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 Quote of the Day

"24 families may get a very rare Donald 
  Rumsfeld autograph.. That's 24 more 
  funerals that Bush won't attend and 
  24 caskets that won't be allowed on TV."
      -- The POAC,     Attribution

"I'm not a heartless Monkey - really..."
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 Thurs-Friday  December 23-24,  2004 .....................................................Marc Perkel  on  Mike Malloy on  AAR  Wed, December 29th


"The Fox News Channel and its commentators stand in the way of the secular agenda.
  Demonizing us sends a message to others who may challenge the secular cabal.
  Do it and we will slime you badly.   Somewhere, Jesus is weeping."
     --Bill O'Reilly, on criticism he received for lying about the Democrats hating Christmas    Attribution

 Why would Jesus weep for the lying war profiteers?

 War Crimes
   Why does Bush think we can get away with this?

  Click  Here

 Though they represent only part of the record that lies in government files, the documents show
 that the abuse of prisoners was already occurring at Guantanamo in 2002 and continued in Iraq
 even after the outcry over the Abu Ghraib photographs. FBI agents reported in internal e-mails
 and memos about systematic abuses by military interrogators at the base in Cuba, including beatings,
 chokings, prolonged sleep deprivation and humiliations such as being wrapped in an Israeli flag.
"On a couple of occasions I entered interview rooms to find a detainee chained hand and foot in
 a fetal position to the floor, with no chair, food or water," an unidentified FBI agent wrote on
 Aug. 2, 2004. "Most times they had urinated or defecated on themselves, and had been left there
 for 18 to 24 hours or more." Two defense intelligence officials reported seeing prisoners severely
 beaten in Baghdad by members of a special operations unit, Task Force 6-26, in June. When they
 protested they were threatened and pictures they took were confiscated."



 Bush Monkey Picture Shown on Giant Billboard


  Click  Here

 A portrait of Bush that uses monkeys to form his image that was banished from a New York
 art show last week amid charges of censorship was put on a giant billboard in Manhattan on Tuesday.

"Bush Monkeys," a small acrylic on canvas by Chris Savido, created the stir last week at the
 Chelsea Market public space, leading the market's managers to close down the 60-piece show.

 Animal Magazine said anonymous donors had paid for the picture to be posted on a giant digital billboard
 near the Holland Tunnel, used by 400,000 commuters traveling between Manhattan and New Jersey.

 The original picture will be auctioned on eBay, with part of the proceeds donated to parents of U.S. soldiers
 wishing to supply their sons and daughters with body armor in Iraq .

"It's illegal to criticize my monkey ass..."




"Certainty is the narcotic of the right wing."
   --Howard Gordon, pastor of First Presbyterian Church,   Attribution

 Subject: Kerry and the Constitution


 what do you think the chances are that john kerry uses his constitutional right to challenge
 the results of the election when the electoral college numbers come before the senate?

 remember, all we need is one congressman and one senator to send the whole thing
 back to ohio for a recount.   what an amazing scene that would be!

 but, as you know too, he won't do it.
 andrew in baltimore

 Wesley Clark would've stayed and fought.
 Wesley Clark wouldn't have rushed to surrender.


Used by permission - please visit


"It is far, far easier to be on the right than in the middle or on the left,
  because everything is already determined for you."
     --Rev. Randy Hyde, pastor of Pulaski Heights Baptist Church,   Attribution


 Subject: Merry Christmas

 Bart, you gotta remember that you live in beautiful Tulsa.
 Not too many folks outside the Judeo-Christian, European Hegemony
 (I don't know what that phrase means, but I heard some anti-Christmas/ACLU dude say it once).
 What I mean is, you're not around as diversified a crowd as some of us.

 As a frequently politically incorrect, Left-wing Fundamentalist, I use "Happy Christmas" to people all the time.
 Shades of England and a rejection of Santa Claus (obese, alcoholic, pedophile) that causes people to think occasionally.

 In any event, I've had probably a dozen people get annoyed with me for doing so in a non-inclusive
 holiday fashion this past month.  Not that I cared.

 But there are those that reject "Merry Christmas" and the Christian holiday implied therein for their own secular
 or religious or cultural reasons.  It's funny when they don't see how their rejection of my greeting is the truly intolerant reaction.

 So in this instance, I sorta agree with Rush.  I think it's the first time.
 Dave the Lawyer

 Dave, you're wrong and Rush is wrong.

 Christmas is the big holiday in December.
 Saying "Merry Christmas" is the same as saying "Have a nice day."
 It's a phony issue the lugnuts thought up to distract people from the economy and Iraq.

 If you had the bad luck to run into a dozen wacko-liberals, you don't have to surrender.
 Geez, this is the same crowd who screamed "person-holecover" so as not to offend the N.O.W.
 Besides, if we cave in on this one, they'll just demand more from us next week.

 Rhetorical, tongue-in-cheek question:
 Would America be better off without the 15% of extremists on both ends?



 Christmas Eve of Destruction

  Click  Here

 Now that the election's over, our leaders think it's safe to experiment with a little candor.
 President Bush has finally acknowledged that the Iraqis can't hack it as far as securing their own country,
 which means, of course, that America has no exit strategy for its troops, who will soon number 150,000.
 News organizations led with the story, even though the president was only saying something that
 everybody has known to be true for a year. The White House's policy on Iraq has gone from a
 total charade to a limited modified hangout."


 Subject: Rules!!

 Bart, in the debates, Kerry was not allowed to ask questions directly to Bush.


 Frank, Jim Baker and Vernon Jordon met over drinks to agree on the rules.
 The second that Jordan said, "OK Jim, we agree to ask no questions," Bush won.

 Kerry agreed not to question Bush's record of failure and lost his biggest weapon - the facts.
 Bush's worst-record-of-all-time was off the table, because we all know Bush's good-puppy
 whore media will never confront Bush with evidence of crimes or mistakes.

 Had Kerry or anyone on his staff read  they would've known that months in advance.
 I screamed that like a Smurf  (till I was blue in the face) but they didn't want to win.

 I don't want money from the 2008 Demo campaign.
 I don't want publicity from the 2008 Demo campaign.
 I'm just tired of seeing the Dem campaign do worse than I could do.

 They need to talk to me in 2008.

 They need to assign some low-level, nobody intern to e-mail me once a day with their plans,
 the candidate's nutty monkey costume du jour and a copy of their daily surrender speech so I
 can e-mail back alternate plans and speeches that have a chance to connect with voters!

 Borrow  Bart's IQ-of-64  in  2008

Santa Dubya says, "Can't afford that. The super-rich need more money..."

 Bush backers made a sucker's bet
    by  Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 In making President Bush its "Person of the Year," Time gushed that he had successfully
"reframed reality to match his design." Ponder that phrase. A cynic might think it a backhanded
 way of calling him a particularly accomplished liar. Indeed, Bush prevailed in November largely
 because many Americans simply cannot believe that their president would deliberately mislead
 them about matters of life and death. Consider, however, Bush's doomsday pronouncements
 about the impending bankruptcy of Social Security.  They're sheer fiction, contrived to conceal
 this administration's own fiscal recklessness - the combination of tax cuts for the wealthy and
 runaway spending that has increased federal outlays some 29 percent since his 2001inauguration.
 After pledging during the 2000 campaign to set aside $2.6 trillion of the projected surplus in a
 Social Security "lockbox," Bush has, instead, produced swelling deficits. Now he promises
 strict "fiscal discipline." Do not hold your breath.


"Today, we had a rocket attack that took a lot of lives.
Any time of the year it's a time of sorrow and sadness when we lose a loss of life."

Turns out it wasn't a rocket.
It was an evildoer in an invader's costume.


"Here's to all the Americans on both sides of this year's unusually peppy fights over the
  allowability of religious symbols on public property. This annual battle, in which the ACLU
  strives once more to make itself as popular as the Grinch, is over the part of the First
  Amendment that says the government cannot sponsor religion. I always liked what
  Ann Richards said when informed there were demands that the large star on top of the
  state capitol come down. "Oh, I'd hate to see that happen," she drawled. 'This could be
  the only chance we'll ever have to get three wise men in that building.'"
      --Molly Ivins,   Attribution


 Subject: Monday's debate

 Bart, I am sorry that I don't have much time to make my point that you
 DID NOT win the debate with bigbillheywood (BBH).  Still, here is the way I saw it:

 I didn't say I won - I said there were no punches landed.
 It was like a boxing match with dancing in the ring and no punches being thrown.
 I never could get BBH to take a position that I could attack.

 (a) BBH pointed out rightly that the soldier class has historically proven to be essentially a right wing entity.
 His mistake was in acquiescing to your dubious (or at least limitedly useful)  equation that says "right wing = evil".

 That too, is incorrect.
 Since BBH either would not or could not take a position, I tried to put words in his mouth
 that he could deny or defend but he failed to take the bait so I stopped the debate.

 Because you attacked him on this fault.  Had BBH stuck to the more useful equation, "right wing = wrong" ,
 he'd have won the arguement, since you both agree that the "right" is wrong.

 (b) Your point that I think "all soldiers are heroes because they are willing to take a bullet for me" is just plain silly.
 As BBH pointed out, d'you really think, the majority of these gung-ho Marines care about your Commie-Pinko ass?
 No.  It ain't you they are protecting, Bart.  Trust me (a former Marine).  When Bush tells them to kill you... You're gone too!

 I say you're wrong.
 As pointed out recently on the page, if Bush wanted Ol' Bart dead, he could find someone to do the job.
 But a "regular" soldier wouldn't fly to Tulsa to murder an old guy with a modem. But if I was a 15 year-old
 in the shadows of Fallujah holding something shiny in my hand, THEN I understand a soldier killing some
 "innocent" civilian because in that scenario, it's a clear cut case of  "him or me."

 You and BBH seem to think (I guess, because I can't ever get a straight answer) that EVERY soldier
 is a right-wing, psochopath who loves to kill children every chance he can - that's horseshit, and it was
 to be the basis for the debate.

 A tip for you two:
 Learn to avoid using "all" and "every" when making a wild-ass claim.
 "All soldiers are evil because they likely vote GOP" is a losing argument.
 He lost the debate before it started.

 That's all the time I got.  I love ya, Bart, but I think you are a little too naive
 about the military mind and how it works.  You should listen to BBH.

 If either of you would hold your f-ing ground instead of dancing around the ring, we could have that debate.
 Saying things like, "You are a little too naive about the military mind and how it works," allows you to accuse
 ALL soldiers of atrocities without actually making a claim that can be refuted and that's why the debate failed.
 I can't find any substance to attack when we argue.  You fight with wisps of smoke.


 Debate transcript

We've got the best books by the best authors.

 Subject: Vietnam lessons

 Bart, you wrote:

>What happened to the "lessons" we learned in Vietnam ?
>We spent 58,000 lives and then forgot the fucking lessons?

 I knew America was being trained to forget the lessons of Vietnam
 when they started calling it the "Vietnam Syndrome".

 Syndromes are something you're supposed to get over.
 Lessons are something you're supposed to remember.

 John L

 Bush's Spending Cuts Won't Include Star Wars
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 In case anyone missed the news, the latest test staged by the Defense Department's Missile Defense Agency
 concluded in an embarrassing failure on Dec. 15. The target rocket launched on schedule from Alaska, but the
 interceptor rocket never left its pad in the Marshall Islands for their planned rendezvous in space. The cause,
 according to the Missile Defense Agency, was "an unknown anomaly," which in plain English means that the
 Pentagon, after spending roughly $100 billion over the past two decades on this system, has no idea why it
 still doesn't work.

 According to newspaper reports, the test had been postponed several times due to "bad weather," so
 apparently we must hope that our enemies choose a nice sunny day to attack. In fact, the interceptor hadn't
 been tested for two years, because the previous test in December 2002 was also a disastrous failure.
 On that occasion, the "kill vehicle" didn't separate from the booster rocket, missed the target by hundreds
 of miles and finally incinerated in the earth's atmosphere.


 Subject: Debate stipulations


 Don't you have two stipulations for every debate?

 1.  Something about Bush, Sr. and
 2.  Something else.

 I almost completely forgot what they were, could you remind your loyal audience?

 Yes, and I should stick to those.
 The stips were:

 1. You have to acknowledge that Bush pardoned much of Reagan's caninet over Iran Contra.
     We can argue about why or what that means, but if an early debate with a "know it all,"
     he called Clinton "a big crook," and I asked to to contrast Clinton's "crimes" with the Bush
     pardons and he assured me I was a liar who was making all that up.


 2. The second stip was you had to have a web page saposor you, because these stalker types
     would DEMAND a debate to "put me in my place" and then not show up. Then they'd
     write back a week later with ano9ther fake address with the same demand - and not show up.
     I figured if a page sponsored them, we could humiliate the sponsor page when they chicken out
     but most GOP types have no shame so that's not fool proof, either.

     Most pro-Bush web sites don't even have a "Contact us" link.
     They prefer to wallow in their filthy ignorance to be set straight by someone like Ol' Bart.

 Since no Bush baker would DARE meet me in a live chat room, sometimes I
 lower my standards just to keep in shape.  Monday's debate was with a left-winger.



"As an evangelical Christian, I feel the most important job I have been given is to be a witness
  to non-believers. Much of this witnessing is simply trying to live a Christ-like life so others will
  see the character of Jesus through me. My ability to be any kind of a witness, active or passive,
  has been drastically harmed by the religious right - specifically the Bush administration. By acting
  as if they own the franchise on Christianity, and then acting as un-Christlike as possible, many more
  people are inclined to dismiss my beliefs out of hand. Duh-bya is also giving Christians the image of
  being morons. 'It's the stupid, stupid.'"
    -- Matthew0724,     Attribution


 Molly Ivins Merry Christmas

  Click  Here

 And a Merry Christmas to all, including people who have white Christmas trees decorated entirely
 with purple balls. Merry Christmas to the Red states and the Blue states, to the R's and D's, and to
 all the troops stationed in Afghanistan, including the French troops there -- Mais oui, Christmas, y'all.

 Merry Christmas to all the people who had to eat bugs on reality shows this year and to all the professional
 athletes who have not gotten into duke-outs.  Merry Christmas to the homeless and the people in the shelters,
 and especially to those who are feeding the people in the shelters. Season's Best to all the cops who collected
 for Blue Santa this year, and a Tiny Tim Salute to all the prisoners, including Martha Stewart. Her cell-wing
 lost the prison's Christmas decorating contest this year -- when it rains ..."



 Rumsfeld Saddened by the thought that anyone
 could possibly have the impression that he's not
 the best Secretary of Defense ever.

  Click  Here


"In the aftermath of 9/11, the president told the world you are either "with us or against us."
  He then offered a far-reaching moral vision for the Middle East with democracy as the core ingredient...
  Three years later, the number of people "against us" around the world has grown exponentially.
  The popular view of the United States throughout the Middle East and the broader Islamic world is
  dark and hateful. In short, the administration's faith-based, fact-free foreign policy has spawned
  the antithesis of the Bush vision."
       --Ronald Bruce St. John,   Attribution



 Bush says a Pfizer pill that sells in Canada for $4 is not safe to take,
 but then Bush says that same Pfizer pill that sells in Canada for $4
 is plenty safe when sold in the United States for $8 - why is that?

 If Pfizer is selling unsafe drugs in Canada, shouldn't their CEOs be arrested?
 And if those pills are the same, and Bush is just helping Pfizer and Merck
 fix prices to make more money, shouldn't Bush be impeached for racketeering?

  "But Bush would never cheat, lie or steal - we trust him!"


 Note: If seeing this graphic makes you angry enough to write an unsubscribe letter,
 why not focus that rage at the pink tutu Democrats who allow Bush to steal hundreds
 of billions of dollars from the sick and the old thru his friends at Big Pharm?

 Remember:  Bush made it illegal to negotiate for cheaper prices.

 Subject: Democrats stand down

 I was watching the Sunday news programs, and I wanted to scream.

 Democrats, as well as news commentators and of course the Republicans,
 sit around and talk about this war in Iraq as if it were a legitimate enterprise.
 Why does the phrase "Potemkin Village" come to mind?   It's simply mind-boggling.

 It is, and always has been, a complete, unmitigated disaster. I won't even re-hash the
 whole WMD and 911 connection boondoggle. But even beyond that, it's been a
 mendacious deception from the very get-go. And, our breathless, Bush-adoring
 corporate media have been cheerleading the whole disaster all along.
 They should be ashamed of themselves.

 Sadly, all the chickens are now coming home to roost. I notice that over the last few days,
 the media biggies are starting to act a bit apprehensive about the whole thing. Even they might
 slowly be coming to the realization that this mess is about to explode in their faces, and they
 realize how very foolish they are starting to look. I never thought I would live to see the U.S.
 start a war, but we did. Now, I fear that Bush is going to end up making our military look bad,
 by sticking them in a no-win situation. We have a great military, but the situation they have been
 placed in in Iraq is a horrible one.

 How do you defeat an insurgency with tanks, jet fighters and heavy armor? You can't.
 We are heading for a train wreck, and it's so damn sad.

 But are any Democrats standing up, even now, in December of 2004, to decry this insanity?
 Of course not. It's pathetic.

 Name Withheld


 Subject: BCR Show 62 feedback


 Don't bet my $20 on a pair of nines.
 I love you, because you make me laugh out loud.

 I sent my husband out for Chinaco. After a year of listening to the sound
 of the cork coming out of your bottle was something I wanted to share.

 So now when you have your shot, I'm having mine. (Yes, I realize the timing discrepancy)
 Anyway, Bang that f-ing drum 'cause somebody needs to.
 Cheers! and Merry Koreshmas to you and Mrs Bart,

 Leigh Ann in Florida.


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 2001 Memo Reveals Push for Broader War Powers
   9-11 was Christmas & New Years Eve rolled into one for the Oilers

  Click  Here

 Just two weeks after 9-11, a secret memo to White House counsel Alberto Gonzales' office
 concluded that Bush had the power to deploy military force "preemptively" against any terrorist
 groups or countries that supported them - regardless of whether they had any connection to 9-11.
 The memo, written by Justice Department lawyer John Yoo, argues that there are effectively "no limits"
 on the president's authority to wage war - a sweeping assertion of executive power that some
 constitutional scholars say goes considerably beyond any that had previously been articulated by the department."


 Doesn't it seem almost supicious that the very week after the Scott Peterson
 mini-series ends, the whore media/Justice Department (is there a difference these days?)
 are now releasing their brand-new The Robert Blake Murder  mini-series for us?

 It's like they can't do two trials at once, because the spectrum of cable talk show whores can only
 slime one trial at a time, so they held off Blake until they finally got the noose around Peterson's neck.

 Here at  we see no reason to keep up with the Blake trial because
 the state has witnesses, gun ballistics, a murder scene, a cause of death etc.

 Sounds like they might be able to establish a link between the defendant and the crime.



"With each Iraqi our military kills, more Iraqis join the insurgency. The longer
  our troops occupy Iraq, the better Iraqi insurgents become at killing our troops.
  In Iraq, violence is a great recruiter, and time is a wise teacher. We are losing
  in Iraq, and next year we will be losing more. Iraq is our second Vietnam...
  Our chances of winning in Iraq are the same as they were in Vietnam: zero."
    --Stewart Nusbaumer,   Attribution

 Since Iraq seems doomed to failure, if the Democrats were smart (should I even finish this sentence?)
 they'd always refer to Iraq as "Bush's war" because if they don't, Bush will say the Democrats
 forced him into this war and the networks and talk radio will ditto that stupid lie to help their man.
 Why are the Democrats so afraid to throw even a baby punch?


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

You go to war with the Commander-in-Chief who abandoned you.

1304, 1306, 1321, 1324, Bush military victims so far

They killed 3 since last issue.

Men blown apart,

women made into widows,
children made into orphans,

parents burying their kids,
families torn apart,

all for oil greed...

Bush and his friends are getting rich off this war...

That bothers me.

 Subject: Molly Ivins - Iraq Reality Check

 What does it matter what anyone says when no one is listening.

 In the event of the slim possibility that someone might be listening, most Flag-waving,
 Chimp-supporting, slogan-spouting "patriots" consider thinking for themselves, analyzing,
 doing some research, the most arduous, strenuous and painful work imaginable.

 How many of your readers, especially those that send Monkey Mail, would even be capable of
 thinking through some of the obvious cause-and-effect, really catastrophic things occurring on this planet?
 Our troops?  Who actually voted for the Shit-throwing Chimp?  And what about their parents?

 What would you expect from people like these?  That paste on Band-aids featuring little purple hearts, wave flags
 for all their worth, send their kids to be maimed and die, and never had a rational or original thought in their lives? .

 I can't begin to understand the thinking or reasoning, or the absence of both,
 clearly present among the majority of adults in this country.
 This is the complete, absolute and incontravertible "end of the innocence", forever and ever.
 And it's our own fault.


 Elaine, I think you're saying it's our fault that we let the Democrats let the Republicans
 get away with whatever bloody, global atrocities they want to commit, right?

 I'm sure with you on that.
 It's easy to understand f-ing thieves and murderers - they get the loot after the crime.
 But what do the Democrats gain by watching Bush loot other countries and our Treasury?

 What do the Democrats gain by watching Bush send four soldiers a day to their deaths
 for Bush's right to reclaim his oil on which those damn Iraqis had the gall to be born?

"I'd like to thank the Democrats..."


 Video Supporting Ohio Vote Fraud Claim Revealed
   by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 The mounting evidence of election tampering by Triad representatives has motivated John Kerry to
 join with Green Party and Libertarian Party representatives in their Ohio recount effort. John Kerry
 will file papers in support of the Green Party/ Libertarian Party recount effort. Specifically, Kerry will
 be filing a request for expedited discovery regarding Triad Systems voting machines, as well as a
 motion for a preservation order to protect any and all discovery and preserve any evidence on this matter.

 I didn't understand this story, but I thought it needed to be published.
 For some reason, the language used in these recount stories goes right over my head.


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Dear Santa,

 We don't want much this Christmas,

 ...just some balls.

 Thank you,
 Senate Democrats



 Subject:  Eating your own, eh?
 Hey Bart, what's up with the Bev Harris thing, huh?
 Even Randi Rhodes is pissed at her.

 But, but why did Randi take the interview transcripts off Err America archives?
 Why is there no archive of the interview on Randi's show?

 I can't speak for Randi, but giving crazy Bev less publicity is a good thing.

 But I got a copy of the interview, ha, ha, ha.

 You must be very proud.
 Do you read it often, with one hand free?

 It's about 15 minutes long and it's got a laugh a minute in it.
 Harris don't know how to turn on an answering machine and she's gonna break the Diebold scandal?

 What a funch of buckin' idiots.
 Laffler Bohannon

 Monkey, I talked to Santa.

 That tire hanging from a tree you wanted for Christmas?
 Santa said no.

 Shopping online?

 Use this portal
and they'll send
four cents from each dollar.

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40 minutes of Zell the Prick, Mary Beth Cahill, Stern vs Oprah, and some Eddie Izzard

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