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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Baghdad Dep. Chief  Killed
Rumors of Zarqawi's Capture 
'Tom' Armstrong gets Fired
Advise And Rubber Stamp
Resolutions For The Damned 
Dems very angry with Kerry 
Bush Should Listen To Poppy
Promoting Torture's Promoter 
Miscarry and go to Jail?


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"If we can't celebrate the inaugural ...the tsunami wins."
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"I like baseball and bananas..."

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Volume 1475 - Tired of the Violence

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 Monday    Jan 10, 2005                                                                                                                 Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on AAR


"Mr. Speaker and members, I dedicate my objection to Ohio's electoral votes to
  Michael Moore, the producer of 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and I thank him for educating
  the world on the threats to our democracy and the proceedings of this house on the
  acceptance of the electoral college votes for the 2000 presidential election."
       --Maxine Waters,         Attribution


 Baghdad's Deputy Police Chief Assassinated
   Will there be anyone left to count the votes?

  Click  Here

 Gunmen on Monday assassinated Baghdad's deputy police chief and his son, while a roadside
 bomb in Baghdad destroyed a U.S. armored vehicle and killed two American soldiers, the military said.

 The Bradley Fighting Vehicle is one of the more heavily armored U.S. military vehicles, suggesting that the
 roadside bomb was more powerful than those typically used in recent months. The Defense Department
 said last week that insurgents were increasing the size and power of the bombs they plant as they escalate
 their attacks before the Jan. 30 election.

 Four American soldiers also were wounded in the blast. It came four days after another powerful roadside
 bomb hit a Bradley, killing all seven U.S. soldiers inside and destroying the vehicle.

 Also Monday, a roadside bomb attack in Samarra hit a joint U.S.-Iraqi patrol, killing two Iraqi soldiers
 and wounding one Iraqi soldier and two Americans.

 ...and they voted for Bush because he pulled off his 'Miracle in Bagdad'?

 If you like what he's doing in Iraq, you're gonna love Social Security "reform."



 Rumors of Zarqawi's Capture

  Click  Here

 Unless there are a growing number of gullible journalists from half a dozen different countries
 that will accept this story without relying on some of their own sources, this story may have
 some truth to it but we still are going to have to wait and see. This is the fourth MSM - related
 article that I have seen on the capture.

 The story on the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi capture doesn't seem to be going away and although
 the blogosphere isn't ready to accept it as completely credible yet, now the story has come out
 in China although the same source used in other articles is referenced.

 Remember when the Kurds captured Saddam and gave him to US forces later?

           Why would Saddam hide with an empty pistol?

 Has someone captured Zarqawi?
 Is this why the attacks have increased?
 Or is it the Jan 30 election or both?   And more?


 Subject: Barbara Boxer

 Congratulations to MY Senator!
 No pink tu tu for her...

 Cayucos, CA



Even if you think you don't need their product,
you might find something you can't live without.

 Tribune Media Services fires 'Tom' Armstrong
   One whore can not serve two pimps

  Click  Here

 Armstrong Williams has been dropped by Tribune Media because he accepted a payment
 from Bush to lie about the No Child Left Behind law to fellow blacks and selling them out.

'Tom', one of the nation's leading black conservative voices, has admitted he was paid $240,000
 by Bush liars, and he called criticism of his relationship with the department "legitimate."

'Tom' also was to use his influence with other black journalists to get them to lie about NCLB,
 a centerpiece of Bush plan to swindle money from black educational needs. The National Association
 of Black Journalists said they were disappointed in 'Tom,' who is not a member of the group.

 But even when they get caught - nothing changes and they'll get caught again next week, too..


Thanks to OneCitizen

 Subject:  let's be real

 Hey Bart,
 I don't like the pink-tutu shit any more than you do, but what are our realistic options?
 This is a two-party country, always has been (though one of the parties basically changed
 names some 150 years ago), always will be.

 So those who oppose the disastrous Bushite imperium have only one option, in my view
 -- to support and invigorate the Democratic Party as much as possible.

 Despite the depressing result in November, the Dems were stronger than ever in grass-roots
 fund-raising, matching the millions the Bushites raised from the corporate elite.
 The level of enthusiasm among Democratic volunteers I met along the way was inspiring.
 But we lost a close one.

 The Democratic candidate didn't measure up, I agree, but forming the circular firing squad now
 is just what Rove wants.

 There's plenty of work to do to limit the damage the Bushites plan for the next four years
 -- gutting Social Security, screwing the middle class on taxes, jobs and health care,
 drafting our young people to fight bloody imperial wars, etc.

 And only the Democrats can do it.

 Tobin, I agree.
 A lot of people sent me copies of what they sent Kerry and the DNC, saying they were
 resigning from the Democratic party and were going to become a Green or a Progressive, or whatever.

 I don't think they really want to do that - they're trying to shake up the sleeping Democrats
 and we're all looking for something that can get their attention.

 It would take at least a decade, maybe two, to build a party to rival the GOP and by then
 the name of this country will be The United States of Bush.  We can't let that happen.

 Somehow, the Democrats have to be slapped awake before the car goes off the cliff.


 Subject: Uncle Tom?

 Bart:, you wrote,

> "Uncle Tom"

 Not cool, dude.

 Even if Armstrong Williams meets the definition of what that phrase conveys, that doesn't make it worth using anymore;
 I, like (the Democratic) half of the white people in this country can be around black folks without losing my damned mind
 --that doesn't mean it's real hip to call me a "nigger lover"--for the same reasons.


 Dude, I'm just doing what I can.

 It's my gut judgment that your generation sees "Uncle Tom" as a slur against blacks.
 To my knowledge, it's not.

 To my knoweledge, it's an apt and called-for description for a type of African American
 who would sell out/betray/snitch on/tie-my-brother's-ass to-a-tree then lie to him about NCLB.

 If there's a more-hip way of saying "I agree to backstab my people for personal gain" that's Tom-free,
 I would appreciate the education because we old people tend to get set in their ways.

 What's the 2005 vernacular for "I'm a quarter-million dollar Uncle Tom for the BFEE?"



"I think Armstrong Williams should give the money back. I think he should probably be ashamed
  of himself for taking it. I think the White House really screwed up ... all I can say is that if Clinton
  had gotten caught giving Joe Conason a quarter of a million dollars to be flogging their policies,
  guys like me would have smoke coming out of our ears, and The Right would go crazy."
       --Jonah Goldberg,      Attribution

 When he says "guys like me," does me mean other sons of L.B.J.?



 Subject: Tortureboy Gonzales

 How come I haven't seen one enterprising "tv journalist" ask John McCain,
 someone who has been on the receiving end of torture, what he thought of Gonzales' nomination?

 Forcing him to follow that 11th commandment ("Thou shalt not criticize a fellow Republican")
 and have him swallow his tongue that hard just may cause a live on-camera head explosion a la Scanners.

 David B

 David, good question - which reminds me:
 Wasn't Jesus Christ the victim of a little torture and death penalty?
 Didn't Mel Gibson do a little art film about that?

 Yet, Bush is torturing in Christ's name.


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 Advise And Rubber Stamp
  surprisingly, this is not written by Bart

  Click  Here

"I am shocked (not "shocked, shocked" but sincerely shocked) that Gonzales will get a single Democratic vote,
 much a relatively less easy confirmation. And I would have expected that some Republicans -- the ones who
 profess deep belief in the American mission of fostering Arab democracy, the ones who have renounced Rumsfeld,
 like McCain, Hagel, Lugar - would be struggling with their votes, too. But no...Four years ago, the Democrats
 rolled over on the Ashcroft nomination. Then they rolled over on the Bush tax cuts, the authority to invade Iraq,
 the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind and the Medicare reforms. None of that did them one lick of good in
 November. If the Democrats have the gumption to fight about anything, it ought to be about this nomination.

 But it appears they don't."

 The Republicans could criticize Bush a lot easier of some Democrats would get the ball rolling..
 McCain, Hagel and Luger can't really lead the "We gotta stop Bush" parade, but they could march in it.

 What are the senate Democrats afraid of?
 If they don't fight back, we're going to lose 3-4 senators each election.
 Democrats get weaker every two years - they're bleeding from multiple wounds.
 Animals in the wild have survival instincts,

 ...why don't our donkeys have any?




"On top of Clarence Thoams begging his white patrons for money, this ought to expose
  the character of the negro conservative. They have no soul and no morals. They can be bought
  by their white overlords because they apsire to their status, but think themselves unworthy to
  be treated as the same. The negro conservative...shuffles and bucks along for his master,
  losing his soul and dignity in the process. He's already sold his dignity and self-respect.
  Why not sell his reputation as well. Williams is already an embarassment to black people.
  This just furthers the shame he brings."
       --Steve Gilliard,  Attribution


 Resolutions For The Damned
  A new year for a Bush-gutted, storm-ravaged world

  Click  Here

 It could be worse. You could be Michael Jackson. Or Janet Jackson. Or Tito.
 You could be Anne Coulter or Bill O'Reilly or Trent Lott, people whose souls have
 become so infested with rat dung that their third eye is brown. See? Feel better already.

 Or you could be Dubya himself, so utterly empty and blank eyed and falsely pious, he is but
 a lint speck on the coattails of time and you just know that you could poke him with your
 middle finger and all that would pour out would be sawdust and a bunch of tiny ball bearings.


"Is This Heaven?"
... the view from Iowa

by Mike Palecek and former federal prisoner for peace,

 Election Fraud

 Four years ago, when Bush stole the election, the Democrats stood silent and allowed it to happen
 -- and suppressed the voices within their own party who wanted to speak out about election fraud.

 We now have another election that, although not as close as last time, was nevertheless riddled with fraud.

 We now live in a country where the outcome of an election is dependent on who is counting the votes
 -- and this is an issue that needs to be talked about. It would be a very big mistake for Democrats to
 again block this debate like they did last time.

 There are three reasons Democrats have been losing elections:

 - The first is that Republicans are stealing elections.
 - The second and more important reason is that Democrats have stood silent and allowed it to happen.
 - The last reason is that the Democrats keep voting with Republicans on unprovoked wars and cutting taxes for the rich.

 No one wants to vote for cowards, and if the Democrats are going to roll over and take it again and again
 when they know better, then why bother to support them? If they aren't going to dig in and fight for issues
 including stopping the Republicans for privatizing Social Security, protecting reproductive choice, and
 blocking extreme judges, then what is the point in them being there in the first place? Democrats never win
 when they try to be like Republicans

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco


Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do

Click  Here

 Subject: rage at Kerry

 Yes, If Kerry Runs again, my husband and I will travel to every early primary state and CAMPAIGN against him.
 What a wimp.
 I sure hope WES CLARK runs again!

 I will march in the streets to oppose Kerry, my mom in a wheel chair said she's join me.
 Nobody likes a traitor,

 Just as the nausea from kerry-boy's letter was starting to ease up,
 I saw the Token Protest in the Congress...must not laugh...
 I got an e-mail from Michael Moore praising their "bravery".
 I'm gonna have to stay off solid food for a while.

 Well, you know what?
 We counted on you, which was, clearly, a huge mistake on our part.
 You took our money, time and effort, made lots of promises, and turned out to be
 the most servile, gutless, GOP ass-kissing coward ever.  And a liar.

 He did NOT fight. He stole our time and money.
 I don't know if he helped out his S&B buddy or was just a pansy loser.
 Either way, what is done is done.
 It does us no good to whine about what would've or could've been.

 We are stuck with the giggiling monkey murder for at most 4 more years.
 We as a nation, need to see that his life is difficult and possibly impeach him.
 If Bill Clinton could be impeached for a blow job, then surely we can fine something on W.

 Maybe Larry Flynt needs to come back and expose a few republican skeletons.
 Move on and the like should not let him get a good night's sleep for the next four years.
 This will tell the Pink Tutu Democrats that we will NOT lay down.
 Most of all, we need to do this while being a patriot is still legal!

 Fightin back in Orlando,

 I'm disgusted
 I voted for the guy.
 Barry T

 But not everyone has given up on Kerry...

 Bart, don't be so hard on Kerry.
 Boxer's safe seat allowed her to take the fall for the Dems.
 Any other course woulda been hurtful, given today's popular ignorance (cf., Election '04)



We've got the right books by the right authors.

 Subject: your greatness  (from last issue)


 I promise to tell you at length about how great you are,
 just as soon as your check for $240,000 clears my bank.

 ha ha

 Vern, check's in the mail, Dude...


 Bush Should Listen To His Father
    by Helen Thomas

  Click  Here

 Former President Bush is in a tough spot. He anguishes when his son, the president, is criticized.
 But he is reluctant to give him any advice, even when the president may need it.

 There has been speculation that the younger Bush wanted to run for the White House to outdo his father,
 who successfully prosecuted the first Gulf War in 1991 when U.S. forces evicted Iraq from Kuwait.

 That commander-in-chief wisely chose not go on to Baghdad, fearing that U.S. forces would end up
 in a quagmire of urban fighting. Imagine that.  Bush senior vehemently rejects such personal motivations
 on the part of his son. Of course, one can expect a father to be very protective of his son.

 Remember the famous fight the Monkey had with his father?
 The Monkey was drunk as hell, wanting to fist his dad "mano a mano."

 Sounds like Junior still wants to beat hid dad, and he's doing it with 1350 soldier's lives.


 Promoting Torture's Promoter

"Pussies! Can't take a little torture?"

  Click  Here

 Americans have tended to view the U.S. as the guardian of the highest ideals of justice and fairness.
 But that is a belief that's getting more and more difficult to sustain. If the Justice Department can be
 the fiefdom of John Ashcroft or Alberto Gonzales, those in search of the highest standards of justice
 have no choice but to look elsewhere. It's more fruitful now to look overseas. Last month Britain's
 highest court ruled that the government could not continue to indefinitely detain foreigners suspected
 of terrorism without charging or trying them. One of the justices wrote that such detentions "call into
 question the very existence of an ancient liberty of which this country has until now been very proud:
 freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention."

 That's a sentiment completely lost on an Alberto Gonzales or George W. Bush.


 Subject: Doc Harpy on XM Radio

 As I recall, a few years ago Doc. Harpy turned down a deal with Infinity because they
 employed Howard Stern and she wouldn't work for the same company as that deviant.

 Now that her program is being dropped by mainstream radio like a hot potatoe,
 she doesn't seem to mind being employed by the same company that employs
 Opie and Anthony, who make Howard seem like Soupy Sales.

 I'll have to call and ask her about this someday.
 Maybe her view of morality has changed and she'll be showing up as a guest on the O&A smutfest.
 They can discuss those pictures with her.

 BTW....Happy Birthday Soupy.....and Elvis and David Bowie.
 Rude Rich


Day in, day out - Marty does a fantastic job!
You should visit her page - you'll like it.


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 if you want to make the hammer hit harder,
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 Subject: Twin Sisters From Different Mothers

 Yo Bart,

 Dude, I gotta tell ya, you were right on the money about John Kerry.
 He turned out to be a cream-puff after all.
 During the campaign I thought you were, shall we say, a bit strident in your pronouncements,
 but I must admit you called it pretty good. My hat (as well as my hair) is off to you.

 BTW: Ever notice the uncanny resemblance between Ann ('Thrax) Coulter and
 Amber "I didn't know he was a killer when I did him" Frey??? No?


 D.L. Bruin

 DL, thanks for that.
 Also, it's not Coulter's first "frey" - remember how Ann gets her free fries at McDonalds?



 Have Miscarriage, Go to Jail?
  The GOP is changing America - is that OK with you?

  Click  Here

 You are at home alone at 8:00 on a Friday night.  You are 8 weeks pregnant.
 All of a sudden, you begin to experience heavy cramping.  Bleeding ensues
 You realize with shock and sadness that you are probably experiencing a miscarriage.
 Your doctor offers you the next available appointment for a follow-up exam - Monday at 3PM.
 You accept.
 Guess what?  You just earned yourself up to 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine

 This is what happens when you mix tanks and religion.
 This is what happens when you mix politics and faith.
 This is what happens when you let Tom delay-types write the law.


 Subject: Taqueria Gila Monster

 When I lived in Madison, Wisconsin, there was a guy named Butch Vig who was
 this star-about-town.  (He obviously is IN Garbage now, but this was before they got BIG)
 (He, as we know, produced Smashing Pumpkins and some stuff for U2, but he's actually a
 damned good drummer).

 One day I was sitting in Madison's best taqueria (Taqueria Gila Monster), and being the
 normally full eating joint, people would often sit with strangers, or do whatever they could
 to find a place to eat (go figure since most of 'Old Europe's' way of doing things is to sit at
 tables with strangers . . . it develops this weird thing called 'community.').

 Butch and a few others came in.  There was this particularly thin, yet total hottie who was with him too.
 I knew she was the singer for his band (they had played a few low-key gigs in town, but hardly any at all),
 but I thought nothing of it beyond that.

 A few minutes later, they are seating themselves at the adjacent table, and this girl starts laughing about
 how the other guys grabbed the few remaining seats.  So she asked me if I would mind sharing the bench
 I was sitting on, with her.  If it had been Butch, maybe I would have balked, but why say 'no' to a hottie?

 SO she sits down, and we're like back-to-back.  And she was being actually quite flirty with me.
 She would turn around and say things to me to try and pull me into their conversations.  It was quite fun.

 The hottie was Shirley.
 This was a true story.



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 Subject: letter from Sen Barbara Boxer

 Hey Bart,

 Got this letter today, this was Sen Boxer's reply
 to an email I sent her about the last elections.

  Click  Here


 A shot of Chinaco to the only Dem senator with the courage to stand up.
 Interesting that the only Dem senator with some balls is a lady.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1341, 1342, 1352, 1356, dead heroes under Bush

They killed four more.

Are you OK with that, America?

When will the military families ask, "Why?"

 Pitt - Aniston split up

  Click  Here

 Jimmy Page turns 60

       God plays a Gibson double neck



 The second-best show on FOX, (House is first) came back with a bang.
 At the end of night one, the terrorists had our Sec Def on his knees Zarqawi-style.

 But they in trouble because Jack is humming the Sec Def's daughter, who they also grabbed.
 Keifer (the producer) can't shoot weeks worth of nude, love scenes with the girl if she's killed.

 Tonight, Monday, they give us the second half of the four-hour premier.
 Once you have four-hours invested, like with a good book, you're going to finish it.

 For now, there's no Kim to get kidnapped twice in an hour, eight times in one day.
 If she's not in the show, even the cougar can't kidnap her.

 VCR Alert

 Hours 3 & 4 of the premier of 24.
 Will the Secretary of Defense be beheaded on the Internet?

 Plus the Vanessa Marcil Show and it's Vegas Week on the Travel Channel.

 Note: One of the best World Poker Tour tourneys - ther 2004 Championship - is Wednesday night


 Cain's Ballroom "Haunted & Mysterious Rt. 66"   Saturday,  Jan 15th, 8pm Central Time  Travel Channel - "Weird Travels"
 Brady Theater   "Phantoms of the Opera"   Saturday, Jan. 22nd, 2005 - 8pm Central Time  Travel Channel - "Weird Travels"

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Lap Dances get First Amendment protection

  Click  Here

 Federal Judge Warren Eginton ruled in a decision made public this week that
 lap dancing and simulated sex acts by strippers are protected by the First Amendment.

"A government cannot constitutionally regulate erotic expression with such stringent
 restriction that the expression no longer conveys eroticism," Eginton wrote.

 Looks like a win for "less government,"
 but you know this will outrage the can't-have-sex Republicans.


 Subject: Williams and the $240K

 Isn't taking money in exchange for broadcasting something
 without disclosure and sponsorship ID amount to payola?

 Think the FCC  will do anything?
 ...or are they more worried about an occasional profanity??

 Rych W


 Screw Credibility
   as seen on

  Click  Here - then scroll to Screw Credibility

 Recently Digby wrote about an astonishing Harvard conference on political blogging.
 Of the 43 participants, only about 3 or 4 were free-lance bloggers. Everyone else
 represented an institution, and while all but two had some internet presence,
 the majority were best known for their non-internet work.

 Bloggers apparently don't have credibility. Judy Fucking Miller has credibility,
 and William Fucking Safire has credibility, but bloggers don't. Matt Yglesias,
 Kevin Drum, and Josh Micah Marshall strive for credibility, but they weren't invited.
 They might as well all have been off in Vegas playing poker with the infamous Bartcop.

 People who promote Judith Miller, but fire Robert Parry, really need to shut up about credibility.


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