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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Powell Lauds Kofi Annan
Putin: Bush Policy 'Dictatorial'
GOP to End Filibusters
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Al Franken: Racist 
Slow-Rolling The Ohio Vote 
Apocalypse Now! 
Thompson's Terror Worries 
New Iraq Prisoner Photos 


Quote of the Day

"For the life of me, I cannot understand why 
  the terrorists have not attacked our food supply 
  because it is so easy to do." 
    --Outgoing Health and Human Services Secretary
       Tommy Thompson, finally free to speak out

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Volume 1454 - Balance of Terror

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  Sunday-Monday   Dec 5-6,  2004                                                                                                                            Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"The phrase should be a contradiction in terms. If someone referred to Christian adulterers,
  Christian drug addicts, Christian prostitutes, Christian pimps, Christian gangsta rappers,
  or Christian acid rockers, most Christians would get an extremely perplexed look on their face.
  But when Christians in the military continue killing for the state, and Christians not in the military
  call for more killing in the name of the state, many Christians don't even raise an eyebrow.
   --Laurence M. Vance,   Attribution

 Powell goes off-message, lauds Kofi Annan
  Powell vs. Norm Coleman (R-Bitch's son) - who do we root for?

  Click  Here

 Powell called Kofi Annan a "good" U.N. secretary-general on Friday, after days in which
 Bush and his hit squad chose not to defend him against a U.S. senator's demand he resign.

"Didn't I fire that meddlesome darkie?"

 Subject: something for your Tip Jar

 Merry Christmas, bart.
 You keep me sane,



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 Russia's Putin Calls Bush Policy 'Dictatorial'
   The "man with a good soul" cannot back Bush any longer

  Click  Here

 Putin accused Bush of pursuing a dictatorial foreign policy and said mounting violence could
 derail progress toward bringing peace and democracy to Iraq.

"Even if dictatorship is packaged in beautiful pseudo-democratic phraseology, it will not be able
 to solve systemic problems. It may even make them worse. Iraq has turned into a major hotbed
 of a terrorist threat, a firing ground and incubator for militants," said Rootin' Tootin' Putin.

 Why is Putin suddenly telling the truth?
 Did the BFEE rescind his seat on Carlyle's board?


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 Subject: the picture of the soldier smoking


 I heard an interview on NPR with the guy who took that photo.

 He said he'd received a lot of grief about it, how it showed the arrogance of the Americans and whatnot.
 He said that in reality they were in an extremely dangerous situation, had been all morning, no one was sure
 if they would live through the end of the day.  They found themselves with a brief respite from the fighting;
 some might have looked at a picture of their kids or a letter from home, this soldier got his small moment
 of pleasure from a smoke, and the journalist happened to catch a photo of it.

 Shortly after, things got bad again, but I guess they made it out.



"Canada is not against America. We're totally against Bush. He's arrogant and ignorant.
  We totally disdain his policies on the war and his treatment of the U.N.    Bush has an
  imperialist attitude where he thinks he can take over countries by bombing them.
  He's courageous to come here because we can't stand him."
     --Fredric White, a Canadian, Attribution


 Senate GOP Seeks to Curtail Filibusters
  The bastards are changing the rules WITHOUT a VOTE!!!!

  Click  Here

 Power-crazy Senate Republicans are trying to do away with the filibuster.

 Bill Frist, (R-Cat Killer), says "tyranny by the minority" must end and he will do whatever it takes.
 That includes what some call the "nuclear option" to stop Democrats from using the filibuster to
 block The Giggler's judicial nominees.

 Frist wants to change Senate rules to make it harder or impossible to filibuster judicial nominations.
 It now takes 60 votes to end debate and bring a nominee to a vote. Even with their new majority of 55,
 it is unclear whether Republicans can reach 60 votes on the most contentious nominees.

 Possibles:: The call it the "nuclear option" - having Cheney declare filibusters unconstitutional.
 A ruling of the chair can be upheld with a simple majority vote.

 I know the gelding Democrats don't care if Bush takes total power, but with the GOP allow it?
 Christ, is this the 9-11 it will take to wake up the won't-come-to-work Democrats?
 Is there nothing that can wake them from their eight-year slumber?

 "We do as we're told by our master, Fearless Leader Dubya!"

  Donate  to

 The Democrats are just one surrender after another.
 Help build  into a powerhouse with some clout.

 If we don't stop the Bush Bastard's crime spree - who will?



"Is This Heaven?"
... the view from Iowa

by Mike Palecek

 Subject: e-mail from 9/29

 You're turning off new voters!
 You're turning off new voters and your old readers!

 Lay off the Democrats and especially Kerry!
 I read your page everyday for years (1999-2003),
 but now I go days or weeks without clinking on your site.

 Basically, you suck!
 Harry S

 Harry, basically, I think I should've pounded them harder.
 Kerry never did wake the hell up - he slept thru the election,
 and then he surrendered before they had a chance to count the votes.

 ...but I do appreciate the feedback.


 Slow-Rolling Democracy in Ohio
  by Robert Parry at

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush's political allies appear to be slow-rolling a requested recount in Ohio, leaving so little time
 that even if widespread voting fraud is discovered, the finding will come too late to derail Bush's second term.

 Though balloting occurred on Nov. 2, more than a month ago, Ohio's Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell
 still hasn't certified an official vote, a move now expected on Monday, Dec. 6. Since Blackwell also has battled requests
 from third-party candidates for an expedited recount, a review of Ohio's vote now won't begin until Dec. 13, at the earliest,
 according to Blackwell's office. [See Boston Globe, Dec. 1, 2004]

 But the Dec. 13 date is the same day the electors of the Electoral College meet to formally select the President.  So even if
 the recount uncovers enough fraud to reveal John Kerry as the rightful winner in Ohio, it would be too late to change that outcome.

 Meanwhile, as Ohio's official foot-dragging has gone on, Bush's election-night lead has continued to shrink with the counting
 of overseas and provisional ballots. The Associated Press reported on Dec. 3 that its vote tally of Ohio's 88 counties showed
 Kerry narrowing Bush's lead to 119,000 votes from about 136,000 votes, leaving Bush with a 2 percent lead.

 But Kerry also might stand to gain a substantial number of votes from a recount that would examine ballots thrown out by
 antiquated punch-card voting machines. They are  used mostly in poor areas, especially African-American neighborhoods
 that are Democratic strongholds. Other voters, believing that Ohio's electronic systems were susceptible to vote rigging,
 have sought audits to check for tampering.

 I wish Kerry hadn't surrendered so quickly.
 I wish Kerry had chosen to stay and fight.
 I wish our side had wanted to win this contest.


 Subject:  saddest story ever

 I read recently that the pilot that flew Bush down onto the aircraft carrier was KIA.

 Not a peep on this from Bush, minimal from the press.
 I think I read it on Buzzflash, but I've had anasthesia since then, so no telling.

 Can you confirm?
 Holly in Albuquerque

 Not at this time - anybody have a link for that story?


"But you've got to kill the terrorists before the killing stops.
  And I'm for the president to chase them all over the world.
  If it takes 10 years, blow them all away in the name of the Lord."
    --Jerry Falwell, America's moral conscience, on Wolf the Whorer,   Attribution

 Isn't the president lucky to have spiritual advisor who will scream,
 "Murder all the bastards," whenever the president is faced with a decision?


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and they make great Christmas presents!


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 Subject: regarding Rev Stroud (gay minister)

 Bart, as much as I support Rev. Stroud, the United Methodist Church acted within its purview.
 Rev. Stroud knew that what she was doing was in violation of canon law and she chose to do it anyway.

 Now I would argue strenuously that canon law is wrong (and it is a shame that six witnesses for
 Rev. Stroud weren't allowed to speak to this issue), but by her choice to be a Methodist minister
 she subjected herself to the rules and discipline of the denomination.

 The good news is that her local church continues to support her, and if she wants to continue
 in the pastoral ministry there are other denominations to which she could go.


 I understand, but when Rosa Parks got on that bus in 1955, she subjected herself to the rules
 which said she had to go to the back and she ended up changing history - or so the story goes.

 I know nothing of Rev Stroud, but what if she's another Rosa parks?
 Shame on thise close-minded idiots who freeze out "God's children" for petty political reasons.

 On their very best day, I, BartCop, am more Christlike than any of them
 and I pity the fool who wants a piece of that in the live chat room.


 Wholesale Slaughters for Christ
   Let us slayeth in His name, all praise to Jesus!

   Click  Here

"What is a Christian going to do when he faces God at the Judgment and has to give an account of his actions?
 Suppose he is asked a simple question: "Why did you kill those people defending their homes in Iraq?"
 And suppose he replied: "Because the U.S. government told me to."

 What do you suppose would be the Lord's reaction to such a reply? But what else could a man say?
 He could not say that the United States was under attack.
 He could not say that Iraq was a threat to the United States.
 He could not say that he was protecting his family.
 He could not say that he was protecting his property.
 He could not even legitimately say that he was protecting himself, since he was in fact a trespasser
 on someone else's property intending to do the owner great bodily harm."

 These are very simple questions that no Bush backer can answer.
 When you murder over 100,000 innocent civilians, shouldn't you have a reason?

 Bernard Goetz killed 3-4, and we sent him to prison.
 The Son of Sam killed less than a dozen, and he's in prison for life.
 Ted Bundy killed how many, 25?  ...and we executed him.
 That al-Zaqaurwi dude killed a few hundred, and he has a $25M bounty on his head.
 Bush's partner Osama killed 3,000, and he's hunted worldwide (probably.)

 ...but George Bush kills 100,000 and wins re-election as "the morality president."

 People of America - what happened to your sense of decency?


 Navy Probes New Iraq Prisoner Photos
  But don't worry, it's just "a few bad apples" again

  Click  Here

 The U.S. military has launched an investigation into photographs that show Navy SEALs in Iraq sitting
 on hooded and handcuffed detainees, and photos of what appear to be bloodied prisoners, one with a gun to his head.

 Some of the photos have date stamps suggesting they were taken in May 2003, which could make them
 the earliest evidence of possible abuse of prisoners in Iraq. The far more brutal practices photographed
 in Abu Ghraib prison occurred months later."


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Al Franken: Racist?


    Click  Here


 Subject: Scott Peterson

 The thing is he probably did it but since he couldn't prove his innocence...

 ...wait a sec, what country was this again????

 I'm so old, I remember when the justice system said,
"It's better that 100 guilty men go free than one innocent person be jailed."

 Now it's, "He probably did it, let's execute him."

 Subject: who cares about that ?

 American public sure takes the bait of REAL scandal once again in the Scott Peterson trial
 publicized to coincide with the taking of Fallujah.
 When will they ever learn to look away and notice what the military is hiding from them?

 Murders are tried and innocents are executed all the time here and whenever a smoke screen
 needs to be erected, the press is always willing to comply. Shame on all of you debating this shit
 while hundreds of civilians are being murdered and their cities razed so you can drive your SUV's.

 It's time for you to take notice of what is being done in your name while you idle away your time
 with domestic violence voyeurism.
 Kim V

 Kim, when the government wants to execute you without any proof,
 will you be upset if I mention your case twice a week?



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 Bush Downplays Thompson's Food/Terror Worries
  What does Thompson know? He's only Bush's Food Czar

  Click  Here

 Bush played down on Saturday a stark warning from his resigning health chief that the
 nation's food supply is largely unprotected from terror attack. He said that the government
 is doing what it can to safeguard the public from threats, but much work remains.

"We're a large country, with all kinds of avenues where somebody could inflict harm," said Bush,
  asked about the uppity Secretary's remarks. "We've made a lot of progress in protecting our country,
 and there's more work to be done, and this administration is committed to doing it. Protecting our food
 is hard work - everybody knows that. We're completely safe and getting more safer."


 Subject: Meta-monkey mail

 Bart, you published:

> "But EPA official Kevin Mayer called for calm, saying  in an interview Tuesday:
> 'Alarm is not warranted. That is clear. This is just as harmless as breathing the air at Ground Zero after 9/11.'"

 I suspect that not all of your readers will realize that you added the last sentence to what you
 label as an "excerpt" from another media source, since you give no warning when you do this.
 And then your very next sentence refers to government lying.

 I'm reminded that when Rush Limbaugh is confronted with his own false statements, he defends himself by
 claiming to be a mere entertainer. I see no reason to accord any more legitimacy to your similar claim of
 humorous intent. Willful misquotation without notice is just plain dishonest, and gives some honest red meat
 to the right-wing media critics, not to mention constituting grounds for a libel suit.

 Dan K

 Dan, I disagree.
I constantly tell people not to use   as a research site.
   Rush tells his sheep, "Don't watch the news or the Sunday shows,
   I'll watch them for you and tell you what to think."

Rush constantly refers to himself as a role model and a "legend."
   I remind people I'm a tequila drinking Okie with an IQ of 64.

Rush depends on the stupidity of his listeners to make money.
   That's why he constantly refers to "Saddam and the 9/11 attacks."

Rush constantly feeds the perception that he is "a way of life," and they buy that,
   even tho he's thrice divorced and fighting to stay out of prison due to his heroin problems.

You say, "Willful misquotation without notice is just plain dishonest."
    Look at the second word that appears on this page every day.
    Rush doesn't bill himself as a humorist, he bills himself as God's gift to humanity
    and he tells his sheep he's been proven correct 98.3 percent of the time.

You also said, "...not to mention constituting grounds for a libel suit."

  ha ha
  I'd sure like to see somebody try.
  I've been trying to get sued for 118 months.

 Also, every quote comes with attribution, so if you're not sure of the quote,
 you always have the option to double-check it - if you're the type who clicks links.

 If you're looking for lefties fighting back without the humor, I suggest you check out:
 Buzzflash, consortiumnews, talkingpointsmemo, Atrois,, thedailyhowler, bushwatch,
 onlinejournal, makethemaccountable, michaelmoore, slate, salon, moveon, workingforchange,
 alternet, democraticunderground, blackcommentator, commondreams, and tons more...

 To the best of my knowledge, every one of those sites is run by TEAM of people.
 I get lots of help from great people, but the Tequila Treehouse is still a one-man operation.
 Since I can't research or verify or investigate or even plan a damn day in advance, I chose
 the humor path which means I'm free to say whatever I want. With a crazed killer like Bush
 in charge of our country, we need all the humor we can get.

 ...and if some "right-wing media critics," have a complaint about,
 I'll print their letters but I might not be as nice to them as I was to you..

 Maybe I should be flattered that you compare me to the 280 million dollar man.
 I, too, wonder how much money I could make if I was a Bush-loving, truth-avoiding,
 right-wing scumbag who would sell out his mother for just a nickle, but we'll never know.



"I had a son in October. I haven't met him yet. I was mostly wanting to get home for him.
  All the wives knew first. This is hardest on them, I think."
   --Sgt. Eric Wing, 24, after Bush made 10,000 troops stay in Iraq several months longer than promised, Attribution

 I wonder how many of those 10,000 will die because Bush lied?

 Whatever that fiugure is, the military and their families will still love Bush no matter what
 because he's not Clinton, who never sent a man into battle who didn't come home.


 Subject: Methodist lesbian minister

 It always amazes me when moralistic religious zealots get on their self-righteous condemnation
 of one transgression or another. They seem to have no problem with rampart runaway piggish
 consumerism, flooding the world with countless tons of needless toxic poisons.

 The simple act of driving a car, poisons the driver, their children, their neighbors, the country and the world.
 Look in any parking spot and you will see carcinogens, and poisons left behind to be washed into the
 environment with disastrous consequences for all living creatures on the planet (not to mention what comes
 out of the exhaust pipe.) The sanctimonious finger pointing barkers of bigotry, so soaked up with  superficial
 and phony spiritual scum don't appear to have any troubles, questions or the slightest pangs of conscience a
 bout  these types of sins.

 But by golly, let two people of the same sex love each other and do no harm to the Earth with their love,
 then they are to be scorned, shunned, ridiculed, attacked, tortured or  killed, all in the name of some
 (all merciful?and mythical ?) God.

 These whores of hatred are so easily manipulated by our corrupt power hungry politicians, democracy,
 freedom, common sense, scientific reasoning hardly stand a chance.

 Bart keep on swinging that sledge!!
 Marc W

 Marc, the way I understand it, fighting the gay community was one of God's top priorities, but He
 forgot to include a reference to that in the Ten Commandments because He makes a lot of mistakes.


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

"Fallujah is going to be right up there among the most successful battles in Iraq.
It's where the rubber meets the road. That is where our heroes did their best.''
  Maj. Tom Davis, 45, of St. Cloud, Minn.

  1244, 1255, 1263, 1273, dead heroes so far.

They got  10 since yesterday.

The bad news?

Chevron-Texaco stock had not yet doubled from this war.

C'mon boys, can't you try a little harder?


"Think of what's happened in Iraq. Twenty-five million people have been liberated.
  The schools are open with new textbooks, the hospitals are open, the clinics are open,
  the stock market's open, people are coming back into the country."
      --Donald Rumsfeld, to Bill O'Reilly (R-Butt Vibrator),  Attribution

 Who do people complain about conditions in Iraq?
 Rummy says it's f-ing Paradise over there, so why do people complain?


 I need to talk to Keith at Apple, the dude who helped us with Tommy Mack's computer.

 The puter is acting like Linda Blair with PMS so we're hoping to hear from you :)

  Keith Urgent


"The Chinese are avoiding a recession and perhaps a worldwide depression
  by buying up excess dollars and thereby supporting the value of the dollar.
  The fate of the United States, and the fate of the world, is in the hands of the Chinese.
  The dollar has to fall; the question is how far and how fast. The longer we wait,
  the worse it will be."
    --Paul Heise, "U.S. dollar dangles in the dust",  Attribution

 I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty tired of Bush's good puppy media explaining why
 it's actually good that the dollar is going down faster than Ann Coulter on USS Lincoln sailors.

 Reminder: Bush is borrowing money from his good friends the Chinese to give to the Clintons,
 Barbara Streisand, Martin Sheen, Michael Moore, Alec baldwin and the other super-rich in Hollywood.

 Did you ever see the MASH episode when Winchester loaned money to someone, maybe Klinger,
 and Klinger had to do anything Winchester requested until the loan was paid back. So Klinger
 became his servant, fetching this and doing that, until the money was repaid in full.

 That's what we have here.

 Bush is beholden to the Chinese.
 He owes then.
 They have favors coming to them - but that's none of our business, right?

 Osama has changed the United States forever - Bush let him do that.
 The Saudis have had the Bush family on a string for decades, and now the Chinese
 are in a position to tell Bush what to do or they may decide to call in their loans.

 Wait - let me guess:  This is all in God's Master Plan for Fearless Leader Dubya?

 St Jude's

Catching something fatal as a kid's gotta suck.

 Sirhen Sirhan wants Ambassador Hotel preserved
  "Evidence in the walls can prove him innocent," scumbag's lawyer says.

  Click  Here

 Yankees may ax Giambi for steroid use
  I know Steinbrenner - he wouldn't accept a tainted World Series trophy

  Click  Here

 Woman Auctions Father's Ghost on eBay
  To the same loser who bought the $25K cheese sandwich?

  Click  Here

 Police Raid Michael Jackson's Neverland - again!
  If they STILL have no evidence, why don't they give up?

  Click  Here

Our 11th Holy Commandment,
one the Senate Democrats obey religiously

 Apocalypse Now!
  Why I voted for Bush

  Click  Here

 Praise Jesus! It is with a cheerful heart that I tell you that the end of the world is right around the corner.
 It may be a matter of weeks, not decades, before the Lord's sandals touch down on what our wonderful
 President calls "terror firma." Yes, as soon as the Lord Jesus arrives on Earth He will start kicking human
 trash out of His way, making a beeline to a handful of folks He actually wants to join Him in Heaven while
 sending everyone from Chinamen to Episcopalians hurling straight towards the fiery volcanic vulva that marks
 the entrance to Satan's abode.


 Subject: Al Franken: racist

 If you took some time to read Horowitz's Biography you would find that the Man is no Racist,
 an ex Communist who has done more to progress the Black cause than most of us he is a known quantity.

 Bartcop, you are just as shrill as anyone on the NAACP.
 Neil E

 Neil, I didn't say Horowitz was a racist.
 I said he was a fucktard, and I won't read a biography written by a fucktard.

 He wants Franken to apologize for unmentioned crimes that have yet to be listed.
 You, too, have failed to apologize for the crimes I will accuse you of in January 2005.
 How can you live with yourself?



 Subject: you want tips?

 So now you want tips?

 Here's one - SELL PORN.
 At least that might save your dying little empire....

 Have a nice weekend!
 Shamus the friendly Stalker

 Shamus, thanks for the suggestion.

 There's a lot of money in that business, but I must say "no" to you -- and I'll give you my reasons.
 It's true, I have a lot of friends in politics, but they wouldn't be friendly very long if they knew my business
 was selling porn instead of political humor, which they rule that as a -- harmless vice. But porn is a dirty business. far as my "dying little empire," my tip jar made over nine dollars this weekend.


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