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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Ukraine: Election 'Invalid' 
Powell: Failed Opportunist 
Bush to Kill Medi-Pot Laws 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Goss is Purging the CIA
Boos for Tom Brokaw  
Counting Backwards in Okla
Kerry Silence = Complicity?
Did Dubya rig the election?


Quote of the Day

"Everything is different this holiday."
   --Staff Sgt Robbie Doughty who went to Iraq
      with two legs and came back with none.

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Volume 1449 - Piece of the Action

  Fri-Weekend   Nov 26-28,  2004                                                                                                                   Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"Be studious, stay in school and stay away from the military. I mean it."
    --Marine Sgt. Russell Slay, in a letter to his 5 year-old son, shortly before he was killed,    Attribution

 Ukraine Parliament Calls Election Invalid
   Over there, cheaters are caught and punished.  Here we just cave in.

  Click  Here

 Ukraine's parliament on Saturday declared invalid the disputed presidential election
 that triggered a week of growing street protests and legal maneuvers, raising the possibility
 that a new vote could be held in this former Soviet republic.

 Parliament's vote came amid a flurry of domestic and international support for the possibility
 of a revote. A European Union envoy - Dutch Foreign Minister Ben Bot - said new elections
 were the "ideal outcome" for the standoff between Prime Minister Yanukovych and Yushchenko.
 Asked if new elections were the only solution, Ben Bot answered: "Yes."

 Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko as saying Friday that Moscow
 regarded a potential revote favorably - an apparent significant retreat from its earlier insistence
 that the Nov. 21 elections were fair and valid.

 Why do they get free and honest elections?
 Gee, I wish America was as free as former Russian states.

 Over there, when someone steals an election, the people rise up.
 In America, because we're Democrats, we say,
"That's OK, we didn't want it that much, anyway."

 With that as our motto, we'll never win another election.


 Subject: your voice

 As a Vietnam veteran, 1968-1970, I thought I had seen the worst mistakes and screwups
 that the government and military could produce. I stand corrected. I see and read in the papers,
 and on the internet, and cable where the military is calling people up that have no real duty to go
 to this little assinine effort of Shrub's.  Maybe they, like Cheney, have other priorities.

 Red China is probing Japan with at least one nuclear sub, North Korea is gently rattling its sabre,
 Iran is just about daring us to do something with them, Russia seems to be having some problems.

 But, on the bright side, at least with Tommy Chong and Martha Stewart in jail, the streets are safe.
 John A

 John, that's what Thanksgiving is all about.


 Colin Powell: Failed Opportunist 
   by Robert Parry at

  Click  Here

 Colin Powell's admirers - especially in the mainstream press - have struggled for almost two years
 to explain how and why their hero joined in the exaggerations and deceptions that led the nation into
 the disastrous war in Iraq. Was he himself deceived by faulty intelligence or was he just acting as
 the loyal soldier to his commander-in-chief?

 But there is another, less flattering explanation that fits with the evidence of Powell's life story: that
 the outgoing secretary of state has always been an opportunist who consistently put his career and
 personal status ahead of America's best interests.

 From his earliest days as a junior officer in Vietnam through his acquiescence to George W. Bush's
 Iraq adventure, Colin Powell repeatedly has failed to stand up against actions that were immoral,
 unethical or reckless. At every turning point, Powell protected his career above all else.

 Yet, Powell's charisma - and the fact that he is a prominent and successful African-American - have
 protected him from any clear-eyed assessment of his true record. Even when Powell has publicly
 defended war crimes, such as the shooting of defenseless "military-aged males" in Vietnam, national
 journalists have preferred to focus on Powell's sparkling style over his troubling substance.

 Note: is the most important site on the internet - and you can see why.


 Subject: our military

 Dear Bart:
 Today at the post office in Gainesville, Florida, the clerk saw me wearing my
 "Bush Lied...People Died" pin and said she liked it.  She then told me that her
 19 year old son just enlisted and is in basic training right now.

 She is sick of about it but said that when he tried to enlist last year he was not
 smart enough to pass the military exam which required a minimum score of 80.
 She then said the military had dropped the passing score to 50, then to 30
 so that they could recruit more soldiers.
 Now, what does this say?
 Let's dumb down the military test so more uneducated poor souls can be
 shipped to Iraq to die for Bush and his oil lusting cronies!!!!
 Philip K

The Last Liberal Outlaw,
by former prisoner Mike Palecek

Published by New Leaf Books of Chicago


"There's just a lot of allegations of vote fraud that placed their election -- the validity
  of their elections in doubt. The international community is watching very carefully.
  People are paying very close attention to this, and hopefully it will be resolved in
  a way that brings credit and confidence to the Ukrainian government."
   -- America's election stealer and nation killer,      Attribution

 The whole world saw what you did, George.
 But because we have a bigger military, they are powerless to stop your murdering ways.

 Bush asks Employees to Kill Medicinal Marijuana Laws
  How dare cancer patients be selfish, trying to eat food when God clearly hates that!

  Click  Here

 Traditional drugs have done little to help 39-year-old Angel Raich. Beset by a list of ailments
 that includes tumors in her brain, seizures, spasms and nausea, she has found comfort only in
 the marijuana that is prescribed by her doctor.

 California passed the nation's first so-called medical marijuana law in 1996, allowing patients
 to smoke and grow marijuana with a doctor's recommendation. But Bush maintains those laws
 violate federal drug rules and asserts that marijuana has no medical value.

 That son of a bitch - doing all he can to add to the misery of the dying just to please those idiots
 who voted for him on religious grounds.  Did Jesus add to the misery of the dying? Or comfort them?


 Subject:  He'd still be president?

 It's a little scary that you think that Clinton would still be president if he had good-puppy press.
 Do you suppose the press could have gotten them to repeal the 22nd amendment?

 Given the power of the buly pulpit in today's instant communication atmosphere,
 I think the 22nd should remain sacrosanct.

 Wait, did you not mistype "he'd", and really meant HR (Hillary Rodham)'d still be president?
 Not a chance.  Gore would be president, and Hillary would be waiting 'til 08, at the very least.


 Mort, the GOP will change the Constitution so Arnold can be president.
 It's going to happen because the Democrats are afraid to say anything.
 Instead of saying, "Foreign born Americans can be president," we could change it to,
"Any American over 35 can be president," which would allow Bill another shot.



 Eighteen soldiers died in Somalia because George Bush sent them there without armor.
 Since it happened when Clinton was in office, the media blamed Clinton for those deaths and they
 talked about it for a decade saying, "That's what happens when a draft-dodger is president."


 Eighteen soldiers die in Iraq every two weeks - some because Bush sent them without armor.
 Since this is entirely Bush's bumgling, and they can't find a way to blame Clinton for those deaths,
 the media hardly mention Iraq anymore saying, "It's not helpful to dwell on the negative all the time."

 If Clinton had Bush's good puppy press, America's biggest problem would be the argument
 over how to spend the budget surplus.

Used with permission - please visit

 Subject:  Drop your adulation of U2

 Drop your adulation of U2.

 I tend to resist barked orders.

 I admit that their music has been quite exceptional over the years.
 However, the latest album is a tired retread of their old stuff, but that aside, Bono's politics are attrocious.

 Hey, I'm not some 12 year old girl and Bono isn't Ashley Simpson.
 Don't explain someone to me who I've "known" for 27 years.

 I am the same age as Bono and I grew up in Ireland in the 60's, 70's and 80's.
 First of all Bono is a born again Christian of the Bob Jones University kind.

 There is too much history suggesting that's horseshit.
 I don't deny anyone their religion, unless it's hurting children, but Bob Jones?

 As a Christian who was born just once I find this fundementalist claptrap insulting to my faith.
 Are you talking about the Bono who sings with U2?  The guy who mocks and ridicules
 the money-grubbing, fundie preachers who steal from the sick and the old on television?
 Fundies stand for stealing money, pushing racism and gay-bashing - when has Bono done that?

 Secondly Bono never rocks the boat if you will pardon the pun. In the 70's he would slam the
 Irish Republican Army whenever they carried out acts of violence. No problem with that except
 he never spoke up when the British troops in Northern Ireland carried out equally appalling acts.

 I'd like to get deep into that fight as much as I want to get into the Israel-Palestinian mess.
 As always, religion is the problem so I stay away from that form of insanity.

 No surprise that he has not spoken out against the war in Iraq.
 If you want a real rock hero look no further than Bruce Springsteen.
 His politics have always been spot on and he had the guts to stick his neck out when it mattered.


 I like Springsteen just fine, but he's no U2.
(U2 haters: Save yourself some time - your snippy e-mail won't change my mind.)

 Ruling: Pink Floyd Kid Chorus Owed Royalties
  "We don't need no education, but we do need a sizeable check..."

  Click  Here

 Experts: Tiger population close to extinction
  Tigers fall from 100,000 100 years ago to 7,000 today - does anybody care?

  Click  Here

 ...but then again - screw those tigers - we reallt to save the Democrats.

'Alexander' disappoints with $13M Debut
  Women don't want to see their sex symbols in skirts?

  Click  Here

 Natalie Portman pulls full frontal from film
  Her pole dancer is too shy to be seen naked

  Click  Here

The best books by the best authors

 Subject: who should be drafted first?

 Bart, you wrote:

> "Shouldn't the pro-Bush/pro-war people be called up first?"

 ideally, yes, of course they could. i suspect, though, that logistically that would be *extremely* unfeasible,
 since there's evidently no record of anyone's vote & i guarantee you that even the most jack-booted gop thug
 would pretend to be a stereotypical limp-wristed liberal if push came to shove (i.e. talk came to fight).
 maybe, instead, the soldiers should all be drawn from *counties* (as opposed to states, since i think we
 should try to tar as few people with as narrow a brush as possible) that went for bush. that would leave odd

 -- i'm happy, though mystified, to report -- 3 of the 7 i've ever lived in: montgomery county, ala. (where i'm
 marooned now); pulaski county, ark. (where i was once an editor at the same statewide daily that now gives
 gene lyons a platform & once did the same for *UGH* fucker carlson), & even my benighted backwoods
 birthplace, lafayette county, ark, right next to bill clinton's original stomping grounds (wonder if hempstead
 county went for bush, too? i forgot to check).
 that leaves out maricopa & pima counties in arizona, columbia county in arkansas & st tammany parish, louisiana,
 but hey, war casualties happen.


 Dan, how 'bout those "Democratic" counties in Florida that went 70/30 for Bush?
 I'll bet they wouldn't mind dying to make Fallujah safe for peace-loving Fallujahns.



"...we made the ultimate recruiting tape in Iraq, I mean that tape of the Marine shooting
  an unarmed Muslin and cursing in a mosque. That is the Great Satan trifecta.  ...this is what
  bin Laden wants more than anything else. We are so playing into it. He's like, "Please stay in Iraq,
  please make more Abu Ghraibs, please make more tapes like that."  And trust me, there's going to
  be a tape where they're going to do something to a woman, and then every Muslim man in the world
  is going to say to himself, I've got to kill me an American yesterday."
     --Bill Maher on Larry King Live,  Attribution

 I thought that was one of Maher's best appearances ever, and my new TIVO erased it.
 I found out the hard way - it erases what it thinks I shouldn't keep.

 Nevadan killed in Iraq laid to rest at Arlington


   Click  Here

 Standing by the casket of her father, the little girl turned to her mother and said, "Where's my daddy?"

 Two years later, USA Today ran a picture of her at her Daddy's headstone.
 Thousands of families have gone through that so the BFEE could get richer.


Harmony Cedar has been supporting  for years

 Subject: free health care?

"Free" healthcare???????????

 Hey jackass, THERE AIN"T NO SUCH THING!!!!!!!!!

 It's possible "free" wasn't the perfect word to use there - sometimes I use shortcuts to save time,
 but it's my understanding that besides America, every developed country has "state-paid" health care.

 In America, we tend to bankrupt those who get very sick.
 Pardon me for thinking that needs fixing.


 Goss Purging CIA Like a Cold War Ruskie

  Click  Here

 In an e-mail this month, Goss told employees of his plans for new procedures, organization
 and senior personnel. He reminded them that the CIA is a "secret agency," indirectly addressing
 media leaks widely believed to have angered the White House. Goss also said he intends to clarify
 "beyond doubt the rules of the road."

 At least five top officials already have left the CIA since Goss took over.

 There are those who view Goss' early moves as a purge. They worry that the Florida Republican
 who led the House Intelligence Committee until August is bringing a partisan background to an
 agency that traditionally has tried to avoid politics.

 Nobody else is worried about this?  Certainly not any Democrats...  Bush is re-molding the CIA
 in His image, laying the foundation for the post-Bush era, assuming he decides to step down after eight years.
 I don't like the idea of the CIA being loyal to Bush first, and the Flag/Constitution second.
 Bush is already the biggest American criminal in world history and he's securing his future as well.

 How many hundreds of billions does a greedy oil man need?
 What will the lives-lost-to-dollars-spent ratio once Bush is no longer president?

 How long before our Fearless Leader has His image on the dollar bill and Mount Rushmore?

 Does anyone doubt our next president will be hand-picked by the possibly never-elected Monkey?
 Certainly, our next president's first loyalty will be to Bush and His oil companies.

  ...and why can't any Democrat be bothered to ask any questions about this?

   "Dubya is our leader and we follow his orders - always."

Marty's Entertainment Page


"I'm still amazed at how little credit this president gets for promoting a black woman (Condi Rice)
  to such a position, and, more importantly, by his obvious respect and admiration for her. His style
  is clearly post-racial, and his comfort with female peers is impressive.  Clinton was celebrated for
  his progressiveness, and ease with African-Americans. But it's inconceivable that he would have
  given so much power and authority to a black female peer. Why does Bush get no respect on this score?
  I guess it reveals that much of the left's diversity mania is about the upholding of a certain political
  ideology, rather than ethnic or gender variety itself. Depressing." 
    --Andrew Sullivan, Bush's senior gay whore, pretending he doesn't get it.  Attribution

 Andrew, let me explain some things to you:
 Rice wasn't qualified to be National Security Advisor (as 9-11 proves) or Secretary of State.
 She's a piano-playing "expert" on Russian affairs - how does that qualify her for anything?

 Second, she's riding the Bush gravy train all the way to the top.
 Her top qualification is that Bush loves her and trusts her - no matter how badly she bungles her job,
 She also gives Bush "race insurance" so people like you will scream what a blind-to-race hero he is.

 Bush gets no respect for this because he hires minorities for their loyalty, not their qualifications.
 Clarence Thomas was rated "less than qualified," by the ABA, but Bush 41 picked him BECAUSE
 he was black and a fascist - not because he was qualified to sit on the highest court in the land.

 ...and if you love Bush so much - why didn't you vote for him?

 Subject: U2

 Dear Bart,
 You wrote:

> "It's just hard for me to put "greed" and "U2" in the same sentence.
>  Can you name another big (words mean things) group that has given as much?"

 Answer: YES (as in I've Seen all Good People, Roundabout, etc.)
 Kent of Chester, VA

 Kent, a link or an explanation would've been nice.



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 Voting Machines Count Backwards in Oklahoma

  Click  Here

 All 77 counties use the Optech Eagle voting machines and Tabulator's made by ES&S, Sen Hagel's republican company.

 The respectable, conservative "Tulsa World" newspaper reported Nov 3rd that Kerry was winning in 57 of the states's
 rural counties., with 70% of the vote counted. Turns out that the famous November 3rd report was probably not supposed
 to be printed.  It represented the counting when the tabulating was about 70% "complete," as they used to say in the old Soviet Unon.

 The "official" State of Oklahoma Election Board vote totals released later show Kerry not winning; but, losing in all the state's
 77 counties, including the 57 rural counties. Yea, somebody really messed up, big time, and published a partially completed and,
 I guess you would haver to call it, "fixed" vote.

 A simple comparison of total votes for Kerry between the staid establishment mouthpiece, the "Tulsa World" newspaper and the
 so-called "official" final vote totals at the State Election Board show fewer votes for Kerry in 57 counties than the "Tulsa World" does.

 Fifty-seven of the 57 counties clearly demonstrate that Sen Kerry lost 37,982 votes to the ES&S Optech Machines.
 During the same time period President Bush gained a whooping 393,825 votes.

 Nice, slick, easy way to win an election.
 In other words, Kerry lost votes already cast by voters.

 ...but Kerry doesn't care!

 He's content to lose - like most Democrats.
 We'll continue to lose elections until we find a Democrat who wants to win.


 Subject: Kerry on the draft

 Sometimes I think Kerry's IQ is lower than Bush's 91.
 I voted for Kerry only because he was all I had---I wanted Clark to run!!!!!!!!

 Joe S
 Piney Flats Tn

 Dude, me too.
 We need to move our first primary in 2008 so Iowa doesn't ruin it for all of us.

 Boos for Brokaw are a warning for the religious left, Democrats

   Click  Here

"I was at a big football game the other night, when suddenly play was interrupted by a lusty round of boos.
 It wasn't the Coliseum or Vanderbilt stadium but farther west - Norman, Okla., the Nebraska-Oklahoma showdown.
 The booing greeted not the hapless Husker offense or a ref's boneheaded call but a single individual - Tom Brokaw.

 The P.A. announced that the NBC news anchor was a guest in the stadium. No reason given. None needed. The boos
 arrived quick as a Great Plains thunderstorm. It provided a post-election moment's collision between heartland values,
 big media, politics, church and football. Brokaw briefly symbolized the Eastern establishment trespassing on the sacred
 space of red-state community life, a touchy brew of pride, tradition, religion. And resentment."

 It seems to me - if we're going to have another Civil War, wouldn't it be best to have it now?
 Before decades of resentment harden each side into a "to the death" battle for God and George W. Bush?


 Subject: eyes closed tight

 Hey, BC,
 Keep on hammerin'.  It's hard not to despair when I see the lack of righteous anger
 among people that should know better.  It's as if there were tranquilizers in the water.
 That rich bastard Kerry took a dive.  Yet I still see plenty of people defending him and his IMPOSSIBLY
 lame 'campaign' and his snivelling concession speech and his keeping $50 million of unspent contributions.
 The Democratic party has been co-opted into the "Washington Generals".
 Liberals still dimiss any realistic explanation of an event, especially of a political killing (among which I include 9/11),
 as "just a conspiracy theory" or as "tin-foil hat time".  According to the fundies, evolution is "just a theory", too.
 The mafia are a conspiracy, the CIA is a conspiracy.  Liberals believe instead in coincidence theories.
 The media whores in the rich people's media lie, lie and lie some more, but people just keep watching them and listening to them.
 But I'm repeating myself.  If people like to listen to rich people lie while the rich people rip them off again and again,
 if people won't stand up for their family and community, if people think that playing to win is beneath them, then maybe
 they're just a lost cause and they deserve the prison rape that the rich people are planning for them.


 It's like people see what's happening as some damn TV movie they can always turn off.
 The Democrats are about as effective as the little girl in Frankenstein's arms.

 What kind of "9-11" does it take to wake people up?
 I see smiles on the faces of Democrats as they drive towards extinction.


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1227, 1232, 1235,  dead American soldiers.

 Subject: Rand computer

 Your links on the truth about ThanksGiving were just fantastic!

 I was just about ill every time I heard the stupid local mouth pieces for Bush on the radio.
 They had this commercial they ran on the hour with the song "We gather together" playing
 and all these bible quotes, I thought I was listening to some f-ing Christian Station...
 Anyway. Same edition. RAND Computer. Sorry my friend; check out this link:

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

available for sale.

If interested, please email Tony Martin at or


"The thought of Condi as Secretary of State made me think of that business management book
  from the Seventies, the Peter Principle, which posited that employees within an organization will
  advance to their highest level of competence and then be promoted to and remain at a level at which
  they are incompetent. Of course, you could argue that Condi has long since passed her level of
  competence and has continued to be promoted nonetheless. On a related note, the one quotation
  for which Condi should ultimately be remembered: "I believe the title was Bin Laden Determined
  To Attack Inside the United States."
     --Tom Tomorrow,   Attribution


 Bush didn't lose all three debates to John Kerry "because he's not good in debates."
 He lost all three debates because he's a Monkey who doesn't have the ability to think.

 They gave him about ten sentences to memorize - you know the ones - and whatever questions
 came up, Bush picked the phrases that he thought would provide the best answer, but he never
 listened to a question that was asked, then used his brain to analyze it and then form an answer.

 All the Monkey can do is regurgitate Condi's flashcard soundbites.

"It's hard work."

"We're going to show resolve,"

"Freedom's on the march."

"We can't send a mixed message."

"The economy is doing better."

"There terrorists are evil-doers.""

 He's a bumbling idiot and no amount of network spin can change that fact.



This Christmas, instead of spending $20 each on
nieces & nephews who won't even appreciate it,
why not spend $10 each on them and send the rest
to St Jude's?

Catching something fatal as a kid's gotta suck.

 Subject: Ukraine


 A suggestion to your readers might be to write to all these politicians speaking out about
 the Ukraine elections and ask if they also have the balls to back the recount in Ohio and Florida.

 That's what I have been doing and have gotten no responses yet
 ....but there is a Crown Vic circling my block....



 Kerry's Silence Indicates Complicity with Vote Fraud


  Click  Here

 Go to and you will find absolutely nothing about the mounting evidence of vote fraud - why?
 There is no mention of the official voting receipts found in the garbage, or about the vote suppression in Ohio,
 or about the GAO starting an investigation into the 57,000 reported cased of voting 'irregularities' nationwide.
 13 Members of Congress have asked for an investigation into the voting problems, heaven forbid
 mention that. Why is it that and both address the voting problems right on the
 front page, but the Democratic ticket of Kerry and Edwards won't address the issue at all?

 It seems like Kerry and Edwards didn't really want to win, almost like they're ready for a vacation.
 They're telling us, get over it, we lost, it's time to move on and unite behind our leader? What is that all about?
 I thought Kerry was our candidate because Bush was so bad we had to get rid of shrubbie. Then after this election
 where all of the computer 'glitches' favored bush, Kerry just tucks tail and hides? Thousands of Americans were
 turned away from the polls thanks to Republican dirty tricks, so Kerry gives up and tells us to get behind Bush??


 Did Dubbya rig the election?
   by Michael Meacher

  Click  Here

 The evidence of fraud is not yet conclusive but, given the Republicans' record, it is all too plausible.
 The great mystery of the US presidential election was that the exit polls, which had been reliable guides
 in all previous elections, did not tally with the final results.  An analysis of the poll by different states
 points up inconsistencies that cannot be explained by random variation.

 Two aspects of this are immediately striking. One is the large size of the variance, and the other is that
 in every case it favoured Bush. In Wisconsin and Ohio, the discrepancy favoured Bush by 4 per cent,
 in Pennsylvania by 5 per cent, in Florida and Minnesota by 7 per cent, in North Carolina by 9 per cent
 and in New Hampshire by an astonishing 15 per cent.



  Subject:  Stupidity

 Oh feckless wonder,
 I am convinced that it takes much more effort to de-cockroach an arab orifice
 than it does to have a lefty type website that would allow the likes of me to contribute.

 What would cause you to hate the Arabs so much?
 Did Rush or Hannity say that was important?
 Remember, your president's best friends are Arabs.

 You ought to just give ol' George a break.

 Like he gave the people of Baghdad when he dropped his Mother of All Bombs on them?

 I figure there is a lot more dead towel-heads than American soldiers.
 And that suites me just fine, thank you very much.

 But there's no reason for ANY American soldiers to die, just like
 there's no reason why America's military should be torching Iraqi cities.
 Where did you get your "war/death/murder is good" mentality?

 Dadgummit, just be glad we have a MAN in the white house instead of some bed-wetter.

 "Men" commit cold-blooded murder against backwards nations that haven't attacked us?

 Kerry would have us all parly vooing Francois in a fortnight, skipping showers,
 hating jews, and looking for someone to surrender to.
 Kerry still has shrapnel in his ass from fighting America's wars.
 All Bush ever got from the Vietnam era was an enlarged liver.

 Unless a third party emerges, I will consider bartcop to be a democratic type cesspoole with all the trimmings.
 Oh, sweet Jesus, let this moment last. I just love the smell of a rottting, putrid, rancid, decaying, toilet of a website in the morning.
 You love the small of a rotting toilet?
 I'm sure you speak for a lot of Bush lovers, but I wonder how you'd do in a live chat room...

 O.K., I actually do enjoy your website. But could you please have an occasional good thing to say about ol' W ?

 When he stops murdering defenseless people, I'll say that's a good thing.
 Do you still think Iraq caused 9-11?

 I mean, he IS responsible for a lot of dead ayrabs. In my book, that counts for somethin.

 You're right - it counts for entire generations of suicide bombers.
 How long before they start blowing up Macy's, McDonalds and Subway restaurants in America?

 The more sooner ayrabs are dead, well, the more deader they'll stay. And you can quote me on that !!
 Again, I'm sure you speak for millions of Americans.
"Bush the Christian" teaches his sheep that murder is fun and profitable - very profitable - for him.
 Where do you think the cash from Bush's 2,000,000 barrels a day is going?
 To help the poor people of Iraq?

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 Dean have you murdered an Arab yet today?
 Or is that just what you preach for others?

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BCR Show #60
This Bart-produced show has, I think, no cursing at all.
That wasn't by design, I don't intend to curse or stay clean,
it just depends on the subject and my mood at recording time.
Oddly, #60 is split in just two sections, but it's a full show.

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70 minutes of Randi, religion, Little Rock, SNL and Cazadores Reposado

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52 minutes on the Big Dig, a free trip 4 U, Big Dog, Wanda & more

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