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 Quote of the Day

"You don't go to war with the president you want. 
  You go to war with the president you have."
    -- Randi Rhodes,           Attribution

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Volume 1457 - Specter of the Gun

  Friday   Dec 10,  2004                                                                                                                          Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"Jesus's favorite Hollywood star, Mel Gibson, is looking to spend some of
  the millions he made from The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre on charity,
  a soup kitchen, scholarship grant program a $19 million island getaway near Fiji."
           --Maru, "Values"    Attribution

 Bush, Rumsfeld Try to Soothe Angry U.S. Troops
  Why are they angry?   They got the boss they voted for, right?

  Click  Here

 Bush said on Thursday U.S. troop concerns about inadequate equipment for Iraq combat
 are being addressed and he did not blame soldiers for raising the issue with Rumsfeld.

 But Monkey, you've been "addressing" that issue for two years and we have 1275 dead soldiers.

 A day after he was bombarded with criticism from U.S. soldiers based in Kuwait,
 Rumsfeld promised more would be done to protect forces.

 So - you're saying you haven't been doing all you can up to this point?  Why the hell not?

 Bush told reporters that he has been telling military families that "we're doing everything we
 possibly can to protect your loved ones in a mission which is vital and important."

 No, that's not what Rumsfeld is saying - he says more can and will be done - so which of you is lying?

"Unka Donny never lies..."

 Subject: Idea for your tip jar

 Bart, leave that tip jar up there, but re-label it,

"Buy Bartcop a Beer ($3.50)
 Shot of Chinaco (8.00)
 Shot of Chinaco Anejo Extra Aged (25.00)".

 I guess I'd rather make a donation to a Democrat with balls, but until one shows up, I'll be buying your drinks.
 And since you're reading the sad news for me each day, you're going to need a lot of them.


 Randy, thanks for that.


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 Armor Company can boost Humvee Armor Output by 22%
  Thousands of maimings could have been prevented

  Click  Here

 Armor Holdings Inc., the sole supplier of protective plates for the Humvee military vehicles,
 said it could increase output by as much as 22 percent per month with no investment
 and is awaiting an order from the Army.

 Rumsfeld said yesterday the Army was working as fast as it can and supply is dictated by
 "a matter of physics, not a matter of money.''

 Robert Mecredy, president of Armor Holdings's aerospace and defense group,
 said in an interview today, "We're prepared to build 50 to 100 vehicles more per month,''
 and is awaiting an order from the Army.

 Instead of producing 450 armored vehicles per month, they could be doing 550, but they're still
 awaiting an order from the Army. That's an extra hundred vehicles a month
 times the 21 months we've been over there = an extra 2100 armored Humvees that weren't asked for.

 Every time an unarmored Humvee rolled over a mine in the road, the soldiers inside were maimed or killed
 and they had the capability to armor up an extra 2100 vehicles but they didn't bother making the phone call?.

 Bush and Rummy are still trying to win this quagmire on the cheap.
 You see, it's more important that the money goes to tax cuts for the super-rich, not armor for soldiers.

 So why did the soldiers vote for less armor?


Dead Iraqi boy holding white surrender flag

This is what the rest of the world is seeing from Iraq.
In the US, the networks hide this to protect Bush.

I can't verify that this is true, but what if it is?
How many more, and how much longer?


"What is the role of a free and independent press? Is it to be a passive conduit responsible only for the
 delivery of information between a government and its people? Is it to aggressively print allegation and rumor
 independent of accuracy or fairness? Is it to show boobies? No. The role of a free press is to be the people's
 eyes and ears, providing not just information but access, insight and, most importantly, context."
    --From "America (The Book)" by Jon Stewart, named the 2004 Book of the Year by Publishers Weekly


  Click  to  Order

 Subject: Rumfield questioner Spec. Thomas

"It's all about duty, and he felt compelled to be over there," Wilson said, adding
 that she and her ex-husband voted for Bush and support him "100 percent."

 Thank you for your service, Spec. Wilson.  But YOU voted for no armor for troop vehicles.
 YOU voted for stop loss.  YOU voted for a war of choice in Iraq.  YOUR time to rebel has passed.
 And since YOU and YOUR WIFE support the Chimp 100%, aren't you being hypocritical?

 I mean, it's not like you didn't know what the situation was Election day.
 What exactly did you think the Smirking chimp was going to do to improve your situation?

 Michael W


Iraqi man shot in his home, apparently while sleeping.

This is what the rest of the world is seeing from Iraq.
In the US, the networks hide this to protect Bush.

I can't verify that this is true, but what if it is?
How many more, and how much longer?


"Rumsfeld has gotta be prepared for whatever questions he's going to get. He can't say he
  shouldn't be prepared for them. You can't have any sympathy for Rumsfeld on this, but I think
  it's just fair that you know how it happened. It was a set-up question from a reporter."
     --Rush (R-lying Nazi whore)  pretending the armor question isn't legit, after 1281 dead soldiers   Attribution


 Snippet from BCR 61

  Click  Here

  Caution: Contains the language most Americans use

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Why are most Democrats this way
and why are most Republicans that way?

 Lighten up, sports
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Like many sports fans, I see games as a refuge. A refuge from what?

 Well, what have you got? Republicans, Democrats, the Iraq war, traffic jams, Rush Limbaugh,
 Antonin Scalia, Michael Moore, The New York Times, FOXNews, CNN, telemarketers,
 televangelists, telephones, e-mail, the Internet, the IRS, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Do I make myself clear? That said, I have zero
 interest in NASCAR, the latest quasi-athletic fad attracting basically the same audience that
 gets off on professional wrestling. And I don't feel the least bit guilty about it, either. Making
 an infernal racket with internal combustion engines has long been the favorite outdoor pastime
 of the influential Moron American community, but why would anybody pay to hear it?


 Subject: Michael Moore out of context

 In Vol. 1456 you took Michael Moore out of context.
 He didn't say Bush protected America, but that that was the story the Republicans were selling.
 He contrasted them to the Democrats, who had no story.
 I'm not a fan of Moore's, but it's a reasonable point and he was pretty clear about it.

 John Fitz.

 John, I am a fan of Moore's and I didn't intend for that to be an attack.
 What I wrote was,

>I wouldn't call that 'selling out,' but I'm pretty sure that I'm never going to be that nice to The Monkey.

 Moore did use those words, and since the media is wall-to-wall GOP spinners, they don't need Moore's help.
 Instead of saying "They had a better message," Moore could've said, "It puzzles me why the people of America
 voted for more war, more arrogance, higher taxes and fewer jobs.

 The fact that a few people (not me) are calling Moore "a sellout" means something, but I'm not sure what.
 Some are blaming him for Kerry's defeat, which is bogus, too.


 Election 2004's Myths & Mysteries 
    by Robert Parry  at

  Click  Here

 ...Bush chalked up these vote totals after compiling one of the poorest records of any recent president:
 a sluggish economy, huge government deficits, a weakening dollar, a catastrophic war in Iraq and loss
 of respect for the United States around the world.

 Karl Rove estimated that 4 million Evangelical voters stayed home in 2000, meaning that even if they all
 voted in 2004 for Bush, that would still leave more than 7 million votes to explain.

 Plus, think back on Election 2000 when the Republican base was burning with a fierce determination to
 oust the hated Clinton-Gore crowd. Why would millions of Republican voters stay home in 2000, yet flood
 the polling places in 2004 despite the discouraging results of Bush's first term and the turnout enthusiasm
 on the Democratic side?

 Yet, instead of working to make sense of Bush's vote totals and examining the extraordinary outcome on
 a county-by-county basis, the mainstream news media has mostly dismissed questions of voting fraud as
 Internet-driven "conspiracy theories."


This is the ethics guide the networks use.


"We all hope there will never be another terrorist attack in the United States. But there could be,
  since we have not eliminated the terrorist threat. Instead, we have gone off and made it worse by
  invading Iraq. There could be, because we are stimulating people to join terrorist organizations by
  our activities in Iraq. There could be because we are spending money destroying Iraq rather than
  creating homeland security here at home."
  -- Richard Clarke, who warned Bush & Condi that Osama was coming, but Bush went on vacation Attribution


 Subject: Joseph Heller

 Hi Bart,
 I reply to your post of the Joseph Heller quote:  actually, Joseph Heller wrote Catch-22.
 Maybe you're thinking of Edward Teller, self-styled "Father of the A-bomb."

 Joseph Heller wrote "Catch-22"

 Joseph Heller wrote the fantastic anti-war novel "Catch-22",
 Edward Teller was the father of the U.S. Hydrogen bomb.
 That link talked about neither.
 You've still got more accuracy than the evening news.
 Keep the hammer swinging.
 Doug in Seattle

 Joe Heller wrote Catch-22
 Ed Teller worked on the bomb
 Mark G

 Hey, Bart,
 Joseph Heller is not "the bomb dude."
 You're thinking of Hungarian-born physicist Edward Teller.
 Joseph Heller is famous for the book "Catch-22", a story of WW II aviators who
 keep getting their quota of missions completed, only to see the military up the number
 of missions needed for discharge. Sound familiar? Talk about life  imitating art!
 Ann in Philly

 You are thinking of Teller
 The Kennedy family

 I assume this was a joke.  But in case it wasn't...
 Joseph Heller wrote "Catch-22"
 Brian C

 You were thinking of William Teller the father of the A bomb.
 More useless trivia that I no longer need.


 Joseph Heller wrote the extremely popular book Catch 22.
 Keep on swingin'
 Andrew F

 No, he wasn't the bomb dude....that was Teller.
 Heller was the Catch-22 dude.
 He was a writer of books...Catch-22 was his most famous one.
 Tom T

 Joseph Heller was the author of Catch-22
 Gerald M

 I do not find the quote in the linked article. Nor do I know who you mean by "the bomb dude".
 There are probably many Joseph Hellers, but the one I know was a WWII vet who later wrote "Catch 22"
 about the craziness of being a WWII pilot. The quote may be from that book, but not the opinion of Heller.
 It sound like something his character Milo Minderbinder would say. That character was always stealing from
 the army and selling things on the black market.
 Heller also wrote a play called "We bombed in New Haven". So in one sense he was the bomb dude.
 Thomas K

 I thought Joseph Heller wrote Catch22.
 Steve T


 Um...are you thinking of Edward Teller, called "father of the H bomb?"
 Joseph Heller wrote "Catch-22," in which (among a great many other things)
 a soldier named Milo Minderbinder is a war "enterpreneur."
 G Denby

 No,  Joseph Heller wasn't the bomb dude.  He was the author of Catch-22.
 Anthony M. S

 Joseph Heller wrote the funniest anti-war novel ever: Catch 22.
 Jeezus... read the fucking book. I've read it at least 10 times,
 but even  one reading is enough to put you off war for life!
 John F

 He wrote Catch-22, a novel about the absurdity of war and our government, among other things.
 It's a great read.
 Carolyn McC

 Didn't he write "Catch-22"?

 No, Edwin Teller was the "father of the H-Bomb" (not a very nice epitaph, actually).
 Joseph Heller wrote what John Lennon called the greatest anti-war book ever written: Catch-22
 Sam the pillar

 He's the author of Catch-22...
 Catherine P

 Heller wrote Catch-22
 Mark T

 you're thinking of Edward Teller
 he was the bomb dude. joseph heller wrote catch 22.
 im sure you have been informed of this already:)
 keep up the good work man!


 Joseph Heller is "Catch 22."
 Edward Teller is "Father of the H-bomb."
 Eric X

 Joseph Heller wrote the novel 'Catch-22'.
 Maybe you're thinking of Edward Teller?
 Keep swingin' that hammer!
 Tom D

 Bart, you wrote:
> Joseph Heller, ...wasn't he the bomb dude?
 No Bart. He was the author of Catch 22.
 Clell H

 I mentioned this (with a smile, because it's funny) in BCR Show 61
 In BCR Show 60, I gave away a free trip to Vegas for everyone with decent credit and a cell phone.
 I didn't hear one peep from anybody - nothing - nada - zero - zip - zilch - crickets chirping...

 But if I make a mistake, I hear from people I went to grade school with :)

 Years ago, I said Pasteur discovered penicillin
 ...and Perkel's server melted from the correction mail.


We've got the best books by the best authors
and they make great Christmas presents!

 Subject: BCR Show 60 unsubscribe

 your comments on Al Jazeera stopped me cold.

 I listened for a couple of minutes to make sure you were saying what I thought you were saying.
 Then I spent the next hour googling and reading about Al Jazeera.


 In BCR Show 61, I said, if Al Jazeera is going to show the marine shooting the mosque guy 24/7,
 they should show the Zarquawi beheadings, which they censored because they wanted to be "sensitive."

 IF Al Jazeera shows the American atrocities 24/7,  they should show both sides.
 IF Al Jazeera continues to incite the locals with half the facts, we should take them out.

 I didn't say, "Murder them," I said "Give them an hour to flee the building, then blow it up."
 Why let Al Jazurra broadcast "Kill the devil dog Americans," while we idly stand by?

 WJ, if my facts are wrong, straighten me out, OK?
 I assume you're against filtered news that's killing Americans, right?


 Meet Mike Malloy


 Atlanta Truthseekers:

 Mike will speak before the Atlanta Democrat Meet-Up Group
 at their year-end holiday meeting at Carpe Diem in Decatur GA   on Wed. 12/15 at 7PM.
 All are welcome to attend:

 105 Sycamore Place in Decatur, Georgia

 Go meet Mike, and tell him, "Bart says Hey!"


 Musclehead to Keep Tax Returns Private
   "Screw those Girlieman sunshine laws..."

  Click  Here

 California's Musclehead has declined to release his tax returns, saying it could
 compromise a blind trust he set up to manage his wealth after winning office.
 Steroidboy set up the trust last year to avoid conflicts of interest.

"To keep it blind from the governor you have to keep it blind from the public,"
 said Schwarzenegger spokesmanliar Rob Stutzman.  California governors are
 not required by law to disclose their tax returns, but past governors have done so.

 Maybe he doesn't want people to know how much oil stock he has?


 McCain Disdains Annan's G.O.P. Critics
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Senator John McCain, for instance, sounds utterly unimpressed by Norm Coleman's grandstanding.

 Asked whether he believes that Mr. Annan should step down, the Arizona Republican and outspoken
 hawk replied, "No. I think that we should have a full and complete investigation and then make decisions
 like that.   I think Coleman is kind of a symptom of some dissatisfaction within Congress about the U.N.
  - but no, I think we need a full and complete investigation, and there's plenty of time to decide whether
 people should keep their jobs or not."


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Rumsfeld's Muddy Quagmire

  Click  Here

 Triumphant after his "mandate" from the people, President Bush, to date, has announced the retirement
 of eight cabinet members. Although many of these government officials were lackluster at best, the cabinet's
 worst performer is still in his seat. Donald Rumsfeld should have been the first cabinet officer fired, but the
 unflappable Secretary of Defense has been asked back for a return engagement in Bush's second term.
 The secret to Rumsfeld's "success" is not competence or contribution, but charisma.

 So Rummy is staying at Defense, even tho he's the worst performer we've ever had in that position
 and we're also getting more of John Snow, who's done so well with the economy.

 Jon Stewart was right - the biggest fuck-ups get to stay.


 Subject: BCR Show 61 feedback

 Started downloading the radio show again.
 Damn you're getting good!



 Doubled up Quotes

"There ought to be a medal to reward the courage demonstrated yesterday by Army Spc. Thomas Wilson.
  To the cheers of his comrades, Wilson asked Rumsfeld, "Why do we soldiers have to dig through local
  landfills for pieces of scrap metal and compromised ballistic glass to uparmor our vehicles?"
  Rumsfeld's flinty response: "You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want
  or wish to have at a later time." In other words, quit your bellyaching."
    --Seattle Post-Intelligencer,  Attribution

"Rummy treated Thomas Wilson  as if he were a pesky Pentagon reporter. The defense chief
  used the same coldly cantankerous tone and squint he displays in press briefings, an attitude
  that long ago wore thin.  He did everything but slap the kid in the hospital bed."
    --Maureen Dowd,   Attribution


 The 2005 Great American Conservative Women Calendar

  ...includes Ann Coulter, Phyllis Schlafly and former radio she-Nazi Laura Schlessinger.

 I wonder which Laura picture they used for their calendar?


 If you have a problem with Laura Schlessinger spreading her legs for a camera,
 don't write to me - write to her and ask, "Dr. Laura - how could you?  What about the children?"

 She's certainly a great conservative role model for young strippers and whores.

 Subject: Moore on Leno

 To quote Foghorn Leghorn:

"That's a joke, son!"

 Seriously, if you can't spot the obvious sarcasm in Moore's comments then you're not looking too hard.
 He came right out and said that the "story" the Republicans sold to the voters had nothing to do with
 whether or not what they said was *true*.  But it was the more popular story.


 It wasn't Moore saying what *he* thought of Bush.
 It's called context... and sometimes it's not as obvious as it looks.

 Brian C - Kerry voter

 You could be right, but when one says, "Out of the ashes of September 11th rose one man,
  and he stood on the rubble of lower Manhattan with a bullhorn, and he said, "I will protect you."
 And he did. And we were never attacked again," that's some deep-ass irony.


Hearing the Hammer of Truth
is more powerful than reading it.

Show 61 is our best show yet,
and that means the 59-60-61 package is our best ever.
That's seven CDs delivered for just $24

...and there's no Kerry bashing this time.

BCR 59    triple
BCR 60  double
BCR 61  double

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 Powell Says He Won't Run for Office
  How could he? He helped kill 1275 soldiers with his lies

  Click  Here

 Colin Powell (R-Lying Tom) said Thursday he won't seek political office,
 dismissing suggestions that he run for governor or senator in New York.

 Some state Republicans have urged Powell to challenge Hillary,
 but he knows he'd get his ass kicked and he'd hate to lose to a girl.



 The fabulous and talented Tally of 's La Femme Perspective
 is looking for a literary agent or book publisher to get involved with a project.
 She is writing a children's book and needs to connect with some book people.

 If you're one of those, or know one of those, contact her at

 Subject: BCR # 61 feedback

 Yo, Bart - finished all of part 1 and half of part 2 this morning.
 How was it?
 Well, I turned off Air America radio to listen to it... so I'd say you're rockin'.

 I still think you oughtta offer some higher bandwidth feeds.
 Say, pay an extra $5 a month and get 'em at 128K or sumpin'.
 Also, maybe fill in the ID3 tags?
 That's just technical stuff.

 One factual issue:
 You rail against ABC and Arby's as being republican greedmongers.
 Read it and weep:

 Click  Here


 Click  Here

 I think Choosetheblue is new.  Ya oughtta hype it.  It's pretty cool.

 Keep it swingin', bart.
 The amount that needs work vs. the amount that rawks
 is like the size of Tom Delay's heart vs. the size of his soft money contributions.


 Seth, thanks for that.

 First thing:
 I'm a gambler, so I'm going to post those two links blind.
 My bet is that you're going to show some positives from ABC and Arby's, and I'll stipulate to that.

 Interesting thought about the extra-fee 128K CDs, because it would spilt the diff between
 economic low-band streaming  vs  my busy ass standing in line at the Post Office all afternoon.

 Is there any interest in this?

 Click  Here   if you think a hi-def  BCR Show would sound good.

 ...and what are ID3 tags?


"President Bush visited with soldiers yesterday in an effort to fuck up morale.
  I'm sorry, that's buck up morale. ...
 [Video of Bush: 'Today's war on terror will not end with a ceremony on the deck of a battleship.']
 Mr. President, if you're asking me not to trust ceremonies on the deck of battleships, I'm way ahead of you."
    --Jon Stewart


 Subject: Sharpton

 Huh? You're taking up for Al Sharpton?
 The "Rev." who never had a church?

 Who lives high on - "fees?" Since when do leopards change their spots?
 Are we supposed to ignore this racist bigot's infamous feces-smeared Tawana Brawley lie?

 IF that was a mistake, it happened what, 20 years ago?
 Bush has killed 1,000 Americans in the last year - your outrage needs proportion.

 Or, while we're at it, forget about Jesse Jackson's equally bigoted "Hymietown" slur directed
 at the entire city of New York? (Not to mention his intitial lying about his illegitimate daughter.)

 I believe that actually happened, what 20 years ago?
 Bush has killed 100,000 civilians in Iraq so far.

 Or Colin Powell's equally bigoted defense of "Don't ask, don't tell?"
 And his son's lie/ignorance regarding the source of all those complaints to the FCC about Janet Jackson't nipple?

"Don't ask, don't tell?" is pro-gay rights - what's your problem with that?
 And yes, Michael Powell is a walking handjob.

 A bigot is a bigot - at least until they retract their remarks.
 And even then, only time - and their subsequent actions - will tell.

 But apparently 20 years isn't long enough for you...

 These three are the best "the community" can come up with?

 I'm not sure what you want from me, there.
 That list is yours.

 At least inebriated car-jumping hood-denting woman-assaulting ear-chomping Mike Tyson is honestly psychotic.
 And George Foreman's just trying to reduce the fat content in our diet. But neither, to my knowledge, ever slammed
 whites or gays or Jews while sucking well-meaning financial support from "the community" to live large, support
 hidden illegitimate offspring or deny fellow Americans the right to serve their country in the military.


 Two words for Al Sharpton: one's a verb, the other a pronoun.

 Bob, you're obviously free to hate and scream personal slurs at whommever you want.
 Tell me, if you were famous, would your record the last 20 years be perfectly spotless?


 Gunman kills ex-Pantera guitarist on stage
  Four dead in Ohio - Cop shoots gunman to save fifth victim


  Click  Here

 When Damageplan launched into its first thunderous riffs, and then a man ran the length
 of the stage and opened fire, shooting the lead guitarist at least five times in the head.

 The gunman then began firing into the crowd before he was shotgunned by police
 Witnesses reported hearing the shooter accuse Abbott of  breaking up his former band, Pantera.
 It happened on the 24th anniversary of John Lennon's murder

 I didn't know Darrell but I've been in his Arlington studio - watching Rick from Del Castillo
 record some hard rock for his old group, Akasha.  That's really gotta suck, some handjob
 comes out of nowhere and takes your life.  That's another reason why you have to have a
 good time every day because you never know when your last day is coming.

 Also, think about that cop. He's riding in his car and gets a call about "shots fired" at a club,
 so all alone, he sneaks in and has to make a life-and-death decision in the blink of an eye.

 What if the GOP had their way, and every kid in that nightclub was packing, and when the
 first shots rang out, everyone pulled out their guns?  What would the cop have done then?


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

"Fallujah is going to be right up there among the most successful battles in Iraq.
It's where the rubber meets the road. That is where our heroes did their best.''
  Maj. Tom Davis, 45, of St. Cloud, Minn.

  1263, 1273, 1276, 1281, dead heroes so far.

They got 5 since yesterday.
Wasted lives, ruined families - all for Bush greed

 Vote for Farenheit 9/11 at the People's Choice Awards


"Journalism is hanging around watching what happened and reporting, Mr. Pitts.
  You put a question in the mouths of a National Guardsman, made sure he was called on,
  and reported this as though it was a spontaneous event."
      --Rush (R-lying Nazi whore)  pretending our soldiers are too stupid
          to know they need armor to survive unless a "liberal" reporter tells them, Attribution

 Subject: Stuttering John

 This is an easy one, not only because John's wife is one of the past stars of Tony n' Tina's Wedding
 and a lovelier lass I have never met. She hangs at the same bar as my big shot actor friends in the city.

 Last year when it was up in the air as to whether Big Bird (Stern?) was going to be sent to jail for talking dirty,
 John got an offer from Leno and figured he'd better take it before he was out of a job. Leno tabbed John because
 he figured it would be a back door way to get Stern on the show more often and attract Stern fans. It didn't work.

 Because Jay went behind Stern's back to court John,
 Stern won't have anything to do with Leno now.

 He's called Leno every name in the book to his face.
 He's not mad at John because the guy had to do what he had to do.

 They didn't know where the show was going at the time. They offered and he jumped.
 John spent alot of time with a speech coach to lose the stutter. Leno didn't want it.

 John stepped in shit but he doesn't even call into the show anymore. Not that they care.
 There is a small amount of bad blood left over.
 Stern sees Leno as stealing his act, like he did with the "Ask The Homeless" segments.
 I'm sure there were many more quailfied candidates than John.  Don't ask me why.
 I guess his wife and kids are still in NY but who knows?

 A funny bit is a tape of John with his speech coach introducing
"Niggerless Cage"  Tonight Show style on a practice tape.

 I liked the old John better but he has a family to feed.
 The Stern show misses him.

 Rude Rich

 I can always get the straight-ass lowdown from Rude Rich.
 Nobody treats me with less respect than Rude Rich.


Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas
from Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld

In 1962, a child with acute lymphoblastic lukemia had a four percent chance.
Today, because of places like St Jude's, 85 percent kick cancer's ass.

Does St. Jude's do great work or what?

Can you have a Merry Christmas this year
without sending something to St Jude's?

St Jude's

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 Prosecutor Calls Peterson 'Worst Monster'

  Click  Here

 Calling him "the worst kind of monster" and undeserving of sympathy, a prosecutor
 urged jurors to sentence Scott Peterson to death for murdering his pregnant wife.

"Two years ago today, the defendant, Scott Peterson, bought a boat," said prosecutor Dave Harris.

 That guilty, ...guilty bastard.
 He bought a boat?

"He told Amber Frey that his wife was 'lost.'" said prosecutor Dave Harris,
  continuing to list  all  the facts that proved Peterson was guilty of murdering his wife.

 Dave Harris then showed a television news segment recorded before Peterson was arrested
 in which he sobbed uncontrollably and talked about how much he missed his wife.

 Well, ...I guess that just about does it for me...

 If he sobbed while talking to Diane Sawyer about his missing wife - he must be guilty.


 Bruce Yurgil
  Bad Juju - Deep in the Bush  by Kelly Vance


 We're now arriving at the third stage of George W. Bush political caricatures.
 The first stressed how dumb the man was.
 Nobody much cared.

 The second stressed the president's evil deeds.
 He was reelected anyway.

 Now, with the pulpy parodies in Bruce Yurgil's Political Velocity show -- such as
 The Crawford Wife's sci-fi-movie riff -- Bush-bashing has moved into the realm of the fanciful.


 Michael Schiess, operator of Alameda's Lucky Ju Ju Pinball/Gallery, found Bay Area artist Yurgil's work
 while surfing the Web, and this week it goes on display through January 5 at one of the East Bay's most
 unique art spaces. There's a Friday-night opening reception (6-midnight).
 Lucky Ju Ju is at 713 E. Santa Clara Ave., Alameda. 510-205-9793

  Bruce Yurgil


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