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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Major Iraq Attacks Kill 30
Ralston Purina Resigns at UN
Methodists Convict Lesbian 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Al Franken: Racist  
Kerry wins in Summit County
Rocket Fuel Safe in Your Milk
BBC Gets Bhopal Punk'd
Cal Caths Settle for Rapes 


Quote of the Day

"The tragedy of modern war is that the young men 
  die fighting each other--instead of their real enemies 
  back home in the capitals."
     --Edward Abbey,     Attribution

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Volume 1453 - Tomorrow Is Yesterday

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  Friday-Saturday   Dec 3-4,  2004                                                                                                                            Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"I've written columns for everybody. I've been edited, criticized. But never have I gotten
  a call Sunday night that the column is not running Monday, ...and there's no discussion.
  The editor explained to me publishers have that right, but it's never happened to me.
  This sort of came like a bolt from Olympus. The spike of the column was almost like prior restraint.
  'Don't criticize Bush, or you column won't be run.'
  If the publisher has the notion that he can do this, well, we know where things stand."
    -- Jim Goldsborough who quit over this  Union-Tribune' Vet Goldsborough Quits After Column Is Spiked

"It's illegal to criticize your Fearless Leader"

 Pair of Major Attacks in Baghdad Kill 30
  Bush is right - this country is ready to govern themselves

  Click  Here

 Insurgents launched two major attacks against a mosque and a police station in Baghdad,
 killing 30 people, including at least 16 police officers, the deadliest insurgent attacks in weeks.

 Zarqawi's group claimed responsibility for the attacks. The claim, which appeared on an Islamic Web site,
 could not immediately be verified.  "The destructive effect that such operations has on the morale of the
 enemy inside and on its countries and people abroad is clear," the claim said.

 I wonder if the networks will report this - or would that make Fearles Leader look bad?

 Subject: Your Tip Jar

 I really appreciate your sight.
 I am a graduate student in religious studies who has been keeping an eye on the rise of
 the evangelicals for a couple of years, and I see you've been doing it for much longer...

 i can't really afford to spend 100.00 but I will be able to send something occasionally
 now that you have a tip jar!   Keep up the good work...

 I'm sure that the liberals everywhere will continue to find out about you...
 I'm telling all my friends...cheers!


  Click to leave a tip

 Sen Ralston Purina Resigns suddenly as UN Ambassador
   He had enough of the smirking and the lying

  Click  Here

 John Danforth, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has resigned after six months in the job.
 Danforth, a moderate in a maddog conservative administration, had expressed frustration about not
 being more of an independent actor and having to check with Washington.

 Danforth began serving at the United Nations in early July, succeeding the evil John Negroponte,
 who left New York to become Bush's point man in the theft, rape and murder of once-rich Iraq.


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 Subject: Wal-Mart

 Hey Bart ,
 Have you heard the Chinese government is suing Wal-Mart for the right to have unions there?

 This about a year after King George and his posse got rid of some overtime laws......
 .........let me get this straight the Chinese are moving forward in labor relations while the US moves backward?
 At least those icky gays can't marry.

 Keep swinging and a shot of Chinaco to Chinese unions

 China is Bush's best friend, ...after Osama and the Saudis.



"It's a very difficult decision for these jurors to make. Even if they think that Scott Peterson
  is guilty, via reasonable doubt, given the nature of human relationships you never know
  for sure  exactly what goes on, especially in a case that's all circumstantial.
  There is no smoking gun. There is no linking evidence. So there has to be
  lingering doubt.  Which means that every juror must be thinking, yes, he probably did it.
    -- Dr. Robi Ludwig, a Nancy Grace "guarantee-er" ...changing her tune?  Attribution

 No smoking gun?
 Then how did he get convicted?

 No linking evidence?
 And they're asking for the death penalty?

 Lingering doubt?
 Sounds like a hung jury or an acquittal.

 This "lady" sat there, night after night, giggling and joking with Nancy Grace, Gloria Allred, and Kimberly
 Guilfoyle Newsom about the guarantee that it was impossible for anyone but Scott to have done this murder.
 The four of them giggled about Scott Peterson's sex life  like first-beer schoolgirls all year.  They road this case
 into fat paychecks Olson/Coulter-style, and they did it by having tons of fun with a bloodthirsty crowd cheering.

 ..and now they want to kill Scott Peterson on a "probably" with no linking evidence?


 Methodist jury convicts lesbian minister
  Her 'crime' was violating church law by living with her partner

  Click  Here

 The Rev. Irene Elizabeth Stroud could be defrocked as a result of the ruling,
 which came on the second day of her church trial. The same 13-member jury
 was set to meet Thursday afternoon to decide her penalty.

 Methodist law bars "self-avowed, practicing homosexuals" from ministry.
 The jury of the sinless Bush lovers voted 12-1 to find Stroud guilty.

 How dare this woman react to the feelings God gave her?
 If she's "God's mistake," why is the victim being punished for it?
 Does God make mistakes?
 Do Methodists worship a faulty God?
 When does His trial start - or do we just convict the innocent victim?

 Catholic clergy get (at least) one free shot at an altar boy's rectum,
 but a Methodist with a consenting adult?    That's going too far!

 Sidebar:  Think how confusing it must be for a foreigner to meet an American.
 They have to waste time with all that bullshit small talk to find out if you're a Bush fan
 who loves invading oil countries, tearing up treaties and beating up gays - or a normal,
 Democratic American who believes in civil rights and a less intrusive federal government.


 Subject: chicken Democrats

 Why isn't Kerry using his war chest to completely fund the voting recount efforts around the country?

 I knocked on doors election night because I was afraid for the future of our society, not for Kerry's 2008 campaign.
 He walked away from this fight, and should be ashamed of himself.
 John F

 P.S: I sent him an email telling him this.

 Think how different America would be
 if our elected Democrats gave a damn...


 Kerry's win in Summit County, Ohio certified

  Click  Here

 Kerry widened his lead in Summit County, capturing an additional 3,681 votes
 when provisional ballots and absentee votes were added.

 Overall, Kerry captured 156,578 votes in Summit County to Bush's 118,553.
 The final totals have Kerry winning 95,338 to 92,211.

 Refresh my memory - why did Kerry cave in so soon?


 Subject:  Why do people keep talking about getting through these times

 Do they not realize that these times are not going to simply pass and then we will be all better;
 like a bad cold or a boo-boo?   It still, apparently, has not dawned on people just how bad
 these "dark times" really are and that it is about to start affecting them in a way not seen in this
 country in over a hundred years.

 Denial is really an amazing thing, isn't it?


 Dot, good point.
 It's like people are thinking things will change like fall follows the summer.
 Nothing's going to change until the Democrats get the courage to demand a paper voting trail
 For now, they're content to follow Divine Bush.


"Any election in any country must reflect the will of
  the people and not that of any foreign government."
    --The Giggler, speaking of a country we invaded, with a straight face   Attribution

We've got the best books by the best authors
and they make great Christmas presents!


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 Subject: Canada on Bush

 Canada is my new favorite country.
 Their demonstrators signs had clarity and truth in than all the US mainstream mustered in four years.

"Go home you braindead asshole."
 Ah, the beauty in that simple thought.

 Cheers and love to Canadians from your spiritual brethern in San Francisco!


Click  for  More

 Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Organic Milk
   Lettuce, bottled water also have traces

   Click  Here

 The government has found traces of a rocket fuel chemical in organic milk in Maryland,
 green leaf lettuce grown in Arizona and bottled spring water from Texas and California.
 What's not clear is the significance of the data.

 Sufficient amounts of perchlorate can affect the thyroid, potentially causing delayed
 development and other problems.  But EPA official Kevin Mayer called for calm, saying
 in an interview Tuesday: "Alarm is not warranted. That is clear. This is just as harmless as
 breathing the air at Ground Zero after September 11th."

 Remember: Trust your government. They'd never lie to us.


 Subject: Dollar Mixed After Touching New Lows

 The dollar is down like 40% since Bush.

 Now do the math:  what would $45 - $50 per barrel for oil be in Clinton Dollars?


 Retailers Post Disappointing Nov. Sales
  No faith in Bush's economy - so how'd he get elected?

  Click  Here

 The nation's retailers had a disappointing start to the holiday season, reporting sluggish sales
 for November as a much hoped-for surge in Thanksgiving weekend business failed to materialize.

 The downbeat reports came from across the sector, including Wal-Mart, Limited Brands,
 Federated Department Stores and Bombay Co.

 Consumers have been forced to cut spending on clothing and other non-necessities as gasoline
 prices and grocery bills rise. They're also nervous about jobs - with consumer confidence down
 in November for a fourth consecutive month.

 People voted for tax cuts for the super-rich when they elected the Bush boy on Nov 2, at least that's
 the story we get from Bush, Kerry and the major media outlets. Bush is borrowing money from the
 Chinese to give to the billionaires and you and I have to pay that loan back. Voters said they wanted
 more war and fewer jobs - anything - whatever it takes - to stop those awful gays from being happy. least that's the story we get from Bush, Kerry and the major media outlets.


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Al Franken: Racist
    by   I-need-some-publicity David Whore-owitz


  Click  Here

 Sites like Public Eye, NameBase, MediaTransparnecy, People for the American Way and the Southern Poverty
 Law Center store up distortions like Franken's and keep the witch-hunt going. This version of the McCarthy
 blacklist could be Franken's source. Their métier is spinning policy differences into questions of character and
 basic human decency. Their side is the side of reason and virtue, ours that of venality and sin. No matter.
 My answer to Al Franken is this: I am going to post your photograph on, which is viewed
 by a million visitors monthly. The photo will be identified with these words: "Al Franken,: Racist."

 The photo will be prominently posted until you apologize to me publicly for this attack. When you have made
 an apology, I will disclose my evidence for characterizing you as a racist or withdraw the charge."

 Check out this sick bastard.
"I'm going to make a no-proof claim and demand you apologize for a crime not stated.
 Once you apologize for the crime not stated, I will then show you my evidence."

 That's extra-stupid - even for a fucktard like Horowitz.



Saw it at

 Subject: Bush's tax cut

 On Friday, Microsoft is paying a $3.00 a share dividend.
 Gates has over a billion shares, that's over 3 billion in dividend income,
 taxed at 15%, instead of 35% or whatever the top income tax bracket used to be.

 That's over 2 billion in lost revenue for the Federal government,
 and the tax cut was for the middle class?

 ....yeah and I've got a bridge to sell you.

 Jim R

 Jim, we can't forget previous Bush gifts to Bill Gates.


 Over seven billions dollars...and who did Gates hire?

 Nobody, because he's too cheap to pay medical benefits.
 Gates took our $9 billion and added it to his empire - thanks to Bush.



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 BBC hoaxed on Dow Bhopal responsibility story

  Click  Here

 The BBC has issued a retraction of an interview aired on BBC World this morning, which showed
 a bogus Dow Chemical spokesperson taking responsibility for the Bhopal gas tragedy and promising
 huge compensation to victims. The spokesperson, supposedly from the company's Paris office, claimed
 that Dow was finally accepting "full responsibility" for the 1984 gas tragedy that took place at its subsidiary,
 Union Carbide's plant in the Indian state of Bhopal.

"Today I am very, very happy to announce that today, for the first time Dow is accepting full responsibility
 for the Bhopal catastrophe this is a momentous occasion," said the person, whom BBC World identified
 in its report as Dow spokesperson Jude Finisterra.

 They should've known this guy was bogus. 
 Dow Chemical is just like our Fearless Leader - incapable of making a mistake, so any apology on their part
 would have to be a hoax. The 15,000 people who have died from the world's worst industrial disaster were
"brown people," so Dow feels they are under no obligation to compensate "those people" for the loss of life.


 Isn't it great to be the world's only superpower?
 We can (an do) tell everyone to fuck off.

 Lucky for India they don't have oil...


 Subject: the military draft

 My 19 year old son had a friend who just joined the Army after the recruiter told him
 he would go through basic, Special Ops training and then he'd be training others in Special Ops.

 My son told him to see "Farenheit 9/11" to get the truth on how these recruiters work and his bud
 said it doesn't really matter - the recruiter told him that the first of the year the draft would be
 reinstated and he'd be better off enlisting now.  Can they get away with telling these boys this?


 Heather, I think I remember a recent story where a court ruled that military recruiters are under
 no obligation to tell the truth when trying to persuade easily-fooled teenagers to sign up.


"American torture - this feels as strange as though I'd suddenly become Chinese or found Castro in the refrigerator...
 The first requirement here is that we look at what we are doing -- and not blink, not use euphemisms. Despite the
 Red Cross' polite language, this is not "tantamount to torture." It's torture. It is not "detainee abuse."
 It's torture.  If they were doing it to you, you would know it was torture...In the name of Jesus Christ Almighty,
 why are people representing our government, paid by us, writing filth on the Korans of helpless prisoners?
 Is this American?  Is it Christian? What are our moral values? Where are the clergymen on this? Speak out, speak up."
     --Molly Ivins, "The problem of American torture",

 Molly, you can't expect the helpless, pitifull democrats to speak up - they're too scared of Karl Rove.
 Our best is is moderate Republicans - at least they know how to fight.


 Subject: Stephen King

 Did you see him on Jon Stewart?

 Sidebar: The Shining is Mrs Bart's fave movie of all time. She watches it like crazy.
 Sometimes I'll run to the store for bread and when I get home - there's Jack with the ax.

 I was expecting an old man with bad knees and craggy joints who walks just like me :)
 I knew he was hurt in that accident a while back, but you couldn't tell it from his Daily Show appearance.
 He looked like a high school kid out there.

 I also like his apparent swipe at Bush - he held up a Red Sox, "I'm an idiot, too" sign
 and he said something like, "I waved it at election time."

 Go, Steve!


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

"Fallujah is going to be right up there among the most successful battles in Iraq.
It's where the rubber meets the road. That is where our heroes did their best.''
  Maj. Tom Davis, 45, of St. Cloud, Minn.

  1244, 1252, 1255, 1263, dead heroes so far.

They got  8 since yesterday.

The bad news?

Exxon-Mobile stock had not doubled yet from this war.

C'mon boys, can't you try a little harder?


"What has happened to Falluja is a horror beyond anything imaginable...
  We cannot ever call this city home again."
      --Fuad Kubaysi, "Falluja 'a horror' after U.S.-led offensive"  Attribution

 Randi Rhodes said Thursday that she's heard that up to 2,500 bodies lay in the streets of Fallujah.
 Can you imagine what 2,500 rotting corpses looks and smells like?

 " I give a flying hot-damn.
  I make $100M a day from this quagmire,
  and America just said, 'Good job, George!' "


 I need to talk to Keith at Apple, the dude who helped us with Tommy Mack's computer.
 The puter is acting like Linda Blair with PMS so we're hoping to hear from you :)
  Keith Urgent


"As for what's going on in Iraq right now, as always, it's a mixed message."
     --Tom Brokaw, farewell telecast, whoring for Bush like a good toady   Attribution

 Hey Tom, if 2,500 rotting corpses in the streets is a "mixed message,"
 what does bad news look like?

 Subject: 'proud warrior' photo


 What the hell is Rather blathering about? Miller has battle fatigue.
 He'd be in a comatose-like slumber if his world wasn't filled with kill-or-be-killed.
 How can we want to put our children, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts
 and uncles through this? What is wrong with us?
 Amy R

 Amy, we voted for more of this, remember?
 At least, that's what Bush, Kerry and the networks tell us.

 This man doesn't look like a proud warrior, scanning the horizon for danger -- he looks
 like a man who is completely numb, with a vacant look of despair on his face.

 How is it that people view this man's face and see something positive?
 It is beyond belief!

 Andrew, I think vacant and numb are the perfect words for that photo.
 Bush has done that to thousands of our bravest soldiers - for reasons he keeps changing.

 St Jude's

Catching something fatal as a kid's gotta suck.

 U2's 'Atomic Bomb' blows away rivals
   840,000 copies not too shabby for old guys

  Click  Here

 Lenny has prostate cancer
  Full recovery is expected for wisecracking TV cop


  Click  Here

 One of my all time favorite lines:
 Someone asked, "Did the husband had a motive for murder?"
 and Lenny replied, "He was married to her."

 Black Texas Woman About to Be Executed Wins Rare Reprieve
 How is this possible?  Was I wrong about him?  Does Giggle Monkey have a heart?
 Oh, ...that's right - he's no longer the Texas governor anymore

  Click  Here

 FDA Advisers Vote Against Female Sex Drug
  Viagra, our top selling drug - but wives can do without?  Who are they screwing?

  Click  Here

 Calif. Diocese Settles Clergy Abuse Cases
  This settlement to be bigger than Boston's $85 million

  Click  Here

 The O. C. diocese reached a settlement with 87 victims of clergy abuse.
 A participant in the settlement negotiations told The AP that the final sum
 would exceed the record $85 million paid to 552 plaintiffs in Boston in 2003.

"I want to take this opportunity to again extend on behalf of the Diocese of Orange
 and myself a sincere apology, a request for forgiveness, and a heartfelt hope for
 reconciliation and healing," said Bishop Tod D. Brown in a statement.

 Brown said the settlement would "fairly compensate the victims in a way that allows
 our church to continue its ministry." the child raping they've been doing for centuries.

 Three thoughts:
552 Boston victims split $85M, and the 87 O.C. victims are spiltting more than that?
   Sounds like the Boston victims got screwed again.  Where is the justice?
Clinton semi-dallied with an adult woman and they crucified him, but these priests
    can write a check have their parish write a check and continue their crime spree against kids?
    Too bad the networks, the special prosecutors and the cable Nazis don't use the same zeal to
    go after real criminals that they used when they went after a man who semi-cheated on his wife.
Funny how the priests don't even have to agree to stop their child rapes.
   The bishops continue to protect raping priests and that, my friends, is organized crime.


 The Subject is: bipartisanship

  Click  Here

 It needed its own page



  Subject:  Who really gets the oil


 (gratuitous and inaccurate personal insult)
 There is no BFEE and they and Halliburton don't get a drop of oil.

 ha ha
 Tell me, in your parallel universe, did we invade Iraq?
 Halliburton is an oil field services company - that's why they're in charge of laundry,
 food distribution and long distance phone service in Iraq, is that what you're saying?

 Tell you what the fuck is going on.
 Your buddies and the fucking UN have taken billions of dollars of oil and given it to
 Saddam Hussein, France, Germany, Russia, Kofi Annan, Cujo Annan and the FOA (Friends Of Annan).
 That's who got the oil.  Why don't you talk about that for a change?  Tell the fucking truth for a change you bastard.

 The allegation is that Annan's son got $150 thousand, one time, in the past.
 This is absolutely outrageous to the right-wing "war is great" Republicans.

 Bush is stealing $100 million per day, right now,  and the right-wing
 "war is great" Republicans are willing to overlook that to chase after Annan's kid?

 You are going to look like the dumb fuck you are when it comes out the only ones profiting from the war are your friends.

 I believe that to be a true statement.
 When that "fact" is proven, that Bush and his evil crime empire made no profit from the war that he started
 for no reason that killed 1263 soldiers and 110,000 civilians in Iraq - I will look foolish on that day.
 But today, and every day until that "fact" is proven, everything I've said is 100 percent true.
 Feel free to suck on that.

 It will be embarrassing as hell for you when nothing is found going to the Bushes.
 That makes you either a (gratuitous and inaccurate personal insult)  or a (gratuitous and inaccurate personal insult)
 You are one of those.

 I believe you just said the Carlyle Group and Halliburton are not involved in this war.
 By any chance, are you a gambler, Ron?

 You are a  (gratuitous and inaccurate personal insult) by the way.
 Ron White

 Ron, as long as you're happy that Bush is stealing $100 million a day, I'm happy.
 You can scream 100 million personal insults at me every day until the end of time, but the facts remain.

 Bush controls Iraq.
 Iraq pumps 2 million barrels a day
 Oil sells for $45 a barrel.
 Bush has an income of $90 million a day.

 Where is that money going, Ron?

 You guys got your panties in a wad when Clinton had a girlfriend.
 It was "the outrage of our lifetime."

 But Bush stealing $90M a day and getting 1263 American soldiers killed
 for reasons that continue to change day after day  - that means nothing to you?

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