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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
60 killed, 120 wounded in Iraq
GOP to push Rumsfeld out?
Rummy too busy to sign KIAs 
Heading Back to Bush's War
New Howard Dean interview 
Soldiers shoots sex partner
Rumsfeld: It's time to go 
A Not So Wonderful Life
The meaning of Christmas


 Quote of the Day

"I find it astounding... 
  Things are worse than they've ever been in Iraq..." 
    -- Chuck Hagel (R-Diebold)     Attribution

"I'm not a Monkey - I'm a man!"

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Volume 1463 - And the Monkey shall lead 

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 Mon-Tuesday   December 20-21,  2004                                                                                                                   Mike Malloy on  AAR weeknights


"And we will continue to make it clear to both Syria and Iran that
  -- as will other nations in our coalition, including our friend, the Italians,
  that meddling in the internal affairs of Iraq is not in their interest."
    -- America's bloody madman, putting the whole world on notice that nobody is safe.    Attribution

 60 killed, 120 wounded in Iraq car blasts
   This country was stable before Bush "freed them" from stability

  Click  Here

 The deadliest attacks in Iraq since July were a bloody reminder that the Shiite heartland
 in the south - and not just the Sunni regions of central and northern Iraq - is vulnerable
 to the mainly Sunni insurgents aiming to wreck the country's key elections scheduled for Jan. 30.

 Meanwhile, the head of the national electoral commission appealed to security forces to
 safeguard election officials after three were shot to death in a brazen attack Sunday by
 dozens of guerrillas operating openly in the heart of Baghdad. The ambush was the latest
 attack to target Iraqi officials working to organize the vote..

 Have you ever seen such a mess in all your life?
 It's like every thug in the world has joined the organized, anti-US union.
 Plus, you know these guys have special plans for January 30th.

 ...but, as usual, the networks will tell us Bush is doing a great job,
 so the people will buy it and wish they could vote Bush in for a third term.



 Republicans hesitant to push Rumsfeld out
   As always, Democrats are fine with Rumsfeld and his 1305 deaths

  Click  Here

 Sen. John Warner, the Armed Services Committee chairman, said a change of
 civilian leadership at the Pentagon now would be too disruptive, given the scheduled
 Jan. 30 elections in Iraq. "We should not at this point in time entertain any idea of
 changing those responsibilities," he told NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday.

 Sen. Richard Lugar, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, added,
"We really can't go through that ordeal" now of finding a successor. Rumsfeld
"should be held accountable, and he should stay in office," Lugar said.

 Why is it that they only have to worry about Republican criticism?
 Why are no Democrats calling for Rumsfeld to resign?

"I needs my Unka Donny..."




"I am not sure if Bush fully grasps economics. Like he was asked today if he has
  any plans to make the dollar stronger? And he said we were thinking of making it two-ply."
       --Jay Leno


 Subject: Bill O'Reilly the lying whore


 You might want to point out that we listened to 8 years of O'Reilly et. al., cursing out,
 in no uncertain terms, and with little to no evidence, your previous president, Bill "Big Dog" Clinton.

 At the very least, we deserve this time to get over that period of bullshit.
 And besides, Bush is a dumb fuck.



Used by permission - please visit


"Bush had his annual physical and Cheney had his annual autopsy.
  The doctor told Bush his health was A-okay and Bush told him flat out
 'Don't give me all the medical jargon. Give it to me in terms I can understand.'"
     --Jay Leno

 Subject: TIME Magazine

 How much of TIME's sales is foreign?
 This could cause a huge decrease there -- I'd likely decide never to read it for the next year.

 Well...  I guess I already have.
 I suppose I mean there must be more people like me outside of the U.S.

 John A.


 Once free, Heading Back to the War
  Click  Here

 Earlier this year, as Sgt. Alexander Garcia's plane took off for home after his tense year in Iraq,
 he remembered watching the receding desert sand and thinking, I will never see this place again.

"Never" lasted about 10 months for Sergeant Garcia, who is now preparing to return.

"I figured that the Army was big enough that one unit would not have to go back again before
 this thing was over," said Sergeant Garcia, 20. "It's my job and it's my country, and I don't have
 any regrets. But I kind of feel like I did my part. Just as I was readjusting to life back home,
 just as I was starting to feel normal again, this kind of throws me back into the waves."

 I wonder if Garcia voted to end the war with Kerry or fight forever with Bush?


 During the debates...

 Why didn't Kerry demand an explanation for the bulge under Bush's coat?

 Was is a receiver so the Monkey could be fed information?
 Probably not, because his answers were so damn stupid and childlike, but still,

 Kerry had a right to know if Bush was cheating and he decided not to exercize that right.

 I wonder why?


 Lawmakers Chide Rumsfeld for Auto-Signed Sympathy Letters
  As seen long, long ago on

  Click  Here

 Rumsfeld acknowledged that he had not signed the letters to family members of more than 1,000 U.S. troops
 killed in action and in a statement said he would now sign them in his own hand. "This issue of the secretary of
 Defense not personally signing the letters is just astounding to me and it does reflect how out of touch they are
 and how dismissive they are," Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Diebold) said on CBS's "Bob the Whore."

"I have no confidence in Rumsfeld," Hagel added.

 Hmmmmmmm, ...Hagel has no confidence in Rummy.
 Luger and McCain have no confidence in Rummy. does he get his Medal of Honor Tuesday or Wednesday?


Click  for  More


"Sen. Daniel Webster, a former House speaker and now the chairman of the Senate
  Judiciary Committee, said Wednesday he is exploring the possibility of a citizens
  initiative to repeal the 136-year-old wording that separates church and state in Florida."
    --S.V. Date, "Voters may be asked to remove Florida's church-state ban,  Attribution

 These blood-thirsty, "Murder for Christ" crazies are changing our country.
 Soon, you'll be required to sign a loyalty oath to George and Jesus.


 Subject: fine tequila in Canada...

 Bart, you wrote,

> If I thought I could get fine tequila in Canada....
 There's the key, Bart. Become the Canadian distributor for Chinaco....
 Mark T

 And give up all this  tip jar money?  :)


We've got the best books by the best authors
and they make great Christmas presents!

 Howard Dean interview with
  Click  Here

 PFC: What do you think Democrats can do to restore faith in the system?

 DEAN: I think we need to focus on election officials. County Clerks, Secretaries of State in particular,
 because the Republicans have been so partisan in exercising their responsibility to help people vote,
 they've in fact tried to suppress turnout instead of encourage it. Secondly, we, I think we need to try to
 get laws passed, by referendum if necessary, that says that no voting machines in a particular state or
 jurisdiction may be used unless they can be recounted by hand. Oregon has such a statute because
 Bill Bradbury (Oregon's Secretary of State) got one passed in 2001. We should try to state by state
 overhaul the election process both by referendum and by electing where possible Democratic Secretaries
 of State and County Clerks.


 Subject: Bush the dumb fuck

 Well, well. Someone finally said it in a public forum.

 I would have rather heard it from someone politically important but as we all know too well,
 the Dems are a bunch of pussies. I disagree with Mr. Thoreau saying he is being un-patriotic.
 This country was founded on dissent. We violently overthrew the established government.

 I've always thought that W has the mental agility of a small soapdish.
 That's the same as a dumb  fuck, isn't it?
 Dave, Cincinnati


Drudge is running this picture of America's biggest failure
as if he was another FDR and Churchill combined.
Drudge forgets FDR and Churchill won their wars.


"The U.S. needs to accept the fact that continued military occupation
  by the U.S.  will only cause more casualties, foster division in the country,
  and keep reconstruction from advancing."
    --Erik Leaver, who is asking too much,   Attribution

 This administration will send 10,000 soldiers to an early grave before they admit Bush screwed up.

 Nat'l Guardsman killed Iraqi boy after sex
  Click  Here

 A North Carolina National Guard member thought to be the first U.S. soldier convicted
 of murdering an Iraqi said he "snapped" and shot the 17-year-old boy after they had consensual sex,
 according to court-martial records released this week.  Pvt. Federico Daniel Merida, 21, pleaded guilty
 during a court-martial in Iraq to shooting the Iraqi national guard private, whose name the Army withheld.


"According to a recent study, frivolous litigation has helped drive the total cost
  of America's tort system to more than 230 billion dollars a year. That's a lot of lawsuits.
  The figure is more than twice the amount Americans spent on automobiles in 2002."
     --America's bloody Monkey, Dec. 16, 2004,   Attribution

 Our president keeps lying to us.
 Honest stats say less than two percent of the costs of litigation comes from frivilous lawsuits.
 Yet the Democrats will lay down again and allow Bush to rewrite the laws that protect people.

 Today's big corporations make so many hundreds of millions of dollars, it's cheaper for them
 to throw a few hundred thousand at the high-bar victims than fix the exploding gas tanks.

 The net result?
 More families will burn to death in their cars and the big corps will make millions more.


 Subject: the coming draft

 Thanks Canada for giving my draft age sons some place to flee from a unjust war.

 That article truly lifted my spirit thanks for running it Bartcop!!!!!
 Now if they reinstate the draft my sons and my money go to Canada so they may live.


 Roo, seriously, Bush is trying to keep Americans from escaping - like Castro.


Marty's Entertainment Page


 ...someone recently asked about  running ads?

 I remember now:
 We didn't start out wanting to run ads, we tried to buy ads.

 This was 1998, maybe 1999, and nobody would f-ing talk to us.
 I wanted to buy ad space and nobody would accept our money
 so I said, "By Koresh, if my ads can't go to the mountain,"'s that phrase go?

 WE never wanted to be in the ad busines, but back then nobody was, so somebody had to
 and we ended up helping some newbies get on the map, because where else can you buy ads
 seen by dozens for just $30 an ad?
 We're not Salon, or Slate or Rolling Stone, with their $2000 minimums....
 We're the Tequila Treehouse, with $30 ads for people just starting out.

 When we started we had no path to follow, we just went forward.
 Now, the ad money is one of the legs of the table.

 How do sites that don't advertise survive?


 Subject: Other TIME Men of the Year

 Hitler, Stalin, Khomeni.

 One does not have to be a good man to win;
 making a big, horendous mess will do.
 But you're right, all big media are whores, nevertheless.

 I'm so old, I remember exactly when TIME turned whore on this.
 In 1979 or 1980, TIME named Ayatollah Khomeni as the person,
 for better or worse, who affected the news the most that year.

 They had some cancellations so they changed their criteria, which is OK,
 but they claimed they kept the same criteria, which is an outright whore lie.

 In 2001, nobody could deny that Bush's partner Osama affected us most,
 but whore TIME decided to name the Monkey that year to make more money.


 Subject: here's a tip

 Thanks for keeping me sane during this election fraud and bogus "wartime" SNAFU.
 Tim B


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Hearing the Hammer of Truth
is more powerful than reading it.

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 A Not So Wonderful Life
  What would the world be like if Rummy had never been born?

  Click  Here

 Dick and Lynne run a bait, tackle and baton-twirling shop in Casper, Wyo. You didn't exist,
 so you never gave him those jobs in the Nixon and Ford administrations, and he never ran for
 Congress or worked for Bush 41 or anointed himself 43's vice president. W. chose Chuck Hagel
 as his running mate. So without you and Dick there to dominate him, he was guided by his dad
 and Brent Scowcroft, who kept Condi in line. Colin Powell was never cut off at the knees and
 the U.N. and allies were never bullied. There was never any crazy fever about Iraq or unilateralism
 or "Old Europe." Here's Colin now, heading for the Oval Office.


 Subject: Yes, I volunteer to argue the 'soldiers are bad' side of this debate

 I'll debate you on this subject anytime, anywhere.

 We've agreed on TONIGHT at 9 PM CST.

 Click  Here  and then click on "Another server" and then hit "continue"

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

You go to war with the Commander-in-Chief who abandoned you.

1297, 1299, 1304, 1306, Bush military victims so far

They only killed 2 since yesterday.

Men without legs,
women without hands,
ruined families,
all for oil greed...

Bush and his friends are getting super-rich off this war...

That doesn't bother a single Republican voter?

 Subject: Rude Rich and Republican Presidents

 I feel EXACTLY the same way as Mark.  I NO LONGER love my country.

 I detest repukes to the point that I think I need some couseling!  I never thought I would ever feel this way.
 I will not watch any corporate news (ha) programs.  I will only read very few newspapers.  I get my info
 from the internet, for the most part.  I want to leave so badly.

 But there are very FEW places left in the world who would like to have former amerikans living in their country.
 I hate the cold but I am considering Canada.  They seem to treat their citizen's with respect and they actually
 COUNT the ballots when they have their elections!  IMAGINE THAT!!!!  I have a son who in three short months
 will be eighteen and draftable.  I vow I will NEVER ever let him be drafted.

 I do not believe in this illegal war for oil and I will not let him die in order to make bush and his croonies richer.
 I feel like my country has let me down.  I don't feel warm and fuzzy any longer about living here.  I detest looking
 at the flag.  So I have made up my mind as soon as my mother passes I will be leaving.  Why live in this hell hole
 and pay taxes to a goverment who uses those very taxes to wage a war aganist a country that has done nothing to us?

 Money used to kill innocent people in my name.....!  The fucking bastards.  What a disgrace.
 And they have the nerve to say they are "christian"  sure, like hell they are.  My parents can't afford their medicine.
 My sister can't afford health insurance.  This is just shit.  I'm sorry to use these words but I am just beside myself with anger.

 Thanks Bart for doing your part.  But sometimes I can't even read you and buzzflash because I get so upset.
 Take care and thanks for trying.


 Rumsfeld: It's time to go
   as seen on

  Click  Here

 It's pretty clear that Rumsfeld, President Bush, and everyone else involved thought the war in Iraq
 would be over quickly and painlessly. Why else would George W. Bush announce to the world on
 May 1, 2003, that "major combat operations" in Iraq had ended? When, in reality, the major combat
 was about to begin, and it would be ugly.

 As the months progressed - and as it became clear that no weapons of mass destruction would be
 found in Iraq - the Bush administration had to come up with a new justification for our having attacked
 a sovereign nation, and of course terrorism is a good excuse.

 I don't know if the Iraqi insurgents watch CNN, or some other network, but it seems now that someone
 was watching on July 2, 2003, when Bush told reporters, of the Iraqi insurgents: "Anybody who wants to
 harm American troops will be found and brought to justice...there are some that feel like if they attack us
 that we may decide to leave prematurely. They don't understand what they are talking about if that is the case.
 There are some who feel like the conditions are such that they can attack us there. My answer is, bring 'em on."

 ...and take your Monkey Trainer with you.


 Subject: love it or leave it?

 Dear Bart,

 I know how Mark T. feels.
 I felt the same way about six years ago, and I left. I haven't regretted my decision for a moment.
 The other day, I was at the hairdressers' and one of them asked if I'd ever go back to the US.
 I replied, "Not a chance in hell." He nodded knowingly, and turned back to his client, " I told you so."
 In New Zealand, the question I am most often asked is, "What in the world were they thinking?"

 I have no goddamned idea, to tell the truth. How so many, could be so dumb would defy even
 P.T. Barnum's imagination. I reckon the "good Germans" who left in '36 wondered the same thing .
 I bet, that like me and many other ex-pats, they wondered just what the hell it *would* take to get
 their compatriots off their asses and into the streets.  I bet, that they, as I, prayed for a sign that
 enough was finally enough, even whilst knowing that such signs were not forthcoming.

 It's sad to watch your home fall into fascism. It hurts to not be able to help, but I have sons to consider,
 and now a grandson. I cannot risk them for the "Homeland." People ask if I still love America.

 I love the places...the deserts, the mountains, the rivers. I cannot say that I love the American people any more.
 They have rejected everything I value, and embraced everything I abhor. Those of you who stay and do not fight,
 are just as bad as those who push this insane facist agenda. If you accept it, you're part of it. If you live with it,
 you're part of it. If you ignore it ...well you know the rest. If you still love it, then goddamnit FIGHT for it!
 While you still can.

 Lovin' you Bart,
 Auckland NZ


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