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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
TIME's Monkey of the Year
Chase: Bush 'a Dumb Fuck'
Torture begins at the top 
Gary Webb - Hung Out to Dry
Social Se-Scarity
Al-Qaeda to strike Saudis 
Coalition of the Shilling
Canada Goes To Hell 
The meaning of Christmas


 Quote of the Day

"The trade deficit swelled to a record $55 billion. 
   Do you know what our number one export is now?
   National Guard troops." 
         --Jay Leno

"I'm not a Monkey - I'm a man!"

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Volume 1462 - Bush's Brain 

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 Weekend     December 18-19,  2004                                                                                                                   Mike Malloy on  AAR weeknights


"I have been shocked by the growing anti-Christian bigotry that infected many columnists
  and commentators in the wake of the election. For too long, liberal political pundits have been
  telling us that issues like marriage and life divide us as a people. But it's clear that while those
  issues may be controversial, they are not divisive because people reach across such boundaries
  as party, economic status and ethnic group to join together to support and protect the American family."
     -- senior GOP whore Gary Bauer, unable to name names because they don't exist.Attribution

 I have been shocked at the ease at which "Christians" will lie to steal money from the sick and the old.
 This would be a better Christmas around the globe if the "Christians" would stop the hate.

 TIME names Monkey "Man of the Year"

  Click  Here

 After winning re-election and "reshaping the rules of politics to fit his
 10-gallon-hat leadership style," (can you believe that crap?) George Bush
 for the second time was chosen as Time magazine's Person of the Year.

 TIME, a whore publication that picks "Man of the Year" using
 increased circulation as their overriding criteria, named the guilty Monkey
 because they need every last subscriber they can find.

 The magazine's editors tapped Bush "for sharpening the debate until the
 choices bled, for reframing reality to match his design, for gambling his
 fortunes - and ours - on his faith in the power of leadership."

 Bush attributed his victory over Kerry to his foreign policy and the wars
 he began in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"The election was about the use of American influence," Bush said.

 In America, we reward bungling killers for their crimes. When they kill
 100,000 civilians, we call those crimes against humanity "10-gallon-hat leadership."
 When we give away our futures to the super-rich, the bunglers are given
 four more years to dig the hole deeper. It is a nation gone truly mad.

 Here's the TIME cover America needs to survive:




 Chevy Chase Calls Bush 'a Dumb Fuck'
   Honesty is what good comedy is all about...

  Click  Here

 Don't call Chase's remarks offensive and act like Bush is a legitimate U.S. president. Just say Chase's opinions
 are his own and leave it at that. I mean, if Cheney, who is supposedly a moral statesman, can use the f-word
 on the floor of Congress, a comedian can surely use it at an awards ceremony.

 Bill O'Reilly, that purveyor of morality who paid millions to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit by an employee
 after transcripts revealed he admitted to having extramarital affairs amid phone sex with her, was indignant at
 Chase daring to "disrespect" the president this way.

 O'Reilly and others overlook how Bush & co. have desecrated the office with the way they lied and cheated
 to get there, and the way they have lied and cheated since. Bush disrespected the Constitution, including in
 violating the part about the president and vice president living in separate states. He said he supported the will
 of the people, then worked to stop the legal counting of votes. He is among the most dirtiest campaigners in
 American history. History will show that his campaign engaged in high-tech cheating and intimidation tactics in 2004.
 He doesn't deserve respect. And Chase reminds us of this in an effective way.

"I did what?..."




"Our country cannot afford to continue down the foreign policy path that was forged
  during the first term of the Bush aministration..We have had over three years since
  Sept. 11, 2001, to think strategically about how to win the fight against terrorism.
  But I'm afraid we have little to show for this time."
       --Sen. Russ Feingold,    Attribution

 So Russ, why don't you do something about it besides whine like a little mouse?
 Why don't you act like a man who's getting paid to represent the majority in this country?
 Why don't you raise some hell about Bush getting more votes in some counties than the
 number of registered voters?  Why don't you try to earn that paycheck you're cashing?


 Subject: give it up

 Look, Bush, Cheney, and the Sundance Rove could rob a bank in broad daylight,
 and be filmed the whole time they were robbing the bank, have witnesses watch them
 run out of the bank as the alarms were going off full blast, flipping the bird at every witness,
 jam into their get-away car marked with the Presidents Seal on the doors of the car, and
 then follow them to the Whitehouse as they jam up to the oval office, closing the doors
 while they count the money, and laugh their heads off, and then later that night having the
 media whores do a huge story on the progress we are making in Iraq

 ...and the Democrats would go about their normal Panty-waste activities, never once daring
 to accuse the President of bank robbery. In fact, when President Bush gives a speech the next day
 stating that security must be tightened at banks, because the terrorists are out of control
 ....the Democrats would support his stance on the matter, and vote for more security.

 I give up Former Democrat

 I agree 100% but I'm not ready to give up.
 If Democrats lay down a third time in a row, I'll look elsewhere.


Used by permission - please visit

 Dueling Quotes

"This guy in office is an uneducated, real lying schmuck.
   ...and we still couldn't beat him with a bore like Kerry."
     --Chevy Chase, who also called Dubya a 'dumb fuck', at the Kennedy Center   Attribution
                                       (9-11 p.m. EST Tuesday on CBS)

"You don't see this kind of thing on the right. You don't see prominent conservatives
   cursing out Democratic members of Congress, for example."
     --Bill O'Reilly, responding to Chevy Chase,     Attribution

 Dear Mr. O'Reilly, you are a lying, partisan whore.
Chevy Chase is not a "prominent" Democrat
Chevy Chase did not "curse out" Bush - he wasn't even in the room.
When Cheney told Pat Leahy (D-Whimp) to "go fuck yourself,"
    you applauded his manliness on your little right-wing hate show.
Blow me.

 Subject: Pentagon Weighs Use Of Deception?


"Weighs Use Of Deception???"
 Your link lead me to Consortium News, a donantion was made and three Bob Parry books received.
 Have you read "Lost History?" - I'm proceeding through that story currently.

 Perception Management was a cornerstone of Senile St. Reagan's deception
 since 1981 or so  - and it's still going strong.   Military Psychological Warfare techniques
 have been used by the Repukes since 1981 to mold/intimidate the American public and
 any media source that interrupted the official party line.

 In Reagan's era you were a "Commie Sympathizer" - now you "Hate America"
 being the only difference. Absolutely revolting bunch of liars.

 Dennis O

 Note: Bob Parry runs the most important site on the web -



Can they be that stupid?

 Gary Webb - Hung Out to Dry
  How Webb's career was shattered, and his suicide last week.

  Click  Here

 The furor obscured the fact that "Dark Alliance" built upon more than a decade of evidence amassed by journalists,
 congressional investigators and agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration who found numerous connections
 between the contras and drug traffickers. Some of that evidence was compiled in a Senate report issued in 1989
 by a subcommittee headed by Sen. John Kerry. Other pieces came out during the Iran-contra scandal and still
 more during the drug-trafficking trial of Panamanian Gen. Manuel Noriega in 1991.

 But the contras were always defended by the Reagan-Bush administrations which saw the guerrillas as a necessary
 geo-political counterweight to the leftist Sandinista government that ruled Nicaragua in the 1980s. With a few exceptions,
 the mainstream media joined the White House in protecting the contras -- and the CIA -- on the drug-trafficking evidence.
 [For details, see Robert Parry's Lost History: Contras, Cocaine, the Press & 'Project Truth.']



 Social Se-Scarity
  The BFEE manufactures a crisis

  Click  Here

  ...saw it on

ha ha

Be sure your sound is turned on.

 Bush Vows Not to Ignore Economic Problems

  Click  Here

 President Bush looking to build momentum in Congress for his second-term economic agenda,
 pledged Saturday not to ignore challenges to the nation's financial health and "leave them to another day."

 H.L.s Take: Bush will not put off until tomorrow what he can steal today.
"I want to see some momentum for my second term adgenda" Bush said, we've driven
 the nation's financial health to the brink of disaster, but we still have so much more to take.


Click  for  More


"In terms of immigration, we are a country of immigrants and we will
  take immigrants from around the world. I'm not going to discriminate."
    -- Canadian PM Paul Martin, saying that Canada was prepared to accept
        U.S. citizens who do not want to assist in Bush's civilian slaughter in Iraq  Attribution


 Subject: The Dow letter that will not die


 That Dow letter controversy is due to the quality of the protest site called
 It perfectly mimics Dow's actual site, but the text clearly show sit to be a anti-Dow site.
 Dow's site URL is

 The Dow hoax site is maintained by a group called The Yes Men.
 Their Web site is

 How they pulled off the hoax is great.    Hope this helps.


 This is possible - but...

 The yes men are using the Dow logo?

  Dow doesn't mind?

 They can't find a judge to issue a TRA on
 to stop their obvious and intentional character assassination?

 Maybe Dow needs me to do their litigation for them...


We've got the best books by the best authors
and they make great Christmas presents!

 Torture begins at the top
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The documents also show that officers from the CIA, the FBI and the Defense Intelligence Agency lodged
"heated" objections to the abusive methods of interrogation used by the military, denouncing them in previously
 secret memoranda as not only unethical but useless and destructive.

 In the files released by the government, FBI officials with special expertise in counterterrorism and interrogation
 techniques recorded their ongoing debate with Army officers about the harsh, coercive techniques authorized
 by the Pentagon. They were as concerned about the efficacy of those methods -- which they believe often
 produce poor intelligence -- as with possible violations of law and regulations. But the commanders overseeing
 the military interrogations simply dismissed the sharp warnings of the law enforcement and intelligence officers.

 The abuses continued, in some cases even after the initial furor over Abu Ghraib. What's more, an internal FBI
 memo indicates that the directive to discard traditional restraints came from the very highest civilian official in
 the Pentagon: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

 Subject: Rude Rich and Republican Presidents


        I agree with Rude Rich that we might never see a Democratic President again in our lifetime.
 The American Media is in full Geobels  mode and the youth among us will undoubtedly be branded,
 because their parents already are.  When I speak out about these things, I am considered quaint and marginalized.

        I am an Air Force Veteran from the Viet Nam era (I enlisted to avoid being drafted... I didn't approve of the war
 and I didn't want to be forced to kill Vietnamese).  I am also a career firefighter.  I have spent twenty-five years of
 responding to the aid of others... fighting fires and saving lives (as we like to put it).  I think that those two things alone
 qualifies me as a "real American" (although I have always been a proud Liberal and that seems to undermine my claim).
 I also spent 30 years on and off as a musician, entertaining my fellow Americans for the pure joy of it.

        I remember a couple of bumper stickers that were shoved in my face in the 60's.  "America, Love it or Leave it"
 and "My Country, Right or Wrong".  I remember thinking that they should say, "America, Love it or Change it" and
"My Country, Either be Right, or make it Right".  Now that America is the land of the Greed and the home of the Empire,
 I really don't love it any more.  I feel like a stranger in a strange land.   I try to think of the beauty of our natural resources
 and I think about the dream of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, but it just doesn't do it for me anymore.
 I am still faced with Disney Amerika, the Land of Denial, and Willful Ignorance 101.  Live, Buy, Consume, Die.

        Only in America, when faced with an obvious fuel shortage, would the people buy larger, less fuel efficient vehicles
 to careen down the roads in.  This "fuck 'em all" attitude is prevalent where I live.  When you pull up behind one, you see
 a decal of a pre-teen, nasty brat vandal who is pissing on something.  It's like a belligerent vehicular tattoo.  They also tend
 to put extra lights on their land boats so that when they roll down country roads they can blind oncoming drivers with impunity.
 I think that when they started flying a flag from each window of the HumVee, that was the last straw.

        I have decided that since I don't love America anymore, then I am leaving it.  I realize that puts me into the same category
 as the Miami Cubans who expect others to do their fighting for them, but I don't care anymore.  I want to spend time away from
 the American Media, the Republican Loyalty Oath and an SUV in every pot.  I want to indulge in a culture that is created among
 people who are used to having little money.  I have always found the poorest among us has the most generous spirit and that
 tends to translate into a live and let live philosophy that entices me away from Consumer Land.

 Mark T



Click  for  big  laughs


"Bernard Kerik says he is sorry he'll not be able to be head of Homeland Security.
  With a wife and two mistresses he just doesn't have the time. ... He hired a nanny that
  may have been an illegal alien.  He had a number of mistresses and may have had mob ties.
  That makes you feel secure!  We can't even do a background check on the guy who is
  supposed to be in charge of background checks. "
     --Jay Leno

 Al-Qaeda to strike Saudi oil targets:
   When Bush needs a favor, Osama comes thru

  Click  Here

 Al-Qaeda told its fighters to attack oil sites and foreign targets in Saudi Arabia, as the de facto
 Saudi leader vowed to eradicate terrorism which he said was "tarnishing the image of Islam."

 The Al-Qaeda statement dated Saturday also urged militants to "strike all foreign targets
 and the hideouts of the tyrants to rid the peninsula of the infidels and their supporters.

"In the next few days there will be new jihad against the enemies of Islam," it warned.

 With Bush as president, no conspiracy theory is too wild - think about this:

 Oil is trading at about $46 a barrel.
 It was trading at about $25 a barrel when the Oil barons stole power.
 That $21 per barrel difference has made trillions for the Bush family.

 Gold is trading at about $442 an ounce.
 It was trading at about $250 an ounce when the Oil barons stole power
 That $200 per ounce difference has made trillions for the Bush family.

 We've lost 1304 American military lives since Bush took office.
 They can't make this kind of "killing" in peacetime.

 The BFEE only makes a "killing" when they start a war in the Middle East.
 Bush 41 did it, and then Bush 42 did it.

 ...and with a nation "at war," it's out DUTY to support the president.
 That patriotic difference has made trillions for the Bush family.

  "Thanks, Democrats!"



"Those crooks in the Bush Family Evil Empire are nothing more than walking RICO violations."
    -- Nuvee, in the live chat room


 Subject: bequests

 bart --

 i know this sounds morbid, & god *knows* it would bring the how-DARE-you-ask-for-money crowd
 down on your ass, but have you ever considered suggesting that people ponder the possibility of leaving
 bartcop money for the fight against fascist tyranny after they die?

 even though right now all i could leave you is a bunch of unpaid credit card bills, 6 years on a mortgage on
 an uninhabitable house in north little rock's levy section, & a '97 hyundai accent that's running like crap,
 when i tried (not quite successfully, obviously & unforunately) friday afternoon to check out of the
 motel alabama for good, at some point that possibility crossed my mind.


 Dan, sounds like the scam Oral Roberts used to pull, or is still pulling (?) ...

 If you have enough material wealth, you can sign over your worldly possessions, (real estate,
 stocks, bank accounts, trust funds, inheritance etc) to ORU and in return, you a certificate for
 a slot in Heaven and they also let you die in the Oral Robert's Old Folk's Nursing Home.
 Back in the seventies I knew a guy who buried them when their money ran out.


Click  to  Order

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Canada Goes To Hell
   Legal pot? Gay marriage? What's next?

  Click  Here

 Did you hear the screams? Did you feel the menacing chill? Did you see the black and ominous clouds, moving north?
 Did you sense, in other words, the very presence of Satan himself as he laughed maniacally and tossed around bucketfuls
 of ultrathin condoms and little travel-size packets of Astroglide like confetti while riding his Harley Softail up to Toronto
 or maybe Edmonton to join the ghastly and sodomitic celebrations? Because it's happened. Canada's high court just ruled
 that the government can, if it so desires, redefine marriage to include gay couples, which it has declared it will do almost
 immediately, thus solidifying Canada's place as the chilly yet mellow and gay friendly and hockey-riffic epicenter of all known hell. "

 If I thought I could get fine tequila in Canada....


 Subject: one year ago on 12-23


 I wanted to take a look at what was in the Tequila Treehouse a year ago,
 and I had to copy the 12-23 issue so others could read it and I could reply to it:

> "Voters who cast their ballots using any of a number of electronic voting systems have no way
> to check that their votes have been properly recorded. A New York election commissioner,
> Douglas Kellner, said: "Using electronic voting machines to count ballots is akin to taking all
> the paper ballots and handing them over to a couple of computer tech people to count them
> in a secret room, and then tell us how it came out. This is not an acceptable way of conducting
> elections in a democracy."

Your responses:

> The BFEE will rig elections until the Democrats say, "Stop doing that!"
> Will 2004 be the year the Democrats speak up? Or will they wait a few more election cycles, the wimpy pink tutus?

 In your picture of the Democrats in the pink tutu's were Gephardt, Lieberman,Kerry and Edwards,

 ...and if anyone says you flip flop on issues, then I would suggest they go back
 and read some of your pages from last year. You called it right Bart, back in
 December 2003 and as of yet those powerful voices of the Democrats are SILENT....

 Happy Holidays

 David, thanks for that.
 Sometimes I hate being right.


I've always said's none of our business...


"The first lady had her staff put up 41 Christmas trees.
   Or, as President Bush said, one for each state."


 Subject: nice tip from monkeyfister

 Monkeyfister wishes you and Mrs. Bart the VERY BEST this Koreshmas.

 Think Poker Fest TUNICA


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 Coalition of the Shilling

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 Picture this: a truck rumbling across the desert on the evening news, completely armored and emblazoned with golden arches.
 Or a fleet of Visa Humvees. You know Donald Trump would love to slap his name on a few Chinooks. The 82nd Trumpborne.

 And what about product placement? When soldiers give their Christmas greetings on Fox News or MSNBC, they could be
 holding cans of Pepsi or calling home on Samsung phones. Why merely send their love when they could be writing love letters
 in the sand on Apple computers?

 Like athletes or Nascar drivers, they could sell every inch of their body: STP helmets, Nike boots, Staples "Yeah, we got that"
 dog tags, Starbucks M.R.E.'s, CamelBak canteens by Camels, Sony laser target designators.

 All those old, out-of-shape reservists being dragged back by Rummy would be great pitchmen for arthritis medication.
 And Celebrex night vision goggles.


 Subject: Yes, I volunteer to argue the 'soldiers are bad' side of this debate

 I'll debate you on this subject anytime, anywhere.

 We've agreed on Monday night at 9 PM CST.
 There's good news & bad news.
 The good news - I think he'll show up.

 The bad news - he's taking the mostly-left position that the soldiers are evil
 so I'll be the (compared to him) right winger that's going to win the debate BIG-time.

 You clueless, GOP monkey-types should tune in and learn how to debate.

 Click  Here  and then click on "Another server" and then hit "continue"

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

You go to war with the Commander-in-Chief who abandoned you.

1281, 1297, 1299, 1304, Bush military victims so far

They only killed 5 since the last issue.

Men who can no longer see,
women with missing limbs,
ruined families,
torn apart by oil greed...

Bush and his friends are getting super-rich off this war,
 a war he lied to get us into, a war that's killed 1304 soldiers so far.

That doesn't bother a single Republican voter?

 Queen sightings

  Click  Here

  Excerpt: of my favorite bands, ever.

 saw them a total of 9 times in the 70s/80's.
 the world's most entertaining rock band.
 the music will stand for years.

 Dissident Dexter


 Subject: Letter to TIME Magazine

 Oh my! Bush as man of the year.
 Wouldn't that make you the least reputable of all the very seldomly read magazines in the world?

 Last year the American soldierwas MOTY, and this year, as a treat, you elect someone who,
 for no good reason at all, has killed 1300 of those soldiers for oil and greed. I relish the fact that
 Time Warner stock is down, but I don't think that naming the most idiotic, retarded, worst president
 ever will do anything to bring that stock up.

 I am cancelling my subscription to Time Warner Cable.
 Thanks again for ruining America, Time and Dumbass W. Bush.
 Chris B

Recording BCR Show 62 right now...

 Lucifer's Toy Chest
   as seen on

  Click  Here

 This year, Satan's shopping list of Christmas gifts are guaranteed to send your child to prison
 - and you to a shallow grave.  The following Christmas toys are banned from purchase.
 Be warned:  If one of these items is found in your home or on your person,  then you'll have
 to find yourself another place to worship, for you are no longer welcome at this Godly church.


 Subject: Ashley Judd

 Hey why not start putting up pics of Ashley Judd at the bottom of your page for a while?
 We could use a break from Shirley.

 Dream Tempest

 DT, thou doth hath committed blasphemy.

 Ashley Judd does some fine work in still photography, but we're hardly in the girlie picture business.
 We salute Shirley for her musical talent, her writing ability and the lack of bubble gum in her on-stage persona,
 but mostly it's her sexy brain that impresses me.


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 The real meaning of Christmas

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  Got a "real" Christmas story?  send it in  but I won't print your name.

 There are three kinds of Christmas.  There is "Christ is King," there is Rudolph and Santa,
 and then there's the real Christmas - doing something for someone who needs a little help.

 Have a good Christmas and if things get stressful with relatives or screaming kids,
 ...well, ...that's why God created those calming flowers.

 Christmas Shopping online?

To keep your kids from buying today's no-talent lip-synchers,

show them you know what real music is...

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 Use this portal
and they'll send
four cents from each dollar.

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