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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush Rules of Journalism 
Anti-Inaugurals abound
Catholic bishop kidnapped 
Apocalypse later
Organizing principles
Poker predators clash at sea
Social Security Pundit Pap
Bart debates the Soldier 


 Quote of the Day

"Iraq is a disaster...and it is Bush's Vietnam." 
       --Ted Kennedy, on "Face The Whore",      Attribution

  Too bad the other Dems don't have the courage 
  to speak up. If every Democrat would remind the 
  voters that this this is  "Bush's war," the blame will 
  be harder for them to shift when it all falls apart.

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"This business of burning human beings with napalm, of filling our nation's homes with orphans
  and widows, of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins of peoples normally humane,
  of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields physically handicapped and psychologically
  deranged, cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice and love. A nation that continues year after year
  to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death."
    --Martin Luther King, murdered by the racist sons of bitches we fight today     Attribution


 The Bush Rule of Journalism
   by Robert Parry at consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

"Don't take on the Bushes" is becoming an unwritten rule in American journalism.
 Reporters can make mistakes in covering other politicians and suffer little or no consequence,
 but a false step when doing a critical piece on the Bushes is a career killer.

 The latest to learn this hard lesson are four producers at CBS, who demonstrated inadequate care
 in checking out memos purportedly written by George W. Bush's commanding officer in the Texas
 Air National Guard in the early 1970s. For this sloppiness, CBS fired the four, including Mary Mapes
 who helped break last year's Abu Ghraib torture scandal.

 A painful irony for the CBS producers was that the central points of the memos - that Bush had blown off
 a required flight physical and was getting favored treatment in the National Guard - were already known

 But that's never the case when the Bushes are involved. When a story puts the Bushes in a negative light,
 no leeway is granted. A different set of rules apply.

 Unlike other political figures, the Bushes must be given the benefit of the doubt, even if an innocent
 explanation stretches credulity. Also, any ambiguity in the reporting - such as sources who are less
 than pristine or evidence that isn't 100 percent clear - must be interpreted in the Bushes' favor.

 Journalists or other investigators who violate these Bush rules must expect that they are putting
 their reputations and livelihoods in jeopardy.

 Note:  consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet.


 Anti-Bush inaugural bashes abound

  Click  Here

 Loyal Republicans, esteemed statesmen, satin-wrapped ladies and country music luminaries
 have their place in the spectrum of inaugural festivities.  But so do guerrilla poets, die-hard
 Democrats, punk rockers, hip-hop artists, disc jockeys and assorted noisemakers who will
 people alternative celebrations to mark President Bush's second term in office.

 At last count, there were about 60 events emphasizing the political cachet of the more
 creative variety, according to Counter-Inaugural 2005,


 Subject: re:  America never fought a war like this one

 Every war is different, but Iraq is a real clusterfuck from Day 1.

 We should have followed and maintained the policy towards wars that we had in 1821.
 On July 4, 1821, Secretary of State (and later President) J.Q. Adams said of America:
"She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all.  She will recommend the
 general cause by the countenance of her voice, and the benignant sympathy of her own example.
 She well knows that by once enlisting under banners other than her own, were they even the
 banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication,
 in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, ambition, which assumed
 the colors and usurped the standards of freedom. . .She might become the dictatress of the world.
 She would no longer be the ruler of her own spirit."

 Don the Day Trader



"An Alabama Supreme Court justice claims, according to a Birmingham News reporter,
  that Clarence Thomas (R-Slappy) told him:

 'A judge should be evaluated by whether he faithfully upholds
  his oath to God, not to the people, to the state or to the Constitution.'

  This is indeed a big deal, no matter what your personal religious views happen to be.
  Did he really say it? Will anyone else in the media bother to try to find out?"
       --Atrios, "Did He Say It",    Attribution

 It figures.
 Stymie took an oath to uphold the Constitution - but he must've had his fingers crossed.
 Why can't we find more honest Christians in government?


 Catholic Archbishop Kidnapped in Iraq
  Another victim of Bush's insatiable oil greed

  Click  Here

 A Roman Catholic archbishop in Mosul, Archbishop Basile Georges Casmoussa, 66,
 of the Syrian Catholic Church, one of the branches of the Roman Catholic Church has
 been kidnapped, the Vatican said Monday.

 The reason for the kidnapping was unclear, but Christians ÷ tens of thousands of whom
 live in and around Mosul ÷ have been subjected to attacks in the past.

 I'm not looking forward to seeing Bishop Casmoussa on a grainy video web feed.

 If Bush had been able to keep his wardon hardon in his pants we would have avoided the
 deaths of 1360 soldiers and 100,000+ Iraqis civilains and the world would be safer place.


Photos hidden by the US media



"I did my best to reach out, and I will continue to do so as the president.
  It's important for people to know that I'm the president of everybody."
     --Dubya, puzzled why only 11 percent of  "those darkies" voted for him, Attribution

 Yep, that's a mystery...



 Subject: The Wa Ho Po

 In the Saturday, January 15, 2005 Washington Post, buried in the last line, on page A9
 of the story "Inauguration Donations Swell by $7.7 million" it states that the Washington Post Co.
 donated $100,000 to the Chimp's inauguration.

 I was shocked at the sheer conflict of interest of a news outlet that serves an area that voted overwhelmingly
 against the Idiot in Chief.  I wrote a letter to the editor, doubt it will be published, and cancelled my subscription,
 which hurts because I'm unemployed and really need the Sunday Jobs section.

 Please help getting the word out, like I said, it was buried in the story, so I'm not sure how many
 people read it and haven't seen it posted on any of the left leaning websites.

 DC co-organizer for the BartCop.com protests



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 White House Says It Won't Pressure Social Security Workers
  They'll pay $1,000,000 for propaganda, but not pressure the SS workers?    Riiiiiiight!

  Click  Here

 White House propagandists say that career employees at Social Security
 would not be asked to promote Bush's Grand Money Snatch.

"The Social Security Administration is an independent organization that has a duty to fulfill the
 obligations of making sure that checks go out and ... the solvency of the actual system itself,"
 Dan Bartlett, a top aide to Bush, told Tim the Whore on "Meet the Press."

 Hey Dan, is the SSA as "independent" as NBC News?
 Are they as independent as Fox News?
 Are they as independent as Tom Armstrong Williams?


 Subject: Roy D. Mercer in BCR Show 64

 Heh, the first time I heard your voice on Show #1,
 the first thing I thought was you sounded like Roy Mercer...

 funny dude...

 T  in Austin

 Dude, that's an awful thing to say to a friend :)


Amazing cow found with world map markings!

We've got the right books by the right authors.


"On a complicated matter such as removing a dictator from power and trying to help
  achieve democracy, sometimes the unexpected will happen, both good and bad."
    --President Duncil, pretending there's been "unexpected good news" from Iraq,  Attribution


 Apocalypse later

  Click  Here

 The evidence is overwhelming. Everywhere you look are IOUs passed on to future generations:
 Record federal debt. Record foreign debt. Record budget deficits. Record trade deficits.

 And this attempt to "fuck the future" is not limited to economics. You see the same attitude when
 it comes to energy policy, healthcare, education, Social Security and especially the environment
 -- with the Bushies redoubling their efforts to make the world uninhabitable as fast as possible.
 (See their attempts to gut the Clean Air Act, gut the Clean Water Act, gut the Endangered
 Species Act, gut regulations limiting pollution from power plants.)

 And the even bigger problem? They don't see this as a problem.
 In fact, it all may be an essential part of the plan.

"Why worry?   We're all dead in the future..."


 Subject: mail from Jitske

 Dear shocked bartcop readers

 It seems I have inadvertently offended you by that bart took a part of my letter

 (Note: I edit for length.)

 on a controversial subject and posted it, upon which several people wrote how
 ignorant and unscientific I'm being. Bart has offered to print my reply to you all
 if I would provide a mail address so people can mail me directly, so I give it below.

 I recommend to all who have written, that they take on an openminded, and objective
 scientific attitude that wishes to consider ALL the facts. It is just as "fundamentalist" of
 Evolutionists to reject all that is not according to Darwin out of hand as unscientific and
 certainly wrong; that is dogmatic and not scientific. Science allows free inquiry and dissent.

 Therefore I ask, that if you believe Evolution you at least consider that some of the things
 they told you about it in school aren't exactly true, and read "Shattering the Myths of Darwinism"
 by Richard Milton, a British science writer and Mensa member, for a non-creationist, scientific
 discussion of the merits of the case for Evolution, using available evidence. Then draw your own conclusions.

 Kind regards
 Jitske Hart

 Be sure to send your replies directly to Jitske and I'll be OK without a cc.
 I told Jitske he's arguing against gravity, so that's my two cents.

 Also, Jitske's a good guy - he's been around a long time.


 Social Security or national security?
   by David Hackworth

  Click  Here

 The Marines and the Army are stretched well beyond the breaking point - we simply don't have
 enough mud soldiers in the ready rack to win these crucial ground campaigns. Without immediate relief,
 I worry that we'll soon see a replay of what went down during the Vietnam War: Many of our top soldiers
 will hang up their rifles and hit civvy street - where the chances of living longer and easier come with the
 territory, and spouses are infinitely happier because they're not sweating out every knock on the front door.
 If this situation isn't fixed ASAP, it could result in the finest professional ground force - active duty and
 Reserve - this nation has ever mustered becoming a mirror of the disenchanted, drugged-out, late Vietnam
 War crew that was more into fragging officers and smoking dope than fighting the VC."

 Sounds to me like Hack doesn't understand what Bush is about.
 He doesn't give a damn about our soldiers.
 He's just saying he does.

 This is all about getting more billions into the hands of the rich, and that means
 Social Security must be "privatized" so the wolves can get their hands on it.

 I thought Hackworth knew that.



"These elections are a joke. The Bush administration has created the worst possible
  advertisement for democracy because the perception across the Middle East is that
  democracy means you get a country where everything is out of control."
       --Juan Cole, professor of modern Middle East history at the University of Michigan, Attribution

"You get a carpet of freedom
  or you get a carpet of bombs."


 Subject: knowing how to pick 'em

 Well, I rooted for the Red Sox (anybody but the Yankees) in the World Series.
 USC to beat Oklahoma -- not that I like USC, I just dislike Oklahoma.
 The San Diego Chargers against the Jets. (SIGH)

 ...and John Kerry.

 2 out of 4.
 If only I were playing baseball and not life.

 Gordon Kent


 Organizing principles
   as seen on  sideshow.me.uk

  Click  Here  then search to  "Organizing principles"

 What [conservatives] love is their hatred of liberals and liberalism. And hating liberalism is hating America.
 Make no mistake about this: the foundation of America is liberalism. Our form of government,  from the
 very beginning, is liberal democracy. And, while they talk about how they love America while liberals do not,
 and how it is conservatives who adhere strictly to the Constitution, it is also abundantly clear that when they
 are given an opportunity to prove such things, they do the reverse.


 Subject: Rev. Moon Funnels $250,000 To Bush Inauguration



 The Christian voters don't mind that Bush's first religion is the Moonies.
 I wonder why?

 Bush's priorities are:
The Bush family
The Bush Family Evil Empire
The Moonie empire
Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
Communist China
The Republican party
The United States Constitution


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"Because he's hiding."
   --President Pinhead,  on why he hasn't kept his promise to bring Osama to justice  Attribution

 Textbook titans, online poker predators clash

  Click  Here

 They are competing in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure,
 a No Limit Texas Hold'em tournament that carries a first prize of $865,600.

 If there's ever been an event that demonstrates the similarities and differences
 between online poker players and traditional brick-and-mortar casino players,
 it's this World Poker Tour confrontation (to be aired in April as part of the WPT's 3rd season).

 Three of the six players at the final table will have paid the full entry fee - $8,000 each.
 The eventual winner will have spent just $81 to get here, playing in a satellite qualifier
 on sponsors' PokerStars.com Web site ($27 buy-in, $27 re-buy and $27 add-on).


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1360, 1363, 1365, dead soldiers under Bush

"...that the tax cuts aren't permanent."
--Dubya, asked about his biggest regret,

Click  Here

The super-rich got their tax cut,
but Daddy's not coming home from Bush's war.

What's to regret?



"No! Of course there's no connection to the hundred thousand.
  We have to beg for these interviews like everyone else!"
      --Howie Kurtz, (R-Lying Whore) on his paper, The WaHoPo, landing an
         interview with Bush after this government watchdog newspaper (WaHoPo)
         donated $100,000 so Rove could buy more rare jewels for the King's crown      Atttribution

 Social Security Pundit Pap

  Click  Here

 George Stephanopoulos's guests this morning were the respective party leaders in the Senate,
 Harry Reid (D-NV) and Bill Frist (R-Kills kittens). Sadly, Steph missed a choice opportunity
 to have them both on at the same time to debate Social Security, the pending coronation of our
 glorious Simian Majesty, the Vietnamization of Iraq, and other topics. Did ABC offer to do so?

 Would it happen? No damn way -- Bill Frist knows that the seemingly sedate, soft-spoken Reid is
 fully capable of him, biting his head off à la Ozzy Osbourne, and spitting it in Cokie Roberts' emaciated face.

 Okay, so we exaggerate a tad


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


 BartCop Manor had a flood over the weekend.
 I'm taking Tuesday to look for a place for us to stay.

 ...but even if we find something the first day - then we gotta move.

 Subject: Bart vs The Soldier


 I am a soldier (National Guard from Georgia, Sergeant) back from Iraq on my 2 weeks R & R
 and I am shocked at the way the media portrays our efforts. Yes many of my buddies are dead
 or badly wounded and its tough to tell who is with you our against you.

 Dude, few people in America are behind you the way I am.
 I get crap every day for supporting you guys, but I'm going to speak frankly with you.
 I figure you can take the truth without the candy coating.

 My girlfriend showed me your site, she loves your site.

 She has good taste.

 But you are very misinformed, 90 percent of the Iraqi's are glad we are trying to bring them freedom
 or at least keep the terrorist from turning the place into a Taliban type society. Yes they want us to go,
 our presence hurts their pride but they know what will happen if we leave.

 Maybe you've been too busy trying to stay alive to get the big picture.
 You haven't spoken to 90 percent of the Iraqis - so you're guessing what they want.
 News organizations that poll thousands of Iraqis tell a different story.

 They love the freedom they have.
 They have never ever experienced freedom before.

 That's crazy talk - what "freedom" do they have?
 Freedom from electricity?  Freedom from safety?
 Did Saddam kill 100,000 civilians in the last 20 months he was in power?

 They will take the current hell they have now even with the daily shit that happens over what they had before.

 You can't speak for them any more than I can.
 Sure, they want peace, but is that what they have now?
 Is "peace" in their future?
 What will make Sunnis and Shiites and Kurds stop killing each other?
 A bomb dropped on orders from George Bush?

Do you really expect Bush's war to bring peace to the Middle East?

 They would rather have the daily killing than the crap that happened under Saddam.
 Even the Iraqi mothers who lose their sons or kids understand what's going on.

 You're not making any sense.
"They would rather have the daily killing?"
 This is what the 90 percent are telling you?

 You should come over here and see for yourself. If I showed your web site to
 my squad they would not react in a positive manner to the stuff you put on your site.

 You and your squad have nothing to fear from the truth.
 I believe I have a better overview of the situation than you do.

 In fact they would probably take you out into the little towns and such to show you how wrong you are.

 Thanks for the invitation, but no.

 Bush is the best president, he says what he means we respect that, you say what you mean to.

 I feel like I'm about to tell a little kid that Santa isn't real.
 Bush has screwed you guys to make himself rich.
 Do you have a minute to answer a few simple questions?

Why did we invade Iraq?

 If you say "To free the Iraqi people" you're lying to yourself.
 Lying to yourself will get you killed in a war, Dude.
 Bush started saying "To free the Iraqi people" after
 it was proven his original reasons to invade weren't valid.

Did you know Cheney and Enron were dividing up Iraq's oil fields in the White House before 9-11?

 Doesn't that tell you anything?
 Bush used 9-11 as an excuse to invade a harmless, backwards country with oil.
 Osama was in Afghanistan and Bush invaded Iraq to steal their oil.
 There's nothing you can say that will make those facts go away.
 The whole world agrees on that, or is the whole world wrong?

Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels day - oils sells for $45 a barrel.

 Where is that $90 million a day going?

 It's not going into Iraq's pocket.
 It's not going into America's pocket.
 Oil is the reason you're fighting.
 You deserve to know where that oil money is going.
 Answer: It's going in Bush's pocket - are you OK with that?

Are you prepapred to sacrifice your life "To free the Iraqi people?"

 I can maybe understand dying for your country, but why die "To free the Iraqi people?"

 The terrorists love the American media like ABC and CBS.
 These guys are encouraging the terrorists; my guys are getting killed because of this.

 Your guys are being killed because Bush lied to us.
 Bush said this war "had" to be fought because Saddam
 was about to launch WMDs at our East Coast.

 That was a BIG LIE, not a mistake.
 Bush lied us into this war like his daddy lied us into the first Gulf War.

 Dan Rather didn't send those men to die - Bush did.
 Dan Rather isn't stealing $90M a day - Bush is.
 Dan Rather isn't making a profit selling arms to the government - Bush is.
 Dan rather never made a deal with terrorists to get into power - Bush did.

 This is life and death - you need to have your facts straight.

 Sadly they would probably try to hurt (or worse) Peter Jennings or Dan Rather if they showed up
 and they thought they could get away with it.  They hold Jennings and Rather responsible for
 encouraging the terrorists, the stop-loss bull shit and causing the death of our buddies. I am not kidding.

 Your guys are being killed because Bush lied about why this war "had" to be fought.
 Who is feeding you these lies?
 Not the networks - the networks are reading scripts Karl Rove wrote.
 I dare anybody to say that's not true.

 The networks don't report what Bush said - they report what was written in Bush's prepared speech.

 There's no time to get deep into this, but Jennings and Rather work for billion dollar corporations
 that echo every lie Bush tells as the truth - and these are the same bastards who turned the country
 upside down because Clinton might've had a girlfriend.

 Why was it more important to chase Clinton's zipper than get the real reasons for this war from Bush?
 1365 American soldiers are dead - and you want to blame Jennings and Rather?
 How about blaiming the guy who's responsible - the guy who LIED to send YOU into a senseless war?

 What did we learn from Watergate? - Follow the money!
 Who's getting rich from this unnecessary war?
 The money is going to Bush and his super-rich friends.

 You're fighting for Halliburton and Bush's oil profits.
 Are you willing to die for them?

 I listened to your radio show number 62, you seem to be a reasonable guy, you do shots of tequila,
 you can't be that bad why are you do[ing this] you hurt us???

 You've been given bad "facts."
 The truth is not your enemy.
 Bush sent you threre for no reason.
 Now you need to stay there and you blame the people who want you home?

How many soldiers should we lose before we admit this is a war we can't win?

 We're at 1365 now - should we go to 2000?
 Should we go to 5000?
 Should we go to 10,000?
 Should we go to 25,000?
 Should we go to 58,000 like we did in Vietnam?

 I am going back to Iraq tomorrow.  I may not make it back home so take these words
 and listen to them and learn to not believe the crap you hear on TV


 Greg, Bush owns the TV.  Bush owns the networks. Bush owns the American press.
 They refuse to speak against him, even after he was caught in lies that have killed 1365 soldiers.

 The "liberal press" tells us that Clinton's blow job was more important than those soldier's lives.
 I disagree, and I think you would, too if you had a chance to stop and think.
 Insanity has gripped your country and you and your friends are forced to pay the price.
 That's some sad shit.

 PS. I would estimate that over 95% of the troops agree with the above opinion.  I would love to have you
 come to Iraq and be a reporter with our unit. I know from reading your web site that you are not a coward.
 Please take up my offer it would really open your eyes and probably cause you to change the way your do your web site.
 Email me back, I will eventually get the email and I know our PR people would agree to let you come to be with our unit.
 Just keep your mouth shut until you have walked our walk.

 Greg, the truth can't hurt you.
 Things are so bad in America, we no longer debate the issues.
 The Democrats and the press agree with Bush and the truth is left outside the loop.
 Whatever Bush says is what the networks broadcast.
 When Bush says, "We're winning in Iraq," the networks all agree with him.

 I hope you make it home, Dude.
 I'd like to buy you an evening's worth of drinks so we could talk this out.
 You can be as pro-Bush as you want, but just don't lie to yourself.

 You need to know who's lying and who's telling the truth.
 The cold, hard facts don't change when someone waves the flag.



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