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 We expect the moves to be over about Feb 15.

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Shiites, Kurds Win - maybe
As Things Fall Apart... 
Bush's Managed-Democracy 
The News Is Broken 
Ivins: On Bush's Budget 
Conason: R.I.P. Compassion
American Fear in Iraq
Bush's 9-11 Cover-up 
Saudis ban Valentine Roses


 Quote of the Day

"The era of big government is over." 
    --Bill Clinton, 1996, who had no way to know 
       his party would lay down and turn America 
       radical fascists with a plan to double the size 
       of government so they'd have an excuse to 
       kill all social programs and replace them with 
       bloody, militaristic oil-snatch programs.

  As an American, I miss Clinton's government 
  of fair elections and peace and prosperity for all.

Support PO Box 54466 , Tulsa, OK 74155PayPal to

Volume 1496 -   Killers and cowards

  Monday    Valentine's Day,  2005                                                                                          Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"Evil is charming and beautiful. It makes you doubt yourself.
  It asks for one small compromise after another until it whittles you down
  -- and, it functions best when no one believes in it."
        --From Joan of Arcadia, 2/11/05,  Attribution



 Shiites, Kurds Sweep to Victory in Iraq
  Do they?   How would we be able to verify that?

  Click  Here

 Clergy-backed Shiites and independence-minded Kurds swept to victory in Iraq s landmark elections,
 propelling to power the groups that suffered the most under Saddam Hussein and forcing Sunni Arabs to
 the margins for the first time in modern history, say the same people who told us Bush won fair and square.

 President 100,000 Dead praised Iraqis and said America and its allies should be proud for this election.
"I congratulate the Iraqi people for defying terrorist threats," he lied thru a spokesman.

 Excuse me, Meester 100,000 Dead, but is refusing to put your name on the ballot, "defying terrorists?"
 Is refusing to campaign out of fear, "defying terrorists?"

"And I congratulate every candidate who stood for election and those who will take office
 once the results are certified."

 Meester 100,000 Dead, I have a better idea:  Why not wait until 30 days after they've pulled
 their masks off and made their identities public and then congratulate them for still being alive.


 As Things Fall Apart, Lie and Lie Again
   by Paul Craig Roberts

  Click  Here

 Suppose you are the party responsible for invading a country under totally false pretenses.
 Suppose you had totally unrealistic expectations about the consequences of your gratuitous
 aggression.  What do you do when, instead of being greeted with flowers, you find your army
 is tied down by insurgents and you have no face-saving way to get out of the morass? If you
 are the moronic Bush administration, you blame someone else. Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice,
 Cheney and Bush blame Syria and Iran for the troubles that they brought upon themselves.
 The Iraqi insurgency, say the Five Morons, is the fault of Syria and Iran."



"Republicans have lost their way..."
    -- Newt Gingrich, looking at a Cato Institute reports that says federal spending
        has increased twice as fast under Bush as under Clinton and the deficit is
        projected to hit a record high of $427 billion this year.  Attribution


 Bush & the Rise of 'Managed-Democracy'
   by Robert Parry  of

  Click  Here

 (It) might be called the ãPutin-izingä of American politics, where one sideâs dominance of media,
 financial resources and the ability to intimidate opponents is overwhelming ö as now exists in Russia
 under President Vladimir Putin. Crucial to Putinâs political control is how the major Russian news
 media fawns over the Russian strongman, a former KGB chief.

 In the United States, the conservative/Republican consolidation of power is not yet complete.
 But it appears clear that the traditional checks and balances, including the national press corps,
 are now so weak and compromised that they wonât present any meaningful resistance.
 That means new strategies must be devised and new institutions must be created if this
 one-party-state future is to be averted.

 The rapidly expanding conservative news media already is an extraordinary powerhouse,
 extending from TV to newspapers to talk radio to magazines to the Internet. Nothing of a s
 imilar size exists on the left side of the U.S. political spectrum.

 Note:  is the most important site on the www


 The News Is Broken
   by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 All governments lie. That is what they do. A reporter in the White House Press Briefing Room bears
 the burden of being the person whose role it is to speak truth to power, to write down what happens
 after speaking truth to power, and to beat their editors and publishers about the head and shoulders
 to make sure that truth is delivered to the people intact.

 We perhaps like to imagine the men and women in that briefing room - if we take the time to think of
 them at all - as people with big ears and sharp eyes, with too many pens in their pockets, a rolodex
 with every important name on the planet sitting on their desks, a hand well used to holding a glass of
 scotch, an unspoken promise to keep sources protected to the bitter end, and a bedrock sense of
 being beholden to nothing and no one beyond the integrity and mission of their chosen profession.
'Without Fear or Favor,' goes the refrain.

 Something like that might have existed at one time in our history. Certainly, careerism has always
 played a part in the reporting of any journalist in that briefing room. Make the administration
 spokesperson angry enough and he or she will pull your pass, thus humiliating you and derailing
 your climb up the ladder. Probably a lot of reporters have let important stories drop in order to
 preserve their access and their careers, but the really good ones report the stuff anyway, and they
 wind up being the ones asked to speak at the commencement for the Columbia School of Journalism.
 Ask Seymour Hersh what it means to be a good journalist. He can tell you.

 Something like that might have once existed, but it is almost completely gone now.


 Subject: fair play

 Log Gannongate is getting some mentions on broadcast TV (I know because I'm an unemployed old lesbian
 who can't afford cable, and caught some of the Sunday morning shows -- Meet the Press, PBS coverage)
 and as expected, the media prostitutes express dismay that JDG has been exposed, and (get this!) feel the
 criticisms are not only unjustified, but are actually some sort of witch hunt.

 Log Cabin Republicans are gay folk without enough respect for themselves than to support the entrenched
 organizations that not only clearly hate them, but were cynical enough in 2000 to refuse them creds to the floor
 of the GOP national convention, while still happily taking their money.  Talk about licking the hand that beats you!

 To Jeff Gannon (you miserable fag), I am relieved for your sake you've cut and run.
 Don't forget Hitler had Ernst Rohmof the SA wacked in 1934.

 To the rest of the monkey neocons...talking to me about FAIR while you still support Rush the Pigboy
 and his joke about the Clinton White House Dog?  As my people say, "Grrl, please."

 Bart, with simple research, everything mentioned above can be confirmed; I know it from reading my local
 newspapers/hearing 10 o'clock news while I lived in Austin from '94 to '02, and reading about the history of the Nazis.
 And they wonder why I ran away to Seattle!!!

 By God, when I do get a job, count on me as a subscriber.  And thanks for being the online lifeline to keep the Blue Blues
 from becoming overwhelming.  Best wishes to Mrs. Bart and you on your move, and keep that sledgehammer slamming!

 One of dozens,


 p.s. I, of course being of the gay persuasion, I use the word 'fag' as freely as African-Americans do the 'n-word'.
 I, however, do not prickle about any use of common language ironically, and laugh my ass off at limp-d*ck Dems in TUTUS.
 Rock on, and if you get a chance, say 'hi' to Shrl M for me.



"The President has turned the American economy from bad to worse. After four years
  of tax cuts for his richest friends and turning our surplus into deficits, the President has
  continued his trend of slashing important government programs."
     --Rep. John Conyers, one of the very few still fighting on the left  Attribution


 Subject: hazmat drivers and Lockheed Martin computers

 Thurs I had a client who is a truck driver. He informed me that there was a NEW licensing
 procure and background check for HAZMAT drivers, which was implemented as part of
 "war on terror/patriot act".  He wanted me to walk him thru system.

 I went to Transportation Security Administration website and found that they had "licensed"
 a private commercial party, IBT, to do the work.

 I called IBT and was avised that I should return to TSA website and complete application
 there for my client. That site requires ALL background info...birthdate, SS#, education,
 DL number..marriages..divorce...convictions...children...etc etc

 I was further advised that as soon a s we inputed info in TSA website it was automatically
 registered on IBT's computers. Whe I made inquiry about "IBT's computers", I was advised,
" our computers at Lockheed-Martin"

 That means that our national security, at least that sector concerned with "HaZARDOUS Materials",
 is being handled NOT by people responsible to the citizenry at elections, but rather is
 being entrusted to the biggest defense contractor ( planes, rockets, missles, weapons-systems,
 star-wars defense programs) in the world, which is only answerable to its stockholders.
 Of course their goal is the bottom line, profits, NOT national security.

 LOCKHEED MARTIN is a MAJOR campaign Contributor to BOTH major political parties.

 I think the website is or .com if you want to confirm my TRUE story!

 Wolf Grulkey
 Pilot, cartoonist and pillar of


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 On Bush's Budget

  Click  Here

"..what a sham, what a rotten, phony, fake document this 2006 budget is. In the first place,
 they're trying to fool you into thinking the deficit is less than it is by using a fake number from
 the previous year -- an early deficit estimate set way high so they could claim the deficit had
 been "dramatically reduced." Last year's actual deficit was $412 billion, the largest ever, and
 under Bush's budget this year, it will be $427 billion. The actual deficit, with war spending
 included, would balloon to $1.4 trillion by 2010 under this plan. In the second place, the budget
 contains none of the expenses for the war in Iraq or Bush's plan for Social Security, presumably
 in place by then. Third, the values reflected in this budget are deformed."

 But Molly - if the media and the Democrats refuse to call Bush on his profit-making lies,
 what incentive is there for a murderous, thieving president to do the right thing?


 Bush team tried to suppress al-Qaida report
   You have to get news and analysis from non-American media

  Click  Here

 Federal officials were repeatedly warned in the months before the 9-11 attacks that Osama bin Laden
 and al-Qa'ida were planning aircraft hijackings and suicide attacks, according to a new report that the
 Bush administration has been suppressing. Critics say the new information undermines the government's
 claim that intelligence about al-Qa'ida's ambitions was "historical" in nature. The independent commission
 investigating the attacks on New York and Washington concluded that while officials at the FAA did receive
 warnings, they were "lulled into a false sense of security". As a result, "intelligence that indicated a real and
 growing threat leading up to 9/11 did not stimulate significant increases in security procedures". The report,
 withheld from the public for months, until after the phony US elections says the FAA was primarily focused
 on the likelihood of an incident overseas. However, in spring 2001, it warned US airports that if 'the intent of
 the hijacker is not to exchange hostages for prisoners but to commit suicide in a spectacular explosion,
 a domestic hijacking would probably be preferable.'"

 So why don't the Democrats f-ing say something?
 Why doesn't Kerry demand investigations and hearings?
 Why are the Democrats so afraid to speak up when Bush lies kill thousands?


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 Subject: what does 'privitizing'really mean?

 When Bush talks about "privatizing" social security - what does that really mean?
 Doesn't that really mean that he's going to take our public tax dollars that we pay
 to help the elderly and put it in the pockets of private people (his friends) instead?
 Just like "protecting" Social Security is really a code name for destroying it.

 We're supposed to borrow money from the Communists in China to gamble it
 in the stock market and use those funds to make the government the biggest
 stock holder in the private US economy?

 I think someone has their head in a place where the sun don't shine.
 We are really in trouble.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.



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"In 2018, Social Security will begin paying out more money than it takes in. This is what
  Dennis Hastert calls the ãcrisis point.ä But the entire federal government is paying out
  more money than it takes in right now. Indeed this has been the case for four years, thanks
  to GOP tax-and-spending policies, and it will continue.  Why is it that a modest deficit in
  Social Security that wonât begin for over a decade requires immediate radical action,
  while a vastly greater overall federal deficit occurring right now doesnât?"
     --Paul Glastris, using logic to decipher GOP greed   Attribution

 The Democrats know push is pushing America's economy off a cliff, but they're too busy
 kissing Bush-and-Rove ass to come to work and do the right thing for those who elected them.


 Subject: Gannon, McClellan, bartcop and me

 So, Bart,

 McClellan says Gannon had the same credentials as "anyone else" who comes to the White House?

 Ok, next time I go up to DC, how 'bout you email me credentials from,
 so I can try to get into a White House press briefing?
 Can I be a Real Reporter for


 Mark, you have to be a fascict pig to get credentialed in this White House.
 The honest reporters - like Helen Thomas - are told, "We don't need your kind."


 Subject: back from Africa

 Hi Bart,

 I'm back from Africa! Had a great time.

 Africa is the ultimate Republican dream - government only as military, and corrupt, greedy police;
 tax on income rare, so a total lack of municipal services like trash collection and water - leading to
 privatization of such things for the rich; no environmental laws so the air is thick with exhaust;
 high rise condos for the rich who exploit the natural resources through raw use of power and
 intimidation, tin roofed shacks for everyone else. In other words, it's a total shithole - just what
 the conservative ideology will create here without the efforts of people like you and me.

 It already bears one similarity to America - the people, though sometimes ignorant, are really wonderful and kind.
 We had a great trip. I'll be posting pictures up soon, and I'll send you a link.


 Matt, thanks for that,



  Click  Here

 Perhaps the evening's most exhilarating performance was from Melissa Etheridge.
 The rocker, who is battling breast cancer, took to the stage for a Janis Joplin tribute
 with a shaved head but strong voice, and received a standing ovation.

 But ultimately, the night belonged to Ray Charles. Besides the four awards for best album
 and song, "Genius Loves Company" won for best instrumental arrangement accompanying
 a vocalist, best gospel performance, best engineered album and best surround sound album.

 The big opener was lost on me - there were no names on the screen.
 Why introduce people without giving their names?

 Alcia Keys is gorgeous with hair - who knew?
 Jamie Foxx - I haven't seen Ray yet - so I didn't know he could sing that good.
 My, those black people are talented, aren't they?

 Led Zeppelin was awarded some half-ass, lifetime achievement award.
 I was surprised to see some of them actually show up to accept.

 Weren't we all glad U2 didn't play Vertigo?

 I thought Lynryrd Skynyrd's Tribute to Bigotry was appropriate, considering the
 dark turn our once-great nation (allegedly) took during the last national election.

 Ray Charles was the biggest winner of the night, and that's cool.
 Besides bigoted Republicans, didn't everybody love Ray Charles?

 Bono said and I agree - it was the best Grammys ever, but that's faint praise.
 The biggest night in music should be at least this good every year.


 America paying Iraqi contractors in cash

  Click  Here

 U.S. officials in postwar Iraq paid a contractor by stuffing $2 million worth of crisp bills
 into his gunnysack and routinely made cash payments around Baghdad from a pickup truck,
 a former official with the U.S. occupation government says.

 Because the country lacked a functioning banking system, contractors and Iraqi ministry officials
 were paid with bills taken from a basement vault in one of Saddam Hussein's palaces that served
 as headquarters for the Coalition Provisional Authority, former CPA official Frank Willis said.

 Oh please!
 This is what you do when you're stealing $100M every day.
 You fabricate a "we had to use cash and who can find receipts in a war zone" money system.

 Then, in case the scared geldings ever ask about the BartCop claim that Bush stole $100M a day,
 they just say, "We had to use cash ...and who can find receipts in a war zone" and the Democrats,
 led by Bush friends Lee Hamilton, say, "See Bart? Bush was honest the whole time he was in office!"

 ...and if the Iraqi contractors never get one penny, what can they do about it?


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Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1449, 1453, 1461, dead soldiers under Bush

They got 8 over the weekend.

Their families will never see them again
because Bush felt he was entitled to Iraq's oil.

"Compassionate conservatism," R.I.P.
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 What the budget does seem to show, however, is a series of sharp reductions in funding for programs
 such as housing assistance, veterans health benefits, food stamps and home heating aid. This stinginess
 toward the least fortunate is highlighted by Bush's insistence on preserving every penny of tax cuts for
 the fattest and happiest. Speaking last week at the Detroit Economic Club -- in a city whose economic
 devastation he has done nothing to relieve -- the president offered all the usual, useless Bush bromides.
 His speech lauded a local "VIP" businessman who "mentors" the children of incarcerated parents, without
 mentioning that his budget will deprive many of those same kids of child care, food stamps and better schools.
(God bless the child who's got to survive on the charity of Bush's friends.) He went on to reassure the
 well-heeled audience that they will keep their tax cuts and get even more, while promising to enforce
"real budget discipline" and "difficult choices" in federal spending. "

 They applauded, of course.

 ...the Bush budget is practically meaningless, with political symbolism its only real purpose. It permits
 the president to pose as a zealous budgetary hawk without changing his fiscally ruinous policies.
 Like his Social Security scheme and his previous budget projections, it is a financial sham..



"I will not change my opinion on Kim Jong-il until he frees his people and accepts
 genuine proposals from countries such as South Korea to dialogue. I am concerned
 about a country that is not transparent, that develops weapons of mass destruction."
    --non-transparent Dubya, using WMDs against a defenselesss country to steal their oil   Attribution

 American Fear in Iraq
  Can we trust the allies we've trained?

  Click  Here

"I do not know what effect the Iraqi soldiers will have on the enemy, but they terrify me.
 An eagerness to pull the trigger gleams in their eyes as they wave their Kalashnikovs about.
 They have a reputation for spraying bullets all around them if fired on, and two Americans
 have been killed by such stray rounds. ãIâm more scared of going out with these guys than
 clashing with the insurgents,ä an American trooper says. 'They have no concept of
 identifying friendlies, and let loose at anything.'"


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


"Rep. John Kline wants Reagan to adorn $50 bills, where we would replace Ulysses S. Grant,
  a Civil War general who went on to become president. Nah, he should be on the treasury bonds,
  America's official I.O.U.s You know, the one's BushCo says are worthless."
     --David Allen,   Attribution

 If the Democrats brains or courage (should I even finish this sentence?) they would tell the GOP:
"Have Bush release Reagan's papers so we can see what facts Bush is hiding.
  Once we read those, we'll consider a vote on honoring a man whose actions must remain hidden."

 How can we expect to honor a man whose record can't stand the light of day?


 Saudis ban Valentine Roses
  Valentines not welcome where women are treated as cattle

  Click  Here

 Saudi Arabia's religious vigilantes have banned shops from selling any red flowers in the run-up to February 14.

 Florists say the move is part of an annual campaign by the committee - volunteers - to prevent Saudis
 marking a festival they believe flouts their austere doctrine of "Wahhabi" Islam.

"They pass by two or three times a day to check we don't have any red flowers," said a Pakistani florist in
 Riyadh's smart Sulaimaniya district. "Look, no red. I've taken them all out," he said pointing to a dazzling
 floral collection covering every color of the rainbow except one.



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