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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
America's Debt to Gary Webb 
Bombing Kills 13 in Baghdad 
Kerry's lawyer vs Ohio 
Meet Mike Malloy Wednesday 
Deaths down, Amputees are up 
Detainees Die in Afghanistan 
Losing your imaginary friend
The Plot Against Sex 
'Ocean's Twelve' wins big 


 Quote of the Day

"The place where optimism most flourishes 
   is the lunatic asylum  White House." 
   --Havelock Ellis,         Attribution

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Volume 1459 - Day of the Hawk

Click  for  big  laughs

 Tuesday     December 14,  2004                                                                                                                     Mike Malloy on  AAR weeknights


"There are people in Iraq who believe in defending their country. These are people we call resistance fighters.
  Can we see those who resist in the same light as we see terrorists?  Can we approve the killing of defenceless
  women and children under a hail of bombs? The killing of defenceless people in places of worship in Fallujah
  leads to outrage and hurts us. These (acts) are not right."
    --Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, warning US troops not to kill Iraqi civilians,     Attribution

 Excuse me. Mr. Erdogan?
 I'm sure the 100,000 plus civilians who have already died would like to thank you for speaking out,
 but they can't because they're dead, so ...on their behalf, I'd like to say thanks.

 America's Debt to Journalist Gary Webb
   by Robert Parry at

  Click  Here

 In 1996, journalist Gary Webb wrote a series of articles that forced a long-overdue investigation of
 a very dark chapter of recent U.S. foreign policy - the Reagan-Bush administration's protection of
 cocaine traffickers who operated under the cover of the Nicaraguan contra war in the 1980s.

 For his brave reporting at the San Jose Mercury News, Webb paid a high price. He was attacked by
 journalistic colleagues at the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the American
 Journalism Review and even the Nation magazine. Under this media pressure, his editor Jerry Ceppos sold out
 the story and demoted Webb, causing him to quit the Mercury News. Even Webb's marriage broke up.

 On Friday, Dec. 10, Gary Webb, 49, died of an apparent suicide, a gunshot wound to the head.

 Whatever the details of Webb's death, American history owes him a huge debt. Webb also exposed the
 cowardice and unprofessional behavior that had become the new trademarks of the major U.S. news media
 by the mid-1990s. The big news outlets were always hot on the trail of some titillating scandal but the major
 media could no longer grapple with serious crimes of state.

 For the full story about how the major newspapers kept running protection for the Reagan-Bush
 contra-cocaine crimes and ruined Gary Webb's life,  Click  Here

 This is why is the most important site on the Internet.
 Robert Parry ran into the same journalistic brick wall that Webb hit, but Parry is still standing, still fighting.
 When a journalist stands up against the BFEE, he is shunned by "respected" colleagues for being honest.


 Gary Webb, reporter who exposed CIA, dies

  Click  Here

  Click  Here

 Subject: my favorite web site for 4+ years

 Bart, just a little token for Koreshmas from an unemployed chick who never misses an issue of Bartcop.
 I used to subscribe til I lost my job -- hope to do so again in the future.
 I don't always agree with you 100%, but shit, I don't always agree with ANYONE

"Buy Bart a shot of tequila (5.00)
  or a shot of Chinaco Anejo tequila (8.00)
  or a shot of Chinaco Anejo Black label Extra Aged tequila (25.00)".
 (Get three free BCR Shows delivered with each $25 donation.)


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 Suicide Bombers Strike Green Zone Again
  Twenty dead in double strikes in Baghdad

  Click  Here

 A suicide car bomber linked to al-Qaida killed 13 people in Baghdad on Monday, the first anniversary
 of Saddam's illegal kidnapping, and clashes resumed in never-gonna-fall Fallujah, a one-time insurgent
 stronghold that American forces once believed they had successfully conquered.

 A suicide car bomber killed seven people when he struck a checkpoint at Baghdad's Green Zone early
 Tuesday, the second attack in two days at the district that houses Iraq's puppet government and the U.S. Embassy.

 The violence underlines the difficulties U.S.-led forces have encountered in the year and a half since
 Saddam's illegal kidnapping in trying to end a rampant insurgency and bring the country under control.
 U.S. military commanders acknowledge they initially underestimated the strength of the insurgent backlash
 and admit coalition-trained Iraqi security forces are not yet up to securing their own country.

 The fighting in Anbar was the deadliest for U.S. forces since eight Marines were killed by a car bomb
 outside Fallujah on Oct. 30. The deaths brought the American dead total to nearly 1,300
 This story was written December 14, 2004.
 It could've been written December 14, 2003.
 It could be the top story in the December 143, 2008

 More war, more death, more bodies, more funerals.
 Is this what America voted for November 2, 2004?
 That's what we're told by Bush, Kerry and the American whore media.

"Our boys just aren't trying hard enough..."




"When America  my greed for oil  puts our troops in harm's way, I believe they deserve
  the best training, the best equipment and the whole-hearted support of our government."
     --Dubya, Oct. 1, 2004, who, just like his daddy, sent men to die without the armor they needed  Attribution

 Irony: Bush 41's Somalia disaster looks like a big success compared to Bush 43's Iraq quagmire.

 18 dead in Somalia vs 1,297 dead (so far) in Iraq.


 Subject: 100,000 Civilian Casualties?

 I like to know where you and many others are getting these numbers of 100,000 or greater casualties in Iraq..

 This site:

 Which points to this site:

 Has as it count: max 16853.
 This is still a large number and I feel bad when any civilian, or for that matter, anybody, is killed.

 Provide me with a credible source for the 100,000 plus civilian casualties.
 If you cannot provide this source, do the right thing and print the truth like you so proudly proclaim.


 Dick, good question and it's smart of you to ask:.
 The New York Whore Times (once a respected newspaper), printed this:

"An estimated 100,000 civilians have died in Iraq as a direct or indirect consequence of
  the March 2003 United States-led invasion, according to a new study by a research team
  at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore."

 So I guess the question is - Is John Hopkins a respected institution?


"Amerikkka has confidence in I."


"Rumsfeld has still not done what is necessary -- which is his highest duty -- to protect
  our troops to the greatest degree possible. No CEO in America would retain a manager
  with so clear a record of failure, and neither should President Bush."
       -- Nancy Pelosi,   Attribution


 Subject: Rush's TV ratings

 In most markets, Rush's TV show was played at odd hours, like the 2 AM slot he had in Seattle.
 In other words, this was paid time.
 The station wasn't running his show, the show bought the time like an infomercial.

 Stations do this when they have no alternative that makes more money.

 The best Rush could garner on TV was a 1.0, according to a piece in The Hollywood Reporter on July 16, 1996.
 Most infomercials get at least a 2.5!
 Sally R

 So, Rush took himself off the air by refusing to buy time?
 The market forces wouldn't support the lying, Nazi whore?
 Thanks for that.


 Kerry lawyer asks for visual inspection of some Ohio ballots

  Click  Here

 John Kerry is asking county elections officials to allow his witnesses to visually inspect the 92,000 ballots cast
 in Ohio in which no vote for president was recorded, a Kerry lawyer said Sunday night. The request is one of
 11 items that Kerry is asking for as part of the recount that Ohio's 88 county boards of election will begin this week.
"We're trying to increase the transparency of the election process," said Donald McTigue, the lawyer handling the
 recount for the Kerry campaign."

 Six weeks  after calling Bush to concede, ...Kerry wants to know if he won Ohio?

 This is why  (or somebody)  has to take over for the helpless, don't-want-to-win Democrats.

  From the Whatever you write, you'll lose some subscribers  department

  Click  Here


 Troop amputation rate twice that of past wars

  Click  Here

 US troops injured in Iraq have required limb amputations at twice the rate of past wars, and as many as
 20 percent have suffered head and neck injuries that may require a lifetime of care.

 The data are the grisly flip side of improvements in battlefield medicine that have saved many combatants
 who would have died in the past: Only 1 in 10 US troops injured in Iraq has died, the lowest rate of any war in US history.

 But those who survive have much more grievous wounds. Bulletproof Kevlar vests protect soldiers' bodies but
 not their limbs, as insurgent snipers and makeshift bombs tear off arms and legs and rip into faces and necks.
 More than half of those injured sustain wounds so serious they cannot return to duty, according to Pentagon statistics.

 Much attention has focused on the 1,000-plus soldiers killed in Iraq, but the Pentagon has released little information
 on the 9,765 soldiers injured as of this week.

 I don't have the details at my fingertips, but that 9,765 figure is really over 25,000.  The Pentagon is cooking the books
 on our dead and injured. If a soldier is shot in the head or chest, but still has a pulse when they load him on the wagon
 and he dies a minute later, that's not considered a "combat death."

 Randi Rhodes told of a soldier who lost a leg, and the Army told him to get back to training because
 he was going back to Iraq with his "new" leg.  They're not letting the injured leave Bush's bloody war.

See more at not banned yet


"Rumsfeld has not merely made mistakes, he has made fatal mistakes."
    --Fred Kaplan, "Rumsfeld vs. the American Soldier"   Attribution

 Bush is sticking with Rummy and his disasterous, bloody policies to avoid admitting he made a mistake.
 How many more thousands of Americans will die to prevent the newspapers from running the headline,
"Godly Bush admits Iraq a disaster, calls for pullback."


 Subject: what is Chinaco?

 What is Chinaco?
 I'm partial to whiskey, preferably Irish but willing to try anything with in reason.

 Gary D

 Gary, Chinaco Anejo is fine tequila that has been elevated to an art.


 It is very expensive, between $35 and $60 a bottle, but a bottle should last for months.
 You don't drunk it to get drunk - you sip it 2-3 drops at a time to enjoy the artist's work.
 They take Chinaco Silver and put it in old, charred whiskey barrels made of oak along
 with pears, baked apples, papaya, wildflowers and other stuff and let it age for years.

 No two batches are exactly alike, but they're all fantastic.
 Try a shot at a Mexican Restaurant (Chevy's, Hard Rock etc) but make it last.


We've got the best books by the best authors
and they make great Christmas presents!

 Subject: we differ on the reasoning

  Click  Here


 Meet Mike Malloy - Dec 15th


 Atlanta Truthseekers:

 Mike will speak before the Atlanta Democrat Meet-Up Group
 at  Carpe Diem in Decatur GA   on Wed. 12/15 at 7PM.
 All are welcome to attend:

 105 Sycamore Place in Decatur, Georgia

 Go meet Mike, and tell him, "Bart says Hey!"


 Group: 2 More Detainees Die in Afghanistan

 Click  Here

 Human Rights Watch said it had uncovered two more cases of prisoners dying in American custody
 in Afghanistan, and it accused Bush of "dragging his feet" on investigations that could have prevented the
 abuse of prisoners in Iraq. They claim new evidence of "an alleged murder of a detainee by four U.S. military
 personnel" in Afghanistan in 2002. More recently, it said a man picked up on Sept. 24, 2004, died the next
 day at an American base, but it did not specify the cause of death.

"It's time for the United States to come clean about crimes committed by U.S. forces in Afghanistan,"
 said Brad Adams, the group's Asia division director. "The United States has to get serious about
 prosecuting people implicated in prisoner deaths and mistreatment." .

 Come clean?
 This gang of thugs?


"Iraq was no Pearl Harbor.   Bush and Rumsfeld attacked on their own timetable...
  The fact that US troops still lack sufficient armored vehicles -- and the Pentagon
  may not even be procuring them aggressively -- is a disgrace."
      --Boston Globe Editorial,     Attribution


 Subject: Your whoredom


 I love ya, I really do.... But, this tip-jar thing is a bit much... Come on!
 You excoriate other media types (as well you should) about being whores,
 but yet you solicit and sell yourself as well.

 I define "Whores" as millionaires who tell hurtful lies to get even richer.

 I am coming to believe its all about making a living for yourself.

 For the first five years, I refused all contributions.  That changed in December 2000,
 when the Supreme Court appointed the Monkey to be our Godly Supreme Emporer.
 I switched to a job that paid half as much to gamble on the future of
 Tell me, is Rush right?   Should hard work, taking risks and aiming higher be discouraged?
 ...and yes, I'm one of those people who needs a paycheck.

 You've found a niche and are going to exploit it...

 Decades ago, someone asked Hugh Hefner if he "exploited" women.
 He said, "Yes, in the sense that Sports Illustrated exploits sports, I do."
 Political humor is my "business," but "exploitation" is in the mind of the beholder.

 I guess if I were more noble, I'd refuse all donations and contributions.
 ...could I come live with you?

 No other progressive site (BuzzFlash, et al) does that...

 Are you sure?
 Look what I found at

 Your Contribution to BuzzFlash Supports Our Work. Thank You.
 Choose a BuzzFlash Premium Below or Donate directly and support Independent Media.
 Monthly Donation Options Available At Bottom of This Page (Not Tax Deductible)

 They don't accept advertising, but I sure wish they did, because I'd like to advertise there.
 Are you so far to the left that even a whif of capitalism is bad?
 There was one other point I was gonna make, ...but I can't remember what it is.

 Tell me if I'm wrong...

 Let's just say we disagree.


Marty's Entertainment Page

 The Plot Against Sex in America
  The Fundies don't have any, so neither should you!

  Click  Here

 When they start pushing the panic button over "moral values" at the bluest of TV channels,
 public broadcasting's WNET, in the bluest of cities, New York, you know this country
 has entered a new cultural twilight zone.

 Just three weeks after the election, Channel 13 killed a spot for the movie "Kinsey," in which
 Liam Neeson stars as the sex researcher who first let Americans know that...women have
 orgasms too and that masturbation and homosexuality do not lead to insanity.

 If God had wanted us to have sex, he would've made it fun :)


 Subject: BCR Show 61 feedback

  Show #61 is my favorite since I subscribed (around #42 or thereabouts).
  The topics...

 1) Anyone who grew up a white male in the south knows exactly what the GOP is about regarding race.

 2) Laci Peterson, the soldier who shot the laying down dude, and Artest, I agree 100% and I got your back.
     It is obvious the only reason the Peterson trial is in the news is that it involves good looking white people.
     As far as Artest, go to #1.

 3) Dude, that Bhopal letter has got to be fake.  But if it is not (or if it is, actually), it is the perfect example
     as to why we cannot have unregulated capitalism.

 4) You are an idiot for not going to New Orleans.
     We can get by without a weekend page, you damn fool!
     How can you pass that up?


   B.A., Mrs Bart loved you on The A-Team.
   I'm sure the Bhopal letter is real. I believe Dow has a link to it.
   Thanks for that.


Great Stocking Stuffer!

The Slowpoke Cartoon Book!

Click  Here


"Rumsfeld's answer was more shocking because here he was addressing American soldiers who
  are still fighting and dying, 20 months after Baghdad's fall, as a result of Rumsfeld's decisions.
  More than that, his answer was wrong. If you're attacked by surprise, you go to war with the
  army you have. But if you've planned the war a year in advance and you initiate the attack,
  you have the opportunity -- and obligation -- to equip your soldiers with what they'll need."
     --Fred Kaplan, "Rumsfeld vs. the American Soldier",     Attrtibution


 Buy Blue

 There are times when you'll have to do business with GOP-feeding companies,
 but when you can, might as well give your money to the decent Americans, right?.

Hearing the Hammer of Truth
is more powerful than reading it.

Show 61 is our best show yet,
and that means the 59-60-61 package is our best ever.
That's seven CDs delivered for just $24

...and there's no Kerry bashing this time.

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 Most School-Aged Children Have Imaginary Friends
   So does the President - his imaginary friend's name is "Bloody"

  Click  Here

 Approximately 65 percent of young children befriend imaginary companions, and nearly
 one-third continue to play with them through age 7, and some keep them for life.

 Taylor explained that imaginary friends can serve as "powerful tools" for young children,
 helping them deal with boredom, talk about things that are troubling them, and explore
 whatever issues have emerged in their lives. Imaginary friends eventually disappear because,
 as with other toys, children likely lose interest, Taylor noted.


 Stern threatens to go all-music, no talk
  Says he's being made Viacom's scapegoat

  Click  Here

 Stern was told yesterday that he will be held personally responsible if his show
 violates FCC standards, standards that Stern says the company is unwilling to define.

 Said Stern on the air today, "I don't understand how I can do my show under these parameters,
 where I'm taking the risk and these guys are asking me to take the bullet. And for what?
 I'm going to get suspended or fired, and it's going to be 'Howard Stern the foul-mouth ass'."

 Stern said he left the meeting even more confused about what he can and can't say on the air,
 adding, "This is the first time in my career I'm completely stumped. I don't know what to do."

 Who can blame him?
 He could be fined $1,000,000 for saying "fart" or "ass" or "booger."

 The government is forcing out anti-Bush voices from America's media.
 Bush will approve all of America's radio and TV programming from now on.
 I know the Democrats will accept this, but will the Republicans?

 They let Stern out of his contract and he startes with Sirius in April, 2005, instead of 2006.



"I'm not understanding the stance taken by Hannity or Limbaugh on this story.
  Seems they focused on how wrong the reporter was in getting Spc. Wilson to ask Rumsfeld
  a tough question. I frankly don't get what the reporter hulabaloo is about or why fellow
  conservatives are focused on it. The bigger question is the question posed by Wilson.
  What can be done to ensure that our soldiers are better protected and how quickly."
    --Posted by RickinVa., who apparently is unfamiliar with the word "whore",   Attribution


 Subject: American media sucks

 Bart, every update I've heard or read from Bagdad since Falluja includes the phrase,
"in an effort to disrupt the coming election".

 The phrase is soothing, missleading, and because it is so wrong, foolish.  It makes people feel better to
 think that the insurgents are attacking an election, rather the truth, which is that they are trying to get us out.
 To really believe it you'd have to think that if an election goes off, the insurgency will fall apart and we
 will be the big winners in less than two months!  Yeah right.  Worst of all, the phrase "in an effort to
 disrupt the coming election"  sums up how horribly the American news media is disappointing the world.


 But Tim, the media whores have to follow Rove's orders to keep their jobs.
 I'm so old, I remember when reporters would quit rather than lie intentionally.



"As a conservative, I've been embarrassed by the five-alarm reaction by Rush Limbaugh and
  some fool who substituted for Glenn Beck today over that armor question asked by a soldier
  to Rumsfeld. The fact that some embed reporter suggested the question to the soldier seems
  to have conservative talk radio in a melt down. Honestly who cares? The question is legit, and
  not even Limbaugh is fighting that aspect, so who cares if Rummy heard it from a soldier,
  a reporter, parent, or a member of the National Honor Society during take a student to Fallujah Day...
  This is a case where conservatives are tighter than Superglue with the White House.
  Do we have to come to the administration's defense every ten minutes?"
   --PunchTheBag,    Attribution



"Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"
 Reagan used that against Carter in 1980 and won.
 (With the help of Islamic Jihad and Hezzbollah keeping our hostages longer.)
 In 2004, the only people better off than they were in 2000 are the millionaires.
 The millionaires only make up 1.5% of voters, yet Kerry lost because he refused
 to hammer Bush's greedy and deceitful ass on that question.     I wonder why?

 Why do you think Kerry refused to use his biggest weapons?


 Subject: Al Jazeera # 61

  Click  Here

 Why exactly do you expect Al Jazzera to broadcast news that sheds a good light on the Illegal Invaders and Occupiers?
 How many broadcasts have you seen by American media that shows the Iraqi people in a good light?
 How many CNN broadcasts have you seen deplict the massive casualities inflicted on the Iraqi people?
 What I think people miss and what really pisses me off is the fact that WE are the ENEMY of the Iraqi people,
 they are not our ENEMY. They did nothing to us and we have totally destroyed their country.


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

You go to war with the Commander-in-Chief who abandoned you.

1276, 1281, 1286, 1297, dead heroes so far.

They got 11 since yesterday.

Wasted lives,
missing limbs,
ruined families -

...for oil that has doubled in price?

Under the Oil President, a barrel went from $25 to $55.

Do you think that's an accident?
Do you think that's an accident?
Do you think that's an accident?
Do you think that's an accident?
Do you think that's an accident?

Bush and his friends are getting extra-super-rich from this bloody war.
Exxon-Mobil is now bigger than Wal-Mart.

 Why do you think Bush started a war "for no reason?"
Are you happy with your vote, America?

"I'm a NASCAR Mack daddy!"

 Vote for Farenheit 9/11 at the People's Choice Awards

 Subject: your radio show

 Bart, great job on show 61.

 You had the whole thing going: outrage, lots of (controversial) content, comedy, as well as some fight.
 I didn't agree with half of the shit you said on it, but it was an entertaining production nonetheless.


 Mike, thanks for that.
 I'd rather have an audience of thinkers than ditto-monkeys.

'Ocean's Twelve' Tops Weekend Box Office
  Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face, and stars to fill my dream

  Click  Here

 We saw this Sunday, and it was more confusing than a season-ending episode of Alias
 that was directed by David Lynch while going thru his mid-life crisis on magic mushrooms.
 It was almost as confusing as Bev's explanation of how the GOP rigged Georgia in 2002.

 Don't get me wrong - we both liked it - especially the Catherine Zeta Jones/Brad Pitt plot,
 which gets most of the screen time. For reasons they semi-explain towards the end, Julia Roberts
 looks almost awful for most of the film.  Meanwhile Zeta Jones is soooooo sexy and gorgeous.
 She wears a business suit better than any lady I've seen in the last several years.  Julia Roberts
 must be very confident in herself to give all the glamour to Zeta Jones - my hat is off too her.

 We also saw National Treasure, which we liked, too.
 Take away the fact that they give away a BIG secret in the stupid Burger King commercial
 and it's still a fun two hours, even if you roll your eyes a time or two at their wild-ass clues.

 We rented Soul Plane, and that made us laugh out loud the most times.

 Pilot Snoop Dogg flew a purple 747 (NWA Airlines) with Dingle balls and spinner chrome wheels.
 Taxing on the runway, it bounced like a 64 Chevy on the Latino side of town.
 Soul Plane was extra-gross a few times, but the laughs made us forgive them.


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 Subject: BCR # 61 feedback


 I just signed up for my Southwest Visa Signature card online.
 It was suprisingly easy to do.  I should have my card within a few weeks.

 Luckily for me I don't have to use my free trips to go to Vegas because I can drive there in 4 hours.
 I can use my free trip to go to Washington to protest the inauguration, or to Florida, or New York.

 Thanks for the tip dude, I know you have personally told me about this in the past,
 but I finally did it based on your radio advice

 See you in Vegas
 L.A. Rick
 The Hollywood Liberal


 Subject: Rumsfeld armor

 Blaming Rumsfeld is ridiculous, blame Bush if you have to, but the lions share
 of blame goes to Clinton  for decimating the military for 8 years

 Robert E.

 Robert, if Bush steals six terms in office, you guys will still blame Clinton for Bush's failures.

 The factory that armors the Humvees can produce over 500 units a month.
 Bush has been in office 47 months.  Do the math, Shortstop.

 That's 23,000 Humvees that could have been fitted by your Godly Bush.
 Over 1,000 dead and over 9,000 maimed and you can't face the facts.

 Blaming Clinton is all you guys have.


 Christmas Shopping online?

See what a non-Monkey president does.


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