derail 9/11 Reform
  If we get hit again, Bush approval numbers will go up

  Click  Here

 In a defeat for the Mandate Monkey, rebellious House Republicans derailed legislation
 to overhaul the nation's intelligence agencies along lines recommended by the 9-11 commission.

 Reps. Duncan Hunter and Jim Sensenbrenner, chairmen of the Armed Services and Judiciary
 committees, raised objections. Hunter, R-Calif., worried that provisions of the bill could interfere
 with the military chain of command and endanger troops in the field.  Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., wanted
 additional provisions dealing with illegal immigration. "Unfortunately, the Senate has refused to consider
 many of the provisions, tagging them as extraneous or controversial," he said.


Used by permission - please visit

 Subject:  Kerry let Bush escape

 Howard Dean was my first choice too. But I don't blame Kerry 100%.
 The American voter is a stupid creature. Kerry was good enough.
 The electorate lived thru Bush's bullshit administration.
 They had enough info to muster a majority to oust Bush.
 Maybe Kerry wasted too much time on stem cells.
 I don't know for sure.


 We'll never know what might've happened if Kerry had tried.

 Weepy Daschle Says Farewell to Congress
  When you refuse to fight back, you lose

  Click  Here

 Possible New Case of Mad Cow Disease Found
  Bush's typical "hands off" approach produces mad results

  Click  Here

 Sources: Baseball's Expos to be renamed 'Nationals'
  What a stupid name for a baseball team - who's the idiot?

  Click  Here

 Bush Pulls Top Bodyguard From Scuffle
  Chileans tried to keep SS from accompanying Bush to dinner

  Click  Here

The best books by the best authors

 U.S., Chile in Spat After Bush Fracas
   Monkey jumps in fistfight instead of acting presidential

  Click  Here

 White House press secretary Scott McClellan, referring to the Saturday night scuffle, said,
 "The president is someone who tends to delegate but every now and then he's a hands-on kind of guy."

 Bush delegates the thinking stuff because he has no brain.
 Stupidly, he got in a physical fight with a group of people because he's not able to control himself.
 The Monkey is a 9-year old boy who needs a babysitter at all times.

 Subject: Patron Anejo


 I recently bought a bottle of Patron Anejo, since I can't find Chinaco in this area.
 On the upside, it was made from 100% blue agave, and was very nice when sipped out of a brandy snifter.
 On the downside, it was damn expensive ($55) and came in a fancy blown glass bottle that I don't need.

 Unless my local purveyor of distilled spirits orders some Chinaco as I requested,
 I think I'll be going back to less expensive liquor.

 As the only tequila connoisseur I know of, do you have an opinion on this beverage?
 How does it compare to Chinaco?  Would you pay $55 for a bottle of Patron anejo?
 Give some advice to this tequila newbie!

 Take it easy, Bart.
 Thanks for the always-entertaining site.
 John (Buffalo, NY)

 John, Patron Anejo is very, very nice.
 Would I pay $55 for a bottle?  Sure, but I think you're doing it wrong.
 The price shouldn't be an issue because a bottle should last for a month or 2.
 Shirley, you have one dollar a day to spend on something nice for yourself?

 Tommy came here in March 2003 and I bought 4 bottles of expensive tequila
 and they lasted me almost 18 months.

 If you want to get drunk and be somebody, use vodka because it's cheap.
 Just get into the Patron for special occasions, like pour yourself a shot at
 the kickoff of a football game and see how long you can make it last.
 Pour a shot when your wife cooks that extra special meal.
 Pour a shot when a relative has a baby or you get a bonus check from work.
 Pour a shot when a friend comes over with some of God's most killer flowers.
 Pour a shot on your 28th wedding anniversary.

 BTW, Chinaco Anejo in K-Drag is still $34.95.
 It's the best part of being stuck here.


"By deciding to vote for a president primarily on the basis that he showboats his faith,
  the Christian Right have also said they don't truly understand the Bible."
  --  Walt Brasch,   Attribution

 I'm planning a segment on this topic for BCR Show 60

 Bush Says Iran Speeds Output of A-Bomb Fuel
   Voters bought one bloody war, but got two for their money

   Click  Here

 In 2003, Mr. Bush said he "will not tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea," and in April 2004 he told
 a convention of newspaper editors in Washington that a nuclear program in Iran was "intolerable" and would
 be dealt with, starting at the United Nations if necessary. He did not repeat either phrase on Saturday, and the
 agreement with Europe appears to have halted, at least temporarily, the administration's hopes of taking the
 Iranian program to the United Nations Security Council this month.

 But Mr. Bush's quickness to seize on the Iranian production of uranium hexafluoride was driven, administration
 officials said, by a sense among his national security aides that there is still time to stop Iran from actually
 producing a weapon. "We're past that point with North Korea," one senior adviser said recently. "With the North,
 it's a question of unwinding what's already happened."

 Since Bush's good puppy press refuses to show the bodies and missing-parts soldiers from Iraq, America
 doesn't mind a second war where we can kill and maim even faster - but this next wave might not be volunteers.
 If you have a son or daughter whose life you'd like to donate to Bush and Halliburton, please stand up.


 Subject:  exit polls

 The News CEOs of CBS, NBC, and ABC saying, essentially, that the discrepency between
 the exit polls and the results were bloggers' fault, cause the took raw data and leaked it out all over the net.

 These guys really hate us, you know. They are not statiticians or Data analysts.
 Some of the people on the net, that are reporting about this do know these fields inside out.
 John Zogby is still saying that there is something really screwy with 2004.


 Dot, until Kerry raises his voice, this is a losing issue for us.
 If Kerry doesn't care that his victory was stolen, ...we lose.


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Subject: Re: are you a gambler?


 I'll take that bet, IF you can get Kerry to sign his SF180 and get ALL of his records released.
 "your source must be official"

 What could be more official, then the official records released after he submits the SF180?
 I'm such a sport, I'll let YOU evaluate them.

 What could be fairer than that?  ALL of his official records, and you being the judge.
 Are YOU a gambler?

 Mike F
 Cagayan de Oro

 Mike, it doesn't work that way.
 Your side made the claim, and now you're screwed because you can't back it up.

 You can't call a guy "dishonorable" and then, when asked to back that up, say,
 "Well, if the guy I accused would..."

 That's the kind of shit you guys have been playing since we met Bill Clinton in 1992.
 You take a wild-ass Pigboy allegation, elevate it to a fact and spread the lie around,
 then when asked to prove it, you back off with some half-ass, handjob excuse,
 hoping those who heard the lie never heard you back down whan called on it.

 Bottom line: You just admitted you got nothing.



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 U2's 'Atomic Bomb'
  Bono's artful lyrics, but the album's star is The Edge

   Click  Here

 Knowing that a strong first single was U2's greatest concern, Lillywhite, 49, who has produced the band
 on and off since 1980, decided to re-record a promising track called Native Son. He set the group up in
 a Dublin warehouse to get a martial drum sound reminiscent of its early days and persuaded the Edge to
"stop worrying about the fine line between White Stripes and Whitesnake" --or between art rock and arena rock
  - and just let loose. When the music started to smolder, Bono grabbed a microphone.  "He was awful," says
 Lillywhite. "The song was all about gun control - an extension of his political beliefs. Bono doesn't try that
 kind of thing much anymore, but when he does, you can feel the ambivalence from the band, and so can he.
 They want the rock star." Native Son was rewritten, stripped of politics and retitled Vertigo. Gradually,
 it emerged as the most rousing - and ironically, seemingly effortless - opener of U2's career.


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1195, 1215, 1217, 1224,  dead American soldiers.

They only got 7 since Saturday, so another 7 families are ruined forever.

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


This Christmas, instead of spending $20 each on
nieces & nephews who won't even appreciate it,
why not spend $10 each on them and send the rest
to St Jude's?

Catching something fatal as a kid's gotta suck.

 Subject: Clinton likes Bush?

 I'm a fan of your site, but I've never understood your support for Bill Clinton.

 I enjoyed Clinton's peace and prosperity more than Bush's war, death and recession.

 I always thought he was a sell-out to the wealthy, although obviously not as bad as Bush.

 When you compare Clinton to any other president, he looks better.

 I was wondering what you thought of Clinton's remark that ""Am I the only person in the
 entire United States of America who likes both George W. Bush and John Kerry?"

 This remark is enough to make me sorry I supported Kerry, rather than Nader, in the past election.
 Richard N

 I think Clinton was being nice on his big, historical day.
 The Monkey said nice things about Clinton, too.


Coming soon - and it doesn't have to be...

Courtney Love's obituary


"Tom DeLay proved that he is not only unethical, but delusional. No amount
  of mud slinging can hide the fact that Mr. DeLay has repeatedly abused his power.
  Mr. DeLay's repeated ethical lapses have brought dishonor on the House of Representatives."
     --Rep. Nancy Pelosi on the crooked Texas squirrel,   Attribution

"I'm nuts about Democrats
  who don't fight back..."

 The Disney/ABC MNF Nudity Fuss





 Maybe I'm just getting too old, but there's no need for this before a football game.
 This wasn't like CBS accidentally broadcasting Janet's breast.  They had no way to know.
 But ABC had this film in the can and choose to broadcast it for some tittilating publicity.

 Besides, isn't Nicolette Sheridan a little "Jerry Rice" to be dropping towels?

 If you think there's "nothing wrong" with this scene, e-mail me.
 I'd enjoy the friendly argument.

 Besides, what would Mickey say?



 We celebrated our 28th anniversary this weekend.
 I think I'll keep her.


 Subject: slow times at bartcop high

 Dear B.C.,
 Many moons have passed sinced I last soiled your website with my foul presence.
 Turn up the lights, the party's over.
 Not only have I been witness to a stunning rejection of your party by the American voters,
 I have also learned to love the smell of desperation. The left is at their nuttiest when they are out of power.
 The stunning part was Kerry taking a dive.
 He promised he'd fight, but then he went to sleep.

 Bush and the aliens are in cahoots with the Mexicans to disenfranchise the  gay voters
 who were forced by Haliburton to wear muslim panties on their heads so that the neo-cons
 could bring back the draft. It's so obviouse, even I could see it.
 Not sure what that means, but you voted to co-sign for loan from other countries
 so Bush could give the billionaires more money - money you have to pay back.
 Why didn't you vote your wallet this election?

 Then, there's that war that's killing friends of yours and mine, plus Osama's still coming
 and you'd better hope you & Bush have the same religion because it's about to be the law.

 Liberals. God bless their pointy little heads !!
 Feelin a bit Smug,

 Dean Whetsell

 Dean, you feel snug with more debt, dead friends, more terrorism and forced religion?

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