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 So many killer reviews...

 Here's one from BartCook Michele

 Click  Here

    --  Pete Hisey on Julie Hiatt Steele. ha ha -- This is the BEST!   Pete, and you are so right!

Subject: Juliefest impressions

Welcome home BC.

I thought things went great at Juliefest. I met so many interesting, intelligent, fun and informed liberals
(who weren't at all ashamed of calling themselves that). Everyone was in a good mood and there was
a decided buzz about the room. Whether that was the excitement from meeting such luminaries as Julie,
James Carville, Joe Conason or yourself (blushing yet?), or simply the euphoria that comes from finding
ones own tribe, it was a great evening.

I'm happy that we were able to come together to help Julie, but would love to be able to build on this one
special evening. We should think about yearly (or semi-annually) doing a 'gathering of the minds', complete
with workshops, conferences, and speeches. My one regret with Juliefest was that it was so short. I know
people were partying into the night, but I had foolishly decided to see all of DC on foot earlier in the day
and I was beat by 11 o'clock. There were maybe 300 people in the room but I think I was only able to
chat with maybe 20 of them.

My only other regret was not having the opportunity to talk more with you and tell you in person how
much I appreciated all your efforts, not just in organizing this event, but over the years with the website.
You're doing good work and I don't know if you get told that enough.

I know you (and the lovely Christian and the whole BC staff) did a lot of work to make this evening
so successful, but I hope you all had as good a time as the rest of us.

Let's do it AGAIN!!!

Auntie Fashions

PS. You're were dead right about Julie. Charming, sweet and a buzzsaw.
       It was a true pleasure meeting and speaking with her.

Subject: You did a great job.


Thanks to you and Christian for the AMAZING job that you did
in putting all of this together (not bad for an Okie)!

I just got back to the hotel and the memory of all of the excitement
is keeping me from getting right to sleep (at 3:30 a.m.).

If you find a good cause to get us all together next year, I hope to be able to join you.
And it was good to meet your wife. She was very nice to talk to.

Bob Reynolds from OKC.

Bob drove the farthest to Juliefest, I believe.
He also contributed more than was necessary and offered
to drive people around in his van. That was cool.

Subject: Where's the media coverage on JulieFest?


I'm just wondering why all of the liberal media didn't just fall
all over themselves to cover JulieFest?  Surely all of the liberals
that are so pervasive in the media would've jumped all over this story.

Julie is an innocent woman who was badly beaten up by her government.
Her story had no sex, stains or cigars, so the money-driven press won't cover it.

Wish I could've been there.  I hope it was a blow out!
Are you still accepting donations for Julie?

Keep the hammer pounding.


Carmen, we are still accepting donations for Julie.
Yes, last weekend was a lifesaver, but she hasn't made it to the shore yet.
In five weeks she has to move again and she has no idea where she's going.
We bought Julie some time, but her recovery will take a while longer.

 Great Juliefest Report from JG

 Click  Here

Subject: Julie!

                Great party, absolutely wonderful meeting everyone, 'specially JHS.
It was wonderfully refreshing finding like minds. Christian was a wonderful lady,
no wonder you rely on her. And of course, meeting you was a great thrill as well.

Remember, when we get militant, I wanna be the guy linin' up the Repug-licans again the wall.
Thanks for everything, but mostly, thanks for being you.

(the one eyed fellow that kept circulating around without a clue most of the night)

 Another great Juliefest report

 Click  Here

Subject: JulieFest experiences of 2 Central New Yorkers

Dear Bart, Mrs. Bart, and Christian -

My husband and I drove the 7 hours from Syracuse, NY on the day of JulieFest.  We were excited and nervous
- we'd never done anything like this before, and we didn't know what to expect.  We went to 24 West about an
hour early, went to the bar, and my husband ordered a shot of Chinaco - within a few seconds 2 people introduced
themselves and inquired if we were there for JulieFest.  We struck up wonderful conversations with these nice,
smart, normal people - no weirdo web denizens as I kind of feared.  How refreshing to speak to other folks on the
same wavelength.  Outside of my family - all yellow dog democrats (as my sister the transplanted Texan calls us)
and my coworkers (I work in a labor-oriented occupational health clinic) it's hard to find anyone in Central New York
who doesn't think Bush is a fine fellow.  It's maddening.

Meeting and talking to Julie early in the evening was great.  For such a diminutive woman, she is so strong of spirit
and she is so articulate; her resistance is truly inspirational.  I introduced myself to Mrs. BartCop and enjoyed meeting
her - so shy and sweet.  And we both enjoyed meeting you, Bart.  You are our hero - everyday we log on and you
give us heart, you give us strength, and you are funny as hell.  We met and talked to a few moderators, and they
are fascinating, dedicated people.  We've never done the chat room thing, but we may try it.

I can't believe I met David Brock and Joe Conason  - Blinded by the Right validates everything I believed was being
done by those dreadful and smarmy right wing attack dogs.  I read Joe Conason online all the time and always agree
with him.  All that and seeing Carville in person too - it was almost too much.  We smiled all the way back to Syracuse
the next day and haven't stopped smilling yet, except when Usurper Boy comes on the tube.   What a fantastic experience
- thank you, BartCop, for all your hard work.  And thanks to Mrs. Bart and Christian and whoever else made it possible.
It was FANTASTIC!  Keep it up, because you're making a difference.

Cameron and Rosemary Klein
Syracuse, New York

PS - Was it a little unsettling to face the fans in person?
Did we look like you thought we would?
It's nice to attach your face to your work - makes it even better.

 From: american stranger

  Click  Here

Live From: Col Tom Parker          May 1 2002, 9:34 AM

 Just wanted to say that Juliefest last night was pretty damn cool. I was
"surprised" at the age range in the room, although I don't know what I really
 expected. It was refreshing to see a group of like-minded individuals and
 the broad spectrum of the population that fit into the category.

 One odd thing, My wife and I live in the DC area. Other than the couple
 (Dan and ? from New York) that we met in line, everyone else we ran into
 was local as well, (including the lead National Resources Defense Council
 attorney on the Yucca Mountain case -- Good luck Geoff!) Guess that is
 the case in DC. It's a company town and politics in the company.

 Carville got things on a roll, telling the crowd what Julie's action meant to all of us,
 as Americans. Then he introduced Smokin' Joe Conason, who regaled with a few
 tales about his interactions with Julie. Then came the dynamo herself. All I can say
 is if the Dems don't pick up on this woman's tale and use it in the coming elections,
 then we get what we deserve. ANYONE would be outraged at what she went through.

 A surprise guest was David Brock, who didn't speak at the microphone, but
 was surrounded by well wishers and signing autographs.

 And last but not least: Bartcop himself. He too did not take to the microphone,
 but was perfectly happy to chat up the crowd as he worked through the room.
 Again, not who I was expecting, but then I didn't know who I expected.
 It was pretty cool to be sharing the same room with him and Carville at the same time.

 One aside, while standing within 6 feet of Mrs. Bartcop for much of the evening, I didn't
 approach her as I could tell by her reactions to those who did she appreciates her anonymity.
 Had I done so, I would have told her "Thanks. Thanks for being an understanding wife who
 affords her husband the kind of time/effort Bartcop must be putting out to keep the treehouse
 going for all these years. I've been reading for 4 of those and his hits just  keep on hitting.

 Congrats BC! Well done.
 Next time -- Vegas. Big E woulda liked it that way!

 Col. Tom

 From Callig to (Bart and Mrs. Bart):         May 1 2002, 9:35 AM

 What a great couple! Supportive of each other and our country. JulieFest
 brought together an eclectic group of people who care about America and
 American values. Young, old, rich and poor, city slickers and country folks
 from all over America, the power is with people in America who stand up for
 what is right. Last night was an invigorating renewal of American Values
 right here in our Nation's Capital.
 Over 200 people attended, and although some high rollers were instantly identified
(Carville, Conason, Brock), there were many others there keeping a low profile.
 West24 is a classy place with lots of little conversational areas. The food is highly
 recommended (I had catfish on cornmeal for dinner), tequila and cigars (cough!!!)
 were all there,  $$$$ fell into a large champaign bucket for Julie, and the party
 flowed into the adjacent patio, bar area, and dining room.

 I left at 11:30 pm (Juliefest room was from 7 to 10 pm, but the party wouldn't stop and
 the staff joined us). Mini-parties moved on toward the adjacent hotels. Said goodbye to
 the Bartcop's and Julie as they got into their Lincoln Continental (donated) outside. Mr.
 and Mrs.Bartcop are your regular Americans (country folk from Oklahoma),    (...excuse me?)
 who care about America, and want our USA to be leaders of Democracy in our world today.
 JulieFest showed what everyone should be doing, and it doesn't take a lot.
 It just takes regular Americans who care about our country.
 Let's all do our little part, and America will be great once again.

 The Calligrapher

 From Faun Otter

  Click  Here

 BartCop, Mrs. BartCop and Christian:

 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

 My parents who have been dealing with the loss of my brother and then
 this Bush thing are finally starting to do some things for themselves.

 They attended JulieFest and called me to tell me what a wonderful time
 they had.  No, they had a stupendous time!!!

 Meeting you all and all of the other celebs was fantastic for them!
 Not to mention all of the "very,very nice people who came".

 They told me that it was the first time they had ever been in a room full of like minded people.
 Everyone was nice and friendly and glad to be there!

 They are very excited to attend the next Event.
 My husband, my sister and I will also be sure to make it too!

 The only problem will be child care for my kids.  Say does Vegas have any of that?
 Great job guys!!!

 Your very avid reader:


Subject: JulieFest impressions


Thanks again for all you did.  It was superb.  Great to see the face behind the magic.

I got there early, and struck up a conversation with a guy, wondering if he was one of us.
Turned out he was a bar owner from a few blocks away, and was somewhat disgusted
when I told him why I was there.  Started in on a Clinton rant.

Then, down the bar, I saw a shot of Chinaco being poured, and realized there were friends in my midst.
I excused myself and went over to meet them.  Rosemary and Cameron from Syracuse, Steve from Atlanta,
and Ian from South Carolina were people I met first, and then quickly thereafter, Brendan and Barb from
Baltimore, my home town.

Hilarious when Carville's "stunt double" appeared.  A lot of people were fooled at first, myself included.
But it was great when the real James Carville came.  He has a real presence.  I thought his speech during
JulieFest was great, and I loved hearing the noise from 200+ liberals all in agreement.  So often our voices
seem lost in a sea of ugly conservatism.

It was great meeting all of these people with whom I could see eye-to-eye.
It gives me hope for the coming elections.

I managed to get tickets for Garbage on Tuesday night, and looked for you unsuccessfully.
I was up in the balcony.  What a great show.  I wonder how it compared to Monday night.
Loved hearing their rendition of Wild Horses.

Hope the rest of your trip was good.  Take care.


 My Juliefest Report

 Just a quick note on what we did after Juliefest....

 We didn't really talk to anybody at the party except your wife. Elaine asked her
if the corn really grows as high as an elephant's eye wherever it is you "live".

 We went back to the hotel to change and headed back to Buffalo Billiards.
That place had a whole other room of tables in a back room behind where we played.
They also had a shuffleboard table but someone else grabbed it while I was showing
Elaine how the bridge works. (sheesh)

 We had to wait about half an hour for a table. The place was packed. I was rewarded
when a little Asian babe got the next table with tight leather pants and a tight little ass
with a thong sticking out. It was one of the highlights of the trip.

 The next morning, after being pushed aside by a drunk getting a 40 at 8:30AM in the deli,
we headed north for Baltimore. We hit the aquarium before checking in to the hotel.
Nice show and I was hungry for some fresh Dolphin by the time we got out. We checked
into our corner room on the 28th floor, windows all around. We even had a lightning storm.
Very nice stuff, nice view. I was hoping a tornado would blow by.

 Like food? Go to Baltimore. We were planning to get a light repass at the fish joint up the street.
We ended up sharing a plate of shrimp and taking most of it home, stuffed. I wanted to hit a steak
place that had an ad in a magazine but we were too full from the huge portions at the fish place.
No Dolphin on the menu, BTW. The picture in the ad was the biggest steak I have ever seen on a plate.
At least 3" thick and HUGE. I gotta go back there someday. I know you don't like fish but the steak
houses looked great too.

 In the morning, we were near the building they filmed Homicide in. As we were walking by, some
skanky old drunk 'Ho is sitting on a stoop. When we got closer, she pulls her legs in and starts
ranting something about "Don't touch me!". I said "No problem, honey".
As we walked away she was yammering on about Whitey.

 Last stop was Crabby Dick's fish resturant where I got my new Crabby
Dick's T-Shirt ("Push It Till It Blows")and "Got Crabs?" bumper sticker.
Elaine got the "Good Hard Or Soft" T-Shirt.

I wore my new hat to the legion Saturday and everyone loved it.
Say hello to the little lady for us.

 Rude Rich


 ...time out for some Monkey Mail

 From: jeremykill@hotmail.com

 Subject: Lynn Stewart

 Hey Bart,

 Thinking about having a Lynn Stewart Fest?
 Oh that's right, you owe too much money to people
 from that failed joke of a party, the JulieFest.

 ha ha

 Yours truly.......
 "Jeremy Kill"

 Jeremy, first, can I say your screen name is so very scary and intimidating?
 Please don't hurt me, OK?

 I've never heard of Lynn Stewart, so I doubt I'd hold a fund raiser for her.
 Is she big where you live?

 I know it's hard to believe, because my history in business failures rivals that of the man
 some stupidly call president, but Juliefest2002-DC did not lose money.

 You were right about one thing - it was a small fund raiser.  No doubt, if I was a crooked,
 on-the-take president, holding a fund raiser the week before energy legislastion or tax policy
 were to be written, I could've raised $40 million in a single evening, but my Daddy didn't run the CIA
 or the Carlyle Group. Our only tools to raise money was Julie Hiatt Steele, a modem and the truth.

 Thanks for your note.

Subject: What DIDN'T go right?

Hey BC,

I think everything went really well. Lots of great folks, a great location and a good time
had by all, or me anyhow.  I met several wonderful people, but because I'm such an idiot,
I missed out on names, but the three I recall having the best conversation with,.were a
gentleman from Illinois, a gentleman from Arkansas, and a real shocker, a Democrat from
Texas. I told the gentleman how pleased I was to meet a real live one, as I thought they
might be extinct. Julie, BTW was everything you said, and more, a real sweetheart.

I did wonder why I never heard any Garbage or Clash, but then again, the background
noise was a good buzz, so maybe I just missed it. My only other regret was, getting in a
bit after the initial rush, I was unable to get a seat at a table to sample some of our host's
wonderful menu.  But given the choice of the political red meat Jim served up, or ordinary
fare, I liked things just as they were. As always a pleasure to see and meet you as well.
That was so damned much fun, we need to do it again....

(who hopes you will remember my offer to command the firing squad
 when we line the GOP against the wall)

Subject: JulieFest friendships? Where to start?

Hi, Bart,

The first new friendship I'd have to count is the one I struck up with
Pete Hisey from Chicago. We'd become 'cyber-buds' on the forum and
BC chat over the past few months, and actually meeting in a physical sense
confirmed that friendship. We're about the same age, have the same taste
in music (Pete inspired the song 'Oil War', which I gave you a CD copy of),
and his outspoken politics have nudged me to be more outspoken myself.
Pete's a smart guy, and it was great to finally have met him.

Meeting your staff was quite an experience, as well. Marty, Michelle and
Christian were every bit as nice in person as they are on the net. You're
fortunate to have such good people working for you.

I could go on and list everyone I met, but you get the idea.
BartCoppers are a good bunch of Americans. It was a pleasure to be in a
room with Carville, Conason and Brock (no 'brush-with-celebrities' stories,
although I did shke Conason's hand), but the real stars of the night were the
people who grace your forum and chat.

Thanks again for doing a great thing for a great American, and let us know
where the next one's going to be held. We will make every effort to get there
and show our support once again.


Subject:  Juliefest

Juliefest was great. I was amazed to see how many Bartcop supporters came all the way to
Washington to support Juile. And it was good to know that bartcop.com is becoming a political force.

Carville gave a great speech and you could see why he's the best.
It's an honor to be able to continue hosting bartcop.com  and I
just wish I had more time to visit with everyone who showed up.

Maybe we can all get together again at JuliefestWest  this fall.

Marc Perkel

PS. Bartcop is becoming so popular that if he were to start a suicide cult
       - he could outdo David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Heavens Gate all put together!
       I raise my glass to toast you.

ha ha

Spoken like a seasoned promoter.
(See Marc Perkel for all your web hosting needs.)

 Click  Here  for even more excellent reports from Juliefest2002-DC

Thanks for the great  Juliefest  trip reports.

If you have more - send them in.
If I didn't print yours, that means I lost it.

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