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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Protesters Target Monkey 
Protest posters seen all over 
The Freedom to Follow 
After a Spritz of "B.S. Away!"
Oaf Of Office
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Dancing the War Away 
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 Quote of the Day

   a moment of resistance, 
   a lifetime of capitulation."
         ...Jon Stewart on the yellow Democrats

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Volume 1483 -  Dances with Jackals

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 Friday     Jan 21,  2005                                                                                                                          Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on AAR


"You look around the world at potential trouble spots,
   Iran is right at the top of the list."
      --Dick 'Eternal war' Cheney, crying wolf, ready to invade Iran with the Monkey's "mandate"     Attribution


 Protesters Target Bush's Inauguration

  Click  Here

 Anti-Bush demonstrators waving signs that said "Worst President Ever" and
"the American Nightmare" jeered the president's motorcade during the inaugural parade Thursday

         Those are our "Worst president ever" signs

 The limo sped up as The Coward neared the protesters on Pennsylvania Avenue.


 Two rows of police lined the street in front of the main protest site.
 Officers stationed atop buildings along the route kept close watch on the crowd.


 Boos rained down from the crowd and some demonstrators shouted, "No justice, no peace."
 In some places in the protest area, the crowd was about six rows deep.


 Worst President Ever - Designed, printed, shipped and distributed by Surreal Neal and Don


  War Mongers - Designed, printed and shipped by Kronos


 War Begins with W - Designed by c@ (cat), printed and shipped by Kronos from Baltimore


 Subject: saw you all over Washington!

 Dearest bart.....i am so proud of you....your signs were great!!!
 Keep swinging!!!!

 Cathy Birdbrains

 Cathy, all praise goes to Chicago Jim for organizing it, and Sureal Neal in California and his friend Don
 for making 200 posters, then flying to DC to hand them out, then flying back that night.

 I talked to locals who were dead tired after the march, imagina adding two
 cross-country flights to that schedule and that's what Neil and Don gave.

 Also, special thanks to Kronos in Baltimore for producing another 100 or 150
 bartcop signs that were seen everywhere in DC and media outlets around the world.
 Also, Jay (Super Steve) and Russ for superb local coordination.  They handed out those
 hundreds of signs - feeding the anti-Bush hunger that so many decent and honorable people had
 when the bad guys were sworn in.  Jay said he felt like a movie star - everyone taking his picture
 and asking for interviews. If anyone sees interviews or pictures of our signs - please forward them to us.

 And, thanks again to ringmaster Chicago Jim for wrangling all the pieces together.

 Of course thanks to those who contributed $ and encouragement.
 There's still time to give to pay off the counter-inauguration deficit.
 Click  Here  if you'd like to help with the protest expenses.    PO Box 54466   Tulsa, OK  74155

 It was the best publicity $800 could buy.
  A shot of Chinaco to all who helped - and the marchers, too!  

 The Freedom to Follow
   by Robert Parry at

  Click  Here

 What some Americans may have found annoying about George W. Bush's second Inaugural Address
 was his use of a rhetorical device in which he stated obvious truisms about "freedom" with the suggestion
 that opponents of his policies - from invading Iraq to privatizing Social Security - must be people who hate freedom.

 Bush has used this rhetorical technique before, as in Campaign 2002 when he created the impression that
 Senate Democrats who objected to Bush's version of a Homeland Security bill were "not interested in the
 security of the American people."

 Bush used the banalities, in effect, to set up a straw man of opposition, as if anyone who didn't agree with his
 unilateralist foreign policy was both dishonest and craven. He said, for instance, "America will not pretend that
 jailed dissidents prefer their chains, or that women welcome humiliation and servitude, or that any human being
 aspires to live at the  mercy of bullies."

 Again, Bush is juxtaposing himself as the brave leader who stands up for truth against his imaginary opponents
 who supposedly want to pretend that jailed dissidents prefer their chains or that women welcome humiliation
 or that human beings aspire to be bullied.

 Note:  is the most important site on the Internet.


The Monkey - drooling at the site of cash...

 Subject: re: talking stupid to that soldier

 I'm glad you told Brandt to go suck a banana.
 Actually, I..., ...nevermind.

 My brother-in-law has been in Iraq for ten months and doesn't know what's going on there outside of his
 own little world. He'll tell us about mortars going off around him and that "someone's bombing the shit out
 of something", but other than that he doesn't have a clue. We get Google news alerts that we send him about
 what's going on in the city he's stationed in, and, nine times out of ten, it's the first time he's heard of it.
 If you've ever lived overseas in a military environment you know what it's like to live in your own little community;
 getting all of your news filtered, and usually having very little interaction with the locals. For him it's pretty much that way,
 other than the random, crazy-ass, high-speed convoys at all hours, he doesn't get off the base that much.
 Even when my bro-in-law knew he was getting shipped to Iraq he didn't know what the hell was going on there,
 even why we were there, and he didn't care to find out. We knew a helluva lot more about what was going on in Iraq
 then than he did, and most of the time it seems that we still do. Not what it's like to live there, but what's happening
 throughout the country. And even though he has access to the internet, he doesn't use it for reading and research,
 just to email family and friends.
 I'm afraid that a lot of guys over there would prefer to live with blinders on. For my brother-in-law, whatever it takes
 to get him through the day is fine by me. In the meantime, I appreciate all the time and effort you put in reminding everyone
 what a crazy, fucked-up country we've become with the BFEE marching us every day one step closer to armageddon.
 Thanks for keeping the hammer swinging,
 Poker Queen



"Iran is in advanced stages of trying to attain enriched uranium for use in atomic weapons.
   If it is not stopped, Iran will be capable of producing its own enriched uranium within six months." 
         --David Rudge, forecasting America;'s invasion of Iran  Attribution

 America, you voted for never-ending military cam,paigns where America invades
 countries with oil so Bush, Cheney & Halliburton can live happily ever after, right?


 At least, that's what Bush, Kerry, Diebold and the networls tell us.


 After a Spritz of "B.S. Away!"

  Click  Here

  Of course, the other side mobilized big-time as well, but we had ways to minimize their influence,
 especially those voters not of the white persuasion: we purged thousands from key state voting rolls;
 made 'em stand for hours and hours in the cold and rain at precincts that had just a few machines
 (a lot of those voters gave up and headed off to work); intimidated them by saying we'd challenge
 their right to vote if they showed up, or told them that if they had any unpaid parking tickets they'd
 be arrested; or, my two favorites: our side handed out fliers telling them that the election was on
 Wednesday Nov. 3rd, and destroyed their new-voter registration forms so they were not on the
 precinct lists. Then they were denied Provisional Ballots. Way to go, Kenny!


 Subject: oxymoronic headline

"Bush starts new term, seeks end to tyranny"


 Dave, you're right.
 There are moronic, handjob headlines all over the country today.
 For USA Today (R-Whores) the top headlines was:

 Bush kindles the 'fire of freedom'

 As if the most feared president in America history gives a flying "F" about freedom
 as he invades harmless, backward countries to kill their leaders and steal their oil.


 America's first fight against fascist bastards

  Click  Here

 This one has the Battle of the Bulge



Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: None. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb; its conditions are improving every day.
    Any reports of its lack of incandescence are a delusional spin from the liberal media.
    That light bulb has served honorably, and anything you say undermines the lighting effect.
    Why do you hate freedom? 
      -- Eric Alterman    Attribution


 Police Probe 'Touching' Allegation Against Bill Cosby

  Click  Here

 A female acquaintance of Bill Cosby has made an allegation against him that has
 prompted a police investigation in Pennsylvania, the entertainer's attorney said Thursday

 Cosby attorney Walter Phillips said he would not discuss the specifics of the allegation -
 which he called "utterly preposterous" - but said it amounts to, at the most, "inappropriate touching."


 Somber Wartime President
  Seizes Opportunity to Celebrate Himself
  Click  Here

 Having the most restrictive administration in recent history, the president didn't miss a golden opportunity
 to spend his second inauguration inadvertently poking fun at himself and his supporters: he actually
 celebrated "freedom."  Coupled with his paradoxical, dual-layered theme of hororing American heroism
 while virtually consecrating his own cowardly self, Bush provided thousands of political commentators,
 bloggers, and comedians with enough material to last for months.


 Oaf Of Office

  Click  Here

 Today we witnessed more than the coronation of some privileged little munchkin of mendacity.
 It is the triumphal re-occupation of our nation by nitwits who think Ollie North's a hero not a conman,
 who can't name their congressman, who believe that Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were
 going steady, who can't tell Afghanistan from Souvlaki-stan. Bloated with lies and super-size fries,
 they clomped to the polls 59 million strong to vent their small-minded little hatreds on us all.
 When I looked today at the oaf of office, I could not shake the feeling that this election was
 an intelligence test that America flunked."


 Subject: Bartcop sticker story

 Way back in January 2003, if I remember right, I attended a large gathering in DC to express
 my displeasure about the new war we were soon to throw. I wore a Bartcop sticker on my jacket.

 A voice in the crowd called out, "Hey, Bartcop!". I said hi, and he asked if I were Bartcop.
 I said no (I wouldn't dare impersonate the one and only Bartcop) and introduced myself to a fellow fan.
 He introduced himself as Will Pitt. I asked,"Will Rivers Pitt?"     The same.

 I bought 5 copies of his & Scott Ritter's book on Iraq and soon became one of those
 who KNEW they were not going to find WMD's.

 It was cool meeting him. Always display a Bartcop sticker!

 Gordon the pillar!
 Thanks for that.
 I'd like to meet WR Pitt, too.



Get your "Not me!" wristbands right here!

 Subject: bartcop signs on MSGOP


 I couldn't call in with Democracy Flu as I had the REAL flu earlier in the week.
 But I did wear head to toe black in protest.

 Anyhoooooo, I turned on MSGOP to see what Matthews the Whore had to drool over.
 They shoot to some flunkie news-babe in a brutally ugly coat and behind her is the
 contingent of people waving "Worst President Ever" signs with the
 at the bottom - CLEARLY VISIBLE!!!  It made my day!!

 OMG - they just did another cut-away to the blonde whore in the hat and your banners are ALL OVER!!!
 Hammer On!
 Phoenix, AZ

We've got the right books by the right authors.

 Help us with Yahoo Pictures

 See this picture?


 Let's do something sneaky...
 Click  Here  to get started.

 Once you get there, click on "e-mail this photo" and send it to somebody - anybody.
 Yahoo's computer keeps track of which photos were e-mailed.

 Rumors say if just 60 people do this, that picture will jump to the top of the Yahoo Favorites pile.
 Then everyone who clicks on Yahoo favorites will get that picture first - ha ha

 It's a goof - like voting for that "She bangs" guy on American Idol.

 Subject: talking stupid to that soldier

 I spent 20 months in Vietnam, driving a tank, and had absolutely no idea as to what was going on outside of
 my little parcel of that particular slice of heaven. The newspapers were always very recent, 1-2 days old, but
 that was only Stars and Stripes, a newspaper that reported only what the government/military wanted reported.

 For that soldier to say that 90% of Iraqi's want freedom and democracy implies that he personally has gone to
 each and every one of them and asked this question. He still has his head, so I doubt that he did that particular feat.
 We were not allowed to receive news papers such as the "Rolling Stone", unless someone sent us a copy.
 And if it wasn't confiscated.

 When people believe only what the government wants them to believe they become a danger, both to themselves
 and to others. They get accustomed to thinking that they are dying for some sort of noble purpose, and they are
 striving for glory. There is no, and never has been any glory in any war, nor do I think there ever will be.

 If, by telling this soldier the truth some feel you have been to rough on him, then I would have to say to them,
 "Pack up your bag, go to Iraq, join the war for a month, then assess whether the truth is harmful."

 John the veteran


I swear to be The Monkey King to all Americans...
not just the whites-only, super-rich, straight Christians.

 The Torture Thing
  I'm not Mr Torture, I'm Mr Realist

 This debater was supposed to be in today's issue.

 Because I stated some facts nobody wanted to hear, that in the rarest of cases under certain circumstances
 some torture might have to be allowed to save thousands or millions of innocent American lives, I've become
 "Mr Torture."
 That debate will hopefully be next issue - I ran out of time.
 Meanwhile, we have to find a place to live


 Subject: the gay bomb

 Bart, you wrote:

>   ...or, ...what if the wind shifted and our soldiers became "too gay" to fight?
 I laughed out loud when I read that.
 Damn, Bart!
 By the way, that was a pretty ballsy response to the letter from the pro-Bush U.S. soldier who
 is now on his way back to Iraq. This is a guy who has been knee deep in that unimaginable hell,
 and has seen those horrors first hand. You must have nuggets the size of Texas to sit inside the
 safe confines of the Bart-Cave (Gotham City, Oklahoma) and make the bold assertion:
"I believe I have a better overview of the situation than you do..." to a guy who just left a perfectly
 safe barstool in Georgia, without reservations or regrets, to go back into that nightmare. I doubt
 that I could ever muster up that kind of chutzpah.
 Under LOGICAL circumstances, who in their right mind could possibly side with you after making such
 a ludicrously unqualified declaration to this soldier? I find it terribly unsettling to realize that the circumstances
 that define our current geo-political landscape now DEFY LOGIC to such an extent that I actually found
 nothing plausible in that soldier's arguments, and am in intense agreement with your entire response to him.

 You understand that I'm not saying it's ludicrous that I would agree with you, but rather how ludicrous it is
 that we live in times where some blogger in Cyclone City, Oklahoma, along with myself and countless other
 like-minded basement dwellers, smelled a rat, sought out and discovered dark arsenals of truth, while our troops,
 left completely oblivious to the unfathomable deceptions, are dying over there with allegiance to Bush and
 intense distain for people like us.

 I feel for these people. If I found myself in their situation, I would have a hard time living with the atrocities
 I had been ordered to commit, unless I could somehow convince myself that what I had done was in the name
 of a just cause. They're stuck over there doing whatever must be done to get through it alive. The lucky ones
 will come home, but they'll return home saddled with enough psychological baggage to haunt them for ten lifetimes.
 I'm beginning to believe that those obvious brain-washed ideologies manifest as a survival instinct.
 Do you think the B.F.E.E. will ever be held accountable for what they have done?
 ["Blind faith in your leaders will get you killed..." - Bruce Springsteen, 1985]
 Keep Hammerin' at 'em, Bart!

 Gene, to answer your question, thwe BFEE will never be held accountable for their crimes until
 the Demnocrats get the courage to stop kissing Bush's ass and start doing the jobs they're paid to do.


Four more years

 FOX News gets bitten

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"When comments like that come from fascists like Condoleezza Rice, we are not really worried.
  They [the United States government] have no morals."
      --Zimbabwe's Didymus Mutasa, after Sleazy Rice called Zimbabwe, an "outpost of tyranny",   Attribution

 Isn't it awful that fascists have seized control of America,
 and are using our military might to steal riches from other countries?


 Subject: the soldier debate

 I really liked your comments to the soldier and believe you were kind to him.
 One point you did not make, though-
 Someone holding a gun will most likely never hear the TRUTH from people.
 As tough as I think I am, if I were faced with a member of an occupying army
 I'd most likely tell them whatever they wanted to hear. I don't know- something like
"Boy, am I sure glad Saddam is gone and you are here to protect us (Please, please don't shoot me.)"

 Never underestimate the survival instinct.
 Take care and keep hammering,

 M, good point.
 I remember when I was just a kid, the nuns would tell us stories about the Roman army asking
 a bunch of people if they were Christ's followers. When they said yes, they were boiled in oil.

 I always thought, "That was a damn stupid thing to say to an army."


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1365, 1370, 1371, dead soldiers under Bush

We're "drawing dead" in Iraq.
There's no card that can come up to make us win this pot.
How long before we fold this losing hand?

"We need to be patient"
--Killa Sleazy Rice, to Kerry at the hearings  Attribution


"I have to tell you for myself, I got chills listening to this speech."
      --Rush the vulgar Pigboy who gets wood when he hears Bush say
         "freedom is on the march" 238 times,  Attribution


 Dancing the War Away
      by Bob Herbert

  Click  Here

 Watching the inaugural ceremonies yesterday reminded me of the scenes near the end of "The Godfather"
 in which a solemn occasion (a baptism in the movie) is interspersed with a series of spectacularly violent murders.

 Even as President Bush was taking the oath of office and delivering his Inaugural Address beneath the clear,
 cold skies of Washington, the news wires were churning out stories about the tragic mayhem in Iraq.

 There is no end in sight to the carnage, which was unleashed nearly two years ago by Bush's decision
 to launch this wholly unnecessary war, one of the worst presidential decisions in American history.

 Incredibly, with more than 1,360 American troops dead and more than 10,000 wounded, the president never once
 mentioned the word Iraq in his Inaugural Address. He avoided all but the most general references to the war.
 Mr. Bush, riding the crest of his re-election wave, seems not to be bothered.


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


 Subject: you were a dumbass to that soldier

 Hey Bart,

 I read you every day, and agree with you about 90%,
 but your response to that soldier that wrote in was just plain stupid.

 Sorry to tell you, but that was about the lowest pile of crap that you have ever posted.

 Bob, you're a monkey.


 Subject: tip jar - quality tequila


 While listening to NPR broadcast of the senate giving head to Kindasleezy
 I damn near drove into the fucking ditch. I pulled up to the house and luckily we live in th woods.

 I got outta the truck and screamed FUCK! not once but about seven times.
 Ms. Jane came out of the house and said: "You must be listening to the senate hearings, eh?"

 I just burned one so you go have a shot man...


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 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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