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Volume 787 - Carville, Conason & Steele II

*Special discounts for  bartcop.com  readers

 May 8, 2002 

 ...continued from Vol 787 - Carville, Conason & Steele

 Then, smokin' Joe Conason introduced her - Julie Hiatt Steele!

 The roar made me think the Stones, Beatles and Zeppelin had just taken the stage.
 The place went nuts with hooting and foot-stompin and clapping and cheering.
 (Please, Mr. Video man - hurry with that tape!)

 Julie told me last night - that iris-colored suit she wore to the Fest?
 It's the same outfit she was wearing when Nancy Luque
 stood up and said, "The defense rests, Your Honor."

 She wore it for us.

 <...pause to get the lump out of my throat...>

 I don't remember a lot about Julie's comments, you'll know why in a second.
 I'm sure she thanked James for having us, and I know she thanked Joe for the years of support,
 and then, horror of horrors, Julie said, "Where's Bart hiding?"

 ...but I wasn't worried. I was lurking in the shadows in the back.
 I knew my loyal fans would shield me from the harsh glare of the spotlight
 and cover for me and protect me so I could remain hidden in the dark.

                    I was wrong!

 Julie asked me to come up and stand with her.

 I wasn't comfortable grabbing the attention but you don't say no to Julie.
 So I made my way up through the crowd to stand with her on her big night.
 Julie then asked Christian and Nancy Luque (her atty) to come up, too.
 I tried to leave, but Julie sunk a nail into my arm - just like Mrs. BartCop.

 So we're standing there and Julie continued her very short speech.
 She suggested instead of using time, money and energy to try to impeach Usurper Boy,
 let's just win Congress this year and win again in 2004 with a centrist Democratic message
 so we can throw the evil and cheating Republicans out of the White House.
 Remember, Julie and Susan McDougal know the GOP and they know what they're
 really like - better than anyone in America, maybe except for Bill and Hillary.

 Then something happened I'll never forget:

 Gene Lyons told me in an e-mail a loooooong time ago to ask Julie
 to tell me a certain naughty story about the time she appeared on Geraldo.
 Later, when Julie told me the story, I laughed so hard I got a headache.
 It's too damn funny. Once you hear this story, you won't ever forget it.

 I remember the first time Julie came into Gens's live chat room,
 I was teasing her and I asked her to tell that great Geraldo story.
 Of course, she didn't tell this hysterical story then - noooooooooo.
 She waited until we were standing in front of 200 people with lights and a
 video camera pointed at us - THEN she told the story.

 I'm not going to tell you - you'll have to wait until the video comes out to hear this
 I-can't-believe-how-funny-that-is story, but let's just hope the camera didn't record my jaw
 dropping on the floor when I realized where she was going. I was kinda in a daze and I hear
 "the time I was on Geraldo," and I thought, "No way she's telling THAT story" - but she did.
 Go figure - the crowd GOT IT in a split-second.  It took me a few minutes the first time,
 but this crowd wasn't handicapped by an IQ of 64, and they ALL got it at the same time.

 Julie's timing is perfect.  I remember after our first conversation,  I kept thinking Julie has a
 future in stand up comedy. The pros say a great stand up comic needs two things:
 A great sense of timing and a good memory. She's got the timing down,
 and nobody has a memory like Julie Hiatt Steele.

 Whatever grip I had on the night ended there. I don't remember anything after that Geraldo story.
 I assume when her speech ended she got a nice round of applause, but - the night was still young.
 I guess the speeches were done by 8:45 and we had the place until 10 PM at least, so we started
 pouring Chinaco shots and mingling around, exchanged lies and stories with the Julie fans.

 While mingling, I met Nancy Luque, Julie's winning attorney.
 (Would I be a sexist pig if I said Nancy is very attractive in person?)
 We only talked for a minute, but we quickly centered on the point that Julie is a tornadoe*.

 It must've been extreme torture for the two of them to be locked inside that pressure-cooker for years,
 but thank Koresh things turned out like they did. Nancy told me the entire time they were being railroaded
 by our out-of-control, religiously-insane federal government, (my words) they kept asking each other,
"Doesn't anybody see what's they're doing to you?
 Why doesn't somebody speak out against this monster?
 Why isn't there some outrage about an innocent woman being put through hell just so
 Newt can try to embarrass Clinton? Why doesn't somebody stop this abortion of justice?"
 (That last one was mine.)

 That must have been maddening to know the whole world was watching while Julie got rolled
 but nobody cared enough to stand up and say "Stop this horseshit right now!"  I told Nancy
 that if I'd known about Julie's plight back then, I would've used my even-smaller-than-it-is-now
 hammer to write about each days events, but I guess that's a priviledge only available to the
 lying-about -their-oath Freepers on the damn jury, with the crooked judge's full knowledge.

 ...more mingling...

 Look, it's Julie talking to Bart!
 Darn those photographers -they never get a good shot of me!

 I tried and tried to think of a way to keep my image out of the forthcoming video,
 but they say that can't be done without using those little square pixels and they're
 very expensive so those of you who buy the tape will have to agree to put
 cardboard on the right side of your TVs when I get on stage, OK?
 We'll have a special cardboard-detecting chip inside the tape, so if you fail to
 use the cardboard, your credit card will be billed for each illegal viewing.

 Another thing, and I hope this OK to tell now, I didn't want to get into this at the time
 because Julie hates to be talked about, but the day before Juliefest2002-DC,
 she had a root canal done on that cracked tooth we talked about back in February.
 They couldn't cap the tooth until it's fixed, and they couldn't fix it without root canal.

 A certain someone who doesn't want his name revealed told Julie to go to her regular
 dentist and to have him call his office and he'd take care of the bill.
 Isn't that a damn nice thing for him to do?

 A shot of Chinaco to Mr. Unknown in San Diego!

 Oh, and there's one more piece to that story:
 Julie said while they were using steel and titanium bits to drill into the nerve of that tooth, she went to sleep.
 Swear to Koresh, she said she went right to sleep. The dentist had to wake her up.
 If you've ever had a root canal, you know there's not enough anesthesia in thw world
 to kill the pain when that nerve gets drilled on, but Julie went to sleep.

 When she told me that, I thought, "She's lying! ...Julie Hiatt Steele is lying to me," but then I
 remembered that she's the woman who gave up a million dollar home and her life as she knew it just
 to avoid telling a lie that would've solved all her problems except for the one called "integrity."

 By the way, ... I gotta tell you this.

 This is gonna be tough on me writing it, and it should be tough on you reading it, and I wish
 there was a way I could say this without Julie reading it because it'll cause her a lot of pain,
 but when we saw her later in the week, I got directions to the home she gave up.

 First, you have to really really want to get there.
 You take this road for a while, then that road for a while.
 All the time you're still in west-north-western Richmond, but as you get closer
 to the address, the houses get bigger and better. After a while you make this right turn
 and you're surrounded by thousands of trees. After about another half-mile, you see the mailbox.

 Julie's old neighborhood is like a national park

 To get to the house, you drive thru the trees left and right and left and right.
 That's how the movers couched their crimes, because the regular moving van
 couldn't make the twist & turns to get to the house, so they used little truck after
 little truck, which gave them the cloak they needed to rob her blind.
 But, once you finish the twisted drive up the loooooong driveway, you see this magnificent grand estate.

 We couldn't see the front of the house without trespassing, and the lucky new owners have
 a large guard dog that greeted us, so we had to stay in the car, dammit. Another thing, you know
 how some wealthy people put their house on display so everyone can see how rich they are?
 The classy people get a house that's hidden in the trees - that's what Julie did.

 The house is white and it has maybe six windows with green shutters on the first and second floors.
 It has twin fireplaces on either end of the house that are both hueueueuege.



Julie said she was there for 23 years, so I'm guessing she had this place built in 1978.
I've never seen Gone With the Wind, but I have a feeling that this place looks like Tara from the front.

Maybe someday you'll get to Richmond and see her house.
It'll break your heart.
You can't have any idea what she gave up until you see this place.
...and now she's about to be thrown out of a condemned apartment.

Hold on, I need a shot...

From: AA Warren

Wow!  Julia Hiatt Steele is a FOX!
Is she married?  Does she smell good, too?

She rocks.


Al, Julie is a proper (and single) southern lady.
And yes, she's very attractive.
She looked like several million dollars on her big night.

...and of course she smells good.

 Wrapping up the story...

 Perhaps the biggest mistake of the night, part of the "losing time" business, was the photos.
 We intended to have the hour prior to the gig for a private photo session where people
 could have their picture taken with Julie, but the first time I blinked, the show was ready to go.

 I can think of two ways to mitigate the damage:
 1 - You could go to JuliefestWest and have your picture taken with Julie at the
       fabulous Hard Rock Island Resort and Casino or the next night in LA, (more on that later).

 2-  We are preparing a collage of the pictures taken at Juliefest2002-DC.
       We intend to create a poster, signed by Julie.  The buzz on this is good.

 Sorry I screwed that up. Julie might've gotten a nice extra boost from the picture-taking.
 I can't imagine anybody at that party who wouldn't pay for their picture with Julie.

 Everyone was there

 Mark from Buzzflash.com, Gene from Americanpolitics.com, Marc from perkel.com,
 Lisa from allhatnocattle.com, David from democraticunderground.com
 Marty from BartCop E!  and Michele from BartCook, Gens from The Forums
 All we were missing was Tamara Baker, Gene Lyons, JQ from mediawhoresonline.com and one cop.

 I intended to gather the big dogs and have a mini-summit, maybe find a way to combine
 our resources and increase the size of everyone's hammer, but time just wouldn't allow it.

 ...another missed opportunity.

 The soundtrack nobody heard

 Click  Here

 Multiple Sidebars:

 Special thanks to Patricia. Her husband asked what she wanted for her birthday (4/25)
 and she told him, "I want to go toJuliefest2002-DC."
 and special thanks to Larry for "capping off" a great Juliefest2002-DC weekend.

 ...and congrats to Juli and Wallace for getting married!
 Woo Hoo!

 The dark horse hero of the night was Mark from Buzzflash.com
 He wrote a week or two before the fest and asked if we were going to raffle off stuff,
 because that was a good way to raise money at the event. I told him that we had no plans
 to do that, because we didn't know how and we were running low on time.

 Shamelessly, I asked if he could coordinate that FOR us, and he said,
"I'd be happy to do anything that will help Julie.  She's a hero."

 So Mark DONATED all those books, got the right people to sign them - and that's not all.
 First, Mark sent a supersize check. That was damn nice to start with.
 Second, he allowed himself to be roped into handling the raffles that would benefit Julie.
 Third, he donated the books and some Buzzflash.com shirts and other stuff to be raffled off.
 (Sidebar: Julie's son Adam has been wearing his Buzzflash.com shirt to school) and
 fourth, and this is the big one, Mark manned the table with the goods the entire night and
 handled the raffles, the t-shirt sales, he safe-guarded the champagne bucket o' cash all night, he MC'd
 the raffles - he did everything that we either didn't know how to do or didn't have time to do.
 A shot of Chinaco for Mark at Buzzflash.com

 Hell, if I had any brains, I would've bought him a shot right then, but nooooo.

 Message from Julie

 Click  Here

 It was not quite a madhouse, but it was packed - wall-to-wall.
 Everybody had drinks. We had at least a doctor there, we had a surgeon,
 we had at least one former judge and we had Rude Rich wearing a hat!

 One lady told me her Dad was gonna flip when she told him she got to meet Bart!
 I'm not sure she was too impressed, but she said her Dad back in Arizona was gonna flip.

 One poor guy had the bad luck to buy me my first shot o' Chinaco. When the bartender asked what I
 wanted, I told him "Shot of Chinaco - and make it a double." I shouldnt have, but I was feeling kinda
 weird about everything - coming out, hosting, shaking hands - do you want to know something really strange?
 People asked for my autograph!  Didn't they know there were real heroes in the room?

 I'll bet a dozen people bought me a shot of Chinaco that night. Good thing I respect The Miracle at Canaan
 too much to get enibriated on it. If I wanted to get my load on (that's what they call it on NYPD Blue) I'd use
 whiskey or vodka, cause God's Best Miracle doesn't go to my head.  Hell, I made sense all night :)   ha ha

 Legendary Triple Crown Winner Seattle Slew Dies

 Click  Here

 Seattle Slew always had a sense of timing. Winner of the 1977 Triple Crown and sire of more than
 100 stakes winners, the big black stallion died Tuesday - 25 years to the day after his victory in the
 Kentucky Derby.  There is no living Triple Crown winner stabled anywhere in the world.
 Slew, as he was affectionately known, was the only horse to win the Triple Crown while undefeated.

 This is very sad.
 Julie, myself, Mrs. Bart and Christian all had a connection to Seattle Slew.
 Maybe you wondered why every issue the last week before Juliefest had the phrase,

 ...and down the stretch they come!

 That was for Slew and a very special lady who was a great help to Julie.

 A heartfelt shot of Chinaco for two champions.


 To read what others thought of  Juliefest2002-DC

  Click  Here

 These are dozens of great letters written by attendees,
 offering their opinion of Carville, Conason and Steele
 and the support staff..

 In closing...

 Christian told me each time she's spent the night at Julie's they stayed up all night talking.
 Christian said she generally hears birds chirping when she finally crashes.

 With that in mind,

 Julie was a tornadoe*all night at West24.  She worked that crowd for over 4 hours.
 And remember, for the last four years, a "crowd" to Julie is when Adam had a friend over.
 But she worked that room, smiling, shaking hands, signing autographs and shirts and books.
 She always had someone standing nearby waiting for their chance to talk to her.
 I haven't heard from anybody who said they didn't get a few minutes with her.
 A looooooot of people got a pinch of that Julie magic on April 27th, 2002.

 Afterwards I asked if she was up for a nightcap and she said, "No, I'm too TIRED!"
 ha ha

 Julie really said that!
 YOU people tired her out, and that's not easy to do.

 I want to thank everyone who made this such a big night for her.
 Even though she'd dead broke, Julie doesn't care about the money
 as much as she enjoyed meeting so many friendly people.

 On the phone with Julie, ten days later, she still says,
"Can you believe that night? Wasn't that something?"

 Do me this favor: Don't forget about her now.
 Do you ever read about these movie stars and supermodels who say
 they don't date because everyone assumes they're already with someone?

 Don't think because Juliefest2002-DC is over that you should stop writing
 or calling or e-mailing Julie. Yes, at the moment she has more mail than she can answer,
 but for the first time in four years she can actually TALK or write to people without
 some son of a bitch from the IOC's office tapping her phone and reading her mail
 and then contacting that person for a grilling under the hot lights..

  Self-serving sidebar:
 She told me last night that she's digging for the two pieces of evidence where she
 first read the name "BartCop." One paper is from Ken Starr (R-rat bastard)'s office
 and the other is from the White House.  (Yes, Julie, keep digging. That'll look great on the page!)

 I regret that I didn't meet Julie sooner.

 I would've enjoyed calling her home during the height of the "bunkerdom" and talking to her for
 hours and hours on the phone. And if Starr and his goons wanted an interview with me afterwards
 I would've given them all kinds of recaps about what we talked about, such as what a bullying
 piece of xxxx he is, what a xxxx his mother must have been to raise an unprincipled monster like him
 what a slimeball mother-xxxxxxx he is and every other insulting slur I could've thought of at the time.

 Our government left Julie with nothing but Adam, her dignity and her integrity.
 I feel really lucky that I got to meet her and help a little.

 so write to Julie!


 I don't know how to end this story, so I'll just say that it was an unforgetable thrill to
 see the smile on Julie's face on this magic night when she was surrounded by friends..
 She's only been free of her horrible, spirit-crushing ordeal since we've known her.

 When we met her, she was in the middle of getting thrown out of her home and having her
 private possessions stolen and broken by the greedy and clumsy movers. And since it took
 FOUR companies to move her, they felt free to steal at will because they knew they could
 always blame the broken/stolen stuff on one of the other movers, the heartless bastards.

 All this time, since the final OIC report came out in March, she was STILL living under the constant threat
 of indictment by that son of a bitch Robert Ray. Why? Just because he could.   The sick bastards that
 made up the IOC couldn't beat a man in a fair fight, so they chose to bully a single mother, instead.
 They thought they could break her, but they were dead f-ing wrong.
 Julie was too much for them.

 But this was Julie's night and seeing her reaction to the tsunami of positivity will always
 be a great memory for me. If you were there, you saw it, too.  If you weren't there,
 lets hope the video caught some of that magic forever so you can show your kids.

 Last thing:

 Christian and I can't really claim a lot of credit for this.
 All we did was rent a classy room and ask Julie fans to show up.
 All the good stuff that happened was because of what YOU did, not us.

 Once the Juliefest roller coaster started down the tracks, all we could do was hang on.
 YOU people made Julie's night a magic night that she'll never forget.

 Thanks for that...

 Tomoro - back to regular issues!

 ...plus, big changes are coming.

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