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Blackwell's Smoking Gun
Social Security flimflam
More Marine abuse?
Rudy & the Kerik Mess
Busted for Scrounging 


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"Great spirits have always found violent
   opposition from mediocre minds.
   -- Albert Einstein, who never knew Bush

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Volume 1461 -  Hitler's Stepchildren

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 Thurs-Friday     December 16-17,  2004                                                                                                                   Mike Malloy on  AAR weeknights


"Be able to resign. It will improve your value to
  the president and do wonders for your performance."
   -- one of Donald Rumfeld's "rules" published in the WSJ on January 29, 2001,    Attribution

 Ohio Recount Resembles Florida in 2000


  Click  Here

 In a scene reminiscent of Florida circa 2000, two teams of Republican and Democratic
 election workers held punch-card ballots up to the light Wednesday and whispered back
 and forth as they tried to divine the voters' intent from a few hanging chads.

 The recounts began this week. At least 35 of Ohio's 88 counties had completed their
 recounts or were starting Wednesday, according to a survey by The Associated Press.
 Some of the tallies will not be complete until next week.

 Jesse Jackson said activists noticed Bush generally received more votes in counties that
 use optical-scan voting machines, raising suspicions that the machines were calibrated to
 record votes for the president.

 The activists also claim there were disparities in vote totals for Democrats, too few
 voting machines in Democratic-leaning precincts and organized campaigns directing
 voters to the wrong polling place..

 The reason the GOP steals elections is because they can.
 Why didn't the Democrats check the number of voting machines before the election?

 Democrats don't like to avoid stepping in the hole.  They enjoy stepping in the hole,
 breaking their legs and then holding hearings (with their broken legs in a cast ) on who
 dug the hole, how long it was there and who knew it was there.

 It's so much easier to avoid the hole up-front, and count voting machines before
 the GOP steals the election, but we Democrats can't wrap our IQ-of-44 brains around that.



 Pentagon Weighs Use of Deception
   The Pentagon would never lie to us - would they?

  Click  Here

 The Pentagon is engaged in bitter, high-level debate over how far it can and should go in
 managing or manipulating information to influence opinion abroad, as if they don't lie at home.

 Such missions, if approved, could take the deceptive techniques endorsed for use on the
 battlefield to confuse an adversary and adopt them for covert propaganda campaigns aimed
 at neutral and even allied nationsand even American citizens and congress.

 Critics of the proposals say such deceptive missions could shatter the Pentagon's credibility,
 leaving the American public and a world audience skeptical of anything the Defense Department
 and military say.

 ha ha

 Was this written by The Onion?

 The President of the United f-ing States has no credibility worldwide.
 He bet his reputation that Saddam was ready to attack us with WMDs - and lost.
 Since Bush is known as a liar and a murderer worldwide, can his appointees have credibility?

"What's the big deal?  People know too much already..."




"Here's the dirty little secret: Congress sets force levels.
  Congress determines how much money the Pentagon will receive and spend."
       --Rush, explaing how the GOP congress decimated the military when Clinton was president   Nazi Attribution


 Subject: Clinton stopping Milo?  Oh come on...

 Dear Bart,

 I'm not sure that Clinton's exploits in the Balkans were praiseworthy.
 The UN imposed an arms embargo on Bosnia, which had given Osama Bin Laden a passport.


 Clinton broke this embargo, flying in arms and al-Qaeda fighters by the thousand.

 You mean the GOP knows that's true and out of the goodness of their hearts,
 and their sense of fair play, they never bothered to level that charge against Clinton?

 You're asking a lot...

 Once in the region, they linked up with Mafia networks, and acquired the global reach which so
 distresses your country. All the 11/9 (we write the date differently) hijackers were Bosnian and Chechen veterans.


 Their attack recalled the cruise missile smacking into the Serb television tower.  Don't forget that
 Clinton's illegal war over Kosovo was designed to install the KLA, an al- Qaeda front, which swelled
 its coffers by trafficking in drugs and sex-slaves on the grand scale.

 ha ha
 How much would the US movie rights cost for that story?
 Did you see this on The Clinton Chronicles?

 By subsequent American standards, Milosevic was a mild ruler. The Republicans were right to oppose
 Clinton/Gore/Blair over Kosovo, just as the Democrats were right to oppose Bush/Cheney/Blair over Iraq.

 Your offer to trade those two as equals is rejected.

 I suggest you look at Loretta Napoleoni's book Modern Jihad (,
 which has been helpfully summarized at
 he's a left-wing author, and your navy trusts her: what more could you want?

 Yours sincerely,
 Bob Jackson

 Dude, first thing, you gotta understand you're coming from a dimension far, far away.

 I get 50 kook mails a day, and a dozen e-mails from sick stalkers, and nobody has ever suggested that
"Clinton's illegal war over Kosovo was designed to install the KLA, an al- Qaeda front,
  which swelled its coffers by trafficking in drugs and sex-slaves on the grand scale."

 Why would Ken Starr, Newt, FOX News, Limbaugh and the Texas Squirrel give Clinton a pass on that?
 Clinton "trafficking in drugs and sex-slaves on the grand scale" is a better story than Monica.
 Are you saying the America media had too much digbity to run that true story?

"I ain't passin' on nothin'."

 If you have some evidence or some proof or some facts that make Clinton look guilty, I'll print them
 but making the wild-ass claim that Rush and FOX gave Clinton a pass on just to be nice doesn't fly.

Used by permission - please visit


"Things are going very well for Bush.
  He passed his physical. No word yet on his mental."
    --David Letterman,

 Subject: military people are heroes?

  Click  Here

 Note: Hating the military gives the GOP ammo that Democrats
            can't be trusted to protect America - who can't see that?


 Smoking Gun is in Ken Blackwell's Hand
  Stealing votes is a crime - and a sin

  Click  Here

 On Friday, Ken "GOP Whore" Blackwell decided to stop the legal  recount being conducted in
 Greene County Ohio, in mid-count. When the volunteers asked under what authority they were
 being stopped they were told that Ken Blackwell had determined that "all voter records for the
 state of  Ohio were "locked-down," and now they are not considered public records." For those
 who may have been unaware due to the media lockdown, Ken Blackwell is not only the Ohio
 Secretary of State, but he was also the State Chair of the Bush reelection campaign.

 Conflict of interest anyone? Katherine Harris redux anyone?

 Now, here is the kicker. Blackwell not only did not have the authority to take this action,
 he is actually in violation of the law.


 Social Security alarm just another flimflam
    by  Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Here we go again. Yet another stage-managed "crisis" has arisen requiring the heroic intervention
 of George W. Bush, the action-figure president. This time, it's Social Security, the most successful
 government program in U.S. history, that has been singled out for the now-familiar Bush treatment.
 According to The Washington Post, Bush hopes to get his way "by essentially replicating the formula
 he used to reshape foreign policy in the first [term]. This includes creating a small, loyal and trustworthy
 team to press for broad changes largely dictated by the White House."   In short, a team of ideologues
 and yes-men. First comes a propaganda barrage, a rhetorical shock-and-awe campaign to convince
 the American public of something that's manifestly untrue: that Social Security faces a funding crisis
 threatening its very existence.


 Subject: Tiger Wins


 Where was the hex last week?
 Tiger finally won a tournament.
 It was his own tournament, but still, we need to say it.

 Hex on Thee!
 Hex on Thee!
 Hex on Thee!


 Brian, you sure he won?
 The reason I ask, a Tiger win would be BIG NEWS!
 I'd expect the media to go wall-to-wall with news like that.


Click  for  More


"When I arrived in 2003, there were 17 attacks a day from insurgents on American forces.
  The last figures I saw a week and a half ago said there were 150 attacks a day. The fact that
  the insurgents have not only been able to sustain themselves, but grow tenfold during the last year,
  is a real statement about their resiliency and also about the failures of the occupation and the
  political weakness of the Americans in Iraq.   In order to win a guerilla war you have to acquire
  the trust of the population. The U.S. so far has not had that in Iraq..."
     --Mark Danner, "Torture and Truth",      Attribution


 Subject: That Dow letter from BCR Show 61

 Was an obvious troll, it seemed from the wording.  You should know no corporation
 in their right mind is going to list all their misdoings and take an extreme position like that,
 and whoever sent it was looking for exactly the reaction you gave them.

 If you want to redirect (or forward, with full headers) the message to me I'll prove it by
 looking at where it came from and so forth, but I'm pretty sure that effort wouldn't be necessary.


 Dude, you'll be surprised if you  Click  Here
 Better yet, cue up that part of Show 61 and read it along with the radio show.


We've got the best books by the best authors
and they make great Christmas presents!

 Subject: ...on health benefits

 About two weeks after my little "discussion" with my boss on the Bush economy,
 I was handed a form to fill out for a change in our benifits plan. I asked why and he said
 the old company had raised it's rates and we were going with a cheaper company.

 Naturally the first thing out of my mouth was "Is this the Bush medical plan at work?"

 ha ha

 He told me to shut up and fill out the form.  I had a good laugh in his face.
 He's stuck with me.
 I'm one of the few people there who can even read the form.

 I just sent in my complaint to the FCC about Rush.
 Rude Rich


 Did anyone meet Mike Malloy?


 Detainee Abuse by Marines Is Detailed
   America's reputation worldwide has turned to shit - thanks to Dubya

  Click  Here

  Excerpt: Marine held a 9mm pistol to the back of a bound detainee's head while another took a photograph.
 ...four Marines ordered teenage Iraqi looters to kneel alongside holes and then fired a pistol "to conduct a mock execution."
 ...three Marines in Mahmudiya shocked a detainee with an electric transformer, forcing him to "dance" as the electricity hit him

 How many millions of suiciders has the Monkey's oil snatch hatched?.



"I was on the button with the short stack and with the pot odds I had,
  there was no choice but to go all in and she was in the big blind so we had
  a race and her Alan and Larry beat by snow men all to hell."
   -- The Jersey Queen, explaining why she lost in Wenesday's WPT "Ladies Night II"

 I had the advantage of being last to declare, and I only had a few chips left, and the pot
 was big compared to what I'd have to put in to get a piece, so I pushed all my chips in
 and she already had a stake in the pot, so we took a flop to see who'd get the advantage
 and her two kings beat my pair of eights.

 Poker - it's like a whole other language.


 Another BartCop Pokerfest is coming, but when and where?


 Subject: absolutely

 Bart, you are right on, 100% correct.
 Here's the frustrating thing: We can rail all we want, day in and day out, about the evil Republicans.
 But here's the problem: The people who we're supposed to be in favor of, the Democrats, are frigging pussies.

 They are scared to death to stand up and oppose the BFEE. For example, all that we would need to contest
 the whole damn 2004 Presidential election in the U.S. Congress is one single senator. Will one stand up and fight?
 I doubt it.

 Believe it or not, Democrats right now have a golden opportunity, if only they would seize the brass ring and
 decide to fight. At the very least, they could make the Republicans be held responsible for everything.

 For example, lately, when I am the recipient of one of those "you dirty no-good liberals are ruining the world"
 tirades from right-wingers, I say, whoa! Hold it right there!

 You guys run the whole show, you control the entire government.
 Why don't you guys just pass a law to fix all of these problems?
 Why don't you just outlaw all of this stuff that you hate so much?
 Who's going to stop you? The Democrats certainly won't do anything to try and stop you -- not only
 do they not have the numbers, but they are also scared to death of you guys. So, don't be coming to me
 to rail about anything; my liberal friends and I couldn't even control the type of soup that is being served up
 in the Senatorial cafeteria these days, much less actually control the legislative process.

 Donald P. R,

 Don, I wish you were wrong.
 We don't want it as much as they do.
 We'd have to fight to win, and we refuse.


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Where Was Rudy In the Kerik Mess?
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The President's advisors have faulted Mr. Kerik himself, as if the government could simply
 depend on nominees for self-vetting.  Evidently they were unable to discover anything he didn't
 remember to tell them. (Their strange passivity reflects the same Bush administration attitude that
 trusts major corporations to report their own environmental pollution and consumer swindling.)


 Subject: Re: Kerry & Bush sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

  Click  Here

 Don't read it - it will only upset you.



"Soldiers are an honorable group of directionless young men and women who seek direction in a noble ideal.
  They then are sometimes used by an evil cabal for evil purposes."
    -- Wayne in Georgia, speaking the truth


 Subject: your tip jar

 The only thing wrong with the tip-jar idea is that it wasn't mine.

 Anybody who wants to try to construct a page like yours every other day or so for nearly ten YEARS
 is more than welcome to try. There's not one person in 100,000 who could bring it off -- and IMHO, none so well as you.
 You provide an extremely valuable service better than anyone else I know of, and you deserve to be paid well for it.

 I even wish that you could become fabulously wealthy by doing your page and radio show.
 Of course you WON'T -- you're on the wrong side -- but I sure wish you could.

 And I hope you...  NEVER QUIT!!


  Click to leave a tip

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 Six Court-Martialed for Scrounging Equipment

  Click  Here

 At a time when some U.S. troops in Iraq are complaining they have to scrounge for equipment,
 six Ohio-based reservists were court-martialed for taking Army vehicles abandoned in Kuwait
 by other units so they could carry out their own unit's mission to Iraq.

 The soldiers say they needed the vehicles, and parts stripped from one, to deliver fuel to Iraq,
 but their commander said Sunday the troops should at least have returned the vehicles to their original units.

 Members of the 656th Transportation Company based in Springfield, OH said they needed the equipment
 to deliver fuel that was needed by U.S. forces in Iraq for everything from helicopters to tanks.

 The reservists took two tractor-trailers and stripped parts from a five-ton truck that had been abandoned
 in Kuwait by other units that had already moved into Iraq, one of the reservists told The AP on Sunday.

 Birt, a former chief warrant officer, and the others were charged with theft, destruction of Army property
 and conspiracy to cover up their crimes. Birt said he and two others pleaded guilty and the other three
 were convicted. All received six-month sentences.

 GUILTY of trying to do their jobs after Bush sent them into a war before the Pentagon was ready.


 Subject: Yes, I volunteer to argue the 'soldiers are bad' side of this debate

 Don't get me wrong, Bartcop...I love you and your web page...but I'll
 debate you on this subject anytime, anywhere.

 I'd love to be the one who helps you face one of the few facts of modern
 political reality you have not yet figured out on your own.

 I sure hope to hear from you soon. Meanwhile, keep swinging that hammer.
 With respect and admiration,
 Big Bill Hay

 Bill, how about Monday night, 9 PM Central in the bartcop live chat room?

 Click  Here  and then click on "Another server" and then hit "continue"

 Subject: Yes, I volunteer to argue the 'soldiers are bad' side of this debate

 Well, actually, I won't. But I'd be more than happy to argue the writer's REAL charge,
 and not your strawman argument: that it's not "heroic" to merely "do the job you promised to do"...

(How you got from "soldiers not 'heroic'" to "soldiers BAD!" escapes me...)
 worker unit

"Those dirty rotten baby killing bastards," has a negative connotation, don't you think?
 Monday I'll be straightening out Big Bill Hay.
 If you want to go on at 9:30 I'm sure I'll have some gas left.


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

You go to war with the Commander-in-Chief who abandoned you.

1276, 1281, 1297, 1299, Bush military victims so far

They only killed 2 since yesterday.

Wasted lives,
missing limbs,
ruined families -

Bush and his friends are getting super-rich.

Are you happy with your vote, America?

 Queen to tour with Paul Rodgers


  Click  Here

 Queen are going on the road next year with Paul Rodgers of 1970's blues band Free taking
 the place of the legendary but not-accepted-in-homophobic-America Freddie Mercury,

 Queen guitarist Brian May said there had been "amazing chemistry" when he played
 with Rodgers in concert at London's Albert Hall and on British television.

"There was something happening here," said May, who is organising the tour.

 We saw Queen in St Louis in 1975 in a super-rare American appearance.
 Six of us in Mrs. Bart's 69 Cadillac, driving 360 miles in the snow from Fayettenam.
 Breaking victimless laws like you'd chew f-ing M&Ms.

 During the concert it snowed almost a foot. When we came out, the St Louis cops
 had closed Market Street which is where our hotel was.  Damn that window pane!

 Anyone else see Queen live?.

 What year - and did they rock?


 Subject: one year anniversary

 Yes Bart the one year anniversary of the capture of Saddam has come and gone.
 There was not much fanfare as there was last year. From all accounts by the mediawhores
 at the time with the capture the war would turn more so in our favor, but a strange thing
 happened on the way to the celebration by Bush and Company.

 Total Fatalities since December 13, 2003: 904  (Saddam Hussein is captured)

 This is a shame and Bart in your updates you hit it dead solid perfect accusing Bush and
 his friends from becoming super rich from this bloody war. You asked the perfect question:
 Are you happy with your vote America?

 Well we see now that all the hoopla about the exit polls and the morals and values was a crock.
 People ask me on the issue of morals why I like Clinton so much and not Bush.

 Well hell it is simple, Clinton is a man that knows he can sin, wheras Bush is man
 who believes he cannot sin and if he does, then his sins are justified.



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 Do a good deed

 ...and send me your story but I won't print your name.

 There are three kinds of Christmas.  There is "Christ is King," there is Rudolph and Santa,
 and then there's the real Christmas - doing something for someone who needs a little help.

 Have a good Christmas this year.


 Subject: the West (bore) Wing


 Give this lousy West Wing show a break.
 Quit promoting it.  It is awful, biased and boring as hell.

 Who can believe Marty Sheen as a president?
 A dunce sure, a doofus yeah, a goofball to be exact, but a president?
 Are you laughing, too, now?  It is the most boring show on TV and
 just talks about liberals views and nothing else.  Boring!

 Ron White

 Our man Lurch made your Evil Monkey eat it three times on live TV.
 Martin Sheen would have Bush crying like Bob Dole at Nixon's funeral.



 I failed to get a BCR Show up this week.
 I apologize, that's Priority One on Monday.
 Many things all have to happen on successive days
 and I was unable to pull the trigger on that.

 It's Mrs. Bart's birthday, and here's what's up:
 She never asks for anything, so anything she asks for she gets.
 For her birthday, she wants to tour a haunted hotel in Northwest Arkansas.

 For $17.50, they take you to the basement of this haunted hotel and tell you
 ghost stories, and if that's what she wants for her birthday, that's what she gets.
 We're staying in two different places, hopefully one will have hi-speed net access.

 Funny, since Oct 1, we've had a wedding, an illness, a forced vacation, a funeral,
 a business trip/Rams game visit to St Louis, a birthday and whatever Koreshmas brings.

 But come Monday, BCR is Priority One.

 Be nice

 Christmas Shopping online?

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