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 Quote of the Day

"I think Rumsfeld may be not too long 
  for this world. . . . Let's dump him." 
    -- Nixon, who thought Rummy was 
         too critical of the Vietnam War    Attribution

"I'm not a Monkey - not like they say..."
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Volume 1464 - Wolf in the Fold 

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Get rich, then retire to Cabo

 Wednesday   December 22,  2004                                                       Marc Perkel  on  Mike Malloy on  AAR Wednesday December 29th


"To make these awards in the face of failure -- the mounting American death toll, the awful
  suffering of the Iraqis, the looming possibility of civil war, the nose-thumbing of the still-at-large
  Osama bin Laden and the madness of making war for a nonexistent reason -- has the creepy feel
  of the old communist states, where incompetents wore medals and harsh facts were denied."
       --Richard Cohen, on the Bush's Medal of Freedom awardees    Attribution

 Since the Democrats and the media tell us Emporer Bush is wearing clothes,
 why should he bother to put any on?

 Major US contractor withdraws from Iraq
   When the first domino falls, the others fall right afterwards

  Click  Here

 Contrack International Inc. has reportedly become the first major US contractor to pull out
 of Iraq, adding that high security costs were to blame.

"We reached a point where our costs were getting to be prohibitive," company president
 Karim Camel-Toueg told the Los Angeles Times.

 Contrack, the leader of a partnership that won one of 12 major contracts awarded in 2004,
 was the largest company to pull out of Iraq to date, the officials told the Times.

 Translation: "We're not getting paid."  Bush is charging taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars
 then asking contractors to work on the extra cheap - just so they can pocket the balance of the cash.

 Who can blame Bush?

 If you could award hundreds of secret, no-bid contracts to the biggest US companies and keep half the cash,
 would you milk this mother to death the way the BFEE has done for years?  It's a never-ending gravy train.

 The BFEE will continue to steal a billion dollars a day until there's peace in the f-ing Middle East!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 And it's a good thing they don't
 have a conscience at the BFEE, because 1300 dead soldiers would deter some from stealing so much.



 War on the Cheap
   by Bob Herbert

  Click  Here

 From the earliest planning stages until now, the war in Iraq has been a tragic exercise in official incompetence.
 The original rationale for the war was wrong. The intelligence was wrong. The estimates of required troop
 strength were wrong. The war hawks' guesses about the response of the Iraqi people were wrong. The cost
 estimates were wrong, and on and on. Nevertheless the troops have fought valiantly, and the price paid by
 many has been horrific. They all deserve better than the bad faith and shoddy treatment they are receiving
 from the highest officials of their government."

"Pants this guy, and bring him to me ...with the Dobermans..."




"If this is my 15 minutes of fame, I hope it saves a life."
    --Bush loving Spc. Thomas Wilson, who asked Rumsfeld the armor question Attribution

 Tom, so why love the greedy crooks who gave the super-rich tax cuts and cheaped you on the armor?
 I appreciate loyalty, but you voted to send more time in Iraqi tours without that armor.

 You didn't have the brains to vote to come home to your family.


 Subject: I wonder why, too


 You wonder why during the debates, Kerry did not ask about the bulge under Bush's coat.
 I am also wondering why did Kerry ended the election campaign with 15 million dollars unspent from the Campaign moneys.
 Was he trying to lose the election? I am afraid so.



Used by permission - please visit


"As for Bush, 49 percent of respondents said they approved of the job the president is doing.
  That number is down from his November approval rating of 55 percent. Bush is the first incumbent
  president to have an approval rating below 50 percent one month after winning re-election."
     --Inside Politics,    Attribution

 Odds are Bush's approval rating we're in the mid-forties on election day.
 But since the Democrats don't mind Diebold helping Bush, he won, anyway.

 Remember when the president of Diebold guaranteed to "deliver" Ohio for Bush?
 Bush likes an employee who can deliver the goods.

 If only there was an opposition party to the fascist BFEE.


 Subject: Tarla from NZ

 I agree with almost everything Tarla wrote except the part about those of us who stay and don't (or can't) fight.
 Tarla, babe, some of us are having trouble convincing our spouses just how bad things have gotten.
 I'd love to chuck it all and break for Canada right now, but my Miami-born wife hates the cold.
 Hmmm....any good ski areas in NZ?

 I love to snowboard, but you know, Canada may just be a little too close to the fire, especially when
 these idiots snap to the fact that water will be the oil of this new century, and Canada has some
 extraordinary percentage of the world's fresh water supplies.

 Do I still love this country?  Like you said, I love certain places within it.
 I love the ideals it used to stand for, and wish I could live in a country that still strives towards those ideals.
 But about half of the people here have become intolerable to live with.

 Oh, Bart, just a random comment:  you twice referred to Chuch Hagel as (R-Diebold).
 But wasn't he on the board of ES&S when that firm counted the votes in his first Senate race
 in Nebraska that produced the "stunning upset" that put him in office?

 Just asking.  Thanks for all you do.
 Rich from Gainesville

 Rich, you are correct!
 I use "Diebold" as a shortcut for all election theft machinery.


"Is This Heaven?"

... the view from Iowa

 Iraq reality check
  by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 So far, we have not brought democracy to Iraq. We have brought blood, killing and death.
 Our so-called liberal media do a pathetically inadequate job of telling us about the war because,
 first, it is too dangerous to cover most of the country, and second, reporters who are critical of
 the endeavor are blacklisted by our military."

 You can't trust the networks.
 You can't trust the newspapers or the weekly news magazines.
 You can't trust talk radio  or  the cable Nazis.

 The internet and foreign news sources are your only chance at the truth.



 Dems Claim 8-vote Win in Wash. Gov's Race
  Is it true?  Did we actually win one?  Did the Diebold machine break?

  Click  Here

 Democrats have claimed victory in the race for Washington governor by a razor-thin
 margin of eight votes, citing preliminary results of a hand recount they say puts Christine
 Gregoire in front for the first time. Republicans maintained the race was still too close to call.


Send Bush a gift this Christmas


 Judas Maximus: How can you say the war has been won? The 'insurgents' seem to be able to attack at will.

 Andrew Card: They're attacking but they're not attacking all of the people all of the time."
  --Andrew Card, proving Bush is so into torture, they torture the truth  Attribution

 So does that means it's just some of the people all of the time doing the fighting?
 Or is it some of the people some of the time?

 Or could it be all of the people some of the time?
 I guess it doesn't really matter as long as it's not all of the people all of the time.

 Isn't it sad that not even one Democrat will call them on their lies?


 Subject: What is the point?

 Bart, this is the backdrop against which the accusations of horrific war crimes on civilians in Faluja are reported.
 These have been universally ignored by our western media, although they are crimes committed in your name and mine.
 Women and children, murdered in your name and in mine.  These crimes have been reported much more fully in the world
 outside of this country.  We haven't even contemplated the blowback because we are blissfully unaware of the carnage.


We've got the best books by the best authors.

 Why No Recent Asticles?

  Click  Here

 Ladies and Gentlemen of America your apple is rotten at the core.
 Your fish is stinking at the head.
 Your blundering naivety is breathtaking.
 Your lack of outrage speaks volumes.


Getting married?
Consider Key West!

 Subject: Dean and the Democrats


 Dean is the only one who was trying to say what is really wrong with this country.
 The only reason the media portrays him as a liberal is because he was opposed to the war
 in Iraq from the beginning - as did the American Conservative and other conservative publications!

 I believe there could be big changes in the next congressional election because Iraq is unfortunately
 evolving into another Viet Nam.  I am afraid the attacks yesterday were a good indication of that the
 worst is yet to come.  But someone has got to stand up and hold the persons responsible for getting us
 into this mess accountable.  It will have to be done from the grassroots level because the major media
 and the current leadership of the Democratic party will not.


 sta, possible flaw in the theory:
 Iraq was a Vietnam-style quagmire for this election, but voters said,
"We don't care, we love W's values," so the majority voted for more quagmire. least, that's what Bush, Kerry and the networks tell us.



"Boy, it's a big battle this year just saying, 'Merry Christmas,' celebrating Christmas.
  There seems to be an all-out assault by the secularists out there to deny what is Christmas."
     --Rush, lying his hillbilly heroin ass off again,   Attribution

 What do the facist-right bastards have to gain from this clumsy and obvious lie?
 Why gets upset when they hear "Merry Christmas?"

 I don't - do you?
 Does anybody?

 No, FOX and the vulgar Pigboy got their orders from Karl Rove.
 It's not enough that they stole the election - they have to fabricate the lie
 that all Democrats hate Christmas - what's the f-ing point?


 Ten Things Bush Hides About Scalia and Slappy

  Click  Here

 SCALIA OPPOSES EFFORTS TO DESEGREGATE SCHOOLS: In his concurrence on Freeman v. Pitts,
 Scalia indicated he would favor stripping the authority of Federal courts to regulate school desegregation,
 "even for those schools that remain significantly segregated." [Freeman v Pitts 1992]

 THOMAS FAVORS STATE-SPONSORED RELIGION: Thomas has "advanced the position" that
 constitutionally mandated church/state separation applies "to the federal government, but not to individual states
 - a position that would allow Virginia, for example, to declare a state religion." He would allow individual states
 to "adopt particular religions and use tax money to proselytize for them." [Elk Grove v. Newdow, 2004]



"It was reported that while at the White House Christmas party young Barbara Bush
  smashed her head on the dance floor when a friend she was dancing with dipped her to low.
  That friend -- Captain Morgan."
      --Amy Poehler, "Weekend Update"


Jack and Jill went up the hill,
In a brand new Hummer.
Hit a bomb, got blown to hell.
Wow, what a bummer.

 Soldiers Injured in Blast Flown to Germany

  Click  Here

 A C-141 transport plane carrying some 50 patients - most of them wounded in
 Tuesday's attack in Mosul - touched down at Ramstein Air Base after a flight
 from Baghdad. The first of the injured were taken off the plane on stretchers.

 Tuesday's attack killed 22 and injured 72. Fifty-one of the injured are U.S. military personnel.
 The hospital was expecting at least eight critical care patients from the group. They were gearing up
 to treat the victims, most of whom were suffering from broken bones and shrapnel wounds.

 A year from today - or five years from today - will we see this same headline?
 What happened to the "lessons" we learned in Vietnam ?
 We spent 58,000 lives and then forgot the fucking lessons?

 The military families seem content to donate arms, legs and lives for Bush's oil snatch,
 but shouldn't saner heads overrule them and insist they stay alive, instead?

 And why isn't Bush held responsible for this unnecessary war for oil?


 Subject: Star Trek Titles!

 Hi Bart!

 I wanted to tell you, I'm loving the Star Trek show titles on your site of late!
 Every time I read a new page, I get to run through the episode in my head real quick first,
 which makes the horror I'm about to read a little more palatable, I guess...

 What worries me is the number of titles that don't need to be altered to make them relevant...
"Taste of Armageddon", "Balance of Terror", "Spectre of the Gun"...

 It's funny you're doing that, because I used the Trek universe in a conversation a while ago.
 A friend and I were discussing the state of the world, and our general pessimism about the near future,
 but I think that having cut my teeth on Star Trek gave me a frantic optimism about what we could
 become as a race, I mean the human one.

 Anyway, love your site, and will be sending you the pics I took in Egypt w/Bartcop sticker!
 Incidentally, as Americans traveling in Egypt, we were questioned on our opinion of things,
 and when my boyfriend and I had the right answer, you should have seen the faces light up!

 Live long and prosper, and all that..

 Sue, thanks for that.
 My favorite was "Bush's Brain."

 Funny, a while back, I did Carole King titles, It's Too late,  I Feel the Earth Move,
 and on the third title people wrote and asked, "What's the deal with the Carole King titles?"

 After seventeen Star Trek titles, I saw your e-mail.
 Rough deduction says about six times more readers are Carole King fans than Star Trek fans.


 Subject: swinging the hammer

 Give'em Hell.
 They deserve it.



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Hearing the Hammer of Truth
is more powerful than reading it.

Show 61 is our best show yet,
and that means the 59-60-61 package is our best ever.
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 Twins Swap Identities for Jail Break
   I hope Matt Drudge doesn't dehydrate

  Click  Here

 A pair of 18-year-old identical twins swapped their clothing and traded places so that one
 could escape jail.  The inmate walked out undetected on Monday after a visit by his twin brother.

 During a visit, the two siblings, neither of whom were named, managed to switch their outfits without
 anyone noticing.  After visiting hours ended, the inmate walked out, pretending to be his brother.

 The visiting brother was questioned and released, but could face charges of aiding in a prison escape.
 His brother? Police said he was still on the run. .


 The 'soldiers are bad' debate

 That happened Monday night, and yet it didn't happen.
 BBH and I spared for 45 minutes but nobody threw a punch.

 To be fair, (and what is  if not fair?), we'll say we were
 "speaking different languages" because I never could catch what he was saying.
 Everybody speaks in shortcuts, I just couldn't understand his.

 If you insist, I could spend a couple of hours to clean up the transcript for you
 to read and see if you could follow any better, but life is so short...

 Join us in the chat room.
 Most week nights it's busy from about 7PM CST to 2 AM

 Click  Here  and then click on "Another server" and then hit "continue"

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

You go to war with the Commander-in-Chief who abandoned you.

1299, 1304, 1306, 1321, Bush military victims so far

They killed 15 since last issue.

Men blown apart,

women made into widows,

children made into orphans,

parents burying their kids,

families torn apart,

all for oil greed...

Bush and his friends are getting super-rich off this war...

That doesn't bother a single Republican voter?

 Subject: Clinton, KLA etc...

 the guy who sent you those links knows what he's talking and the book is something that
 would behoove you to at least skim. Another great guy is to be found at ,
 and he and Ms. Napoleoni ought to get together if they havent already....

 One paragraph and I'm already lost.

 Anyway, I personally feel there is always a grain of truth behind any conspriacy theory
 regardless of who spouts it.mainly because you cant have one with out at least 2 people.

 So, the rumors of you and the duck are true?

 So others looking in can label any groups plan as a conspiracy because thats what it is....
 Since we are the premier example of a capitalist society, pimples, failures, sucesses, <snip> et al,
 the idea of all this shadowy stuff going on regardless of political affiliation should come as no surprise.

 I'm still lost - who is surprised - about what, and about who?

 I voted for Clinton twice. I find the concept of Monica Lewinsky on her knees a prime example
 of how corrupting power is and all this blather about how Clinton didnt get any of our boys and
 girls killed is not quite on the money...

 Now I'm thinking it's you and not me.
 Apparently, my "blather" is "not on the money."
 Are we enjoying a conversation?

 ...because he obviously wasnt using the brain in his head when he was enjoying Monica to begin with

 A mistake in judgment, sure, but Clinton was a great president and his sex life isn't my concern.
 Why should it be a concern of yours?
 If you want to fault his presidency, then please attack it with some substance.

 and he was also manipulating the capitalist system to the utmost to give the plebiscite their share
 of the bread and circus that was scaled back during the Reagan era.

 ...are you applauding or attacking that allegation?

 Yep, 2 classes here with a shrinking bourgeoisise ....

 There you go again - is that a good thing or a bad thing?
 A shrinking middle class could mean they got richer or poorer.

 I guess what I dont understand is why people find it so hard to believe that regardless of party line,
 that all people in public office have their own levels of corruption to contend with.

 Dude, do you have conversations with others this?
 And do they reply and do you understand them?

 That last phrase, "their own levels of corruption to contend with."
 That applies to every mother, every pimp and every Catholic bishop on Earth.
 How could I answer that besides saying, "I suppose..."

 Its called doing favors for friends why is it so hard to believe
 in the Kosovo story, its got solid information.


 Volvoguy, I have no idea what the Kosovo story is.
 I can't keep up with the present so investigating the past is out of the question.

 I'm saying that if the GOP and/or the UN failed to charge Clinton with "the Kosovo story,"
 that means didn't have enough evidence to make it on Rush, Hannity or FOX News.

 The only thing that could keep them quiet is if Bush was more guilty of whatever the "crime" was.
 And if that's your point, that Clinton is "just as guilty" as Republicans, you're just nuts.

 You have opinions on Clinton's sex life but not a word about Bush's bloody oil snatch?

Say what you want about Andrew "Bareback" Sullivan...

...he's always willing to try new things.

 A Brief History of

  Click  Here

 We founded the Web site in 1995, back in the "early days" of the modern Internet.
 The site was meant to be a home for important, well-reported stories that weren't welcome in the
 O.J. Simpson-obsessed, conventional-wisdom-driven national news media of that time.

 As one of the reporters who helped expose the Iran-Contra scandal for the Associated Press in the mid-1980s,
 I was distressed by the silliness and downright creepiness that had pervaded American journalism by the mid-1990s.
 I feared, too, that the decline of the U.S. press corps foreshadowed disasters that would come when journalists
 failed to alert the public about impending dangers.


 Marine charged with assaulting parents
  Bush's legacy begins to unfold

  Click  Here

 A Marine pleaded not guilty to assault after prosecutors said he beat his parents over the weekend.
 When police arrived, they saw through a window that Blount was assaulting his bloodied mother,
 according to court papers. Police kicked in the door and subdued Blount after a brief struggle..

 The inside of the house was strewn with broken furniture and blood was spattered on the walls.
 Blount's father was found bloodied and nearly unconscious on a couch.

 Blount has been a Marine for 13 years. He had been stationed at Gitmo.

 We have up to 150,000 of these troubled men coming home from Bush's bloody war.
 If only America had a free press or a two-party systemn that could expose this problem.


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  The real meaning of Christmas

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