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I've drunk many a cup in this Starbucks.
 No close friends lost, but lots of faces 
I've known were snuffed out. 
Thank you Jesus. 
Happy fucking birthday.

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Torture Defined as Legal 
Army in Dr. Phil Business 
Fate and ignorance 
2004: A Year of Firsts
Ramsey Clark helps Saddam
U2 gets New Singer
Chisholm, Matsui die 
Voting Facts About the USA


 Quote of the Day

"The sinews of war are infinite money." 
      -- Cicero, who never met Bush      Attribution

"If I'm just a monkey in a man suit
how'd I get to be president?"
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Volume 1470 - Thug Nation

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 Thurs-Texas-Monday    Dec 30, 2004 - Jan 3, 2005                                                                                     Goodbye 2004, ...don't come back 


"Is this president interested only in killing people, but can't be bothered when given
  the chance to help save them?  His morally callous parsimony  in the face of this,
  the greatest natural disaster in modern history, seems determined to give the rest
  of that world exactly that impression.  George W. Bush shames our nation with large
  talk and small deeds; with his want of character and smallness of spirit."
         --Eric Alterman, Altercation,      Attribution

 U.S. Memo Broadens Definition of Torture
  Unstable Torture President spending his political capital

  Click  Here

 A prisoner doesn't have to undergo excruciating pain to be considered a victim of torture,
 the Justice Department now says. But it's not clear whether this revised, broader definition of torture
 will change the treatment of foreign detainees. Critics of the administration say policies that seemed to
 condone abuse of prisoners in Iraq or Gitmo have already done their damage.

"They've been down there for three years and they've squeezed everything out of these people,
 despite saying that they were treating them humanely," Mary Cheh, a constitutional law professor
 at George Washington University, said of those detained in Cuba.

 The memo's biggest impact could be on next week's Senate confirmation hearings for chief
 White House torturer Alberto Gonzales, who will replace John Ashcroft (R-Insane) as
 attorney general as soon as the gelding Democrats rubber stamp Bush's insane nomination.

 This means when they connect the wires to the shackled, hooded prisoner's testicles,
 it's totally legal as long as they only crank it up to nine instead of ten. The whole world
 wonders why America has turned into Thug Nation.

 Gee, I am so fucking proud to be an American under the Giggling Torture President.



 Army Seeks to Save War-Torn Marriages
  More victims of Bush's insatiable oil greed

  Click  Here

 When Sgt. Jose Bermudez returned from Iraq, he came home to a new baby and a troubled marriage.
"We were on the brink of divorce," Mandy Bermudez acknowledged as the couple ate lunch recently
 with their three children, all under age 3.

 The Bermudezes were among 300 couples with the 101st Airborne Division who have attended
"marriage enrichment" seminars put on by the Army in hopes of saving war-ravaged relationships.

 With studies showing divorce rates as high as 21 percent among couples where one spouse has been
 sent off to die for Bush's personal enrichment, the Army is spending $2 million on a variety of marriage
 programs, including vouchers for romantic getaways to places like the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn.

 The Opryland Hotel in Nashville?
 Jesus W. Christ!

 The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs is more romantic than the Opryland,
 even though it's haunted by the spirits of the tortured-to-death.





"This was the year when it finally became unmistakably clear that objectivity has outlived
  its usefulness as an ethical touchstone for journalism. Objectivity's most effective use today
  is as a cudgel in the hands of those who wish to beat up on the media."
      --Geneva Overholser,   Attribution

 Subject: are you Mexican?

 Is this how you got to be liberal, catholic tequila connosieur in oklahoma of all places?

 Jim & Sandy

 Jim & Sandy, is that how you spell connosieur?

 If I had a little Mexican in me, I'd stand tall and proudly say so.
 But no, I'm extra white, like a ....(shudder) Bush Republican.

 The liberal came about thru common sense and a shred of humanity.
 the Catholic came about by accident of birth to great parents,
 the tequila came by accident when God's gorgeous miracle first hit my tongue
 and the Oklahoma is because Mrs. Bart likes living in a place where you don't
 even need to bother with wearing a sweater on a windy, early January day.

 Throw in Shirley, poker and revenge and you've got the  masthead :)




"When Nixon was discovered to have had an "enemies list" made up of reporters who had written
  tough stories about his administration, those reporters knew they had been doing their job.  More
  important, even Mr. Nixon - who really did have a mandate in 1972 - did not dare try to limit the press.
  If this administration doesn't respect the power of the news media, the news media need to take a
  hard look at how they have failed to earn that respect."
          --Lois Melina, talking to the deaf whores who make up Bush's good puppy press,    Attribution



 Fate and ignorance
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 The school board member who introduced the measure explained that he was taking a
 stand for Jesus. Another member, an Assemblies of God pastor, said, "If the Bible is right,
 God created us. If God did it, it's history and it's also science."

 A local gift shop owner rather evocatively named Lark Myers summed it  all up for the
 Post reporter: "I definitely would prefer to believe that God created me than that I'm 50th
 cousin to a silverback ape. What's wrong with wanting our children to hear about all the
 holes in the theory of evolution?"

 Sigh. The single best answer I've seen to all this nonsense was given by Rev. C. O. Magee,
 a Presbyterian minister and member of the Little Rock School Board during a federal court
 test of an Arkansas "creation-science" law more than 20 years ago. "Any time religion gets
 involved in science," he said, "religion comes off looking like a bunch of nerds.... The Book
 of Genesis told who created the world and why it was created and science tells how it was done."


My good friend Santoast

 Subject: Michael Moore


 Here is a web site that goes into more detail on F9/11.

 I can't vouch for the accuracy of the info, but maybe some of your readers can comment further.

 From my standpoint, even if only one of the more serious points is true, and all else is a complete fabrication,
 someone should be digging a deep pit into hell itself for a certain monkey.


 At first glance, I found that site to be an ineffective mish-mash of potpourri.

 What I was hoping for is something like:
 "Michael Moore says 'X', but he is wrong or lying because the truth is right here (with a link).

 Instead, we get statements like, "According to a PBS timeline of the night's events," without a link to the timeline.

 Also, we get a twisting of the obvious:

 The movie also suggests that Fox was biased because John Ellis, an executive who is a cousin of George W. Bush,
 was involved in making Fox's call. According to press accounts, Ellis was the head of a four-person team that analyzed
 voting data that Fox got from the Voting News Service. Ellis's team reportedly did not make the final call on any election,
 but made recommendations to another executive who made the final call.

 Well sure, Ellis wasn't on camera, so they're saying that means he didn't make the final "call."
 But what kind of reputatable news service lets a candidates's first cousin make that judgment call?

 FOX News, fair and balance, is that kind of news service.

 You've heard of the lawyer's trick where they fork over 200 boxes of documents, burying the facts
 under a mountain of paper and then hoping the other side will lose their way.  This seems to be their way of
 hiding from the truth. When a sentence would do, they used six paragraphs. This way, when someone asks,
 a monkey can say, "There's a 600-page refutation of every lie Moore told ion F-9/11," without naming any.


 Subject: Dean Everman

 Bart, here is a link to the notice posted in the Palm Beach Post regarding Dean.
 There is a link there to a guest book.

 He was an active member of the Mid-County Democratic Club and on the Democratic Executive Committee.
 Dean was on the ballot for the 2004 Precinct Captain and was also a dedicated member of Janet Reno's
 gubernatorial campaign. Dean was also an active and devoted member of the Holy Spirit Episcopal Church
 and former member of the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Everyone looked forward to his letters to the editor
 of the Palm Beach Post and reading his e-mails televised on Crossfire regarding Dean's passionate political views
 as well as his many "on air" discussions with Randi Rhodes.

 The Everman family has gotten an amazing amount of comfort from what people are writing there.
 There were so many people that knew and loved him that they were unaware of.

 Take Care,


 Subject: Jerry Orbach - my man Lenny

 I have been a huego Jerry Orbach fan for years--his character, Lenny Brisco,
 was so finely tuned on Law and Order, they gave him his own goddamned show.

 Remember when Jerry played the father in "Dirty Dancing?"  Jerry's been around
 for a long ass time and I've always been a fan of his...  but now Lenny Brisco is gone,
 and television will be a shit sandwich because of it.

 Coincidentally, MrSano mentioned tonight that the whore media refused to report
 his illness (prostate cancer) until it was REALLY BAD--like when they figured he
 didn't have a fighting chance.  I hate the whore media.  I am not insanely religious,
 but I can tell you right now that if I knew my tv buddy, Jerry, was fighting cancer
 long before it was reported, I'd have put in a few words to the Big Coach for him.

 You never saw him acting like an asshole, spoiled Hollywood idiot...
 He did his job and went home to his wife.  A good man and a great actor will be truly missed.

 Tonight, a shot of Chinaco (or maybe 6)  to my GOOD TELEVISION BUDDY, JERRY--
 I've been watching you forever... may you rest in peace, you very fine man, and very fine actor.

 Keep Swingin'


 2004: A Year of Firsts
   by Carl "Stammerin" Cameron


  Click  Here

 Almost as swiftly and virtually-unappreciated-until later as an Alan Dershowitz commentary
 on neocon tomfoolery, another year has come and gone.  Indeed it was a remarkable year,
 as full of historical firsts as Karl Rove is full of jelly doughnuts.  As jam-packed full of surprises
 as Rumsfeld is glutted with self-delusion.  More brimming with precedents than Laura "Bubbles"
 Bush is filled with blissful ignorance.



"I think the most important media story of the year was the way in which the press was so
  easily manipulated by spin machines all the way through the election campaign, partly thanks
  to the fact that it was hopelessly hobbled by some of its own outdated conventions and frameworks.
  And that, in turn, is related to its embarrassing performance in 2003 on weapons of mass destruction
  and on the question of an Iraqi tie to 9/11.
      --Steve Lovelady,  Attribution

 2004, the year the press became proud they were Bush's whores.

"Is This Heaven?"
... the view from Iowa

by Mike Palecek and former federal prisoner for peace,

 Subject: *over*

 Bart - it seems certain people will tell you what to endorse, or to discuss,
 i.e. Vegas, Chinaco, Shrl or what have you.

 To me, it helps us readers humanize Bart, the man behind the Bartcop page.
 It is a little insight into your personality, and thus helps readers to connect, understand,
 and relate and it makes your page more interesting than if it were straight news.


 Mark, thanks.
 I don't get much mail like that.

 Seems like most nights, Dave has on some terrible guest like some race car driver
 or a basketball player nobody ever heard of.  Those bird callers weren't funny 30
 years ago on Carson. Jake Johansson - not the best comic - was on his show 500 times.

 I figured they put Dave in a good mood and made for a better overall show.

 ...shows what I know.


We've got the best books by the best authors.

 WS of Poker Champ Fights Off Attackers

  Click  Here

 The soft-spoken patent attorney from Stonington, Conn., fought off a pair of attackers
 Dec. 20 at the Bellagio hotel-casino after he had finished playing a cash game of poker.

 Raymer was returning to his room about 2 a.m. when two men approached.
 As he opened the door to the room, they tried to push him in.

 But the heavyset Raymer resisted and began struggling with the men. As he was fighting,
 one of the men pulled out a gun and said: "We just want the money."

 When I commit my felonies, I try to do it in locations that aren't being videotaped.


as seen at


"We're nearing the end of a year where -- of substantial
  progress at home and here abroad -- and abroad."
    --Too Stupid to be President, Dec. 20, 2004,    Attribution

 Subject: BFEE stealing oil money

 And they're also being cagy about where the $80 billion to pursue the war went.
 I've heard upwards of one third of that doesn't have a real solid and definite paper trail.

 Like you say, they're real good at stealing big.




"Our country is now a massive military and economic machine, being run by a
  small coterie of pinhead neo-con, trickle-down, and theocratic true believers.
  Science, logic, and precedent matter little to these people -- they know what is right.
  The entire top layer of real government, economic, and military experts are exiled
  to the wilderness, like every reconstruction and occupation expert in Iraq."
     --Michael  Hammerschlag, "Could America Go Bad?"Attribution

Strap-On Veterans for Truth

ha ha

 Ramsey Clark joins Saddam defense team
  Another example of being "too liberal"

  Click  Here

 Ramsey Clark, a former US attorney general, has joined Saddam's legal team.

 Clark, who led the justice department under LBJ, flew on Tuesday to Jordan,
 where the team is based. A spokesman said his arrival "honours and inspires us".

 Clark has been an outspoken voice on the American left since leaving government
 in 1969 and joining the movement against the Vietnam war. He has also been
 involved in the defence of Slobodan Milosevic, the former Yugoslav leader.


saw it on

 Return Quotes

"To describe Christopher Hitchens as dishonest and demagogic would almost be
  to promote those terms to the level of respectability. To describe him as an exercise
  in facile crowd-pleasing would be too obvious.  Christopher Hitchens is a sinister vampire
  of moral frivolity, crudely disguised as an writer of seriousness. He is also a spectacle of
  abject political cowardice masking himself as a demonstration of 'dissenting' bravery."
     --Dan W,  reader


 Garbage CD

  Click  Here

 It's official the new album from Garbage will be entitled Bleed Like Me
 and has a scheduled April 2005 release date around the world.

 Subject: round trip tickets

 Dear Bart and Mrs. Bart,
 I just read where you gave 2 SWA tickets to a couple of young boys so they may
 attend their mothers funeral. That was most charitable of you. In appreciation for you
 doing that and for you helping me keep my sanity for the last three years, I would like
 to give you and Mrs. Bart 2 First Class Tickets on your choice of Delta, Continental,
 or Northwest Air Lines anywhere they fly.

 My job as a tour manager / sound man for a world famous rock band has me flying 150,000
 to 200,000 miles every year. Needless to say I have accumulated quite a few frequent flyer miles
( last year I gave 100,000 miles to military members 2 returning from Iraq because the evil BFEE
 will only fly them back to three airports...Dallas, Atlanta, and Baltimore ).

 I almost feel I owe you these tickets for two reasons:
 1. Helpling me win every debate with a MONKEY... and:
 2. turning me on to fine tequila ( Chinaco Anejo ).

 I would be honored to do this for you.
 Your friend,
 Scott in San Jose

 S, that's a nice thing you're doing,
 and it was cool of you tro help some soldiers get home, too.

 That bastard Bush sends 200,000 men to Iraq to die for his oil business
 and he doesn't have the decency to return them to their hometowns afterwards.

 We'll talk this week and firm up some plans - and thanks again.


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 U2 gets New Singer
  sent in by Rude Rich


  Click  Here

 Thirty-eight years ago on a huge #1, Nancy Sinatra made her suede-toned warning that "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'."
 For the piano finale of Nancy Sinatra, her return to recording, she sings "Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad,"
 written by Bono and the Edge and recorded with a band that includes Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton.

 As with U2's finest work, the narrative - a woman haltingly remembers an iconoclastic singer who won and lost,
 arced and ached - persists without overpowering the deliberate story the arrangement tells, while ideas take root,
 bloom, and link together. Sinatra, whose alto flutters but doesn't cede sensuous control, meditates on saloon singing
 after "the chairs are all stacked" and "the swingers stopped swinging."

"Two Shots" is one of U2's best songs.
 Bono captured Sinatra better than Paul Anka did with "My Way."

 I should play that in BCR 63 just to make Rude Rich cringe.


My good friend Marty in Chicago has a radio station.

 Subject: crucifix in urine

  Click  Here

 I'm not sure what happened here, but it seems a group of far-leftys
 tried to bully me into getting *with* the crucifix-in-urine crowd.

 1. That's not going to happen.
 2. I don't do the bully thing.

 You can disagree with me all you want.
 If this page stands for anything it's open and free debate.

 I think my detractors are good people who simply disagree
 but when you try to bully me, I'm going to go all Jim Malone on your ass.

 Let's keep our heads and get thru this, OK?



"All of that footage - how long was it, seven plus minutes (when Bush sat in the classroom)?
  That's who George Bush is. I think it speaks very specifically to something that not everybody has.
  Forget politics, forget Republican, right, left. But it speaks to his unfitness to lead anything."
    --Sean Penn, on Bush and Fahrenheit 9/11,    Attribution


 Pop Quiz

 What song was playing in Silvio's Cadillac when he whacked Adrianna?

  I know!  I know!

 Christmas story I missed


 Had a real Holiday moment today.
 I was at my local Chuck E. Cheese, having a mother-daughter day with my little 4 year old.

 A group of 30 under-privileged kids were there with a volunteer from the sheriff's department.
 They were really cute kids, Bart, ranging from about 7 years old to 11... and I could tell it was a special day for them.
 There were so many and they only had a few tokens each to play with. So as my daughter and I went to play the
 various games, we slipped tokens to the kids in passing. At one game, I hit the jackpot and was collecting a big trail of tickets.

 One of the kids was so impressed. I could see he only had five tickets in his hand. I kept my winnings, but a few minutes later
 thought to myself that I should've just given them to the boy. My daughter, only 4 but generous beyond her years, did me one
 better when it was time to go. We were at the machine that counts your winning tickets and gives you a receipt for the total.

 When we got the receipt, she went up and gave it to one of the girls who was standing shyly nearby. And I was so moved
 by my little girl, that I just collected all the kids, took them all up to the prize counter, and let them choose a special gift each.
 They couldn't believe it. The kids started hugging me and my daughter. We started talking. And man, it was so good!
 And they were so happy. And I was so happy. And my daughter was just shining with all of her new friends.

 Your faithful reader,
 Debbie B
 Las Vegas


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1321, 1327, 1333, dead heroes under Bush

Bush and his gang of thugs have stolen approx. $54 billion dollars so far.
Our soldiers are walking into a meat-grinder to help make that happen.

Nobody cares.


 Former Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, 80, Dies


   Click  Here

 Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman elected to Congress and an outspoken advocate
 for women and minorities during seven terms in the House, died Saturday, friends said. She was 80.

"She was our Moses that opened the Red Sea for us,'' Robert E. Williams, president of the NAACP
 in Flagler County, told The Associated Press late Sunday. He did not have the details of her death.

 Chisholm, who elected to the House in 1968, when Nixon won, and served until 1983.

 Bob Matsui, Prominent Democrat in House, Dies


  Click  Here

 Rep. Robert T. Matsui of California, 63, who spent time in an internment camp for
 Japanese-Americans as an infant during World War II and went on to serve 26 years
 in Congress, has died of complications from a rare disease, his family said Sunday.

 Matsui was the third-ranking Democrat on the Ways and Means, where he was his
 party's point man on Social Security legislation..

 Odd, that Matsui would die as Bush launches his rape of Social Security.


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Voting Facts About the USA
    by Angry Girl

  Click  Here

 Did you know...

 1.  80% of all votes in America are counted by only two companies:  Diebold and ES&S.

 2.  There is no federal agency with regulatory authority or oversight of the U.S. voting machine industry.

 3.  The vice-president of Diebold and the president of ES&S are brothers.

 4.  The chairman and CEO of Diebold is a major Bush campaign organizer and donor who wrote in 2003
       that he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year."?



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