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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush: Vote Fixing is Wrong 
PACs Favor Fascists 10-1
Big Media's Double Standards
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
The real first Thanksgiving 
U.S. Losing 'War of Ideas' 
Grampa called to active duty
Monument to greed 
GOP Rush to DeLay's Aid


Quote of the Day

"Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come."
    -- Carl Sandburg

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Volume 1448 - Operation: Annihilate!

  Wed-Thanksgiving   Nov 24-25,  2004                                                                                                                   Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"What did the Fascist regimes in Italy, Germany, and Spain have in common?
  They consisted of a highly militarized state, backed by corporation and a wealthy elite,
  that rose to power through a false populism that exploited the public's fear of foreigners
  and "moral degenerates." This precisely defines the formula that Karl Rove designed to
  consolidate the Bush administration's power in the recent election."
      -- Sean Donahue, who finally figured it out    Attribution

 U.S. Rejects Ukraine Vote Tally, Issues Warning
  Pot calls kettle black, says elections should be fair over there

  Click  Here

 America's vote riggers rejected the announced results of Ukraine's disputed presidential election and
 warned them to uphold democracy or face consequences in its relationships with the United States and Europe.

 Bush puppet Colin Powell delivered a sharp rebuke to the Ukrainian authorities who yesterday declared
 Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych the winner of a runoff election Sunday that Ukrainian protesters and
 foreign observers said was marred by fraud.

"We cannot accept this result as legitimate because it does not meet international standards and because
 there has not been an investigation of the numerous and credible reports of fraud and abuse," Powell said
 with a straight face as howls of incredulous disbelief were heard around the globe.

 Will history record that Bush "won" two tainted elections?
 Or will they say the people elected a strong and wise leader to fix the Clinton disaster?


 Top-Giving PACs Favor GOP Candidates 10-1
   I'm so old, I remember when we had two parties in this country

  Click  Here

 The top-giving corporate political action committees did not hedge their bets
 in the fall elections despite the narrow division between the GOP and Democrats
 in Congress. They favored Republican candidates 10-to-1. Of 268 corporate PACs
 that donated $100,000 or more to presidential and congressional candidates, 245 gave
 the majority of their contributions to GOP hopefuls, according to an analysis

 Well sure, why give money to a party that loses every fight?
 Why give money to a party that's not involved in the poilitical process?
 Nobody's going to give our side any money until we give them a reason to.


 Subject: Smackdown in Chili


 When Duh-bya got into the brawl in Chile, it got all of about 2 minutes of total airtime
 on all broadcast and "major" cable news outlets (at least in the Austin area).

 Just a few lines of copy and about a second and a half of heavily edited "footage".
 So, my question:  Do you know where to find the whole clip?

 I want to see Mr. Moral wading in like the drunken frat asshole he is.
 Plus, you could link it.  Hint, hint.

 I read you daily, man.  Keep up the good work.
 Bug Pilot

 I, too, would like to see that clip - anyone know where we could find it?
 It's been playing like a Britney video all around the world - everywhere but America -
 because the networks continue to shield the Emporer from any harm or embarrassment.

 If Clinton had Bush's good-puppy press, hr'd still be president, we'd have free health care
 we'd still have the WTC, no war in Iraq and the stock market would be at 25,000


 Big Media's Democracy Double Standards 
   by Robert Parry at

  Click  Here

 The Washington Post and other leading American newspapers are up in arms about the legitimacy
 of a presidential election where exit polls showed the challenger winning but where the incumbent party
 came out on top, amid complaints about heavy-handed election-day tactics and possibly rigged vote tallies.

 In a lead editorial, the Post cited the divergent exit polls, along with voter claims about ballot irregularities,
 as prime reasons for overturning the official results. For its part, the New York Times cited reports of
"suspiciously, even fantastically, high turnouts in regions that supported" the government candidate.
 The U.S. news media is making clear that the truth about these electoral anomalies must be told.

 Of course, the election in question occurred in the Ukraine.

 In the United States - where exit polls showed John Kerry winning on Nov. 2, where Republican tactics
 discouraged African-American voting in Democratic precincts, and where George W. Bush's vote totals
 in many counties were eyebrow-raising - the Post, the Times and other top news outlets mocked anyone
 who questioned the results.

 Note: is the most important site on the internet - and you can see why.


 Subject: ...god bless keith oberman; hang the tyrants!

 Bart, I commented on Wednesday as to why it is that Kerry seems to have given up the good fight.
 Here it is, confirmation of your theory and mine.  The only concern of John Kerry is his own ambition.
 We were crazy to hitch our cart to his horse to begin with.  He is the antithesis of what is needed in
 this country - opposition to the aggrandizement of power for its own sake.

  Click  Here

 On the chairmanship of the party: "Doubts about Dean's own ambitions appear to be hurting him in the House.
 'It's just an obvious conflict of interest,' said Rep. Al Wynn (WHORE D-Md.)."  Meanwhile, Kerry can not only run again,
 but thinks he should run the party also.  Someone needs to point out to Kerry how badly he fucked up not only the election,
 but also the golden opportunity he flailed at with respect to shaping the election process next time around.

 We could have prevented the next theft of an election.  Kerry could care less as long as he remains a player.
 Kerry should be ashamed, yet he continues to tout himself.  What good is he to anyone at this point?.
 I am surprised he hasn't been offered a cabinet position in the present administration.

 chris mc
 boca raton, fl

The Last Liberal Outlaw,
by former prisoner Mike Palecek

Published by New Leaf Books of Chicago

 Dueling Quotes

"You think of what could be done here. Any agent of the chairman of the Appropriations
  Committee -- and they could designate anybody as an agent -- could go into IRS facilities
  anywhere in the country and get your tax returns."
        --Sen. Kent Conrad, (D-Scared) from North Dakota  who found the language in the 3,500-page
           omnibus spending bill, "GOP lawmaker: Tax-return measure aimed at IRS oversight",
"Nobody's privacy was ever jeopardized. It may get the media's attention when someone
  makes a wild claim, but it's time for everyone to calm down. There's no conspiracy here."
    --Rep. Ernest Istook, (R-Insane) the Oklahoma Republican whose subcommittee was responsible
       for the provision that would have allowed two lawmakers access to the tax returns of every American,  Attribution

 U.S. Losing 'War of Ideas' Among Muslims
   They don't like it when we killed their people and torches their cities?

  Click  Here

 We're losing the war of ideas in the Islamic world, failing to elucidate its policies to Muslims
 wary of our intentions and "self-serving hypocrisy," a Pentagon advisory panel has found.

"If we really want to see the Muslim world as a whole and the Arabic-speaking world in particular
 move more toward our understanding of 'moderation' and 'tolerance,' we must reassure Muslims
 that this does not mean that they must submit to the American way," the report stated.

 The toughly worded report said that while America's efforts to explain its policies have failed,
 improved public relations efforts cannot sell faulty policies.

 When Osama blew up New Yoprk, did we suddenly see things his way?
 Why should they love America after we invaded their country, murdered their leaders,
 tortured their people and bombed them - all for fabricated reasons that we kept changing?


 Subject:  The war

 Did my last day at the farmers market and learned the girl who
 sells flowers has received orders to go to Baghdad in March.
 She said her friend who is 3 months pregnant was just shipped over.

 This girl does not belong in Baghdad.
 But then, really, none of our military does either.

 The grief over this incident just hit closer to home.
 Best wishes for your holiday,



 The real first Thanksgiving
   Were we sold a story to make us feel better?


Used with permission - please visit

 Subject:  BCR 59

 Bart, sorry to hear about the people dropping their subscriptions.
 Me, I feel a bit rocked too, but I'd rather go on the offensive.
 I'll be here doing my small part to keep you running.

 About the latest show, Tally rocked, wickedly funny. I confess I have
 not been a big fan of her part of the show, but when she's pissed, she is amazing.
 Maybe its not so good for her health, but let us have more of the same.

 This is probably similar to what I liked in Tally, but I like your stuff best when
 you're keeping your cool and chuckling at the sheer moranity (can spell, like the word)
 of the maroon of the moment. That's the kind of pissed that demands nothing less than laughter.

 Michael in Chicago

 Cheney She-Things Tops Nat'l Christmas Tree
  Laura the Unloved sound-alike leaves her cage for second term

  Click  Here

 Rumors on Rather's Successor Already Flying
  John Roberts and Scott Pelley are on a short list

  Click  Here

 Harrison's Guitar, Cobain Letter Up for Auction
  Harrison's Gibson SG electric guitar expected to be top draw

  Click  Here

 Hacker Puts 3-Word Obscene Message on WPB Sign
  I'm guessing it was "F  You, Lois" for constant traffic construction delays

  Click  Here

The best books by the best authors

 Subject: message from Chris at Weakly World News

 Sorry to all my fans, but there is no archive yet.

 I'm too lazy to set one up.  And since the toons are so topical, a few months
 after they've been published most people will forget what the joke was about anyway.

 But if anybody wants to do one for me, I'd be happy to send a zip file with all of the old toons I can dig up.

 I feel a Thanksgiving ride comin' on!

 Dude, send us some pictures of your travels.


  Click  Here   for the latest update



"I noticed today that the elections are on schedule for June the 30th.
  What we're doing is the right thing in Iraq, and history will prove it right."
     --Dubya,  Nov. 20, 2004,  Attribution

 Did The Monkey get his facts wrong again?
 Or did he just move Iraq's elections back five months?

 Vietnam veteran, 53, called to active duty
   Click  Here

 More than three decades after he was last in combat, a Vietnam veteran has been called to active duty in Iraq.
 Paul Dunlap, 53, will leave for Fort Bliss, Texas, on Monday after being called up as part of Operation Dragoon.

 Dunlap, a first sergeant in the Army National Guard Company C 28th Signal Battalion, hasn't been in combat
 since he was a 19-year-old Marine and served 11 months in Vietnam from 1970 to 1971.

"I'm thinking I'm going to be away for at least a year from my family and my grandchildren (and) friends," Dunlap said.
"I'm thinking it's been a long time since I've been in war."   Dunlap found out about his call-up at work this month.
 He will leave behind his wife, Mary Dunlap, four children and three grandchildren.

 I wonder if Dunlap voted for Bush/for this senseless bloody war.
 Shouldn't the pro-Bush/pro-war people be called up first?

 Isn't this what they voted for? 
 Shouldn't they get their wish?

 Remember: Bush promised there wouldn't be a draft,
 but instead of calling him on it, Kerry let him slip away.


Harmony Cedar has been supporting  for years

 Subject: U-2 Please listen !!!

 Bartcop, please wise up about U-2.
 Look into what they did to Negativeland and Greg Ginn of SST records and Black Flag.

 I'm unaware of three of those four - and what'd they do to Black Flag?

 Their music is ordinary. Their art is ordinary and they like to sue the little guy.
 They play music for the sheep.  Yes, Religious Sheep !!
 Come on, you have to know about this.

 ha ha
 Yeah, I'm kinda familiar with them and their music and I'm comfortable with that.

 U-2 have dirt under their nails just like Lars from Metallica does.

 I would bet money that that's not true.
 The way I read the story, Lars personally had the Metallica attorney go R.I.C.O. on their own fans.
 It's possible (but not likely) even Bush isn't that stupid.

 They are a corporate Band !!!!!

 They're a damn successful band, I can agree with that.
 To prove the Pigboy wrong, we can't hate somebody for their success, Bill Gates excluded.

 Please do not support and promote U-2 on your otherwise superb website.


 Dude, don't take this wrong, but I've been a big U2 fan since Tempe in 1987.
 I'm not going to kick them down some steps because I got an e-mail.

 I skimmed those links for proof of their badness,
(A group released a record called "U2" with a lil' U2 sampling on it around the time
  U2 released their record, and U2's label quickly slapped 'em with a C&D order.)
 and a quote from The Edge caught my eye.

> What may have happened is that (Island Record's) was a knee-jerk reaction at a moment when
> they were expecting the album to be delivered, and they were probably, maybe after the event,
> they were way down the road before they really took a proper look at what it was, but I think they felt...

 It's just hard for me to put "greed" and "U2" in the same sentence.
 Can you name another big (words mean things) group that has given as much?


 Macy's sexy Thanksgiving Day Parade

 It was very hot.
 They had a sexy young thing in just a bra and a 'lil skirt doing The Twist to Beach Boys' songs.

 They could've sold that for $9.95 if that was in the previews.

Marty's Entertainment Page

My good friend.
mentor to BartCop Radio

American Stranger

 Subject: let's go to Vegas


 Damn right I'm sticking with you.  I still need to figure out how to double my subscription.
 I know going from $10 to $20 won't change your life, but I want to do it and I feel I owe it to you.
 Although I don't agree with absolutely everything you write/say (most of the time I do, however),
 your site woke me up in 2000 and has helped me deal with the insanity ever since.

 And how can I not support a fellow poker-playing-Vegas-nut like myself?
 Let me (and all your fans) know when you're off to Vegas next - I'll be there if at all humanly possible.

 Hell, Bart - who knows how much longer any of us will be able to do things like that.
 My motto is: Enjoy today...because who knows what the fuck's comin' tomorrow.



 Mick, I'm there, Dude.
 Recently, when I was in Little Rock, they said "Family reunion in Branson, Missouri."
 And I said, "Screw Branson. Let's have our family reunion in fabulous Las Vegas."

 They countered with, "But the kids like to go to Branson," so I said,
 "Fine, let them go to Branson, we'll go to Vegas!"

 No word yet on who won that argument.



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 Monument to greed
    by Gene Lyons       November 24, 2004

   Click  Here

 The Bush/McDuck (tax) plan is a monument to untrammeled greed, a veritable swimming pool filled
 with bullion for trust-fund inheritors like Paris Hilton and the president himself to bask and wallow in.

 Without exception, each of the White House's planned "reforms" would have the effect of shifting
 the federal tax burden away from the rich and toward the salaried middle class. It favors wealth
 over work at every turn.

 If Bush gets what he wants from the GOP Congress, a secondary benefit would be to raise income
 taxes in the wealthier "blue" states (most of which already send more to Washington than they get
 back in federal spending) even more than in the "red" states that supported him. Nifty, huh?


 Subject: Drive by news


 I have been with you since your email newsletters.
 Anyway, the caption for your Toy Safety Warning story was too fucking funny.
"Don't buy the Bag O' Glass."

 Now, I am not quite as old as you (sorry) but I think Irwin Mainway's toy products are
 perfectly safe for children.   The Bag O' Glass teaches children about colors, prisms, and light refraction.
 Don't forget the other products in the Bag O' line (Bag O' Nails, Bag O' Sulfuric Acid, etc.).

 And don't forget my personal favorite, Johnny Switchblade: Adventure Punk.
 Kids can be hurt by other "safe" toys.  They can choke on a  Nurf Ball.

 Keep swinging the hammer!
 Michael K

 PS - E Buzz Miller is an awesome art critic!

 If you're confused, Dan Akroyd played a sleazy, BFEE-style toy salesman on SNL decades ago.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1215, 1217, 1227, 1232,  dead American soldiers.

They only got 5 since Wednesday,
so Bush really is a military genius like the networks say?

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


"There was another White House resignation today -- Laura Bush. That's right.
   Laura Bush is stepping down. She is going to be replaced by Mary Tyler Moore."

 Subject:  Your voice

 Aloha e Bart:
 I'm really enjoying your recent CDs though it's kind of sad to hear pre-election stuff.

 I was at a house party on Sunday and everyone was in agreement that
 Progressives need to develop a vision and then work on media reform so we can get the message out.

 One of the points someone brought up was, What is our response if there's another terrorist attack?
 I couldn't even begin to imagine what our weak, wimpy Dems would say.  Attack Iran?  Support the troops?
 What is the Progressive response to terrorism?  It does exist and we do have to counter it.
 Can you fight a war against terrorism?  Not a conventional one.  We have to fight it in the courts,
 both nationally and internationally.  John Ashcroft was completely incompetent at this and the current
 govt has no plans to work with our allies--therefore we are not safer than before 9/11.

 We have no Foreign policy to speak of and Kerry had no exit plan for Iraq.  I think that this is our biggest
 problem at the moment.  The illegal occupation of Iraq will bankrupt us, it is already morally bankrupt.
 I am heartsick over every dollar spent killing and injuring more Iraqis and Americans in this evil money machine for Bush cronies.

 Keep doing what you're doing, Bart.
 This left-coaster appreciates your voice.




This Christmas, instead of spending $20 each on
nieces & nephews who won't even appreciate it,
why not spend $10 each on them and send the rest
to St Jude's?

Catching something fatal as a kid's gotta suck.

 Subject: Wisconsin shooter

 Your facts are a bit off Bart...there was only one hunter with a weapon in the group.
 Now, the shooter says that hunter fired at him first, as he was trying to leave.
 That hunter is still alive, the last I read about this.

 There are some interesting developments coming out regarding this incident.
 I have been following it with interest and writing commentary and providing links at my
 if you or any other readers are interested.  There is more to this than meets the eye...


 Rob, I confess, I didn't read more than the excerpt - I shouldn't have had to.

"Deer hunters," by definition, are armed - otherwise they are just, "dudes in the woods."

 Most of today's reporters are incapable of constructing an intelligent sentence. It's like every kid
 who managed to get a "D" in high school English is now writing for the New York Whore Times.
 Editors in our most pretigious publications have less talent than a second grade teacher.

 Add to that the fact that most reporters are stupid and willing to sell their souls for a nickel
 and you get an accurate picture of what journalism is like in 21st Century America.

 Shame on the New York Whore Times for another glaring example of incompetence.


 House Republicans Rush to DeLay's Aid
  by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Not every outrage is enacted on C-SPAN, however, because the Republican overseers have enough
 sense to do their most humiliating business behind closed doors, without recording votes. For instance,
 no cameras or reporters were present last week when Republicans voted to repeal their own rule requiring
 any member of their party indicted for a criminal offense to relinquish his or her leadership post.

 The only likely victim of the discarded rule is Tom DeLay, who may be the next target of a grand jury
 sitting in Austin, Tex., which has already indicted three of Mr. DeLay's closest political associates for
 campaign-finance offenses. Like so many aspects of life in the Lone Star State, the story behind those
 indictments also gives off a whiff of the Gilded Age. The DeLay flunkies are in trouble for allegedly
 laundering millions in corporate cash through political-action committees that supported Republican
 candidates for the Texas legislature. The grand jury has also issued indicments against several out-of-state
 corporations that contributed to the DeLay war chest, with the obvious intent to trade money for favors from him.



"When the news doesn't fit what certain news organizations want it to be,
  they go conduct a poll and they rig the poll to get the poll results they want,
  and they create a story out of it."
     --Rush Limbaugh, explaining how Bush "won" the election,    Attribution

 Why you need to hate U2
   Keith Harris swears he's not pregnant

  Click  Here

 Despite a sad crisis of purpose in the '90s - akin to the sight of a brontosaurus trying to sneak through
 the Ice Age by slipping on a pair of Groucho Marx glasses - few rockers who have confronted the Death
 of Rock with epic grandeur (rather than the more commonsensical tactics of nihilistic glee, contingent humor,
 or rhythm and sex) have done so with such absolute self-assurance. Springsteen justifies his ponderousness
 with the weight of American tradition. Radiohead abdicated before the crown had even been offered. And the
 closest competitors, Pearl Jam, are too caught up in Eddie's personal sturm und drang. Alone among these
 bands, U2 convinced millions they could fill the bottomless chasm of meaning to the very brim with nothing
 but their own collective hugeness.


 Monkey-but-he's trying Mail

  Subject:  Here's one for you to make fun of

 Since you and your buddies and the idiots at Demo Underground just love
 to make fun of our troops and to belittle them at any opportunity, here's one for you:

 Marine Cpl. Jason L. Dunham

 22, of Scio, N.Y.; assigned to 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division,
 I Marine Expeditionary Force, at Twentynine Palms, Calif.; died April 22 at Bethesda Naval Hospital,
 of injuries sustained April 14 when he used his body to shield comrades from a grenade explosion in Iraq.
 He has been nominated for a Medal of Honor.

  Click  Here

 Come on, you liberal communist piece of shit, belittle him, mock him, make him out to be a
 murdering mercenary, a red-state Jesus lover. Have you and your cronies no shame?

 Leffler the "poor damned ignorant black man with an IQ lower than Bart's"

 Leffler, in many ways, you're a typical conservative in that you feel very, very strongly
 about things that you're completely wrong about.  Why does your side do that so often?

 I can't tell if this "Bart's a left-winger" tactic is meant to push me somewhere rhetorically, or what, but saying it
 and repeating it just doesn't make it so.  I know you're been reading a long time, so how did you miss that week
 we spent on Pat Tillman, the millionaire football hero who gave it all up and then died in Afghanistan?
 By the luck of the draw, I got 8-10 e-mails in a row where readers questioned his brains and patriotism, and it
 took me a whole week to straighten them out because dying for your country does not make you a chump.

 Ted Rall. Call your office!
 Besides, I made a deal with  Demo Underground  and  that I won't speak for them
 if they don't speak for me - so if you have a bitch with them, take it over there.

 Having said all that, as an agnostic I have to question the snap decision to die to save other people's lives.
 If I believed that nuttiness about angels and clouds and seeing Grandma and my dog Scooter again things might be different.
 But as someone who's sure we've only got one life, I hate to see anybody sacrifice theirs to maybe save some others.

 That's another reason why I respect those people - they do what I'm not willing to do.

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and they'll send
four cents from each dollar.

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