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 Reminder: We are nearing the end almost thru with our double move.
 We expected to be done by now, but noooooooooooo.

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush reporter is a hooker
Star Wars Fails Once Again 
Cali GOP Changes Rule
The Fighting Moderates 
Bush vs Tortured US POWs
"Jeff Gannon's" secret life 
Pigboy's heroin troubles 
Trudeau OK after Accident 
More Monkey Mail 


 Quote of the Day

"This is the destiny for those who
   participated in besieging Fallujah."  
    --note found with the bodies of six 
       Iraqi national guardsmen,   Attribution

  Iraq is so lucky that Bush came to "free" them,
  from their oil, their families and their lives.

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Volume 1497 -   Bush's  gay  hooker

  Tues-Wed    Feb 15-16,  2005                                                                                                            Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"Being a Bush supporter must be like having your head in a vice and, every day,
  someone gives it a new hard twist. And, every day, you have to come up with a
  new reason why the vice isn't too tight, and why your head pressure actually
  feels pretty good, and why you're pretty sure that the vice won't get any tighter."
     --BottleOfBlog,  Attribution

 .. Comments?

 Bush's personal reporter runs gay escort service
   Bush's pervert is into urine sports - eeeeuuuuuuwwwww!

    Vote for "Family values" Bush, then call me for a date!

  Click  Here

 A number of the links in this story are to x-rated photographs, and some of those might prove shocking
 to some people. Please exercise your own discretion when clicking.

 WOLF the WHORE: Because one of the things, as you know, that were (He means 'was.") said is that
      you had some sexually explicit Web sites that you were working on. I don't understand what that is,
      but maybe you could explain that.

 JEFF GANNON: Well, several years ago, before I came to Washington, I had registered various domain names
      for a private client. I was doing Web site development. Those sites were never hosted. There's -- nothing ever
      went up on them. And the client went on to do something else. - CNN, 2/10/05

 ...but one glance proves how much Bush's X-Rated hooker is lying.


 Bush's Star Wars Fails Once Again
  Multi-billion dollar boondoggle has never had a success

  Click  Here

 A test of the national missile defense system failed Monday when an interceptor missile did not
 launch from its island base, the military said. It was the second failure in months for Bush's folly.

 The interceptor missile was to target a mock ICBM fired from Alaska. The target missile launched
 Monday without any problems, but the interceptor did not launch.  The previous test, on Dec. 15,
 failed under almost identical circumstances. The target missile launched, but the interceptor did not.
 Military officials later blamed that failure on fault-tolerance software that was oversensitive to small
 errors in the flow of data between the missile and a flight computer. The software shut down the
 launch; officials said they would decrease the sensitivity in future launches.

 The point of this exercise is not to intercept a missle.
 The point is to scare people into voting for a trillion dollar defense contract for Bush's supporters.

 The religiously insane figure their time's up when their time's up - so why should they care?
 They think God told them to grab as much cash as they can while on Earth, and the way
 they figure it, if Bush makes all of them multi-billionaires - it's just "thy will be done."



"Outside these walls, the cries of those powerless souls who are injured, disenfranchised,
  or otherwise aggrieved may, indeed, be faint. But those same pleas for help echo powerfully
  within the Department of Justice. Every day, like a steady drum beat, we are asked to provide
  an answer to a problem, to secure a remedy, to be a champion."
     --Alberto Gonzales, just after he was sworn in as attorney general,  Attribution

 Hey Al, those "cries of the powerless souls" might be innocent Iraqi teenagers for whom you
 gave the green light to torture.  How do you sleep at night, with the nickname "Tortureboy?"


 The Fighting Moderates
   by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

"The Republicans know the America they want, and they are not afraid to use any means to get there,"
 Howard Dean said in accepting the chairmanship of the DNC. "But there is something that this administration
 and the Republican Party are very afraid of. It is that we may actually begin fighting for what we believe."

 Those words tell us what the selection of Mr. Dean means. It was always absurd to call Mr. Dean a left-winger.
 Just ask the real left-wingers. During his presidential campaign, an article in the muckraking newsletter
 CounterPunch denounced him as a "Clintonesque Republicrat," someone who, as governor, tried
 "to balance the budget, even though Vermont is a state in which a balanced budget is not required."


 Subject: 100,000 dead?

 Hey Bart,

 I've been noticing your reference to "100,000 dead Iraqi civilians" more and more lately and
 it's really starting to bug me. Partly because you continue to claim that Bush "murdered" these people,
 but mostly because the number is simply outrageous. It seems to me like you just read this number
 somewhere and assumed it to be true without even taking a step back to use a little logic.

 So we've been in Iraq for what...700 days now or so?
 Simple division would give us a figure of 143 civilian deaths PER DAY to make that 100,000 figure true.
 That's an AVERAGE day. I can't recall ever seeing a figure in a newspaper that was even more than 100 in a single day.
 On January 20th, the day that was supposed to be the most violent, we had 44 deaths (9 of which were suicide bombers).
 So 35 deaths on election day...that's less than a third of the total on an "average" day. Interesting.

 So where did this 100,000 figure come from?


 Ryan, it's not surprising that you don't hear about the Iraqi dead on American TV.
 Tell me, how many American military coffins have you seen on your TV?
 I imagine that number is zero - does that mean we've lost nobody in this war?
 Or does it mean the networks are twisting the news to cover up for Bush?

 When Bush the Smarter sent 18 men to their deaths in Somalia, they blamed Clinton because
 it happened on his watch and the networks and talk radio and Hollywood went berserk
 telling us what a horrible tragedy losing those 18 men was, and I agree with that.

 But losing 1500 is a little worse than losing 18, but the networks and talk radio and Hollywood
 have decided they can make more money playing the ostrich for Bush so you're not going to
 see/hear much about the 1500 dead soldiers.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could just get the facts?

 That 100,000 figure came from the Red Cross or Red Crescent.
 As far as 143 deaths per day, Bush bragged about the "shock and awe" that the world's
 only superpower was going to put on a backwards, defenseless third-world country.
 He ordered the Mother of All Bombs dropped on a city of 5 million people.

 I looked up the word "murder" in the online dictionary.
 It said, "the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought,"
 so yes, that word might not be 100 percent accurate. In my opinion, Bush doesn't kill with
 malice, he kills for fun and profit - so you're right, we have a problem using the word "murder."

 Bush is legally killing the people of Iraq, so it can't be murder. Congress gave Bush the
 legal right to kill anybody he wants, on the slightest of whims without needing any evidence
 or explantion at all.   Al Capone would be sooo jealous of America's Monkey.

 Also, "murder" apparently applies to one person, not thousands so I looked up "genocide,"
 which is "the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group."
 It's my understanding Bush won't have the entire country killed, so that probably doesn't apply.

 So it looks like you win this round.
 Bush didn't techinically "murder" 100,000 people in Iraq, but they died violently from his orders.

 I guess those families feel better...



"Dear Senator Boxer: You are a shining example of what a civil servant can, and should, be,
  and we, your constituents and supporters, deeply appreciate your heroic charge to bring
  accountability, responsibility and honesty back into our government."
     --Note included with a bouquet of almost 5,000 roses from supporters on Valentine's Day
        to Barbara  Boxer who sent most of those roses to a VA hospital for the "people who
        have been casualties of this administration's disastrous policies."   Attribution


 Subject: BCR Show 67 feedback

 You had some killerass rants going on in 67, dude.
 The bit on the Rolling Stone "interview" with Biden was killer.

 The Fleetwood Mac "Tell Me Lies" montage-- fantastic!
 (All praise to Mike Malloy)

 I totally dug the Bush "Death of Democracy for the American People" rap song!

 A couple shows back, you totally ganked me with Phil Hendrie...
 I never heard him before, and it was that one with the guy who was justifying
 Arnie's sexual harassing and talking about paying off his daughter instead of
 confronting the guy who groped her... I bought that one hook, line and sinker.

 Oh shit, a bit late, but SHOW 66's list of Bush's nicknames, dude-- that was
 some of the best BCR yet!

 Tally was very poignient this time around, too.
 A big "Whoa" on the Gregorian Nirvana Chant.
 Yeah, 67 was good dude.


 I have some funny stories for Show 68 if I can just remember
 which box I packed my bad-ass $89 Mr Microphone.
 I also have some killer news that can only be broken on the radio.


 Cali GOP Changes Rule to Back Arnold

  Click  Here

 Although Musclehead (R-Baby Killer) has not revealed whether he will seek re-election,
 the Cali GOP changed a party rule to endorse him 16 months before the 2006 gubernatorial primary.

 Delegates at the state GOP convention decided to make an exception to the party's policy of not endorsing
 candidates before the primary elections so Republicans can pay some early expenses ÷ such as bulk mailing
 and voter registration_ should Schwarzenegger decide to run again.

 Arnold is used to having the rules changed to meet his whims. For decades, whenever he saw
"some tiddies," that looked good to him - he would just reach for them and play with them.
 If he saw a woman "with a nice ass," he'd grab himself a handful and nobody complained
 because Arnie wants what Arnie wants.

 Women on the Hollywood sets with Arnold say he would ask them,
"Are you coming to my hotel roon tonight to suck my ****?"
 There was one story that Musclehead sexually assaulted Linda Hamilton in the limo with
 James Cameron, her husband or boyfriend at the time, present, but unable to stop him.
 I was not in the limo - that story was told by either Hamilton, Cameron or the limo driver.

 If some woman turned out to be a "poor sport," he might mumble an apology or he might not.
 But when Arnold wants to grab "some tiddies," he does it without thinking - and I mean that.

 Sexual assaults on women?
 No problemo!

 Rules against a foreign-born national running for president?
 No problemo!
 The GOP will force that amendment thru over the wimpering Democrats.

 Bad things happen when you give in to bullies.


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 Bush vs Tortured US POWs
   Why is Bush fighting with our POWs?

  Click  Here

 The latest chapter in the legal history of torture is being written by American pilots who were
 beaten and abused by Iraqis during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. And it has taken a strange twist.

 The Bush administration is fighting the former prisoners of war in court, trying to prevent them
 from collecting nearly $1 billion from Iraq that a federal judge awarded them as compensation
 for their torture at the hands of Saddam Hussein's regime.

 The rationale: Today's Iraqis are good guys, and they need the money.

 The case abounds with ironies. It pits the U.S. government squarely against its own
 war heroes and the Geneva Convention.

 If Iraq needs the money this badly, why is Bush stealing $100M a day from them?
 Why doesn't one American journalist ask where that money is going?

 And doesn't this mean Bush is OK with others torturing American POWS
 since he's OK with our people torturing anyone they are able to capture?

 That Bush is a greedy bastard - stealing from America's tortured heroes.
 Isn't that disgusting - even for a Bush?



 Joe Scarborough (R-Lady Killer): Now, what about your news site? It's called GOPUSA.com.
           I know Democrats would say, well, your agenda is electing Republicans and electing Bush.
          What's the difference between what you're doing and what conservatives accuse Dan Rather of doing?

 Buddy Eberle:  At GOPUSA.com, we have got news and commentary. And our news comes from Talon News,
           which is a separate company that feeds just straight news (ha ha) into us and other news outlets, Web and print,
           across the country. And what we can say is, you know, if you guys see a story that you don't like on GOPUSA
           from Talon News, let us know about it.
                 --Exchange on Scarborough Country, Attribution

 But Buddy, Talon News is where Bush's X-Rated hooker friend works, or worked, until he resigned in disgrace.

 Subject: Reagan on the $50 bill?


 Forget about putting Reagan on our currency or on T-bonds.
 His bazoo really belongs on food stamps--assuming we still have food stamps
 after the next round of "compassion" from Monkeyhead.


 Pil, on the other hand, I might agree Reagan's presidency was worth $50...



Get yours today!

We've got the right books by the right authors.


"The case against Gannon boiled down to being too pro-Republican, writing stories with
  a conservative slant, and being linked to conduct, homosexuality, that is accepted and
  celebrated by those who were going after Gannon in the first place. The standard of the
  liberal thought police is evidently that someone's private life should be protected except
  when the accused is a conservative."
       --AIM editor Cliff Kincaid, suddenly a great friend to gay hookers   Attribution

 But Mr. Kincaid - if "Gannon" did nothing wrong," why was he using a fake name?

 Why did Scott McClellan call on "Gannon" using that fake name when he knew his real name?

 Was McClellan aware that "Gannon" posted dozens of pictures of his erect penis on gay websites
 to lure young, impressionable gay Republicans into his bed for money?

 Why can't Helen Thomas get a White House Press pass if you give them to gay hookers?
 According to the Bush White House,

"Bush is my main man!"

 THIS is a serious journalist with access to the president?
 THIS is the "reporter" who replaced Helen Thomas because she asked real questions?

 This double standard is bigger than the Rocky Mountains.
 Think if the Clinton White House credentialed a gay hooker with a fake name to say,
"Oh, Mr President, you're so wonderful - what's wrong with those crazy Republicans
 who can't get close enough to the real world to see your obvious greatness?

 The Washington Press whores will continue to cover for Bush, the unprincipled sons of bitches.

 They'll lie for him, they'll cover shit up, they'll file stories that haven't happened yet,
 they'll change quotes to what Bush meant to say and they'll fabricate lies about Democrats.

 As far as I'm concerned, they're all "Jeff Gannons."
 Fuck 'em - fuck 'em all.

 bartcop.com  has more credibility than the Washington Press whores.


But would the Bush White House hire a female hooker?

 Subject: Grammys


 You gotta' admit that Green Day rocked the house with "American Idiot" - a protest song about Bush.
 I loved seeing the crowd give them a standing O for that rockin' performance.  That group has grown up
 and gone activist and it's great to see them acknowledged for it by the Best Rock Grammy.

 I was never a Green Day fan unitl my 16 year old daughter got the cd - now I am hooked.

 You could be right.
 I was distracted.

 We watched it Sunday night in our new digs - with no chairs to sit on.
 I guess the furniture will arrive ...tomorrow?

 No refrigerator, no washer/dryer.
 No pots & pans, no microphone.

 ...and my balls hurt - the balls of my feet.

 I meant to mention James Brown, too, and how 'bout Melissa Ethridge?
 She's got some balls, eh?
 She told cancer to take a f-ing hike.
 She said to cancer, "Is that all you got?" and laughed in cancer's face.

 Shot of Chinaco to Melissa the fighter. 

 Green Day-wize - I like 'American Idiot,' but as a song, I like "Boulevard' better.
 I always mean to get it in the next BCR, wish me luck on that.


Right click "image properties' for the answer...

 Subject: Bart fuck you and the Grammy's

  I cant believe you liked anything coming out of corporate Disney Junta,

 Amerikas music is so bad, U2 sucks ass, Ray Charles, please, you fell straight into
 the hype gimp one, your no better than the rest, a gimp, who loves his Amerikan Music,

 my dad wrote Piece of my heart, and I think the Grammies suck,
 music sucks , its so fucking bad,  my fathers rolling in his grave.


 Mark, I sense a whif of hostility on your part.
 Sounds to me like you're not having a good day.
 Just guessing, because I have a good time every day - even when I'm moving.

 It's OK if you consider U2 and the late Ray Charles bad and talentless people.
 I imagine some of your favorites might possibly conflict with mine, too.

 And I understand the U2 backlash, because they've been the biggest band in the world for
 eighteen years - and that's not easy in our everyday-changes-everything world.

 Attacking U2's tremendous success is almost a given - but going after Ray Charles?
 How can you not like Ray Charles?

 ...and if you're Dad really wrote, "Piece of my Heart," he wrote a damn fine piece of music
 and had he been around Sunday night to hear Joss and Melissa tear thru that Sunday night,
 I say he probably would've gotten a lump in his throat.

 I say ...feel the sunlight, pour a tall shot of Chinaco, roll one, light it, and turn up some Janis
 and remember that each day, you have to force the positive to outweigh the negative.


 "Jeff Gannon's" secret life
  Fake gay hooker has White House squirming

  Click  Here

 AmericaBlog also details scores of other gay escort sites featuring photos and personal profiles of Guckert,
 such as MaleCorps.com, WorkingBoys.net, and MeetLocalMen.com. Guckert's first site remained live until
 May 8, 2003, one month after he began covering the White House for Talon. According to Aravosis' research,
 Guckert's escort profile on WorkingBoys.net was still active as of Monday. Aravosis says he contacted Guckert
 for comment for the story but received none. On Sunday night, Guckert had a two-hour phone conversation wtih
 Michelangelo Signorile, who hosts a talk show on Sirius satellite radio. Although much of the conversation was
 private, according to Signorile, he asked Guckert specifically, and on the record, about his gay escort past.
"I'm just not going to address it," Guckert said.

 Addressing the question of why Guckert's personal life matters, Aravosis wrote, "This is the Conservative
 Republican Bush White House we're talking about. It's looking increasingly like they made a decision
 to allow a hooker to ask the President of the United States questions. They made a decision to give a
 man with an alias and no journalistic experience access to the West Wing of the White House on a 'daily basis.'"

 Bush - lied us into war, ki8lled 100,000 Iraqis and 1500 soldiers, stealing $100M a day and made
 $11 trillion disappear from the Treasury, gets caught with a hooker and STILL the press covers up for him?

'Doonesbury' in Reruns after Trudeau Skiing Accident 

  Click  Here

 Trudeau -- who was injured while skiing Thursday -- was in Aspen, Colo., last week to receive
 the Freedom of Speech Award at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. Trudeau arrived to accept the
 honor Friday while strapped to a gurney carried by two medics, and wore a sling on his right drawing arm.

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 We're almost done with the big move.
 We filled TWO moving vans and we still have to go back with pickup trucks for the rest.
 Once we do that, the unpacking begins.
 I've been wearing the same shirt for three days.

Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1453, 1461, 1464, dead soldiers under Bush

They got 3 more since Monday.


Their families will never see them again
because Bush had a hardon for Iraq's oil.


 Prosecutor: Seizure of Pigboy's medical records fair

  Click  Here

 The prosecutor investigating whether the vulgar Pigboy illegally purchased hillbilly heroin told
 the Florida Supreme Court that they should be allowed to review the fascist hun's medical records.

 Ironically, now that HIS personal life is making news, the bastard is all about privacy.
 Assistant State Attorney James Martz said Limbaugh's argument that he should have been notified
 before the records were seized is like saying "that law enforcement is never to be trusted."

"...search warrants should never be issued and law enforcement should never be permitted to investigate
 criminal activity for fear that they will abuse the power granted," Martz wrote in a brief. "Such reasoning
 would eviscerate law enforcement's ability to protect the public and enforce the law."

 Martz added that the 4th District Court of Appeal's ruling, which said Limbaugh's privacy rights were
 not violated when the records were seized in 2003, should be upheld.

"Privacy rights cannot operate as an impenetrable shield to conceal, camouflage, or secrete evidence
 of criminal wrongdoing," Martz wrote.

 But Pigboy, if you did nothing wrong, why are you hiding the truth from the law?
 Isn't that what you said a thousand times when Ken Starr led an army of men thru Clinton's zipper?


"The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty
to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve
and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built.
It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality,
and the family as the basis of national life."
-- Adolph Hitler, February 1, 1933.


"It is a very hard thing to do, to determine who is a journalist and who isn't."
      --WH Correspondents' president Ron Hutcheson,    Attribution

 Ron Hutcheson can't tell if this is a serious journalist or not?

 Helen Thomas can't get in, but this guy gets the green light?


 Contender in NBC's Boxing Show Takes Own Life

  Click  Here
 A promising young boxer who got the break of a lifetime when he was selected
 by NBC's upcoming boxing show, "The Contender," committed suicide.

 Police said 23-year-old Najai Turpin shot himself in the head Monday while sitting
 with his girlfriend in a parked car. Investigators were unsure why he took his life.

 The episodes involving Turpin had already been taped. NBC released a statement from
 Burnett in which he called Turpin a "great fighter with tremendous heart and courage."

"The episode in which he was most depicted will stand as a wonderful testament to who he was.
 It will not be changed," Burnett wrote.  A tribute to Turpin will be added to the show. Viewers will
 also be offered a chance to donate money to a trust fund set up to support Turpin's child.


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


 Subject: Bravo

 I was doing a search on conservative authors and came across your link.

 Hmmm. The term "your link" is about as clear as the Mississippi River in July,
 but I'll take a wild guess that you stumbled on the myth of the liberal media.

 Skipping that irony for the moment, I spent a good minute or so looking at your web site.
 All I can suggest is to get over it.  See a counselor, it might help with your issues.

 Tell me, should the citizens of Iraq "get over it," too?
 Should the families of the dead soliders "get over it," too?
 Should the families of the blinded and maimed soliders "get over it," too?

 You suggest a counselor might help me with "my issues."
 Since when does the truth need help from a counselor?
 I notice you offer no specifics, that's a shame.
 We get a lot of incoherent ramblings like yours.

 Your obsession and obvious immaturity is comical.

 Thank you. 
 That's the intention of the page - to provide comic relief from the headlines that Bush creates
 and the headlines the Bush whore media fails to write about - the financial and moral train wreck
 that Bush has driven us thru and his insatiable desire to destroy lives and steal land and oil from others.

 However, I wouldn't want to live in your mind.

 I wouldn't want you to live there, either.
 Maybe if you had a mind of your own, you wouldn't be looking for a place.

 But as I said, you can come closer to achieving some inner peace if you ever decide
 not to have an agenda, and view things as they are.

 Good luck.
 Steve Del Sig

 Steve, I'll bet if you and I squared off in a live chat room you'd rip me a new one, right?
 I'll bet you could tear me limb-by-limb and teach me how things really are.
 I'll bet you could straighten me out the way Bush straightened out Iraq.

 How's Thursday at 9 PM CST?   Live CHAT


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