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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Powell to Bush: More Troops
The Senate's nuclear winter 
Letterman takes show to Iraq
Bush to Revive Judi Failures
Dems Rethinking Abortion
A Very Chinaco Christmas 
The Iraq Plan That Failed 
Bush Calls for Peace on Earth
Saying "Merry Christmas"


 Quote of the Day

"It's like watching your son playing in traffic, 
  and there's nothing you can do." 
        --Janet Bellows, mother of a soldier in Iraq

"I'm not a heartless Monkey - really..."
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Volume 1466 - Glow Weed(thanks to Nuvee)

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 Christmas weekend  Dec 25-26,  2004 .....................................................Marc Perkel  on  Mike Malloy on  AAR  Wed, Dec 29th


"It is Christmas time, and what would Christmas be without the usual platoon of annoying
  pettifoggers rising annually to strip Christmas of any Christian content...Some Americans
  get angry at parents who want to ban carols because they tremble that their kids might feel
 "different" and "uncomfortable" should they, God forbid, hear Christian music sung at their school.
  I feel pity. What kind of fragile religious identity have they bequeathed their children that it should
  be threatened by exposure to carols?"
    --Charles Krauthammer,     Attribution

 He makes a good point - for the anti-religious crowd.
 What kind of fragile idiot can't take a trip to the courthouse without having the 10 Commandments
 posted on the wall to reassure him that others feel the way he does about his religious superstition?

 What kind of fragile but can't send his kid to a school to learn science and math unless they open
 science and math class with a prayer celebrating the crazy superstitions of 2,000 years of ignorance?

 Powell Advised Bush to Add More Troops
  The general gave some battlefield advice to the drunken deserter?

  Click  Here

 Powell told The Monkey and his Blair Poodle last month that there were too few
 troops in Iraq, according to people familiar with official records of the meeting.

 Powell made his assertion during one in a series of intense discussions on Iraq between
 Bush and Blair this fall. Those sessions, which have largely been kept secret, indicate that
 there was a tough debate behind closed doors as Bush reexamined his handling of Iraq in
 the wake of his stolen reelection victory. Less than three weeks after the meeting, the Pentagon
 said that it would boost the U.S. military presence in Iraq by 12,000 troops, to 150,000.

"What does a darkie know about war strategery?"


 The Senate's looming nuclear winter

  Click  Here

 This president wants total approval of his every wish. One small problem: That's not the way the
 Founding Fathers designed things. They had these funny notions about three separate but equal
 branches of government, free and open debate, and the value of checks and balances to ward off
 overreaching for power by those in the majority. They built an entire system of government to
 counteract the abuse that inevitably goes with overreaching.

 Yet that is precisely what the plan to do away with judicial filibusters is: an out-and-out power grab
 by the president and his congressional accomplices. It's an underhanded scheme to kneecap the
 Constitution and take away the only weapon vanquished Democrats are left with to defend against
 Bush's "ten-gallon-hat" juggernaut.

 It would be impossible to overstate the importance of this battle.
 It is nothing less than a fight for the soul of our democracy -- for what kind of country we want to live in.

 I agree.
 This is just a further power grab by the most crooked and demented president is history.
 He's a blood-thirsty little boy who wants what he wants - and the Democrats are afraid of him.
 He's changing America in His Image and nobody seems to care or notice.

 Why won't the Democrats fight back?




"When it looks bleak, when one worries how it's going to come out, when one reads
  and hears the naysayers and doubters who say it can't be done and that we're in a
  quagmire here, the fact is there have always been people throughout every conflict
  in the history of the world who said it couldn't be done."
     --Donald Rumsfeld, reminding the troops what the Brits said about holding onto their American colony
        what the Germans said about trying to take England and Russia at the same time, and what
        General Westmoreland said about our "certain victory" in Vietnam.   Attribution

 Letterman entertains the troops in Iraq
  Was Jay Leno too scared to go?


  Click  Here

 Although they couldn't be home for the holidays, Marines in Iraq received a timely Christmas gift
 when David Letterman performed a Christmas Eve edition of "The Late Show with David Letterman" here.

"How about a nice hand for Jay Leno, ladies and gentlemen," joked Dave about his former friend.

 The biggest highlights for many of the male servicemembers - Ilana, the Late Show Grinder Girl,
 and Anna, the Hula Hoop Girl - received cheers and applause as they performed their unique acts.


 Subject: Monday's debate

 Bart, I am a longtime subscriber but you got hammered.

 It's my opinion we'd have to have a debate before I could lose it.

 The way I understood things, BBH said,

a draft is better than a volunteer army  (He's too old to be drafted)
the military is 69% GOP, which makes it 100% GOP
he wants our military to be much smaller
he wants things to be like they used to be

 Hard to see how I could lose that debate,
 but I appreciate you sharing your opinion.

 Click  Here  to see Bart lose this debate


Used by permission - please visit


"Some of these guys out here, Sarah, they are just kids. If you saw them walking down the street,
  you would think they belong in the arcade at a movie theater, hanging out with their friends,
  getting in trouble, doing stuff kids do - not putting their lives on the line, every second of every day."
      --Second Lt. Leonard Cowherd, 22, in his last letter home to his wife before he died   Attribution


 Subject: Bush's Spending Cuts Won't Include Star Wars


 Having spent 15 years in high energy physics research, I have watched
 the Star Wars welfare for defense contractors program with an informed eye.

 Thermo nuclear hell will not come from an enemy missile.....

 It will be unleashed from a shipping container that will be sent by folks recruited
 by Bush and Osama with a label that reads : "To : Walmart Distribution Center 0032".



 Bush to Revive Failed Judicial Nominations
  Democrats seen as even more eager to cave than previously

  Click  Here

 Bush intends to renominate to federal judgeships 20 candidates who failed to win
 Senate approval during his first term, the White House said Thursday. The nominees
 include some of the president's most contentious choices for the federal courts.

 Propelled by a wider GOP majority in the Senate, the president appears ready to use
 his second term to try to move the federal courts to the right on such issues as forced religion,
 criminalizing abortion, destroying gay rights, ruining the environment for tremendous financial
 gain and the raping of any program that involves consumer protection from giant corporations.


 Subject: war crimes

 The worst of it, now that we know that Bush ordered the torture via an Executive Order,
 is that Bush's lying about the torture left the servicemen and women out to hang alone.
 Not that they should have obeyed an illegal order, even when it comes from the Commander in Chief,
 but how much of a coward do you have to be to let other people take the heat for you,
 and condemn these same people yourself when it becomes public?

 Lynn F

 The fascists can't grab the idea that the Geneva Conventions protect our guys, too.
 But as always, the winners get to decide the fate of the losers.

 What would Japan have done to Truman and Eisenhower if we lost World War II?


 Democratics Rethinking Abortion
  Who cares about a woman's Constitutional rights?

  Click  Here

 Democrats are locked in an internal struggle over whether to redefine its position
 on a woman's right to choose to appeal to a broader array of Diebold voters.

 The fight is between Howard Dean, who supports abortion rights, and Tim Roemer,
 (pronounced 'reemer') an abortion foe who argues that the party cannot rebound from
 its Diebold problem unless it disregards women's rights the way the GOP does.
 Roemer is running with the encouragement Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid of Nevada.

 If Roemer becomes Democratic chairman in the Feb. 10 vote, the Democrats would
 have two anti-abortion advocates at its helm. Reid opposes abortion.

 If the Democrats throw away women's rights, it'll be a lot easier for me to leave them
 and a lot easier for the BartCop Party to take over and run against Jeb in 2008.

 I had no idea Harry Reid, our new Democratic leader in the Senate, hatesd women.
 How did he get that job?   And how did they manage to hide Reid's misogyny?

 More surrender from the democrats.
 More retreats is all we have to look forward to from now on?



"This is a tough situation here in Iraq. It's dangerous. People are being wounded. People are being killed.
  The great sweep of human history is for freedom and you are on the right side of that."
       --Donald Rumsfeld, to the force that invaded Iraq to steal their oil,  Attribution


 Subject: I got Chinaco Anejo for Christmas!


 Following your advice I asked Santa for it for Christmas.
 it's the smoothest, best tasting tequila I've ever had....and that's saying something.

 Thanks Bart. I'd share it if you were here!

 Note: If you're 21, you can get  Chinaco Anejo Here


We've got the best books by the best authors.

 Subject: BCR Show 62 feedback


 The 'evil' doctor in the haunted hotel you talked about wasn't alone in his endeavors.

"Doctor" John Brinkley  ( was transplanting goat glands
 on men in what they quaintly called 'rejuvenation'.  His work was very popular with the Hollywood crowd of the era.

 He started out in Kansas, where he also dabbled in politics & got into the radio business (he started KFKB -
 'Kansas First, Kansas Best').  Eventually he was run out, and re-located in Del Rio, Texas, where he continued
 with the goat gland surgery & radio.

 Eventually, he was run out of Texas, too, but still held a medical license in Arkansas, so he set up a practice
 in Little Rock where he had more legal troubles - including the post office, the fcc & the ama.

 His radio station in Del Rio was XERA - 500,000 clear channel watts - and home to a shitload of wingnuts.
 It's also was where Wolfman Jack got his start.

 And speaking of quacks, Wilshire Boulevard is also named for one - Gaylord Wilshire.
 He sold electric belts that were supposed to 'pep' you up, among other things.  OTOH, he was a proud liberal.

 'Dr.' Brinkley is a popular topic in broadcasting history research papers.

 Anyway, gotta go wrap some stuff & bake some pies.
 Merry Christmas

 Marty, thanks for that.
 If you get a chance to stay at The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, do it.
 And take that ghost tour - it was fun and creepy - until the hotel started talking back :)

 This is the picture they use on their  "There-are-no-ghosts"  website

  ...but when you arrive at the hotel, it looks like this.


 The castle in Young Frankenstein wishes it could be this creepy.


 South Texas Gets Rare White Christmas

  Click  Here

 Mother Nature delivered a bone-chilling Christmas to much of the nation Saturday,
 and record snow shut down highways two days earlier in the central states.

 South Texas awoke to 13 inches of snow, shattering records for the region.
 The deep freeze brought Victoria, Texas, its first white Christmas in 86 years.

"It's totally snowed over," Tawnya Evans, a serious braintrust from the National
 Weather Service in Corpus Christi, said Saturday. "It's unusual to see that here."
"A bunch of people are excited because it's a white Christmas."

 I have two nephews in Houston. One is 10 years old, the other is 13.
 They've never seen snow before.


 Subject: saying "Merry Christmas"

 Hey Bart,

 I am Jewish and, while I don't particularly take offense at someone saying Merry Christmas
 across the board to everyone, I think it is insensitive.  How about a "Happy Holidays"?

 There's nothing insensitive about "Merry Christmas."
 I assume you take the day off?  Why can't you celebrate that with us?

 I do not consider myself a "wacko-liberal", but I know what it is like to grow up in a "Christian culture".

 ha ha
 Me, too.
 I was held prisoner by those crazy people for 12 years,
 but as hard as they tried, they could never break me.

 Although it really is a Judeo-Christian culture, most Christians don't seem to see it that way.
 Yes, they DO forget that Christ was Jewish.

 Ah, but Christ rejected the Jewish faith and started his own.
 Sorry, just trying to cause trouble...

 In December, as a child growing up in the 60's and 70's all the school concerts and performances
 were solely Christmas songs, both religious and secular, and it can feel exclusionary and a bit oppressive.

 I gotta ask:  Why reject Santa, Rudolph and Frosty?

 While the schools these days do teach about all different holidays and celebrations, I think having respect
 for people with different belief systems is still an issue.

 But having to sit thru a bank of songs is a lot different than a quick "Merry Christmas."

 This is how it felt as a Jew, one can only imagine what it must feel like for people of other faiths.

 Or people who reject the superstition of an Invisible Cloud Being.

 Wishing you and Mrs. Bart a very happy holiday season and a great 2005!
 Keep Hammering.



"I hope and pray that every family member of those who
  have died so bravely knows how deeply I feel their loss."
    -- Donald Rumsfeld, (R-Liar) who sent those men to die to make money      Attribution


 Iraq Plan '03: Troops Home by Christmas '04
   by Robert Parry   as seen on

  Click  Here

 This story is too good and too important for an excerpt:
 Even if you always read just the excerpts and never read the whole column, read this one
 and you'll suddenly know more than most of the elected or appointed slugs in Washington DC.

 Note:  is the most important site on the www.



"We want Bush because with him the American troops will
   stay in Iraq and that way we will be able to develop."
    --  Comment made by a militant who was part of the group that held
         a French journalist captive for four months in Iraq,      Attribution

 It's too bad John Kerry didn't make ending Bush's senseless war a campaign issue.
 Just our luck that Kerry said he would've done "exactly" what Bush did.

 How does Kerry sleep at night, knowing hundreds or thousands of men will die for no reason
 because he couldn't be f-ing bothered to actually campaign during his campaign to be president.

 Hey John, you have plenty of time now - why aren't you out windsurfing now?


 Ask not...

 ...what George W. Bush can do for America.
 Ask what America's Treasury and military can do for the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 Subject: whatever is a 'crazy lefty?'


 fill me in, my brain isn't processing this
 give me an example please.

 Barbara in Key West

 Barbara, you can't think of any crazy left people?

 How about the "artist" who puts the crucifix in urine and opens the door for slimeballs
 like Rush, O'Reilly and Hannity to say "All liberals want to pee on Jesus Christ?"

 How about the HIV positives who slice into their backs, soak the blood up with
 a paper towel and then run the dripping towel clothesline-style over the audience? (If that happened)

 How about that guy the other night who seemed to say "All soldiers are evil?"

 How about the guys who spike trees so the lumber people are killed doing their jobs,
 or the handjobs who torched the CA Humvee dealership to protest CAFE standards?

 How about the liberal judge who frees a guy with 8 violent felonies and he kills again?


 Subject: hammerin'

 Keep swinging, bart and have a great holiday!!



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 Subject: Your hero Wesley Clark

 Your man Clark (wonderful person/former Reep) didn't win anything but he would have saved us from Bush????

 You are such a dreamer or you're hitting the tequilla a bit too much.
 Move on Bart.  We need you for the current fight.

 Your still paying subscriber cuz you're funny,

 I can't help but wonder what it would have been like if we didn't run a quitter.
 Why do Iowa and New Hampshire get to pick our president every four years?

 That's insane.



"It seems like such a confused system. Maybe if enough people's votes
  had counted, the election might have turned out differently."
    --William Shambora, who was given a provisional ballot for the wrong precinct,
         a fact he did not learn until after the election when his vote was discarded, Attribution


 I just poured a shot of Casa Nobles Extra Aged


 It has an extra-smooth, buttery taste.

 I bought this bottle over the internet when I worked at the car lot,
 over two years ago, proving that great tequila is NOT expensive.

Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1306, 1321, 1324, Bush military victims so far


Bush and his friends are getting rich off this war...

That bothers me.
It would bother the GOP if they had hearts.

 Subject:  Father Mushroom on Koreshmas

 St. Bartholomew, Seasons greedings.

 I must disagree with you, and it hurts me to do so.
 But the writer has a point--"Happy Christmas" has a civilized, English ring to it.
 And to take it a step further, it became a term known in America when John Lennon
 put it into his anti-war Christmas song.

 So every time you say, "Happy Christmas, you're envoking the spirit of John Lennon
 --a brilliant musician, artist, and spokesman for peace. And Lennon was no wimp, either.
 He's thrown and taken punches, unlike some of our bed-wetting, draft-dodging leaders in Washington.

 So I think all libs should start using "Happy Christmas" as a salutation and a quasi-religious
 "Fuck You" to conservative Kristian phonies. Do it for John.

 I wish you peace, new subscribers, and much premium tequilla.
 Fr. Mushroom,
 Vatican City


 Mass-murderer Calls for Compassion on Christmas

"Peace on Earth, y'all..."

  Click  Here

 Invader Monkey Bush on Saturday urged Americans to help the neediest among them by
 volunteering to care for the sick, the elderly and the poor in a Christmas day call for compassion.

 Yes, the brainless dork who has killed over 100,000 civilians in Iraq, said, ""Many of our fellow
 Americans still suffer from the effects of illness or poverty, others fight cruel addictions, or cope with
 division in their families, or grieve the loss of a loved one," probably caused by his senseless and greedy
 oil snatch, in his weekly radio address.

 And over the radio waves, Bush assured U.S. troops dying in Iraq for no reason that they are in the
 thoughts and prayers of their fellow Americans before urging reporters to "watch this drive."


 Subject: comments

 the military makes our local cops look like boyscouts.

 check out

 rude dog

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