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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Military Family's Private War 
America's Weenie president
Ukraine Gives Pres. Ultimatum 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Bush Sells Land for $5 
The Dollar Keeps Falling 
TBTM's Electile Dysfunction
Bush's Great Indecency Hoax
The Military Draft is Here


Quote of the Day

"We've got a new bunch of Hitlers." 
     --Linda Ronstadt, criticizing voters for 
         electing (?) Republicans, Attribution

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Volume 1450 - The Deadly Years

  Monday   Nov 29,  2004                                                                                                                   Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"The occupation has turned into barbarism. The U.S. administration is committing genocide ... in Iraq.
  Never in human history have such genocide and cruelty been witnessed. Such a genocide was never seen
  in the time of the pharaohs nor of Hitler nor of [Benito] Mussolini, Italy's World War II-era fascist leader.
  This occupation has entirely imperialist aims."
      --Mehmet Elkatmis, of (our ally) Turkey's human rights commission. "Turk Compares U.S. to Hitler"

 Military Families endure private war
  The men who came home aren't the men the wives kissed goodbye

  Click  Here

 In the two months since the men returned to their wives, loved ones and families,
 there also have been shouting matches in the kitchen and tears in the bedroom.

 Lance Cpl. Jeremy Bennett has settled into an uneasy restlessness, troubled by guilt,
 over the friends he lost in Iraq and at times yearning for the harder but simpler life he led there.

 Cpl. Jason Rodgers tries to recapture the intensity he felt in combat by pushing the limits
 as he speeds around canyons on his dirt bike.

 Navy Hospitalman Jason McDonald, a field medic for the battalion, struggled at first, wishing for
 solitude to reflect on his time in Iraq even as his wife ached for attention after their long separation.

 Cpl. Travis Friedrichsen, Holly's husband, was sitting in bed a few days after his return when he
 began to shake uncontrollably for nearly 15 minutes, an involuntary response to the memory of
 a hidden bomb that detonated only a few feet from him in Iraq.

 Once an easygoing son of Iowa, Friedrichsen, 21, now has trouble controlling his temper, with the
 stress inside him sometimes exploding into tirades that he says have gone on for an entire weekend.

"It's hard that he has changed," said Holly, 19. "The guy I fell in love with is completely different now."

 So - why do they continue to vote for the liar who put them in this condition?

 Going to Iraq was always a failed idea built on a profit-making lie - and they love Bush for that?

 1244 dead and tens of thousands of severely wounded - not to mention the stress cases above,
 and they still love the deserting liar George W. Bush and they still hate Bill Clinton's f-ing guts,
 and Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home alive.

 Who can explain that?


 Subject: Who should be drafted first?


 There is an obvious alternative to leaving the draft up to random chance
 (Selective Service Registration) or selection from Pro-bush counties

 How do we access the NRA membership lists?
 There is the obvious benefit to the military.
 These individuals are already proficient in firearms.
 The members of the NRA would also benefit from the opportunity to play with
 fully automatic weapons instead of the recently legalized assault weapons.

 It would also be constitutional under a "strict" constructionist viewpoint where...
"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right
 of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed".  Second Amendment.


 Nessie, good idea.
 I thought of another way:  Get hold of that list that Jeb uses to disenfranchise voters
 and let those people be exempt.  Since they weren't allowed to participate in voting,
 why should they be shipped to Iraq to die in the sand to made Halliburton richer?


 America's `Weenie' president is so afraid... 

  Click  Here

 He was afraid to speak to real, live U.S. voters except in situations where everybody had been required
 to sign a loyalty oath. He was afraid to speak to the British Parliament. The thought of being anywhere
 near Parliament in Ottawa has scared him speechless. Every American who heckled him during the election
 campaign got arrested. But in satellite nations like the United Kingdom, not to mention rogue countries like
 Canada, it's out of his hands. Anybody could holler anything when he's here next week and get off scot free.
 This makes him very, very anxious."



 Subject: Kerry concession & Milpitas...

 Dear Bart:
 Well, I agree with Milpitas, particularly the parts about Kerry having taken "a dive" and the reference to "prison rape".

 I believe that unless we do something, we are - already screwed financially, socially and humiliated beyond belief
 - about to become pillow-biting prison bitches.  In other words, things are about to get worse.  Much worse.

 But the thing that really hurts?  Kerry getting out there now and trying to play Kingmaker and suggest that he's really
 cunning and all of what happened - that we are supposed to "get over", "get past" - what rape victims were often told
 - doesn't matter because, because, Kerry is "getting ready" for 2008.  Like this was some masterful bit of political strategy.
 The leftover (depending upon the source of information anything from $15m to 51m left when the bitch made his concession
 speech before the vote was counted) notwithstanding.


 If I'm gonna get raped, the accomplice isn't going to have a future in politics if I have any say.
 Neither will the rapist.  And if I have more than "a say"...

 I'll tell you what I told the DNC and in response to the idiotic e-mails that I have received.

"Why don't you, and your weak-ass, cerebral, ultimately oily weasel candidate haul ass back to Massachusetts
 and don't ever contact me again for anything.  You pitiful, self-congratulatory, stupid and sorry-ass losers.  All of you.
 And in 2008?  If Kerry is the best you can do, most of us won't be Democrats anymore.  You don't represent me,
 haven't for a long time but this last election?  This was just too much.

 Thanks for nothing.  Motherxxxxxxx."

 Angry?  Me?

 Someone said "Democrats are furious at Kerry for not spending all his money."

 Can you imagine an elected Democrat being angry about something?

The Last Liberal Outlaw,
by former prisoner Mike Palecek

Published by New Leaf Books of Chicago


"We cannot win in Iraq. We have no intel. We can't find the insurgents.
  When they bomb something, we only know about it afterward. We can't figure them out.
  Someone said, 'We play chess, they play Go.' All we can do is lose. All we can do is bomb."
         --Seymour Hersh,   Attribution

 Somehow, history will have to find a way to blame Clinton for this because,
 as we all know, Emporer Bush has never made a mistake - that he can recall.

 Ukraine Group Gives President Ultimatum
   Are we looking at a civil war with nukes?

  Click  Here

 The opposition warned President Leonid Kuchma it would block his movements unless
 he fired Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych and fulfilled other demands within 24 hours.

 Earlier, Kuchma called on the opposition to end its four-day blockade of government buildings,
 saying compromise was the only solution to the crisis that has developed into a tense political
 tug-of-war between the West and Moscow over Ukraine's future.


 Subject:  Bread with Circus

 Hi Bart,

 I love your site and show, been visiting for a year or so now, I think given
 whats happened this month we need you more than ever now. Good to know
 that even in Oklahoma there are people who havent been drinking the kool-aid.

 Anyway, I wanted to pass you the address to my site, I think you might like it,
 its something Ive built to express my frustration with the way things are going these days.

 Check it out if you like
 Pass the link along if you like.

 Thanks Bart,
 keep on swinging that hammer,


 Bush gives Mining Company 155 acres for $875
  Land 3 miles west of Crested Butte sells for $1 million per acre

  Click  Here

 Last month the Bush administration handed a multinational mining company 155 acres
 of federally owned, prime mountaintop real estate near a Colorado ski resort.

 (Kerry had the good manners not to mention this in his failed campaign.)

 The sweetheart giveaway sailed through under a 132-year-old federal law that allows mining
 companies to purchase unrestricted patents on public land, and then use the land for their own profit

 Observers believe the company is more likely to develop the land into vacation homes.
 Indeed, in legal documents filed two years ago in a separate case, the company argued
 that establishing a mine on that land would be fiscally "reckless."

Used with permission - please visit

 Subject:  "free" health care


 Its funny, this weekend I was on a bus in Mexico and they were playing one of the
 (actually legally elected Mexican) President's announcements claiming that Mexico is
 developing a guaranteed health care policy that now covers 4.5 million Mexican citizens
 who can't get health care through their work and is targeted for universal coverage.

 Won't it be a kicker when Mexico has a better universal health care system than
 the backwoods, bible-thumping, ignoramus U.S. of A.?

 Man, it is SOOOOOOOOOOO hard feeling any sort of pride for my country these days.
 John C


"[Our job is to] support the administration and its policies in our work. As agency employees,
  we do not identify with, support, or champion opposition to the administration or its policies."
     --Porter J. Goss, Director of the CIA, making it an official arm of the BFEE   Attribution

The best books by the best authors

 Subject: Your site

 Bart, it's a great site and it's people like you who will pull America through this right-wing
 fascist highjacking of our government. Honestly, I just hope our nation will survive...

 I told my friend the other day that I think this administration is  the greatest threat our nation
 has faced since the civil war... and that's probably an understatement.  I think 9/11 was the work
 of conspiritors to put the us on a permanent war footing... and curtail civil liberties at home and
 I think this administration will be eventually seen as having been responsible for several war crimes
 as well as crimes against the constitution/nation.

 I live here in New York just outside the city and I just do the best I can to live a decent life and
 be a good person so I trust in the ultimate victory of good over evil and the BFEE is definitely evil...

 Anyway there's a rant for you.
 Don't give up hope, we are all here with you and we can can all definitely make it together.




"Bush appears to have picked his new cabinet with the view that he has plenty of friends
  and doesn't need to make new ones As anyone who watched the job-hopping last week
  in Washington knows, the president promoted not just men and women he knows and likes.
  He elevated the most loyal of loyalists, staff members he has worked with for decades,
  most reaching far back to Texas."
     --Elisabeth Bumiller, "Loyalty Trumps Celebrity" Attribution

 Dollar May Drop for Eighth Week

   Click  Here

 The dollar has lost as much as 3 cents against the euro since Alan Greenspan said on Nov. 19 that
 foreigners will tire of financing the record U.S. current account deficit. He was joined on Nov. 25 by
 Bank of England Chief Economist Charles Bean, who said that international investors are unlikely to
 keep buying American assets indefinitely, triggering a ``possibly substantial'' drop in the dollar.

 Bush is ruining our economy with his tax cuts for the super-rich (that don't create jobs) and his war.
 Did America intentionally vote for more of Bush's bloody war and a constantly-worsening economy?
 How bad a candidate was Kerry that people prefer Bush's war and recession?

 Please God, make my alarm ring - let me wake up from the terrible nightmare!


Harmony Cedar has been supporting  for years

 Subject: You need a tip jar

 Bart, put a pic of a nearly full tip jar in your page and link it
 to paypal so ppl can throw in a few coins on a daily basis :)


 Click to leave a tip

 Ukrainians Might Have to Compromise
   a  exclusive

  Click  Here

 The Ukraine is looking more like a divided people and less like a united nation these days.
 Split down the middle in political and philosophical terms, the former Soviet State is torn
 between which candidate -- Viktor Yanukovich or  Viktor Yushchenko -- won its election
 on the 21st of November.  Which one becomes the nation's next president is anyone's guess,
 and everyone agrees whoever it is won't have an easy time unless he learns the art of compromise.

 In a move most FOX analysts see as a sign of desperation and hopeless division, Ukrainians are taking
 their contested election to its Supreme Court.  When such political crises are taken out of a nation's
 electoral process, and thrown into its judicial realm, according to Vice President Cheney, that nation's
 stability is doomed.  "If you want a strong, united country, it helps  to  have  a real kick-ass, fifty-one
 percent  mandate," chimed the noxious Nebraskan, continuing, "and those Ukranians are fucked."


Marty's Entertainment Page


"The economy was just as good a month ago as it is today.
  The economy was just as good three months ago as it is today.
  The difference is, the media is now telling us what I told you all along."
     --Rush, admitting the media loves Bush and will lie for himAttribution

 Subject: Re: "Let's not count the votes" Kerry

 I would like to know... how Kerry is going to vote on pro-death, pro-torture, Alberto?

 Is Kerry once again going to wear panties and be Bush's bitch?
 HEY JOHN, were the Swift Boat liars right about you?

 You may have the initials, John, but you're no JFK.

 Ken, I can pretty much guarantee Kerry will vote for Mr. Torture.
 Bush could nominate that Zaqarwi beheader dude and the Dems would confirm him.
 That's what Democrats do - they stand with Bush at every opportunity.

               "We follow orders - we do what we're told."



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"Electile Dysfunction: Take Back Your Right to Vote" DVD
     by People to People TV and BCR mentors


  Click  Here  says::

 The work (TBTM does) is always visually engaging, passionate, informed, pro-democracy,
 and anti-hypocrisy, which makes it a perfect fit with BuzzFlash and our readers.

 When TBTM told us of their new film on election fraud and the 2004 elections, we wanted to
 help get the word out because -- even though we had only seen the trailers -- we knew it would
 be a film our readers would enjoy.


 Subject: marijuana

 The University of Virginia and Madrid University both concluded that marijuana cured brain tumors!
 Thats why it is illegal.

 God gave us marijuana not prozac and all the other LEGAL drugs.
 So much for faith in God, its more like faith in pharmaceuticals.

 Until Rockefeller (I think he means oil) Hemp, which is the cleanest burning fuel on the planet, was almost
 80% of the gross national product in the U.S.  Do you kinda see the corelation between oil and how we've
 demonized marijuana which even the studies by the Rockefeller F.D.A. concluded that marijuana was basically
 a good thing not the evil weed which our self proclaimed christians demonize.

 To deny anyone in a FREE society a GOD GIVEN HERB to help them eat speaks for itself.
 Steve Miller

 The lady whose case is going before the Whore Court was on TV last night.
 She's suffering from 9 major problems, one of which is a brain tumor.

 She HAS to have pot to make it thru each dying day, but Bush the Bastard
 has made it a priority to take away her only medicine. Is that what Jesus would do?
 Why do Christians vote for that bastard?

 They say they're for "less government," and the press repeats that lie to us every day.
 But they really want more control over our daily lives than the liberals ever did.

 The Great Indecency Hoax

   Click  Here

 Oh, the poor, suffering little children.

 If we are to believe the outcry of the past two weeks, America's youth have been defiled en masse - again.
 This time the dirty deed was done by the actress Nicollette Sheridan, who dropped her towel in the cheesy
 promotional spot for the runaway hit "Desperate Housewives" that kicked off "Monday Night Football" on ABC.
"I wonder if Walt Disney would be proud," said Michael Powell, the FCC chairman who increasingly fashions
 himself a commissar of all things cultural, from nipple rings to "Son of Flubber."

 It's beginning to look a lot like "Groundhog Day." Ever since 22 percent of the country's voters said on Nov. 2
 that they cared most about "moral values," opportunistic ayatollahs on the right have been working overtime to
 inflate this nonmandate into a landslide by ginning up cultural controversies that might induce censorship by a
 compliant F.C.C. and, failing that, self-censorship by TV networks. Seizing on a single overhyped poll result,
 they exaggerate their clout, hoping to grab power over the culture.


 Subject: free health care

 hey bart,

 I remember when I was working on the hideous, tasteless nightmare that is Carnival Cruises a couple of years ago,
 and I was explaining to an American crew member how we had a National health system here in Australia with
 state funded (read taxpayer) hospitals that looked after all regardlesss of such selfish crap as "ability to pay" etc.

 He looked at me disdainfully and said witheringly "That's Socialism" to which I told him the average American (him)
 wouldn't know what Socialism was if it bit him or them on the arse (ass??).  yeah, it's not free, there's a tax levy in there
 somewhere, but everyone knows it's there and it makes people feel secure knowing that.  And it isn't driven by profit,
 only by results thus it WORKS. It's basically what Clinton went for early in his tenure before it was killed by the usual
 corrupt miserble bastards that have way to much control of your country.

 god (Darwin?) you so need a revolution right now!!!

 Paul B

 Paul, when I worked for the car lot, we had a few families who had been with us for years.
 Dad co-signed the loans for his kids and they had several cars, then one day he had a heart attack
 and was billed about $300,000.  He had no choice but to file bankruptcy, where he lost everything.

 People would rather lose everything they own than see the word "socialism."
 Aren't people weird?


Neil Young or Patti Smith?


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1227, 1232, 1235, 1244,  dead American soldiers.

They got  9 since yesterday.
Is this what America voted for on Nov 2?

They say our military voted 3-to-1 for more of this - why?

Bush swore to "stay the course."
Why would they want to stay this course?

How many more?
How many more just so Bush can avoid saying, "I made a mistake?"


"Dan Rather said that his decision to retire has nothing to do with the fake National Guard documents.
  That's kind of like Yasser Arafat saying his decision to step down had nothing to do with him dying."
     --Jay Leno

 Wouldn't it be interesting if we could pump truth serum into Dan Rather
 and asked him to explain what really happened with those fake memos?

 Subject: Until we get a standardized, regulated, system....

 Until we get a standardized, independently regulated voting system democracy will be dead in America.

 As a computer scientist I strongly feel that the technology is available to create a voting system that is as
 reliable as our banking system.  If banks can rely on unsupervised ATM machines to provide accountability
 to the penny, why can't the voting system be as reliable?

 What we need, and we need it now, is a universal system that is used nationwide.  It can be done.
 That it is not being done is evidence of the corruption that allowed lowlifes like Bush to get into office and stay there.

 There are so many intelligent, well educated engineers in this country that if we wanted to I am sure we could
 put in place a system that would give some hope of accountability.  Without it, we can forget about democracy.
 We may as well go back to rule by royal families.

 And if we indeed want royalty, we can do better than the Bush dynasty.

 Nelson, the Democrats see no need for that, and the GOP would be crazy to change a winning system.

 Reminder: In 1990, I could program a jukebox to play a Guns n Roses song every hour.
  If I could do that then with 20 minutes of training, think what an expert could do with today's voting machines.
  With no paper trail, they could add a vote to the GOP every 20 seconds, which would explain how some
  GOP candidates got more votes than there were registered voters in their counties.

 The Republicans are NOT going to stop cheating until the Democrats make them.
 In what year will the Democrats decide they're tired of losing?


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


"Clinton's library opened recently and cost $7 to get in.
  On the bright side, every night is ladies' night."
      --Conan O'Brien

 The Military Draft

  Click  Here

 A mandatory draft is coming and it will come soon. Make no mistake about it.
 If you have a 'specialty' field such as health care worker or even computer skills (such as a degree
 in computer science), you could be 'drafted' into government service up to the age limit of 44 years old.

 Note: Possible error there. We've already heard stories of older-than-44 people being drafted.

 You will have no choice in the matter as the Presidential Executive Order has already been signed and has
 become the "law", without the messy annoyance of congressional voting or debate, of course.  The new age
 limit of conscription will also be pushed up to 34 years of age, not 26 years as was the traditional limit.
 They have now tied in Selective Service Registration with applying for a driver's licence in some 34 states so far.


 St Jude's

Catching something fatal as a kid's gotta suck.

 Inmate: Martha Popular at Prison Mess Hall
  Jailed nun says she enjoys eating with Stewart

  Click  Here

 NBC's Dick Ebersol survives Colorado plane crash
  I didn't even know he was a Democrat

  Click  Here

 Julia Roberts doing well after having twins
  A boy and a girl for Julia - watch for 'Oceans 12' out Dec 10 or so

  Click  Here

 With two 'Housewives' dead, the mystery deepens
  At this rate, by May, it will be called "The Eva Longoria Show"

  Click  Here

 How to take the gloat out of your Republican relatives
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 As soon as you have everybody's attention, politely explain what Bush and his administration plan to do
 to the gullible middle-class voters who re-elected him. Remind them how the President promised to make
 taxes "fairer" and "simpler," to make health care more widely available and to cut the deficit in half.
 Nod your head and say yes, you agree, the forthcoming White House tax plan is pure simplicity. It will
 transfer the tax burden from the wealthy to the workers, from families with high earnings to those in the middle.
 That means creating new shelters for the richest taxpayers, who will be rewarded with various schemes for
 tax-free savings and medical accounts. Pretty fair, eh?"


 Rice confirmation hearings postponed

  Click  Here

"The White House suggested that that would not be appropriate -- that is, in December," Dick Lugar said
''So we'll not be having hearings in December, but we'll have hearings as soon as possible in January."

 He predicted Rice's nomination will draw strong support in the Senate and will have no difficulty being approved.

 Of course she'll have no difficulty being approved.
 The gutless Democrats will approve anybody Bush nominates.

 Why even bother with the charade of confirmation hearings?


 VCR Alert

 Michael Moore in on Leno tonight, Clooney is on Dave.

 Have your shot of Chinaco ready and do a sip every time Dave says "Hollywood pretty boy."


  Subject:  liberal loonies

 I really can't believe the work you put into one gigantic web site devoted to your hate and bigotry.

 It's hard work, really hard work - everybody knows that, but I am paid very well.
 My subscription rate is over 98 percent - I guess the others are Monkeys.

 I thought you Libs were "open minded", (yeah, right!).
 The fact that you even go so far as to set up a dating service for Libs only, shows what closed minded freaks you really are.

 Actually, that was an advertiser but, you know any fun Nazi girls?
 Me neither - that's why they offer that service - to weed out the Coulter-types..

 You believe in "free (liberal) speech", and all others may sit in the rear of the bus.

 Do you know any right-leaning sites that allow lefties to interact publicly with to the owner?
 I don't - not a single damn one on the entire internet.
 Why is your side so afraid of free speech?

 You are wondering why I went to your web site...

 I was?

 I was trying to talk to a Lib loonie on the Hannity message board....your site was a link on the profile, I was curious.
 For those of my friends who are not as conservative as I, sending them to your hate filled and bigoted site
 may wake them up a little more...I look forward to it.

 Do you know any right-leaning sites that allow lefties to interact publicly with to the owner?
 I don't - not a single damn one on the entire internet.
 Why is your side so afraid of free speech?

 I haven't seen this kind of prejudice since the KKK put out a news letter in my old home town back in the 1970s.
 Congratulations! You are what you claim to hate.

 Leonard Roe

 Lenny, we also have a chat room where live debates occur.
 Do you know any right-leaning sites that allow live debates with the owner?
 I don't - not a single damn one on the entire internet.
 Why is your side so afraid of free speech?

 Tell you what - why don't you get together with a dozen friends,
 then pick the one who can type the best/fastest and we'll have a friendly debate.

 Are you up for something like that?
 I'll bet you and your friends could tear me to pieces - ya think?
 You keep saying how bigoted and hateful I am - can you straighten me out?

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