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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush flips on Torture Memo
Gov of Baghdad Murdered 
The Gov. vs. the Press 
M Moore provides backup
Dick Cheney plays poker
Swedish Gov't Bush-like 
Steinbrenner buys Johnson 
55 Years for Selling Pot 
Cap One Sued for Fraud


 Quote of the Day

"I think the resistance is bigger than the 
  US military in Iraq. I think the resistance
  is more than 200,000 people." 
   --Iraqi intelligence director General Shahwani, 

"Me & Barney like bananas."
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Volume 1471 - Hush Medals

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 Tuesday    Jan 4, 2005                                                                                                                                    Mike Malloy - 10 EST on AAR 


"Try harder to think of some mistake I might've made..."
    -- Bush's New Year's resolution

 Justice Department reverses Torture Memo
  Does somebody at Justice read

  Click  Here

 Reversing course, the Justice Department has adopted a revised view of what
 constitutes torture under federal law, rejecting an earlier department position linked
 to abuses of military prisoners and suspected terrorists in Cuba and Iraq.

 Torture is abhorrent both to American law and values and to international norms,"
 the brand-new analysis begins, reversing Bush's all-torture, all-the-time policies.

 The opinion replaces an August 2002 Justice Department memo that implied that torture
 of military detainees could be justified under certain circumstances. The disclosure of that memo
 triggered a firestorm of criticism from human rights groups, members of Congress and others.



 Gunmen Slay Governor of Baghdad Region
   "We like Bush because of the great job he's done in Iraq"

  Click  Here

 Gunmen assassinated the governor of Baghdad province and six of his bodyguards on Tuesday,
 and a suicide truck bomber killed 10 people at an Interior Ministry commando headquarters in
 western Baghdad, the latest in a steady drumbeat of insurgent violence ahead of Jan. 30 elections.

 Governor Ali al-Haidari's three-vehicle convoy was passing through Baghdad when gunmen opened fire.
 He is the highest-ranking Iraqi official killed since the former president of the now defunct Governing Council,
 Abdel-Zahraa Othman, better known as Izzadine Saleem, was assassinated in May.

 Gee, I wish I was a high-ranking Bush puppet in Iraq.
 Every day, more people die and it just keeps getting worse.




"I keep having to remind people that religion in and of itself is morally neutral.
  Religion is like a knife. When you use a knife for cutting up bread to prepare sandwiches,
  a knife is good. If you use the same knife to stick into somebody's guts, a knife is bad.
  Religion in and of itself is not good or bad - it is what it makes you do ."
      --Desmond Tutu,    Attribution

 Subject: Michael Moore provides backup quite nicely...


 Moore has a site that goes line by line through the movie providing multiple sources for everything that is said.
 This looks like it might be your style.

  Click  Here


 Adam, thanks for that.
 Of course, if the lying GOP had any real beef to pick with Moore, they's agree to debate him live,
 but we all know the GOP is afraid to debate because that would reveal the fallacy of their "logic."

 Most any Democrat (besides sellout Alan Colmes) would to do any Republican
 what Kerry did to the never-elected Monkey in all three debates.

 The closest we got to a Moore-Nazi debate was that few minutes with Butt-Vibratorboy O'Reilly,
 but all he wanted to do argue semantics, not facts, because he knew the facts were on Moore's side.



"I think that the whole project in Iraq is finished. We are not being told by Blair and Bush
  that this is the case, and perhaps through their own misjudgment or their own fantasies,
  they don't even accept this themselves. But the American project for democracy or whatever
  its real purposes were, for oil, economic expansion, Middle East fit for Israel, whatever it may
  have been, that project is finished. It is hopeless. It cannot succeed. The insurgency in Iraq is
  so great now that American troops, however enormous their technology, cannot control it."
     --Robert Fisk,  Attribution


 The Government vs. the Press in Times of War
   by Michael Hammerschlag

  Click  Here

 The jihad against Bill Clinton, funded by millions of extreme right money, started in '93, with the destruction
 of his health care program, which the vast majority of Americans wanted and even Repubs had supported.
 Talk radio, in the bloviated form of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Oliver North, Michael Reagan dispensed
 dozens of hours a week of raw brutal Repub propaganda, attacking and ridiculing Dems with manifest untruths
 across the 1200 station Clear Channel network. In 1994, the payoff came in the takeover of both houses of Congress
 by the Repubs. Reporters tilted father and farther right to maintain access to the Repubs reps and get on the conservative
 talk radio and TV networks and the Repub owned and operated Fox News. Dems had no such platform.

 Although a Repub law firm had written a 2 book '97 report on Whitewater and concluded that the Clintons did
 nothing wrong,  there were thousands of stories about the "scandal". A brain tumor addled Jim McDougal had
 traded the Clinton's $400,000 stake for a $40,000 plane. In an Alice in Wonderland scenario, prurient Ken Starr
 used an army of agents to rip apart administration lives, all to investigate a minor sexual peccadillo so common that
 2 Repub Speakers in a row had to resign for it, and the President of the United States was impeached and tried by
 an extremist Congress. Every reporter should be forced at gunpoint to read Joe Conason's "The Hunting of the President".



Even if you think you don't need their product,
you might find something you can't live without.

 Subject: If I needed a good attorney...

 ...Ramsey Clark would be my choice!


 Bob, I don't know much about Clark, maybe he's a good attorney,
 but he's so far left, he makes Neil in Vermont look like Ol' Bart!

 I'm old enough to remember that 24 years ago, he and Cat Stevens were (to some degree) defending,
 justifying and explaining the motives of the Iranian mob that kidnapped our embassy staff in Tehran.

 When Cat Stevens was pulled off that plane a few months ago, it bothered me less than it should have
 because if he's a known anti-American/pro-terrorist sympathizer, he needs to be closely watched.

 Does Saddam deserve a good defense team?   Sure, but why does it have to be a famous American
 liberal who gives the voters another reason to distrust the motives of the American left?

 ..on the other hand...

 Subject: maybe Clark is gathering evidence

 to indict and imprison the bushgang.   that's if Saddam lives long enough to tell him.

 Key West

 BN, that would be a smart and clever move, getting on the team, to gather anti-Bush evidence,
 which makes me think it's not the case. When was the last time a Democrat did something smart & clever? :)


 Subject: Ramsey Clark

 Hey Bart

 The first time I heard Ramsey Clark speak I thought he made sense but then I read some
 of his writing where he accused Gen. Clark of war crimes in Kosovo. From then on I realized
 he was a fruit loop. But as for defending Saddam I don't think that is anywhere near as bad as
 James Baker defending the Saudis against the 911 families.


 Maria, I agree, but our side is too timid to call Baker on his treasonous actions,
 while the wall-to-wall right-wing hate machine will scream, "There go the liberals
 again coming to Saddam's aid," at Ramsey Clark.


 Subject: Bartcop community is cool


 I just want to make sure you know the bartcop community totally rocks.
 I'm over here in Japan and round xmas and New Years you can fell seperation from the homeland.
 I can rent videos, or get on the phone with friends and family, but it's damn far away regardless.

 However, this year has been a little easier as I'm now a bartcop member and part of this very AMERICAN community.
 The page, radio, and especially the live chat room have made me feel closer to America than I thought possible.
 I'm made friends and interaction with them makes me feel like I'm still part of the culture.
 Thank you very much for bringing the bartcop community together, it's a damn special place.

 Also, if there is still any chance (I've heard rumors) that pokerfest will be in Maui this February,
 please make the announcement soon, it's the only time I have vacation and am going to Maui.
 Will buy my tickets this week.

 But it's not like missing pokerfest is gonna piss me off.
 I am getting way more than I pay for from bartcop, just like to buy you a shot in person.


 When we were offered first class, round trip tickets to anywhere, the donor suggested
 Paris in the Spring or Maui just about any time.   Mrs. Bart has always wanted to see
 Hawaii and Alaska, so we're kicking around the 5-0 option.

 There are a handfull of readers in Hawaii, so we thought we'd try a pokerfest there.
 One thing - flights to Hawaii are pretty full in the winter.
 It may be April or May before seats are available - we'll know soon.

 Look forward to meeting you, Tim, and Fud, and Froederick, and Symbolman and others. they have fine tequila on those islands, or should I bring my own?


 Dick Cheney plays poker

  Click  Here


"One year after his capture, Saddam Hussein's trial for war crimes, considered the most important
  since Nuremburg, has yet to hear a single world of testimony....Critics point to several failures:
  that Saddam has not yet been allowed to meet with a lawyer; that the trial will permit testimony
  obtained under torture; and that much of the evidence from mass grave sites was not properly
  preserved or recorded....Saddam waits in his cell, without charge or legal counsel."
    --ABC News   Attribution

 Let me get this straight:
 We sent 150,ooo men into battle without enough armor because the evidence was "so overwhelming"
 that the 21rst century Hitler was about to destroy America - and now there's not enough evidence?

 And one reason Bush invaded is because Saddam was toruring his people, so we used torture
 to get people to confess that Saddam was having people tortured?

 This makes sense in the universe of Bush voters?


 Subject: more on Piss Christ

 I believe St. Augustine said something to the effect of "We are all born between the urine and the feces".
 Well so was God made man, then.

 Serrano's photo is probably going to be an icon for some time to come and I for one find it a beautiful image
 and think it less a shock image than the media wants to make it.

 Something in the world makes us think, and it isn't recognition; it's confrontation.
 Hope you're doing well,


 Jimmy, I read you and I understand.
 Think how different that piece of art would be with a different name.

 Isn't "Piss Christ" simply a "Fuck you" to everyone who believes in Christ?
 Make no mistake, Serrano didn't accidentally name it that.


We've got the best books by the best authors.

 Swedes Blast Gov't Response to Tsunami

  Click  Here

 Hours after a tsunami flattened south Asia beaches - a magnet for thousands
 of vacationing Swedes - the Swedish foreign minister went to the theater.

 Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds' outing has come to represent for many Swedes
 the government's failure to fully realize the scope of last week's disaster and to respond quickly.

 As the extent of Swedish casualties has unfolded - 2,322 Swedes are missing and 52
 are confirmed dead - normally tolerant Swedes have directed rage and frustration against
 government leaders, accusing them of incompetence and lack of leadership.

 That outrage is likely to haunt the current government when Swedes go to the polls
 in national elections next year, analysts warned Monday.

 Hmmm, sleeping on the job, going on vacation when they're needed the most,
 it sounds like the government in Sweden handles disasters just like The Monkey.


 In Sweden, when government incompetence and reckless disregard kills people, they get outraged.

 In America, we applaud the lazy, always-on-vacation bastards and elect them to another term,
 at least that's what we're told by Bush, Kerry, Diebold and the TV networks.


as seen at

 Pop Quiz

 What song was playing in Silvio's Cadillac when he whacked Adrianna?

 From: Zoundzguy

 Barracuda by Heart

 Correct - you've won a 33 day subscription to BartCop Radio

 Subject: Re: hey from bart


You had me at "hey". As a former altar boy, ex-Franciscan seminarian, ex-bouncer, and ex-radio guy,
 I heretoforty pledge to become a Bartcop regular (if the medicine works, i.e.)<<<(and it's cutting edge
 humor like that that is the reason I am no longer doing morning gigs) when my 30 day trial is up.

 It's scary that there's someone else on the planet that thinks--and talks!--the way I do.
 The line about you and Mrs. Bart timing your meds to kick in when Alias starts was hilarious!
 Oh shit! I'm becoming something that I sued to make fun of, a groupie!

 Keep up the great work! Btw, that Tally is one foxy sounding lady.

 Have a holly jolly new year!



"Even in this cynical time, the level of cynicism of this one is reaching new proportions.
  It's being dubbed by some as 'hush medals.' You know, these guys still have to write their memoirs,
  and their take on what happened in Iraq in particular, and when you get a medal from the President,
  it makes you a little bit nicer about what you may or may not want to write."
      --USA Today's Tom Squitieri     Attribution

 Is this Bush Handjob Nation, giving an employee a medal and giving a reporter a cute nickname
 is all Bush needs to get the press corp to say that two plus two equals five?


 A 'Long War' Against Whom?
   by Robert Parry

  Click  Here

  Too important for an excerpt - you really need to read this article.

 Note: is the most important site on the Internet.


saw it on

 Subject: crucifix in urine debate

 Bart, who's Jim Malone?
 Scott M

 Jim Malone was Sean Connery's character in The Untouchables, the guy who said,
"If they pull a knife, we pull a gun. If they put one of ours in a hospital,
  we put two of theirs in the morgue."

 The Democrats need a whole lot of Jim Malones right now,
 but we have a bunch of Bernard Shaws, instead

 It was just a metaphor, I wouldn't really shoot someone
 who disagreed with me - probably.

 I just looked in my mail box and saw the stack of "unsubscribe" messages.
 Apparently Serrano's work is the third rail for Democratic webmasters.

 Koresh, is there not anything I can write about without losing subscribers?

 I can just imagine the story on Buzzflash:

", once a small but popular lefty website, went under in 2005
 because he was too stubborn to get on the Piss Christ bandwagon that
 took over the Democratic Party in the early 21st Century."


 Capital One Sued Over Credit Card Ads
  What's in YOUR wallet?

  Click  Here

 Minnesota's attorney general has sued credit card issuer Capital One, accusing the
 big U.S. credit card issuer of falsely advertising low rates and defrauding consumers.

 Attorney General Mike Hatch said Capital One nearly quadruples the rate it charges some
 customers who trigger a "penalty" rate by paying a bill one day late or defaulting in other ways.
 A Capital One spokeswoman said the company "believes it has acted properly and in full
 compliance with the law," and is cooperating with the attorney general to resolve the matter.

 According to the complaint, cardholders who receive an initial 4.99 percent interest rate
 and later default may see their rate skyrocket to 19.8 percent, even though Capital One
 advertised that the lower rate was "fixed."

 The lawsuit said Capital One's marketing violates state laws against false advertising, consumer fraud
 and deceptive trade practices. Minnesota is seeking restitution for cardholders, civil penalties,
 disgorgement of profits, and an injunction barring further wrongdoing.

 These guys are serious "bank robbers."
 You'd probably rather owe money to your neighborhood loan shark than these bastards.

 As the accusation reads, they promise that the 4.99 is "fixed," but they sent you a 46-page
 pamphlet with print tinier than Cheney's heart that reveals, (if you have a law degree and
 a finance degree and 20 years of street smarts) that if you're ever one day late,
 they jack you up to the 20 percent rate and they gouge you to death like Halliuburton.

 It's so easy to see - you have to wonder how these crooks can buy 40 commercials a night
 on the most expensive TV shows offering loans at "prime."

 Credit card companies make billions off the people who they have ensnared.
 When these crooks say the company "believes it has acted properly and in full
 compliance with the law," they're legally right, because they lobbied to have the laws
 written that allows them to screw the little guy to death - again and again.

 THEN they whine that the bankruptcy laws are killing them?

 Hey liars - if it's so hard to make in it your line of work, why do you buy 40 commercials a night
 on the most expensive TV shows and beg for more desperate people to crwl into your snare?


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 Steinbrenner buys Randy Johnson
   Pays another $46 million to make Yankees stronger

  Click  Here

 This reminds me of high school football in Oklahoma.
 Can the school with 2500 student beat the school with 550 students in football?

 Rude Rich - I know you thought of me when you heard the news.
 When it comes to predicting the future, Steinbrenner makes me look like Kreskin.


My good friend Marty in Chicago has a radio station.

 Subject: Ramsey Clark

 Why is Ramsey Clark "too liberal"?
 Who is the Bush administration to try Saddam Hussein?
 Rumsfeld gave him the poison gas!
 These vampires have no right trying anyone.

 Bart, sometimes you seem to share a weakness with some lefties - that is, worrying if
 you will come off as being a  "wacko" to people who would just as soon see you dead.

 I don't trust Ramsey Clark, but I do endorse the idea that if Hussein is deprived of adequate
 representation, the Bush boys will bury our contribution to Saddam's savage past.


 John, I'm not sure the problem is "my weakness."
 I worry that we'll come off as "wackos" to the voters.

 Do we want to win in 2008?
 Or do we want to take a stand for Ramsey Clark, Saddam and Piss Christ?



"Television must deal with political pressures to conform to resurgent conservative values that
  appear to be stifling editorial courage in the newsroom. ( Dan) Rather had the strength to criticize
 'these partisan, political ideological challenges.' Will his successor have similar courage?   Will the
 timid network executives have the old-fashioned backbone to take on a crusading administration? I doubt it."
    --Former CBS and NBC reporter Marvin Kalb,   Attribution


 55 Years In Prison For Selling Marijuana
  Bush's cocaine bust was covered up - so he could be president

  Click  Here

 Angelos was sentenced to 55 years in prison for selling marijuana to undercover cops.
 As his judge pointed out, that's more time than if he had hijacked an airplane (25 years),
 beaten someone to death in a fight (13 years), or raped a 10-year-old child (11 years).

 Angelos isn't alone:

 Jonathan Magbie died three months ago while serving a 10-day sentence for pot possession in a jail
 in D.C.    Magbie, a quadriplegic, used pot to treat his chronic pain. He was unable to breathe on his own,
 and the jail -- unequipped to meet his medical needs -- allowed him to die while in custody.

 Pleasing the Invisible Cloud being is more important than human life?
 That Angelos guy could do less time for raping four children than selling some pot?

 Pot is worse than multiple child rapes?


 Subject: Christopher Hitchens

 I'm glad somebody else is noticing that Hitchens, still beloved by some lefties,
 is as transparent and stupid a fraud as any "I'm not a Democrat, but I play one on T.V."
 type to get wrangled for slaughter on Fox or MSNBC.

 I guess people just hear the part they like.  At this point, however, Hitchens has turned in
 friends to Ken Starr, praised Halliburton and laughed off the Military Industrial complex,
 while calling Michael Moore "fat" and a "liar."

 Guess those scenes of the Marines waiting like jackals to feed on the jobless High School grads got to him.
 Nobody argued more passionately for the high degree of honor we were fighting with in Iraq than the
 embedded, lap dog Hitchens, and now he trys to feign shock over the Prison abuse scandals.

 Well, there is too much, at this point, to go into.  It's amazing someone at Salon or elsewhere
 wastes the opportunity of a major hit piece on this sitting duck target.  Only "Counterpunch"
 takes him to task, and they are half as crazy as he is.

 -Still Ben


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1321, 1327, 1333, 1337, dead heroes under Bush

Bush and his gang of thugs steal  $100 million dollars a day.
Our soldiers are dying to make that happen.

Nobody cares?

 Subject: Jake Johansson


 Love your page, will probably subscribe at some point.
 Just wanted to write in support of Jake Johansson.

 I don't watch a lot of TV so haven't seen him much there but have seen him
 several times when he has come to Boston to do his stand-up routine.
 I think that he is an intelligent comedian with a very good act.
 I laugh at material that I've heard several times because it is well written
 and his presentation/delivery is good every time.

 If you don't like Jake, who would you hold up as a comedian worth paying to see.
 Who's out there right now that you like?

 A fan of you and Jake,
 Jon C

 Jon, I don't dislike Jake, but Dave used to have him on once a month and
 you figure New York must have other comedians besides Jake.

 I can't think of a good new comic - seems like Jay & Dave don't have new guys on anymore.
 As far as who I like, Chris Rock is still king, Maher is great, Stewart and Chapelle, etc.


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

  Subject: Just making a note

 I have read lots of Evolutionist books and had it in school, also, and nobody has ever been able
 to tell me HOW, exactly, anything evolved. There is only the dogmatic insistence THAT it all evolved,
 with explanations that are nothing more than guesses (and use "may be" "could have been" "probably" "likely" etc.)
 and do not give a scientific, replicable, observable method saying precisely how.



 Dude, I'm not sure "how" matters.
 I can't tell you how gravity works, but it's a fact.

 As far as evolution, I've never met you,
 but I'll bet you a shot of Chinaco that you have a tailbone.


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