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 We expect the moves to be over about Feb 15.
 Our output will be slow until we settle in.

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Dems Green-Light Torture Boy
Bush's State of the Union Lies 
Schieffer named Ambassador 
Rumsfeld and Doctor Phil
Rice: Invade Iran? Not yet 
Tortboy's the best we can do?
Iraqis vote for more Violence
Rummy to Avoid Arrest?
Monkey Mail


 Quote of the Day

"I will listen to anyone who has a good idea to offer." 
     --America's Monkey, 


 George, I have a good idea:  Resign

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Volume 1491 -  The Murder Gene

  Weekend   Feb 5-6,  2005                                                                                                                 Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on AAR


"(H)ow come we're torturing people? How come we're putting people into high office
   who unleashed the whole torture scandal? The Red Cross says torture is still going on
   today at Gitmo. Torture has blackened our name around the world and made the president's
   words about bringing freedom and democracy sound hollow and hypocritical."
        --Molly Ivins,    Attribution


 Senate Green-Lights Torture Boy
  Have they no shame?

  Click  Here

 Speedy "Torture Boy" Gonzales won Senate confirmation Thursday as attorney general despite
 evidence that he wrote the book on the Bush administration's torture policy and was too beholden
 to his master to be the nation's top law enforcement official.

 Gonzales will replace John Ashcroft (R-Nazi), who won Democratic support four years ago despite
 his affiliation with several white supremacy groups. The six Democrats  Bush puppets were listed as
 Lieberwhore, Salazar of Colorado, Landrieu of Louisiana, both Nelsons and Pryor of Arkansas.

 The geldings whined in an attempt to fool Democrats who mistakenly think they're being represented,
 but in the end, as expected, they caved as Bush wanted them to do because they're too scared to think.
 Democrats said they had a right to closely question all nominees, but why bother with that handjob
 since everyone knows they'll do whatever their Puppetmaster Bush orders them to do.



I remember writing a year or two ago that every famous black man
had been taken down or taught a lesson by whitey - except Cosby.

They finally got around to him.


"Unless you're Bill Gates, you're just one serious illness away from bankruptcy."
      --Dr. David Himmelstein, saying costly illnesses cause half of all personal bankruptcies,   Attribution


 The Misleader's State of the Union Lies

  Click  Here

 A year ago, the president used his State of the Union address to mislead the American people about the
 threat posed by Iraq.  This year, his pre-election campaign speech was marked more by what it omitted
 than what it contained.  The president offered no major new initiatives.  He ignored the basic challenges
 facing the country that pose a present danger.   Instead, the president offered only more of the same.
 But to sell this unappetizing mix of tax cuts and terror, the president once more had to mislead the American people.

 ...once more, the president painted a picture far removed from reality.

 But Bush's American whore media ate it with a spoon this big.



 Bob Schieffer's Brother named Ambassador to Australia
  No wonder Bob says Bush has "an incredible command of foreign policy."


  Click  Here

 Tom Schieffer may be a Democrat, but he still has a lot in common with Bush, namely baseball and oil.

 Schieffer, Bush's nominee as ambassador to Australia, is the former president of the Texas Rangers who
 worked with Bush when he was a titular owner of the team. Schieffer is also a Dallas oil and gas attorney.

 Schieffer was a supporter of Bush's campaigns for governor and president.
 His brother, Bob, is a CBS News correspondent the anchor of CBS News.

 Bush will remain "a master of forgeign policy" as long as brother Bob reads the CBS news.
 Les Mooves knew what he was doing by giving brother Bob the top job.
 Next time they'll call Bob instead of Russert when they need a softball interview with no follow-ups.

 "I aim to please..."


 Subject: letter to David from the DNC

 Democrats will not stand on the sidelines while Bush pushes his disastrous agenda.
 We will not let Republicans in Congress wash away hope for our future.

 David's reply:

 While I agree with your analysis regarding the effect of Bush's proposals, the claim that
 the DNC will not stand on the sidelines seems to be unfounded.   Especially as it appears
 that you're about to stand on the sidelines and watch the Torturer in Chief get confirmed.


 David, you did good.
 If they want our support they need to stop kissing Bush's ass.


Please visit longtime sponsors

 Subject: Cheney & Enron/Iraq map

 You posted a map on your site, but a map by itself doesn't prove anything.
 If you could prove the provenance of the map, that would be something.


 Barry, you missed the point.
 Klayman sued the White House and got that map from Cheney.
 That's why the link was to Klayman's site.



"I submitted my resignation to President Bush twice during that period and told him that
  I felt that he ought to make the decision as to whether or not I stayed on. And he made
  that decision and said he did want me to stay on."
       --Donald Rumsfeld, on the Abu Ghraib torture scandal,    Attribution

 Well of course he couldn't accept your resignation.
 That would've meant someone in his administration wasn't perfect.


 Subject: "killnigger comment"

 You've gotten it wrong.
 No one should be accusing you of being racist because, for an Oakie, you're a downright nigger lover.

 So there you have it.
 I used the "N" word in the most genial manner.
 I even coupled it with the word "love".

 Now - in how much less racist terms could the "N" word be used?
 The answer is none.
 But, it still sounds ignorant and rude for a white man to use that word  - even offering the least offensive context.

 That meaning is a creature of our culture.
 Black people can say "nigger" but for white folks, it's the "N" word.
 When black folks use it, it's funny.
 Whites only show their rude and ignoranant side.
 There are no other options.
 That's just the way it is.


 I'm forced to agree with you.


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 Larry King Live - with Rumsfeld & Dr. Phil
  If anyone can held Rumsfeld, Dr. Phil can

  Click  Here

 Larry King Live   Thursday, February 3, 2005

 CNN Tonight: Donald Rumsfeld & Dr. Phil McGraw

 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld - and Doctor Phil is in the house!
 Tonight only on Larry King Live!

 For the full owwwaaah!

 Visit so we can disregard all your serious questions for Rummy.


A flag for every soldier lost in Bush's personal war.

 Subject: nutcase


 Sam, you're a nutcase.
 I suspect that even you don't know how idiotic your meanderings really are.


 Einstein, FYI, Samantha is an attractive, intelligent young lady who helps produce
 *I* am Bart.
 I'm just the opposite.

 Don't be embarrassed, it's not like you made a crazy mistake.
 Sam is listed as the contact person - I should've been more clear.

 ...gotta say, ...for a guy with all the wrong things in his head,
 you were more polite than the average (censored) Republican.

 Maybe your arms aren't as long as you think they are.


 Subject: show 66:  a stellar performance


 BCR 66 made me laugh 'til I almost puked.  You were in the finest form ever.
 Everything, right down to the music, was primo Bartcop.

 It seems wrong to laugh when the discussion is about torture, but you were hilarious.
 I was astonished at the contortions people went thru to persuade you that you're wrong.
 The whole crux of the biscuit--that certain caveats MUST be met before you'd implement
 torture--was lost on every one of them. I could feel your frustration.

 Those fragile petals that unsubscribed over this issue would have done so eventually, anyway,
 because they're too easily offended.  It's tempting to want some of what the conservatives got
 in their hardwiring that makes them so much less prone to breaking ranks.  But that's a discussion
 for another time.

 I listened twice to the segment about the guy who claimed Madonna made him so curious
 about gay sex that he just had to try it.  I think I broke my jaw when it hit the floor.

 Thanks for being here,

 Leanna, thanks.



Get your "Not me!" wristbands right here!


We've got the right books by the right authors.

 Rice: No plans to invade Iran - yet

  Click  Here

 An attack [on Iraq] "is simply not on the agenda at this point,"
 Rice said in London, where she met with Bush's pet poodle, Tony Blair.


 Rice toned down the rhetoric Friday and sought to play down the possibility
 that the United States might do to Iran what they did to Iraq.

"Diplomacy can work in this case if there is unity of purpose and unity of message
 to the Iranians that the international community expects them to live up to their obligations,"
 said America's new face of murder and torture.


 Subject: Lieberwhore voted for Bush's Torture Czar

 Lieberwhore (The Enron Democrat) is one of the eight democrats
 that voted for the new TORTURE ZAR Speedy Gonzalez.

 He got a kiss of  from the Shrub for his betrayal of the people.
 He is also backing the Social Security rip-off scam!

 William E


 Is Gonzales the Best We Can Do?
   by Marisa Arrona at

  Click  Here

 I don't believe (as some groups have conceded) that Gonzales "is not nearly as bad as we might have expected."
 Because I want to believe that just policies, human rights, and due process are infinitely more important than
 playing the race card. This myopic view - that a Latino, any damn Latino, in the White House will trickle down
 to the rest of us - has allowed many to turn a blind eye to Gonzales' track record on important legal issues.
 As a Latina, I feel my duty to my community is to do my homework - to understand just exactly what Alberto
 Gonzales will bring to the White House.


 Subject: bushisamoron "takedown"

 You want  rather than .com .
 Notice on the site implies readers are getting reported to law enforcement
 just for going to the site.  There also are links to info on intellectual propery crimes.

 You can still find archives for the site at  .

 Recent Google-archived version of the homepage also included news releases, etc.,
 from DOJ website plus DOJ contact info.  No longer.

 So.  Is this for real, or is the website owner doing it to make a point
 about what __could__ be done under  current laws?

 It's gotta be a gag.


If you like Elmore Leonard,
(Rum Punch, Get Shorty)
you'll love James Patrick Hunt!

Evan Maitland was sent to bring in a rape suspect who has the Jamaican
mob out to kill him. With one a determined policewoman to back him up,
Maitland has to outwit the bad guys and find a way to stay alive.

Click  Here

 Subject: Tommy Chong

 Hey, Bart!

 Your page is kicking ass and really quite regularly, especially given your move
 --sorry about the flooding, hope you find a new place soon.

 Tommy Chong is going to be on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross on Monday.
 He's out of the slammer and touring and I'm sure they'll talk about buscho on some level. will have local times for the kdrag area or you can listen to it online.

 just thought you'd like to know and am glad to have a chance to tell you how much
 I'm enjoying your work lately.

 Hope you get settled soon and thanks for your work..



 Rummy to be Arrested in Germany?
   He's a war criminal and Germany's not afraid to say so

  Click  Here

 Rumsfeld said on Thursday he has not decided whether to attend an international security
 conference next week in Germany, where he might be subject to arrest on a war-crimes complaint.

"I have not made a final decision on that (attendance). And there are several factors," Rumsfeld told
 reporters when asked if he would go to the prestigious annual private Munich Conference on
 Security Policy Feb. 12-13 when he is in Europe next week.

 "A lot of factors" means worldwide embarrassment.



"Why do you refer to Zarqawi as "the most ruthless and notorious killer in Iraq" when Bush
  (et al) has murdered between 20 and 100 thousand for much less reason than Zarqawi? Eh?
  That epithet could be better applied to "Chemical" Cheney, "Anthrax" Rumsfeld, or any of
  the other gangsters in the U.S. government."
      --a chatter in Toronto     Attribution


 U2 sells 150,000 tickets in one hour

  Click  Here

 Tickets for two concerts by U2 in Dublin were snapped up within minutes Friday in a new Irish box-office record.

 Fans camped out for two nights at some ticket outlets. But the bulk of more than 150,000 tickets,
 available for $77 to $104 each, were sold on the vendors' Web site.   Within 50 minutes, the tickets
 were gone ÷ and speculation immediately mounted about a possible third concert.

"Nothing like it has ever been seen in Ireland before. ... We could have sold a million tickets,"
 said Justin Green, spokesman for the concert promoters in Ireland.

 U2 is scheduled to play Dublin on June 24-25 in the middle of its "Vertigo 2005" tour,
 which starts March 28 in San Diego, Calif., and ends in Lisbon, Portugal, on Aug. 14.


 Subject: Bush and Lieberwhore kiss

 Bart, well, I have the answer.
 Bush gave Liberman "the kiss" as a payback for all the times Liberman has kissed Bush's ass.
 Plus, he was saying, "Joe, I do thank you for not going to the Senate floor and giving a speech about
 all the lies I have told concerning, 9-11, Homeland Security, (and hey Joe, take no offense, as I think it
 would of been great to call it the Liberman Homeland Security Bill, but I had to cover my own ass since
 at first, I opposed it ) and the Iraq War. Oh, and by the way Joe, your speech on the Senate floor
 condemning Clinton on the blow job was awesome."

 Thanks again,

 Joe, besides that, Bush knew the cameras were on him and the whole world would see it..
 Bush was telling the world that they reward loyalty and they crush anyone who gets in their way.


 Subject: The end of Social Security

 Bush is reforming social security the same way he reformed
 the economy and everything else he's done as president.

 He's changing it from working to broken.
 We went for the biggest surplus in the history of the world
 to the biggest deficit in the history of the world.

 Now he's going to destroty social security the same way.
 It's all about giving tax cuts to the rich while old people live in poverty and eat dog food.

 Marc Perkel,
 Somewhere in the West Coast

 Perkel speaks the truth.
 Bush is going to fix Social Security like he "fixed" Iraq and the economy.

 The networks, the big papers, the cable Nazis and the weekly magazines all say Bush
 is the greatest president of all time - so get in line or accept the Gonzales you deserve.


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Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1438, 1441, 1447, dead soldiers under Bush

They got 6 since Thursday.
But that's OK - Bush needs the money.

 GOP Porn arrest shocks Sparta
  Republican downloads rape video of 5 year old

  Click  Here

 When state officials announced the arrests, they singled out the most disturbing piece of evidence
 found on computers they seized ÷ video clips depicting a Georgia man raping a 5-year-old girl.
 The rapist in the video, James Bidwell, was arrested after sending copies of the tape to Canada
 and England and is now servng a 45-year term for rape, molestation and distributing child porn.
 Jeff Patti is Sparta's municipal chairman of the Sussex County Republican Committee...

 Sparta Mayor Scott Seelagy, who has a private law practice in Sparta, has become well-acquainted
 with Patti as both a local politician and fellow lawyer. Seelagy said he was ãtotally shocked and surprisedä
 after comfirming the rumors Thursday of Pattiâs arrest.

ãI liked him,ä Seelagy said. ãThere was nothing about him to give the idea that he was into child pornography.ä
ãI think itâs tragic, and I really feel bad for his wife and his daughters,ä Seelagy said.

ãI think itâs terrible,ä said one woman, the mother of a 16-year-old girl.

 Mike McCarthy, who said he has lived with his wife and young son on Pattiâs street for a little over a year,
 was taken aback when informed of the charges.
ãWow, I didnât know about that,ä McCarthy said. ãIâm glad I do now, though.ä


 Subject: Things to do in Maui

 Things to do on Maui:  Hike a valley or two; play in the sand on as many beaches as possible;
 watch out for annoying, spiritual, trust-fund hippies (they give the rest of us liberals a bad name).
 Try to get a tour of some of the awesome super computer centers and the lasers on top of
 Hale'akala (those shoot to mirrors left on the moon by appolo astronauts and reflect back
 to test how far the Moon has drifted in its orbit around us, way cool).

 Plus, Maui probably has the best rock station of all the Islands so enjoy that in your rental car
 as you drive around the island.  Also, if you are in any shape for it find some cliffs over clear
 beautiful blue water and jump off into the river or the surf--this is what I do when my surfboard
 needs repairs and I still want some excitement.   I included a photo of myself leaping off the
 Southernmost point in the US here on the Big Island.

 Take 'er easy for all us sinners,


 Dude, that doesn't look scary.
 You're only about 80 feet above the jagged ocean rocks.

 Yeah, ...I can see me doing that...

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


"Pickles Bush said that Jenna's new boyfriend is not a serious boyfriend.
  Pickles described him as more of a drinking buddy."


 Subject: you  &$@/;815

 The more money you make the sooner you can retire.

 That may be the only true thing I've ever heard you say.

 I figure the more people you suck in to look at your website
 the more votes Democrats will lose in elections.
 So far, so good.  It's working.

 So, ... you're saying  is so big we influenced the election?
 Are you as good as than that publicist who backed her car into all those people in New York?
 Do you represent any Republicans I could back into?
 Bob Schieffer, the vulgar Pigboy, anybody from FOX, Alan Colmes, Lieberwhore, Biden or Russert?

 I tell lots of liberals about your website.
 They usually email me back all pissed off because they found it so negative and disgusting.
 Mark Jackson

 Mark, that's the big problem.
 Fighting backs disgusts today's Democrats.
 They want Bush to kiss their cheek and say, "Good job, Joey Boy!"



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