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 Do you want the good news or the bad news?
 Let's start with the bad, so we can graduate to the good.

The bad news?   I'm a dumbass.
   Sometimes I think my IQ of 64 is overstated.
   I have 90 percent of today's page done, the last hour was going to be finished by now but I forgot to upload it.
   It's on my hard drive at BartCop Manor and unavailable to you and me.  I'm almost as stupid as The Monkey.
   We're here to holiday with her family, so I can't excuse myself for 10-12 hours and do a whole new page.

The good news?  BCR Show 63 is up, our...


  The special is uploading now, 8PM Central on New Year's Eve.
  Parts 1 & 2 are up now.
  Part 3 is next, then Part 4, so if you click on a link that doesn't work, wait a few minutes and click again.

  Because of the special nature of this special special, we're not giving away any sneak peeks.
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  You could also snail mail $12 to   PO Box 54466,  Tulsa, OK  74155   and get your 30 days of membership.

  This is a fire-breathing issue - all the year's outrages in a 2 hour package.

  Friday night, we're in Dallas.    Anyone know of any fun New Years Eve parties in Dallas?

  Click  Here  if you know where the happnin' NYE party is in Dallas.

 Also, we usually give our Mexican Food dollars to Ninfa's, but someone said
 they're big Bush fans, so which restaurant should get our Mexican Food dollars?

  Click  Here  if you know where the best-tasting Mexican Food is in Dallas,
  with a nice selection of five 100% blue agave tequilas, of course.

 If I work thru the night, (I do it all for you, the Reader)
 I'll have a new issue up before we leave tomorrow.

  Show 62 is up, Radio  links  below

Bruce Yurgil

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Bush-Saudi Ties

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
History: Bush's hardon for war 
Powell: Insurgency 'will not end' 
Bush - severe heart problem? 
Jerry Orbach dead at 69
Bush's Theology of Empire
Death Toll Climbs to 77,000
Torture Jet Is an Open Secret 
Double shot of Monkey Mail 
The Year's End 


 Quote of the Day

"War is the continuation of politics by other means."
        --Karl Von Clausewitz 

"I'm smarter than many monkeys..."
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Volume 1469  ...and he has torched the sky

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 Wednesday  Dec 29,  2004 ...............................Marc Perkel  on  Mike Malloy on  AARTONIGHT, See you in the chat room


"The mighty sword that Rumsfeld and Myers inherited four years ago - the finest military force
  in the world - is now chipped and dulled. And the word is that it will take at least a decade to get
  our overextended, bone-tired soldiers and Marines and their worn-out gear back in shape."
    --Col. David Hackworth, "Sack 'Em and Rack 'Em",     Attribution

 History will show Bush lusted after oil
  His hardon for oil means death for a hundred thousand

  Click  Here

 Decades from now, historians will likely calmly discuss the war currently raging in Iraq, and identify oil
 as one of the key factors that led to it. They will point to the growing U.S. dependence on foreign oil,
 the importance of oil in the rising competition between the U.S. and China, and the huge untapped store
 of oil lying unprotected under the Iraqi sand. It will all probably seem fairly obvious. Just don't expect to
 hear this sort of discussion now, however, when it might actually make a difference Perhaps it simply
 sounds too crass. It implies that those at the very top of the U.S. government  Bush willingly sacrificed
 countless lives to further a cause that has nothing to do with liberty or democracy."

 Yeah, no way that could've happened.

 Call it 1300 soldiers and Bush's stolen $54 billion, that comes to $400 million per dead soldier.
 Bush would gladly sacrifice soldiers for $400M each.

 It's what evil men do.


 Powell: Insurgency in Iraq 'will not end'

  Click  Here

 Colin Powell said that the insurgency in Iraq "will not end," as insurgents are determined
 to derail the country's democratic transition. Powell reiterated that Iraq's January 30 elections
 will take place and that the US and Iraqi forces are working to have security in place for the polls.
 But, he told CBS television, "the insurgency will not end."

"These insurgents are determined to have no representative government. They want to go back
 to a tyranny," Powell said. "And so the insurgency will continue and the insurgency will have to be
 defeated by coalition forces, but increasingly the insurgency will be defeated and brought under control,
 if not completely defeated, by Iraqi forces that we are building up as rapidly as we can," he added.

 First he says the insurgency will not end, then he says the insurgency will be defeated.
 How are you going to stop an endless supply of suicide bombers?



"It's basically when U.S. soldiers touch the penis of one Iraqi man. He's hooded, he's on the stretcher,
  and totally powerless. I think we can all relate to what it would feel like to be in such a position, not
  being able to do anything -- It's a way of emasculating the Iraqis. It's a way of really, really humiliating
  the Iraqis. This is against human nature. This is against religion. This is against human feelings."
    --Urban Hamid, describing the footage he shot for Moore's "F  9/11",    Attribution

 Subject: tsunami alert

 Did they ever consider using a goddam phone?




"Oh, I could have done any number of things differently. We all with 20/20 hindsight could say,
  look, we could have shaped it in a different way. The fundamentals of the investigation were
  characterized by honor, by integrity, by professionals who served with me who were career
  civil servants, including highly-decorated career prosecutors from the justice department.
  It was essentially a microcosm of the justice department carrying on a public investigation."
   --Ken Starr, failing to explain how his semen got on the impeachment referral,    Attribution


 Does Bush have a severe heart problem?


  Click  Here

 Bush apparently is wearing a medical device for "persons at risk of cardiac arrest."
 It is a LifeVest wearable defibrillator. He started using it sometime after his January 2002 fainting spell,
 which was attributed to choking. Based on photos showing him wearing the device, one can conclude
 the fainting was due to atrial fibrillation (AF), which his father also had.

 His father's AF was caused by Graves' hyperthyroidism, which his mother also has. Bush likely has AF
 and less likely Graves', based on his family history and symptoms. The AF may have caused a stroke
 or TIA (mini-stroke), of which physicians watching the debates detected symptoms. Observers have
 noted psychological symptoms consistent with this and with Wernicke-Korsakoff disease.

 Kerry could've insisted on some answers from Bush at the debates,
 but that wouldn't have been polite and Kerry's top goal, it seems, was to be polite.

 Are they propping up the puppet like he was El Cid?



 Subject: Bush stole $54 million?

 Where has President Bush put the $54 Billion you say he stole from Iraq?

 It could be anywhere, and it's probably not in cash.

 That's a lot of money.

 The BFEE never steals anything small.

 You have to know where such a huge amount of money is now located.

 I have to know where?
 My best guess would be Bush's friends in Kuwait - that's where the pipeline goes.
 They owe the Bush family a favor, remember 1991?

 Can you name people, banks, etc. where it is residing right now?
 If not, you just made it up.

 Bill Foster

 Bill, I can't tell you where Monica's blue dress is, either.
 Does that mean Clinton was never impeached by the mad dog House Managers?

 Is it your opinion that Iraq is not pumping any oil?
 Or are you saying that $2 billion a month is going to rebuild Iraq?

 Who's handling the accounting of that money?
 Who is reading the oil meters to verify that Bush is being honest?

 Who is overseeing the oil sales to be sure everything is legit?
 Do you think it's a coincidence that Bush invaded an oil rich country?


 Jerry Orbach dead at 69


  Click  Here

 I'm going to miss Lenny and his wisecracks.


 Subject: George Carlin and Vegas

 bart --

 i love you, man, honestly, but get *over* your hard-on for las vegas!
 i've never been there, & i'm sure it's a fine place, but christ, if you love it
 so much just go ahead & move there!

 it's almost as if you're on the chamber of commerce's payroll anyway sometimes!

 Dan, true, Vegas was mentioned in that story, but it was more about a guy who was
 so out of control, he berated his fans for being stupid enough to pay to see him.
 It would be different if he said that on Larry King or Letterman.

 Also, sober or drunk, where would George like us to spend our vacation money?

 Should we go to Disneyland and pay those corporate assholes $80 for some Mickey Mouse shirt?
 Should we pay the corporate assholes at NBC/Universal?
 Should we pay the corporate assholes who own the ski lifts?

 Starting January 15th, poker is legal in Oklahoma.


Montgomery Burns releases the flying monkeys to try to stop Marc Perkel from
being on Mike Malloy's show tonight - they will not succeed.

Want to meet in the chat room and listen to Marc and Malloy?
I believe Marc's segment starts at 11PM Eastern, 8PM Pacific.


"There's a body of sociological literature which shows that when the world does not come to an end
  on the day prescribed by this or that messianic cult, the cult usually does not fall apart. Rather, their
  belief only tends to intensify to still greater levels. Safire seems to be an example of the same
  phenomenon only applied to Iraqi WMD cult."
    --Josh Marshall, on William Safire's (R-Congenital Liar) defense of Bush's claims about WMD's in Iraq, Attribution

 Subject: those popping noises you heard...

 I must have missed the first chapter of this story over the weekend but if you're hearing
 popping noises and seeing bright lights, my advice would be to switch to a higher grade of liquor.
 Or maybe less of the cheap shit.
 Remember....your liver was ready to give out years ago.

 Today I heard a best-of Unfiltered on Air America.
 They were interviewing you, or at least I thought it was you until they mentioned his name.
 It was a gent named  Frosty Troy from that Oklahoma place.

 Apparently, he runs the only liberal newspaper in them thar parts. It's called the Oklahoma Observer.
 I never even found out what "city" (snicker snicker) he's from.

 Do   you   all   talk   that   slow   ?

 Very folksy. I really thought it was you at first.
 I'd fall asleep waiting for people to finish a sentence out there.
 I'm very busy. I don't have all day to chat. I have video games to play! Speed it up already!

 Anyway, Frosty sounded like a nice old coot who never shuts up....just droning on and on.
 I just did a quick Google search to send you a link because I know that by this time of the day
 you're probably too wasted to find your own links. I didn't find a link for the paper but I found
 a speech that 'Ole Frosty gave a ways back.

 I'll just snip a few parts here to give you a taste. Frosty can go on so you'll have to click the link
 to read the whole speech. He sounds like a trooper. You'll have to get him into a poker game some night.

 If you see a link to his paper, let us know.
 It's probably free at the local fillin' station and doesn't have a website.
 Send the Frost man a note and introduce yourself.

 Rude Rich


We've got the best books by the best authors.

 Dangerous Religion
   Bush's theology of empire


  Click  Here

 These are Far Right American political leaders and commentators who ascended to governing power and,
 after the trauma of Sept. 11, 2001, have been emboldened to carry out their agenda. In the run-up to the
 war with Iraq, Kristol told me that Europe was now unfit to lead because it was "corrupted by secularism,"
 as was the developing world, which was "corrupted by poverty."    Only the United States could provide
 the "moral framework" to govern a new world order, according to Kristol, who recently and candidly wrote,
"Well, what is wrong with dominance, in the service of sound principles and high ideals?" Whose ideals?
 The American right wing's definition of "American ideals," presumably. Bush Adds God."

 What could be more dangerous than the religiously insane with absolute power?



"To describe F 9-11 as dishonest and demagogic would almost be to promote those terms
  to the level of respectability. To describe it as an exercise in facile crowd-pleasing would
  be too obvious.  Fahrenheit 9/11 is a sinister exercise in moral frivolity, crudely disguised
  as an exercise in seriousness. It is also a spectacle of abject political cowardice masking
  itself as a demonstration of 'dissenting' bravery."
    --Christopher Hitchens, who's unable to point out the "lies" in the movie,   Attribution

as seen at

 Subject: crucifix in urine

 Bart, you said:

> "I say that's a damn stupid way for an idiot artist to make a point.
>  That "artist" needs to go back to painting garages."

 I'm somewhat shocked that you (being an atheist) would have this opinion.
 I think the artist made his point very well.

 I think the point he was making is that the Christian Righties have so thoroughly
 mutated his original message that they are, figuratively speeking, pissing on his memory.
 His message was not lost on me and I'm surprised you didn't "get it".

 Paul G.

 Paul, it's not that I don't get it, I refuse to get it.

 I have an opinion - here it is:
 This is another example of liberalism going so far that it makes people vote for Bush.
 Why do liberals always have to push things to the extreme?

 And I don't care what his intended message was, the message received by most Americans is
"There go those weirdo Democrats again."  Mapplethorp intentionally pissed on everyone
 who believes in Jesus for the sake of "art" and that makes all liberals look bad.

 Who decided that shock art equalled great art?
 If Christ in urine is great art, would "partial birth abortion" photos be great art, too?

 Mapplethorp's other "masterpiece" is a picture of a fist up a man's ass.
 Oh gee, can I get a giant print of that to hang in my living room?
 That way, all my friends will be impressed at how liberal I am.

 Sometimes we liberals forget the common sense part.



"Religion is the most dangerous energy source known to humankind. The moment a person
  (or government or religion or organization) is convinced that God is either ordering or
  sanctioning a cause or project, anything goes. The history, worldwide, of religion-fueled hate,
  killing, and oppression is staggering."
      --Eugene Peterson Attribution

 Religion is always the problem.

 Torture Jet Is an Open Secret
   US torture is legal - if you do it elsewhere

  Click  Here

 The airplane is a Gulfstream V turbojet, the sort favored by CEOs and celebrities. But since 2001 it has
 been seen at military airports from Pakistan to Indonesia to Jordan, sometimes being boarded by hooded
 and handcuffed passengers. The plane's owner of record, Premier Executive Transport Services Inc., lists
 directors and officers who appear to exist only on paper -- just the kind of "sterile identities," said current
 and former intelligence officials, that the CIA uses to conceal involvement in clandestine operations. In this case,
 the agency is flying captured terrorist suspects from one country to another for detention and interrogation."

 Aren't we proud oif what Bush is doing in our name with our tax dollars?
 Flying suspects to Saudi Arabia and other places to torture them.

 The worst part is, because the Democrats gave Bush a blank check, it's all legal.
 Bush can legally torture and murder anybody on Earth and it's perfectly legal.

 Why do we bother with Abu GBraib trials and denials when the president can openly
 torure and murder anyone he wants, just like the good old days in Texas with the frogs.

 The world trembles with fear at the thought of the only superpower being run my a madman.


saw it on


"...nearly all of us who served in WWII were proud, determined and properly
 armed and equipped to help defeat Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito.

 At age 80, I'd gladly volunteer for such highly moral duty again.
 But if I were eligible for service in Iraq, I would do all I could to avoid it.

 ...the best way to support troops thrust by unwise commanders in chief into
 ill-advised adventures like Vietnam and Iraq is to bring them home. Sooner
 rather than later. That should be our New Year's resolution."
   -- Al Neuharth Attribution


 DC Rumor Mill

 There will supposedly be a senator to back up Maxine Waters this time
 and rumor has it - the senator is a Republican!

 Subject: something for the BIG Hammer

 Las Vegas sounds nice, but have you ever tried cruising?
 You travel to all kinds of exotic places just by sitting and eating, and there's a casino right on board. :)

 Have a Happy New Year!

 Courtney, we have never done a cruise.
 If they play poker on them boats - I'm halfway there.


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 Tsunami Death Toll Climbs to 77,000


  Click  Here

 Cargo planes touched down with promised aid Wednesday, bearing everything from lentils
 to water purifiers to help survivors facing the threat of epidemic after this week's quake-tsunami
 catastrophe. The first Indonesian military teams reached the devastated west coast of Sumatra
 island, finding thousands of bodies and hiking southern Asia's death toll to more than 77,000.

"The damage is truly devastating," Maj. Gen. Endang Suwarya said. "Seventy-five percent
 of the west coast is destroyed and some places it's 100 percent. These people are isolated
 and we will try and get them help."

"We have little hope, except for individual miracles," Chairman Jean-Marc Espalioux of
 the Accor hotel group said of the search for thousands of tourists and locals missing.


 Subject: terrorists

 Bart, you wrote,

> "Iraq was relatively peaceful until Bush got his war hardon."

 Please define "relatively peaceful".
 Can you back that up with verified numbers?
 It seems to me that the mass graves being discovered pre-dated the  US arrival there.

 Mass graves, eh?
 Do you think Saddam killed 100,000 people in the 20 months before Bush invaded?

 Also, do you make a distinction between "collatoral damage" inadvertantly caused,
 and executions and suicide bombings of Iraqis by Iraqis.  Do you have verified numbers for that?

 I have verified numbers on nothing.
 All my local Baghdad reporters were killed.

 And yes, I suppose you could say that it's their country, and whatever they did to their people was OK with you.
 Therefore, every death WE caused exceeded the number that was acceptable to you.

 Trying to figure out where you're going is hard work.
 You seem to be pro-invasion.
 Are you saying the deaths Bush caused don't matter?

 Question.  What was the number that was acceptable to you? What was the average annual murder rate
 of non-militant Iraqis during the "relatively peaceful" period compared to now?

 Mike F
 Cagayan de Oro

 Mike, I don't know what you want.
 What some tequila drinking Okie with a modem thinks is of no concern to anybody.

 The entire world is outraged and afraid of what our crazy president will do next.
 The entire world begged Bush to sober up and put his guns away, but he got cocky
 because the American media stood behind him and censored the news Bush's bosses, the voters,
 would see and hear about what our monster has been doing to an innocent, backwards country.

 We're killing them, they're killing us, so Bush can steal the oil in the confusion.

 Would evil men send 1325 soldiers and 100,000 civilians to their death to steal $54 billion?



"President Bush has shamed our nation by pledging only $15 million for disaster aid.
  His upcoming coronation is expected to cost more than twice that. So, as want and disease
  and famine and grief spread over much of the earth, the Boy King will be whooping it up
  in grandly austentatious style. A statesman, a person with any class at all, would be scaling
  back the pomp and re-directing some of the inauguration money to Asia."
       --Maha,    Attribution


 Subject: Priorities

 Bush pledged $15 million, then $35 million to nations hit by the tsunami that killed more than 77,000 people.
 Bush's second inauguration will cost $30-40 million, plus security costs.

 Aid Grows Amid Remarks About President's Absence
   Stingy bastard flip-flops again, shamed into giving more aid

  Click  Here

 Bush more than doubled his financial commitment yesterday to tsunami nations, amid complaints
 that the always vacationing Bush has been insensitive to a humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions.

 As the death toll surpassed 50,000 with no sign of abating, the U.S. Agency for International Development
 added $20 million to an earlier pledge of $15 million to provide relief, and the Pentagon dispatched an aircraft
 carrier and other military assets to the region. Colin Powell, (R-Liar) chafed at a top U.N. aid official's comment
 that wealthy countries were being stingy with aid. "The United States is not stingy," Powell lied on CNN.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1321, 1324, 1326, 1327, dead heroes under Bush


Bush and his friends are getting rich off this war...

That bothers me, but the troops
and their families don't seem to mind.

 Sirius, XM Hit New Subscriber Records
   It's the future of radio - and Bush doesn't control their content

  Click  Here

 Sirius Satellite Radio said it signed up 1 million subscribers by the end of 2004,
 while rival XM Satellite announced that its customer numbers recently topped 3.1 million.
 Sirius recently signed Howard Stern to a %100M per year, five-year contract.

 Like Sirius, XM attributed its growth in subscriber numbers to strong holiday sales.
"Holiday shoppers bought XM radios in record numbers," said Hugh Panero of XM Radio,
 adding that XM achieved its sales target for the end of the year.


 The Year's End
  by Richard L. Fricker

  Click  Here

 What Bush devotees see as accomplishments others see as a plunge into a surreal world dominated by
 theocratic loyalties and denial of fact over fantasy fulfillment. The truth of the matter is that about the only
 accomplishment in Bush's historical treasure box thus far is election to a second term, even this is being
 questioned in several states and may linger to haunt an administration already taking on the aura of a
 lame duck before the inauguration.

 On the eve of a second Bush administration it is reasonable to ask; Who is this man, what is happening to
 the United States under his leadership and why? A superficial examination of the Bush administration is simple;
 the U.S. was attacked by elements of Al Queda headed by a Saudi named Osama Ben Ladin.
 The U.S. responded by bombing his bases and allies in Afghanistan.

 Bush and his cabinet then targeted Saddam Hussain claiming he had weapons of mass destruction and an
 alliance with bin Laden. There were no WMD's and it now appears the administration and its intelligence
 branch knew these claims were false.

 What was expected to be a lightning attack followed by jubilation of a downtrodden populace has turned
 into a fiasco. The war still rages as more and more Iraqis and U.S. service personnel die. There has never been
 an accurate count of Iraqi causalities and what numbers do exist are closely guarded by the U.S. military command.

 The U.S. dollar, while not in free fall, is tumbling on world markets as the deficit rises to previously unheard of levels.
 More U.S. jobs have been lost under Bush's administration than any other presidency.

 ...and according to Bush, Kerry and the networks,
 we just rewarded this out-of-control monster with another four year term?


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


 Subject: Michael Moore

 Michael Moore is trying to get back in the good graces of the Democrat leaders
 who blame him for losing the election with his lies and lack of class and decency.

 Bob Booger

 Bob, who are the Democratic leaders who blame Moore?
 Also, if Moore told some lies in Farenheit 9-11, why can't we get a list?


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