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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush & the fake journalist
Spitballs from the Monkey
Rove Devil gets more power
Drug costs soar $320 billion
GI widows struggling 
Toying with Fate
Dean Scream Debunked
Nonsense from whore liars 
Bush Talks Trash on Bonds


 Quote of the Day

"Absolute faith corrupts 
  as absolutely as absolute power." 
     -Eric Hoffer,     Attribution

  One look at Bush proves that.

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Volume 1494 -  Won't surrender

  Thurs-Friday   Feb 10-11,  2005                                                                                                             Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"Detroit Economic Club officials said Monday the traditional question
  and answer period after the speech has been dropped for Bush's visit."
     --Glenn Maffei, on Monkey's speech Attribution

 America's Monkey can't answer any questions unless it's a set-up softball (see the next story).


 Bush gets caught taking questions from fake journalist

  Click  Here

 Rush Limbaugh was delighted to hear the question, saying on his radio show,
"I said earlier today in the program, shortly after we began, that somebody in the White House
 press corps listens to this program. It is Jeff Gannon from Talon News."

 No doubt Jeff Gannon does listen to Rush Limbaugh, since Gannon is a poster at Free Republic.
 As for "Talon News," well, it consists of approximately two people - Gannon and Bobby Eberle,
 who is also the CEO of GOPUSA, a "conservative news, information, and design company
 dedicated to promoting conservative ideals." Nice to know they have such easy access to
 White House press conferences, isn't it?

 What is Talon News, and why does it have press credentials?

  Click  Here

 Because he's a crooked moron, Bush can't answer real questions - even from his good puppy press,
 so they hire fake reporters to ask fake softball questions that even a Monkey could almost answer.

How low will American journalists go to protect this fraud?

 And why don't the "real" reporters mind being played for fools?

 Could it be because they are shameless whores who have no self-respect?



"Previous to this year, Bush increased the size of the federal budget by 27 percent,
  if I'm not mistaken, busting a budget that had been in surplus when he inherited it
  and making him the biggest of big government spenders since Lyndon Johnson.
  Within that context, he has still managed to cut÷or is trying to, almost all payments going
  to the most vulnerable members of society, ...and veterans, while vastly increasing the
  amount given to the very rich and to the military.  Five years ago Bush told us he was
  something different;  a "compassionate conservative."  We now know he is neither
  compassionate, nor by any imaginable definition an economic conservative.
  Rather he is merely dishonest..."
       --Eric Alterman,    Attribution

 Bush is borrowing money from China to give to the super-rich
 and the co-signers on that note are the working class - you and your kids.
 One day, America will wake up and say, "He did what???"

 But as long as Bush owns the networks and talk radio and the big papers,
 his reverse Robin Hood scheme will remain unreported except by the little guys.

                                               "Bush is a great man doing a great job!"

                           Ever notice that all the reporters saying Bush is doing a great job are rich?



  Click  Here  then scroll down to "Spitballs"

 During the presidential race, Republicans laid into John Kerry again and again for voting against some
 weapons systems in the early 1990s. A pro-Bush group called Progress for America Voter Fund ran
 a TV ad charging that Kerry had "voted against 13 weapons systems our troops depend on."..
 So could it be that George W. Bush now wants to cut ... weapons systems? Yes, it could be.
 The president's budget calls for the Pentagon to purchase fewer F/A-22 fighters, fewer destroyers,
 fewer amphibious ships, fewer submarines and fewer V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft than projected just a year before."

 The Monkey told 1,000 lies on the campaign trail.
 Too bad Kerry chose not to call him on any of them.

 The Demo 2008 team needs a BartCop.
 If they refuse to fight for the third election in a row, Jeb will win.


 Rove Devil gets more power

 "I am in control here, the White House..."

  Click  Here

 Karl Rove will take on a wider role in developing and coordinating policy in the president's second term.
 Rove, Bush's political brain, will become a deputy White House chief of staff in charge of coordinating policy
 between the White House Domestic Policy Council, National Economic Council, National Security Council
 and Homeland Security Council."


 Subject: The TV show "House" on FOX

 screw fox;

 I have enough to do without tuning in to some fascist circle jerk.
 if you watch fox, you support fox.

 Chris Mac

 I thought we talked about this and moved past it.

 I can't watch House or the Super Bowl or the X-Files?
 For that matter, I can't watch any network, right?
 No Pizza Hut, no McDonald's and no Wendy's?
 No Best Buy, no Circuit City and no Hershey's chocolate?
 No Wal-Mart, no Sam's, no Target, no Sears and no JC Penney's?
 No Microsoft, no State Farm, no Walgreens, no Blockbuster?
 No Southwest, no Delta, no Northwest, no Continental?
 I can't buy a Chevy, a Ford or a Chrysler?
 I can't put oil or gas in my car?

 When you look at the lefty companies, you get:
 Lindt & Sprungli AG, MetroPCS Communications, SSL International and Trader Joe's.
 You get Ansell Healthcare, BJ's Wholesale, Church & Dwight and Hawaiian Holdings.
 You get Robert Mondavi, Triarc, Brown-Forman, Foster's Group and CVS Corporation.

 This is scary stuff.



"We will not raise payroll taxes to solve this problem."
      --Serial Liar, talking about Social Security reform, Dec. 9, 2004, Attribution

"There are two ways to raise the payroll tax. You can raise the tax rate, or you can expand
  the pool of money that gets taxed. Bush probably tells himself that he's keeping his promise
  not to raise payroll taxes because he still refuses to consider increasing the payroll tax rate
  above its present level of 12.4 percent. But the Bush White House is clearly sending out signals
  that it is willing to expand the pool of payroll-taxable income by raising the current cap above $90,000.
  If that happens, people will pay more money in payroll taxes. I don't see how you avoid calling that
  a payroll-tax increase."
       --Timothy Noah, who has little faith in the lying ability of Bush's whore media,   Attribution

   I, however, have all the "faith" in the world that they will lie, spin and cheat to help the Liar.


 Subject: Bush's chainsaw

 Hey Bart,

 Yesterday I suggested to my congressman that we cut the defense budget in half, since half
 of it was spent on offensive operations instead of defense.  I called it a "program cut."
 We could save $205 billion or so every year to reduce the national debt.

 So here comes Bush with his 150 programs to cut.  This is window dressing, so he can say:
"Hey look people, I tried!"  In fact, he doesn't care whether we have the programs or not,
 he'll just borrow money to pay for them and let the deficit grow and grow and grow.

 Our entire economy is propped up by borrowed money rather than money earned, and the
 borrowing and spending is being done by the Republican Congress, Senate, and White House.
 The minute that borrowing is cut, and God forbid, we have a balanced budget - the economy tanks.
 It's afloat on credit.  So Bush's crowd will keep it propped up till 2006 elections, then probably go
 on a wild binge of spending cuts, so they can claim before the 2008 election that they are "budget
 cutting conservatives."

 You know what we ought to do?  We ought to say, "Hell yes, cut all the programs."
 It's like a drunk, who has to hit rock bottom and lose everything before he can face his addiction.
 In this case, the addiction is to Republican politics, fundamentalist religious crusades, and borrowed money.

 Keep the hammer swinging!
 Don the Day Trader,



"There is a very unusual practice in Afghanistan, mainly foreign forces, who have
  taken upon themselves the right, without any legal process of arresting people,
  detaining them, mistreating them and possibly even torturing them.  There is not
  a legal basis for coalition forces to hold people as prisoners."
    --Cherif Bassiouni, the UN Human Rights Commission's human rights expert in Afghanistan,
       failing to understand that Godly Bush was sent by God bomb, intimidate, capture, torture
       and murder any-goddamn-body he wants  Attribution

 And where did Bush get this power to legally murder any-goddamn-body on just a whim?

 "Dubya is our greatest president - he can do no anything he wants!"


 Subject: France's L'Anti Americain magazine

 All I have is two questions:

 1.  Are they going to print an English version of the magazine
 2.  How can I subscribe?



Why advertise on

Issue 1500 is just around the corner.

Click  Here  to read the FAQ

Click  Here  to say "I want a page that people read."

 White House: Drug Benefit Cost to soar to $720 Billion
   Bush said it would only cost $400B

  Click  Here

 The Bush administration offered a new estimate of the cost of the Medicare drug benefit on Tuesday,
 saying it would cost $720 billion in the next 10 years.  That is much more than the $400 billion Congress
 assumed when it passed legislation creating the benefit in late 2003.

 But administration officials said the numbers were not comparable. The original estimate was for the years
 2004 to 2013. The new estimate covers the period from 2006, when the drug benefit becomes available, to 2015.

 The higher figure, which provides the first glimpse of the true cost of the drug benefit, could touch off a
 political uproar in Congress, where conservative Republicans were already expressing alarm about the
 costs of Medicare, including the drug benefit.

 When you specifically write the law to make it illegal to negotiate for cheaper drugs,
 how can you be surprised when the costs suddenly climb higher and higher?

 This is all part of Bush's plan to reward the super-rich by bankrupting the country
 so they can kill programs like Social Security, Medicare and other benefits.

 Bush, Kerry and the networks say this is what America voted for last november.
 Do we believe them?


 GI widows struggle with finances

  Click  Here

 Bush was declaring that major combat operations in Iraq were over
 when Melissa Givens got a knock on her door May 1, 2003.

 Outside her apartment were two Army officers. They said Givens' husband
 had drowned in Iraq when his tank fell into the Euphrates River.

 The next day brought another knock on the door. This time, it was an officer
 holding a "death gratuity" check - a one-time payment the military makes to
 survivors of those killed in the line of duty. But the check was for only $6,000,
 barely enough to cover the costs of a funeral.

 Givens, with a young son and a second due soon, immediately began wondering
 how she would make ends meet. Though her husband had government-subsidized
 life insurance - available to members of the armed services to a maximum of $250,000
 - Givens still worried. "My God, there's bills to pay; how am I going to pay them?".

 Bush has gotten so many men killed he wants to raise the death gratuity check to $100,000.
 Clinton never had to struggle with that because he wasn't a global thief, willing to kill thousands
 of brave men killed to satisfy his nasty war hardon and his personal financial enrichment.


 Subject: Bush cuts vet benefits

 Screw the military families!
 They voted for him in 2000 and some of their illegally counted votes in Florida
 helped him steal the Presidency in the first place.  Then, after using their blood
 to conquer Iraq based on a series of lies, they voted for him again last year.

 He is using them like the idiots they have proved themselves to be.
 What more evidence do they need to turn against him and the Republican machine?
 There comes a time when we must realize that some of our brothers in the military  (and their
 families) approve of the military/industrial complex's imperialistic actions around the world;
 that they enjoy killing and destroying people that don't have anything in common with.

 A lot of people in this country want the US to rule the planet.  They get a cheap and
 meaningless thrill of being associated with the "winners."  Now, is the time they start to pay
 for their support of their masters.  Did anyone shed a tear for the German civilians killed
 during WWII?  No, because that was the price they should pay for their government's crimes.

 The whole country will suffer because of what the stupid half---including a disproportionate
 number of the military---does to support Bush & Co.'s assault on the progressive accomplishments
 of the last century and the peace of the rest of the world.  We are the Evil Empire!

 Jeff J

 I, too, am angry with the military families for offering up their kid's lives for Bush's oil snatch.



Get yours today!

We've got the right books by the right authors.


 Dubya: Andrew Biggs is with us. He is the Associate Commissioner for Retirement Policy
              of the Social Security Administration, Washington, D.C. In other words, he is an expert
              on the subject. Andrew, step forth. Let the people of Arkansas -- no, sit forth -- let the people of Arkansas --

 Dr. Biggs: Thanks very much.

 Dubya: Tell them whether or not we got a problem or not, from your perspective.

 Dr. Biggs: Put simply, we do, in fact, have a problem.

 Dubya: By the way, this guy -- PhD. See, I was a C student. He's a PhD, so he's probably got a little more credibility.
     --Whistle Ass, explaining how little credibility he has on this subject Attribution

 Subject: Dean scream: Debunked on Diane Sawyer

 Hey Bart:

 I don't know if you ever saw this. [Not too many people did, since they only ran THIS Howard Dean story ONCE...]

 After the damage was done, Diane Sawyer suddenly had an "epiphany" upon noticing that Howard Dean was
 holding a uni-directional HAND-HELD microphone during his "angry" post Iowa Caucus rah-rah speech.
 She lets the cat out of the bag that Dean's mic, the kind she uses whenever she broadcasts with a lively crowd
 on hand, is used specifically to filter out excessive crowd noise. In the room, Dean was almost inaudible trying
 to cut through the enthusiastic roar of his supporters.

 She admits that they: "...played the 'SCREAM' clip over 700 times..."

   Click  Here  to see/hear the ABC apology clip (Must have Real Media Player)

 Guess how many times they played THIS retractive mea culpa?
 Once? That'd be my guess.

 And they're the ONLY network that I know of who actually even acknowledged the "error" behind
 the "schoolyard bully" dog-piling tactics used on Howard Dean by the GOP and Whore Media.

 So, the smear that turned Howard Dean's massive grass-roots momentum into a bloody bucket of chum...
 was all one huge steaming pile of bullshit. A sickening lie, proliferated in the most cruel and mean-spirited manner.
 My cod! What kind of wretched being could ever feel pride for actually THINKING this way?

 If that's what WE must become to WIN...then I think we'd better find ourselves a new game.
 (Preferably, a more cerebral type of competition that doesn't require BALLS...)

 Keep swingin' the hammer, Bart...

 Gene, the sons of bitches will do anything to torpedo a Democrat and anything to assist The Monkey.
 The America press is all about generating revenue now, and they can make more money praising Bush
 than they can make telling the truth - so they are, literally, whores.


 Toying with fate
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Every successful politician is part actor, and every successful actor part confidence man.
 Some fake piety, others humility, compassion, courage, etc. The list of make-believe
 character traits essential to winning elections is potentially endless. Opponents always
 think they see through the act, but there's real danger only when the mask slips while
 everybody's paying attention. Bill Clinton got caught lying about sex, a topic of universal
 interest. But it was really his arrogance that he could talk his way out of anything that hurt
 him among his supporters. Now George W. Bush is toying with fate by playing fast and
 loose with another topic of near-universal interest: money, and people's perception of
 their personal security.

 The more the administration says about its preposterous Social Security "reforms," the less
 sense they make. Even in "red" states like Montana and Alabama, suspicion is growing that
 Bush's own arrogance makes him think he can sell any brand of snake oil he chooses.



"Attorney General Alberto Gonzales started his first week on the job.
  Remember those two naked statues that John Ashcroft had covered up when he took the job?
  Well they're naked again but now they have leashes around their necks."
    --Jay Leno, telling his first decent joke in months


 Bush Talks Trash About U.S. Bonds
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 For at least five years, George W. Bush has been muttering about his determination
 to "reform" Social Security, but he may never get around to articulating a specific plan
 until the question is moot. The sketchy notions floated by the White House sound so
 unappealing that even legislators of the President's own party are backing away from
 his campaign against the nation's great social-insurance system.

 Hesitation among politicians of both parties is understandable, because this deal stinks so badly.


 Iraq Election Results Delayed on Recount
   You see, it's important we get accurate results - in Iraq!

  Click  Here

 Iraqi officials Wednesday delayed the announcement of final results from their elections
 because they said the election commission must recount votes from about 300 ballot boxes.

 An undetermined number of other ballots were declared invalid because of alleged tampering,
 officials said. The ballots were inside 40 boxes and another 250 bags that were delivered to
 the central counting facility in Baghdad, he said.


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Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1447, 1449, 1453, dead soldiers under Bush

"We use to have Saddam, but now we have 1,000 Saddams."

 Julius Youngner to address Pitt honors convocation
   My good friend Juli kicked polio's ass (Remember polio? Remember FDR?)


  Click  Here

 Pitt virology pioneer Julius S. Youngner, the sole surviving member of the research team that created
 the Salk polio vaccine, will be the featured speaker at Pitt's 29th annual honors convocation.
 The ceremony will be held at 3 p.m., Feb. 28 in Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum.

 In 1949, Youngner, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in the Department of Molecular Genetics
 and Biochemistry, joined Jonas Salk at Pitt's School of Medicine to fight paralytic poliomyelitis.
 While Salk's was the most public face of the research effort, Youngner was responsible for significant
 discoveries that moved the vaccine research closer to reality.

 In particular, Youngner established techniques for trypsinization, which allowed the production of
 poliovirus on a large scale, and he developed a process to inactivate the virus's capability to cause
 infection without destroying its effectiveness as a vaccine. He also devised a methodology for safety
 testing of vaccine batches, including those used in the first field trial.

 As a kid in the late 50's, early 60's, I went door-to-door with my Mom in the cold, getting people
 to donate their spare change to the March of Dimes, having no clue that one day, far, far in the future,
 I'd could call the man who is most responsible for kicking polio's ass my good friend.

 A shot of Chinaco Anejo for you, Juli.


 I wish I could be there on Feb 28th.

 By the way, Juli, if you see Richard Mellon Scaife there, could you kick him in the balls for me?


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

Every minute a woman dies from pregnancy or childbirth.
Family planning could prevent 25% of these tragic deaths but,
unfortunately, Bush's policies have forced family planning clinics
to limit services, cut staff, or even close down completely.

Please help us fight President Bush's "heartless" policies.

 VCR Alert

>  Is House the best show on TV right now?

 I counted last night - 18 times I laughed out loud - and this was a serious
 medical drama about diagnosing a homeless woman's epileptic seizures.
 How long can they sustain this level of exellence?  Great show!

 Paris Hilton (It's funny - so sue me)
 West Wing, tonight, Bartlet contemplates war with Iran,
 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit has it's last show - anybody seen that?.
 Law & Order is about a nasty-ass, fascist Nazi pig talk show host - murdered by his wife? ha ha
     Let's all kick in and get Marta the best lawyer in America.
 Meanwhile, Mrs Bart is all about Lost and Alias, so I'll have to TIVO the rest of it.

 Good news, three more weeks of World Poker Tour repeats - then new shows!!!


 Prejudice on the funny pages?

 Each day, when I grab the newest Boondocks, La Cucaracha and Doonesbury,
 I have to wade thru those awful distractions on


 Almost every day Boondocks and Doonesbury get either the mostly naked hottie-to-trottie
 with her underwear'd butt pointing at you or the sizzling, video-producing heiress and TV star.

 But my good friend Lalo Alcaraz over at La Cucaracha usually gets the hissing cobra.

 Is  prejudiced against our Latino brothers?



"Jan adopted Katya, and here she is in America. She came as an 11-year-older.
  She's a teenager. I'm not going to tell you her real age. Let me just say she's under 20."
     --Too damn stupid to wash cars for a living Attribution


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 Are there any soldiers in Iraq reading this?

 JB the Revolutionary has offered to pay for 5 subscriptions for military personnel inside Iraq
 who might have a thing or two to say about the war without being censored (assuming Hillary's
 genitalia isn't part of the conversation.)

 Reader, do you know someone serving in Iraq who would like to become a member
 and/or share their opinions (on or off the record and anonymously or not) about the war?

 JB, thanks for  your generosity to our deployed fighters.



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