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Troops Complain to Rumsfeld 
Fallujans to face clampdown
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Village Voice after Al Sharpton
Tulsa Tavern Killer Indicted
Pygmy Chimps to be Extinct?
Basketballers Face Charges
Monkey gets a new costume 


 Quote of the Day

"During times of war, hatred becomes quite 
  respectable even though it has to masquerade 
  often under the guise of patriotism."  
    --Howard Thurman,              Attribution

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Volume 1456 - The Devil in the Dark

  Wed-Thursday   Dec 8-9,  2004                                                                                                                          Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"We were shooting up people as they got out of their cars trying to put their hands up.
  I don't know if the Iraqis thought we were celebrating their new democracy. I do know that
  we killed innocent civilians. I was never clear on who the enemy was. If you have no enemy
  or you do not know who the enemy is, what are you doing there?"
  --Jimmy Massey, 33, saying he had seen troops shoot civilians at road blocks,   Attribution

 Disgruntled Troops Complain to Rumsfeld
  They're tired of getting maimed and dying for no damn reason

  Click  Here

 Disgruntled soldiers complained to Rumsfeld on Wednesday about the lack of armor
 for their vehicles and long deployments, drawing a blunt retort from the smarmy bastard.
"You go to war with the Army you have," he snarled at them..

 Some of soldiers had criticisms of how the war is being fought.  Army Spc. Thomas Wilson
 asked Rumsfeld why vehicle armor is still in short supply, nearly two years after the war started.
"Why do we soldiers have to dig through local landfills for pieces of scrap metal and compromised
 ballistic glass to uparmor our vehicles?" Wilson asked. A big cheer arose from the approximately
 2,300 soldiers in the cavernous hangar who assembled to see and hear the secretary of defense.

 Rumsfeld, needing extra time to think of a smarmy comeback, asked Wilson to repeat his question,
 then finally rerplied, "You can have all the armor in the world on a tank and it can still be blown up."

 Another soldier asked how much longer the Army will continue using its "stop loss" power to prevent
 soldiers from leaving the service who are otherwise eligible to retire or quit.  Rumsfeld said that this
 condition was "simply a fact of life for soldiers at time of war."

 Gee, Rummy knows how to say "fuck you" in so many different ways. I hope these soldiers are happy
 with their "We love Bush" votes.  They could've had a Commander-in-Chief who's been there and done that,
 a man who understands what war is about and understands what soldiers go thru, but these guys decided
 they wanted a snot-nosed, drunken, coked- out rich prick in charge of their lives, instead, so they're forced
 to live with that (or die from it) for at least the next four years. Not a smart move, guys.

 On Randi Rhodes Wednesday, she played the audio of this exchange and asked why the networks ignored it.
 The question was rhetorical because she knows why - no matter how many soldiers Bush gets killed,
 the networks will protect him with the same zeal they attacked Clinton every f-ing day.

 As you know, I'm with the troops more than most Democrats, but it's a little harder for me to have sympathy
 for them when they chose an unqualified Monkey to make decisions for them. Since Kerry isn't an arrogant
 bastard, his presidency would've enabled other nations to get involved so our troops could come home,

 ...but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

 A majority of these guys voted to stay there.

"Those troops are just whiners - they have it plenty good over there..."


 Subject: something for your Tip Jar

 Background: Fella sent a contribution - I thanked him.

> Joel, thanks for the donation.
> I'm going to tell Santa about you

 He wrote back:

 No problem.
 Tell Santa i want a eligible Democrat with balls, charisma,
 and a deep desire to change our country for the better.
 Oh, and the secret Halliburton memo's would be nice too.

 Santa knows what's up, after all, he's a Democrat, too.

 ...who else would give free shit to poor people?

 peace and prosperity brudda,

 ...that was cool.


  Click to leave a tip

 Returning Fallujans to face clampdown
  This is the kind of "freedom" Muslims could learn to hate


  Click  Here

 The US military is drawing up plans to keep insurgents from regaining control of this battle-scarred city,
 but returning residents may find that the measures make Fallujah look more like a police state than the
 democracy they have been promised.  Under the plans, troops would funnel Fallujans to so-called
 citizen processing centers on the outskirts of the city to compile a database of their identities through
 DNA testing and retina scans. (What? No arm tattoos?)

 Residents would receive badges displaying their home addresses that they must wear at all times.
 Buses would ferry them into the city, where cars, the deadliest tool of suicide bombers, would be banned.

 They must be very happy that Godly Bush has "freed" them.


 Subject: those Bush bastards

"Let's go get those Bush bastards" is a very unifying statement -- the only ones left out are the Bush bastards!
 Every kind of progressive can relate to something that the Bush bastards have done to hurt America,
 and the progressives need to unite to do something about it.

 But we also need an alternative to the current leaders of the Democratic Party -- we need some folks who WANT
 to make Karl Rove mad.  We need leaders who are able to articulate progressive views on news shows and on Capital Hill.

 BTW, did I miss something? Since when is Michael Moore a sellout?


 Marie, I don't think Moore sold out, but he did say some semi-nice things about Bush,
 including that "Bush got more votes in the election," which may or may not be true.

 Also, he cut his hair and shaved his beard, but hell, he's a dozen millionaire now.
 It might seem phoney if he wore the dirty coat and baseball cap being a dozen millionaire.



"I should clarify what I wrote in this space last night about Countdown's interaction with Bev Harris
  of Black Box Voting. My staff is not certain that any of our messages to Ms. Harris inviting her on
  the show since the week of November 15 have specifically asked her for permission to play the
  videotapes of her work trying to audit the Florida vote. We think so, but I've got only three people
  booking all the guests on this program, and they each probably make about 100 calls a day.

 Complicating our effort is the fact that even as we hoped to provide a platform to publicize and
 illuminate her efforts, Ms. Harris had returned none of the messages left on her own voicemail
 by Countdown staffers since she spoke to our staffers briefly, twice, during the week of November 8.
 Only today (Dec 2) did she even get back in touch with us, and was so belligerent, threatening, and
 demanding, that we have chosen to withdraw our invitation to her to appear, or to have videotape
 of her efforts played, on Countdown.    Threats against myself or my staff will not be tolerated.
   -- MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, Attribution     Part One of ...

 Keith, if you were a regular at  we could've saved you a lot of time with Bev Harris.
 That nutty Bev accused Ol' Bart of filing some lawsuit that would help Bush steal elections.
 Do I seem like the type of guy who'd help Bush do any g-damn thing?

 ...and then she turned around and filed that very same lawsuit that she said would help Bush.
 Maybe the "Clinton cigar" business isn't as good as it was years ago...


 Political Contradictions of the Right
  The smoke and mirrors of right-wing hypocrisy

  Click  Here

 As right-wing forces consolidate their control over the commanding heights of national power, reaping the fruits
 of both their mobilization and liberals' demobilization, it has become increasingly urgent for serious progressives
 to examine the outstanding contradictions which mark many of the Right's main political positions. For as conservatism
 gains more power and prominence, it becomes increasingly difficult for it to sustain momentum by merely blaming its
 favorite boogeyman - the now marginalized "left" - as causing all America's ills. Stripped of this crucial crutch,
 conservatism's bold advance regresses into a limping gait - a fact of some consequence - but only if we are willing
 to expose and attack the Right's weaknesses and inconsistencies.


 Subject: Bush's flight suit pilot

 Please, no conspiracy theories.
 There are plenty of wackos out there.
 The pilot who carried Bush to his early campaign opportunity has not been hidden.


 Joe, that's not what I meant.
 Dozens of people sent links to Zellem's story that didn't work,
 mostly because the news organizations took their pages down.

 At  we don't take anything down. Liars like Rush say,
"Mark my words," but you can't because he doesn't archive his lies.


 Tulsa Grand jury indicts man in death of tavern owner  
 A Tulsa County grand jury has indicted a man in the death of Deadtown Tavern owner Shawn Howard.
 Terry Badgewell was indicted on an allegation of first-degree murder in connection with the bar owner's June death. 

 Badgewell -- who is in custody in Arkansas on unrelated matters -- also was indicted on an allegation of assault
 and battery with a dangerous weapon concerning injuries to bar manager Josh Martin in the same incident.

 Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris had previously refused to file charges against Badgewell,
 ruling that evidence supported his claim that he acted in self-defense.

 Howard sustained fatal head injuries when Badgewell, who at the time was homeless, used a pipe to hit
 Howard and Martin. Howard died June 25, one day after being hospitalized with severe head injuries.

 Badgewell contends he was punched in the face in a confrontation with Howard and Martin and that he
 picked up the pipe to defend himself. Both Howard and Martin had brass knuckles that police recovered,
 Harris wrote in a June 30 news release concerning his decision not to pursue charges.

 Friends and relatives of Howard, dissatisfied with that decision, had pushed for the grand jury investigation.
 Because of Harris' earlier involvement in the case, Gene Haynes, district attorney for Rogers, Mayes and
 Craig counties, served as legal adviser for grand jurors.

 The grand jury also looked at separate questions concering allegations of rape and solicitation of a minor for sex
 against a former Department of Public Safety employee. No indictments were return in connection with those allegations.



"Out of the ashes of September 11th rose one man, and he stood on the
  rubble of lower Manhattan with a bullhorn, and he said, "I will protect you."
  And he did. And we were never attacked again.'
   -- Michael Moore on the Tonight Show,   Attribution

 I wouldn't call that 'selling out,' but I'm pretty sure
 that I'm never going to be that nice to The Monkey.


We've got the best books by the best authors
and they make great Christmas presents!

 Subject: Pearl Harbor

 Back in 2001, you wrote a great article on Pearl Harbor, including dismissing the conspiracy idiots.
 I have no idea what is trying to accomplish by dredging up the same discredited nonsense.

 I expect conservatives to trash FDR's memory, but our side should know better.
 Keep putting hammer on the family,



 We think they don't get it.
 They think we don't get it.

 The difference?

 We're willing to enter a live chat room and see whose ideas can stand scrutiny.
 They insist on screened phone calls, sympathetic guests and signed pledges of loyalty at the door.
 If it's a fair fight, they don't stand a chance - so they f-ing cheat.
 It's the only way they can win.

 Think how degrading it would be if I called myself a "Democratic activist," and there was some
 loud-mouthed Okie on the internet whining year after year about the left being unwilling to debate him.

 Why, I'd expect my readers to write and ask, "Bart, why don't you shut this guy up?"
 Apparently, their side is quite tolerant when it come to the deficiencies of their standard bearers.

 Their top spokesman has a hillbilly heroin problem,
 their morals czar has lost millions by gambling in a casino, drunk and alone in his underwear.
 Their top TV propagandist harrasses women with a cock-shaped vibrator up his butt,
 and their illegally elected leader is a wartime-deserting, drunken bumble-monkey..

 Damn, that's gotta suck.

 Meet Mike Malloy


 Atlanta Truthseekers:

 Mike will speak before the Atlanta Democrat Meet-Up Group
 at their year-end holiday meeting at Carpe Diem in Decatur GA   on Wed. 12/15 at 7PM.
 All are welcome to attend:

 105 Sycamore Place Decatur, Georgia 30030


 Go meet Mike, and tell him, "Bart says Hey!"


 Also, did you realize...
 Air America Radio is exploding?  (That's good)

 Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Albuquerque, Columbus, Denver,
 Minneapolis, Santa Fe, Atlanta (Mike's home) Boston, Miami, Philly, West Palm, etc,.

 I don't hear anybody laughing at them anymore.

 Village Voice goes after Al Sharpton
   Didn't they used to be a left-leaning paper?

    What they think of Al Sharpton.

  Click  Here

 In an effort to protect himself from the scandal detailed here, Al Sharpton is apparently willing
 to use his wife as a shield, even if it means making her a target. He has had his highs in this city
  - his organization of the Diallo protests in Giuliani time, for example - but now, at this moment
 of his greatest national prominence, he has sunk to a new low.

 This story will not examine any allegation about Kathy Sharpton, though sources close to Sharpton,
 directly and through others, did "inform" us of one. This is the story of Al Sharpton gone wild.

 I must assume Sharpton's attackers are getting paid by the word.
 They spend the first several paragraphs telling you how great their super-scoop is, but I'm a busy
 man and I have no time to wade thru self-serving gibberish, looking for their super-scoop. If they
 have something on Sharpton, they should get the hell to it without all the hand-jobbing.

 I wonder why Wayne Barrett, Eric Cantor, Deborah S. Esquenazi, Emily Keller, Eric Magnuson,
 Ben Reiter, and Daniel Ten Kate all teamed up to write this probably-unfair Sharpton hit piece.
 Is there an opening for a slug at FOX News?

 Add to that, did Wayne Barrett steal an idea/story from ?
 With a few seconds digging on Barrett, I found this:

 The Ad That Beats Bush        September 14th, 2004
  How Kerry could craft a Bin Laden commercial that makes him president

  Click  Here

 The ad starts with Bush and his September 14, 2001, bullhorn. This time, though, it's a Kerry commercial
 that reminds swing-state Americans of Bush's blood vow - precisely three years ago - that "the people
 who knocked down these buildings" would "hear all of us soon." The cowboy soundbites that we would
"smoke 'em out" track across the screen with any network's footage of the "wanted dead or alive" culprits: .

 The last visual is of Bush momentarily forced at a March 2002 press conference to discuss bin Laden:
 "I just don't spend that much time on him, to be honest with ya."

 That was in an August BCR Show - did Barrett steal that?  Sure, it's possible for two or even 20 writers
 to come up with the same idea seperately, but this Barrett guy gives off a suspicious stench that I don't like.
 Maybe my first impression is wrong - maybe Barrett is a decent guy, but from that handjob he did on Sharpton,
 I sure got a lousy first (and second) impression from the guy.

 With all the evil going on right now, (100K+ dead in Iraq, 1250 soldiers, and the Bush Crime Spree,)
 they figure now's the time to go after Sharpton for not living with his wife?  maybe it's none of their f-ing
 busniess where Sharpton goes to sleep.  Maybe Barrett is a Kenneth Starr in training?


Marty's Entertainment Page

 FDR 'knew' about Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor?
    ljbk  replies to right-wing attack on FDR

  Click  Here

 Aware of the horrors of Japan's invasion of Manchuria and "the Rape of Nanking" (among many other beastly
 Japanese aggressions, including the invasion and slaughters in Korea), Roosevelt decided to DEPLOY the
 US Navy Pacific Fleet FROM San Diego TO Pearl Harbor as a sort of warning to Japan that the US fleet
 WOULD be SERIOUS about defending the Pacific.  Admiral ____ was contemptous of this deployment
 (Roosevelt's plan) and ran kicking and screaming to Congress to have the deployment reversed, and to have
 the Pacific Fleet maintained at San Diego.  So, Roosevelt FIRED HIM, and replaced him with Admiral Kimmel.




"I'd like to see the government get out of war altogether
  and leave the whole field to private individuals.
    - Joseph Heller, ...wasn't he the bomb dude?  Attribution


 Subject: thanks

 i just had to drop another line giving you some accolades. it ceases to amaze me how many people  ('peers',
 'like-minded associates', 'supporters') are just looking for reasons to not support you anymore.  how can anyone
 who has REALLY been reading your site everyday, as is so often claimed right before saying you've gone too far,
 to STILL NOT GET YOU?!?! (not to mention to still give the pink tutu democrats any benefit of the doubt?)

 i just love when someone comes up with an argument (even one i might have originally agreed with like the peterson
 media distraction) but you come up with a simple way to deflect their criticism (in this case back at the media for
 declaring his guilt and the criminal just-us system in not proving his guilt), and show them the side that makes it
 THEIR story too. and i think that adds a lot of value to your 'humor' page. (and i only put quotes around humor
 because i laugh at most major media sources more than your site, not because i disagree that yours is a humor site.)

 what made me write this was your response to the meta-monkey mail from dan k. my first response was just to
 laugh it off and chalk it up as another pseudo-supporter looking for a reason to claim the high-road to your realism/cynicism.
 but you gave him a very well thought out and reasoned counter-argument. not even an argument per se (another way to
 distinguish between you and birch barlow) but more of an "i understand what you're saying, but it doesn't sound like
 you've considered these facts before coming to your conclusion". very respectful and even handed.
 and yet you are still accused of being rash, rude, stupid, and a number of unbacked versions of the word liar
 (i love how they never have quotes to prove you wrong, just 'you're an ignorant fuc*wad and you know it!')

 okay, enough blabber. kudos from someone who doesn't always agree 100% with you (maybe 90%) but really
 appreciates what you're doing with your time and always takes something from your point of view. (i wonder how
 many angry letters to the editor the 'liberals' that complain to you have written in response to the iraq war, losing
 civil rights, sexism, racism, union busting or any number of things that should be EVERYONE'S FIGHT, instead
 of getting pissed and taking away the 10 bucks they were never going to send you.

 so, look in your tip bucket for yet another version of a thanks."



Hearing the Hammer of Truth
is more powerful than reading it.

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 Now He Tells Us
  Why was Thompson silent all these years?

  Click  Here

"After announcing his resignation as secretary of Health and Human Services on Friday, Tommy Thompson
 finally revealed his concerns about the government's shortcomings in providing health and human services.
"I worry about [the new prescription drug benefit] every single night," he said, because it bars the federal
 government from negotiating with drug companies for low prices. Oh, and a recent avian flu outbreak
"is a really huge bomb" that could soon kill 30 million to 70 million people, he added. And, of course,
 there was his well-publicized remark about a food supply unprotected from terrorism."

 It's pretty obvious in the Monkey administration that their first loyalty if to Bush,
 and if there's any left over ...America might come in second.



 The fabulous and talented Tally of 's La Femme Perspective
 is looking for a literary agent or book publisher to get involved with a project.
 She is writing a children's book and needs to connect with some book people.

 If you're one of those, or know one of those, contact her at

 Subject: Fox News infests Clear Channel

 The push to legitimize Fox is spreading everywhere, even on the other side of the spectrum.
 Philadelphia's NPR outlet, WHYY, apparently has a deal to plug Fox News in its "Morning Edition" local newscasts.

 Every day, numerous stories blithely insert the line, "So-And-So told the media and Fox News that..."
"The media and Fox News"?  How gratuitous!  How paid-for! How like fingernails on a blackboard!

 Once upon a time, I would have heard that as "the legitimate media and that other outfit" -- like saying
"the newspapers and the National Inquirer." But not anymore. NPR has evidently sold out, like everyone else.
 I called to tell them that every time they assault my ears with that stomach-turning semi-subliminal phrase I change the station.
 Didn't do any good, of course, but I feel better letting them know someone's onto them.




"They say we can't prevail. I see that violence and say we must win."
   --Donald Rumsfeld, confusing what he wants with reality,   Attribution


 Subject: God's flowers

 I heard recently on NPR that the Israeli army is using marijuana
 to treat soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder with positive results.

 I'm glad we have W to save our troops (and cancer patients) from this evil plant.

 KC, great e-mail, Dude.
 It's my best guess that pot's primary effect is one of relaxation.

 What does a stressed-out person need most?

 I'm not saying pot is the answer to everything,
 but what if YOUR doctor says, "Yeah, we've seen positive results with that."

 How you gonna tell your son back from Fallujah, "Pot is dangerous?"


 Pygmy Chimpanzees on Brink of Extinction
  Republicans asked to donate DNA

  Click  Here

 Pygmy chimpanzees, one of the Democrat's closest living relatives, is near extinction
 in The Republiac of Congo, conservation group WWF International said on Thursday.


 Can anyone explain John Melendez?

 Of all the people in show busniess, how did John get that gig-of-a-lifetime on Leno?
 What, Courtney Love turned it down?
 Danny Bonneduche couldn't get out of his contract?
 Joey Buttafucco refused to move to LA?

 If you don't know, John was "Stuttering John" fron the Howard Stern Show.
 Plus his stutter is merely a memory - did John conquer stuttering?
 Assuming his stutter was real, how does he get a ultra-top-tier announcing job?

 What does that job pay per year, maybe $600K plus expenses?
 Leno could've gotten anybody from Lyle Waggoner to Don Pardo.
 He could've gotten Spalding Gray, if he was still alive.

 More important - why John Melendez?
 I mostly like the guy, no hard feelings, but why?

 Did Jay "rescue" John from Stern, like a dog from the pound?

 Rude Rich - got anything on this?


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

"Fallujah is going to be right up there among the most successful battles in Iraq.
It's where the rubber meets the road. That is where our heroes did their best.''
  Maj. Tom Davis, 45, of St. Cloud, Minn.

  1255, 1263, 1273, 1276, dead heroes so far.


"As election day approaches, we can expect further violence from the terrorists.
  You see, the terrorists understand what is at stake. They know they have no future
  in a free Iraq, because free people never choose their own enslavement."
   --Dubya, in costume at Camp Pendleton, Dec. 7, 2004,   Attribution


 We know that last phrase is true because the Iraqi people don't want us there.

 Subject: Pearl Harbor


 I have been reading your webpage ever since I moved to the US of A and it really has helped me
 keep a sane brain and to convince my friends and family that not all Americans are Bush-loving idiots...

 Anyway, it's the first time I write you because your "rant" about FDR and Pearl Harbor made me tick.
 I'm surprised you got so upset about this - for the record, the way history was taught at my high school
 (in Switzerland) is that indeed Pearl Harbor was deliberately provoked by the US to have a motive for
 entering WWII... I thought that Japanese documents found after the war proved that.

 In fact, I was really surprised when I moved here to see that American kids are not taught about this,
 you must be one of the only countries that still hang on the thought that Pearl Harbor could not have been avoided!
 Anyway, just my 2c.

 Keep swingin' that hammer, it's one of the best ways to improve America's image abroad - it sure could use some help there!!


 Martin, I don't know the "facts" of Pearl Harbor.
 What "upset" me is that the writer told us what FDR was really thinking.


"I was walking to the chow hall with my unit and we were yelling, 'Train to kill, kill we will,'
  over and over again. I kind of snuck a peek around me and saw all my colleagues getting
  red in the face and hoarse yelling, and at that point, a light went off in my head and I said,
  'You know, I made the wrong career decision.'"
    --Spc. Jeremy Hinzman, on 60 minutes, warning young people not to make the same mistake,  Attribution

 Subject: FDR and Pearl Harbor


 FDR knew how to play politics and he knew when he stopped selling oil and steel
 to Japan that they would consider it a hostile act and could very well do something rash.

 That very well could be true.
 But unless FDR said that, in writing or with witnesses present, that's just a guess.

 It is well known among us historians that FDR was looking for a way to help his friend Churchill,
 even if it meant the deaths of hundreds of thousands of our soldiers.
  Paul from Amherst, N.Y.

 Paul, I hear what you're saying, but it's still a guess on your part.

 When I accuse Bush of stealing Iraq's oil, we KNOW that's true, because even if "insurgents?"
 are able to cripple 90 percent of Iraq's pipelines, that's still $8M a day in Bush's pocket.

 If oil is pumping full speed (as it likely is with 100,000 US soldiers guarding the pipeline)
 Bush and his evil crime family are likely grossing at least $91M every day of the f-ing month.

 See, now that's not opinion.
 That's a potential $91M missing every day of every month.

 ...and Bush and Rummy tell us, "We're in for the long haul?"

 Yeah, I guess we are.
 Stealing hundreds of millions of dollars a month could almost have a corrupting influence.
 Would evil men trade three soldier's lives each day for 8,000,000 tax-free dollars?

Jessica at 10

In 1962, a child with acute lymphoblastic lukemia had a four percent chance.
Today, because of places like St Jude's, 85 percent kick cancer's ass.

Jessica at 16, in remission

Does St. Jude's do great work or what?

St Jude's

Can you have a Merry Christmas this year
without sending something to St Jude's?

St Jude's

 5 Pacers, 7 Pistons Fans Face Charges

  Click  Here

 Five Indiana Pacers and seven fans were charged in the basketball fight that
 left every media whore breathless with indignation if it got them camera time.

 John Ackerman and William Paulson, each facing an assault charge,
 also were accused of throwing a cup or liquid in players' faces.

 This is total horseshit.
 If you heard BCR Show 61, you know why this pisses me off.


 Subject: even you don't believe your own bullshit

<META charset=UTF-8 http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
<META content="MSHTML 6.00.2800.1226" name=GENERATOR></HEAD>
<BODY style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff">

 Dude, first thing, you need to learn how to send e-mail.
 Every friend you have is pissed at you for sending them crap like this all the time.
 I'm the first honest person you've met since you got online, so here's the deal:
 Go to "edit" and "preferences" and tell your e-mail client to send e-mail "in text only."

 there is no possible way on this earth that you could actually believe the ridiculous drivel
 that you have posted on your website.&nbsp;

 My boot has wood.
 Santa, I know I've been bad, but can please I have this one - pleeeeeeease?

 the liberal left had such a strong hold on&nbsp;television news media during the clinton error

 ...that would explain the nationwide, years-long blackout on all things Monica, right?

 that the only way that any right wing voice could be heard was to have radio shows
 like limbaugh flying under the left wing gestapo gun sights

 The Nazi right rules talk radio 95/5, they rule TV 80/20.
 How can FOX News claim to be Number One while you scream, "Nobody can hear us?"

.&nbsp; i believe deep down in my heart that you know this fact as well the rest of the country does.&nbsp;
 that is why there has been such a backlash against you lefties in recent years.&nbsp;

 Your alleged "backlash" goes back a full 5 weeks.
 Until Kerry surrendered to your Monkey, we'd won the last 3 presidential popular votes in a row.

 the country is tired of having only one side shoved down their throats.&nbsp; there is a very good reason
 why both houses and the executive office of our government are all three now ruled by republicans,
 and that is because not enough  of the people are still being fooled by the absurd lies of the democratic
 (communist left wing liberal) party.&nbsp;

 Dude, that last paragraph told me you're more ignorant than evil.
 I'll bet you're a decent guy who just bet on the wrong horse.

 Do you personally have a grievance with gays?
 Do you personally dislike African Americans?
 Do you personally want to kick poor people in the teeth?

 Or is that what you were taught by your parents and your Bible?

 noone believes any more that the democrats have a mandate from the people to rule.
 &nbsp; they have shown  their complete incompetence to rule over and protect this
 country by their willingness to try and regain power at the potential cost of the very
 country over which they seek to rule.</BODY></HTML>

 Dude, we were safe under Clinton - we got bloodied under Bush.
 Were you a sentient human on 9-11?
 Where are your f-ing brains?

 With Clinton we had peace and prosperity.
 When he was in charge, our biggest problem was Monica.
 Now we have 1250 dead soldiers and you're glad we're not in Clinton's America anymore?



 Dude, from your nick, I can asume you get wood whenever you think of Clinton?
 You start with "W" to get your hero in the fantasy,
 then you add the "billy" to get Clinton's cock involved and then you achieve, "wood?"
 Don't feel bad - you're not the first.

 Why can't a Republican have sex without Clinton's cock?
 Why can you guys let go of Clinton's cock and move on?

 What is your motivation?
 What are you after?

 What does "winning" mean to you?
 Who is your leader?



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