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 We expect the moves to be over about Feb 15.
 Our output will be slow until we settle in.

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Biden Betrays Himself
Media Disinfo on Iraqi Vote 
My Son's Sacrifice 
Jim Crow Returns to Vote
NYW Times Loves Bush 
Cream Pies Locked, Loaded
Iraqis vote for more Violence
Premature Jubilation 
Monkey Mail


 Quote of the Day

"You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who 
  slap women around for 5 years because they 
  didn't wear a veil.   You know, guys like that 
  ain't got no manhood left anyway. So it's a 
  hell of a lot of fun to shoot them."
   -- US Lt. Gen. James Mattis in San Diego  


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Volume 1490 -  Fun to shoot them

  Thurs-Friday   Feb 3-4,  2005                                                                                                                 Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on AAR


"War--after all, what is it that the people get?
  Widows, taxes, wooden legs and debt."
     --Samuel B. Pettengill,     Attribution

 Plus, Bush gets to steal $100,000,000 every day.


 Biden Betrays Himself As Part of Staged 2005 SoTU Address
  Why can't the senator from Delaware remember he's a Democrat?

  Click  Here

 Senator Joe Biden (D-whore) revealed himself to be a part of the all-too-loyal
 (ie, staged) 'opposition' on Wednesday night when the camera turned to him
 and showed his name just as he -- but no one else -- began applauding.

 Joe Biden is one of Bush's best friends in the senate.
 Bush knows he can count on Joe for any favors he needs.



"I renewed the commitment of our nation to the guiding ideal of liberty for all.
  We are witnessing landmark events in the history of liberty. And to the Iranian people,
  I say tonight. As you stand for your liberty, America stands with you. We will succeed
  because the Iraqi people value their liberty. We recognize that liberty because we share it.
  We will help Iraq secure its liberty. renew the values that sustain our liberty."
      --George W. Butcher of Baghdad who has killed 100,000 civilians so far,   Attribution


 Media Disinfo on Iraqi Voter Turnout?
  Who said 72 % voted? On what was it based? How was it derived?

  Click  Here

 Figures based on "observations", "feelings", "word of mouth" "guessing".
 Yet these are the figures quoted with authority by governments and news reports around the World:

 And a few hours later, the news reports start shifting.
 First it was 72 percent, then 60 percent, then it went down to 50 percent.

   ...this election appears, based on everything that we know right now, to have been a tremendous
 and even surprising success, particularly if the turnout to be as high as 60 percent, despite the
 participation or lack of it by the Sunnis.... 8 million Iraqis went to the polls, about 60 percent of
 the electorate. That turnout, in some areas as high as 95 percent. The mood in Baghdad tonight
 has been described as exuberant. (CNN, 30 Jan, 6 PM EST)

 As can be expected, Bush's whore media told whatever lies Bush wanted distributed.
 No journalists did their jobs, they all wrote what Karl Rove told them to write.
 Since Bush created a country of kidnappings, behgeadings and car bombs, nothing
 can be verified so the US media trusts their government instead of doing their jobs.


Please visit longtime sponsors

 Not Worth My Son's Sacrifice

  Click  Here

 I was supposed to be on the Larry King Live show Monday night. I was asked to be on the show
 to offer my opinion on the election in Iraq from the perspective of a mom whose son was killed in the war.
 One of the questions I was going to be asked was: Do I think my son's sacrifice was "worth it?"

 Well, I didn't get a chance to be on the show last night, because I was bumped for something that is really important:
 The Michael Jackson Trial. If I was allowed to go on Larry King Live last night and give my opinion about the
 elections and about my son's sacrifice, this is what I would have told Mr. King and his viewers:

 Now that every lie has been exposed to the light for the invasion and occupation of Iraq -- why are our sons


 Subject: Bush to Call for Near-Freeze in Spending

 If you had such a problem with Bush Spending too much,
 then why were you bitching that he didn't give enough for the Tsunami aid?

 Daren, Bush gave hundreds of billions of dollars to the super rich.
 He claimed that was so they could hire people - but who did they hire?

 Then he told the soldiers in Iraq that America couldn't afford armor.
 Then he gave the tsunami victims less than 1/3 of his January 20 party budget.

 I'm not saying you're a Monkey, cause all you did was ask a question.
 But even if you think the tsunami victims should "knock it off," what about
 the soldiers who died because Bush sent them into battle unprotected?

 Should the soldiers "knock it off," too?


 Subject: "Killnigger, MS"


 On the *VERY* few occasions in my life that I've ever used that word,
 I've used it to shock someone, with reality, or over hypocrisy.
 That's how you used it, too.

 The idiots who are upset are in the middle of a forest,
 and all they can see is one bush that needs trimmming.


 Mark, on the other hand, there's the humor.

 I watched Dave Chappelle Tuesday night, I think it was.
 He did a series of skits where he was trying to get on the Michael Jackson jury,
 the Robert Blake jury, the R. Kelly jury, etc. and then a second skit with Wayne Brady,
 and he used "nigger" probably less than 100 times in 15 minutes.

 For my money, the ten funniest people in the world include Richard Pryor, Chris Rock,
 Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy (at one time) Ol' Redd Foxx - who all used the word "nigger"
 again and again and again. One of the funniest lines I ever heard on TV was when Redd Foxx
 was in court, he told the judge, "There's enough niggers here to make a Tarzan movie."

 I think the word's power comes from the intent of the speaker.  If Rush the vulgar Pigboy
 was caught using it on the air, there'd be trouble and rightfully so because we all know he
 has made a career out of ridiculing anyone not as lily-white as his chalky ass.

 Monkey Fights with Himself Quotes

"We have no intention to impose our form of government on anyone else."
     --George W. Butcher of Baghdad,  Attribution

 "We are in Iraq to achieve a result. A country that is democratic."
     --George W. Butcher of Baghdad,  Attribution


 Subject: from my point of view

 Here's what it looks like to me.

 Bush invades a poor country with oil reserves that is run by a murderous tyrant
 just to look like a politcal Rambo. He thinks it makes him tougher than Daddy who
 had a problem with a wimpy image.  He isn't smart enough to think of a way to get
 the hell out of the murderous tyrant's country without setting off every wannabe
 terrorist in the Middle East.

 The citizens of this poor country are subjected to a life of constant bombing, no electricty,
 no passable roads (except to the oil fields, and a general feeling of insecurity about every
 aspect of their lives. After a year or so of this hell, our hero lets them vote on a new leader.
 They go to the polls while dodging suicide bombers and they vote for someone, anyone as long
 as it gets us out of their country.  The Iraqis vote our fearless leader off the island and he gets to
 get out of Iraq while keeping the oil fields while looking like a freedom loving political genius.

 After bombing their country back to the 13th century and leaving them with a hornet's nest of
 terrorist in their midst, he claims victory for "freedom".

 Meanwhile our country has been liberated from the truth.
 We no longer are the leading moral light of the world.  Our arrogant leader leaves his own people
 cheering on actions that we used to despise.  We have become everything we formerly claimed to hate,
 but we cannot say so or we are labeled unpatriotic and enemies of freedom.

 So he ends up liberating many Iraqis from their earthly lives, liberates their society from any grip
 on stability, frees the terrorists to wreak havoc on their liberated society while punishing any outbursts
 of freedom in this country. Dissent is no longer tolerated and we are not free to speak our minds or
 the political thought police run you out of town.

 Just how much more freedom do you think the world can tolerate from the BFEE?
 I've about had my fill of Bush's brand of freedom.

 Pat R. T.

 Pat, you said it better than I could.


 Jim Crow returns to the Voting Booth
   by Greg Palast and Jesse Jackson

  Click  Here

 The inaugural confetti has been swept away and with it, the last quarrel over who really won the presidential election.

 But there is still unfinished business that can't be swept away. After taking his oath, the president called for a
 "concerted effort to promote democracy." The president should begin with the United States.

 More than 133,000 votes remain uncounted in Ohio, more than George W. Bush's supposed margin of victory.
 In New Mexico, the uncounted vote totals at least three times the president's plurality -- and so on in other states.

 Sundance Film Festival News:
 Greg Palast, investigative reporter for the BBC Television documentary, "Bush Family Fortunes,"
 was awarded the Freedom Cinema Festival's George Orwell Courage in Journalism Award.

  Click  to  Order


 Subject: Ramsey Clark

 Bart you were quick to question an american liberal's willingness
 to defend Hussein because of how it looks to wingnuts.
 Why no mention by you of the obvious conflict of interest for the USA
 (Hussein's former ally) to so heavily influence, if indeed not control outright,
 the tribunal in which he'll be tried?

 If not Ramsey Clark, who else will have the balls to call a spade a spade here.
 You haven't!


 I will pray to the Invisible Cloud Being for more balls.


 Subject: Why did Bush kiss Lieberwhore?

 Please, even if you don't publish my letter, bring up the end of the speech that was
 the most memorable to me....Bush goes up to Lieberwhore, grabs him by the back
 of the head and kisses him on the cheek.  What in the hell was that?

 Bush didn't do that to anyone else there after his speech.
 Lieberman is nothing more than a Republican in Democrats' clothing.
 Albuquerque, NM

 I fail to understand Lieberwhore, too.
 I thought Democrats from the Northeast were supposed to be liberals...


 A big shout out to Jim the bartender and Richard at Zooty's in PittsburgH.

 Chookie told me about you guys, that you know how to party,
 but how do you do that without any Chinaco Anejo behind the bar?



Get your "Not me!" wristbands right here!


We've got the right books by the right authors.

 We didn't watch the Lying Monkey last night.


 I TIVO'd it, in case I needed a quote or something, but we had no interest
 in watching Bush lie, then watching the network Nazi's tell us how honest he is.

 When the speech first started, several dudes, apparently from Iraq, stood up and
 showed Bush their fingers. In disgust, Mrs. Bart showed Bush a finger, too.
 Then she asked me what the most irreverant thing we could watch in its place.
 We decided to watch a poker game, instead.

 Screw the Lying Monkey and his army of good puppy press whores.


 Subject: BCR Show 66

 I just listened to my first BartCop radio show (# 66)...Simply great---that guy who called
 and said Madonna is the only and absolute reason he had gay sex, had me in stitches.

 When he said Christians don't have sex on Christmas Eve and he had homosexual sex
 with his buddy on Christmas Eve because they were listening to Madonna. As long as he
 doesn't listen to Madonna he will only have heterosexual sex...

 Man, I still can't stop laughing as I write this...
 Why did it take me so long to subscribe?
 Your show is GREAT! I can't wait to hit your archives.
 Cheers to you Bart.


"Bush Sketches a Bold Domestic and Foreign Agenda"
  Headline in the Bush-loving, New York Whore Times

  Click  Here

 The New York Whore Times hunted Clinton down like a rabid dog
 and they praise the Illegal Monkey with every f-ing breath they take.

 Meanwhile, we have to hear the networks and the cable Nazi's and FOX News
 and the weekly magazines and the other newspapers go on and on and on about
 how the New York Whore Times is "the house organ for the Democrats."

 The NY Whore Times is famous for fabricating quotes against Democrats and for the GOP.
 They created the 10-year jihad against Clinton and Whitewater when they KNEW it was bogus
 the same year Clinton moved into the White House. They beat the drums for impeachment while
 letting Rush and Drudge set their editorial tone. The lying sons of bitches even ran the fake Drudge
 story that Clinton fathered a baby with an black crack whore, "who looks just like him."

 The "Old Gray Lady" had become an unwanted, untrusted toothless whore.




 After reading your page this morning I scrolled down to  and found
 a notice from the Justice Department telling me that website had been confiscated by them.

 I read along for awhile looking for the punchline when I realized there wasn't one.
 Can they really do this to you guys and on what grounds are they able to do it?

 What has happened to freedom of speech?
 I guess that's a dumb question, huh?

 Christ, I feel like puking.

 TD, I went there and didn't see the Justice Dept notice, but the site is not there.
 I'm pretty confident that Marc Perkel and the EFF won't let  be taken down.


If you like Elmore Leonard,
(Rum Punch, Get Shorty)
you'll love James Patrick Hunt!

Evan Maitland was sent to bring in a rape suspect who has the Jamaican
mob out to kill him. With one a determined policewoman to back him up,
Maitland has to outwit the bad guys and find a way to stay alive.

Click  Here

 Subject: Bart, I need a favor

  Click  Here


 Fully Automatic Banana Cream Pies Locked, Loaded
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 I swear if I hear one more twentysomething in a power suit smugly assure a TV interviewer
 how much better they can handle their money than (snicker) Social Security, things could get ugly.
 Lately, Iâve been fantasizing about storming a Starbucks armed with fully automatic banana cream pies.
"Eat this, yuppie scum!" Listening to these Young Republicans is like hearing your 18-year-old tell you
 he doesnât need a seat belt because his reflexes are so superior he couldnât possibly have an accident.



"Was it just me, or do you wonder too what the deal was with the hug and kiss
  Bush gave Lieberman as he made his way out of the chamber last night?"
        --Joseph Planta,


 Iraqis vote for more Violence

  Click  Here

 Despite complicated ballots and logistical difficulties, voters in Iraq have passed
 a national referendum to just keep killing everybody by an overwhelming margin.

 Baghdad newspapers today published official recommendations of who should be blown up.
 The list includes Iraqis, foreigners, Muslims, non-Muslims, men, women, children, anyone who
 disagrees with you, anyone who looks at you funny, anyone who doesn't have their shirt tail tucked in,
 anyone eating a banana, anyone reading this list, and anyone who isn't killing people fast enough.

"We earned capital in this election, political capital, and now we intend to spend it," said Mufti
 Hamji al Yafdi, one of some 7,500 candidates on the ballot.


 Subject: OU vs USC for the college football title

 I LOVE hearing your radio shows - Skip has let me hear them and set me on to your site at least 6 months ago.
 I am an addict now and spend hours a week on  Love the sites, LOVE the shows... even MET TALLY!

 But I was so sorry to hear your OK-kills-USC prediction/rant at the very beginning of show 64, and then the
 TRACK TWO recanting after the classic slaughter we put on your boys.  It almost broke my heart.
 But hey, one of my favorite things about you is your willingness to admit mistakes when they're obvious,
 and never apologize to people who get pissed off by your own opinions.

 You were a gracious loser.  And in closing...

 Choke on it Okies!
 USC Donna

 ha ha
 You guys got lucky.
 We'll get even next year - if your team can make it to the big game.


 Subject: I agree

 I agree, your liberal use of word nigger makes me understand that you
 have no knowledge or sensitivity to the nature of this slur.

 MissMojo, I'm left wondering what you meant to say
 I can't tell if you're a lefty with a good heart and a valid opinion or a
 right-wing nut who wants to pass as a friend to African-Americans.

 I'm 51, I grew up with segregated water fountains and plenty of "sensitivity,"
 but I have no way to reply to you since you really didn't say anything.

 Next time, could you be more clear?


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Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1436, 1438, 1441, dead soldiers under Bush

They got 3 since yesterday.

 Premature Jubilation As Iraqis Go to Polls
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The turnout in Iraqâs first election was considerably lower than first advertised by the
 national electoral commission. The candidates were unable to campaign openly for fear
 of assassination. The underdeveloped media could scarcely provide any substantial
 information about the parties or the candidates. The Sunni minority scarcely voted in
 significant numbers, while the Shia took orders from their clerical leaders and the Kurds
 were presented with a single slate. The Association of Muslim Scholars and tribal leaders
 from the heartland declared that balloting under occupation was illegitimate.

 The former expatriate politicians, such as Prime Minister (and former C.I.A. employee)
 Iyad Allawi, enjoyed unfair advantages courtesy of the occupying power. The city of Mosul
 saw thousands of voters disenfranchised when ballots didnât appear, and in other places people
 claimed that they had been threatened with the loss of food rations if they failed to vote.

 In short, the Jan. 30 elections were severely flawed...

 But the networks (and many Democrats) tell us this was democracy's finest moment ever!
 Wouldn't it be nice if the Democrats did their jobs and/or told the truth?


 Pokerfest 5-0 in Maui on May 20th.
 That sounds crazy, but a free trip to Hawaii is like winning nig on a game show.

 After Pokerfest 5-0 on May 20th, we'll be doing the recluse thing
 but if you're going to be in Maui around then, let's party a little.

 Poker, anyone?

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  (Slams pointer down on table real hard)

  Now we got a problem!

  That was my tribute to Johnny Carson's Tea Time Movie with Art Fern.


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 Subject: the great economy and your lies

 If you haven't noticed the economy is great.
 The GDP is up (also an indicator the citizens are working hard for the US) and the Dow and Nasdaq are kicking.
 You guys whine just to hear yourself. Quit lying! Your whole group is hateful and bogus.

 Monkey, when you say "the GDP is up," that might be true, but it's only up from Bush's lows.
 It's not anywhere near as good as Clinton's GDP - Bush is still in negative territory.

 Let's say I was to kick your sorry, right-wing ass down some steps.
 A week later, you'd be "feeling better."

 See what I mean?
 So you'd tell friends you were "feeling better" after our encounter, right?

 ha ha
 You Nazi sheep are fun to slap around.

 BTW, I researched the lie you told about the maps and Cheney and Enron planning to "split up" the Iraq oil fields pre-9/11.
 Of course it's another fucking lie. I read court dockets, news reports, and looked high and low. Show the proof!

 ha ha
 I could use a stooge like you full time.
 Got job?

 Click  Here  This was done by Larry Klayman.  You and he have something in common.

 I bet you really hate the fact the Iraq elections went so well.

 ha ha
 Tell me who won those elections - go ahead - tell me.
 Was it candidate 42 or candidate 311?

 I'll give you a little heads up about the future.

 No thanks - I'd enjoy a little head, but not from you.

 Other countries ruled by tyrannical and oppressive leaders will soon see the success in Iraq
 and start having brave ideas of freedom of thought and opinion. We may very well be seeing
 the first steps toward a peaceful world.  Of course, you all would cuss and call names and say
 it was "monkeys false media making it look like peace".

 Is predicting the future your strong suit?
 I guess you have to talk about the future because Bush's here-and-now is so monkey-fucked up.
 Did you know we lost another three soldiers since yesterday?
 Is that an example of a Bush success?
 "Only" 1441 dead soldiers on his watch?

 Clinton had zero soldiers lost in combat, Monkey.
 Suck on that.

 You are bogus.
 Don't post that shit if it's a lie.
 You are bogus.

 You, Sir, have an astounding vocabulary.

 Why don't you all post something about the UN Food-for-oil rip off.
 Saddam stole pennies from his government in the past.
 Bush is stealing $100,000,000 each day in Iraq right now and our soldiers are dying for it.

 I'll tell you why I'm pissed right now. I don't like to be lied to.
 The research into the Iraq oil field maps took up time, and that really pisses me off.
 You lied and I caught you. Liars.

 Monkey, suck on this, too.   It's the map Cheney showed to Enron's Kenny Boy prior to 9-11.

 You don't come here for the hunting, do you?

 ha ha


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