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 Quote of the Day

"Bush awards Congressional medal of honor 
  to Tenet for taking the blame for the lies that 
  led us into Iraq, Paul Bremer for taking the 
  blame for the poor planning of the pentagon 
  in Iraq, and Tommy franks for keeping his 
  mouth shut."  

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Volume 1460 - The Rovian Web seen by dozens

 Wednesday     December 15,  2004                                                                                                                   Mike Malloy on  AAR weeknights


"Miss Plastic Surgery. (chuckle) And ...I don't know what the winner gets.
  Probably a certificate to go to San Francisco to have an add-a-dick-to-me operation. "
    -the vulgar Pugboy, earning his name each and every day,    saw Atrios's link on

 Click Atrios's link to file an FCC complaint aganist that vulgar bastard

 Iraqi Civilian Deaths Increase Dramatically After Invasion
   from the Johns Hopkins web page

  Click  Here

 The researchers compared the mortality rate among civilians in Iraq during the 14.6 months prior to the
 March 2003 invasion with the 17.8 month period following the invasion. The sample group reported 46 deaths
 prior to the March 2003 and 142 deaths following the invasion. The results were calculated twice, both with
 and without information from the city of Falluja. The researchers felt the excessive violence from combat in
 Falluja could skew the overall mortality rates. Excluding information from Falluja, they estimate that 100,000
 more Iraqis died than would have been expected had the invasion not occurred. Eighty-four percent of the
 deaths were reported to be caused by the actions of Coalition forces and 95 percent of those deaths were
 due to air strikes and artillery.



 Subject: Whore accusation?

 I just don't get it.
 If someone objects to your accepting donations all they have to do is not donate.
 I for one really appreciate the job you do. If I weren't unemployed with no chance
 of getting a steady, real job I would be more than happy to give support.

 I haven't found a site yet, liberal or conservative that doesn't have a donation button hidden somewhere.
 Keep hammering and as soon as one of my fledgling enterprises decides to pay off I will be visiting your tip jar myself.
 HH in AR


  Click to leave a tip

 Companies Rapidly Cutting Health Benefits
   America - you got what you voted for!!   Screw the poor!

  Click  Here

 Many companies are dropping their promise of health benefits for future retirees, who now
 might have to stay on the job longer and rely on government health care in their old age.

 Eight percent of employers with at least 1,000 workers said they had eliminated subsidized
 retiree health benefits for some workers this year, and 11 percent more said they probably
 would do so next year, .

 That's 20 percent in just TWO Bush years.
 That's another 30-40 percent that will lose their health care in the next four years.
 That's half of America losing health care because Bush gave billions to the super rich.

 Are you happy with your vote, America?

"What's the big deal?  Poor people will be dead soon, anyway..."




''Four years ago was the culmination, if you recall. . . of a lot of anguish, a lot of tension
  that isn't my style. I didn't really appreciate all the satellite dishes out here. And the night
  of the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe, on Dec. 12, was the day. That night the
  Supreme Court ruled in favor of the president. That was the more emotional day, Dec. 12."
      --Jeb Bush, a devout Catholic, crediting the Virgin of Guadaloupe with interceding on
         George's behalf during the 2000 presidential election, "Governor recalls political miracle"  (Miami Herald)

  It's obvious that voting for Bush is the key to getting into Heaven.

Used by permission - please visit


"Hitler's Angel Has 3 Million in US Bank," read the headline above a story
  reporting that Adolf Hitler's financier had stowed the fortune in Union Banking Corp., possibly
  to be held for "Nazi bigwigs." Bush knew all about the New York bank: He was one of its seven
  directors. If the Nazi tie became known, it would be a potential "embarrassment," Bush and his
  partners at Brown Brothers Harriman worried, explaining to government regulators that their
  position was merely an unpaid courtesy for a client. The situation grew more serious when the
  government seized Union's assets under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the sort of action that
  could have ruined Bush's political dreams...Just as the Union Banking story broke, Bush
  volunteered to be chairman of United Service Organizations, putting himself on the national
  stage for the first time."
    --  Boston Globe,   Attribution


 Subject: Re: hillbilly armor


 When Spc. Wilson asked Rumsfeld why soldiers were forced to scavenge for armor,
 the soldiers attending that little dog and pony show erupted into a fulsome cheer,
 clearly agreeing with him and delighted that someone was asking a real question.

 Contrast that media event with the one where Howard Dean produced his "scream"
 while urging his supporters on.  That scream was played over and over, relentlessly,
 and likely cost Dean the nomination.  If we had anything like a fair media (let alone a
 liberal one), the cheer for Spc. Wilson would be repeated over and over, relentlessly,
 and would likely have cost Rumsfeld his job.

 Needless to say, that's not how it works, is it?  Until there's a revolution in this country,
 the media will continue to protect the Republicans and damage the Democrats at any and all opportunities.
 Pathetic, isn't it?

 Jim K.

 Jim, that's true.
 The media's job is to protect Bush at all costs.

 I wonder why Kerry and our elected Democrats have signed on?
 Why are they content to hold the Bloody Emporer's coat?



 In the old days, during America's cold war with Russia the buzz phrase was "Trust, but verify,"
 meaning since they can't be trusted, so we had to verify their claims.

 These days, during the Democrat's fight for survival against the GOP and Diebold,
 the buzz phrase for the Democrats is "Trust, because Bush would never lie to us."

 Doesn't it make you f-ing sick that the Democrats can't see through Bush's lies?

 From the Mind of Rude Rich

  Click  Here

 I doubt we'll see another Democratic President in our lifetime. These morons are everywhere and
 the right wing media feeds off their buzzword mentality. Thats all they know but there are too many of them.
 There are too many of them in NJ let alone wherever that Oklahoma place is. If I lived there I'd never
 leave the house.  I saw them in Florida. You can bash tutu wearing Democrats all you want but the
 moron majority is not going to change no matter what the Democrats do. Hillary doesn't have a
 snowballs chance in hell of becoming President.   Rush O'Hannity has turned her and me and you
 into the enemy. The moron majority doesn't think for themselves. They follow the crowd.


 How to Hack the Vote: the Short Version

  Click  Here

 I am going to show you, step by step and with screenshots, how an attack against our election system
 could very easily steal a Statewide or even a National election without leaving a trace.  This attack would
 be easy to carry out, difficult to detect, and exert enormous influence on the results, leaving the humble
 voter coldly left out of the decision-making process.


 Subject: "Dead Heroes" count


 I have to disagree with your "Dead Heroes" term in keeping the body count.

 As unfortunate and unpalatable as it may be, these dead U.S. soldiers are certainly not heroes.
 Pawns, unfortunate tools, misguided individuals seems more like the truth. Let us not forget that
 they are the invaders in an illegal war.

 I would think that the many deserters and people who refused to go and left for Canada or some
 other civilized place are more worthy of the term "Hero". They are the ones who stoodup and did
 what was right. The rest made a choice, and sometimes you gotta pay for making the wrong choice.


 Maybe it's an age thing, because besides what Clinton did stopping Milosovich, we haven't had many
 "noble" excursions in the last few decades. Did you know that a higher percent of our dead are
 National Guardsmen - the men and women who help after hurricanes, floods and other disasters?
 They're no all evil, are they?

 Many of you seem to think it's a picnic in Iraq and Afghanistan, that our soldiers are having fun
 "killing the sand niggers" and that's why you can't stand behind them - am I right?

 I think it would take a session in the live chat room to turn some of you around.
 Any volunteers?

 Yes, I volunteer to argue the 'soldiers are bad' side of this debate


"One of the remarkable things about Abu Ghraib is that it's been spectacular propaganda damage
  to the United States. It supplied a brand image for American repression: I'm talking about the
  hooded-man image, which now is recognizable all over the Middle East and the Islamic world as a
  symbol of the United States and the horrors it inflicts on Muslims. Osama bin Laden, had he gone
  to Madison Avenue and asked for an advertising image for jihad -- even the best firm couldn't
  have come up with anything better than those images."
      --Mark Danner,    Attribution


 Subject: Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?


 I am convinced that Kerry put up only token opposition during the campaign because
 they're both members of Skull & Bones.  Look at it rationally: we had an unpopular incumbent
 (lowest approval ratings EVER for a sitting president), a rapidly deteriorating and ultimately
 unwinnable war that people weren't crazy about, a stalled economy, stratospheric gasoline
 prices and a challenger who managed to raise more money than anyone else iin history.
 It takes real talent to lose under those conditions, talent...or a fix.

 I believe that somewhere, sometime before the campaign, Kerry and the Bushmonkey struck
 a deal...and they both knew who was going to be the next president before the first vote was even cast.
 I don't ask you to share my certainty, I only ask you to look into it a little bit for yourself.

 Be prepared for a chill...
 Angel Of Mercy

 Angel, like with the JFK, RFK, MLK murders, we'll never know.
 Throughout history, we've always had BFEE-type organizations pulling the strings.
 Christ, Prescott Bush was Hitler's partner.

 Like Jack Ruby said at the very end, "the people who were behind this (Oswald's murder)
 are so powerful and have so much to lose, the truth will never come out."
 When asked if "those people" were high up in government, Ruby said "yes, very high up."

 Sometimes I have to read a back issue to search for something, and I see the mail from fellow Dems
 telling me to get off Kerry's back, that he's going to win, that he's so confident of winning that he's not even
 campaigning hard, that he's such a great closer and why do I think I know better than the experts?

 You're right - losing to the giggling Murder Monkey took great skill.

 In 1992, America took a chance on a young, skirt-chasing, draft-dodging, dope-smoking hillbilly KGB agent
 to get rid of Bush 41 and Bush 41 was FDR compared to this bungling idiot who has killed 1200 soldiers and
100K civilians, not to mention the ruined economy and the destruction of 200 years with a decent reputation.

 How could Kerry possibly lose?


We've got the best books by the best authors
and they make great Christmas presents!

 Subject: blaming Clinton?

 Bart Dude,

 The next time you get one of those asshole monkeys wanting to blame Clinton for any lacking in the military,
 point them to the real culprit of that dastardly dead, daddy bushit's 1992 State of the Union Address.
 And remember, Dick Cheney was the Sec.of Def. back then. You can read it at the C-Span web site here:  

"Two years ago, I began planning cuts in military spending that reflected the changes of the new era.
  But now, this year, with imperial communism gone, that process can be accelerated. Tonight I can tell you
  of dramatic changes in our strategic nuclear force. These are actions we are taking on our own because
  they are the right thing to do. After completing 20 planes for which we have begun procurement, we will
  shut down further production of the B - 2 bombers. We will cancel the small ICBM program. We will
  cease production of new warheads for our sea-based ballistic missiles. We will stop all new production
  of the Peacekeeper missile. And we will not purchase any more advanced cruise missiles.

  Don P


from  July, 2001

 Meet Mike Malloy - TONIGHT


 Democrat Meet-Up Group
 at  Carpe Diem in Decatur GA  TONIGHT at 7PM.
 All are welcome to attend:

 105 Sycamore Place in Decatur, Georgia

 Go meet Mike, and tell him, "Bart says Hey!"


 Ford to Kill Mammoth Excursion Next Year - Source

  Click  Here

 Ford Motor Co. will kill off the Ford Excursion, its largest sport utility vehicle and a lightning rod
 for criticism from environmental groups, next year, a source familiar with the plan said on Monday.

 U.S. sales of the Excursion, which was launched in 1999, are down 25 percent so far this year.
 The Sierra Club, which dubbed the Excursion the "Ford Valdez" after the infamous Alaskan oil spill,
 called it an environmental disaster because of its poor fuel economy rating.  (14 MPG)

 Is this real?  Or is it a trick to get you to buy one while you can?

 Each year since at least 1980, whenever The Who or the Stones went on tour,
 they put out rumors that this would be their very last tour, so if you ever wanted
 to see those bands, you HAD to go this time or miss them forever.

 I smell a rat.



"The Congressional watchdog remains fast asleep, and we intend to wake it up. And if the GOP
  decides to hold their own oversight hearings, there will be no need for this project."
   --Senator Byron Dorgan, chairman of the Sleeping Democratic Policy Committee, saying conditions exist
      that just miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight get Democrats to start doing their jobs,    Attribution


 Subject: Army relents - Amputee Loria to keep pay

 Bart, didn't know if you had seen this news update yet.

  Click  Here    (Update on "his arm and his paycheck" from Volume 1458 )
 A good ending, well - at least in regard to the pay the army had initially taken from him.

 BUT its a damn scandal that soldiers have to fight for fair treatment AFTER returning home,
 but then again WHAT ELSE IS NEW....soldiers returning home have been treated like they
 don't exist AFTER the initial welcome home parades.

 The Army is like most big American corporations.
 Their intention is to screw everyone out of their last nickel.
 When you catch them screwing you, they say, "F - you, go to hell."

 But if you can get a little publicity for your cause, the bastards pretend there was a mistake and say,
"Oh, how in the world did THAT happen? We didn't know - we want to make things right for you."

 ...and they do this AFTER the poor bastard lost his leg fighting for his country?

 "I want to screw YOU!"


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Thailand tightens rules on alcohol and cigarette sales
  But their pre-teen sex trade flourishes because it makes so much more money

  Click  Here

"We expect the measures will improve the life of youths and result in the reduction of alcohol
 and cigarette consumption as well as the boosting of social order measures," government
 spokesman Jakrapob Penkair said outside the cabinet meeting, which was held in southern Thailand.

 Under the new measures alcohol and cigarettes can be sold from 11am to 2pm, and from 5pm to midnight.
 It was not immediately clear if the rules would apply to bars or discos, which are allowed to stay open past midnight.

 ha ha

 This "bold, new" law that caught the attention of every lazy/whore editor in America
 doesn't apply to bars and discos where the alcohol/cancer/sex trade thrives.

 Do you sometimes thing Rodney King would be as good or better an editor as we have
 at any whore newspaper in America in this Bush-fellating era of total media whoredom?


 Subject: Are we better off now than we were four years ago?

  Kerry refused because of the team he's playing for, "The Washington Generals".
 As we all know, it was their job to lose to the Harlem Globetrotters, while making it look like a 'real' game.

 To be honest, I want my money back from the DNC since they seem to have taken it under the false pretense
 of attempting to win the election. Kerry said he wouldn't make the Gore mistake of conceding until every vote
 was counted, he lied. I agree with, it time to take this party back from the 'Bush-lite' millionaires,
 and corporate special interest groups.

 When I joined the service back in 1980 I took an oath to defend this country "...against all enemies, foreign and
 domestic". Even though I'm no longer in the military, I still feel that obligation, and this cabal has crossed the line.
 John F. Kennedy once said: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable".

 We tried the peacful way twice now, and they stole both elections. I think we all know what comes next.

"IMPEACH in '05!"



Click  for  big  laughs

 Quotes from the past

"Bartcop is becoming so popular that if he were to start a suicide cult,
  he could outdo David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Heavens Gate all put together!
  I raise my glass to toast you."
   -- Marc Perkel, in Washington DC, April 2002

 ha ha

 Spoken like a seasoned promoter.
 See Marc Perkel for all your web hosting needs.


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 National Day of Mourning, 1/20/05

  Click  Here

 January 20th, 2005 will be a National Day of Mourning for American Democracy.
 If George W. Bush is sworn in on that day for a second Presidential term, it will
 represent a Grave Blow to the core Values of our Democracy. It will be a day of
 great sadness for at least half the nation. In observance of this day,

 * Wear traditional symbols of mourning - black clothes, black armbands, black ribbons on the lapel.
 If you are able, fly an American flag at half staff.

 * Take funeral leave, bereavement leave or sick leave from work on January 20th.
 If challenged to name your ailment, call it Democracy Flu.
 If you take funeral or bereavement leave, you may say that your Uncle Sam has died.


 Subject: Bev Harris on Randi Rhodes Show

 Hey Bart,

 I don't think you get to hear all of Randi Rhodes show, but today she finally got ahold of Bev Harris.
 You are probably right about Bev Harris being a nutcase.

 Randi laid into her pretty hard for not being in touch, and helping with the recount in Ohio
 and all Bev could say was her caller id said no one had called.
 I think she may be a real flake.

 Kevin in Portland

 We've known for a year or three that Bev Harris (and her Clinton cigars) is a big fraud.
 I wrote an e-mail to warn Randi about what a fraud Bev Harris is but I never sent it.
 It went something like this:

 I cringe a little each time I hear you mention/endorse Bev Harris and
 Yes, Bush is a criminal and the voting machines are rigged, but Bev is NOT the messenger for this.

 Remember how Bush got immunity from the cocaine story because Jim Hatfield was a felon?
 The cocaine story is dead forever.

 Remember how Bush got immunity from being a deserter decause Dan Rather made a rookie mistake
 by not checking his facts before he broadcast his story to millions of viwers?
 The desertion story is dead forever.

 Bev Harris could give the entire GOP immunity from voting fraud and if that happens,
 we all might as well register Republican because there's no turning back after that.

 How many YEARS has Bev promised she had the goods right in her hand, but every time
 somebody says, "Show me," she says it'll be tomorrow before the actual evidence arrives.

 How many YEARS should we wait for Bev's "tomorrow evidence?"

 When Bev was on Al Franken, he got disgusted with her evasive answers
 and went to a commercial and when he came back - she was gone.

 All Bev needs is an army of lawyers and she can bring Bush down.
 All Bev needs is an army of code-crackers and she can bring Bush down.
 All Bev needs is another $100,000 or so and she can bring Bush down.

 Oh, and Bev needs bodyguards because her "evidence" against Bush is "so powerful,"
 the White House will surely try to have her assassinated - what a joke!
 But then, when Randi and Keith Olbermann give Bev a national spotlight, she disappears
 because she's got nothing to deliver - so hiding out is her best bet. We all want Bev to be
 telling the truth, but how many fakes and dodges should we put up with waiting for that truth?

 Should we allow crazy Bev to give the GOP immunity from the Diebold charges forever?

 ...but I didn't want my first e-mail to Randi to be so negative - yet the stakes are almost life and death.

 My challenge to Bev Harris  from Volume 1104 in July of 2003 - almost a year and a half ago.


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

You go to war with the Commander-in-Chief who abandoned you.

1276, 1281, 1297, 1299, dead heroes so far.

They only killed 2 since yesterday.

Wasted lives,
missing limbs,
ruined families -

...for oil that has doubled in price?

Under the Oil President, a barrel went from $25 to $55.

Do you think that's an accident?

Bush and his friends are getting extra-super-rich from this bloody war.

Are you happy with your vote, America?

 Exhibition closed over Bush Monkey portrait

  Click  Here

 Bush Monkeys, a small acrylic on canvas by Chris Savido, created the stir at the Chelsea Market
 public space on Monday, leading the market's managers to close down the 60-piece show.
"We had tons of people, like more than 2000 people show up for the opening on Thursday night,"
 said show organiser Bucky Turco.

"Then this manager saw the piece and the guy just kind of flipped out. 'The show is over.
 Get this work down or I'm gonna arrest you,' he said. It's been kind of wild."

    "Criticism is no longer legal!"


Want to be on BartCop Radio?
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Call the

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 VCR Alert

 West Wing continues their metamorphorsis from Bartlet to whoever's taking his place.
 I'm still angry with NBC for forcing Sheen out - because he was right about the war.

 NBC (GE) makes billions selling war machines to the bloody BFEE, so they can't have
 a big TV star reminding people that lives are more precious than dollars so Sheen has to go.

 and then...

 new edition of World Poker Tour - "Ladies' Night II"

 Last time the ladies played, they were extra-aggressive, I suppose to let the world know
 that they were going to play like senate Democrats - it was wild, wild poker all night.



 I did a good deed

 Last weekend, I heard about two boys who were unable to attend their mother's funeral.
 Christmas shouldn't be like that for anybody - not even a Republican.

 I was reminded that I've had some good luck this year with frequent miles on SW Air,
 so I donated a couple of tickets so the sons could get to their mother's services.

 Why do I bring this up?
 For a while, I've been wanting to do something good for somebody besides me & Mrs. Bart.
 Christ, it's Christmas, and most of the year everybody's forced to think about themselves.
 I'm not into the whole "The King is Born," tale, but a once-a-year re-boot is a good idea.
 If you don't count 786 I've never done anything that hasn't been for me, or me & Mrs Bart.

 Like most people, I'm a pig who always thinks about himself first, so if you, too are a greedy bastard,
 if you put yourself first all the time, maybe use this holiday to do something good for somebody else
 because - no matter how bad you have it, somebody else has it ten times worse.

 I don't have FF miles "to burn,"and sure, that was a trip to Vegas I gave up,
 but I'm lucky - I have more free trips to Vegas coming.

 If you're lucky, and can do something for someone who needs a favor this Christmas,
 do that - and send me your story but I won't print your name.

 There are three kinds of Christmas.  There is "Christ is King," there is Rudolph and Santa,
 and then there's the real Christmas - doing something for someone who needs a little help.

 Have a good Christmas this year.


 Subject: still kissing...

 ...military ass, Bart.  Each issue you complain about how Bush killed 100,000
 Iraqi civilians, and then you get down on your knees to call our soldiers "heroes."

 War equals a whole lot of innocent people dying.
 Sometimes war is necessary, this time it wasn't.

 You can scream "fuck the military" all you want, just like you can hate the police
 and hate the firemen, but when your ass catches on fire, it's a good thing that your
 small-minded hatred was overruled by the saner folk who realized what was needed.

 It was those heroes who killed the Iraqi civilians, Bart.

 I can't tell if you mean the Mosque shooter on the guys dropping bombs.
 The guys dropping bombs are following orders. You can't have every soldier
 question every order and still have a military that works. You ought to know that.

 If you're talking about the Mosque shooter, he was placed in an unwinnable situation
 by the greedy Bush Monster who just can't get enough hundreds of billions of dollars.

 Your unwillingness to name mindless military killing drones the murderers that they are
 (albeit misguided ones rather than greedy ones, perhaps) just helps make it all the more
 publicly acceptable for young kids to turn into killers in the name of "patriotism."

 I'm plenty willing to name the guilty - Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and the rest, but blaming
 some 19 year old for trying to get health care for his wife and kid shows me your ignorance
 is bigger than your ability to look at someone else's bad situation.  And your ignorance
 coupled with your certainty is what makes you a Monkey, just like Bush.

 And your willingness to suck the military off again and again while it murders is disgusting.

 It's my guess your real name is very American and you're using that fake name to hide
 to make others think you're just an ignorant fuck who doesn't know how stupid he sounds.

 Our military didn't kill 100,000 civilians (and counting) under Clinton because Clinton had
 no designs on world domination and personal enrichment.  The military is a tool the president uses.

 Tell me, if a Ford pickup kills your daddy, would that make all Ford pickups evil and murderous?
 If your Momma breaks a hip roller skating, does that make the wheel evil?


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       Shirley Manson of Garbage

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